More Sunshine More Pinkie: Sunshine Blogger Award 3

I had a few blog awards piling up so I thought we should do another TAG-Week. With the possibility of me going into a new Picrew avatar ..but using the Chibi to tell about my past, I really felt like answering questions about me. Being super personal with you guys always makes me happy and I have been feeling a bit down in the dumpsters lately. Feeling like I did not really matter.  Doing personal posts always help, especially when people comment as well. So for the next few posts you will see me clearing my backlog of nominations. Some I will do in the classic way.. others I will give my own spin on! I will also send out my own Blog Tag out in the world once again just because I can! Today we will tackle a Sunshine Blog Award!

I really wanted to photoshop those sunflowers pink but it took to much effort!

Five Steps to Sunshine

This post comes with a certain few rules just like any other:

-List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo.
– Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blogging sites.
-Answer their questions.
-Nominate up to 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions.
-Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog posts.

The last step I wiill not be doing, I shall offer links to all the nominees and make those links go to a specific post. This way they will be notified! I really want to keep my comments relevant to people’s post rather than use it to promote my tag post.  With that Step 1 is done though so it’s time to move to step 2.

Crafting some Love for a Craft Lover 

I was nominated for this post by Selina, a wonderful person who runs the blog Craft Lover. She has an adorable blogger that started out somewhere around september in 2018 but since January this year her blogging has truly been unleashed. Filled with fun and joyful crafting tips..which make me wish I had a blender. Selina seems a bit younger than my usual followers and not as into anime as my normal followers so I am really happy she decided to give me a follow and take a peek at my posts anyway! Check out her blogs for some  some really manageable crafting tips that really is available to most people and don’t require owning 20 types of scissors and ribbons!. Given she studies french at school, she might be under aged so instead of a cocktail you can click on this cute little smoothie she takes about on her blog.


What is your favorite color?


Not many people know this, just kidding, but it is actually pink. Back in my early 20’s my muscle condition worsened at it began to affect my heart and I had to spend a lot of time in the hospitals. I kind of felt like a labrat .. in poor health, that visited several hospitals and several doctors. Seeing so many faces, I kinda felt faceless myself.. unsure if I would actually overcome this or not I feared dying as if I was a number.  Trough wearing Pink though I got a sense of identity. People began calling me Pinkie.. or Pink one .. or whatever dutch variation came along. It gave me an identity that stuck with me. Before the whole ordeal orange was my favorite colour but pink made me who I am today.

Pinkie as a Picrew Avatar!

What is your Harry Potter House?

I am a Hufflepuff. according to Pottermore but a Ravenclaw in core values. I feel like a hufflepuff but I am not that hard of a worker. I got the friendly and kind hearted spirit of a Hufflepuff and I prefer their common room, but I am also one who is guided by wit and creativity. I probably could fit in both and would be asked to be sorted in Hufflepuff in the end, though I’d probably mostly hang with people from Ravenclaw.

Describe your Home!

I live in a 22 square meter studio in a 12 story high flat.  Ilive on the seventh floor. I have a too small kitchen that is oftenly cluttered. I have blue carpet on my floor and blue walls (which I want to paint pink but I might move out sooner rather than later) . Parallel to my kitchen is my bed, that usually has pink Lines on it. It is a jack sized two person bed. And there is a Kallax Cabinet from Ikea function as my night stand and main method of storing. It’s filled with plushies (mostly pokemon) pop figures and some other pariphanilia. This includes a american football from when I cosplayed as Tommy Wiseau. A small cherry wooden cabinet next to the ikea cabinet (which is  like a white frame of 16 white cubes) separates the living area. My living area is super pink! It has three couches all covered in pink blankets. A coffee table is in the middle with a blank blanket with pink roses on them.One couch has grey pillows, another one has a pinkish gloss brown ones and the final one holds some pink plushies sitting on them. 

There is a big pink chair next to my 40 inch tv that I sit on when I dm in dungeons and dragons, it has it’s own side table filled with pink knicknacks on it that I alternate. There is a few cabinets near that hold my games, board games, and my D&D stuff as well as my administrator and a single drawer filled with little toys and “junk” that signify memories of my life.  My modem is on a pink cardboard box just so I can add more pink in my house. There is a pink Umbrella on my tv wall and I have several paintings and posters on my wall , themed with Japanese prints, the promo poster for my original blog that made me a weeb and some other personal art. I have a walk in closet like thing.. that is way to cluttered due to my shelves there collapsing on themselves. I need a friend to come over and fix it.. but due to Corona he can’t come for a while.. so that little room is a mess of pink clothes!

My Adorable rug.. mine is a bit yankier though!

Do you like Math?

It’s has been about 10 years since I last took a math class and I was never very good at it. To me there are two types of math.  There is math for math’s sake. Like a bunch of formulas that proof that some arbitrary rule is correct.. the X=Y+7Z/Pi kind of stuff. Eewww. Math is not an art nor is it a science as long as it has no practical use.  Back in lawschool I asked on teacher .. “If I understand this correctly, I can’t see any use on how this formula could be used for practical purposes” he said I was correct but it was just a rule that was proven. That really sucks. As a DnD player and DM however i do use probability math a fair bit, I can apply that one and that is something I don’t particularly mind. i am not having any fun with it unless I am playing Freddi Fish though.. and that is math that is a about 20.000 leagues below my level.

How is a Starfish a fish… when it’s not actually a fish?!

