Am I a Bad Person?

I have been making this post and deleting this post for a few times now. Recently I had a bit of a nasty experience in my beloved Pokémon Fandom. I dared to defend the new Mewtwo Remake, saying that if it’s not for those who do not like the artstyle that doesn’t mean it’s bad persé. I saw it as a new way to watch a classic. I am not a big fan of the style myself but at times the battles remind me of the games, especially back in the Pokémon Stadium days. For Nostalgia sake I would watch the new version. I have seen Mewtwo Strikes Back like seven times by now.. so I welcomed the chance to rewatch it in a different way. I will love Pokémon regardless … but does that make me a bad person?! Apparently to some it does.

Pinkie is a Fake Fan

I got accused of being a fake fan, who is destroying the franchise by simply going to see whatever is on offer. Yet this isn’t exactly true. I don’t buy everything from Pokémon. I will most likely not buy the Mystery Dungeon game, because I played it so much already it will not offer me enough new things. This movie however does! It’s a whole new look on an old movie. New effects, new animations,  maybe not for the better but at least it breaks a monotony for me. Why is Nintendo greedy for doing this after 25 years? No one ever called George Lucas greedy when he released enhanced editions. When Lord of the Rings Extended cut came out.. no one said it was greedy to release an additional version. So why in this age do we have to keep nagging and demonising people for an updated version. It’s fine to not need them, for example , I do not like the Disney live action remakes , yet I do not think doing them taints the orginal classics in any way.

I dn not mind other people do not mind these movies! As long as it gives Disney Budget to make more Baby Yoda stuff let others go see these!

 Is Disney greedy? In my opinion.. no…. and yes.. but it depends on what we count as Disney. We live in the age of shareholders, silent partners and major investors.  It’s not like there is a single guy at the top rubbing his hands like Mister Burns saying… excellent the sheeple will buy everything. It’s a bunch of people in the shadow that do not care what Disney does that want numbers only. So sure at times companies will have to release stuff to up their numbers to keep everyone investing happy. We as fans might be at the heart of the company but the shareholders, money providers are the blood. The bigger the heart, the more blood it will pump, the healthier the company. However that blood doesn’t really care about the company it just wants to get that sweet sweet oxygen for those red blood cells.
The fandom can act like white blood cells to  make some stands here and there to keep our company from getting sick sure.. but if we boycott and hate.. those red blood cell investor bastards just see less and less oxygen coming.. and eventually will just see that thing we love and try to block of from commercialism as dead. For any franchise we love we have to allow it to make as much money as possible. 

How people see companies they once loved for modernising their sales methods.

So why would you hate on me for keeping the body alive? Why am I a fake fan for liking something and supporting it?  My admission ticket for a movie, that game I buy that you think might not be worth it .. will help keep the franchise alive.. because it keeps  the shareholders happy. If shareholders tell Nintendo that Pokémon doesn’t make money anymore.. because part 8 got boycotted.. they will tell Nintendo to pull the plug on it.. they will NOT tell them to make a better one. I will not buy everything myself, but I am grateful to the persons who do.  I am happy people will buy the new/old mystery dungeon game, I am happy people still go to the pokémon movies. Because at times we do get some seriously awesome stuff. So are you a bad guy for giving critique to the company you love? No! You are the white blood cell. Am I a bad person for supporting the content I actually like, even if I might not LOVE it.  No.. I am the heart that keeps the body alive.. and allows the white cells to fight for what they want. So can we all just realise this that there is no right opinion and we need both for progress?

Shareholders. Creators and critical fans working together! Kept alive by the fan that keeps pumping money into the franchise.

Pinkie is a horrible person

So defending something a majority dislikes now is a crime.. something that really stings. Another thing I recently got flack for is following certain youtubers. Because “They are assholes in real life”  or “they have said mean things to fans”. Well , I am not friends with them or anything. I just enjoy their content. Their content does not equal them. Who they are in real life or how they act to fans is oftenly not in my field of interest.  Sure if someone is victimised by a person we should offer them a platform of support do not get me wrong, but I do not want to be a judge on how someone should live their private life. If I have to stop watching a youtuber because he was mean to his girlfriend, or refused to sign an autograph , I feel like I would have to  stop going to a store if my question got ignored as well, or if the store manager slapped his sister once. I should stop ordering online from site X because one of the order pickers has most likely cheated. It just feels hypocritical to judge some harder than others.. just because we have a dislike and unsubscribe button.

