Top 5: Favorite Legendary Pokémon

Dear little subjects, this may come as no surprise to you but Princess Pinkie scores high in terms of views and likes. Of course this makes sense, because this is the only place on the internet with factually correct rankings of pokémon.  Since I princess Pinkie am such an legendary icon for this site, today we shall look at legendary pokémon as well. Fit for a princess. This list will contain ALL of the legendary subclasses. This means Ultra Beasts, Mythical Pokémon and all that jazz goes as well. While in the future this list might be split up and revisited we start things with no restrictions. 

Legendary Number 5: Tapu Lele

Tapu Lele is my favorite Island Guardian, she is cute  girly a fairy type and her ability is my favorite of all the Tapu’s as well. The case of Tapu Lele is helped that she of course is pink. It is the Akala Island guardian which so happens to be my favorite Island in the Alola region.  While arguably not the most useful ability psychic surge , which sets up psychic terrain can be a great interruptive move to your opponent’s strategies. The terrain itself will influence everything that is on the ground by sealing away priority moves. If your opponent set is build on those, like Sucker Punch or Ice Shard you can really disrupt their momentum. I like getting under the skin of my opponents and Tapu Lele allows me to do that. She just looks adorable on my team and even her brief appearances in the anime are quite cute.

However the reason why adore Tapu Lele as much as I do is actually her TCG card.  The trading card game GX version of Tapu Lele fits in every deck that relies heavily on their supporter cards. My (albeit aged) fighting deck needs me to keep as much Korina’s in my hand as possible for combo options. Tapu Lele just needs to be played to the bench (backrow) so you search for a supporter card. Since my deck’s ace is a normal pokemon and not a GX (thus low hp) Tapu Lele can also function as a (somewhat costly) wall. In other words she is an amazing supporter to virtually any deck and mine even more so. To this day the Tapu Lele card is fairly costly due to how relevant it is. While the card is now also aging rapidly it doesn’t blemish the memories of me roffle stomping my friend when I had this girl in hand and could pull of some epic combo shenanigans My current best friend Jilly just bought it for me one day and it was a really beautiful and appreciated gift. So this pokemon just has a lot of fond memories for me and she looks good while doing so.

Legendary Number 4: Regigigas 

Now for  those who know anything about pokémon this choice might be very weird! Regigigas is commonly known as one of the worst legendaries if  not the worst. Yet I have to say something to them! Everyone doubting Regigigas, saying Slow Start is the worst!. Well you are absolutely …….. true.  There is no way around it.. Regigigas is quite bad. It’s base stat totals aren’t exactly that high and his main stat is halved until five turns in! Each time you swap the ability resets. To me that is exactly what makes Regigigas so fun to play.  It is a challenge to keep it alive for five turns so that slow start ends, do you run confuse ray and protect or do you  try to sap health with a Drain Punch. It’s a battle of wits that only expands in double battles where it is such a treat to use. Frustrating at times but it feels rewarding to pull off. Especially when you can use it alongside cool team combinations.  My favorite combination is letting my gentle giant attack into my own coffagrigus which I equip with a ring target. Doing this while it uses the move power-up punch will result in a one turn .. nightmare to deal with. People usually assume I will set up trick room and either attack  It is just so much fun to see your opponent realise what just happened and how now they are doomed.

It makes the funniest sounds and I just really like normal types and underdogs and this Trio Leader is both. He is also a craftsman who just creates smaller golems while being a golem. I don’t know why I think that is cute. Something that lakes little friends for itself I always like. But mostly those sounds!  While it will do little against ghost types it will wreak havoc on the rest. It can be quite fierce in the anime, it has shown that it has the ability to control the three legendary Golems even if they are under the control of a trainer. Regigigas is more important to them which is really a nice sentiment for a pokémon and their trio master. It how ever can also be a big friend giant as well.The fact that I have nothing with stories about Golem or constructs makes the fact that I like it this much even more amazing.


