Pinkie is being Unpopular Across the world : The Unpopular Opinions Film and TV tag (East vs West Edition)

Hello again my dear island guests. Today I am using my first Wild Card Post on Saturday.. a post that is a bit of everything.. well mostly movies and Anime. Since on Saturdays I usually talk about anime but I really wanted to do Heather’s Tag..I went above and beyond and made two versions.. all in one. So here are my unpopular opinions on Film and TV for Both anime.. and  the Hollywood Scene

I was tagged by the amazing talented Heather from Just Geeking By for this tag! An very kind, community driven unifying game blogger you should definitely check out!

This post is meant to display once unpopular opinions so  that is exactly what I aimed for. While all these opinions are true..these are never facts
<End of Disclaimer> 

Heather Already answered Game of Thrones here so saying that I did not like it would feel redundant. That being said I do agree with her that series wasn’t all that great. I sat through it..all the way up to season 7 or whatever the second to last is Mostly because everyone liked it so much.. I found it bland, needlessly edgy and unrewarding.

One thing I can’t stand that seems very popular is the show Parks and Recreation. I hate the Roy Swanson character everyone seems to love. I do not find the show one bit funny. Leslie or whatever the woman is called annoyed me quite a bit as well. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am Dutch and can not relate to the culture but for some reason this casts really annoys me. I struggled myself through the first episode and was thinking.. why are people making the fuzz about it. When I finished the second episode I actually looked up if there were two shows called this way and if this might have been a remake of something hype or something and in the third episode I realised this was not my show. Normally I do stuff in my home, grind in Pokémon, write a blog, do some images , cut my food etc, usually with Comedy Central as my background noise. Even shows I do not particularly care for such as Modern Family can stay on in the background.. but something about Parks and Recreation rubs me the wrong way and I have to turn it off. 

Animewise I really dislike Code Geass! I find it INCREDIBLY boring. I picked it up twice and dropped it twice. Even when I was deep into the second season I just could not care for it at all. Too much stuff happens for no reason other than to make the plot happen. One of the more famous death in the series that is accidentally triggered feels so poorly set up. The issue did not happen before and barely happened after so except for some minor set up it only happens to kill that character off. I dislike how LeLouche is so smart he knows exactly how a mudslide will happen showing knowledge of just about every single thing when it’s convenient and then suddenly makes simple oversights. The Mech’s feel shoehorned in as yet another means to an end to force the story in a certain direction. While I get it’s spectacular..  this feels super much like a story to me.. just a story and the characters are just characters. I find myself uninterested in their faith because it’s going to be what the writer decides no matter how much sense it would make. I get the writer is always in control but normally I feel like characters make the plot move.. Code Geass to me a great example of it being the other way around.

Ah this one is super easy for me. Star Wars Episode 1 : The Phantom Menace. Now don’t get me wrong I do not love it unconditionally  but I love the experience it gave me! It was the first Star Wars movie I saw in the cinema…and the best Star Wars movie I saw in cinema. That’s right I like it better than all the sequel movies. I also liked it a lot better than attack of the clones, which I do not hate either.  I’d tie it with Revenge of the Sith probably but I did not see that one in cinema. I loved the new experiences and the expansion of the world. It might have been different but I felt George Lucas hand! The Pod Racing scene is still probably one of my favourite scenes ever, Duel of the Fates is amazing, the whole prequel set up I found rather interesting. I did like that look into the politics of that world.. it made the world seem so much more alive and connected.

