Pokémon can be Anime Girls too!

In my previous blog I tried I tried to add some depth to this blog by telling you about my beliefs and go a bit philosophical. Since I aim to mostly be kawaii and endearing though I gotta bring some cuteness to this place as well. Hopefully this title already drew you in .. because it is absolutely true! Pokémon can be anime girls too! The fusion between these things is a phenomenon called Moemon!

I want to be Kawaii-Desu
Like no one ever was!

Welcome to the wonderful world of rom-hacking, where goku can be in a pokémon game! For many years people have added their favorite things into the world of pokémon! Like candies, memes and fusions. Yet of course only the most briljant of minds have come up with the ultimate idea. We made guns and warships into anime girls, we made soda cans into anime girls and even bowser. If we can try to wrinkle our sheets with Soda surely some underaged pokémon cosplayers should be possible right?! YES!

In the world of Moemon you catch little girls in your balls and command them to do whatever you want. I am sure this idea will please some of my readers but me myself I mostly like it because it is super cute. All the girls have adorable outfits and it is just a treat to find your new cute anime girls and make them do battle. There is something about a cute maid girl using rest that I just find much more charming than an actual Snorlax using it. Also my brain works over time. What if Ash got a Moe instead of regular Pikachu? Some scenes clearly would have to be rewritten. The ketchup thing would hold up nicely though! Bye Bye Butterfree would suddenly have some clear Yuri implications so I do see this show really working!

It’s a Shoujo World we live in.

Now Moemon is not just a pokémon fan game it’s a phenomenon a series of hacks that still get better and regularly receive updates. The most complete version you can play and the most commonly found around the web is the Fire-Red rom hack. In this day and age it has added new moves, it added the fairy typing (which only existed after Kalos.. thus not in most playable rom hacks)  and even adds some Mega evolution Moe to the mix. Kawaii! However this is also the only one that is currently not optimised for randomisation. For those who don’t know what I mean.. there are little programs you download that reshuffle your pokédex order in some shape way or form so you don’t always have to pick from Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander in the beginning, it might be randomised to anything.

It can also randomise, field encounters, static encounters and even pokemon trainers use…as well as items , trainer names, their sprites and more So who knows.. instead of a pidgey you might encounter a Mewtwo. You just run a rom through your randomiser, pick some settings you like and ponf! It spits out a new rom! For the moe surprise effect I really would recommend playing a randomised version.


Luckily Moemon is also available for Pokémon Platinum, Pokémon Heartgold and Pokémon Emerald. These can be randomised for the most crazy shoujo experience you ever had. I might do a Emerald Randomiser Moemon Nuzlocke slow blog at one point if you people would be up for it! I really don’t want to walk across Kanto anymore for a while. Johto or Hoenn I would be fine with! Unfortunately these games are not that easy to download. It requires patching some roms fiddling with emulators and applying a randomiser yourself. It’s all fairly easy stuff but you need some help of our good friend google to actually get it right. I am really terrible with these kinds of things for some reason so if I ever do that let’s play thingy don’t shoot me if something completely glitches out!

I wanna be a Moe!

Unfortunately Moemon .. as for right now at least, is not a lot more than a sprite swap. Which means that the story is exactly the same as in the original games. Moe’s are still referred to as Pokémon and no dialogue or trainer models have been replaced.  While the fire red version has received modern updates and features the fairy typing , altered stats , mega evolutions and the likes you still fight Giovanni and Lance.. and of course that guy with the really good knows that always keeps smelling you later.

Trough yet another mod you can install onto the game you can replace Moe Umbreon and Moe Espeon by Moe versions of Glaceon and Sylveon respectively that is where the changes end. I would love to see a game that features Moe in the story and perhaps a certified trainer sprite. Instead of Giovanni maybe we can fight Brock.. who has plans to …. well everyone who saw a few episodes of the series can fill this in.  You know I would like a Moemon world.

That being said however there is still plenty to love when just playing for the sprites. They are all so cute and there has gone a lot of effort and work into these.  Which is why I vastly prefer to play Emerald or Heart Gold.. . there are more Moe’s to catch and with the randomiser you never know what will show up where. Lapras on the starting route? Pidgey on Steven’s team.. depending on how you randomise it can all happen in a bonkers little adventure that has never looked cuter. The Moe’s all look soooooo good. I haven’t encountered a single ugly one! Now I kind of would like to play Heartgold Moe because there is even more monsters for me to find but it is the hardest one to mod! Not sure if I will be able to make it work!

Diamond-Senpai and Pearl-Chan

Moemon is a passion project and it shows from how many versions there actually are. Most games have their own separate sprites for their Moe’s so maybe the Charizard from Heart Gold is just a bit more tsun looking while the one in Fire Red might be more adorable. It shows the gargantuan amount of work that went into this project and makes it fun to play all the games because everything is their own thing.

Sprites are improved upon, so the next time you return to the same game it might look different as well. It has a fairly healthy, or at least alive, community. They keep creators keep plenty of variety in their moes as well. Of course the basic and stage 1 moemon look younger than a stage 2 as it should be and overall you can really feel the hard work  of everyone involved.

While Moemon might not be the most interesting Romhack in terms of gameplay it at least knows how to not mess with a classic. The games are the original so they are nice and easy and you can breeze through without too much trouble. Which is perfect for a game about Moe girls pretending to be pokémon. We don’t really care about the gameplay of those lewdable ship games either, so this should not be an exception either. It’s about cuteness and great pixel art.

It’s about how Pokémon can be cute girls too .. instead of flower-frogs or sleeping bear like things. Snorlax can now choose to be a nun!  So many of these sprites are such nice and lovely designs and I want to cosplay them all! Unfortunately as a dutchie I am fairly tall so I need to find a way to shrink myself down first. Anyway I am sure to embark on a journey with Pika-Kun and Voir-Senpai soon! I do hope i can share this journey with you but whatever you do .. never lewd MY moes!


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