Paradise 2.0.6 : Restyling Pinkie’s Paradise!

I am so happy! With just 20 days till my blog anniversary! I launch a new style?! Why now and not the anniversary?! Well mostly because I  want to build up to Blog Birthday Week.. an event I have not planned yet at all but I bet will be amazing! Also.. honestly! The old look had some inconveniences.. which I rather patch out sooner rather than later! I just waited until now because well.. that’s how far head already worked by the time I finished this. Anyway let’s talk about the restyle! 

My pink sand background had an ugly cutting line in between. I never truly noticed this until recently. After I knew it had to change! So after searching hour after hour for a loopable pink cute tropical seeming thing I gave up. It did not exist at least not in a shape that could please me!

So I expanded my gaze and found these adorable sparkling pink and white cloud  things! Which were amazing! They should be perfectly Looped and non seizure inducing sparkly. I always favoured a pink and white colour scheme but opted for a more sunset like vibe in the blogs original design.  Due to a few changes in WordPress I can no longer adhere to said theme without constantly having to copy paste hex codes which is a hassle given the way I work. So instead we lean more into the cutesie vibes with the Island vibe coming more from in post flavorings and the menus itself etc. Sparkly ribboned clouds is on brand! So I will use them! It looks less yanky than before! The sparkles aren’t super smooth but I think I mentioned I like a slight clunk before!

I also chose to gave up the sand and sunset coloured  post background. The reason here is quite simple! It will save me SOOOOO much editing time. Plenty of items I use have a white background. While the site was yellow that meant editing out said white background and make it transparent which could take loads of time! Especially if my image also features something white.. like a Gardevoir or a PS5.  It just cost me time I felt I could best spend elsewhere!  Why not make things easier for yourself every now and again. From an editing stance it makes sense as well. Images I design are made to look good on a light background (as that is how Photoshop shows them) and not my eggnog yellowy one, so this way I think my creations pop out a bit more! And I can get away with a lot more sloppy cutting! Rejoice! I can cheat! Which sometimes is a good thing!

Of course the biggest change is that we move away from my beloved Chibi Pinkie into my commissioned one. She has been used in a lot of posts recently  so I am sure you saw her around. This avatar comes with 10 emotions spread across 3 different poses. She was designed by the incredibly talented Bananabel_Split who works for quite a soft price!  I just send her Picrew Pinkie and Chibi maker Pinkie was well as a scrap book of emotes  and suggestions and we got to work together! Communication was crystal clear delivery was super fast and I could not be happier with the result! Well.. that is not completely true I would have been happier with the results if I had some cookies when I watched them.. ir if I found a bunch of money ..but you guys who what I mean!  I am happy to provide you with a link to her fiver page!  Check her work out right here!  And of course I present you with all the Pinkies! 

A new avatar also comes with a new favicon but more importantly a new header! Because  well .. the avatar is on the banner!  So gone is the sunset design and because it fitted more with the white and pink theme we now have a sunny beach design filled with pink characters from every field i review!  Pink shirt Vegeta represents anime, while Pinked up Scrooge Mcduck represents my love for gaming. The Pink Sentai is there for movies and tv series.. mostly because there aren’t to many pink movie characters and I just found it super cute!  The beholder is there since I love DnD and it and Luma , the Pink Eldritch child behind Vegeta represent my chaos and my own fiction!  There is a few cute things down below that represent the island vibe! The banner represents what I stand and write about just like the other banner but instead of the iconography route I chose icons people will recognise.  The palm trees by the blog name have been replaced by some cute coconut cocktails which brings me to our next subject!

Starting with this post, and hopefully retroactively my last 9 posts (the number of posts my main page displays)  will be displayed in new forms of cocktails! New featured images to be displayed on my home page and on social media and stuff! Where before I had a glass for each form of content cocktail editing those to be of passable quality was hard and I often missed a lot of tiny details!  These featured images also were a bit to big!  So I now opted for a universal coconut with a hole in it for every form of content. I just slide a image behind it and  Erase a bit of excess material and tadaa I am done! Now of course I would not leave you to guess what I am writing about so the type icons are back! For those with a keen eye they even have different colour umbrellas! We got Blue for movies because Bluevie sounded cute, we got ameranth for anime, green for games , grey for geeky lifestyle, purple for pokemon and red for writer posts! Now that last one might not look like a match but write red sounds like it alliterates! So it counts! Oh and the cute little animal companion for Geeky Lifestyle has been replaced! A panda instead of a d20! Because the panda much more reflects my lifestyle! Don’t worry though! Dicey is still around as well!

Those are not the only new coconuts around! I opened Camp Coconut, this is like a hall of fame for my Kofi supporters, or others who significantly contributed to my blog! For example for providing Artwork or a collab Buddy! The biggest supporter is crowned King Coconut! If you find yourself represented in camp coconut you can send me any link you like people can visit by clicking your coconut… no NSFW though.  Your avatar will have a cute little story next to it in which I thank you. If you support me more your coconut can evolve with me adding stuff to it based on what I know about you! Except for King Coconut ( or Queen/Crowned) they just stand above the rest and can if they show choose drop a little text of their own in the camp! This may also contain another link if you so prefer or be omitted if you do not want to! King Coconut will be praised on Twitter with an @ during full moon! (For me) I am weird huh! If camp Coconut expands more features might be unlocked. I know it’s weird but it’s at least something. To have a link you don’t persé need a content channel. If you want to Rickroll people by clicking on your coconut.. that’s fine as well.. or PFUDOR-bomb them. You know just something to have fun with as a thank you for your support. 