In terms of Anime.. my picks are more slim, I am more off the opposite where I find Ghibli overrated. Anime Movies oftenly aren’t my thing. I liked Summer Wars fine, Spirited Away is good but for the most part they do not impress. But fine I shall try to name an anime Movie I like that is quite hated. I think my answer would have to be Dragon Ball Z Broly Second Coming. It is a unpopular Dragon Ball Z movie but to me.. this story made so much more sense then the first one. Seeing Goten being mistaken for Kakarot makes so much sense.. given how Broly is Established to be bothered by that. I would have liked THIS to be the first Broly movie. No Paragus no weird Vegeta plotline. Broly was a saiyan who hated Goku.. he and his father got away from the destruction of planet Vegeta.. but when Broly found out that Kakarot the source of his “mental trauma” was alive he went to earth.. he crashed their and spend a few years covered in the ice. Goten Trunks find him and the story more or less continues as such.. that would have been amazing. This movie appealed to me because I played Legacy of Goku 3 right before and discovering this side quest was based on a movie made me enjoy this movie so much more!  Also having Goten and Trunks ..who are less essential characters fight him just raised tensions! I do like this movie and it’s nice to see Videl in action as well. I quite liked I choose You Pikachu as well! That movie got a lot of hate as well.

Okay .. I am going break the tag a bit here since love triangles are complicated. In most of my examples they existed but faded away or the choice was made for a character rather by them but I’d say my answer to this must be : EVERYONE IN EVERY SINGLE VAMPIRE SHOW EVER!  Elena Gilbert should have chosen Stephan, Caroline should have chosen Klaus.Damon should be with Bonny, Sooki Stackhouse from should have picked Eric, Jessica should be with Bill or Jason or someone more plot relevant than Hoyt.  I mean sure they were cute together.. but I wanted Jessica to shine more Hoyt took that from her.  Buffy should have ended up with Angel, Cordelia with Wesely, Willow with someone like Faith and Xander with either Winifred, Dawn .. or that very shy slayer from the final season. Vampire shows rarely end up with good couples. However I can now finally say this. I think Rachel should have picked Joey instead of Ross!

Animewise,the obvious to point out is not unpopular enough, but someone clearly overreached. I think Goku should have ended with Bulma and interest was shown but never went anywhere.. but I mostly just hate chichi and how she ruined Gohan. The best love triangle I could name is Touko, Yuu and Sayaka from Bloom into you . I think Touko should have ended up with Sayaka, realising Yuu could never lover back the same way, Sayaka who accepted who she was all along got the price and Yuu could have been their friend maybe realising then there was more, setting up for a potential sequel or just let her regret it a bit. I really like Sayaka, such a strong character.

This is the same across both  anime and western media. Romance! I know Vampire Diaries has it as a sub genre and I do like Yuri shows but straight up romance, especially the straight type doesn’t do anything for me. I do not care who sleeps with who, have at it and have fun but I am never invested in that I do not mind it as a side story, but if it’s just a story if he and her will come together I do not find myself engaged. Both are mature people most of the time.. they know what is best for them, if that is each other that is neat and I am happy for them.. if they decide we do not work together I am happy as well .. if that’s how they feel they made a strong choice.

Western Media hasn’t done me wrong much lately. If I had to name a beloved character I don’t like it would be a tie between Forrest Gump and Ace Ventura. I don’t find Forrest that much of a sympathetic guy! His blindness to the world sometimes annoys me. I get he has his reasons but all events around him basically come down to the same.  His story feels incredibly romanticised to a point where I just find him really fake. His lines are to artificial just to capture some magic so in the end he has nothing real to say. Ace Ventura to me is everything i hate about Jim Carrey, his Jim Carrey method of acting might not be as bad as in the cable guy .. but it’s certainly more present. While he did okay as Dr Robotnik I find him incredibly vexing. Ace Ventura is loud, obnoxious and very unfunny. He is just a disruptor and an energy leech. His line delivery only works because it’s scripted or fits the story.. I can not see him function without the confines of a story and if he was I do think the amount of energy he costs to interact with would make me physically sick.