In this “Orville” Episode people who get to many dislikes get “reprogrammed” in reality we are kinda already doing this!

It feels a bit as if we live in some kind of Orson Welles like dystopia. People have to present themselves online to make money.. but the “people” decide how these people should behave. If you eat unhealthy, if you make ONE bad joke or if people find something in your tweet history of 10 years ago, your show could be cancelled and you lose your entire life. I do not want to get dragged into the whole social circus. This idea honestly scares so much. We are strangling individuality. We are forcing people to act like what we think is decent. Yet where is the limit? Soon we will dictate what a person eats, judge their spouses behaviour as well and so on. I do not want to be like that. I want people to be themselves. Flaws are included into this. A world where we force everyone to be flawless or flat out cancel their lives is something I will actively rebel against. It’s not up to us to judge a person for how they live their lives, as long as it’s not a crime. I’d rather watch an honest reaction of a guy who cheated on his wife about my favorite anime then a reaction of a person who is to afraid to do anything wrong and keeps their opinion as harmless as possible, who lives not his own life but that of his viewers choosing.

I want to eat Kebabs tonight..but it is served in a platic tub.. am I allowed to get it my sweet fans?

Nowaday on  Twitter I see a lot of comments like “If you are friends with someone who watches Loli’s you are a pedophile yourself’ .. Friendships have to be broken to keep your own social status. Sure they are only online “mutuals” but is that really the world you want to live in? For me it’s certainly not!  Yes I have a friend who cheated on another and I am still friends with them. Why? Because it does not expunge the good stuff that the friend in question did for me. They supported me in harsh times so I will do the same for them. Friendship is meant to be in good times and in bad. They did not cheat on me and me banning that person from my life would not benefit either. Sure the victim might feel a bit happier but in the end what good would it be to them either. So am I really a bad person for sticking with people who have vices. For appreciating what they have done for me.. over what they did to others?  I do not think so, a cheater might be very very unhappy.. we can not look into their brain.. so are we right to judge them? I am not sure. Again.. the law is the law and we should offer a platform to support those hurt but we do not have to demonise everyone. I stick by my friends and those who did something important to me. If that makes me a horrible person.. that might just be a badge of honour I’d proudly take.

Me celebrating my badge of honour!

Pinkie is a crybaby

The fact that I liked Pokémon and that I defended the new Pokémon movie got negated by a guy who commented. Those who defend this movie all have pronouns in their twitter bio! Most of them use she/her so their opinion doesn’t count. This post made me cry. Do we have to alienate people to get our factualise our opinion?  Why does the Pokémon movie have to suck? Why can’t people just feel it’s sucky.  Our opinions aren’t facts. Why do you have to devalue my opinion for disagreeing with you. I am not asking to you to agree with my opinion, I just ask people to accept people might think in otherways and just burning something down is not always in the interest of others.  Why do I have to be a bad person simply for disagreeing. Why do I need to be demonised and my opinion invalidated. Most of the time this polarised view comes from the negative camp, though not always as fanpeople can also be somewhat toxic to criticism. Yet I simply can’t see why it has to be this way. No one is factually right. An Opinion never EVER is.  So no one deserves to be a bad person for having one that is unpopular.

Kids do you prefer Ketchup or Lemon Meyonaise!?

I cry a lot when I read forum when someone is called stupid for saying a perfectly viable argument.  It worries me how people have become. It’s great that you fight for the environment that makes you GOOD. That doesn’t make people who aren’t as active BAD. The world is not that black and white. Dumping toxic waste, actively choosing toxic materials as packaging because it is cheaper is BAD.  I do not separate all my waste because I do not have the room in my super small apartment. I do it as much as I can but I can’t have three trash bags in my house because I do not have room for three. I do not think that makes me a bad person. With my monetary means, with my living space, I will not always have room to do what is best. Should I give up that little bit of luxury or those games , or cute thing I buy each month to give me some semblance of happiness in order to be a good person? I do not think I need to do that. 

Super Saintly Pinkie is certainly something people should not ask for!

