Five More Geeky Things You Did Not Know About Me!

In the ancient times I had a lot of big ideas for my blog! There was happiness, love and geekiness with a personal twist and it was good! But everything changed when Corona attacked.  My dear island guests, the last weeks I have been struggling with depression or at least some severe complaints of somberness. I did not shine and I have been neglecting you all and for that I am sorry! This week I am trying to improve! I am fighting back… so it is time for some cute geeky stories! A long time ago I told you five geeky things about me that you did not know! … Here are some more!

Geeky Fact Number 1
I love to cook and I have implemented a few Shokugeki no Soma methods in my cooking. 

Now Cooking Wars as this show is called in English I believe used to be one of my favorite shows to watch, up until it got all gloomy and depressive in season 3. Yet this show left me with a few techniques I use on a regular basis. I am just a poor girl so when cooking beef I am usually limited to using the  lesser quality cuts. However by covering them with chopped onions , honey or even pineapple juice I can make them more juice and tender. These are techniques Soma used in the first season and they stuck with me. Also some knowledge that is fairly uncommon here that garlic isn’t really used in a lot of traditional japanese meals, is something I have since implemented in my modus operandi when cooking japanese. 

 I even competed in a friendly cooking competition with the Chaliapin Steak from .. I’d say episode 4  but it could be another one entirely..where a steak gets covered in onions for a while while they soak up the meat juices the enzymes in the onions tenderize the meat. It got a lot of compliments. They ended up not naming a winner in the end though because everything tasted good they say…. Well nobody got naked or had orgasms so in my book we all would have failed! Oh I also tried the frozen fried egg thing……I would recommend you do not try that one at home.

My steak never sprouted rose petals either. Kinda wonder.. if that is a bad thing though! Stuff growing on meat doesn’t seem fresh!

 Geeky Fact Number 2: 
I once did a workshop on a convention

Not one of my proudest moments I am afraid, but I once did a workshop on using Japanese Pay cards to be able to purchase Japan only games.  It was a sucky workshop that had me basically had me sell Japanese .. play store/e-shop and others cards telling you how you as a European can access these shops. Now, the company I promoted this for tried this several times with several different co-bloggers and well.. it never really went all that well.  It involved making a synopsis of our websites stories and adding in some jokes. The only problem was.. this was my first con ever.. so I did not know the language to speak at it was english and not dutch. So it ended up as a bit of a disaster. The first round people left quickly , the second round people stared at me like I was the devil … and the third time I got a bit more of a response by doing it a bit more sincere. After all the workshop had been given a misleading name to draw in a crowd.

The problem with this workshop is… I had to tell my story to people who can’t read Japanese because the people who can.. are smart enough to figure out how to access the shop by themselves. So it was a workshop in the nature of.. in the playstation store.. click the third button from the top.. then pick the second button and fill in an address. Google for one in Japan.. Than pick the first button in the left corner to confirm.  It was dreary and dreadful and most people who can’t read japanese aren’t all that interested in playing Japanese games. I at least got my heart a good workout!

The third time and final time I had to present that stuff I winged it and mostly ended up talking about weird japanese games like Cho-Aniki. Making it more interactive if people knew other games having them tell about it and on what platform it was. I told them of the appropriate subsite they could order the cards for to play that game and showed them the tutorial and handed them all some promotional material on which I scribbled info specified for them .  Because people don’t really take notes during cons. I was told to have audio visual support and I did not.. I could display a flew slides but all audio support was not there so even my beautiful presentation did not work out. A few conventions in though.. I discovered that at least in the Netherlands .. that is pretty much how most workshops go though.

Me when discovering all I had prepared could go in the garbage bin! Before I learned to accept the chaos of the con!

Geeky fact number 3:
I once tried to make an EMV using a popular dutch children’s show song.

