Pink Girls can’t Flirt: Pinkie about Flirting

Hello Island Guests! It’s time to get up close and personal with me in this post! Today I will deal with those awkward situations in life that come with being me.. when flirting! I am so bad at it..that I might even have developed a super power. I can negate sexiness.. or even sex.. not even just myself! For this achievement my group has awarded me the title of “Group Panda”. In Dutch there is also something called Panda-Points.. which is a score you get for not having sex for extended periods of time. I racked up quite a few! Laugh at and with me today while we look at the awkwardness that is flirting.

Why do we Flirt?

First of all let me begin with a small rant on the stupid idea behind flirting. Like we flirt to show interest in a potential partner.Yet it is really awkward! If a girl likes a guy… she has to play with her hair and smile at him to give off a signal. Sometimes girls even start feeling each other up a bit.. or kissing each other teasingly to warm a guy up to them. HOW?! Why?! With my motor skills being limited motor skills for example I can’t wink with my left  eye.. which we all know is the sexiest eye to wink with if I try I look more like I am having a seizure. Then if I wink at the wrong girl a guy will come over angry and say.. are you looking at my Girlfriend. I get in trouble as I explain that she moved her hair while looking at me. Her hair was in front of her eyes.. he says! Now I have to flee!  Why can’t we use clear signals! Like a bracelet you wear in a pub, taken, available or not looking. Then maybe a colour pink if you are looking for a girl, blue  if you’re wanting to hook up with a guy and purple if you will go for either and military green if you prefer Attack Helicopters. Everyone can understand that! Or we could just wear signs! Or make an app where we check in and you can check our status!

But Noooooo! Even if we manage to convey those visual cues then it even gets more complicated because . then you need an opening line or have someone open a conversation against you.  Guys walked up to me to flirt because I had an itch behind my ear or because I was trying to read text on their shirt. What do you say when someone comes over and asks “Hey have you seen something pretty today yet, cause I sure have”. I can go like “Sure I watched Promare today that had nice visuals” but normally that will not end well. I could go like “sorry I am not interested in guys” yet then I assume he is interested in me! That seems SO arrogant. Maybe he just wants to make small talk.. those people ARE out there.  Maybe he is really nice as a person and shutting him off like that is rude. Why do we need an original catchphrase? People told me the weirdest thing and I have tried some odd lines on girls. 

Why is “Hi , I am interested in you visually, I would like to see if we match mentally as well, are you up for a conversation’ weirder to say than… “Girl you might be cosplayed as an Eevee right now.. but when I am done with you  you will be an Umbreon.. cause I am going to level you all night long”. “Be Original” to win over my heart?! That is just some weird ass gatekeeping. To show interest in a girl I can’t show interest.. no instead I have to be clever?!  Then why most girls end up with such idiotic guys?! Luckily I am a girl into girls so there is a 50/50 of having to be the one initiating.. but this seems like a weird way to deal with things regardless. I have been rejected by a girl for not using a line and instead just saying hi! I am to weird for opening lines you know!

The Awkwardness Dance

I don’t like going to pick-up bars.. you know that place where girls go to pick up girls or guys go to pick up guys. I am not going out to pick up a girl.. I want to go out just to go out.. but apparently.. you have to go out to “pull sum birds”  as Geordie Shore calls it. So when my single friends go out with me.. usually they flock away leaving me behind. So then you have to look around and see if there is someone you can make contact with. Well I live in a small town here.. most girls don’t follow my way and if they do, I might not give off that vibe as I  prefer to act feminine if at all possible. Dress that way as well. I feel like a cow at an auction..looking to purchase another cow. Once you have acquired a target you have to go to so many steps that can fail. First you gotta look appealing and get their attention. Now the one time I bought a girl a drink to get her attention I raised my glass to her and hit the booze rack on the bar, breaking my glass and getting myself covered in drink! Safe to say.. she did not really  want anything for my attention afterwards. I am physically awkward so okay no physical flirting.

There were a few times that a girl actually approached me, usually at a Con or at a party of a friend or something.For example one time my friend gave a movie party, and I knew the answers because I was a big movie buff and a geek. One girl did not need answers to a quiz but came over under the guise of needing others did as well. She began asking me about movie related things and I helped her.. just like I helped everyone else.. she was apparently giving heavy signals but since she packaged it cleverly I just assumed she just wanted my help. Eventually since I reacted so dryly to everything she believed I had no interest.. but I only found out she was interested when I was told.  Why do we flirt so secretively?!  Had she asked, so who do you usually go to the movies with?! Boyfriend , girlfriend?! I might have been cued in but no! To flirt you gotta be vague! Then when you do notice the flirting you start this weird game of doing flirts back and forth.