Pinkie is Selfish

Everyone deserves some happiness and not always will that happiness be good for everyone. Not because I do not wish my happiness to be in the way of others but because inevitably it will anyway. If I fall in love with a girl.. some other girl might  lose a chance to be with her ex, or maybe I deny some friends that one night with her because I took her out for dinner on a night they would want to party with her. Sometimes we will hurt each others feelings, it’s sad but it is a fact. If I let them go because it’s a bigger group.. maybe another group asking her out for drinks the next day gets hurt because “she already went out that week and would rather watch netflix” Than I hurt the other friends. Somewhere somehow people will be disappointed in my call. Somewhere down the line I will disappoint anyway.  So here is my view. If I am gonna do it wrong to some people anyway.. might as well do it right for me. I am the only person who can look in my brain so I can without fail say if my actions will make me happy. I can only guess that for other people. So why not live life the way I know I get at least some customer satisfaction?

I try to make a person smile every day… that pink lady in the mirror!

We are always thought to think of others , but oftenly we defend people who aren’t even hurt. We call out western people in kimonos because it’s deemed stealing culture. Meanwhile japanese people are happy people are willing to try it.. as long as they respect the customs. Little girl tries to bring awareness to save the planet.. meanwhile we calculate how polluting her campaign is. Why can’t we look at the good side? Why do we demonise everything. I do not want to hear why I should not like an anime or a game, I prefer to hear reasons why I should.  Isn’t that how love is supposed to work? You can have a thousand reasons not to love something but all you really need is one reason why you should? When did this change? I love Projared’s videos because he really loves the games and lets them shine as much as his personality. That’s what I want in a youtuber. I enjoy the new Pokémon game and the new pokémon movie because they allow me to experience something classic in a new coat of paint making it a fresher revisit. I love my friends despite their flaws because of what did for me! I do not judge them on what they did to others. The only way I can make sense of this world is by putting me in the center of it. At least that way I got some answers I can rely on.

I am the center of MY uniiverse.. does that make me so fat that I have gravity?

Pinkie is Pinkie: Deal with It

So am I a bad person? I help my friends, I fight for them but also can be stern to them..without abandoning them. I do think about myself and my own enjoyment but I also actively seek ways to include as many people in that as I possibly can. I think that is the reason why I can not see myself as a bad person. I try to include people.  I might not operate on the global macro scale in terms of good, I try to be there on the micro scale. Help those who help me and those I can really get to know. It does mean forgiving some sins that in the eyes of the common folk might be unforgivable .. but everyone deserves a chance of happinesses. I think we need good guys on all levels. Yet not being good doesn’t always equal bad. 

Welcome to my World it’s not just blacks and whites! Mostly Pinks!

Good and Bad usually are still only opinions though so I guess neither is either completely right as well. So am I a bad person? Probably in the eyes of a lot of people I am. But it is okay.. because I am kinda happy with the way I live. At least I try to be! And my sweet little readers, I think you should do that to. If you are going to be a bad person.. make sure at least it still makes someone happy! That way.. being bad isnt so bad after all.

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    1. Okay I might not hae thought it trough fully! I never referred to people but ideas! I mean come on to count people we would have to be socialable! Eeww..


  1. I think you’re a pretty rad person myself, it’s the internet that’s terrible 😣 there’s so much negativity online these days and so many people are quick to judge others for the silliest and most superficial reasons. Who cares about what food other people eat, or what movies or music they like? IMO, people who get angry about stuff like that are usually just upset about something missing in their own lives and they just project those negative feelings onto others. Just let people live the way they want to, as long as it’s not hurting anyone right?

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    1. Thank you for your kind words.

      I do think you are right, though I know I will always hurt someone. If I take that last bag of crisps in the super market someone will not have their bags kind of logic!

      I am just terrified that this negativity will lead to us all to hide our opinions and lose a part of our individualty because we would rather be inoffencive as deemed bad.

      Honestly I might rather be a bad person that does what she does because I am me than be a good person that does what she does because its the popular opinion. Vices and flaws make a person beautifull as well because they offer both the flawed one as well as their beloved something to overcome and grow with

      I love person A despite she cheated on a boyfriend or I love person B even if they think they are fish is so much stronger than I love person C because they do nothing wrong.

