Pink-Poké-News: Week 41

So last week, we lost all contact with reporter Pinkie Cherryblossom. Luckily earlier this morning we picked her up at Shalour City. Kalos’s most prominent costal city. She seemed confused and was not able to recollect what she exactly saw near the end of her log. She kept rambling about a wise man, stolen food and wings. So we slapped her in the face, told her she had a job to do and give her take on the latest pokémon news. So please welcome back reporter Pinkie for this week’s edition of the Pink-Poké-News.

Galarian Ponyta

Hello again little monsters, Pinkie Cherryblossom here reporting live for Pink-Poké-News. I am incredibly excited to announce the existence of the Pokémon Shield only Pokémon , Galarian Ponyta. Apparently it was announced in a 24 hour live stream we unfortunately seem to have missed completely. A rainbow unicorn pokémon is exactly what I wanted all my life. However the fans seem to be confused to why it is not a fairy type. Galrian Ponyta has been announced to be the psychic type, and to be honest when you think rainbow unicorn (I actually dance each time I say that word)  sounds pretty much like a fairy to me to. So why is it a psychic type instead? Of course I asked the other Pinkies what they feel.

Professor Pinkie told it is a typing that goes a lot better alongside its ability Pastel Veil, an ability that prevents the poison status from occurring on your pokémon.. or even curing it of others when it is used next to a poisoned pokémon in double battles. Since fairy types have a weakness to poison this would already pose a conflict lorewise. Why would something weak to poison be able to heal poison. Secondly she says that it is most likely to add some speed to the rainbow unicorn. Psychic types are among the fastest pokémon in the game and given her theories about it’s evolution getting as much speed on it would seem like a great move. She was reluctant to say what she believes this evolution will be though. 

Detective Pinkie however , whom is all about theories , did not share such sentiment. She agreed with the speed idea because she believes Galarian Rapidash will be a psychic flying type, apparently she has seen images of the live steam where the Ponyta’s look up so she believes it might reflect them looking up to their flying mother. Fairy types usually do have mediocre speed so for a speeding pegasus the psychic type makes most sense. Even more so if we look at the legend of Rhiannon. She is a figure in celtic mythology that is known for her intelligence and strategic sense and sharp mind.  She is a hero of sorts which was strongly linked to white horses and was even depicted flying a pegasus. She was linked to the horse goddess Epona (so now you know why a certain horse is called that way).  It could very well be that this myth stemming from Britain has directly influenced their pony designs.

Chibi Pinkie, our gamer feels that since Galarian Weezing already is a fighting type, as well as plenty of others being in the game now, it serves a balancing purpose. It’s  pokédex entry of absorbing mystical energies does work for both types. She also feels we might not officially see a Galarian Rapidash but believes Ponyta might evolve into something else. To make it more akin to Galarian Farfetch’D it’s mirror pokémon in Pokémon Sword.

The Wise Man

A new leak of Pokémon Sword and Shield recently surfaced. Using the icon of an indian shaman and the handle of Wiseman.  So it has been dubbed the Wiseman Leak. While not confirmed, the wise man uses a lot of information the so called Ben Affleck leak used as well. The Ben Affleck leak has so far been proven to be incredibly accurate and Wiseman seems to expand on this a bit. While easy enough to do recently Game-Informer had an interview with Game Freak which seem to bring credibility to this leak. A lot of the names mentioned seem to be extremely well thought off and in line with how Nintendo and Game Freak name their pokémon. So while not confirmed this leak belongs to the more credible ones. Then again, the Riddler leak looked promising as well and that has shown little as of late, it wasn’t really wrong but offered little info either.

The Indian guy  is very clear cut, little mystery here. He for example tells the people that the Coal Pokémon Rollycoly, the coal Pokémon, will have two evolution stages, in his first evolution it should evolve into a pokémon called Rollycosta, a minecart pokémon. Since Rollycosta is introduced to us in a mine and it’s first forms already have wheels this seems to be quite plausible. It fits theme very well and it is this reporters belief that would be a perfect inbetween stage to let it transform into a steam train pokemon. Strongly connected to the new ability steam engine that Rollycosta gets and very fitting of the theme. 

The Wise Man also has his say about how the story will go. Especially when talking about Marnie. She is a somewhat reluctant Idol who has to keep her fans happy but has the actual goal to stop Eternatus and thus the power the power force of Gigantamaxing. Eternatus is the the name the Ben Affleck leak gave to the third legendary that is oposion Zamazenta and Zacian. It is said that is called ‘he who lives below’ and through its power Dynamax and Gigantamaxing has become possible, because it hopes to use this force to eradicate the world of technology and eventually even human life.  This could certainly be an interesting story and would make Max Raid battles quite believable, however it seems unlikely that a new battle mechanic would be disabled for the endgame so perhaps people will learn how to use it properly and if not this one might not get to fruition.

