Rebirths and Hiatus: Pinkie Talks Episode 2

I have sat in front of this screen a fair few times! What do I write? Why am I not feeling it? I have the ideas! Yet something is wrong? Is this it? Does my journey end here? Should I just end the blog? These are questions I have been asking these questions the last few days. Should I just move on from blogging? I found an answer… but it isn’t a straight forward one! Today we will talk about that a bit!


As per today I will be taking a official hiatus until I have officially started streaming. I have been feeling conflicted and trying to split my time. Finding out what to do with my blog, I have written several ideas for an anniversary post , but ended up canning them all and overall I have been falling behind a lot just because of the stress of having two items to juggle which I still need to figure out .. what direction I am juggling them in! I want my streaming to go well, and I have found out that I can let the blog go a bit more.. being a bit more of my venty space or journal of sorts so I will just be expanding that peace of mind and keep posting to a minimum. If STAFF comes up with posts , I will make sure those post will go up so the site is not dead.

How long does this Hiatus last? Probably not to long, maybe trough August.. maybe not even that. My personal goals right now are. Setting up the final things I need to get my streaming working. Produce some videos for my channel, do some real life stuff I have been neglecting as well. Once I have pushed off a lot of production and catching up stuff of my plate, any spare time I have can be used for blogging and other stuff, but I need to know how much time and energy I will have between streaming, dm’ing in d&d social.. and then how much is left for blogging. I do plan to return to blogging one way or another… but I need time to balance my hours. Right now it isn’t super high on my priority list.

When I do get back the blog wil once more go trough significant changes. I will shift towards a more gaming oriented style of content at the very least, simply because so many of my time is dedicated to gaming. I can combine it better. I love anime.. I just realised I am not passionate about it! I deeply enjoy it and I really enjoy digging deep into the narrative aspect and world building aspects.. but I am not passionate about episode to episode content. I do not care about ratings and I can not see myself returning to my classic format… I made an important discovery about myself in these past few days. I thought I was looking for people who liked games and anime and wanted to talk about that… but I wasn’t looking for that. I am thriving much more on the energy of creators. Talk about creating.. and with that I realise what I want to do to get the spark back.

Wee Hiatus – The Ramblings of a Scotsman


Filled with determination I curse at how difficult it is again to make a title appear in cursive on WordPress.. every single time it goes wrong.. it only puts a few letters in cursive, or not at all. I have come to resent the editor and while I realise every medium comes with it’s difficulties, I realise I do not care enough anymore to bother to fix it. I want to cut down editing work in WordPress becaue WordPress was always a means to an end for me! A second choice because my first was locked away.. but that no longer is the case. Yet I also realise that because there are so many annoying things and difficult things about creating… that might just become my new angle. I do not want a space about reviews or reviewing content.. I want a space about content creating for content creators.

Rebirth (TV) - Anime News Network

So when I will get back, I will probably do a massive rebrand.. bigger than before. No Paradise 3.0 … but basically something new! A proper evolution! I want to create a website.. that while using the blog format is about creators showing of their content whatever it is. I want to welcome people who make a drawing.. and have a little story to tell about their artwork, even if it is a one off. I want to open the website up to streamers, who want to show of their stream, talk to people about their funny moments and create a comment section that is much more filled with content creators. Say I share my streams with you.. to show you the world of Vtubing. Perhaps Periwinkle can show off a piece of music he wrote, Cherry can put out an recipe she had, or you can show your dailies in an MMO… I want to start a platform that is much more a portfolio that encourages people to create. If you want to write a fan fiction and also show your skills in a fighting game but can not find a platform, you can join us. If you want to plug your stream, but do not constantly want to tell what you are about , you can write a post and keep sharing that with your world.

Think of it as small creator community, working a bit together for clout. Not just inside the our bubble of creators but also beyond. Introduce anime bloggers to a Vtuber, show gamers some easy recipes and perhaps educate some movie buffs on the world of anime. The idea is that we come from many worlds, yet trough a passion to create we are bound, a medium where everyone can freely write about how nice it is to see your followers grow, to share ideas on how to build a community trough experience and to ponder on some dillema’s you see in the world. So expect me to post my streams, but also posts like “how do I stream for zero viewers” or “are all bonds between a creator and a fan parasocial”? If you written a cool piece of code and want to show it to the world but also want to be a loveable goof while doing so there is no way you have to keep it to yourself. You create and I think that bond of creating is already great to make a platform. Not restricted by genre persé.