At Dutch AnimeCon 2017 we attended an event called the XMV-Competition. An Adult only late night event where you laugh at either hyper violent gory AMVs  set to cute music.. or watch EMVs. Not to arouse but for the sake of comedy. However … most entries were very bad. Or at least nothing special. Now being as asexual as I am , this competition meant nothing for me but I was friends with the champions of the first edition and the runner-up of the second year. The first year they used the song “Song for a Squeal Happy Whore” by James Gunn’s PG porn, which landed them the victory..and winning all the girls underwear they found at the con of the previous year. The next year they participated with Pink Fluffy Unicorns..but where passed up in favor of someone who did the exact same thing they did that year before… theme wise. After that second year the show dropped in quality and my friends kept being invited because their videos would show in the highlights.

So I came up with an idea that would actually win….destroying everyone’s childhood. You see in our country we had a show called Bassie en Adriaan. A show about a Clown and an Acrobat who solve mysteries throughout the world and deal with a bunch of criminals like an evil Baron and his silly henchman. In their best know series they would travel Europe, to find mysterious parcels hidden in each country.  Each episode they would sing the same song teaching you about the languages on this world. It followed a format akin to “Guten Morgen, that means Good Morning, Guten Abend that is Good Night, Lachen that is laughing, weinen is german for cry’ and so the song would go on. Now I used karaoke versions of the song on top of the original to mute the foreign languages and edited in anime girls moans and cries. On the line where they say what language this is .. “Listen very good to this cute song.. and you learn “German”  real well” I muted German and had a girl shouting out hentai edited in. Now I wanted to find a hentai with clowns and acrobats for the images but that did not work..and while I worked on finding the perfect images I noticed how hard I found it to stomach hentai for this long. As soon as we heard the completion might not happen that year I pulled the plug on it! I was not gonna risk feeling this anxious and uncomfy for nothing. I might get back to it when the competition returns though.

They also had a robot of course!

Geeky Fact Number 4:
  I had a huge video game crush on Jeanette Voerman from Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines.

Once at elementary school a teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered .. a vampire! My fascination for the bloodsuckers has never passed away fully. If the romanticized form of vampires were real I would immediately sign up to be one to this day.  Being painfully aware of my own mortality due to whatever plagues me.. made the love for them bigger.. an ultimate escape fantasy. Then I was introduced to the Vampire Masquerade universe and in particular the Malkavians… I was hooked. These vampires are cursed with madness.. but also a weird form of clarity, they see the world differently see things other people do not see. While being blind to the masks people put up. Another emotion I kind of relate to. I see people pretend to be better than they are.. pretend to care for people while they really do not.. they just want to be perceived as good persons! I also see the beauty of a person who just isn’t afraid to be themselves… who doesn’t follow the trends and thinks they have to be happy with themselves.. While these people are often outcasts and oftenly do not bask in the common beauty.. because than it is harder to develop these traits.. i see their beauty and I see the ugliness of that model that doesn’t really want to look as thin..but wants people to adore her over what she wishes for herself.

In the second Vampires Video Game , in Downtown LA we were introduced to the crazy Jeanette. One of the two daughters of Janus.. sharing a body with her alternate persona Therese. Jeanette.. was way to sexual for me.. way to aggressive..but for some reason… I loved her to bits. That voice, the look in her eyes, that outfit, the tone and the way she pronounces words. This was before I knew I was lesbian, yet romancing her hit me so hard. She was in my mind a lot! She became a definition of what I thought was sexy. The way she called me duckling lingered in my head. I never liked a pet name as much as duckling. Now in true me fashion.. seeing her frail and vulnerable… and seeing the sweet woman behind the facade was what really made me love her. It took me a fair while to shake of that video game crush and even now I would love the thought it someone called me duckling.

Pink and Frilly text… must click!

Geeky Fact Number 5:
I write Disney Spoof Songs on a fairly regular basis

By now you should all know I am Dungeon Master of many games. I also roleplay bards a lot. I like musical elements in roleplay even though I can sing about as well as a Dragon Ball character  and I am way less audible than them. Still those little moments I can shine for a bit and squak my songs I feel so happy. Since I am such a poor singer though, I really need to pick some very familiar songs.. and since I really hate top listed music I usually stick to songs everyone knows. Disney Songs are the greatest to edit because of their flow. “Be a Man”  works so well for bardic songs of inspirations, “Gaston” is a great song to boast, Under the Sea works great for exposition songs, and then there is of course Let it Go, that rebranded can be just about everything. You can write a spoof and everyone enjoys it because this is enjoyable to everyone no matter who they are.. it is something we all know.

