Top 5: Favorite Pink Pokémon

Dear little subjects, the Professor Pinkie and Pinkie Prime have been a bit heavy in terms of subjects the past two days. Detective Pinkie’s brain teaser hurted my brain as well. So in all my goodness I decided to present you with a top 5 that is nice and easy to follow. Something cheerful and happy, something quite important to all of us Pinkies. These are the best five pink, non shiny pokemon. The only rule here is, only one entry per evolution line. 

Pink Pokemon Number 5: Lurantis

Alola introduced us with quite a few new pink Pokémon and this one is the second best, though there was another contender. Tapu Lele just fell short of this list because the egg she moves in reminds me of Frieza to much… it’s a weird reason to mark a pokémon down upon but hey withLurantis I can’t really fault it’s design at all. Lurantis is a grass type pokémon that is actually fully a plant that likes to disguise itself as a bug, for reasons that are beyond me. given that in the pokémon world they got near identica type disadvantges. It’s partially pink in body with a  white lower half off it’s head. It’s “clothes” come in a warm pink. I love this design trough and trough. It has a geisha-like quality and the long sleeves that are also blades is something that resonates well with me. For some reason I am really into girls who hide their hands up their sleeves in a shy like way for some reason that is a bit ‘turn on’ to me. When I say turn on I mean it in a way like… oh I like that girl kinda way not in the thirsty.. i believe the term is.. kinda way? Like I’d wanna hug her and cuddle with long sleeved girls, my thoughts don’t go out exchanging bodily fluids or something. Yes I am weird but when I see a shy demeanour girl something makes me wanna take care of them..again.. not in the lets share a gummy cylinder shaped thing kinda way.  So Lurantis and it’s prevolution Fomantis are something I immediately want to take care off.

It’s among my favorite typings and it’s a physical fighter/sweeper which usually is a bit lacking in my team. Asides from slurpuff I cant really think of another pink physical pokémon…well there is Bruxish but she is so much better as a shiny. Lurantis despite her beauty comes across humble, kind and graceful and has this japanese quality I like really well. In combat I do like her a bit less because I keep forgetting how slow she is. She looks like something that could be pretty fast but her speed stat is really low. I keep losing her to being outsped because I can not wrap my head around it that she isn’t as perfect as I think she is. Still I love her to bits and with her own signature move Solar Blade she’s something I will always welcome in my team.

Pink Pokemon Number 4: Bewear

This one I do not particularly like to use in combat, nor is it’s design THAT great. This one I completely like because of it’s concept.. but  oh do I like this concept. Bewear is a teddy bear pokémon that is the evolution of the ultra cute Stufful who would be on my top five best pokémon cries list. Sooo cute… Squeeeeee……  Sorry I lost track of reality there for a moment.

We were talking about bewear which is one of the most dangerous species of pokémon in the Alola region. Wait , you ask, that pink fluffy teddy bear is the most dangerous pokémon in the region? Aren’t there like Eldritch beings, fire dragons, guardian gods and sharks in the region? Yes there are.. yet Bewear has claimed more victims than any other of them… that’s right it’s time for another MESSED UP POKËDEX ENTRY! Being based on a stuffed animal there is nothing a Bewear likes to do more than to hug. Alongside its Fluffy ability you think this one might be harmless, but unfortunately for all those who want to hug a Bewear (me included) .. such an encounter will be completely fatal. If you get hugged by a Bewear you’ll die a quite miserable death. A Bewear loves you a LOT but it also doesn’t know it’s own strength so when it gives you a tight hug.. the best hug… it ends up crushing the one it hugs to death.

A teddy bear crushing people to death with hugs sounds more like an SCP item than like a pokémon. We are not dealing with exaggerated pokédex entries like .. ‘torkoal shell is as hot as the sun’  stuff either. If you play sun and moon there are warning signs all across the region that tell you not to get of the path because Bewear can come and kill you! They even made a symbol for that danger! Apparently it happens to a lot of people in the region. I love this concept so much for a bear pokémon. Ursaring was kinda dull and Beartic was boring as well, it’s great we finally got an interesting one. A killer “Barney” like pokemon that is an accidental murderer. It’s design is super unique to the fighting type and the moves it learns signify it’s raw strength which make it a fun pokémon to use. The anime.. of course mellowed this down a bit but played the pokémon right as well setting it up with team rocket for some great comedy. The name is once more a great find making it not only a very unique fighting type but also a very unique pink pokémon that isn’t overly cutesy throughout. I love this pokémon so much I could just hug it to death.

Pink Pokemon Number 3: Mew

Of course Mew has to be on the list even though I have considered Jigglypuff for a spot, that one does not appear because I did not want to make a top five containing to much generation I pokémon.  Jigglypuff got booted off this list for being kind of annoying at times. Though I do love that one to bits it never really does anything besides singing and drawing on faces in the anime and in the game it is even less significant. Mew however is a great pokémon. Learning every pokémon move in the games, being adorable in the mewtwo movie and being the creator of all non-legendary pokémon life are pretty amazing achievements. It has a higher base stat total than every other pokémon on this list and everyone who played the original red and blue has probably done some of the weird ‘trick  to summon a mew. Be it trading a level 125 pokémon with strength and cut so you can move to the truck, or following those weird step patterns around cerulean cave. Mew was my first mystery and though I never got a mew in the original generation.. just spending time with that mystery was great. When it was revealed in the movie to be pink childish and playful with an adorable cry in the movie I was sold on the thing.

