Welcome to Pinkie’s Paradise..on Nintendo Switch

My blog is a fictional island named Pinkie’s Paradise. Today I will tell you about Pinkie’s Paradise… it’s not about the blog! It’s about my little haven in Animal Crossing New Horizon. So we write about a fictional tropical island on a blog that is set on a fictional tropical island…meanwhile I am stuck in a 22m² flat in real life. Which due to quarantine has become kind of an island itself… Islandception.

Creating Paradise

Due to Corona my game was brought to me one day early, since I went with a physical copy! So at least there was this little sparkle of light in these days. I was super excited to get started. Not only because I would be able to play New Horizon for the first time! This was the first time I actually got to OWN a Animal Crossing save. So there was a lot for me to learn! But that was something I was actually looking forward too. The franchise always fascinated me but it was in low supply, or money was short for me..one way or another I always missed this game.. and now it was finally time!  This time I could turn a deserted island in my Paradise.

Like everyone I got to pick my name, birthday, hemisphere  and favored island layout. A you-tuber I adore named Princess Peachie told me something about optimal island lay out and while I have no idea if it was her preferred layout offers some actual benefits or looks pretty but I made sure to pick an island with a source in the north and two exists on the south of the island. Airport is in the middle so it isn’t exactly like the island she wanted .. but hey I feel that in my paradise blog.. the airport is in the middle as well so this made sense to me!I made sure I had peaches..because they are the pinkest fruit! I made sure I had a yellow airport.. because the colour of sunshine.. and it matches my blogs colour scheme the best.
Other colours are blue, green or orange.. but well everyone knows water landing planes are yellow .. right?!

While the fruits have always been a random aspect . and the island goers are random (though you get a jock character at least) I feel like this game really tried to cater to more online play. Now I have plenty of friends who play this but due to how rng works we might end up with all peach trees unless we spend a while resetting and coordinating. It isn’t that hard to get the fruits other ways but still. I think creating would have been so much cooler if you could band together with some friends, each picking a fruit and hemisphere to help each other out. I have about 4 friends playing this with me..but we might not all be as useful to each other as we could! Which is a shame. Which is about the only negative if I have here.

Tom, Tommy and Timmy

Creating my character feels a bit minimal, I chose to give my character crazy eyes and a buck tooth because it looks crazy and adorable!  My Kawaii Trailer trash character lands on her island together with Dom the jock sheep and the somewhat paranoid koala Canberra. She believes she has a great personality but also constantly believes I have twins walking around or hidden camera pranks set up for her! Tom, Timmy and Tommy gather us at a square which serves as the walking tutorial. After that I have to place everyone’s tent. I chose mine to be in a nice forest bit close to the river way up to the north west. Don and Canberra live on the other side of the Nook Plaza at the south east. Just so I can later put Galaxy bear and some pink villagers close by! Don lives by the beach so he can easily run Indeedadaroo. Canberra is in a place with lots of bugs trees and water.. kind of like Australia mate!

As cute as the villagers are, in the beginning they do not do a lot for me! UI can talk to them a few times a day but only the first one will truly offer something new.The ones I really need to rely on is the nook family. After a quick celebration.. a dog playing a guitar tells me it’s time to move into real time and so we begin day 1. It is quickly established that Timmy is how I make and spend Money, Tom is the unlock guy who gives me upgrades, tutorials and “main” tasks and Tommy… he just wanders around town waving a flag telling me to Ganbatté! You can do it Pinkie! I like him the best! He’s so cute! 

*Squeeee So cute*

Speaking of cute.. the sound effects of villagers talking is so adorable that I sometimes just talk to people and see their endless repeating dialogue over and over again just so I can hear those cute voices. I absolutely love this! Tom got me a lot of stuff to play around with…….at a price. Not in his favorite currency this time but in Nook Miles! Achievement hunting is the way to pay them off so let’s get started. Weirdly enough there isn’t really a tutorial for that one you will just have to experiment a bit, talk to people and figure things out!  Which is great! I can really go about this however I want…. so what do I do?

Me looking super Lesbian!