So oftenly I dabble in writing a new song for a campaign or sometimes just for funsies.  There is a simplicity to Disney Songs where everyone can understand the emotion, and due to it’s musical nature it can also convey a lot of different messages.  When listening to common-folk music , everything or at least almost everything is about love.. lost, gained, positive or negative.. it always tells about that significant other and about a dependency or feeling those others invoke. It’s boring and bland. Plenty of Disney songs are not about that. Even a whole new world is more about freedom than it is about love. Okay Kiss the girl is pretty obvious but it mostly is encouraging in tone… I for example made a version called “loot that corpse” and later rebranded it to “find that trap” and it worked perfectly.  There is this..familiarity that can boost a nicely written song and because a melody is so familiar people can hear it when you just sing at the rythmn. Had I had a friend who could sing some of these songs would probably be on a youtube channel.. but alas! Now this strictly for my D&D players and those who can read a song and pretend it to be sang! 

Would you like a Disney Spoof?!

Now it’s time and prepare my D&D game for the day! No songs in this one though! Just a fight with Loki commanding an army of Eldritch abominations! Remember that I love you all! Keep smiling! Stay trough to your heart!


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16 thoughts on “Five More Geeky Things You Did Not Know About Me!”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about you being depressed. It’s certainly rough and I’ve been dealing with my own issues, too.

    Anyways, I really liked your list. I’ve been getting into cooking even though I’m still basic at it. You did a workshop at a con? That’s amazing. I still have yet to got to a convention.

    Disney spoof songs? Hahaha! That’s hilarious. Funny enough, when I made my “Dear Innovare…” album, I do make some musical stealth parodies/references in my song “Pugnam Contra Fures Leonis Pt. III: Rise of the One True Emperor”. :3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So cool to hear you do references! The workshop was anything from amazing I assure you though! xD

      As for the depression, I am kinda getting over it, I guess I have really felt ungrounded lately.. like a fear that comes without any reason or without any trigger… I just feel like people startled me.. I also felt alone.. like extremely alone.. not in meeting people persé I dont really miss that .. but as if connections seem so much farther and understanding of me or tollerance of me has ran out… again without reason… weird.. but hey I feel a lot better this week so there is that!
      Thanks for the support though!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks! It was really fun using references from time to time. Here’s the song in case you’re wondering:

        Gotcha about the workshop though.

        I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better compared to the past few days. I felt some similar feelings sometimes, so you’re not alone. It’s frustrating when you feel like people are being more distant and I’m not talking about social distancing.

        No problem, Pinkie!


  2. Hello Pinkie. I appreciate your honesty. Along with sharing your what you are dealing with right now. But I feel you haven’t neglected your island guests and have no reason to apologize at all.

    With the impact of the Coronavirus affecting us all in big ways, I think we all can understand if it affects your mental health. That in dealing with the big and sudden changes with the impact of Coronavirus, we are all not feeling the best at times. This can have an impact on our interactions with people especially during the times when we are not feeling our best mentally.

    I believe we will get through this crisis stronger and better than we where before. We can do that by trying the best we can. By showing understanding, compassion, empathy and helping each other when we can. But also doing the same thing with ourselves.

    I wish you all the best Pinke. I hope that you feel better physically and mentally. I understand if you need to take a break because it is getting to be too much. That what really matters is this wonderful island you have taken the time to create and share with others 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words.
      I feel like , and I haven’t been able to read other blogs to much let alone comment back and show support around the community though.

      This thing is seriously playing tricks on my mind. People just liking a comment of me and responding to others gets translated as, oh no they hate me, good blogs make me feel like ” I will be left behind” as if my brain is taking social Isolation a step to far. Even if I know in my heart that is all untrue.

      Thanks to your ongoing support though both here and on other and supportivd platforms my brain does get a counter so that is very much appreciated.

