How Pink is Pinkie’s Home?! My new Home Tour!

Hell once again my dear Island Guests! Most of you may know that I recently moved into a new place! A better place! However I bet a lot of you wonder… IS it a PINK place! …Well today I decided to let you find out by giving you a bit of a virtual tour down my new home! I need to wait for my vacuum-cleaner to arrive before I can drill holes in my walls to hang up most of my paintings though!  so far only one got done! 

<Disclaimer> Some parts might be blurred out or editted a little to prevent people from being recognisable in my art/pictures.  <End of Disclaimer>

The Dining area and Entry

I am not showing my basement, shared garden and other shared locations with you guys because .. I can not really make that my own so it doesn’t really tell you anything about me!   So we go straight to my apartment and as you enter the door you might notice something straight away. I do not have pink walls.   Later on I might want a pink wall somewhere but for the time being I decided to live in a white apartment.  There is a couple of stairs in my apartment which makes painting that wall pink a hassle..  and other walls I will wait till I know a bit how the light makes things look! For now all walls are white to keep things nice and spacey.. as I do like crowded decorations. Right at my door I built a little go station!
A cabinet for my keys, face masks and other disinfectants.. a small bag for my groceries.. disguised as a pink little pig, a trolley for heavier groceries and of course a pink little umbrella for when it rains. There is also air freshener there.. which of course is in a pink little container. There is also a pink travel brush in there, to tidy up my hair after a windy walk or comb everything a bit loose to go to the store after a day of laying on the couch! I also have a unicorn on my keychain that features some pink! All in all.. a not that pink entryway

By taking about one step ahead, you will step into my dining area. It is a simple Ikea Diner table with four chairs called Thomas. I forgot the table’s name but I gave them different names. The table is called Tamara Table, or Tamara for short and the chairs are called Percy, Gordon Henry and James. Percy and James being the chairs furthest from the wall and the ones I tend to use the most for now.  Gordon and Henry will see use in a little while.  Tamara is decorated with pink Placemats and some white and pink plastic flowers as well as a little pink jar with light! Normally there are also pink scented candles on there.. but the white ones came with a meal I ordered.  The stone chalice is something I got a castle party my uncle threw  for his companies 25th birthday.. I got drunk a lot that day.. so now I use it as a candle burner that reminds me to  not over indulge. There are gray cushions on my chair.. because as you will see black grey and pink will be a theme. On the wall is a big painting that holds some posters from Japan and a promotional poster of the first blog I ever joined and what introduced me to the geek community! Of course that blog no longer exists and I edited it out of the image.. it is a big life changer for me though so I display it there for me!

The pink intensity begins to pick up as soon as we reach my window! While it is not showing right now there are pink roller blinds that I can put down if I want to avoid peeping eyes! Then there are more pink flowers on my windowsill and another of those pink light pots! The whiter flowers are in pink pots and there is a ute little pink light I turn on at night if I want a cosy atmosphere. Then there are two painted wine bottles my friend  Bean made for me! Of course they feature a heavy dose of pink.. with some sky blue for some colour variation. The view is your run of the mill street 

The Living Room

 Next we go and take a peek in my living room! Let’s focus on my coffee table here and my  tv cabinet. The Table is from my old home.. It is called Lak from Ikea and I wanted it in Wenge as this one came from my old apartment and is a bit damaged by years of it being the only table I could use.  However Lak Wenge was sold out so for the time being Lakitu is still with me.. he will be replaced by a darker variant however sometime soon!   Lakitu will most likely move to the ready other side of the ready cabinet to function as a sort of shoe shelf. The tv cabinet has loads of decorations. Including my figurine of Lala from To Love Ru, many Board games and a small selection of pop figures.  My favourite one is Bob Ross with Racoon.. or as I call it Pop Ross.  My consoles and board games are all there as well. Also yes I do have a pink background and theme on my laptop!  My windows bar and mouse pointer are also pink!

Then we have my couch Hugo. I bought Hugo from the original owner of the apartment and we have been best friends ever since.  I put a pink fuzzy blanket over Hugo so when I am laying on the couch I just can grab Blanche the Blanket and wrap myself like a Burrito with pillows. Howard the Duckslipper is a two foot slipper I usually wear  to keep my feet warm.  My floor is a bit creaky so I prefer to walk with fluffy slippers or barefoot. Howard is there for those barefoot moments!  The window behind Hugo is decorated with Sake glasses and sake containers as well as a Budha.. I used to have Budha sit next to my Mani Neko on Steve the Tv Cabinet ..well I mean they sat next to each other in my old house.. but they are split up now, yet the two did not get along and gave off a strange now they feel much better.  Budha also has two mini charms next to him and a scented candle in one of my favourite scents for winter. Apple Cinnamon. My second favourite is wild berry.. which is a pink candle! I also have a pink gold clock which since has been mounted but hey I write these early and did the prep work early!

