Top 5: Favorite Pink Shiny Pokémon

Little subjects, last week we talked about my top five favorite Pink Pokémon. The post did quite well remarkably. Because I do care about all of your feelings, just not that much,  I have decided to entertain you with another list of pinkness. This week we will discuss the pokémon that have a 1 in 4096 chance to be pink! The top 5 pink shinies. In order to qualify the pokémon’s main colour has to be significantly different from its original form.  Each entry shall feature an image of the original pokemon as well as it’s shiny variation. The shiny one will always be the pinkest one!

Number 5: Shiny Buneary 

Buneary and Lopunny are cute bunny pokémon introduced in the fourth generation, the first for buneary has to be leveled up through the power of friendship to reach its full potential. I already really love the concept of friendship evolutions in the pokémon games but they can get tedious when it’s needed on frail pokémon like Buneary. To make sure you max friendship you have to make sure they don’t go down in battle, but use them in battle which means you automatically start caring for these pokémon and a bond is sure to happen. Especially in the generations where you don’t have tamato berries (which raise friendship) to shove down their throats Buneary to me was such a pokémon and to find out it’s shiny was very pink made that bond even stronger.

It’s available enough to actually shiny hunt (which makes goes for all the shinies on this list)  so you don’t have to reset the game over and over and over. It lives in a beautiful habitat to search for it and unlike my number 1 pick, you can evolve it and still have a pink shiny. Decent in battle and with the right set up even unstoppable. This little bunny can kick your ass and look like it’s covered in cotton candy while doing it. That makes it a pretty perfect shiny for me, being normal type it’s of my best liked typing on this entire list. Cute in its basic state, Waifu Material to some (I don’t kinkshame.. but I am not into her) in its stage 1 form and usable in battle as a Mega Evolution. This Pink shiny caters to a lot of different people.

Number 4: Shiny Hypno

A pink shiny that has a creepy quality to it is always fun. Hypno in its regular yellow form is already known for taking little children by hypnotising them and vanishing with them. The pink version looks even creepier, like a weird naked guy that shows up to the park and then hypnotises your child to take it away. In a way he reminds me of Adrian Toomes the Vulture from the spider-man comics and mostly the way Vulture was depicted in 1994’s Spider-Man cartoon series. In this show Toomes was a bald old man, whose costume had a fur collar much like Hypnos. He would attack victims with a special made flight suit to siphon their youth for a while. I could see shiny hypno taking a child than eating it’s dreams to make itself younger and the kid would age or grow up without dreams or something. Maybe I can use it if I ever do a spider-mon story.

While I never really used a Hypno on my teams it is a somewhat solid party member that can function as something that can take special attacks very well. Its attacking stats aren’t more than average, but with moves like Future Sight, Hypnosis and Nightmare you can at least turn it into something your opponent has to struggle to deal with.

It was one of the first pokémon I intensely tried to shiny hunt in Pokémon Go… and failed, which led to one of my weirdest Zoo outings ever, where I ignored the watch where you go warning and ended up in an interesting situation. Unlike all the other shinies on this list he’s not cute or cuddly and that’s what I really like about this design, maybe it is only because my imagination is  this vivid but I just found this hypnotic pokémon a real creeper in it’s shiny form! Which is great for a pokémon that lorewise is kind of a creeper anyway. If you are under the age of 12 and see someone like this standing in a dark alley run! 

Number 3: Shiny Ampharos

The final evolution of the Mareep line.. as well as the entire line for that matter, have always been my favorite electric type pokémon. It is one of the types i care very little for being weak to the very common ground moves and being strong to flying and water whom I usually have better answers for (grass and rock) when I use electric moves they are usually on other types to exploit better STAB. Yet Mareep, Flaaffy and Ampharos were my most beloved pokémon during my first time playing trough Gold and Silver.  I didn’t nickname them back than yet so I could remember the species name but when I obtained Soulsilver I caught another one I named Curly Bob. Curly Bob must have had a much better nature then my old Ampharos because he was the most badass pokémon on my team. He put my typhlosion to shame, which may have had something to do that back then I did not understand all the nuances of the game and I slapped some random moves on him.

