When Four Fish Beat Pokémon Sapphire

Hello Island Guests! Normally I don’t really do “news”  updates posts anymore! Yet last week a story happened in the world of Pokémon that is too fun not to tell! It might not be my most insightful post in the topic but with this post I will tell you how a fish beat Pokémon Sapphire. I might be wrong on some details because the stream was in Japanese and did not gather a huge audience. This information is a bit scarce or “google translatish ” So if you happen to be an expert on the subject.. let it be known that this is just an account from what I heard and experienced myself.

Pinkie?! How can a fish play Pokémon?

Well it all started in June when a YouTube channel named the Yutekimaru channel started streaming images of a fish swimming above what look like a strange sort of control scheme featuring several game boy advance button commands and what seemed to be Pokémon Sapphire.  It turns out that this fish, which is called Maurice and his friends already had been swimming in this tank for over 700 hours beating the first two gyms. Now let it be known that the version of Sapphire being played here is modded. Because of the fact that this translates very poorly I have no idea what exactly has been changed with the mod, but I would assume it takes complicated tasks such as activating hm’s away from the fish and it would cut down a tree and surf even if it doesn’t have the right pokémon.  Again.. I am not sure but that’s what I would do.

Because of how the stream only started SEVEN HUNDRED hours into the gameplay a few details were sketchy. And given that the stream itself lasted for 3185 hours still ..it is very hard to find a reference point on how something works exactly. It somehow managed to get a full team of 6 pokemon, beat all 8 gyms and even make its way through victory road and fight the elite four. All by random button inputs. It’s a lot like Twitch plays Pokémon.. just less chaos.. but also no sentient brain. It is completely random button inputs! But yes.. After many many hours of streaming the fish took down the champion.

That sounds kinda cruel to animals Pinkie?!

Actually it wasn’t that bad, the fish were allowed to go to sleep whenever they wanted, the keeper would swap them out if they looked tired or too confused, and several times during the stream he has made quality of life improvements for the fish based on crowd feedback.  For example the tank he used has increased in size since the start of the game when people commented the tank/fish ration was kind of wonky.   Evidence that emerged afterwards showed that Maurice and his friends were all doing really well and were quite happy little fish. People commenting would immediately have their comments validated and Maurice and friends were given proper treatment… the only one who was cruel to animals was Maurice!

You see Pokémon are animals too and Maurice hounded wild encounters down like it was nothing! It kept encountering so many new Pokémon that by the end he was nearly 20 levels stronger than Steven’s ace pokémon. It has hunted so many Pokémon that the Fish Squad encountered not ONE but THREE shinies!  Let it be known that I have been playing Pokémon ever since I was twelve years old.. and for 21 years now ( I am still 21 by the way)  and I have only encountered TWO shinies.  (Not including Shiny boosted fan games) .  The game Maurice played had NO increased shiny rates. So the chances of him encountering a shiny are 1 in 8195 or something close to that number

Meanwhile both shinies I have encountered so far in my life have been with boosted shiny rates. Counting all hours I have spent over all Pokémon games in my life, I think I would most likely have played over 3000 hours of Pokémon myself… well or something close to.Yet Maurice has more shiny luck then me!  Reee!  What is worse is .. A fish isn’t good at capturing a Pokémon. It is a miracle if he can catch anything.. so yeah when he faced the shinies.. he immediately killed them.. or even worse… he ran away. Shiny Zubat, Shiny Aron and Shiny Zigzagoon have all been passed that way… and to make it even more painful.. Shiny Crobat.. the evolution of Zubat is one of my favourite Pink shines ever.. and Shiny Aron is one of my favourite non Pink shines. ……

Wait Pinkie are you Salty at a fish?!

What… n-n-no! Baka! I would never.. it is just a dumb fish.. it just got dumb luck you know! Now  drop it or I will wack you with an aquarium or something! Baka! … Now if you are familiar with Pokémon.. you may notice something about the encounters i described.. these are all early route Pokémon.. and yes that is right.. all of these were encountered within 200 hours from each other……….Now I know I put more hours into pokémon than that!  With no shinies captured the squad moved further through the game. While the fish isn’t exactly setting any speed running records there is something that the aquatic creature did that NO ONE before has done in the game. That is right.. the fish accidentally discovered something NO one has ever managed to find in Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire.

Maurice and Pals discovered a stone duplication glitch.. that since seems to have been confirmed to be actually in the non modded version of the game as well…. Maurice.. is the first “person” in the world to discover a Stone Duplication glitch, in which a rock you roll around with strength instead of moving to the next tile stays in the tile it used to be in.. while creating a duplicate stone.. on the tile where it is going. This of course broke the puzzle and Maurice was stuck.. but it also caused the glitch to be acknowledged. So not only is Maurice the first fish that beat Sapphire.. it is also the first fish to find a “game breaking” glitch and will probably be marked as the one discovering the glitch… and it has encountered more shinies then me! How friggin unfair! Roughly around 2000 people followed it’s adventures near the end…so he even has more followers than me… 

How can a Fish beat the Elite Four?!

