Pinkie To The Rescue Squad: What Pokémon Would I Be?

With the Pokémon Dungeon Mystery Dungeon  Rescue Team DX demo now being live it’s the perfect time to look at oneself and wonder. What Pokémon would I be?  Because based on your personality this game will assign you one of I think 15 (maybe it’s one more or less) pokémon to represent you.  I shall go one step beyond. I will look at my abilities , nature, elemental disposition and capabilities as well as my persona to determine in which Pokémon I should be transformed. Of course you’re invited to follow the same system to find out who you are! So here we go!


First of all let us specify what stat disposition you have.  We are not D&D characters that can choose a class and then distribute our skills to make that class work. We are born with certain abilities and aptitudes and we develop those as we grow older. Pokémon Stats are, HP, Attack (Physical) Special Attack (Magic-like Stuff)  Defence (How much slaps can you take) Special Defence (How much intangible stuff can you take) and speed.
Then we pick two skills we would be very poor at and two skills we are very good at. In real life I have three main weaknesses. My Physical Strength is very low due to my issues to control my muscles properly, nor do they develop as proper as they should if I train. (It’s complicated just trust me in this)  this of course also influences my speed in the same way.
So at first sight these two would be my weaknesses.. 

(this would be me as A pokémon! Pinkie use Tackle! “Yes Master” …… Pinkie hurt herself by being a clutz)

Oddly enough one of my strengths would be HP. Even if I am frail and get sick very often, I have survived things doctors felt I could have easily died from. I fell off a lot of stuff and into a lot of stuff, I drank bad stuff and others things and I always came out feeling still rather okay. My special defence meanwhile.. a few mean words can make me cry, wouldn’t be anything special. My Special Attack however would be my main skill. I tend to be able to make people do what I want, bend their will to mine (less evil than it sounds)  and manipulate them.. attack them on a mental level. Mindgames, but I would also be able to give them strength again to move on, give them advice to cheer up and other things. My main stats thusly would be HP and Special Attack. HP and Special Attack is already a difficult combination to find a good pokémon with!  Yet if you had a luckier draw, let’s take it to the next step.

(I can tell exactly what my friends think! We never play Poker)

Elemental Disposition

Next it is time to find out what elements I match with. Of course my you could just pick your favorite typings here , which would to me be Fairy, Poison and Normal but two of those types do not match me.  I rarely consider myself normal. Oftenly to my own dismay, I just can’t really relate to any normal human beings, up to a point that I kind of consider myself an alien. That definitely means I do not have the aptitude to be a normal type. Even when I tried in real life, I failed at that so I do not think It would work out as a pokémon. Poison types can not be poisoned (unless someone has the corrosive ability) but I sure as hell definitely get poisoned from time to time.  While I think a sickly poison type could be an amazing pokémon in design we have never seen such a thing and therefore I can not identify as such. They cause sickness non are really sick. So that one is out. I despise cold and snow so ice types are out as well. Plants I touch wither and die so clearly I am not a grass type either. I very much dislike warriors and like I said I am physically weak and my physical defence isn’t anything special either so I am not a match for ground, fighting steel or rock types either.
All electric pokémon are too speedy for me nor can they ever be paralysed. My legs often do not work properly so I would not be a good Pikachu either.
I imagine Ash yelling me to dodge and instead I would fall flat on my face in sheer panic.

(Weird Fact: When I was searching for Dojiko stuff and clumsy girls Google showed me a lot of my own posts.. Google knows!)

Water, Ghost,  Dark , Fire, Fairy, Psychic and bug I do not directly see myself mismatching with. Dark type is evil type in Japanese and at times I can be a bit of a manipulative witch. Water types tend to suit my stat disposition very well and I like warm hot places quite a lot. I like to cutesie things up and play mind games so yes I could be one of these five types. However two of these qualities are waaaaaay more dominant in my persona as the other two. I play mind games each week, I like  to place myself in another’s position and think about what they want, I want to know and oftenly CAN tell what my friends are thinking. So I’d be a great psychic type! Fairy pokémon get access to moves like Baby-Doll Eyes, Charm, Decorate, Sweet Kiss, Spirit Break and Let’s Snuggle Forever. That’s pretty much my modus operandi right there! I do not think I have nearly as much compatibility with water moves, because making someone wet is way to unpanda for me. While I do love to burn people I mostly mean that in the insult kinda way.. which is more a psychic type or ghost type thing. String shot is more something guys do and I am not very good at surfing or diving.  So yeah.. . I’d say I am either a psychic or a fairy type. 