Kirito is my answer for anime. Man dislike as a weak word for what I feel about Kirito, I find him one of the , if not THE weakest anime characters I have ever seen. Outside the virtual world I find him an incredibly obnoxious and unsympathetic person who introduces Asuna as his “friend” clearly hurting her,, after spending so much time with her in the first game. He does not feel like a guy his age at all, his family dynamic is super unhealthy and it feels like he belongs nowhere.  In game I find him even worse. There are so many Deus Ex machina surrounding Kirito that he to me is the epitome of lazy writing. A duel wield skill just appearing.. Kirito in Gun Gale just concluding how the ploy worked out of absolutely nowhere. Excalibur and more.. The way he instantly adapts to Gungale and becomes a top tier player kills any form of tension because he has to be mister awesome. He is horrible to many of the women he interacts with, leading them on and on top of that he is super bland as well. I know that blandness is by design but i can still dislike that!

Strangers Things is one of these shows. While I watched and sort of liked the first season , I  really could not bring myself to watch the second season. I have been trying since it came out. It’s one of those things I watched because people played D&D in it and there were some D&D monsters but  it did not impact me at all. I watched it because a friend loved it,  but I never was into it when that friend stopped talking about it and did it more as a thing for herself any and all motivation to watch this show dropped for me. It has nice music and I am glad it’s set in the 80’s  cool that they use D&D stuff ..but It just makes me rather play D&D than watch this series.

For Anime I pretty much answered this with Code Geass and Sword Art Online.. but recently I had to add Tower of God to that list. Most people seem to really like that show but I found so many elements interchangeable, obviously telegraphed and the animation style was not appealing to me. It felt like a mishmash of better anime and much like Stranger Things it made me rather watch those instead. The intro was something I really could not get into , the names of all the characters I found super ugly. Like someone came up with these names during a coughing fit and just writing down the sounds he made.

Thirteen Reasons Why is a show that comes to mind when it comes to western media.  It’s that type of show I do not really enjoy and while my mental health is going up every day, I do not want to be confronted with the theme of suicide. I have very conflicting feelings about it. From agreeing to Nietzsche to great hate of the subject it swirls inside me in a storm of conflict. Watching a show like this would not sit well with me and I personally don’t think I could get any joy from watching this show, nor that there is a way to convince me that this a story that should be told. What drives a person to this act is always very different from the one committing the act as those who are involved with that person, and yet again different to that of an outsider. When that act becomes fictional those thoughts and impacts become less meaningful and do not stem from a person but from a writer, we feel what the writer writes us to feel and I think that takes away from the subject matter.


For anime it has to be Vinland Saga. Nothing of that show appeals to me. I don’t like vikings, I don’t like the whole Warrior Group people thing.  I do not like the art style or the colour pallete and the character designs all look very bland and background character or side character ish to me. They have that  filler look. When a character is designed for filler they either look to extravagant or just a bit to boring but never really nail the mark. That is Vinland for me. The whole story doesn’t appeal to me at all and no matter how many people gush about it and tell me how good it is never ever had I felt any spark of picking it up or giving an episode a try. Nor will that ever happen.

For anime I think the Jojo Anime is vastly superior over the Manga, comedy in general is usually also something i find stronger in Anime form. Konosuba has better timing in it’s animated form than in it’s written/static form. Something just require, colour sound and motion to work better and I think Jojo is the most obvious pick for me to make clear why. It offers all that stuff so much more impactful in anime form.

For books and movies.. I am going to have to say. The Lord of the Rings! I bet that will be unpopular with a lot of purists. The Movie is SOOOOO much better than the movie. The books are to long, to convoluted and to old fashioned written to be a fun read. Maybe it is because my native language isn’t English but reading the books in English makes my head hurt. It drags in so many places. The songs written in there don’t work as I can not imagine the rhythm. When I try to read it in Dutch.. it is even worse because suddenly it doesn’t flow!  Translations do modernise the language a bit which is welcome, but the books don’t always pace out that nicely. I would not call the English in the books to difficult just to archaic. It hasn’t  aged that well. The movies are  more modern and while flawed in their own way I think they have more of chance to appeal to an audience in the future. 

