Pinkie does Random Stuff on the Internet: Random Question Generator Part 4

Hear Ye Hear Ye, Princess Pinkie is back with a Geeky Lifestyle post

Salutations Loyal Subjects and Sweet Island Guests, as many of you know I prefer the lifestyle of randomness and I like this random element in my every day! I try to include this so much that I for a while now have been even making a lot of my blogging content random!  Every so often I google for a Random Question Generator and then roll a few questions for myself which I then promptly answer!  Here is yet another Edition! I did not choose these questions! They got randomly generated

Random Question 1: What could you do with two million dollar to impact the most people.

First of all , that doesn’t feel like great english! So I am already dreading what else this thing might spit out of me! Secondly I would not use two million dollar to impact the most people. I’d look out for me! I’d turn myself into a V-Tuber including some expensive vocal coaching so I can talk better again and win over as many souls as I can that way and live my dream career for a bit.  But that is not the question, even though I lack plenty of resources to be the V-Tuber I want.. I HAVE to spend the two million dollar to impact the most people that I could. 

The obvious answer would be to give 200.000.000 people one single cent from my stash. Yet I doubt I could find 200.000.000 people that would be impressed by me giving them a cent. I could also get a big speech out to the public in which I talk about acceptance and belonging, however without leverage like a celebrity, that will not go far. Gilbert Gottfried might do that thing where he records messages for money now…but that might not be enough! Though I would love him to say Visit Pinkie’s Paradise blog…either way in any scenario so some money is going towards that. If we look at the question though… we do not have to do good! We just have to affect as many as possible! In that case Altruism might be to expensive! At least for good deeds to make a true impact. Honestly if I would have to impact people.. without context just as a way of a high score thing or something, I’d probably try to impact people in a negative way.  As the question is, I would have to answer what I think I could do with my money to have the largest influence on peoples live… and  that would be through evil.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’d by a bunch of knives and gank random people.. even though that will be a big influence on many people’s life I would not be able to do that. Yet instead I would spend the money on posters. A picture  or a little clip of me pouring a bottle of crystal down the drain while laughing. Text shows up…saying something like “You work hard every day… yet somehow I got two million to piss off a bunch of people! HAHAHAHAHA “    People would share how horrible of a person I am EVERYWHERE! I’d be cancelled and never find a job again.. but everyone knows I am that girl that randomly got two million and spent it on some petty stuff.  That would truly be the way to reach the most people. I’d hate it very much.. but in the modern world negativity travels further than positivity.. and strictly for the purpose of this question this would be my answer.

Would I do that?!  No.. would I spend the money to help others? Yes! Just never would I go out to help “the most amount “.  I’d treat my friends and my mother to all kinds of things and as  a VTuber I would spread positivity around, but I will reach who I will reach! I would never spend my money to “help” as much people as possible because I truly believe that the watered down happiness of the many do not outweigh a pure moment of happiness for a smaller group (Mind you.. group! Not individual). I believe that if I can make someone (that is not me) genuine laugh and have a memory they cherish for a lifetime, it would be worth way more than to give an entire army some breath mints or something.  I would never actively make people unhappier to get my or my friends happiness.. unless of course it is needed to answer a question.

Random Question 2 What do you strongly suspect but have no proof of. 

The Hat Man | Myths and Lore | Sinister Coffee and Creamery

So many things! Pretty sure there are alien among us! True vampires might exist and friendship may indeed be magic! However these are not the thing I most strongly suspect! I have written about this topic before. I am a firm believer in ghosts and there might even be something stronger than a ghost in my life right now! I am not even sure if it is good! I sometimes feel stalked at night.. by something ominous, something powerful. I have no idea what it wants from me, but I am not sure if it is out to harm me. I do know it is there!  It rarely enters my bedroom but stands in the door opening when I leave the door open, even though it doesn’t seem to use doors.  I am not sure on the how and the what but I have a general idea of its size and shape.    It is quite tall and husky.. if it  stands in my doorframe it  barely fits.. it has pointy ears and I associate it with “black and orange.. a dirty variant.. almost rust/earth like” Not that it has colours.. but they pop to mind!

I do not know what it is, it might be just a manifestation of my social anxieties, maybe it is the panic of my own mortality, but I know it isn’t bound to my house!  It sometimes follows me on walks as well. It seems to prey on me the moments I find peace and rest.  Like when I am watching ducks in my local pond I suddenly hear all sorts of twigs snap behind me and that sensation of someone standing behind me pops up. If I go for a stroll through town it is as if it is whispering my name, and at night it is kinda like a stalker giving me feelings of dread. I have not really pissed off any romani old ladies, or solved mysterious puzzle boxes, yet it kinda feels personal. 

