Notice of Absence

Today 24th of August, I got the unexpected announcement my grandfather has unexpectedly passed. Hospitalised for a minor thing, today he would be discharged when he rapidly deteriorated during care, leading to him passing on. As I write my blogs on the day I post them, I will be unable to keep my regular daily blogging schedule up until at least the to be determined day of the funeral.

I want to be transparent to my readers as to why my content is not releasing and I hope you can all understand.  Though currently unaware of the specifics I may occasionally try a post as a mental distraction, when I am not able to support the family and funeral arrangements. I might not feel up to it however. The loss has come very unexpected and fills me with fear how the already damaged and separated family will respond.  Should the proceedings be as emotionally rough as how it happend when grandma died my absence may vary over a few days beyond the funeral. 

Having somatic stress syndrom myself i project a lot of stress quite physical (and that is quite weak)  so I can not tell you how much or how regular I can keep my posts in the next coming days. Just know I will be back when things have improved.

Until we read again!



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Princess Pinkie

A 34 year old, super pink, Geek blogger, from the Netherlands behind the keyboard. A 21 year old , Unicorn-Duck Princess VBlogger on the border of imagination and reality!

6 thoughts on “Notice of Absence”

  1. I’m so incredibly sorry to read this😢 My condolences. I’m pretty sure that I speak for all of your readers when I say that of course we understand that. There are things that are much more important than blogging, so really go take care of yourself first and foremost. I hope you will be okay. I know we haven’t known each other for very long yet, but do know that if you wish to talk, you can always sent me a message either by email or as a direct message over on twitter. That is never a bother in any way.
    For now though, please take care as best you can. No worries about your blog: we will all still be here when you return.


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