Now I hope I ruffled some feathers and made a few people gulp.. because I tried hard to have an unpopular opinion. Yet that is all this is. My feelings towards these products are just that.. A pink geek blogger’s opinion! She wrote bardic verse around an egg! No need to take it all that seriously!  That being said all these answers are completely sincere and not enlarged, this is how I feel. If you do not like it you will just have to deal with it. I actually think this tag is super important as we might be able to train our tolerance here a bit! I am not shallow, I do not misunderstand. These are my interpretations and I am entitled to them… just as much as you are to yours! Whatever the majority thinks has zero impact on how true these feelings are.. but speaking about your emotions…..

Time for some nominees! Do note that unlike me you do not have to do this for both movies and you can choose to go for either anime or whatever type of movies series you’d like.

I nominated Irina because I really like to see her talk about her dislikes as well! Those are a big mystery to me! Will we find out?!

I want to nominate Lyn the Otaku Author whom I haven’t visited in a while as I have been struggling to keep up on my reading due to how low my energy has been!

I would like to Nominate Iridium Eye who I know can make a very special post about this!

I also like to nominate Fred from Au Natural, he always introduces me to all sorts of new things! So maybe I can learn something from his posts again.

Finally I’d like to nominate K from K at the Movies. As I think this is the most likely one of all to create an interesting hybrid of series!

I also nominated Mari from Starting Life from Zero! She definitely got nominated first and has been here the whole time! You must have read over it if you missed it!

This nomination might have seemed camouflaged at first but it was totally there all along. Celestial Sparkles did a lot of fun things with the last tag I gave her so I totally nominated her for this!

Wooderon is also nominated because everyone using the Pokémon font on their banner must be a cool person! Much cooler than me! In order to compete I must make them speak unpopular opinions! Also if anyone asks! They were nominated all the time!

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24 thoughts on “Pinkie is being Unpopular Across the world : The Unpopular Opinions Film and TV tag (East vs West Edition)”

  1. Interesting picks! Though as a long time Tolkien fan it hurts me that so many people can’t get into the books. I get that they’re slow, old fashioned, a lot of lore and stuff… but I’ve read a lot of *really* old stories like The Odyssey and trust me Tolkien is WAY more accessible than that! 😅 I understand that might be harder if English isn’t your first language though.

    I thought I was the only one who didn’t like Code Geass… like it wasn’t terrible or anything. The beginning and ending were great! It was everything that happened in the middle that sucked.

    Stranger Things had a really good first season but went pretty downhill in S3 IMO. If you couldn’t get into the first season then you probably aren’t missing much. It’s the kind of show where your enjoyment is dependent on how much you enjoy Steven King, Stephen Spielberg, and 80’s nostalgia in general.

    You should, erm… nominate me… not like I have a lot of opinions or anything 😛


    1. Why? You should check out the post again, you have been nominated all along! You must have read over it :p

      I do agree with you that Tolkien is accessible than Odyssey, I attempted that too. I do not mind the lore in Tolkien books.. I mind the songs a lot though.

      It’s also not that I think the books are bad I just think the movies are a more entertaining product. The books do the world more justice but I dont really miss book stuff.. like Tom Bombadill in the movies.

      Geass ending I skipped too and that was fine, but yeah the middle part is meh.. and some stuff happens for no reason other than block the story from ending to soon and that completly took me out of it.

      Stranger things is one of those things that is fine and kinda appeals to me.. but I keep myself wanting to do other things more. Non stop. The only way I could go further is if I made something like my Saturday morning thing and force myself to spend time on it. It just never clicked for me.

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      1. The big issue I have with the movies isn’t Tom Bombadil, it’s that Peter Jackson added or changed key scenes just to create more conflict and drama. I guess a world war wasn’t conflict?

        The big one for me is when Frodo leaves Sam at Cirith Ungol because Gollum said Sam was stealing their food. This wasn’t in the books, and it feels super forced and out of character because A. Gollum is obviously lying, and Frodo has no reason to believe him over his best friend and B. In order to make the scene work, they have to turn Sam from merely distrusting Gollum into a full on domestic abuser. It doesn’t ruin the franchise or anything, but it feels unnecessary in a series that already has so much interpersonal conflict as it is.