      Allow people to be flawed rather than sand everyones mistakes away with this stupid negativity

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  2. “So defending something a majority dislikes now is a crime.”

    LOL! Defending something ANYONE dislikes is a crime to the person doing the disliking these days. I think it is a curse of affluence. There is nothing of existential import in our lives nor any physical struggle to exist. Instead of doing things that are genuinely beneficial and praiseworthy (and difficult), humans become obsessed with fighting over trivia.

    We become engulfed by a pathology of exaggerating small differences.

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    1. I see it like this

      If I am person A , I get to know person B by getting to know what makes us different. What makes person B NOT be person A.
      I see it as beauty that I can dislike Code Geass and others adore it. It doesnt make either side evil or bad, we establish ourselves trough opinions.

      If we begin to punish those opinions at soms point we will just all be Person X… No one disagrees with each other anymore.. because another opinion makes you a bad person.
      No one wants to be bad. I want my friends to be different than me or I could not talk at all. Because they would say the exact same. Yet the interney is creating this common good style thinking that all pushes us to be person X.. and i’d rather die then give up my individuality.

      I rather be Pinkie.. the girl that stepped on everyones toes but was her own person

      Rather than being Pinkie, she was inoffencive and never hurt anyone.

      Not Hurting anyone is not good.. its neutral. Not hurting anyone I can achieve by not existing at all.. so I rather make my friends happy, I might need to treat them to a meal some people disaprove off, I might need to convince them to break up with someome thry dont truely love but makes them happier in the long run.
      To do right by one usually means to do wrong by another..action reaction like.. but at least to do good to limited people means existing is required.. and I take that over the sheeple mindset any time

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      1. Freedom and individuality are important to both of us. I wish I could say that I stopped caring about what other people think. But it is always there nagging at the corners of my mind. Even I feel the urge to conform, to fit in.

        I know I can’t and still be at all happy. Since I am a miserable failure at things social, maybe that makes it easier for me to stay different. There are plenty of people who would consider me a bad person (fortunately they don’t hang out on WP so far). But it is all about making themselves feel high by putting someone else down.

        It is why I don’t do twitter or FB much. All bites with no thought, they imagine followers nodding approvingly as you cringe from rejection.

        Illigitimus non carborundum!

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      2. Yes freedom and idividuality means a lot to us both I would very much agree. There is a need to conform but each time I do it I feel empty afterwards.

        I don’t even mind being a bad person to some that is fine… what I do mind is the mindset .. if you don’t see eye to eye to me your a bad person.
        If someone thinks I am wasting my life away and that I should not promote happiness because it makes people meek or whatever .. and they areally want fighters.. then by all means find me bad.
        Do it because I fight for a cause you dislike.. don’t do it for a single opinion. My opinion isnt even worth that much to others but me.. it serves for nothing more than to give me idenity not as some fundamental value.

        Your hobbies ore prattices do not make you indecent or whatever labels they throw at you. Your social akwardness does not make you a bad person to talk to. Those things make you you.

        I think there is a huge risk in all this condemning we do and yes I have not had any negative experiences on WP either but Twitter is something I might quit, though I love a few connections there! Youtube can also be quite mean.

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      3. We can be as different as night and day and still be friends. Or at least WordPress friends.

        I’m not sure how that would translate IRL. I think a lot of internet friends would be taken aback if they met their internet friends in person. We might not be anything at all like our posts.

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      4. We might not that most certainly is true, we are almost certainly different but does it matter as long as we can be there for each othet and gain from one another?

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  3. I’m sorry to hear about the backlash you’ve received just for liking the Mewtwo remake. I haven’t seen it, so I couldn’t tell you anything, but it’s super shallow for people doing this. For years, people have always bashed me for what I liked and there were times when I would “hate” something I liked to spite them. I feel as though liking ANYTHING makes people a target. It’s what got me to liking more obscure things, so people couldn’t make fun of me if they didn’t know about what I enjoyed. Recently, I’ve been getting “revenge” of sorts by bashing those who liked a certain ripoff movie which you can probably guess what it is and it’s visually represented on this article by shaming them for the bad things that film franchise has done. I’m slowly staring to feel comfortable to like what I like and to be honest with my feelings of various media with my blogs for example.

    Also, you’re not a bad person. Don’t worry about it.