      It is an odd time and while I really appreciate everyone in the community as well as feeling I am getting happier again each day, I just just wanted to know I need a bit of
      time to mount my pink hapiness unicorn again. So even if I dont reply to a Twitter tag or react less to other content, doesnt mean I dislike you all, it just means I am a bit low on mental energy.

      Nothing too bad or anything, just tired and unfocussed. I will be at my pinkest again soon!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to support!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It is an odd time indeed. I think I could safely say that everyone understands how difficult and draining this must be for you and others. That if anything we don’t take it personally if you don’t say anything. I would say for myself that I am appreciative when you do reply because of how hard it can be at times for you to do that.

        It is great that you are feeling more happier with each day. Take all the time you need to mount your pink happiness unicorn again. We still be here for each other and to enjoy the happiness that your spread around by being you.

        Wishing you all the best 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh duckling, I agree Vampire the Masquerade was an enjoyable romp full of unusual twists and turns. I’d like to think in a Venn Diagram of Malkavian, Tremere and Nosferatu I’d fall somewhere near the center. 😛

    “loot that corpse” sounds… like lovely ditty, though mostly PC culture being what it is… “find that trap” (depending on who’s definition of “trap” you use) probably is the way to go! ;-P


    1. I definatly can see you as a Malavian and a Tremere, maybe you hide enough to be a Nosferatu..but you just called me duckling, already putting your seduction at 1 😜 at least.
      I can see some bits of clan Tzimisce in you as well, in their scholar like origins who try to focus on tranceding their humanity.

      Loot that Corpse defo was the less pc version. I am not in the habbit of using the term trap. Find the trap was sung during a pathfinder game, using the skill inspire compotence, to find a poison gas device.

      Worst I did with the term was when I made the Bardic Rogue Gilbert, who was a closet bisexual who was really more into men. He’d constantly pick up men, usually super beefy jojo character guys and would say he thought they were women, refering to his rogue nature of finding traps. But not really doing the bad thing of putting it on gender dysforics. He just hid behind it hides is very clear bisexual nature…”I am attracted to her” …”Gilbert that is a six foot muscular lumberjack” …”I am Gilbert I am only into women so if I am attracted it means she is a beautifull woman” the next day like a true bard he would proudly admit they slept together, blaming his rogue skills for any misunderstandings.
      I do not approve of using the term in general but I figured as a word of denial it kinds worked for him.
      ( He is very much based om Gaston from Beauty..including the song xD)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nosferatu… at heart. Some of my best informants are sewer rats and the consider me part of the family.

        If I were a member of Tzimisce that would mean that I am secretly a monster and that my intelligence is wielded like a Toreador uses their superficial charm, a mask, to shield my true identity for purposes known only to me… perhaps I am lying about what clan I belong because it will please me when my sadistic trap is sprung?

        Nah… then again… that is what a Tzimisce would say isn’t it?

        As for the trap thing… calm down duckling, I was only teasing you. ;-P


  4. It’s so nice to hear someone else drills down into what it truly means to be Malkavian. Madness or touched by God? Utter chaos of mind – or the only one who sees clearly through to what lies beneath reality?

    The world is going through a weird time and a difficult and challenging period. Some days it’s a real effort to get up and dressed, let alone face the world – be it through a computer screen. I’ve been fighting off exhaustion, upset, depression internally, while trying to remain upbeat and hopeful and calm outwardly. Some days it is harder than others. So I completely understand if you need self care time. Please understand I miss you and love your voice, so eagerly await your return while sending white light and love to your comfort. One day at a time. Care for yourself. Blessedbe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Reality is overrated, the sky is only really blue because we decide that is what the colour is called. Many of the truths in our world are self imposed. I feel Malkavian Madness is is a much more sterile verion of the truth… the sky is not blue.. the sky is perceived by us as blue. They are able to look past this perception. Normal people see a cabdriver to be just that.. because they see he looks like a cabdriver and he drives a cab, he asks for fair and passes all the tests.
      A Malkavian IMO doesn’t do that .. terms we came up with have no meaning and instead they perceive without bias. Reality is but a funnel for thoughts, that help you streamline them and order them.. but if something is outside the funnel it is not taken into account. A Malkavian draws from everything.. unfocussed but in doing so they see things that others would put outside the funnel.. but still are relevant.