So my Ko-Fi Banner featured the Chibi and a now old meme so that had to go as well! It has now been replaced with the much more tranquil banner, Put a little coffee in your cocktail! Since it’s a home-made button that will be at the end of my content cocktails I thought that made sense! The alcreamie depicted in the picture with me, is my loyal Whippy, the alcreamie I use in my Pokémon Shield game, it matches well with coffee! Since I can’t afford the business plan for WP yet and have no access to plugins, this is the button that will take you! Of course that is never required! I appreciate regular followers, comments and likes as well so please do not think me mentioning this is more than me just discussing the picture and new appreciation system. It’s just something I think looks pretty cute! And less dated than Toss a Coin to your Pinkie. 

I also made a custom OWLS asset! Recently we have been given a new Owls Mascotte, I think his name was Sir Hoot, but that might be my imagination or one of my dialogues! I wanted to feature the the new OWL but of course I had to make it feel like it belongs! So I gave it a pink hair ribbon! Sir Hoot can dress the way it wants! No judgment here! This way it feels a bit like my version and my pet OWL!. I also gave it a cute pink background so sit on..because that is a colour theme for this site if you haven’t noticed! The picture will still link you to the OWLS blog and in my OWLS post I will use the actually official image of course! As a still image on my site though it will have it’s ribbon! Look how proud he looks with that Ribbon!

Now not the final piece of new assets I made is an improved review system! I felt too often I lacked something being Okiwi and something being Berry Good, so Pine-meh-pple evolved and became Fine-apple and moved in between his old neighbour Kiwi and the recent berry replacement strawberry! Strawberry felt a bit more resort-like, I once played some weird beach volleyball game where girls kept feeding each other those! Not sure why .. I would eat them myself! Anyway they where in a resort and I saw no blueberries there so we made the swap. Blueberry is now my bath-time companion! Mango also has had a makeover and now is tied in the style of the others. Sub-Pear, the Sub Par Pear portmanteau has moved into Mehple’s place and now we have a more nuanced and readable review system that is more in house style.


Finally my contact form is fixed so it sends emails to a viable address so that page got updated as well, including some rules of conduct for sending mails! If anyone ever used the contact form to send me anything I am sorry I missed that! It’s not because I do not like you or think you are unworthy of my time, it’s because each day the old address gave me like 463 horoscope posts and 73 pokemon ones. It’s fixed now though so if you want to e-mail take advantage now!  Before I break it again! I am terrible in administrative stuff so that breaking still will happen! The About Page  will change a little while after the release of this post depending on my schedule by then! I could not upload that early because of spoilers and all!

Now for the font lovers, I doubt you are out there, I changed those as well. My titles are now Fertigo Pro Italic and the main text is now in Pt Serif. I think it feels just slightly more like a hotel flyer like this with quite readable superscript whom I have fallen in love with over the past couple of weeks. If you have any trouble reading things please let me know but I think readability should have really improved! All things considered at least. The Menu also has been fixed, now the Pokémon Cocktail Menu Item should take you to everything with the Pokémon Category instead of everything with the Pokémon Tag! It glitched before! The Temtem cocktail has been removed, it took them to long to fix chat and I fell out of love with it the lonely experience. I might be returning to it after summer. has been stopped as a domain so now there is only Paradise! For those who visit my site through URL means they might get bounced to an inactive domain. I haven’t quit I am still here! And since you are reading this, I do assume you found it. This post will be shared on twitter a few times should it turn out that my numbers are down though to address that.  That about covers the changes but not all the plans! I have big once for the future.  So if you are checking this out in reader, please visit the actual site and check how awesome it has become! Thank you for sticking by me for so long! Onto the anniversary!
I also already payed for another year so it looks like you will be stuck with me for a little while. I hope you all do not mind!

What do you think of the restyle?! Did I work hard enough? Are there more changes you’d like to see?! Let me know in the comments! I would have loved to added a Ducktals the Moon theme Steel Drum or Ukele version as video add on..but those don’t exist and I can’t play Ukelele or Steel Drum!

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Princess Pinkie

A 34 year old, super pink, Geek blogger, from the Netherlands behind the keyboard. A 21 year old , Unicorn-Duck Princess VBlogger on the border of imagination and reality!

15 thoughts on “Paradise 2.0.6 : Restyling Pinkie’s Paradise!”

      1. it’s a spectacle to the eye! Maybe because I love pink in the first place? Haha everything looks so cute and relaxing.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Reading anything without high contrast it hard on my eyes. So just from my selfish perspective, the upgrade is much easier to read!

    The designed also maintains its distinctiveness. I can look at any portion of a page and know “Oh, I’m on Pinkie’s Paradise!”

    And, as always, love the graphics/avatars.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😀

      I tried a lot of ideas to keep the feeling, but also to to make things ab it easier in the edditing I think this is a great style that should be good for at least a couple of months xD

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, while the theme might be bit less tropical than the old one I just save heaps of time edditing, the white background isnt as soft or unique but since my posts are long and image filled this feels better in effort vs reward, not completly happy yet but for a free theme I think its passable at least :p

      Glad its easier to read at least!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I appreciate the effort you put into your graphics, as well as the obvious effort you put into writing. You have to find a balance that makes you happy, so if you felt it was a PITA to deal with the colored background that wasted time you could have been writing more for us… I’m with you 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I still put a lot of effort into it but having a white background is just so much easier.
        WordPress new block editior also made things tricky so I adjusted, wordpress cuts a few things off though, the new coconut feauture images save me a lot of time do thats great

        Liked by 1 person

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