        There are some other changes that bugged me, like only showing Saruman’s death in the Extended Edition of Return of the King or the whole “Arwen dying” subplot which makes no sense, but I’ve already nerded out enough haha. I do love LotR, all the books and movies, there are just a few nitpicks I have with Peej’s version that I don’t have with Tolkien’s. If nothing else, they’re all way better than the Hobbit movies 😛

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      2. On that last part we can always agree.
        I knew about the Sam thing and that sure is better in the book. I find the book more impresive but the movie more enjoyable.

        The book just requires just a bit to much effort to get trough for me. Still happy for the book though! It did a lot for my hobbies!

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  2. This was a really interesting read!

    I agree with you on Code Geass (i just couldn’t bering myself to be interested), SAO…. I’d like it more if Kirito (or as I like to call him Jesus-kun) wasn’t in it. Like, i like the genereal idea of SAO, but it shouldn’t all be focused on one guy.

    And I 100% agree with you about Phantom Menace. It’s my favourite Star Wars movie.

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    1. SAO would need to be completely repaced for me to like many plot stuff happens because Kirito can spawn skills, weapons and impossible to reach conclusions from his brain so just replacing him would not solve stuff. Accel-World and the /Hack series got my preference


  3. I understand that Tolkien isn’t for everyone and it’s a shame that the books don’t translate well from English, I know it may be because of the old English that Tolkien used at the time of writing the book 🙁 But I will agree that the LOTR movies were fantastic!!! I love rewatching them all! 😀 Though I do hate what they did with the Hobbit movies…

    I never watched Code Geass so I can’t say anything about the anime other then that I love anything that Clamp does, I was excited for it but was put off watching Code Geass as it wasn’t written by Clamp, they just did the animation only! 🙁
    As for Kirito, he needs to grow up alot!! I do find him too much of a mary sue of anime sadly, I love how he looks but hate his immaturity and how he just has to be that good at the game!!

    Stranger Things was a no go after I saw a cat get eaten, I know it wasn’t real but it really made me upset so I avoid it like the plague, it has an awesome OST though!!

    I do love reading about what you like and don’t like!! I think people shouldn’t get the panties in a twist if someone hates a show or anime that they like, not everyone will love the same things and even if we did it would make us plain and boring. 😉

    Could you…erm…please pick me?? I never did this type of thing before 😂


    1. It seems these tags of mine are appearing with a delay.. how odd! Check the post out you have been nominated!

      I liked the hobbit book over the movie.. the dutch translation is a lot better. A more managable pacing.

      The songs were still an issue because.. well the rhyme bad to be there so it had to be heavily adjusted and it made the word choice odd a lot.

      I would have loved it more if LOTR as books were just a bit trimmed. Like the while whole leaving the shire thing, when Frodo has deal with the whole deed of the house thing and all.

      The Hobbit book did not have stuff like that so to me it flowed better.

      The OST of Stranger things is great indeed!

      Glad you think we can all like our own things! I agree! I think most of Word Press does as well ..but with the internet being the way it is I had to make the statement :p

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      1. That is the worst part of the book!
        After everything they go through, coming home and it is in tatters.
        I think that is kind of a reference to the War though. You spend years fighting to prtotect your country and your friends and family, so they don’t have to go through the things you are going through, praying to somehow survive, and then you return and discover that home has also been changed and harmed too.
        It is pretty depressing, but I am sure it was the same kind of shock WWII soldiers felt returning home. The place they remembered as a haven is also up in smoke.
        I wouldn’t have minded if Tolkein had just left that part out though, or focused on the rebuilding and hopeful aspects of it all. 😛

        Ah, I forgot to mention, I love Stranger Things!!!! I can’t stand Nancy, Jonathan or Billy and I wish it would spebd less time on all three of those ones. I get Billy is necessary as a looming evil for the kids in season 2 and progresses the series along in season 3, but could we have more action than tension between characters please?
        And yes, I can be bribed by a soundtrack- I am that shallow.