Well it wasn’t easy!  It took Maurice and friends roughly 16 attempts to have a winning run but the way Maurice beat the game is incredible…. he beat the game with a Water Type. Walrein was the victor! It chose Torchic as it’s starter so as far as I know there were little shenanigans on that front. There was also a Tentacruel and a Mightyena on the team.. and a Swellow I think so it wasn’t even that great of a team.. but by overleveling the first aquatic pokémofans managed to sneak on through!  Maurice’s strategy was to spam Iceball , a move that repeats itself and gains in strength. Perfect for such a randomiser.. While it seems too powerful of a move for Maurice to put on  this Pokémon himself.. he still managed to select the move and defeat all of Steven’s monsters in a perfect string. Right before that toxic ended the fish run… but yes a fish beat Pokémon with a water type. It feels so unreal to say.

Regardless of how much help the fish may have gotten, in the end it did manage to beat the game and do something quite unique. Depending on  if the 3185 hour mark is full game time or steam time, accounts differ a bit on that, that total amount of hours made it so that Maurice and his three friends needed 10x as much time to beat the game as Twitch plays Pokémon.. which already was pure chaos. If you have seen ANYTHING about that game  you know how much that game did NOT move forward. How much things did not pan out.. Well 4 fish are 10x slower than 35.000 people spamming in chat apparently. So the answer on how a fish beat Pokémon… Not Very Effectively. 

Was it entertaining to watch?

No! It was quite horrible! I stumbled upon it once and I think I lasted twenty minutes before I got sub-dermal itches and stuff. You know it’s like seeing your grandma play the most recent Doom game.  Stuff is happening but it hasn’t anything to do with the actual game and you can not help but to backseat the game a lot.. yet nothing changes.. You can yell … GO left! Left! All you want but that ain’t causing Maurice to stop swimming. He just keeps swimming, just keeps swimming.. and the entire Dory stick.. Maurice did! Is the stream worth the watch?! … No! Chat was nearly exclusively in Japanese so there were no interactions to be had,  and the fish beat the game about 100x slower than normal. Imagine Watching all extended cuts of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit combined.. played at 80 times slow motion with the rest of the screen time filled with extra duplicates of non exciting scenes. A few polish people are watching it.. but they only speak polish and already seem drunk and have a lot of insider humor because some seem to have watched so much of this… 

With that level of entertainment I can not recommend anyone in good faith to watch this. Even the summary news reports are kind of boring. Yet it is insane in the same vein.. it is completely random content and there is a market for that… not too big because Maurice did not even come close to the crowd that Twitch plays Pokémon drew.  Most of the times the number of viewers were in the hundreds. Plenty of fish activists , plenty of very hardcore Pokémon fans that stared at four fish for to long. This is one of those events that is incredibly entertaining for me to know .. yet it’s also something I would for the life of me not spend any more time on than I already did.  Imagine a magikarp.. as most of you know it has the move splash if you click it .. nothing happens. This game is the equivalent of a Magikarp using all his splashes and then struggling to make progression.. wiping out get his pp restored and starts splashing again .. for 3000 hours. 

For those of you who want to know.. this finally Maurice is a Siamese Fighting Fish.. It is a very pretty fish. It’s a fish that costs you about €10 or $12. It is also known as a Betta Splendens.. and making a fish play Pokémon I guess is a pretty Beta thing to do. You aren’t getting a lot of tail with those bragging rights! Yet Maurice has been featured on several gaming websites over the world , so at least it got its fifteen minutes of fame. I am not sure if fifteen minutes of fame are worth 191.700 minutes of random streaming action.. but hey! If you in your live have never beaten Pokémon Sapphire .. or a main-line Pokémon game ever.. know you will have to live with the fact.. that a fish beat you to it!.. If you have never beaten Pokémon Leaf Green.. you have about 3000 hours to do so because Maurice and his friends are now playing that game! He chose Bulbasaur as his Starter.. the madlad.. but we are 35 hours in and he hasn’t left Pallet Town since!


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3 thoughts on “When Four Fish Beat Pokémon Sapphire”

  1. Wow, no matter what you think of this, and well I’m certainly not going to argue at how boring such a stream probably is, you have the admire the dedication I guess! 😅


    1. I am actually casually watching the new stream while I write xD With the sound muted. We are 45 hours in or so now and it finally left the first town!

      Behold the glory xD

      I love the weirdness of it .. but yeah not sure if it’s good entertainment or not xD


  2. Well the blog post is good entertainment. Hubby and I are both ROFL because he wanted to know what I was cackling about. I happen to like Betta fish a lot. And I’m not sure I could watch that much streaming Betta fish swimming around…never mind the game.

    Liked by 1 person

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