      As far as blogging i am not on an actual break. I am just not keeping up a daily schedule and instead will try to upload at least 4 times a week but if possible more.
      However there are days where the whole focus on family and togetherness of the real world…seems to invalidate the bonds of those who work differently. Which is hard. Tv would have be believe I have to send sweet messages to my father, while he is very silent and shows little care.

      People act nice.. not because they want to be nice but because its their duty and a trend… being nice and sending love can at times like these.. feel like the Ice Bucket Challenge of early 2020. A lack of sincerity and a knowledge that this love is fleeting.. makes it hard to advocate the love which I try to do on this blog.. because some people give the word a bitter taste currently.

      A aquiantance of mine, shared a video in which she told her grandpa how much she missed him and that she wants to visit him… but I know and some other mutuals knew she no longer even has a grandpa.. she shared a private video.. on social media for views and sympathy and to follow a trend… kindness and love to be hip…. that is a thing that troubles me very much.

      The world of love is in bloom right now… but there are so many plastic flowers.. I can not help but think of the whole picture as fake… and it makes things look off center for me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are so right and insightful about much of the current situation on TV, online, the whole media shitshow. Having had to go among the humans this week to get groceries and prescriptions let me tell you that it is NOT all sweetness and light as portrayed in the media. This dichotomy has been bothering me, too. While there are many good things happening, many kind compassionate efforts and I love seeing locals and small businesses and, of all people, casino managers, topless bars, making efforts to help the community in Las Vegas (as a former dancer, I happen to know the bars I worked in were always among the first to step up and help the community in a disaster situation. The public perception of strippers and gambling folx is colored by churches) but while all that good is happening – people are flipping out over dumb shit, people are standing in line at the grocery saying “I’m sick and tired of this social distancing SHIT” while I’m trying to get far enough away from them to protect my husband at home. I had one man stand right over my shoulder and then stand there and sniffle and cough – no mask, no nothing – and when I asked him to step away he yelled at me that I was full of shit and fuck you and all that. Yeah, we say one thing on facebook, but go out in the world and do something different. But I’ve kept my mouth shut mostly because I’m infamous for being a cynical old bitch and I’m tired of being shouted at (more or less) when I point out the reality is not the pretty picture painted online. So what I am doing is largely avoiding social media and the news in favor of a few trusted news sources online. Most of my social accounts now are down to some real friends who are really concerned because most of them have very real health problems they are also dealing with.
        But right now I have to go prepare for the every other day trip to the dialysis clinic with the hubby. Blessedbe.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I heard a lot if Let it Go variants called like that on Corona, but it would work with let it be very well!
      Though home is an ugly word to rhyme with, here is my attempt though

      When I find myself in a Pandemic
      Scientists tell me not to roam
      Speaking Words of Wisdom, #stayathome
      And In my self Isolation, I even keep distance from Jerome!
      Minding words of Wisdom, stay at home!

      Stay at home, Stay at Home , Stay at Home, Stay at home!
      Mind these words of wisdom stay at home!

      And when all the stubborn-headed people just would stay inside there dome,
      It would all get better, stay at home.
      For those that go a little crazy, talking to their gardengnome!
      It will all get better, stay at home!

      Stay at home , stay at home, stay at home, stay at home
      It will all get better stay at home.
      Stay at home stay at home, stay at home, stay at home.
      Mind these words of wisdom, stay at home.

      Stay at home, stay at home, stay home stay at home.
      Mind these words of wisdom, stay at home.

      When the streets have gone empty, I flip pages of my tome!
      Keeping entertained and stay at home!
      Then when I turn on Tv, scientists tell me not to roam!
      Speaking words of wisdom, stay at home

      Stay at home, stay at home, stay at home stay at home.
      It wil all get better, stay at home.
      Stay at home, stay at home, stay at home, stay at ome.
      It will all get better , stay at home!
      Stay at home stay at home stay, stay at home stay at home.
      Mind these words of wisdom, stay at home!

      There you go my take on that xD


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