  4. Some interesting picks, I do agree reading through the LOTR books pacing wise they can slow down especially in the first book in contrast to the films that just pop along at a fairly consistent pace though the directors cuts changed that a little.

    My ‘controversial’ take, I always prefered Ghostbusters 2 to Ghostbusters.

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  5. Interesting read. I don’t know why, but I always find it fascinating to get these glimpses into other people’s tastes that they feel is outside of the norm. Sometimes I find myself curious as to why they feel something is an unpopular opinion when I feel it’s the more common one.
    Like the Goku and Chi Chi one for example, I’m not sure anyone really likes her.
    Although I agree with you in terms of the Lord of the Rings movies, I couldn’t get into the books at all. Although that might have had something to do with the fact that I knew what was going to happen.

    (Also, I wouldn’t mind a nomination, not to impose on you. But I couldn’t help but come up with a ton of examples while for myself while reading yours)


    1. Why you silly goose! Check the post again! You have been nominated from the start!

      Not liking Chichi is not my unpopulair opinion though, wanting to see Gohan be the Son of Goku and Bulma instead might.. as it will completely rewrite Gohan.. But yeah I feel that character was ruined because of the wrong couple.

      Have fun with the tag! I look forward to reading yours!

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  6. This is a very great list idea and thanks for tagging me in it. I haven’t seen some of these examples you’ve mentioned, but I definitely agree with Parks and Rec as well as the romance genre. Parks and Recreation is just an Office rip-off, but just in a local government sector setting. You know it’s sad because it’s copying a show that’s an American remake of a BBC program. I never understood the hype of that series.

    I don’t mind romance if it’s not the main focus or if it’s done well, but the genre is quite boring and predictable for me. It gets even worse when it’s anime harem stuff. Just…no!


  7. *hugs* For the incredibly kind words in your introduction and as someone who also really doesn’t like Tolkien’s writing style. The last time I spoke about my dislike of his writing I had three male bloggers tell me I was wrong and two of them told me I just needed to read the books, completely ignoring the fact that I’d already stated as much. It really annoys me when people treat me like that when it comes to literature because I have a degree in English Literature and another in Art History. The second probably seems unrelated, however, as a part of it, I did a lot of art and critical theory. I could pull apart Tolkien’s work from a critical level if I wanted to, and I respect it from a critical level. I just don’t like his style of writing, and it’s not that I don’t like classics. I love Victorian literature, for example, especially horror. But as soon as you say you don’t like Tolkien’s style some fans take it personally and either judge you or find some type of excuse for why you didn’t enjoy it. It can’t just be that people like different things!

    I liked Ace Ventura when I was younger, but now as an adult I look over Carey’s roles and just see how similar they are. He’s always exactly the same and in recent years I’ve become more aware of what he’s like as a person. He just seems to be completely dodgy, sleazy and disrespectful to women among other fans. I just can’t stand seeing him in anything any more.

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    1. Thank you for the wonderful tag! Sorry for forgetting one the questions xD

      I liked Ace Ventura when I was young too but nowadays I just see Jim Carrey, I just imagine if he was real how fast I’d leave the room.

      There is some older english literature I do not mind either, though I dont read much anymore, Tolkien to me as an analogy feels as if I am playing a good but very lagging video game. I can see the good hidden in there but I stand still all the time just to jolt ahead


  8. In Kirito’s defense, I don’t think he *deliberately* leads any of the girls on (though, I haven’t seen a bit of Alicization, so, I could be wrong about something in that). But, I remain very disappointed with what they did with his character and the whole harem thing in general. Anime really needs to get over that whole thing with harems and bland, obtuse male leads.