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the hardest rooms to pinkify! Yet  I think I did a pretty good job! i have mostly pink dishware, I have pink dishware, pink dish soap, pink sponges, a pink brush for my dishes and Pinky from Pacman is on my improvised little bar! Right now I do not have a bottle of Rosé to put on there as I am more of a Red Wine person.. but I have lots of Sake and some other products. I also have a peach wine..but that turned out a lot more orange.  Other than that it is a bit of a regular kitchen. I have a white board my friends like to draw on but I use mostly as a daily planner. There is a little cabinet that holds tools, cleaning stuff, medicine and other stuff.  On top are some paper plates, paper cups and bowls used for a spontaneous party!.. Not that those are relevant these days.. but hey I had a lot of disposable stuff left over from living in boxes.. now when I really want to keep stuff clean they can come in super handy!  I have a neat little table shelf that I use for an oven and microwave and I have a combi thing that might be broken! I am not sure! There is now a blanket on my fridge.. because.. I wanted it in my freezer!

Frankie the Freezer is a bit sad as he had to leave his friend Coolio behind in the old apartment. Now I have one of those.. build in cabinet fridges.  I haven’t bonded enough with it yet to give it a name we are close.. I think it feels more femine and happy than Coolio. I am thinking to name her Chrissy.. but that might still change. The kitchen has a lot of extra storage space so there are a lot of things not really belonging in a kitchen as well.. such as my collection of big shoppers, all my cleaning supplies and my non electric tools.  That way they are always at hand when I need them without me having to climb the stairs or exit the apartment or exit the apartment! I also have some dog treats here for my landlords Pomeranian Bobo! He is adorable! … Not my Landlord.. but Bobo!

There is more kitchen to behold as I skipped a whole other corner.. but there is a LOT of things I have there with some personal info so Imagine a kitchen dresser, with a black supply shelf.. with some pink jams sitting on top. A White Board with a drawing of a cheeky girl and my appointments and some notes.. my little ledger and stuff like that!

The Bathroom

I did not have the budget for pink bath tiles but if you go upstairs in my apartment you can go to either my bathroom done in an anthracite floor tile with white glossy wall tiles. I have a little wall build with some glass blocks that contain my shower with flappy doors. In front of my shower is a pink little rug and inside is my pink unicorn sponge and of course some pink showergel.  I dry myself off with pink or anthracite towels with matching washcloths at my sink for some make up removal and minor fixes.. and of course I have a pink toothbrush that is sitting in a pink container. The rest is mostly white furniture .. to match my laundry machine and dryer. There was no pink toilet rug so we went with a grey one.. because Ikea sucks when it comes to having matching sets!  But since my colours in house are pink black, white and grey.. it still works.  There are two little garbage bins in baby blue in the bathroom which are just hand me downs but I will replace them whenever I encounter something better… no rush though!

There isn’t to much more to tell about my bathroom, there are a lot of pink close in my hamper. The unicorn sponge is called Crenshaw. Crenshaw the cleaner. My Washer and Dryer were a hassle and a half to get up there. I lack the physical strength to achieve such a feat so I had to pay some people a bit extra to carry it up! Then we found out the dimensions printed on the box were wrong and the washing machine would not fit. So I had to take out a door, and the lifting people had to do some sort of tumble shenanigans! However I am super happy with my bathroom! It is one story up from my other rooms.. aside from the bedroom. Which means I can take late night showers without worrying that I wake people up! I will fall down the stairs one day because I showered to hot and got dizzy.. or I will slip!.. I know I will but if I fall correctly I can land or Hugo!.. I need to nudge myself off a wall first though!

The Bedroom

Finally the bedroom! I have a single one, but that is enough for little old me. The bedroom is easily the pinkest room in my house. Pink rugs, pink bed linnens, pink plushies, pink lights, pink figures such as Halloween Chan and a Pinkie Pie toy! Of course my unicorn neckpillow Sir Ebi Neckjoy is there as well.. because muscle spasms often cramp up my neck and back. So I have a whole nightstand filled with electronic heating lights, massages and other stuff. Yet Ebi Neckjoy is the easiest tool to use. I fairly reguarly cramp up when I get stressed and it can make sleeping hard but with sir Ebi Neckjoy it all isn’t that bad. I have a very simple bed but I like that. It isn’t overly large so I don’t feel lonely and I can squirm around plenty! I might get another one day but I like the fact that it is is a simple white one, it matches well with my Kalax Ikea cabinet. It is the home for my plushies and handheld games! I put my Wii U in the cabinet as well because I gave away most of my books. I read them and would not read them again.. so it kinda felt like weight I did not want to take.. resulting in an empty cabinet. Old consoles solve first world problems!