Kyogre is one of the legendaries I ever actively used on my team. I started my first game of pokémon sapphire with a blaziken, because torchic was the cutest of the three. Though I later got to appreciate Mudkip a lot more it meant that in that particular playthrough I did not really carry a water pokémon I really liked with me. While there are plenty to be found, on my first go around I just did not lay my hands on it.  I usually go complete the league first then use the money I got to catch in a dedicated fashion. I had a water HM slave but I needed something better for the league. Since you catch Kyogre before the league and relatively early compared to most games I really got to form more of a bond with it. When I came back to do a mono water type run in it (it has a lot of great water pokémon) I named my Kyogre Laboon. Laboon was great , since I had a monotype team it really helped me carry the rest trough some of the tougher final fights.

I also have fond memories of Kyogre in the trading card game.  My best friend at the time used a Kyogre and Mega-Kyogre EX deck against my Medicham Deck, and we always had exciting matches. It was great fun to battle together and catch up over a lunch before or after our game. I am thankful for the pokémon who helped me win as many games as i did, but I am also grateful to the Kyogre in the deck of Alpha-Geek. I didn’t like his Blastoise though! Stupid Deluge ability. Designwise Kyogre als always appealed to me, it’s deep blue colour is really pops and seems brighter than that of most water pokémon. Those mysterious stripes on its body really help sell a legendary quality to it. A quality that only got better when they added Primal Reversion in the remakes. 

Being a weather pokemon it is great on rain boosted teams with enough offensive power with moves like Water Spout , Thunder and Origin Pulse to hold it’s own. Choice Scarfed this Pokémon can really reduce your opponents team to nothing quite fast. It’s oigins are very much explored in the game’s narrative so you always know what pokémon you are using. This trait is oftenly lacking at other legendaries. Sure there are some signs and books to read on the events of burned tower, but the legendary birds were hardly explained during the games. Mewtwo was .. but the way Kyogre and Groudon are interwoven in their stories I think is so much better. Better than any other game in my opinion. Mewtwo I feel myself is a tad overrated (do not get me wrong it would be number six) the myth was great, the story was great but we did not get it from one source, we had to go out of our way to find all that amazing lore. As a kid that is easy to miss. They messed up the landing.. had they let Giovanni use Mewtwo in battle and afterwards you can capture it.. it would have taken this spot.  I do not mind a mystical pokémon being shrouded in mystery.. but for one so important to the story and to the world of pokémon you kind of get it late. Kyogre (and Groudon too for that matter) stuck the landing. The whale just had a super cool design and moveset to go with it. A myth , not everyone has heard about.. a legend everyone knows.. so that is why the whole mythos and Gen 3 story is Legen…..wait for it!

Legendary Number 2: Poipole

Generation VII introduced us to the first legendary who could actually evolve , Cosmog! This was something I wanted all my life… or well at least since generation one.  Unfortunately you really dont evolve Nebby the Cosmog yourself and Lillie does all the work for you. Even if you get your hands on another Cosmog and evolve it, both the basic and stage 1 evolution know no useable moves.. so you can’t actually use. My hope died that I ever got a legendary that I could raise. But one year later my prayers to Arceus were answered when I got Poipole. A legendary that could evolve into the awesome Naganadel. Yet I vastly prefer the little one. It’s design is steller it looks kind of like an alien with a dragon tail. It is a Pokémon that lives in Ultra Megatropolis , a pokémon that lives in the depths of Ultra Space.  People live here as well (though different) . In it’s world it enjoys incredible popularity and thusly is often chosen as a starter. So to put it bluntly, it’s the pikachu of an alternative eldritch infested dimension.

Being unevolved of course it does not have to amazing stats, it ends up being around the power of a first evolution starter. Exactly at the level of the Alolan starters stage 1 evolution. However it’s ability Beast Boost, which upgrades its strongest stat with each kill it makes, puts it in a league above them. Yet in all honesty by the time you get Poipole it is a bit underwhelming, but it is just so cute you do not really care and make it work.  It’s the first legendary that is a poison type which is one of my favorite types.. and thusly factually one of the best types. Ash caught one, and it is soooo adorable in the anime. Perfectly adorable! From the moment it had been caught to how it sleeps next to Rowlet in Ash bag. It is such a delight to look at in literally everything it does. Speaking of a delight to look at it’s shiny is among one of my favorites ever as well. It’s white body with golden details really resonate with me, giving it quite a regel quality for something that strange… also it kinda looks like a fried egg.. and for some reason I love it. It has a fun moveset and as Naganadel even more so, it’s an evolving Ultra Beast.. so you kind of feel like you are carrying along an overpowered baby! I LOVE overpowered monster babies!..I hate the real ones though but let’s not talk about those. Popole’s Ultra Beast name is Adhesive.. or STICKY in japanese. It must be named that way because you never want to let it go anymore and keep it with you always! I really need a poipole plushie!