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    1. I got a pretty good idea which movie did not work for you, I agree, I don’t really think I am a bad person, I however think I am to some because we forgot what opinions mean. Love is at its most beautifull when it is pure, friendships and partners should be irrational.

      I am afraid that when we factualise opinons and descredit others we all just need to follow a mass, love is tainted with logic. No matter how badly I think about the cgi lion king for all its vices, I still hope it makes people happy.. not because the movie deserves it but because people deserve that joy! If I can be happy for 90 minutes with a badly animated remake of a childhood icon let me be happy do not make me scum… I simply do not get that mindset but see us more and more hovering to sheeple mentality.

      I want my opinion to be mine and not that of 10.000 others. At least my opinion tells me who I am. I hate the Lion King remake..but for my own reasons. ( The fact that they left out Rafiki beating Simba with a stick in favor of a dung beetle and completely ruin the lesson.. which the orginal story already did better than Disneys first version borrowed off already)
      I am just sick and tired of being called wrong and demonised for disagreeing even if I respect the others opinon

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      1. Yeah, I’m kind of obvious in that regard whenever I talk to anibloggers and film critics.

        Gotcha. I wish I had that kind of optimism and hope for others. I haven’t seen the remake, but I’ve read a bunch of negative reviews which shocked me given how much people give others crap for NOT liking The Lion King. Sure, I used to like it as a kid, but not as an adult. Not going to lie, I did try to make fans of that movie franchise feel bad by bringing up the Kimba issue, the Hakuna Matata trademark, The Lion’s Share documentary about the Mbube/The Lion Sleeps Tonight plagiarism court case, and for the problematic implications of the hyenas in hope to shame others to submission. I thought that if people bashed what I liked, then I deserved to bash what others liked.

        Absolutely, and I do my best to have my own unique opinions as well. Some of my opinions could be the same as others (independently of course), but others have been quite contradictory. Sure thing and that is weird about changing that scene. I have that same feeling of being demonized for disagreeing or being called wrong.

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      2. I do not think there is anything bad about having the same opinion as someone else .. but I had this friend, who unfortunatly I had to part ways with recently who liked something simply because “it was popular”. She watched only trending tv shows and dropped them when not trending , she flipped political prefference depending on who she was with. It even got to a point where she would be against Bus travel vacations when the majoirty at the table was against it..but as soon as two girls left.. and the majority shifted to pro.. Bus travel vactions.. she told us.. It might be a good idea after all.. just to flip back after the bathroom break.

        I do not mind that you dislike The Lion King, even if I still have a softspot for it… for the Rafiki scene and for nostalgia to the SNES game I used to play.. and finished. I do l prefer Kimba over all. But when you say you dislike the Lion King you tell me why YOU feel it’s a bad movie. Those are your arguments… Internet has gotten a bit of the mentality of “Blizzard sucks because the big influencers say it does” .. The new Pokémon game is bad because Pewdiepie is salty there is no national dex.. and worst of all…. clearly you are wrong as the majority in this tweet .. says the Pokémon movie is ugly.
        I hate kids.. that doesn’t make me wrong.. just because the large majoirty of the world disagrees with me. Nor are they wrong for loving them.
        So many people think that if a majority feels something about something it is the right opinion or they adapt it. Or simply emulate the opinion of a role model.. because “that other person thinks these things trough really well.’
        I met a guy named Davion Thule in World of Warcraft.. the player emulated his opinions from Count Dankula.. whatever Dank said was true.. he did not think for himself about it. Very bad! People who do not think for themselves are oftenly the people who condemn others for having a unique opinion. Yet as long as you can convince me your opinions is yours I respect you! If you condemn something based on the opinion of others I have zero respect .. to you (in terms of the subject matter) right away.

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      3. Certainly, Pinkie. If you can back it up while having the same opinions as others while being unique, then that’s fine. I could like the same thing as someone, but for different reasons as well if that makes sense. DANG! Liking something that’s only popular or trending is just beyond shallow. However, I do confess that during my high school/early university years, I would only watch movies that would get at least 90% on Rotten Tomatoes which was stupid in hindsight.