(If you guys help me become a legendary blogger maybe one day I can be Tapu Lele)

Personality and Role

So with that step done it is time to look at what role I would fill on the battlefield. I would not call myself someone who is much of a sweeper. I do not like attacking full force. Even if someone angers me I want their fall from grace to be slow. That feeling that they are slowly losing control. If someone makes me happy and they struggle I would want them to recover. However also her I am for the slow burn method. Instead of flatout healing you, I’d rather give my friends the tools to heal themselves. For example my gay best friend is in a very toxic friendship. Instead of just hugging his pain away my efforts to help him focus on  making him realise that relationship is toxic so he can break free and prevent pain in the future as well. Instead of giving people a fish , I prefer teaching them how to build a fishing rod. Even if that means having them be hungry for two additional days or so. So while I am helpful and also a bit offence I do not want to take the spotlight in that. I do not want to be the person who freed you from that toxic guys.. I want to be the person who convinces you to lose the toxic guys.. so you took that important step yourself. If someone is mean to me and I take them down a peg, I do not slap you in the face or flat out humiliate you in return. I make sure you realises things are going wrong , that you are losing control and that the way you have handled things is not the right way. Get me on wrong foot and you are oftenly a lot worse of than me and being sorry isn’t always enough anymore.  In terms of Pokémon thusly I would be a pokémon that controls momentum of the battlefield. Buffing my teammates, debuffing the enemies and perhaps some damage over time or counter strategy mechanics.

(Why do final fantasy time mages have such a stupid outfit? Not very fashionable)

I am a manipulator. diplomat  and a tactician, I do not care about raw power I care about control. The safety and happiness of my friends is very important to me. I am good at cheering people up, but also good at  talking my enemy of the ledge. I prefer words over actions, I’d rather befriend my enemies rather than fighting them. While I am not quick to resort to violence and discuss peaceful solutions to our problems once I get angered I have a hold over many people. However I am quick to lose in a straight up fight so it’s important for me to remember that I have friends to fall back on. Even if I do not wish to put them in harm’s way, two or three people can achieve more than one. If my friends wish to help me I should allow them to help me like they would allow me to help them. We are not alone. Together we’re strong. 

A person like me should be an Aromatisse

Aromatisse is the fragrance pokémon, they leave a very strong impression on people because of the scents they produce. According to the Shield Pokédex they can produce any sort of scents to give them an edge.  From sweet scents that bolster their allies to foul smells that sap an opponents will to fight. While I do not actually use scents myself I do use emotions, sentiments , wisdoms, lessons or simply words and experiences to bolster my friends or demoralise my enemies. Like fragrances these are intangible phenomena that can influence people at least as much  Aromatisse best quality is her HP with a base stat of 101 she won’t go down easily. Her special attack of 99 shows she is capable of some of the more intangible forms of offence as well. Aromatisse is one of the slowest fully evolved pokémon across the entire lineup of the series. When I was a tiny Pinkie people always lapped me at gym class, people surpassed me left and right but life is not a race, nor do I want to reach the finish that quickly so I am happy being slow. Aromatisse has a very diverse moveset catered towards support she can set up defensive screens to keep your allies safe, set up weather to weaken your opponents  or strengthen your team, she can control momentum with moves like encore (which locks your enemy into their last used move) She can set up terrain, protect from status and even has a chance to heal. With a few offensive moves to help out, including a few voice moves which goes through defensives substitutes. We both aren’t highflyers nor are we very competitive but when we step in we can alter everything and you don’t know what exactly. It’s always a mindgame and I like that role!

Of course there is also the design of Aromatisse that factors in, she is pink and fairly girly. Personality wise we  do very much overlap as well. Yet I would like you all to know that I actually did not select her on being pink, that was a nifty coincidence.  HP and Special Attack Main stats are rare beasties in the pokémon world, and at first I thought a pokémon like Braixen would match well. This cheerful little fox impressed me in Pokken Tournament  but it turned out to be way too aggressive for me. Stats Wise Musharna and Aromatisse where the closest match . While I like the dream theme around the other pokémon it got this update that it is quite a big grump and that it’s dream mist can make your nightmares become reality forever.. that seemed a bit mean. I am not THAT grumpy.

Meanwhile the pokémon that I have chosen to identify with has some design qualities that closely resemble myself and fit my own theme. While this pocket monster definitely won’t win any beauty awards in terms of designs it’s a mix of a medieval  plague doctor and a cancan dancer. Which is kind of the story of my life. A plague doctor is someone who fights of disease and particularly the nasty kind. Now I can relate to that given my own health situation. Yet it’s also a pokémon that always tries to keep cheerful as shown by the cancan dancer part.. which cutes things up! So I do feel this is quite a great analogy for who I am. It is said  that this pink fluffy bird pokémon’s fragrance is to strong for most people to handle. I would compare that to my personality. While I am a delight to hang out with, I sometimes can be a bit odd and a bit much to handle because I do not compromise in who I am. My personality , my scent will always show trough! So I am Aromatisse!