 The con girl was a good example.  She came and said a flirty line to me.  My friend was flirting with the Bubble Tea girl and left me alone for a bit when a girl approached me and said.. guys right?! In a flirty way.. so I said “that’s why I stick to girls” she agreed but  did not notice my hair flip. So I launched a flirty line at her, aimed at her cosplay.. She took it too seriously and began rambling on about the series. She flirted again, and I flirted back.. but neither could bend that into going to do something together.. it was like we were dancing together but none of us really led so we just stood there and threw invitations to move further at each other until both our respective friend groups came to collect us for our next activity. I searched for her later but could not find her anymore! Now I am not even sure if she was interested still despite the heavy flirting I still think.. perhaps I just misunderstood and that is why she did not ask me to go have a drink with her.. she approached me with a flirty line so I assumed she wanted to ask me for a drink?!  You should let hunters hunt right?! I really don’t get it. I am pretty sure we “danced” but it was not very effective!

Trying to Flirt

The few times I tried to flirt were even more awkward. I am not very sexual so .. the sexy flirting, isn’t really a thing I do. I am utterly and completely unable to tell if people are sexually interested in me, or when they want to get physical. I have no idea on how to tell that. I don’t tend to think that way so usually I have to flirt with humor or cleverness. This often results in me doing the “Pokedex” as I call it. In which case I see a girl do something and I “flirt” by telling her about it. “Did you know that a bowl of peanuts blabla bla”  it’s super awkward. This is why I prefer to flirt at least you know  you can talk about an anime or a game and it will invoke a reaction.In the pub I once saw a girl talk about the fact that Japanese had women on pillows you could hug and I went to her and said. Oh that is a Dakimakura. That conversation did not last long either. The pokédex rarely works and since I have such an odd sense of humor I strike out with that as well. I once even made a dead baby joke to a girl in order to win her attention… If I had a dunce cap I’d wear it right now!

Approaching girls is not for me, yet reading interest in me is hard as well.. so I once came up with a strategy I learned during German class. We had to listen to an audio cassette and tell what the german girl was saying. She was a skeeler girl who flirted with boys by throwing herself on the ground in front of cute boys! If they helped her up she would offer them a drink if they walked past she knew they weren’t worthy of her or interested. I believe in the helpful nature of people and I thought that would be cute! I could offer them a drink and we could chat about my fall and then about the drink so we would have plenty to talk about.  So one time I tossed myself on the ground in front of a girl. I landed quite poorly and knocked all the breath out of my lungs.Nearly had an ambulance called as I could barely breathe from pain. She did help me up and asked if I was alright but I was so winded I could not speak. Too much time passed and she waved my friends over to come take care of me and that I was in pain.  I later thanked her for helping me but could not start a conversation!

Another story is how my friends tried to make me flirt. So they got me very drunk on shots. So I felt bold and dared to speak to girls. I am terrified of speaking first.. due to me speaking up for myself in the past and being bullied out of my entire life for about 5 horrible years. I think way too much on what I should say or if it holds any value! Yet my friends were sure that very drunk Pinkie could flirt. Very drunk Pinkie does basically everything for a bet. People can pay me a few Euros and I will talk to everyone to win! However very drunk Pinkie goes from Greysexual to Asexual. From I would love to cuddle and hug.. to.. I dare to talk to you because I am drunk but I want nothing from you now! Drunk Pinkie is a loner. So while I do end up talking to girls , I talk about Mario Kart or Pokémon.. I am very passionate about my stories but I can’t flirt anymore! Even if girls like me and I like them .. drunk Pinkie.. mostly likes Mario Kart and Pokémon…. usually the day after I do crave for some companionship.. but drunk Pinkie doesn’t know how to flirt so she just doesn’t do it. Even if friends whisper in my ears what drunk me should say it doesn’t work as she lacks any intention to wrinkle sheets with people and just says it very wholesomely and friendly. I have made new friends like this but never landed a flirt.

