Never Have I Ever done a Tag like this: The Have You Ever Gaming Edition Tag

Hello Island Guests I would describe myself as a bit of an odd gamer. While In recent years I have played a lot of video games I have found myself mostly fond of the retro stuff. I have enjoyed some Indie-game but they rarely appear on my radar. I do enjoy each installment of games like Pokémon, yet these days I mostly play the classics I never could , some fan made stuff, or like some retro like stuff like Cave Story, The Messenger and  Shovel Knight.  How will sticking to the classics effect this challenge?! Let’s find out!

Of course we would not start without thanking Winst0lfPortal for tagging me! I needed this tag really hard at the time of writing it.  As my review of Spanky’s Quest for SNES fell through.. that game is really weird but there is very little so say about it. So I might use it for something like a list or something. Anyway those are worries for later, time to start the tag.
Also for clarification.. all Have you evers are gaming related even when my titles do not have “gaming” in them…because obviously this is the GAMING edition! Also Spanky’s Quest is not a lewd game! You vagrants!

Is there really anyone who hasn’t?!  I can throw a hissy fit for a lot of things. I regularly rage quit Pokémon Showdown matches, while I am fairly well composed, the fact that I play random matches and not get a single counter to my opponents team..  and if my opponent starts taunting me .. that really gets my blood boiling. The thing that makes me rage quit more than anything is other players. It made me quite World of Warcraft entirely or at least the gameplay. Each time I got a dungeon I did not know I was kicked for stumbling into a wrong hallway or even for letting a cutscene role. Other times I would get called worthless or be called an idiot if I asked for Boss Strategies. I usually would be very petty about it too. Like if I was the healer I’d apologise .. put myself on auto follow and then promise to heal properly but if we reached the boss I would /sit get the ones being mean killed and then log off the game. Eventually I just stuck to roleplaying. So I did not rage Quit the game.. I rage quit the gameplay?! Beat that! 

Now games I completely quit happened as well. Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden is one of them! I was so happy to finally play a duck!  That game is so insanely hard I just could not get past the fourth mission. Which feels like it really is just the beginning of the game. It’s just one of those things I can not finish a mission because of some weird RNG freak moments. That made me quit! Another game that made me rage quit a lot was a game I actually really loved “The Messenger”. Such an amazing retro platformer that really helped my normally very low blood pressure. This game made  cry in anger when I died again but it was so good! I had to take breaks I had to take breathers .. when I get upset/stressed or whatever my motor skills really get clunky.. which really affects my gaming, which makes me more stressed and eventually if I keep fighting it  I really brick up.. like I can make myself so stiff I am in physical pain.. so calling it quits is important.. Then again I am one of the few humans  who can mimic Kirby’s Down B is I don’t quit! That’s special too!

I think so, I am not completely sure because I usually don’t do that kind of thing.. biggest reason. I barely and I mean BARELY play on my PS4 or Steam. I am a hardcore Nintendo Girl and nowadays I mostly emulate SNES games I was never able to play here due to not having an european release or an insane price tag for Retro Games. I might have like a few indie games on steam like Under Hero where I accidentally stumbled upon all the achievements.  The only game I am fairly certain I achieved everything was The Simpsons Game from 2007. You get most achievements from playing the game and get an achievement for starting up the game so it was really easy. Given I played trough this game twice , once by myself and once on Co-op really made that a breeze.  Games I came close with where Kameo: Elements of Power and some of the Lego “Movie” games. I think I got closest with Lego Indiana Jones 2 and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. The games I do near complete all come close enough to the collectathon action platforming genre with some adventure like games in the mix for good measure.

However since most games require me to measure my cyber-penis when I don’t even want a real life penis, take that Freud,   by the amount of kills/ headshots / wins I  sign to my name I am out when it comes to achievement hunting. I am mostly against the principle of achievements  Not with a passion but I do feel they play into a sense of elitism, not for everyone but for a particular bunch of people who ruin my pleasure with some games. I was happy to finish Cave Story with the happy end, I was proud I finished Shovel Knight with “relative ease” but then there is always a guy that says… “weh… did you get all the armors and that super secret thing that you get if you beat all the stages without taking a hit… of not you really have not finished anything”   I was super happy to complete the Messenger! It was hard enough! But  people reacted “Wah.. you gotta find all the green coins.. or it doesn’t matter” Achievements are an addition to a game that allow you to enjoy it longer.. I would rather finish a game and check out some other amazing things out there after I had a fun time.. I do not like to grind out these things.  I use achievements to find out if I missed some secret stages or content that I might have missed.. but that’s about it! 