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    1. I still remember when he and Asuna were on a date and he introduced her to shinon as “a friend”

      I can see why things are somewhat complicated but in the situation they became a couple I dont think you can really pull the “it was just a video game” card, that was their life. I only watched until Gungale when he realised how the killer worked, for no reason I had enough of him xD

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  9. This was alot of fun to read!
    I don’t expect everyone to love Tolkein, just as I don’t expect everyone to love Shakespeare, Edgar A Poe or the whole Hunger Games series. It’s a matter of taste, not intelligence.
    Kudos to you for reading through something you didn’t enjoy but with an open mind anyway- especially since it isn’t in your native language.
    Things that I love that you dislike- Tolkein (but I love the films too- agreed that the book the Hobbit is way better thab the films)
    Vikings and the whole group play. Yup! I would TOTALLY go out to spend my hard earned cash and time to roleplay all weekend long. I want to sail the same Kon Tiki path one day. Anything involving sailing and running, and just being loud in general I guess.
    Ghibli I love! I didn’t get into anime series until I became an adult- Naruto and Ghost in the Shell. Until then, the only anime I enjoyed were films. I thought they were all pornos or involved robots before then. Heheh… yup, unpopular opinion: I didn’t like Evangelion.
    I don’t like Friends or any Jim Carrey with the exception of Lemony Snicket- I love that film! Ditto on Forest Gump.
    As for romantic anime, I think you are in the popular opinion there. I think most people don’t like romantic anime.
    The Japanese take on romance in media is kind of unromantic for most cultures in my opinion- myself included. If I want to watch an actual romance, I will go to Korean dramas. If I want something that claims it’s a romance, but will go in a totally different direction, I’ll pick a Japanese drama or anime.
    I am thinking your Phantom Menace involved nostalgic brain washing. Hahahah! Naw, just kidding.
    Reading through your points, it did make me see the valuable aspects of the film. Ok, I could see wanting to become a hovercraft street racer…
    But I will never warm up to the sequel. I don’t recall a lot of political intrigue, just two kids rolling in the grass.
    As for the animes, I just haven’t watched enough anime! Ahhhh! I feel so behind!

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    1. Thank you for the big reply! I don’t like Evangalion all that much either.
      I know romantic anime isn’t all that popular if I had to name another genre I think it would be mecha. But I needed to shorten my post in a bit! It was already very long xD.
      I mostlu don’t like Western Anime.

      Phantom Menace I do watch partially trough Nostalgia goggles but I like I said before I really think it expanded a world that had been shrunken trough war.. it was a nice way to expand. Attack of the Clones is the worst prequel movie.. and for me third worse star wars movie (including the christmas special) Main line only the last Jedi made me angrier.

      Friends was all I got to watch when I was in middle school so I learned to love it.

      I don’t mind Ghibli persé I just think a lot of the movies are overhyped. Totoro for example felt kinda incomplete to me.. and I really got annoyed by the shouty kid xD
      There was stuff I wanted to see resolved but I only got in the end credits.
      When the Wind Rises I found somewhat pretentious. Then again I do not like it when a movie starts to be really artsy so anime movies oftenly are just less my thing as anime series.

      In all my D&D adventures I have never once played a warrior in games like Skyrim and Oblivion I only ONCE did a warrior like playtrough. I am always a mage, a healer or a bard, I can go rogue .. but the whole proof your valor thing is really wasted on me.
      Never played A paladin in WoW never a swordclass in in any MMO other than the Star Wars one (for the stories) I dont like God of there is a very specific culture I stay away from.

      I am weird when it comes to romance. I do not like the whole sex thing, I do not really care so movies or anime about that instantly do not do anything for me.. I look for a certain chemistry and I don’t often see that in a dedicated male/female romance shows. Weirdly enough because of that same viking thing… again..
      I get very uncomfy around Alpha Male energies. Most romance movies are about a stud or a guy becoming that and sweeping a woman of her feet.. ugh..
      Romance for me comes from talks and finding out you connect .. not trough a look and “winning a basketball game” in her name or giving up a job for someone telling “it’s always been you’ when the whole point of a movie was that it was not. Romance for me is finding that girl I want to know everything about.. who is so compatible with me that I hardly need alone time. I love my friends.. but I would not want to live with them for longer than a two week vacation or so. Romance for me is simply that friend I could go on a vacation with forever… not showing someone how hot, cool , successful or attentive you are. Yuri oftenly nails that for me. Guys ..kinda peacock in romance and I don’t like that.. just like how I do not like them Peacocking as vikings. “I die with honour cause I fought bravely”.. me be like.. You died ..while there was another solution. So yeah.. I might be to weird for some things.