Fear GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

I do not know if it is a real “demon” or if it is a manifestation of my insecurities and anxieties.. but whatever it is.. it is present. I kind of feel it might be hate a person has towards me, that manifested. Maybe it is the entire world’s negativity towards me manifested in one. I do not know, but I do know that for now it can’t really hurt me! It can bother me.. but it can’t hurt me! Just like those looks on the streets when I walk by in something pink and lolitaish or if I geek it up. They world can stare at me menacingly but they can’t hurt me.. and whatever the thing in the night is, it acts in a very similar way. However at times it feels much more present.. like it is disrupting my aura or chakra, as if my body works less efficiently if it stares at me.. and it triggers some.. primal instinct.

Random Question 3 If you were in charge of Renaming things so that their name would be more accurate, what names would you come up with?

Alrighty! I like this question!  So let’s use a few words that are important for my VTuber/Blogging Career. Let’s start with the word blog! Being derived from the world Weblog it seems pretty perfect right?  Yet most of us do not really log anything. A blog now almost applies to any form of online written content… if we write a review .. it’s a blog post.. if Kotaku or IGN write a review, it is not?! What’s up with that?! Some blogs are even just pictures! So most blogs are more a form of Written Online Content. Or Wrontent if you want to make it a portmanteau.  Which is opposed to Vontent, which is video online content. Speech based online content would be Sontent. Though most Vlogs are actually logs so those can stay I guess.

Luigi is a BETA SIMP!!! - YouTube

Next word I would replace is the word simp. I still want one but it is very non descriptive and the definition of the world is less than set in stone.  A simp could be someone who is a fan who likes anyone you do (it is preferable that you present as female for this to occur)  or someone who idolises you so much they send you their money, treat you like a friend and potential mate and act according to that romantic availability while you have no interest in them at all.  The latter is kind of closer to the true definition of the word but loser-fanboy might be too negative , even though it pretty much covers the meaning.  Loser not persé in the life sense but in the fact that he will never win you. Since the name Karen has taken on a meaning of it’s own I have come up with a perfect name to cover the meaning of simp. The name of Luigi. Luigi always blindly supports Mario and even more so Princess Peach. While Mario gets a slice of cake and a kiss, Luigi often gets jack diddley yet when the princess calls for help.. Luigi is there. He is not even mentioned in the title of the game most of the time. He only gets mildly acknowledged.. so I think a Luigi is a perfect replacement word for a Simp

The final word I would like to replace is the word VTuber itself.  Virtual YouTubers for the most part DO NOT ACTUALLY STREAM on Youtube. Most of them are on Twitch, half of those are more active on twitter.  Vtubers are also often so much more than  just streamers. They are beloved characters and people seperate from their operator and creators. In a way Korone and Gura are more “real” than whomever is sitting behind their webcams. They mean so much to so many people! They might be closer to their truest selves as well. So I like the word Veople and Verson better for them. Virtual People and Virtual Person. The virtual person has their own life and can be an extension of the person but they can also co-exist.  Just because you are interested in Gura the Verson doesn’t give you the right to know what the person behind the model does.   This could also lead to Versons being able to just act out a persona on actual camera rather than requiring a model/avatar.  It could also encompass a person you like to be. 

Arty By PokeyPokums! But It Totally shows VTubers being Veople!

Final Random Question : If you were forced to create a new Dance move what would it be and what would it be called?

I kind of would get why someone would give me two million to try to make people as miserable as possible, that would qualify as a social experiment .. but why would anyone ever force me to create a dance move?! Maybe Gloria Estefan is actually evil and the rhythm IS gonna get me but I find that unlikely!  As well as me being targeted for the creation of a new dance move. I have no style , I have no grace, if you include me it takes THREE to tango..possibly four. I have zero dancing skill!  Most times I have danced I have fallen off something, concussed myself (true story)  or nearly killed some other people on a stage with me (exaggeration.. but still mostly true). I am so wooden that gym teachers excused me from certain gym events because there was such a large risk I would hurt myself. When I considered going to my school gala/prom, teachers asked me “REALLY?!”  So I should not create a dance.

However with whatever psychopath out there that would force me to dance, there is only one option available to me.  That would be falling down.  When I dance it is an inevitability that it happens  so I would create a limbo like move where I fall back first . Then when you get up, you do so in the most convoluted way possible to a beat! Think of it as a combination of break dancing and playing twister on the music beat.  Left Arm Red, Right arm Green… Boom-Boom-Boom- Push up… Left Leg Red, Leg Blue! Boom-boom-boom-Push up! Slide… get up– boom boom boom! Stand! Now I would not be able to pull if off with grace nor is that my intention. I simply wish to achieve that as soon as I fall again people will think I did it on purpose.

As for a name.. maybe the Bruiser?! The Slip?!  Or maybe the Topside Twister. Yes that last one seems like a good one! You play Twister.. to get topside! Maybe I try to tie in some fake hawaiian lore  and call it the Ah-Hau just so when I fall and cry out in pain it seems like part of the dance as well. I am not afraid that people who force me to make a new move will see trough the fact that I am bluffing up some Haiwan lore.. after all they really did not do their homework in selecting me to come up with a move , so I doubt they will know anything about hawaiian culture. Bluffing is all this move is about anyway! It’s all the dancing skills I got! So let’s do the Topside Twister.. on the island known as the Ah-Hau and let’s try to stay out of the hospital! Or at least let’s try to break as few bones as possible

What would you do when presented with these questions?! Any new words for us to use? Maybe you have a dance move I can pull off?! Or maybe you just want to ramble here about your daughter taking pictures of her cat with a new Iphone..before sending me to an extra Proxies domain?! No matter who you are I’d love to talk! Stay Random!


