Kuro’s Horror Hour Presents: Silent Horror

Hello there, its Kuro the Bartender here. Today’s special is a nice cocktail that silently brings shivers throughout your entire body.

Today’s Trigger warning is: Slight violence and light blood. 


  A thick blanket of fog slowly rolls over the cemetery, over the many headstones that seem long forgotten by time. The ground that is visible is illuminated by the full moon and starry sky. The grass is long and many weeds and vines are growing over the broken down headstones. The only noise that can be heard is the heavy breathing of a young girl who is around 16. The young girl is sitting against a headstone, holding the left side of her stomach. Blood is slowly seeping through her fingers. The girl’s face is pale and her light blue eyes are watery and full of terror.  She takes in a deep breath and looks around the cemetery. As she turns her head quickly from left to right, her long brown ponytail flips around. 

   She knows the thing is still after her, that it wants to finish her off and eat her. She doesn’t know what the hell that thing is, but it’s not human or animal. It’s a monster, it has to be. She might not have a good view of it but it didn’t seem like something that exists in this world. 

   The young girl lifts up her light blue tank top above her belly button. There are two deep gashes on her abdomen. The blood seems to be coagulating in the wound, slowing the blood loss. She winces in pain when she touches it. She wants to scream out in pain, but she can’t for two reasons. One, she doesn’t want that thing to find her. Secondly, she is unable two because all her life she has been a mute, unable to talk or make noises. 

   She lifts herself up with the headstone she has been using as cover. She winces again as pain surges through her body.  As she gets up on her two feet, she holds her breath and listens quietly. The sound of wind blowing through the trees and her rapid heartbeats is all she can hear. It’s too quiet. Way too quiet. 

   The girl starts walking across the graveyard, quickly looking all around, making sure she is alone. The fog is getting thicker and thicker as she goes in deeper into the cemetery. The only thing she can see is the illuminated gray fog. Panic starts to swell up in her again. How can she see if that thing is behind her or where she is going? 

   She picks up the pace and hurries down the unknown path. Her heartbeat speeds up and anxiety builds up. As she takes her next step, her foot doesn’t touch the floor right away. Her foot falls into a small hole and slams down. She loses her balance and falls down face first. She quickly gets up to her knees and frantically looks all around her. The foggy graveyard is still empty and void of any life besides the young girl. She struggles to her feet, a loud snap of a branch echoes through the graveyard. She jumps and starts breathing extremely hard, causing her eyesight to go all fuzzy and white. She can feel her terror wash all over her body, making it ice cold. 

   She spins in a circle to see what made the branch snap. There is nothing there besides the fog and gravestones. Her eyes dart around and then grow wide. Her jaw drops slightly and her face turns ghostly white. In front of her is a tall shadow figure that seemed 12 feet tall. It’s features are covered up by the fog. The only thing she can tell from it is that it is very tall and extremely thin. She blinks and the thing is gone. There was no noise or anything. She turns around and starts running at full sprint. From the corner of her eye she can see something beside her quickly following her. 

   An unworldly screech blast through the graveyard and something grabs her arm and lifts her up. She tries to scream but no sound comes out due to her muteness. She looks up at the unknown thing and freezes. It’s a tall grey being with smooth translucent skin, its smooth face is pear shaped and only has several eyes that are bright light blue. Its long spindly arms are tentacles with sharp claws at the end. Its long claws dig into her arm and blood leaks out. It’s eyes brighten up, lighting up the entire graveyard with a light blue light. The girl’s mouth opens and foam starts pouring out of her mouth. Her eyes roll back and her body grows limp. The bottom part of the face splits open vertically and reveals thousands of tiny razor sharp teeth. It raises the girl up to its face and bites into her head. The body twitches and blood gushes all down her lifeless body. The graveyard is all silent besides the sound of the being eating the poor helpless girl.



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7 thoughts on “Kuro’s Horror Hour Presents: Silent Horror”

  1. Well…as a lover of monster movies and tales, I can say…this one had me on the edge of my seat! Highly enjoyed it…all I can say is: bring on a sequel! 😊 And not to forget: well done!

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