Kuro’s Horror Hour Presents: The Hidden Village of Mirstone

Hello there, it’s Kuro the Demon Bartender here. Today’s special cocktail is one that will drive you into madness and have you stare up into starry sky.

 I have heard that there is a village that lies beyond the forest that is hidden from the most folk. A village that very few people have visited nor want to visit. It is the village of Mirstone. I’ve heard the people there are mad with some sort of sickness. The people of the city warn others not to go there, since people who travel up there never are heard of again. As an author looking for a good book to write, this sounds like something that would help me come up with a creepy tale. A hidden village full of madmen would be a fun piece to write. But alas, i have no way to find the village. No one is willing to tell the directions of this place. And any questions asked of it, l receive the most heinous of looks and looks of fear from the people of this city. As if this village is cursed or taboo. The only info I got was that it is east of this city deep into the woods. There is no dirt road that leads to the village, you must travel by foot for half a day to reach this place. A village with no roads seems ridiculous to me. How does such a place exist in this day and age? Motor vehicles have taken over horses and carriages, how does a village survive without roads? Does it not get its supplies from the city that is by it or is it self reliant? This town sounds like a myth or some made up tale that people have made up to scare travelers like myself to stay out of the woods. I have also been told that at night, there have been sightings of bright blue lights glowing deep inside of the forest. But that seems very unlikely. No such thing is possible. 

   I gather a bag of supplies from the general store and I head off into the forest early in the morning. As I trek through the forest, I admire the trees and beautiful nature that surrounds me. The deeper and deeper I go, the fresher the air seems compared to the smoggy air of the city. The sounds of chirping birds and the wind through the trees relax me. It has been four hours of hiking and I have found something startling. There are many trees that have carvings of a formation of eight circles in the shape of a half hexagon. They are all over, as if they were a religious symbol. Thousands of these carvings are scattered through this area. As I continue my journey east, my blood turns more and more cold. More and more cravings are found on the trees but now there are new kinds. Ora in deos is inscribed on the trees along with the eight circle patterns. Pray to the gods it translates to, but what gods? Is it some kind of cult? What the hell am I getting into? I travel for another three hours, regretting it every minute as I find more and more carving into the trees. I stopped my trek as I found something truly disturbing. On a tree, a message is inscribed, This is the realm where the Tall Ones walk. I have no idea what it means and I wish not to know. It makes me very unsettled. But it means that I must be close to some kind of life. I travel for another two hours through the creepy forest of cravings and see buildings in the distance, poking through the trees as if they were hiding. As I was about to pick up my pace, I noticed something very odd. The forest is making no noise, and as I think about it, I haven’t heard any noise for the last couple of hours. Ever since I saw that message about the Tall Ones. My mind trembles at the thought of that. 

   As I rush into a clearing of open space, I enter the village. But I wish I never did, I wish I had stayed in the city. This whole trek was a bloody mistake. Nothing could have prepared me on what I just witnessed. It is of utter madness and Hell. 

   The eight circle pattern is dug all over the floor. And in each hole is a body of a person with their head split open as if something large bite it open. But that’s not the worst part. Each person was smiling, with some kind of foam coming out of their mouth. These bodies seem fresh and as if they were neatly placed in the holes, all facing the same way, looking up to the sky. I run to the middle of the village and see that the symbols are everywhere. And there are new ones. Etches of tall pear headed being with the eight circle symbol for eyes with long tentacles arms. The phrase Ora in deos is written everywhere with that damned eight circle symbol. And a new word is found, Thezl’kroz is also written amongst this madness. The sun is setting and I can not hike back to the city. So I run inside one of the buildings, hoping to find someone and to escape the horrors of the bodies and the smell of blood. But no such luck. The building is empty and on all the walls those damned symbols and phrases are written and etched. I shout out loud to see if I can get a response, but only silence returns my calls. Everyone in this hellish village is dead. 

   My heart beats in my throat and my blood is ice cold. Seeing all these symbols and phrases is driving me mad. I look out the window and see that the sun is almost gone. The village is getting dark. I find a lantern and light with a lighter I’ve been carrying on me. Luckily it lights and it illuminates the building. It seems like it was a house. There is a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. I check the kitchen and find food that seems fine. I eat it, in spite of not having an appetite from all the horror and madness I have witnessed. As I finish my meal I lie down on the bed and hope to sleep till morning so I can leave this hellish nightmare. Only like two hours pass as I wake up to the sound of ungodly screams. The screams blast through the forest and my ear drums. I run to the window of this abandoned house and see the most terrifying sight in my entire existence.

    Tall grey beings that must have been twelve feet or taller walk out of the forest. They have large pear heads with eight eyes that are exactly like the symbols that were carved everywhere. Their eyes are glowing a light blue color. Their grey skin is translucent and they have long tentacle arms that end with long sharp claws. There must have been like thirty of them. They silently walk to the center of the village and form a giant circle. Their eyes glow extremely bright and there is a slight humming noise. The bodies in the holes start to float in the air, floating higher and higher, above the tall grey beings. The humming gets louder and louder. The stars in the sky get brighter and seem to start to circle around the full moon. The stars spin faster and faster around the full moon. Then the moon opened up and a being came out from it. Clear slime drips off this monstrous being, falls miles from the sky and lands with thunderous splats on the trees and crashing on the roofs of the homes. The bodies, oh god the bodies float higher and higher and that damned monstrous being eyes glow brighter than the spinning stars. Its head that covers the damned sky opens up vertically and shows billions of sharp teeth as big of mountains. The bodies keep floating higher and higher where they float up into its giant mouth. As the bodies float inside of the things mouth, it closes it slowly and a waterfall of blood rains down onto the floor and the tall grey beings. 

   I ran away from the window. My heart beating in my throat, I ran to the bed where my belongings were. I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote a message on it: 

   To anyone who reads this: If you are reading this letter in the day, get the hell out of this village. Even if the sun is setting, leave right now. There are horrible beings that come out of night. They are not from this world. I have witnessed a truly horrible thing. Something that no man or woman should witness. Do not stay here at night. Please leave this village immediately. The village of Mirstone is a cursed village where other worldly beings live. The tall ones live here.

  • Daniel Stanford  

    I lay down this not on the bed and go through my bag and pull out a knife. I take in a deep breath and put the tip to my neck. My mind is broken and my soul tells me that I should take my life. I will never get this out of my head, it will forever be ingrained in my mind. I can still feel that damned humming through my body. Those eyes are burned into my retinas. All I can do is take my life. This is the only way I can find solace in my life. I thrust the blade into my neck. I feel my blood spurt out and my body slowly turns cold. My sight goes darker and darker. I can feel my life draining from my body. A loud sound of the wall crashing down next to me causing me to jump with the little bit of life I had left. One of the tall being’s head peaks through the collapsed wall and stares at me with its glowing eight eyes. I can barely feel its tentacle wrap around my dying body. As I fade more rapidly, one thought enters my mind. Ora in Deos.

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    1. Thanks Senpai! I am happy to have my STAFF members! Now all I need is a Receptionist and a Chef and I think I am good in the fictional job department! But with these 3 champions I have now I will already go along way 😀

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  1. Hmm…I don’t know why, but I would love to see this village for myself despite all that was said here😅😅😅🙈🙈🙈 Maybe it’s because I like horror so much! 😅😅😂😂
    Great story! Really enjoyed reading it😊

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