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8 thoughts on “Pinkie To The Rescue Squad: What Pokémon Would I Be?”

  1. This is a surprisingly deep dive both into you and into Pokemon. Very thoughtful and interesting – even to a Pokemon novice like myself. Personally, I haven’t the faintest idea what Pokemon I would be as I’m way new to things here. I don’t think I’ve got access to the Mystery Dungeon game since I only have the phone to play games on right now. Working on it…

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    1. I like to think about the subject. If you can tell me what your strengths are and what role you would play in a group and your “main personailty” I can always find out your pokémon for you 😉


      1. My pokemon GO level is just 16 and my partner is a ponyta. So that’s about how much I know about Pokemon right now, except that I am quite enjoying it. Let’s see. I am a pixie. Small, energetic. It has been said about me, however, that I flunked kindergarden – because I don’t play. Dynamite comes in small packages, Nitro Glycerine in even smaller ones. I’m not as volatile as I was in my younger days though. I’m a healer and an empath and an animal lover and rescuer. When I played D&D I was usually the dungeon master, but when I did get to play I liked to play a full range of characters to try them all. In the end, I always end up a pretty straight forward fighter though. One of my most group famous characters was a mutated weasel of human intelligence whose entire personality can be summed up in “Can I fuck it? Can I eat it? Then whats it good for?” So I’m all over the place, really. I used to play pixies in D&D when they were a character race and one of my favorite things about them at that time was they could polymorph into anything. Pixies tend to not really understand human laws and mores, although they have their own sort of honor. We love to poke fun at overly serious people. We really hate evil and judgemental people. I’m no good at describing myself. I hate having to write a short bio for anything! 😛 My strengths…I am surprisingly strong for my size, quick, and agile. I’m smart and have innate magic rather than the sort that requires memorizing spells. I have the concentration time of a gnat on meth. In a group… I’m pretty independent actually. But in a group… I’m the one who will do the job no one else wants to do to get it over with. I’m sort of a mentor and guide and healer in a quiet way, but I’m also fun and the one who will do something crazy. I’m a Cancer on the cusp of Gemini, so there is at least 3 of us in here. HHHH. There, more than you ever wanted to know. Whats my Pokemon?


      2. Hmmm tricky, I can go about this in a few ways so I will add a few pokémon that I also think are a good fit.

        I think the best pokémon fit for you would be a Darmanitan. It’s a pure fire type in most regions that can change form to a fire psychic type as it grows.

        As a kid it was a Darumaka , a jolly fire pokémon with a mischeavous smile that is very energetic and rather uncontrolable. (Like the nitro part) when it wants some rest though it withdraws it’s arm and legs and takes on an egg like shape that simply can not be moved by anyone (like how you where in kindergarten)

        Darmanitan takes on the role of a classic D&D fighter.. it mostly just punches and damages things really hard. but deep down there is a magic and wisdom down there as well. If it’s life force goes down enough it changes into Zen Mode. In this form it is like a statue that doesn’t move a lot and it’s mental apptitude has grown a lot. Thus I could easily see a Zen Mode Darmanitan taking on a role of a mentor… and guide.. since it’s a stone statue.. in a quite way.
        The mode switch ability can also make Darmanitan some sort off weird off tank.. a job no one else wants to do.

        Galarian Darmanitan is described as somewhat sociable, as it will interact with human settlements but there it will mostly do it’s own thing.. store food in it’s snowball to preserve it for harder times.

        When Darmanitan switches modes it’s strengths and weaknessess change around a fair bit so it’s best to run it with a serious, docile or quriky nature, which all seem to fit you rather well.

        The fire element may not be a fairy type but it does fit an explosive character, but also require some restraint and thought. Which I still think fit’s your Pixie nature rather well. Darmanitan can learn a good deal of (and usually comes equiped with) fighting moves, which help you deal with those pesky evil (the japanese word for dark types) pokemon.

        Other pokémon I think would fit you well would be
        Morepeko the hangry pokemon, (which switches faces every turn)
        Floatzel , the rescue pokemon (which is a physical attacker with speed that knows a good deal of special moves as well)
        and Hawlucha a flying fighting type pretending to be a wrestler. In the anime it is depicted as the guardian of the weak and at times can take on a sensei like role.

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      3. I believe you made a perfect choice! That’s cool. The other alternatives sound like good possibilities but Darmanitan really sounds about perfect. I hope to really improve at Pokemon in the next few months. I’m biting the bullet and getting a new phone. LOL.


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