Divine Intervention

I do not get the act of flirting! I feel awkward and it is not a nice way to have a conversation. It is as if a normal conversation with a friend feels like a chemical reaction. They add something and suddenly something bubbles up in my brain to talk about. Our DnD adventures, series we saw, anime characters, game characters. I am passionate about being geeky but I don’t like a lot of the mundane stuff. I am not into music, I am not into politics, I am not into trends. This makes small talk a bit harder but not impossible.. however when you add the act of flirting to it. it feels like conversations are one of those old timy cars you had to get started with this winge thing! Or a lawn mower with one of those pull cord things! I never can get those things fired up! Neither can I maintain flirty conversation. Yet my power goes beyond that I did not receive my Panda powers for nothing.

One time I went on a Holiday with friends. To the island of Mallorca , Spain. There you have a few vacation zones, The Dutch and German zones of El Arenal and the predominantly British visited Magaluf. British people have a reputation and one of my friends really wanted a vacation that meant pants pleasures.  I figured I could entertain myself with my 3ds , a book and the drinks and the beach anyway so I agreed. Yet unlike my friend one night for Arceus knows what reason.. it looked like I would get lucky. Mind you.. this is a place where people looked at the clock and said to total strangers. “Hi It’s 2AM I see you haven’t found anyone to fuck yet..wanna go back to my room?”  That sort of technique worked there.. so getting lucky is barely an achievement there. I met a really pretty girl who was heavily into me and pink and I figured. You only live ones.. let’s see where this will go

. So she took me to the dance floor and we had a dance together…she whispered sweet things in my ear and invited me to her hotel to spend the night. I normally am not inclined to do such things but since my friend constantly bailed on me.. I figured.. might as well see this through.. but then I looked at the girl and I wondered. Was her skin always that green?! I took her outside to get her some fresh air and she looked a lot better soon after. She then looked at my shoes.  She said I had nice shoes.. and then… they were not so nice anymore. The girl got sicker and sicker. I washed up at one of those beach showers and delivered the girl to her hotel and went home to have a proper shower.  At least the girl lost a lot of weight I would judge given how intense our trip to her hotel was. 

Another time I went internet dating. I can flirt a bit more and I at least know their intention when they talk to me! So I met a girl who I very much clicked with. She was a geek as well.. a bit soft core but geeky enough as well. We would eventually meet for a date but as I was traveling towards her we had a huge train black-out! I could no longer make it to the date and we postponed. The second time we actually had a date and went to eat sushi. It was nice and we matched very well. We were hinting at each other that we would be open for seeing each other more and kind of asking each other if we could end the date with a kiss. Or if we would be up for that at least. Then a very nervous waiter came to tell us that dinner was on the house.. they might have served a bad batch of squid that was mislabeled… we both had a lot of the squid sushi. I am not sure how my most successful flirting stories end up in the same way… but we felt SO horrible after that the association with each other was too weird to date from there on out. Before we could get over it she got offered a job abroad as well so she left for a long time and we just lost touch.

Then there was this girl who I met who wanted to do soft Yuri Cosplay act with me..she was into girls and wanted to do a cosplay act of Sylveon and Glaceon.. where Sylveon thawed out Glaceon’s icey heart. I only recently discovered I was into girls and she was into both.. but she was so pretty! The act made me fall head over heels for her. I had to pretend being in love.. but I ended up falling in love through fake flirting. She seemed into it too. Then one day when I planned to make my move during our rehearsal..she told me she wanted to replace me in the act. My awkward movement might cause trouble. I cried and confessed I have fallen for her and she told me she decided she would rather be with a boy instead as it would leave a better impression if I had made my move just one rehearsal before.. it might have been different.. she just had a realisation now.. so she was glad I did not act earlier because then she would have to break my heart and now she could let me down a bit easier.

So the flirt I fell for hardest was script and I ended up being written out! I guess that was the universe telling me that this is not meant for me!  Don’t mistake that for me not believing in love.. because I do.. I just have to find a girl that one day finds me and tells me she has feelings for me! I should not actively pursue this thing because Divine intervention will strike down that ambition! Why do we even have to flirt?!  My ideal girl won’t flirt with me! She will just tell me.. Okay.. so I know you will not be able to tell so here is the deal “Pinkie I like you”!
Until that day I have my 47 cats and oddly enough that is fine for me for now!