Twice that I can remember that I pulled an actual all nighter, but there were several cases of severe Insomnia where I gave up on sleeping and decided to game instead and just slept the next morning but I do not count those.   The first time I pulled an all nighter was during a competition we did in Star Wars : The Old Republic MMO.   A match where everyone made a new character and we had 24 hours to see how far we could progress in the game.  We started at 2 PM in in the afternoon. Me and this guy named Charleigh or some other variant of Charlie both decided not to sleep. As I suffered a lot  we kept each other going.. alongside our third friend whose gamer name I can no longer remember.  I know she played a Body Type 3 (Big Beefy) Pureblood Sith Male Warrior while I made a female Sith Warrior named Desdemona and had A Sith Sorceress named Levina.. I am not sure which one I was leveling anymore..but we had a lot of fun racing each other.  I was in the lead for most of the night..mostly because Charlie was constantly chasing after Type 3 males or even type 4 (fat)  and flirting with them, and  the other girl really struggled to be productive suffering in speed because she was a tank class.  At around 10:30 AM in the morning though I had to hand victory to Charlie because I was wrecked. Playing a game for nearly 24 hours was just to much. My English went down the drain and I could not follow the story anymore.. so I backed out and went to bed. 

The second time was when I hosted “Bad Video Game Night” the first edition. We played games like Hong Kong 97 and Wizard of Oz on SNES but also games like Race Drivin, Superman 64, Big Rigs and Ghostbusters for NES by the time we reached Ghostbusters it was like 5:00 AM and we wanted to at least complete one game. At around 8:30 we did decide to give up though. We had only reached the stairs game a handful of times and we were too tired to remember we could save state it… so one guy literally fell asleep on my couch the other began to completely talk nonsense and I  almost poured myself a glass of window cleaner. We decided we would return the next day after some sleep to beat it but after we all had a few z’s  we all decided.. THAT game sucks .. Fudge that game! I don’t want to play it anymore! So next time ..when the Corona madness is over and my friends dare to sit on my couch again we are gonna play some Sonic 06!

No and I probably never will, I really have a weak voice , I assume it’s part of my muscle issue but it’s all a bit up and about. I twitch a lot so talking with a wired headset is pretty iffy as well. I lack the set up and other fundamental problems. I don’t think I need a live stream either. I don’t really like watching most live streams either, there are really only a handful of people whose life streams I enjoy!  One of the is Patterrz a British pokémon streamer whose Nuzlockes I really enjoy following!  I just don’t think people would really enjoy hearing me play Spanky’s Quest or play Pokémon Fan Games my way. I always said this and games should be fun for me .. playing a game with a dozen of backseat drives telling me to go there ..use this or fight using that combo doesn’t sound fun to me at all.  Telling you guys to not backseat pilot and just watch and talk to me instead also doesn’t sound really fun.  Again my motor skills and issues also require me to pause every now and again, unless I play games like Pokémon and even there I misclick due to twitches and such so I never really Nuzlocke or do anything exciting. 

No and I have never needed it either, okay Pokémon Shield got pre-ordered FOR me because those new games always release like super close to my birthday (November 17th)  they either release ON my birthday or at the very least within that week. However I am not the type that has to play a game on release.  That doesn’t do anything for me. I can stay clear of spoilers well enough since I want to play at my own pace anyway and I don’t really belief reviews… Pokémon SWSH and Pokémon in general have always had lukewarm receptions but to me they are much more than that.  They are hours I can relax a lot! A lot of Yu-gi-oh games are the same. I picked up Animal Crossing New Horizon two days after release ..because well it got released early but I got stir crazy from all the people texting me to tell me my turnip prize that day, come visit their island to check out one new chair they got  or a little path they made. While part of that is the appeal  of Animal Crossing I felt like I could not play my game anymore I had to not landscape in the time I wanted because they needed to check what was in my store or they would only give me an item if I visit their island.. it made me leave my island behind.. so  many people shouting.. so I prefer to play a game when it’s a bit older.. less voices cluttering my experience. I also think playing it on release date doesn’t make me a bigger or true fan either! I rather play a 2002 Yu-Gi-Oh game than a 2020 release all day long.