My sister could have Mewtwo .. Mew was my jam. Horrible to obtain in Pokémon Go and locked behind a paywall in Pokémon Let’s Go the little psychic catlike creature has not been given enough love lately.
In Alola it has gotten it’s very own Z-move which does show me that the love for it is still out there as it should. This Pokémon can fulfill any role in your party and do it pretty well. Almost like a blank canvas you can draw upon what you like, it’s about as close as  ‘create your own pokémon ‘ as we’ll ever get. Since it’s pink and it can be everything it wants means there is always room for it on my team so we can play together.

Pink Pokemon Number 2: Chansey

This Pokémon has gotten me so many battle victories over my friends. Eviolite Chansey is such a beast. It will never die to any special attack except for maybe focus blast, if you give it the move Counter it can kill basically everything as long as it’s not hit super-effectively or by a set up pokémon and it only has one type weakness. I have my friends build teams just to counter my Chansey set.. talking about if like it’s some kind of boss monster. Because they are forced to bring fighting moves I can bring some ghost , psychic and fairy types along to alongside chansey easily sweep. By giving it the move Wish Chansey can heal not only itself but also its allies with one turn delay, Chansey is a toxic staller.. it poisons pokemon and heals and guards itself until they are dead. Alongside Umbreon , Chansey is the only bulky pokemon I like to play with.  It’s better than its evolution with the eviolite item and its somewhat competitively viable. Which is essence means it’s stronger than anything else on this list, even though number 4 and 5 could beat it one on one. However my liking for chansey goes further than it just being good in battle. It’s an icon as well, it featured in more episodes of the anime than anime pink pokémon.. and possibly in more episodes than any pokémon that is not pikachu. Being the first healer, Chansey always was something quite special and the way it is animated and emotes with it’s plumb egg like body is just something I find incredibly endearing.

Being smarter than most pokémon it has been shown being capable of reading human language, of actually studying human like procedure and even of having the most human like behaviour. When we go to the zoo, almost everyone likes monkeys because in a way they are quite human like and even if there are pokémon that physically resemble humans more.. the way  the egg pokémon interacts with their world reminds me of that same sentiment. I can watch to Chansey gifs for hours on end and still be entertained. 

Pink Pokemon Number 1: Sylveon

My favorite pokemon of all time of course had to be the number one. Sylveon is the poster child for my favorite typing, whose emblem is once again in my favorite colour.  With the most unique evolution mechanic that almost seems anime like and one of the most justified evolutions. It’s pretty , it has a pretty cry, is relevant in the anime and is diverse enough and can be run in the semi competitive scene. Sylveon is love, Sylveon is life. I can keep swooning  about so many aspects of it. It is a easily misunderstood pokémon as well. People always tease that it’s ribbons are made of flesh, but this is a lie. Never is it stated those ribbons are flesh. They ARE part of its body but not all pokémon are made of flesh or fully out of flesh. Steelix is for example rock that is coated with a metal alloy and Kartana is basically reinforced paper so I don’t think it would be that weird if the had a pokémon that was part cloth either. We had weird amalgamations before. So the ribbons are just ribbons! While I talked about the ability Pixilate in my post about Sylveon itself it also has the ability cute charm, which lets those who attack it, of opposite gender,  fall in love with it, rendering them potentially unable to attack.

While in the game this ability is not that good because it’s a three checkpoint RNG thing.. (you need to be physically attacked by a pokémon of another gender to have a CHANCE the effect may work… after which there is a chance it might stun) it does mean that Sylveon is pretty darn charming. Much like Mew on this list it can be both offensive as well as defensive and is a super versatile pokémon. Yet Sylveon has something of it’s own where Mew can literally be anything Sylveon favours certain movesets. Movesets that are really its own. So while you can run a defence mew you’d build it because it’s something that is lacking in your team or you can run mew with the same offensive moveset as Sylveon even. However in case of Mew you’ll do it as a placeholder as such.. you give it a set you happen to lack, while with Sylveon you build it more intentionally. You’ll use Lurantis because it’s super pretty, you’ll use Bewear because it has some great lore and is funny, you’ll use Mew because it’s versatile and Chansey because it is bukly as heck. Sylveon however you choose because it’s sylveon.. which makes its a pretty good contestant for the number 1 spot. 

Question to my Readers:

What is your favorite pink Pokémon?

Now that we finished a cute little list of pink Pokémon I hope you have recovered from the more heavy subjects of the last two days. I am sure when Chibi Pinkie will tell you about some of the ‘weird’  pokémon toys i gave her to play with you’ll be pretty amused as well.. you vagrants. Leave a like , do not forget to subscribe to this blog and pay tribute to your princess.

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