So you can expect content like “What problems can you encounter as a female gamer content creator” .. but also “Check out my Kawaii as heck desk!” “Check out this ruleset for D&D I made” or even “This is my OC” there isn’t anything that is not allowed. Yet it will be more about creating. Rather than a review about ” Twisted Metal” on Playstation it will shift to “My experience with Twisted Metal” or “Remembering my first Anime”. Stories that pushed me.. or those willing to join me into creating. Perhaps you made an OC you want other people to adopt now, you could market it here! I want to make a space FOR creators BY Creators, ABOUT Creating. The struggles you have with your own blog, plus shoutouts, the content you would dream to create and where we can help you make it more reachable by giving tips are maybe even lending a hand. I will still be the owner of the site.. but I want it to be more of a creators convention! I’ll be your princess.. but she can not run a nation by herself! I will create a virtual creator nation and posts here.. and anywhere will be the fruits of our labour.

Start Creating

ekao on Twitter: "“Off With Their Heads” - Mori Calliope MV: Streaming: 🌸💀🌸  #callillust…"

Does this mean that the STAFF can’t do reviews anymore? No it doesn’t! Reviews are also a form of content creation.. what it means is, I am opening the doors. If you rather make a paint drawing about your game experiece, make a comic , make a video or talk about those cool assets you made for your own blog, you now can! If you want to make an AMV.. you can share it here, if you want to make a pacman cake or tell about your experience in a roleplay you can do it here.
What I want is a space where I can talk with people about that tingly feeling when you finally finished that project. That artwork.. or how you make an overlay for your stream without being able to draw. I want you to share your passion rather than something you think an audience would like to see. I want to show the world what I am passionate about.. and what troubles me towards that goal. I want to chase my dream.. and make this place highlight that dream.. rather than being a distraction to that dream.

If you can not find the words in text..dub over some video game footage and tell us trough actions. I do not care about your mic quality! We all start somewhere! I want to be a creator that is okay with being tiny as long as I can create. Yes I had to settle for a throne asset on a screen that is not the best.. but until I can find an artist.. that is okay as I can chase that dream! I want to gather people who think like that on here as well! Share a drawing, that you might not feel totally confident about! Share it with people like you who still are tiny creators, some wordsmiths others are good with a brush, yet again others might be able to sing. Allow you to be inspired by each others passion and don’t be afraid to accept a hand that boosts you up! If I write a post about a Vtuber here.. feel free to write why you love her more. If Periwinkle plays some shitty PS2 game feel free to interact and play that game as well. Let’s create with each other and learn about other worlds and ideas as well as we do!

That is my dream… and it will be what I will try to push this blog forward to be! I would love to be it more of a “website” than just a blog. One where you can join other creators and me.. and just talk about crafting and creating. No gatekeeping, any creator is welcome! I am so happy now that I am chasing my dream! And I want to share that with people! I just imagine other people would love to do that as well! So once I flesh this out more take a look for a new brand and a new future! I will see you guys then.. and maybe on a new brand name!

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  1. This is such an awesome idea! I totally understand there is so much background work to do for the streaming and you need to go focus on that for a while. I’ll follow you over, of course 😀 But I’ll look forward to the brand new version of Paradise as well. It might be just the platform I need to share a bit of fiction, and maybe even some artwork or who knows, pictures of my origami 😛 Because this flippin’ editor is such junk that I can’t set up a category or tag and have it work I’ve been a bit stymied myself. I’d like to post some fiction, but I can’t imagine how anyone could come to my blog looking for the fiction and actually be able to find it, or be able to read a story in order and I don’t really want to go deal with the cliques at any of the writing posting websites. Anyway, life is full of changes and opportunities and I look forward to all the creations you share!

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