And that includes my stories with flirting?! Can you flirt yourself?! Are you as baffled at it as me?! What is the best way to flirt?! Have you been flirting with me and I have not noticed?!
What are some of the most awkward opening lines you used or have been used on you?!
There is so much fun you could leave for me in the comments so surprise me! If you don’t want to leave a comment but do want to leave a Suprise you can always support my Kofi and become a coconut! With the big move coming up any donations will go to setting up my new place and keeping the blog going when money will be a bit tighter.


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14 thoughts on “Pink Girls can’t Flirt: Pinkie about Flirting”

  1. You’re not alone with this Pinkie, I absolutely *suck* at flirting.

    Last time I actually tried…. Eh, she took it ok but I could see her interest in talking to me was gone….. So I excused myself to the bathroom to smack my forehead for a few minutes.. and when I got back she was gone… So yeah, I really don’t see the point of flirting either

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  2. You’re flirting seems way more interesting than anything I’ve ever tried I may have to try that falling down trick 🤣 I am terrible at flirting and even more oblivious when girls and guys do it to me. I once got asked out by a guy on campus. He wanted to take me to see Your Name but at the time, I literally had no idea it was a movie and I was confused because I was like he knows my name wth🥴 looking back I realized he wanted to take me to go see an anime movie because its an interest we both share. But because I had never heard of the movie, I figured it was a typo. So to cover it up, I told him we couldn’t go out that weekend because I had finals to study for (which wasn’t a lie because I actually did). Another time, a girl actually messaged me on Twitter and told me “hey I like you, this is me shooting my shot to see where we could potentially go” and she was very cute but I’ve never dated anyone before in my 23 years of life, so I tense up when both men and women try to pursue me. But I appreciate her being very direct though, because sometimes I’m very oblivious when people like me or want to be my friend. I let her down gently and told her we could be friends but she said she’d never be satisfied with us having a friendship so that was the end of that 🙃


    1. The your name story sounds really funny! I think something like that could happen to me as well! Team Oblivious for the win!

      I have a thing that I block off people who are to straight forward as well.. though usually not persé in the flirting sense.. but I once had a date with a girl who on date one already told she was very in love with me.. even though we never met or barely spoke online.. she was very into me but that freaked me out! I would like it if a girl was as honest with me as that girl you met though.. that doesn’t seem bad in the wrong way! I also had people planning when to start living together on a first date as well that was way to much! I even gave them a second chance and told them.. please not as much future talk yet.. lets take this date by date for now.. and they they started to ask me when I wanted to adopt childeren with them… I actually ran out of that date xD

      Sad that people could not just be friends! I always try to do that..usually crushes end for me and I can go for a friendship with them .

      Thanks for sharing your stories!


  3. This was such an entertaining read. What can I say…I’m 44 years of age now, and I have honestly given up on the flirting game, simply because I am not good at it, never have been. One reason way to shy, and way too insecure. Whenever I like a girl and try to approach her and say something profound I just can’t seem to form the right words out of my mouth. Frustrating to be sure, but well I guess I’m doomed to be the eternal single as much as that sucks. So yeah given up on actively searching: tried everything, dating sites, etc. But well, it just never works: love and me have never been a good match, even though I’m a romantic at heart.
    So if it still happens, nice, but well at this point I have pretty much lost faith in that 😅

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    1. I wonder why people have to say something profound..I am really baffled why! Hi there no longer is good enough! I tried internet dating and Hi often is not good enough! Asking me to be orginal .. but it feels so wooden! Like as if you are answering one of those old catch phrase competitions. I tried I failed so now I just will wait to be swept of my feet or play with my cats instead!

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  4. I normally try to read your posts in order, no real reason for this I guess, it’s just how I do… anyway I couldn’t resist the mildly salacious nature of your title on this post 😛

    Don’t feel awkward it happens to everyone! I was once approached by a guy who said… “Tell me anything!” and I said… “The universe is approximately 16 Billion years old.” 😛 , he smirked then said “So… what does that mean?” and I said, “It’s the age of the universe man.” and… he walked away! XD

    I’m Bi+Sapiosexual+… (I like all the the things + I get all hot and bothered over intelligence (bring on the super AI… your circuits are so green and shiny and you can compute Pi to a thousand places in less than a nano-second, oh baby! 😛 )), I’ve always been open to relationships with men or women but I agree that women do not tend to “pursue/initiate flirting” as directly or frequently as men do.

    I agree that putting yourself in situations with like minded people (like attending cons) improve the probability you will find your “better half”.