Well I am a Nintendo Girl, so yes! I mean who buys a Switch because they want to play Skyrim on the console and on the go?  Or who buys a Nintendo Wii U because it is the superior console over the Xbox One  and PS4? No you buy a Nintendo Console because you want to play Mario, Kirby, Zelda , Metroid or Pokémon. I got gifted a Switch so I can play Pokémon Let’s Go. I bought a Gamecube because I wanted to play the Wind Waker, I got a Super Nintendo because Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World looked so much more awesome than my Ducktales and Megaman 2.  Heck I even got my NES because Mario 3 and Ducktales looked better than what the competition had to offer.

I got a PS3 hand me down but I haven’t ever played it because it was handed down by a Call of Duty players, I had nothing to play on it so I did not care.  I have an XBox 360 with about 80 games and not a single game comes close  to being as beloved to me as anything I own on Switch or Gamecube. It’s fine.. but I’d give it up in a heartbeat.  I even got my PS4 to play Destiny.. back when I worked for a company that let me do game Journalism and Blogging for a possible career and I fell in love with Destiny after playing it along with some dutch celebrities at Cologne Gamescom. Safe to say I should not have!  I ended up resenting that game and console quite a bit. I bought Shadows of Mordor which I twitch locked myself out of enjoying (I hyper leveled one particular Orc a lot by dying against him over and over again)   I would not enjoy most of my games on PS4 until I got Xenoverse 2 and South Park the Fractured but whole! I also really liked the Spiderman game so in the end the price was kinda worth it..but it was the least enjoyable console I ever bought

So like my prefered games I might be stuck in the past, I do not see myself evolving anymore as gamer. If gamers where like Pokémon I’d be a fossil Pokémon but doing this tag was really fun! Now I am off to play some Pokémon Uranium followed by some Hong Kong 97 for SNES. Chin has still  met his quota and I love  I Love Beijing Tiananmen especially if it’s on a loop! That’s the kind of gamer I am and I don’t need no pre-order, no streaming or no achievements to do that! All I need is my trusty Nintendo Love, some gamer rage and then I can go all night!

I am a bit new in the gaming-community part of WordPress so I am not sure how old this tag is and where it went so I am just selecting a few people on tags based on random ideas and things.

First of all there is Ace-Asunder’s Solarayo who’ve I’ve seen do the Seriously Geeky Sunday Tags a lot of you share! So I am thinking they will be a fine candidate!

Second will be Megan of A Geeky Gal, because I have made it my life-long mission to tag her for every new tag post I either create or experience.. so I had too!

Finally will be Leek, From Leek Plays, based on their blog name there is plenty of gaming content and their logo and icons have pink elements in them! Us pink themers have to stick together!

Patterrz is you ever happen to read this, which I seriously doubt! I will nominate you to do this one on YouTube! One question will be very boring though!

Of course if YOU my dear reader want to take up this tag you can! You can earn your nomination by telling me what my favourite video-game song is in the comments! For those who do not know! I will reveal it in the post that comes after this! You can reply as long as you want! Oh! And if you don’t want to read tomorrows post all my Coconuts I shall nominate by default! So yay! Options! See you in the next post!

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10 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever done a Tag like this: The Have You Ever Gaming Edition Tag”

  1. I can honestly relate so much to a lot of this! It gets on my nerves when people beg me to finish every achievement in games when I want to take it at my own pace. In fact, it was funny you mentioned that as an example in the Shovel Knight part since that actually has happened to me….that said, i only beat a few of the main routes of Shovel knight and not 100%. Plague and shovel were the two i beat, but not spector or king knight. I gave up on king knight, it got too hard for me xD
    Also, youre a really courageous and amazing person to not feel the impulse to buy games on release day or preorder! I usually don’t get to, but I feel pressured to by everyone posting spoilers and trying to convince me I have to have the newest game…>_< Im trying to finish games Ive started but im in an endless cycle of never completing and always feeling like I need something new! I’m trying to break the habit though by focusing on ONE game at a time. My god, I rambled…anyway! Congrats on the tag and great post :3