Since I am a person who hates grinding or repetitive tasks , I wasn’t the biggest shiny hunter in the world so until a while ago I never knew what shiny ampharos looked like. I love a pokémon whether they are shiny or not Curly Bob would get as much love as BeepBeep got (my shiny Ampharos in Pokémon Go).  While it doesn’t really read as a sheep anymore and the mega form isn’t pretty Ampharos is just a treat to have in your party. Having access to a nice moveset , including fighting type moves and normal type moves alongside recently some dragon type moves it’s really a pokémon that can help you deal with a lot of obstacles thrown at you at pokémon gold and silver. I always remembered how good that sheep was too me. With a shiny as pink as the one it got, the fond memories of this particular pokemon only grew stronger.

Number 2: Shiny Furret

Another gen II , Johto pokémon that got a great shiny (I would have put Crobat instead of Buneary but like the last list I do wanted some generation variation)  and a adorable pink one as well. I love Furret. Sentret was the first pokémon I caught in Pokémon Gold to go alongside my Chikorita and I always caught a sentret in my subsequent runs. Though I never found a shiny of course this pokémon just had ‘something’  because of how cute it’s evolution was. It’s by far the most adorable “first route’ critter you can find. While Zigzagoon and Linoone are better Furret is just absolutely amazing on it’s own.

This was the first pokémon I actively wished for as an actual pet. I mean who wants a fire breathing dragon when you can have a ringed speedy ferret. I wanted a ferret as a pet because of this pokémon but I never get one. Well I got one of those balls with a fake ferret attached to it for the fest of “Sinterklaas’ but it wasn’t really the same. It’s hard to explain why I liked a basic pokémon THAT much. I did not in generation one, and I haven’t cared as much since. Even now I think… maybe I should get a ferret,  but let’s not, it would not get along with the tame duck I have to get myself one day.

Shiny furret kind of looks like a raspberry candy cane.. a fluffy one which makes it all the more innocent and cute looking. A set I like to run is the one where I poison my beloved pink ferret with a Toxic Orb, than give it the move Facade for some high power damage. It also can learn trick to poison other people, Sucker Punch to always strike first and Brick Break to deal with pesky barriers and deal damage to the types that resist it. like rock and steel types. It only survives for a few turns with a toxic orb but by that time if can have wreaked some havoc. It isn’t a warmachine..but each time a shiny furret pops on my screen I am just smiling  contently and that is enough. 

Number 1: Shiny Ducklett

I love ducks, not in the amorous way  but still I love them a lot. Possibly my favorite animal  ever, they are just something amazing to me. They make the cutest sound, have the cutest walk and have the best size for an animal, they have the best kind of poop, their food is relatively cheap. They can fly but if they are loyal to you they do come back or they can just waddle around. They can even be somewhat affectionate.. of course not on the levels of a dog or a cat but more than a goldfish or hamster. So like a bunny they do fall in the perfect category. The bunnies have better poop but can ruin your furniture. So great pets! Like a ferret as well. I would not mind a sheep as a pet either… only the old man that preys on childs is not really a great pet. The poop of that one is also the worst to clean up. 

Back to our topic. Ducklett is a water flying type introduced to us in generation V, Unova. In its regular form it’s a cyan duck with some blue belly feathers. Shiny those belly feathers become purple and it’s main body the cutest pink. Since its evolution is non pink you’ll have to give it an Everstone item that blocks evolution though, which kinda makes it fairly worthless to battle. Not a single tat is even average it’s all below. However you can let use Rain Dance on a rain team or Tail Wind to buff up your team’s speed. Their even is the Endavour + Focus Sash + Quick attack tech to ensure the little pink duck still gets a kill. Trading a Ducklett for a Mewtwo still is a good thing.

Ducklett is just such a cute pokémon, I loved the thug ducks  in the black and white anime, I love how it has an abilty called Big Pecks and the Ducklett gives are amazing. I hope that my pet duck , as soon as I start making money again , will be half as adorable as these. I might even name it Big Pecks. You can never go wrong with a duck let alone a pink duck! And while we will talk about another Pink Duck at one point in this blog’s future this one is the most adorable one and the cutest pink shiny there is! In Black and White 2 it spawns in an area where it’s just Ducklett as well so shiny hunting is relatively easily!.. Except for the shiny odds in that game still being 8120 or so.. Big Pecks! Tiny odds!

Question to my Readers:

What is your favorite Pink Shiny?

Now that you know what my favorite pink shiny is (and spoiler its my favorite shiny as well) t is time to make room for some of the other Pinkies.  I’ll doubt any of them however will be as shiny as me! And remember .. if you like another pink shiny best.. you are wrong!
*Princess Bow*

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again!


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