STAFF Wanted

Greetings dear reader! Do you want to blog but do not feel like maintaining a website?
Do you want to write whenever it is convenient to you?! About (almost)  everything,  you want to talk about?! Do you want to show off you as a geek to the world along some awesome Nakama?! Well then Paradise may be looking for you! Yet before you rush to that contact page on my website or DM me on the Twitter! Please read the following!

The first thing one should note is that STAFF isn’t staff!  You do not work for me! Nor do I pay you and a spot in Paradise comes with minimal obligations from either party. STAFF is an abbreviation of Sugoi Tomodachi And Fabulous Friends. It’s literally people sharing their hobby together on the same platform.  That hobby is writing about our geekdom! No matter if you like movies , games, anime , pokémon or writing your own stories. Paradise was created to be a safe haven for any kind of geek! I love writing about these things , regardless of my skill level , and I would like to offer people who feel discouraged to do this by themselves or  who really like a team to do this together. To get some writing Nakama! Some Team members. It might make writing more fun and accessible and offers us all a chance to grow with each other and learn from one another!

I don’t require a STAFF-Member to write ones a week or heck not even once a month. You can write whenever you have something to tell! It’s all about the fun of writing and offering people a platform and friends to do so. Just be you and write to your heart’s content and I will already be content. This isn’t a blog about growth or ambition this is a blog about sharing a hobby. I do not aim to be the greatest I just aim to have fun. It is important that you have that mentality! No matter if Teammate B gets a blog that doesn’t get a lot of likes.. he is or she is just as valuable as Teammate A who writes more per month and gets more likes. This is about creating a safe-haven for people like us.. and the more people who help with that.. the more people we can appeal and the more people can find a safe and positive place in Paradise.  So before you sign up it is important that you have a team-mentality! Yet not a sports mentality! There is no winning, we let everyone play at their own pace and it’s ALWAYS good enough!

If you want to join Paradise there are a few rules one must abide by. Though these rules are few and fairly mild. Most of them are aimed to keep Paradise having the feel I aimed for it.
So here are the few rules new staff must abide by.

Rule Number 1

You May Never write a politically motivated or demographic excluding piece. There are plenty of causes in the world worth fighting for but Paradise will always be about bringing people closer together. I do encourage people to step up for their beliefs and for what is right, but Paradise is meant to be a safe haven where everyone can come to unwind. A place that brings us closer together. Please refrain from writing articles like “Why Furries are wrong” or “How America’s Political Climate has Ruined Anime”. There are fights that need to be fought but there are also places that need to be kept clean of that stuff. This is one of such places.

Rule Number 2

Write articles as YOUR opinion, never as the right opinion. The right opinion does not exist and that is something I really want to make clear with this blog. There are a million other pages that tell you why (Some Anime/Game) factually sucks. We are the only place where we can tell why WE think it sucks ..or even why it is great. If someone disagrees in the comments never attack them for thinking differently. All opinions are factual to those who feel them. I am not more wrong for disliking Sword Art Online than someone who tells me they love it.
Those who tell you something factually is the greatest show of all time are always wrong though. We remove those type of comments though! Dialogue is welcome..factual opinions are not. From both parties.

Rule Number 3

A new writer can write anything they want as long as it fits in the current categories on Pinkie’s Paradise: Games, Fan Fiction and your own stories, Movies, Pokémon, your Geeky life or Anime. While there is a lot of stretch within these, don’t start to write about Cars, Opera or tips for raising a baby or something. Neither would link posts to one of your other blogs be allowed. You can promote yourself.. but I do not want writers who redirect viewers to another place constantly. Adding a Category or having a place to share your videos can always be discussed with the Resort Manager of course.

Rule Number 4

Never write a post to discredit another writer. If Staff Member A writes they love a new game..writing an article in the spirit of “Why Staff member A is wrong” will instantly get Staff Member B (if they are the one that wrote said article) booted of the Team. In fact even if the writer works for another blog you are not allowed to write a toxic article. Well.. you are allowed to write it it just shall not be posted.