Day 1

Time is synced between the real world and my Island so it’s already twilight when I start to play for real.By interacting with Tom I found out I could hand him several types of animals, he has a friend who might be interested in them. He also explains me stuff about his crafting table. From 5 sticks I can make a bug net or a fishing rod… not sure how that works but I guess gauze and wire is freely available. However my tools are flimsy! They break easily..which is to be expected, since if swords break upon a few strikes..surely so would a bugnet. Stil I like how you do not need better tools for better stuff.. it just is less of a nuisance to use better stuff. Thus I do not feel forced to go for the better tools right away! Great!

I enjoy catching bugs a bit more than I do catching fish! Catching fish means  casting out my rod depending on where the fish head is located and using the current to  make my hook line and sinker float towards him. It feels a bit awkward as the fish can be fickle. Still fun.. but have just looking at the animation of my character using the bug net is so cute.. SQUEEEEE.. I love when she misses or accidentally slaps a tree. Slap that tree…slap slap! Awww my tool broke!  After spending about an hour just enjoying the plain esthetics and having some fun I caught a bunch of fish and bugs and Tom tells me a new resident will come tomorrow! Neat! I also noticed how trying everything gets me a lot of Nook Miles. I already nearly have enough to pay of my debt.. just by trying stuff out!

I draw a pink square in the designer app and use it to replace my stereotypical lesbian blouse with a pink tank top like print… that gave me a lot of Miles! I make a new passport photo wearing a cap I just got from Dom! That gives me a lot of miles. I play around with all the apps, do just about everything I currently can do on an island and bam! 5000 miles! Wow that was so easy!.. Tom tells me I can now purchase cool stuff with Miles!… Yay.. that’s why I payed off my debt! I want access to cool stuff plus using achievements is a great way to learn the game. He tells me I can now get a house! Since I picked the Southern Hemisphere.. I know winter is coming so I opt in favor of buying a house! Perhaps it can unlock cool stuff! Tom tells me my house will be ready tomorrow. With my inventory space already full ..and me being to dense I could just put animal cages out in the wild to clear my inventory.. I thought I was played out for the day and I had to wait for the next day.. and since time is synced to your switch clock I could not possibly get progress unless somehow the date on my switch……wait a minute!

This will pay off my loans! (SC of later in the game..but i needed stuff here)

Another Day 1

Okay so I cheated a a bit! I wanted more day one content so I did what I had to do! I got a house, an owl showed up who accepted 15 more donations before he would open a museum and I now could spend Nook Miles on precious gifts! Like Hairstyle upgrades.. an improved outfit designer and some neato little decorations! Online play now also was enabled for me! The aiport opened up and I could fly! I even got a Nook Miles Ticket for free.. which took me to a random farming island! Neato!

On this mysterious new island I met a very positive person..whom by the time of writing I cant remember because I might have played it so much that day I was a bit overwhelmed by everything. It was tall hairy.. and super positive! Whatever it was I could invite it to live on my Island! So I did! Timmy was working on a new project to start a store and need 30 softwood, 30 wood , 30 hardwood and 30 iron nuggets.. since I broke all my stones by accident.. it would take me a while to complete that last one!  I needed 3 whole real life days!..Mostly because I used some of my iron ore to build a mirror to change my hairstyle. I still had fun gathering up as much materials as I could though.

Though I might have missed some parts upon inspection later on!

When I got home after a long day of work I noticed my mailbox was beeping! There was a tree in front of it.. so I could not see the “you have mail Icon” So I ate a Peach.. dug up a tree and finally accessed my mail! I got a nintendo switch to put in my room which I set on a cardboard box.. I had a bundle of hay as my bed. .and a simple lamp! Feeling super content I went to bed.. both in game and in real life.

She MAAY have went to bed a bit early at some point!