One of my most precious possesions is my Sylveon rug! A friend gave it to me and I love the stained glass look.. even if the pokeball has some weird discolouration! The Pink Parasol was from a Yukata cosplay I did for a con once. It was amazing and fun and it looked super cute to walk with it besides my friend. There is lots of shelf space which holds my power tools, the boxes of my figures and consoles I want to save. Now I have two power tools. A Bosch Ixo and a drill I found somewhere that still worked. Offscreen there is also a cabinet for my linnens, and a closet that holds my iron and ironing board. It also holds my suitcase if I ever will end up going on a vacation again. Then there is a big two door closet that holds all my clothes. On top of it and underneath my bed are my purses, hats, and other stuff. Some weird stuff I have are a Tommy Wisseau Football and a little parrot plushie I rescued from the trash. I have a small box of memorabilia and lots of it are unwanted toys I rescued! So I bet that in a while my Bedroom will look like a lost toy orphanage.

Now as some time passes I want to upgrade my home a little bit! In a corner I want to put a little desk with maybe a pc instead of a Laptop! For a bit more of a focused blogging workspace. As well as a tool to potentially expand into YouTube or other endeavours. So this has now become our new coffee project! If you want to support the evolution of Paradise, please consider supporting my Ko-Fi! You will become a Coconut, which will provide you with a coconut avatar with it’s own bit of lore, a link of your choice, for example to your own website and you will always be nominated for all my blog tags by default. If I do more give-aways all Coconut entries will also count double!

Thank you all for reading this blog and I hope to see you all in the comments! Let me know what I should make pink next! Do you think I do have enough pink stuff? Do you name your tables?! Let me know!

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16 thoughts on “How Pink is Pinkie’s Home?! My new Home Tour!”

  1. Well, thanks for giving us this great tour of your house! The place looks absolutely terrific, that’s for sure, and I love how you decorated it up till now! The bedroom especially looks amazing, but then again all the rooms look nice! Glad the place is so to your liking, and am really happy that you have finally found something this nice! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A fair few things have changed around the house again already but overall it is a good impression of how things are now xD I am already slowly bleeding in christmas deco, mostly because it’s here now and I don’t have to put it away that way xD but well also because we can use all the comfort we can get these days.

      Thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot! I really love my Sylveon Rug as well I plan to get all Eevolutions again. I had a lot more but I had to give a lot up when I moved into my previous smaller house now I can expand again 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The Sylveon Rug is in a series of all Eevolutions, all of them have amazing design, the Eevee one itself is pretty good and they aren’t all that expensive either. I got mine as a gift but I would have most likely gotten it myself by now!

      Given that I could put my last home in one photo this one easily wins. For the first time in a long time I experience it as cosy so I am over the moon with my new house!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Meg! Thank you! Sorry for replying so late! The comment was stuck in the spam filter on a high influx of spam days!
      Much appreciated though! It means a lot coming from you! I really love what you do with your place!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for a tour of the new Pinkie Palace! It is so nice! Lots of light! Lots of room! Lots of pink! So you! I love how everything is named. Hubby and I name almost everything and i always wonder if that’s really weird, but I don’t care, we do it. I think it’s an expression of love for them. And loved things always do better. Blessedbe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Summer I never saw you reply to this post! I do name everything I “bond” with….
      To an extend I do believe everything has a “spirit” if we imagine it having a name or personality .. it might be actually a personality in some sort of reality/alternative plain .. and maybe me imagining it is not me making something up.. but receiving an idea from elsewhere.. to get to know things. Maybe I am imagining it.. but in a way it comes to live then as well.

      When I was a kid, Mom would always make objects talk if I did not want to .. sit on my chair…she’d put on a sad voice and say .. Please Pinkie .. Sit on Me.. and that kinda stuck.. items can bring us a lot of joy so a name is a good way to appreciate them! And yes I do think if I name my new fridge Chrissy she will remain with me for longer before she breaks down!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We name vehicles, computers, phones, toys of course (like the 100+ plushies), but not generally furniture and kitchen gadgets are iffy. As a “car guy” I have no doubt cars have souls and personalities (and by extension, trucks, RVs, boats and so on) and the more time I spend with the electronics the more I am sure they are magic as much as mechanical and therefore obviously have a soul. Since I believe that gratitude and love create a beautiful life, then it follows that loving and feeling grateful to “things” makes them better. We are all star stuff. We are all vibrational waves. Some slower than others, some faster, and with varying levels of self consciousness. Besides, The Velveteen Rabbit was my most favorite story EVER.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I have Geneve Luckybutt to hug in my sleep!
      I would want a person to hug or at least an animal so just a shape would not do for me!
      I don’t really want lewd stuff on my bet though so I can’t do most Dakimakura either! And to make one of myself and then hug it seems a bit too narcisist for me!

      Liked by 1 person

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