Legendary Number 1: Mew

Of course Mew would be my number one, I looked under the truck, I talked to professor Oak 151 one times so he would take mine back  and trade it for a Mew, I did weird step patterns outside of Cerulean City. and so much more. We searched for hints of Mews in tons of magazines and tried to unlock it via all sorts of tricks and unless you got a gameshark or clever friends we simply never got it. It was the proverbial white whale. The only Mew I legitimately caught to this day was the one in Pokémon Go. The others where  either in fangames or randomisers, randomisers are basically ‘hacks’ which replace the pokemon spawns with different one, so your Pidgey can suddenly become Shellder and instead of hundred Zubat in caves you might find hundred Mew. When you finally get your hand one in it is a delight to use! Mew has a equal 100 in all of it’s stats which means it can literally play into any role depending on how you raise it up. That is helped by the fact that it can use ANY Technical Machine thus he learns every single move that has one. Randomised that means it can literally learn anything. 

It is the blank sheet Pokémon. When you bring it out your opponent will never know what is coming towards them so Mew always has an upper hand. Now there is a risk with a pokémon that can be everything. Can it be itself? Yes! Mew can be run with sets that no one else can but also has been given a lot of love in terms of lore and it has even gotten it’s own Z-move A little move to call it’s own. This only contributes more to it’s awesomeness. There is nothing I can about what moves makes it great because it learns everything. So let’s take a look at it’s design! It’s so pink and cute. it’s so playful it has so much personality! IT HAS A FLUFFY MARSHMALLOW DRINK!!!!! Now that it will play big role in the anime it even has me more excited for the pokemon. Now we only need a main line game where it isn’t behind  a paywall or extra item. With Go hunting for Mew in the new Pokémon Anime series , I actually think we will get it as well, as an event pokémon. I have high hopes! It’s blue shiny is super cute as well and one of the retro pokemon trading cards I am currently hunting for.. speaking of which I run a old Mew-Ex in my secondary deck as well.. because mew has the ability to use any attack of a pokemon on the board as long as he has the correct energy. So it means that if you build your deck smart Mew can use all of your own attacks, keeping the enemy guessing at your strategy. In the beginning of this post I already said I liked mind games and Mew either as a card or a monster is the ultimate pokémon for that. The Pokemon Card even created a villain in the pokemon world!! Talk about messing up minds!..It even drives me crazy! Because I gotta have that FLUFFY MARSHMALLOW DRINK!

Question to my readers:

What is  your favorite legendary?

So we conclude our list of my favorite legendaries at least for the time being. Favorite pokemon are always in shift each memory we make with them can bring them closer to our heart. So if I left your favorite out don’t feel sad that just means there is another pokemon out there for me to enjoy one day. Don’t forget my opinion is right cause I am a princess! Also…….dairy!

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again!


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5 thoughts on “Top 5: Favorite Legendary Pokémon”

  1. My top 5 legendaries are
    – Uxie: I love the wise look it has plus it’s cute.
    – Tapu Koko: Looks ready to fight plus it’s just a really fun pokemon to play.
    – Dialga: My favourite main legendary, its time control powers are too cool.
    – Darkrai: Needlessly edgy but is really cool and has some really creepy atmosphere to him.
    – Cosmog: CUTE

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    1. Wow.. A lake guardian lover! We dont see a lot of those! That’s great! I am always so happy for the less popular pokémon when someone lists them as their favorites.

      Cosmog would have made my list had I not try to level one ! xD

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