Other info he tells is that the character Oleana is like Plumeria , an evil Team Admin from Sun and Moon, but Rose (the Chairman of the pokémon league) who fans suspect to be evil is not like Guzma. It is unsure if he means Rose is not an evil guy or if he just eludes us by referring to personality.  The Wise man also told that Zacian and Zamazenta would both be Steel Fairy Types. Their abilities would allow them to Gigantamax for the entire battle rather than just three turns. The pseudo legendary is said to be a dragon ghost type based on the Ouroboros. The snake that eats its own tail. 

Starter Evolutions

The most interesting thing that this leak contains however is the names and very general descriptions of the starter evolutions including their typings. 
Scorbunny is said to evolve into Raboot and then into Haretrik while the Ben Affleck leak already named the first evolution Wiseman is the first to name the final form. He describes it as a very human like pokémon with a very animal like face. In the Game Freak interview they described the patch on Scorbunny’s face to be that of a deliquant. So I expect the pokémon to take on a Bancho like appearance.. I imagine it like a sort of rabbit version of Jotaru Kujo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures (Stardust Crusaders version). It will remain pure fire type through its entire line but will learn a lot of fighting moves.

Grookey is said to evolve into Grunkey and then into Gorocka, the Affleck leak described the final evolution as a Gorilla with drums so this seems to match up very well.Interestingly enough is is said this line will be a Grass-Normal type line. Which seems like an odd choice at first but given that all sound based moves are almost all normal types it actually would make a whole lot of sense.

Sobble is said to evolve into Sizzile and then into Intelleon. Wiseman claims the pokémon to be a water-poison type which would make it the first starter ever that is both super effective against the fire, as the grass type. This does sound like somewhat of an odd choice, but hey after 8 generations we could use a change up.  The pokémon is be claimed to follow a spy theme, which makes a lot of sense to how the first trailer introduced Sobble to us. With a lot of camouflage and hiding skills, and let’s not forget the british theming when we talk about spies. The poison typing would fit nicely into such a theme as well. During the game freak interview they were very mysterious around sobble’s evolution evenly openly so , which could line up as well with the alleged theme.

While I am not very excited about the Scorbunny line the other two seem very interesting and very possible. The fact that we haven’t had a pure fire type in quite a while..(there hasn’t been any since gen 2) but water and grass had pure types in Gen 5 it would also feel appropriate)
Since the Affleck leak has yet to be flat out wrong on anything this might be what we are actually getting. Once again this is not confirmed yet so take everything with a healthy grain of salt. This is simply speculation right now that just so happens to match up with a lot of confirmed things so who knows.

About the blog

Now that we have been blogging for nearly four month , with an article each day it is time to analyse a bit. Currently we a follower count of 78 which about 30 individual followers visiting each day, sometimes a bit more sometimes a bit less. We of course still hope to expand the blog. We are growing at a nice and steady pace but given the length of our articles , it might not be possible to keep up 7 posts per week. So do not be afraid when soon we start missing a day at times, we are simply experimenting on how to optimise our little space here. Pokémon is a wonderful hobby to have and to share with the world. With plenty to tell. However I will need some time to play through pokemon  fan-games watch a bunch of movies and edit some pictures for my stories and all. I have a fairly active social life and I am beginning to notice stuff is moving a bit out of balance and I need to figure this out.

Expect to see some experimental content in the future say for example instead of an entire review I do episodic let’s plays ending with a review. Expect items to get cut if they aren’t getting me views etc. So to all those who follow me I’d like to ask help me improve the site by really showing me what content you like. If you want me to return to your favorite what if story, or talk about your favorite pokémon, give more play tips or whatever let me know so I can improve this place and let it grow. If you have tips, want to help out , want to request something or whatever you desire feel free to use our contact page to reach out.  I really want this place to be a unique voice in the pokémon world where both fans and non fans can discover something about the franchise. So if you have any ideas, don’t wait for the Pinkies to think up of them! Make a suggestion! Of course if you really like a certain type of content be sure to let me know in the comments or by liking a post so I can play the numbers game a bit better!

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support for this blog and I hope to bring you a lot of content in the days to come! Stay Pink and thanks for reading!

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again


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