Who is your favorite blogger besides yourself

I guess I would have to say that would have to be Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime.  Or Rini-Senpai as I call her. While there are plenty of bloggers out there that are much greater at this than me, Senpai definitely being one of them , it’s her style and choices of topic that win me over to her. I love her mindset and feel that If I had know her in real life we might actually hang out! Delusions aside , the voice in her blogging and the personality in her posts are real. While she doesn’t always make as much sense as some other bloggers that personal twist is what draws me into her posts so much.It is hard to explain but at some level I really understand her and her motivations. As if we used to be friends but now basically have grown apart and reading each others posts. I can read her posts and smile “that is so Rini-senpai”.. which is weird and probably gave me some weird ass Yandere points now. (A Yandere is basically Overly Attached Girlfriend the meme.. but more crazy)

Dogs or Cats? Why?!

Dogs definitely win. Tiny dogs and oinking dogs over big and barking dogs though.  Cats are a bit hit or miss for me. Due to my condition I tend to twitch a lot and spasms a bit. Dogs have shown to be really loving and caring around me.. as if protecting me from me or taking care of me while cats can freak out from a twitch or spasm and claw me up a bit.  I like that I can walk a dog, take it to the forest to play. Dogs understand me very well and I understand them. Something I can’t really say about cats. I also don’t like how cats mostly just look like reskins of another, while dogs definitely have different models! So team dog! I’d even prefer a dog girl over a cat one!

Charlie is my Dog-nephew, he can come over sometimes!

What is your dream job?

I am currently unfit for work due to my health and mental health condition so this one is a bit tricky. I would love to write for a living but I am not good enough for that. I have a trouble reading back on my own text because of how my memory works. I remember everything very specifically. So when I read something back that has typo’s in it.. in my memory I hear my own words and voice and see it whouthout the typos.. so I would need an editor. I would love to blog professionally, visiting conventions, expos and events to share positivity and happiness across the internet. Yet I feel I am unable to do this myself without having a collab partner. Being a hostess and manager of a tropical island resort for geeks also seems like something I would like to do.. if we don’t need to worry about realism. Realistically I am not sure , it is hard with the physical limitations of me to think of something perhaps just manage a game or geek  store or something.

My Favorite Post of Selina of Craft Lover

christmas xmas snowman snowglobe

I love to learn something about the people around here so when we are from different blogospheres those posts will always sit well with me. There is something beautiful about getting to know another person that never gets old.  But of course that is not all that Selina is she is a crafter so let’s take a look at my favorite craft. That would be how to make a snowglobe. I never thought about glycerine to make it this easy but this seems like a fun way thing to do with some of the figures I have that can not shine! I might actually make one. Though.. hot gluing my figurine does leave a bit f a bad taste in my mouth.. due to that hot gluing an anime figurine can mean something that is not very crafty.. but very loving though.

What is your Favorite Fruit?

Peaches or Cherries would probably be tied on a first place. When it comes down to flavors I love everything cherry flavored. I adore cherry juice, my favorite candies are cherry flavored. Malibu Cherry might be my favorite mix drink and also regular cherries can make me one happy Pinkie. I really love peaches as well though. Biting in a plumb peach  just fills me with joy. I taste sunshine and happiness when I taste a peach. Raspberries are also great but I want I always want to pair those with chocolate.

What is your favorite vegetable

Definitely spinach. It’s so good. I use them for salads, I use it as a side dish. I use it to make pasta sauce or soups. I use it for filling stuff like peppers or chicken rolls.  I like it fresh or frozen. Even my favorite smoothie has spinach (and apple) in it. In fact I am gonna have some spinach tonight! Yay spinach! Also it’s such a fun word. In dutch it doesn’t really sound like a dutch word. In English it doesn’t sound like an English word. The German word sounds like they took it from Italy and the french word…yeah that one is super french! The Japanese word sounds kind of Spanish!


Questions! This time it’s personal!

Normally I fill these with anime or geek themed questions but since we have been doing this tag for a while now I thought to change the subject a bit to a more personal style! Today look at the Sunshine that is the blogger and not the blog!

-Are there any bloggers you consider as actual friends?
-Are you in a relationship? And how does that affect you blogging?
-Can you cook? What is your favorite dish to make?
-What is the next milestone you have in mind for your blog? What do you want to reach?
-Do you have any pets?
-Do you have any other creative outlets other than blogging?
-Name something you’d really like to talk about, that doesn’t really fit your blog…and feel free to talk about it.
-Do your real life friends and family follow your blog? Mine don’t .. do you think that is weird?
-Do you have any non geeky hobbies?
-Describe the room you are writing this blog from!
-Free space, feel free to promote, post pictures, link to other blogs or go wild! Show us you on a plate… but not a real plate.

People I want to know more about!

-Anime and Fan Service
-Iridium Eye
-Anime as a Cup of Tea

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12 thoughts on “More Sunshine More Pinkie: Sunshine Blogger Award 3”

      1. No problem! Thank you very much. I understand answering non geek questions. Of course, having a film review blog didn’t help in that regard. Haha!


  1. I am right on the edge of slumping myself. Plans have come to an abrupt halt due to COVID-19 and it may be months before I can spool up again. My age means I have to double down on the social distancing. Already feeling cabin fever and the weeks of cold and rain we’ve had and will continue to have in March aren’t helping.

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    1. Having had major pneumonia I am kind of concerned myself as it left lasting damage.
      I can imagine with your age (not knowing exactly what age that is but knowing a range) you want to be extra carefull. I noticed how many people are lax and I also see the need to perhaps quarantine myself for a bit due to how some people just don’t follow any of the rules. Which is kinda scary.


  2. I really enjoyed getting to know you better. I love your home and would greatly enjoy stopping in every week for DnD 😀 Kudos to you for turning pink in the hospital Having gone through a lot of that with my hubby I know that feeling of being just a number, just a body, and somehow not a “real person”. Going pink was brilliant!

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