        Thank you and I respect that. I used to love that movie when I was a kid. I did play the video game (I forget if it was the Genesis or SNES version) and one of my former favorite songs was “He Lives In You” from the Rhythm of the Pride Lands companion soundtrack if you remember that even though most people know it from the Broadway version and/or The Lion King II. As an adult, I disliked it for the reasons I mentioned and other factors. Strangely enough, I found out about the Hakuna Matata trademark weeks after finding out I’m part Congolese from a DNA test and the DRC has Swahili as one of the 5 official languages in that country, so I was super offended (saying nothing about how I don’t like how Disney portrays Africa in TLK and Tarzan). I do want to tell people about the unsavory things about that movie franchise because I think people should know about those issues. Making a review blog allowed me to articulate my likes and dislikes in better ways. Like you, it does annoy me when people blindly have opinions because of this person, that person, this website, etc. People really need to think for themselves. Hopefully my reasons for not liking The Lion King anymore for example or with my reviews have made sense with you and others.

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  4. All in all, people on the internet especially on social media & forums, can be absolutely mean. There can be nice people too, but I’ve had a fair share of horrible experiences online. I can relate A LOT to this post. I’m glad you’re able to come out as strong against these people blindly hating you for your opinions. I no longer share my opinions in comments on certain sites like youtube comments for example bc people can be ruthless.
    I’m just glad you’re able to stand up for yourself. To be completely honest, I still view myself as a villain in many points of view since many people online have made enemies with me and some won’t even forgive me when I try to redeem myself making it hard. But I’m trying to accept you may be a villain in someone’s eyes but that doesn’t have to be true to your life.

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    1. Today I had to be a villian to a former friend, who became so obsessed in getting things her way that she would not even bend 15 minutes of her time to suit all her friends anymore.. I had to tell her that if I am not worth making any sacrifices for at all.. not even little ones, I do not think she deserves my friendship.

      To her I will be a bad person since I have wronged her..but to me I did right. I’d say tell your opinions if you want them to be heard regardless if people will get salty. You have the opinion anyway and people will still think anyone who likes the new pokémon movie is scum. Somewhere somehow you will get to know that reaction. Be it in an inappropriate meme, be it in a comment to a mutual you have on twitter.

      I think we should be proud to be us, you as well but I do also think it is good that we realise we will be demons to some. There is no right that is good for everyone.. as soon as we can accept that we can also accept there is not a wrong for everyone and perhaps the witch hunts can finally stop when we learn that lesson!

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  5. Sorry, there’s only room for one WordPress baddie and I’ll give you a hint… it’s me, it’s my title and you can’t have it. Guess you’ll have to be a hero then, because even though the court of public opinion can be rather cruel, the real heroes around here know how to brighten everyone’s day just by not being afraid to be themselves.

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  6. Well said, and mainly agreed here. BTW you are a good person, if we must use good/bad dichotomy. A dear friend of mine once said, “It’s hard to live life morally” This a woman who ran an orphanage in vietnam, was a war protestor right up until I knew her – in her 80s. She was an animal rights activist, and spent most of her “spare time” riding her bicycle around the neighborhood to make sure everyones’ dogs were being fed. If you needed it, she would give you dog food. And she – she was thinking she was a bad person because we went to lunch and only then did she realize I was a vegetarian. Yes, she apologized for eating meat. Anyhow – those words from that person really stuck with me. We have to make decisions, tiny or large, and even bumble around without thinking at all (buying that last bag of chips) and we cannot always predict every result. we cannot be responsible for what others do with the experiences we might give them (good or bad) – they are responsible for their response. Anyone who has to resort to insults has already lost the argument. It is hard to live morally, but we have to live with ourselves. If the pink lady in the mirror is happy and satisfied, that’s all that should matter to you. I try not to do anything I will regret, but I’d rather regret the things I did than the things I didn’t do. I accept and forgive myself for only knowing what I knew and making what I believed was the best decision at that time when I am tempted to think I was WRONG or bad based on hindsight of the results. I know that I always meant well and did my best and that’s all I can really do or be responsible for. That’s just reality.