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      1. Alot of that makes sense.
        Heheh… OK, unfortunately this is exactly why I love the whole Viking thing- NO way would I associate that as romantic though. Blech! I believe in showers. Hahahah!
        Naw, for the dying with honour- that was all I dreamed about as a kid. I would feast on books about Camelot, knighthood, samurai, the Three Musketeers- all of that. Traveling the world, living heroicly and dying in battle or to save someone…. that was my ambition in life.
        I always wanted to be Batman (my favourite superhero then), not to date him- that would be depressing.

        You know the more you talk about what you find romantic, the more I’m thinking you would love Korean dramas.
        Some of them (especially the newer ones) are more sensual, but ones like “Weightlifting Fairy: Kim Bok Joo” are adorable.
        My top three are “Signal” which is not great if you don’t like depressing themes or violence. It is not romantic, but suspenseful. Not to be sexist, but I usually recommend this one to guys to start into Kdramas. It is pretty emotional though, and again, deals with some pretty emotional and heavy themes, so I wouldn’t recommend it to all. It is about a radio that connects a cop in the past with a profiler in the police force in the present. They attempt to solve and/or prevent cases from happening. It all flows like a film though… which is another reason why I probably love dramas so much- they all have an ending. Speaking of ending, this one leaves you in limbo- another reason why I don’t recommend to everyone.

        Next would be “Healer” which has a terrible soundtrack in all the wrong places, but otherwise, I love it! Some parts are over-the-top, and the first three episodes are so drawn out, you will want to skip it, but it is so worth the time. This was the first drama I bought a hard copy of, and I am constantly lending it out… and relending it out. I need to buy three more copies. 😛
        It is about a courier who gets caught up in fighting some underground criminal activity that…. never mind, it is too complicated explaining this one. Again, the first episode is THE WORST.

        If you want to taste a bit of fluffy romantic dramas, I would hands-down recommend “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.” This one is an all-out highschool romance, but I was surprised to find how much I loved it. I love the friendships she has, I love her whole first crush experience, and never have I related more with a drama character than this one, even though she is so different than me.
        Korean dramas usually emphasize moments rather than the sexual undertones and overt explicitness shown in Western romances. Newer ones, again, are changing all that. But the ones from five years or so ago makes a bigger deal (as does Japanese ones) with consideration and kindness over consuming someone’s lips off.
        Out of my favourite three, I am betting that you would like the last one the most, since that one doesn’t have as much of an ‘alpha male’ vibe going on in “Healer” or the grisly themes that “Signal” has.

        My goodness, “Totoro” is my favourite- and I love the screaming in it. Hahahhahhahhahh!
        So, yeah, our likes might be verrrry different. I am always playing a fighter, or a rogue, or rather a psycho(?) in Borderlands. I have never played D&D, although I love the idea of trying it out.
        I think it depends on who would be the storyteller. I tried this one game one night with my brother and family with this book and character sheets…. I can’t remember what it was called, but it was supposed to be similar… but man it was soooo boring! It was all dialogue with so little action. I love reading and listening to stories, but I grew up actually pretending to fly with dragons, fighting pirates and bloodthirsty mermaids, being enveloped in quicksand, having swordfights, dodging evaporating lasers from aliens, running alongside wolves…. the dialogue in that book was like listening in to kids playing Barbies. My brother said that his D&D experiences with his friends is similar to that game we played in the book…. but maybe it is the way his friends play?

        But, ditto on what you said about friends. There is an old saying that “Good fences make good neighbours” No, no- not the political kind of fence that has been talked to death. Just that healthy boundaries and designated time apart makes fellowship and friendship so much sweeter.

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