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7 thoughts on “Pinkie does Random Stuff on the Internet: Random Question Generator Part 4”

  1. It is sad that it is easier to do evil than good. That’s why problems don’t get solved and it takes all our best efforts to not destroy each other. A pipe bomb costs a few bucks. yet think of the damage it could do.

    Yet in terms of doing good, two million you’d have to be extremely crafty in terms of making a big splash. You could easily drop that much into social programs and it would vanish without a ripple. You would have to focus on a few people who would accomplish nothing if left alone but who might do great things with some assistance. How would one find people who would be stuck a a grocery clerk – but *could* be the scientist who might cure cancer or the diplomat who pursued world peace or the artist that touched the hearts of millions if only they had a bit of timely help?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As far as dance names go, “The Bruiser” is a favorite. If it wasn’t the last thing most people on the dance floor see before excruciating pain and/or untimely death id love to see it in action 😂 😂


  3. I believe you should spend that 2 million on your Verson. This is why. Excuse the sad part of this first story; A close girlfriend of mine was murdered, and for a few days she was on the nightly news with a picture. She, like me, was an exotic dancer, and quite a few people knew we were close. For the next two years – I kid you not – people would say to me, “you were a friend of V***. I just wanted to tell you how much she meant to me. She was a sweet, shining, loving light in this dark old world. I only talked to her a few times/worked with her a few times/met her once, but she made an impression on me. And she made me smile.” And this is an exotic dancer that you had to be a)living in our city, 2)over 21 and a titty bar customer or worker to even meet and 3)see her picture on the news or hear the news about her death somehow. Second true story; I was dancing in a club in Syracuse, NY (east coast generally) and when I got off stage one customer told me he knew he had seen me before somewhere else. Later I got the chance to sit down with him and figure it out. We talked for half an hour before we finally found another place that we were both at, at the same time. Turns out I was dancing at a club in the town where he went to University in the Midwest. He had seen me ONE TIME OVER TEN YEARS BEFORE (and thousands of miles away), and remembered me for my positive energy and (chuckle) grace and style. My point here is that you put good, love, positive vibes into the world in your blog, in everything you do, dearest. And you will probably never know how many hundreds or thousands of people you have touched, motivated, or just given a smile to. Spend that two million to follow your dream – and share Paradise with even more people. And for the cherry on top, imagine how many of those people will be inspired to pursue their own dreams and spread more positivity…

    Question Two – long as it can’t hurt you, you got the right attitude. Maybe you can get it to talk to you though? You might learn more about it and you?

    Question Three – I love your new words. You are very right and on and yes, lets use them. I’m using Luigi for sure!

    Question Four: ROFLMAO. You are so speshul. I say that with lots of love, you know. And I have a story for that, too. I have a congenital ligament disease in my knees. Pain varies a lot but the thing that is most problematic is now and then I’m walking along and my knee just collapses and down I go. This also applied when I was dancing. I got really good at falling and not looking like I was falling, landing and making it look like just part of the show folks! I laughed my head off when I got off stage one day and a customer laughed and said – “YOU FELL. I saw it. You made it look good, but you fell!” Lalalala, the cat thing, you know “I meant to do that”. 😛

    I gotta try these random questions 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah about question one, I do think that would be to impact people the most with two million, however to affect the most people, i’d gotta be evil! I do think altruïsmn is overrated, if just everyone did right by themselves and by their friends, we could gain a fundamentel happy place that is enough and keeps us content, that can inspire and then once we are happy we can make others happy with whatever remains and in more meanful ways!

      Yabai.. you invented my dance move before me! Just better! And yes I will work to gain me soms luigi’s trough my Verson me and my Vontent! Maybe trough Wrontent as well!

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      1. I do agree with you – the best way to affect people is to affect those closest to you and let the ripple effect take over. Personally, I’d probably give a couple of great gobs of money to a couple of favorite organizations doing work that is a big deal to me, dump some money into the research & development on artificial kidneys and spend the rest making our dreams come true which would involve land and horses and gardens and chickens and such. 😛 Then walk around Las Vegas now and then with a pocket full of hundred dollar bills to hand out to homeless people. Whether they spend it getting a new tent or buying booze is up to them, but at least I’ll feel like I did something. Well… I want to buy one of those old little hotels that are all condemned, fix it up and make a sort of transition shelter but I have to seriously say that I’m not sure I’m up to it at this point in my life. I’d really rather rescue a few Mustangs and cats and dogs and such. At least most rescued animals show a bit of gratitude. 😛 And be in a position to help out a friend now and then. Friends have certainly helped us out!


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