    This THING of being judgmental on the Internet and all the examples you pointed to has really gone overboard. For instance – I know WalMart is a horrible employer, who smashes small competitors out of business and basically rapes the world to get rich. I try not to shop there. But we have income limits, and sometimes WalMart simply is by far the cheapest alternative to purchase something we need. Does that make me a bad person? Seriously, not something to lose sleep over. Like you, I don’t think the personal lives of the authors whose book I love, the animator drawing an anime I love, or a podcaster or blogger whose views I respect is any of my business, to know and certainly not to judge. There are brands I don’t buy, places I don’t shop but you see – I don’t have to scream it from the rooftops, or go around looking down my nose at others or trying to prove I’m the most self righteous – because that isn’t WHY I boycott the things I do. I simply refuse to be a part of, or supporter of what they are doing (whatever it is) and so it is. I’m not here to judge anyone or tell anyone else what they should or should not do. If someone asks “why don’t you shop at xXX” I’ll tell them. If I feel it’s appropriate (I know this friend would not shop there if…) I will offer the information I have and let others make their own decision. I’m not about to tell you what to do.

    I agree with the theory that a lot of the people who are the most awful trolls on the Internet are actually powerless little people in real life, who wouldn’t say boo to you in person, let alone scream at you and call you names. But on the Internet, they can sound like King Kong long as they know the art of the pointy insult and the caps key. My experiences in life have also taught me that generally whatever that person is accusing you of so passionately – he is so passionate because he really agrees with you but is afraid to admit it so he screams twice as loud so his pals don’t get wind of his fear or the idea that he might break away from the herd and get outcast.

    Don’t listen to ’em. be Pinkie. 😀 We love Pinkie. we’re all here, right?

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    1. Thank you for your kind reaction and yes you seem to know exactly how I feel. We all do what we can to make the world better, but in that goal itself is already a subjective idea. Because what is good for the world? Perhaps I think spreading positivity is more important as keeping my economic footprint absolute zero, perhaps someone thinks they should make it possible for women to walk with their head up high everywhere.. and yet another wants to free a person they feel is falsely imprisonned.

      We already demonise someone if they dont fight for the same cause or do their utmost for it because it makes them bad but I think there is not a single person in the world who is actively trying to make the world a worse place, hence I do not believe in absolute evil.

      Even that guy who thought to invent microtransactions did not do so to sour people’s lives but to provide for his family.. take his friends on amazing trips or whatever. It might be douchy in the bigger picture but perhaps to the guy the friends are his entire world.

      We have the power to control our own actions to not buy something we dislike, that is a perfectly fine choice regardless if you are the only one in the world to not buy at that shop or that sort of thing.. or if everyone does it along side you.

      I do believe in absolute wrongs but no action is inherrently bad. Disliking something is not bad nor is liking something .. the majority does not influence wether something is right or wrong it only influences how it is perceived.

      I think if only we could stop thinking in such absolutes.. which social media really enforces, we would see a world with so many more dimensions and facets.

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      1. We seem to have lost the middle. It seems as if everyone picks a side and then defends it to the death. And while passion is a good thing – so is acceptance. I find it amusing that so many of the world’s religions – xtianity included – preach acceptance and then vilify anyone not of that religion. Or even of that religion but with a disagreement, like Catholics who use birth control. Maybe it’s just that I am getting older and have 60 years of watching life go by. I think, though, I was no less passionate in my younger years but possibly more likely to talk to people about why I feel this or that is the best way or best choice. This is not unlike a discussion over on Irina’s blog that started with a post on feminism and anime, and has wandered to this same point. More or less…why can’t we all just get along? Pagan that I am, I love throwing it in xtians face that it is not any one person’s place to judge, but Gods. (or, the Goddess – evil snicker). I don’t think we are here to judge anyone for anything – just to get along in our own life doing the best we can. Maybe I’m an idiot – but I tend to assume that’s what we are all doing. The best we can.

        It is ironic that the people who used to be always begging media and “the public” to be more accepting – the “liberals” for lack of a better term who were gay or at least supporters of gay rights, womens rights, animal rights, you know those leftists in general terms – are now the people who are the first to become screaming lunatics and name callers and shaming when someone doesn’t meet their standards. Isn’t part of what liberals stand for is being accepting, inclusive, reasonable? Eh. All too much for me this morning.

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  7. I have never seen you as anything but good. I admire your optimism and your desire to spread happiness.

    WordPress has been a friendly environment. I don’t see a lot of negativity. You’re part of the positivity. A comment or a like by you is a bright spot in the day.

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