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I enjoyed reading this post. Maybe because although I play totally different games, I game much the same way. Which is to say totally for my own enjoyment. So I don’t care if a game is “old” or “newest” or who else plays or did I get every single achievement. I am very prone to rage quitting because if a game makes me rage – I don’t need that in my life. I’ve quit games because they started to eat my life. Like a neat little dungeon team thing that had bonuses every two hours if you were there to get them. I got hubby playing it too, and seriously life started to revolve around when the next bonus was due. I can’t live like that LOL. I suspect I’m hopelessly weird as a gamer. But I also don’t care…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG this is probably weird too but… years ago when I was managing a collectibles shop one of the big whoopedoo coin collector guys was talking with me about our collections one day and he said I did not have a collection at all, but an “accumulation” because I had no system and no complete-ism to my “collection”. My offense was that I bought what I liked and wanted – which happened to be coins with horses or dogs or sometimes other animals on them. And I have a weakness for coins that are not the typical round disk shape – like hexagons or the ones with a hole in the middle. Not a full set of 1965 through 2020 Canada coins in every available denomination or something like that. Well, I game like that, too. I don’t have to play every single version of Final Fantasy or get every achievement in anything. Okay, weird diversion of the day.:P

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I also would collect just what I want.
        When I was little I was really big into collecting and more ambitious. I had to get all Pokémon and would ask dad to drop me off at a story 10 minutes away in weekends so I could collect and trade there..but yeah that wasn’t worth his time so he once told me trying to collect everything is kinda pointless as there will always be someone who did it before me and it would not be that special.. and while he did that because he did not want to waste time on me …in a way he is right.. collecting for collecting sake is probably not all that special so I better just be fun! So I’d do what I want to do because I am not going to be the best at something anyway .. I might not be able to beat a game the fastest but I might be able to beat it with a huge smile!

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      2. Here is what turned me off collecting, really. I had a pretty rough patch in life and desperately needed money. So I sold some of my step-fathers collections I had inherited. Now these were nice, complete good collections of coins and toys from the early 1900s, HO guage trains and so on. If you looked up the value in the collectors magazines (before Internet) collectors would tell you they were worth hundreds of dollars. I got less than $100 for all of them, and took it because I had to buy food. And also got laughed at by the buyer. Later, another rough patch, I sacrificed some of my own collections, again got maybe 10% of their supposed value. Later yet, worked in a collectibles store. Boy was that an education. Bottom line, unless what you collect is gold and silver – in which case at the minimum you will get the raw investment value of said metal (which also goes up and down, and is still always much less than the coin is valued as a “collectors item”) those big whopededoo I got every single one including the rarest and they are in Mint In Box blah blah blah is worth SHIT. Worth bragging rights, and maybe if you are the sort of person who needs that sense of completeness personal value, but overall? Total waste of time and money. Investment my ass. What are things really worth? Most of my TY beenies and my other fancy schmancy plushies are all loved to death. They may or may not have their tags – and we smoke pot in this house so it isn’t smoke free – and I sleep with them and watch TV with them and hug them and squeeze them and call them George and run them through the washer if they need it. I LOVE them, and that is their value. I play my games, I read my books, and I don’t collect anything I don’t think I’m going to love and play with until it falls apart. 😛 Maybe it’s just an accumulation, but it’s an accumulation of love.

        And on that basis, I sort of disagree with your Dad. Maybe someone else completed their collection first or whatever. But there is the joy YOU got from getting that last of a set and completing it. The love YOU feel for that Pokemon you finally caught after searching for weeks. And that’s the only real true value any collectible has. How it made you FEEL. And it’s the same if you collect Magic the Gathering cards, or mountains you have climbed.


        Liked by 1 person

      3. I think you are certain right.. dad basically just wanted to discourage me from having hobbies where he’d have to drive me somewhere on Saturday but he snuffed out so much ambition in me and aspiration in it. Each time I did something he felt he had to get involved in.. like building a hut or playing Pokémon in tournaments he was like : Do you really want to do that.. I dont think you can do it very well.. so there is no point you will just make yourself sad that others do it better than you.

        So it did also influence how I look at collecting.

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      4. My mother did much the same – only she was against anything at all I ever wanted to do. So whatever I came up with, she would ridicule no end until I gave up, if I ever even started. And, of course, there was a lot of “girls don’t do that” end of discussion with me, too. So – been there, done that. Wish no one ever had to experience it, ever. It’s something you spend the rest of your life overcoming, over and over.


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