    This does get me thinking a little and according to:

    There are 8 701 077 (~ 9 million) females in the Netherlands (not accounting for age).

    World estimates put the number of LGBT people approximately between 2 – 4% of the total population and that should hold true (more or less) in the Netherlands as well as everywhere else (even if they are not “open/out” and so claim zero / 0% / no LGBT people) therefore… in your home country of the Netherlands there should be:

    (I’m pretty sure you use “decimal commas” to denote fractions whereas in the U.S. we typically use commas as the “thousand digit grouping separator” and I know that the SI/ISO 31-0 standard is to use spaces… so ultimately I have decided I will instead omit the grouping separators because this makes the contiguous nature of the number more obvious (at least in my mind it does) and just round to whole numbers to avoid fractions, though where necessary I will use my native notation)

    8701077 Netherlander females * 0.03 (L+B+T) percent of the female population = 261031 (two hundred sixty-one thousand thirty-one)

    But… that “lumps” all LBT people into the the “available” category but it isn’t correct because you are likely seeking a “female-bodied” individual so… depending on if you can/do include female-bodied males (trans-men) and include/exclude male-bodied females (trans-women) in your physical preferences… obviously that will change the value… also, this assumes an “even distribution” of ~1% L & ~1% B & ~1%T(~1/2 (0.5)% FB & ~1/2 (0.5) MB) comprising the “candidate” population with the remaining ~1% representing the male G population not having been included in our calculation.

    Obviously this is an over simplification because I believe I have read studies that found that the LGBT population is not an even distribution and I searched my database but I can’t recall what the approximate actual breakdown is but while it isn’t LGBT(1%, 1%, 1%, 1%) it’s not that far off so this assumption is sufficient for our back of the napkin analysis. 😛

    So, assuming that your demi-sexual self does require a “female-bodied” individual when she is being less than demi but is fine with “female-bodied trans-men”, we could adjust the equation to:

    8701077 * 0.025 = 217527

    8701077 Netherlander females * (L(0.01)+B(0.01)+TFB(0.005)) percent of the female population = 217527 (two hundred seventeen thousand five hundred twenty-seven)

    Now, let’s assume that roughly half of that group is already in a relationship thereby removing them from the “dateable by Pinkie” category.

    217527/2 = 108764 (one hundred eight thousand seven hundred sixty-four)

    That’s a lot of potential dates Pinkie and surely your Mrs. Pinkie is among that lot!

    If you were to go on one date every day with each of these women only once, it would take ~298 years for you to date them all!

    Without a doubt that is still too many! 😛

    So, clearly there is room to start getting a little “choosy”!

    You could add things like “Is fine with you being demi” and even “Likes/Tolerates” Pokemon or even “Loves” Pokemon! 😛

    It’s just that every “pre-requisite” that you add WILL reduce the population of potential dates.

    The thing is, how many dates does it take to find the “right one”??

    Personally, I don’t think there really is a “right one”. Maybe there is a “right five” or a “permissible twenty eight” and possibly thousands of “just kinda’s”.

    What I mean is, any significant other you find yourself with will have flaws. She will not be perfect. She will likely do things that annoy the crap out of you at times.

    You will see each other at your worst because you will probably live together eventually due to the convenience of not having to schlep your toothbrush back and forth!

    The truth is there is no “Mr./Mrs. perfect” only someone who wants to make you happy and will hold your hair our of the toilet when you are sick and puking and who you will return the favor for.

    In my opinion, finding a “life partner” is less about flirting and “sexy stuff” which can be fun but are ultimately just “evolutionary hold overs” resulting from the “biological imperative”, than it is about finding another mind you are compatible with.

    My advice, put yourself in as many situations and places where you are having a good time and you know there are other girls seeking girls and then start talking to them.

    Eventually… you’ll find a girl who wants to continue the conversation so much that she’ll just follow you home and you don’t mind… then just feed her and entertain her because you found a friend for life.

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    1. I found this answer adorable!
      So I had to respond rather soon!

      It is not like I am desperately searching for Mrs Pinkie, in fact I am fine with being alone as well but in my group I always have a bit on a spinster reputation..and a recent fumble on the flirt side inspired me to do this post!

      I was under the assumption that our whole universe was in a hot dense state and the 14 million years ago expansions started… and all that jazz

      I would actually be facinated to hear that it is two billion years older.