Rule Number 5

Use of the House Style is Required. All posts will have a featured image cocktail. I can send people these assets to they can make them themselves or schedule a post and ask me if I can make a header. STAFF can completely design how their posts look like but they can not make changes to how the homepage would look (the featured image is displayed on the home page thus must be the coconut). If you can help the look improve like with others it’s always possible to talk!

Rule Number 6

STAFF will be represented in the theme of the blog as well. That means your writing name has to be colour related as this ties into the blogs origins. You can include your preferred handle behind your Colour themed name. For example “Violetta WriteWriteChan” or Violetta (A.K.A WriteWriteChan). An avatar must be created in Chibimaker and Picross, with a character representing that colours. If you write enough posts for the blog I will then pay my avatar Designer Bananabel_Split to create an OC like current Pinkie. You are free to order your OC from her before ..but please do not commision at another artist. I would like my blog not to be a mishmash of all sorts of styles. Writes start of with their chibi avatar can evolve into their Picrew Avatar if our working together goes well and you written a few posts and your potential OC later on. Just like Pokémon.. and that is not without reason!

Rule Number 7

STAFF never HAS to write! They are free to post whenever they want.. and within the earlier limits whatever they want. However the manager does require at least a monthly check up, trough any form of media. Be it a small update trough email, a poke on twitter, discord whatever works let me know you are still active in the scene and that is enough. If you have gone missing for two months you will be removed from the STAFF list.. and I might really start to worry for you!

Rule Number 8

Pinkie is and always will be the manager. While I am not critical and always open to a discussion if the manager puts her foot down that is final. The blog is paid by me so it is owned by me regardless on who is more popular. This rule only exists to protect myself and my blog which I love so deeply! I am not tyrant at all but I will not allow what I love so deeply to be twisted into another man’s fantasy! If we can all agree, I very much welcome change.. if we don’ will be my call when changes are made. That doesn’t mean this blog can not be your home too, it is just a protection one needs to have these days.

You may have noticed Paradise has a KoF that gets posted under some posts. Pinkie’s Paradise KoFi will not be shared among the STAFF. You are however more than welcome to make your own and link that underneath your posts. The site allows monetization so you are very welcome to make your own KoFi Banner and put them under your own posts. Initially new Ko-Fi Banners will not be featured on the home menu though.

Since Pinkie’s Paradise KoFi also pays for the domain and artwork it will be the only KoFi Features in the sidebar but on your own posts you are free to add whatever you like to make a little buck of it. You are not allowed to monetize the site with adds to your name though. But I doubt anyone would be THAT evil.

Of course if you happen to find a billionaire who wants to sponsor us with adds for whatever he wants.. feel free to tell me! THAT we can make work! Again do whatever you like on this STAFF as long as you do not morph the website into something completely different without asking me that is all I ask. Feel free to use the benefits my paid plan has but also respect that Pinkie is the manager.

If all these rules have not scared you off and you still would like to write with some amazing Nakama about Movies, Games, Geeky Life, Pokémon , Fiction OR Anime than use the contact form on the contact page to read out or add me on Twitter or Discord to have a chat. When you write I would like you to tell me a few things about yourself.

Your Age, Location and preferred Pronouns as well as preferred name for me to address you as. Along with a little shout of text what you would like to write about. Pick a Colour and if possible a colour name you’d like to use (i’ll help you with a colour based name if you want) as well as a “fictional function” at the resort. For example “Life Guard” “Waitress” “Receptionist” ‘Firedancer’ or “Cook” for you to be STAFF means you will be Staff on a fictional Island.
Double colour are not allowed and we the simple definition of colour for now. (So no Cyan and Turkoise at the same time those count as light blues)

None Available Colours
Pink (Belongs to the Manager)
Yellow & Purple (reserved until further notice)

Functions not Available:
Manager (belongs to Pinkie)

Any other details shall be sorted upon contact but feel free to write more! I hope to hear from you soon and if you do not want to join the STAFF, that is perfectly fine as well! No pressure and for once I will not be sad! This is nothing needed short term.. it just seems like fun! So no pressure! This is a tropical resort! Relax!