      I did have you pegged for a Sapio-Sexual at least, wasn’t sure if you would be hetero , bi or Pan, but the Sapio I think really showed 😛

      Finding a life partner should not be about flirting but I have a few of those “white picket fence friends” who want me to settle down and adopt kids and all that because that is what normal people do!

      I just don’t get the normal social procedure and can’t really get into that one myself. It is not being me!

      It is nice to hear of all my date potential and I live super close to the belgium border and have connections there as well. I also live close to the german border and speak enough german to talk to them a bit and I am willing to migrate if I ever would happen find a rich girl offering me an all expenses paid life! Of course she will be held to higher standards than one I would not have to give up anything for but that is only fair!

      I medium.. (I once got tricked into visiting one thing i can only describe as stereo typical female con and I won.. a free reading xD) they told me I would fall in live with a foreign person who would help me out of my financial trouble…
      I asked them if they were some sort of ugandan prince and if I had to wire them 5000 dollars to they could get their millions back and she did not like that!
      But who knows the prohecy is out there!

      I just have to hope they will confess to me rather than I to them.. because If I have to use words… things will go south very fast! 😛

      I might start finding a team to design that app I want.. check into an event/pub/festival/con with the app and a small photo that can be searched and you can say “IS looking for love + whatever gender or Is not available.. or Is not in the mood tonight ..try again tomorrow ” or whatever! I think it will revolutionise dating and I will get rich .. .but now the idea has been put in the open… I might have lost that shot ..

      Again though not sure if I am actually looking, I just thought it would make for some fun content. I think the whole flirt etiquette is quite strange and most who responded here can’t seem to flirt either!

      Your explanation is a great example of the Pokédex Flirt Technique when I use it though only I use it for actual flirting xD

      Thanks for making my day better with this amazing comment though!

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      1. Well , I hope you had your green bean salad, and that everything is okay! Glad to see you back as always though!


  5. Dw pinkie, never been good at it either, mainly bc whenever I listen to myself I feel rlly “bleh” about myself. I can’t say I’ve flirted irl since I apparently give off creepy vibes due to my tired eyes 😅.
    But flirting has more often failed than succeed, so Dw about feeling awkward about it!👍

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    1. I think most people will have more fails than success stories ..cause if you find someone you don’t need to flirt al lthat much anymore!
      I just think it is kinda weird how humanity as a whole goes about it with weird fake sounding lines and having to be witty rather than state interest you have to be topical for some reason and subtle xD I just don’t the need for that :p But thanks for sharing! Glad to hear I am not alone in this !

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  6. *raising my hand* I am a former exotic dancer-who cannot flirt. Well, I’m somewhat more successful with women, but with men all hope is lost. We end up talking about cars. Really. Or gaming, or drinking, or politics and current world issues (I kind of had my own group of guys who bought me drinks because they actually found it interesting to TALK to me) or…the other women in the bar! Yes – yes – often. Then they say, hey, if you hook up with her will you share? I’m still serious. Some of my bosses and co-workers tried very hard to explain to me that men don’t usually like women who are smarter than they are, and could I please dumb it down a little? To which I could only say…uh…which did make me come off a bit dumb. I just had to be me. And if me was smarter than you, well that’s okay, you can still tip me… (because seriously, probably every woman in this bar is smarter than you)

    Actually, at a lot of alt-sex conventions here in the states they do sell buttons and everyone wears a selection that say things like “bi-sexual” “looking” “not looking” “submissive” “dom” and so on so that you really can walk up and read someone’s buttons and know if they are even open to flirting. Or one night stands. Or threesomes. Personally, I find that a very sensible way to do things. I am perfectly capable of dealing with “I find you sexy as hell. Do you do girls?” as an opening line, I’m just very direct that way.

    But yeah, I never could flirt. I can flirt back okay usually, unless the one who started flirting says something so painfully bad that I can’t resist the snark. Like “Why are you a woman jockey, those horses feel good between your legs?” to which I replied, “Probably better than you would”. At that particular bar my friends and I had actually purposefully spread the word that I was a female jockey (which at the time I was – well, exercise rider) because they had a reputation in that area to be dykes and we thought it would keep some of the more ick male factor off of me. Clearly not working, eh?

    I can see the appeal of flirting, really I can. I’ve known a few people who were exceptionally good at it – like it was an art form for them. But me? My mind goes blank and I end up asking if they like auto racing… or horses… or girls. ROFL

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