Day 2 and Day 3

In the following days I learned more about the game..I had set my switch clock back..so time flowed normally once again.  I met a pink elephant that said they would come to my island..which made me super excited because it’s pink! However to this day it hasn’t shown up yet…and neither has that positive thing!  I even invited a third thing to my island! I think it’s like a geisha anteater.. she talks a lot about love and wore a kimono..so even though she scared the living daylight out of me. I allowed her to come to my island! Because at Paradise we welcome everyone. Now I just wished I could see them arrive and make my island grow.. but the wait kind of has me excited for the next days to come.

 By the time that I redeemed 3 days of Nook miles…so my actual second day on the island. I had gathered 90 pieces of wood for Timmy and about ..10 iron. The only way of me getting more required me to gather 2000 nook miles and buy a nook ticket!  Luckily the game offers a sort of daily achievements that can be very easily used to get Nook miles.. it involves simple tasks like “catch 5 fish, sell 10 seashells, plant 1 tree” and other stuff like it. So never did I feel unable to make progress… which again is great game design. I managed to get the 15 donations ready but failed to get enough Iron..and yet I closed of the game feeling completely satisfied! I did a good job and did all I could do that day! I had the evening available to me to do other things.. and it did not feel bad for not playing the game either! I was so content.

I even had a blast with stuff I normally do not enjoy! Drawing on a console is horrible! Like it might not be as bad as the LJN Video-Art console but it’s not a fun pastime! However the way Animal Crossing Handled it is great. The design tool works with nice big pixels that are super easy to work with, a 3d model of what you are drawing is updated in front of you as you work along. As such without any effort I was able to create the dress my chibi avatar wears. I can cover my house in custom designs as well however it somehow removes the windows…which is kind of weird.. but okay!  No custom design there than! Still it’s super easy to design something cute yourself. Hanging out with friends also was a lot of fun, while not particularly helpful just yet I took a few cherry trees which got me a increased cash flow! While visiting islands is still a tad clunky..it is nowhere near as awkward as that of other nintendo games!

Chibi Pinkie’s Dress! now in a game!

Visiting Bean’s island even got me plenty of nook miles! Which took me to a very ore filled island,I bought better tools DIY with miles which allowed me to hit rocks 5 times for minerals instead of 3..and I managed to get enough Iron for a store to be build. I also sold off enough stuff to upgrade my house! I went to sleep like a child before christmas eve.. and I think that is a good place to leave with my first impressions. Each day I felt super excited to play some more the next day! From wondering what gifts will fly by your island the next day.. to what upgrades you will get and what will show up!  I am truly in love with this game, I can perfectly leave it for a few hours after I did my grind just to come back happily and just try to catch some different fish! I no longer feel the urge to cheat either. I will get there when I get there.. my dream island will take shape.. and more likely than not I will let you all be a part of this progress. Now I need to see how big my house is gotten!

My first impression grade!

Remember that I love you all, keep smiling and stay positive!


Investigating the Creature of the Pink Island: Mystery Blogger Award 3

Why do people keep thinking I am mysterious? Perhaps they like those random stories I tell.. perhaps they still need to figure out how someone can be so pink! I am grateful to Fred for this nomination of course and for tag week we will also answer his questions.  Then I ask five questions to new people! So they can pass on the tag themselves. Check out Au Natural though! There is a lot of anime and a lot of talk about nudity! If that didn’t make you curious , there is actual a lot of insightful articles from one of the kindest people here around the blogosphere! Definitely worth the follow! First let me press CTRL V so we can get this thing going.

  • List the rules
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  • You have to nominate 10-20 people
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  • Ask your nominee any 5 questions of your choice, with one weird or funny question.
  • Share 2 link to your best post(s)
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    Okoto Enigma’s Blog created this post…but still hasn’t moved on from the same lamp if you checked my previous entries!

Three random things about me

I was abandoned in a forest.

During a children’s birthday party of  my across the street neighbours son of my age we went out to the local forest to play games. His cousin  and the girl living next door to him ..also our age was sick and could not come. Other than us there were mostly boys most of them I knew through the absent girl.  So I wasn’t feeling that included…At one point we decided to play hide and seek and I found a great hiding spot .. no one would find me there! Unfortunately no one was even looking for me…

It had been quite for a while when I got impatient and I found the group to be completely gone. It was a prank the boys pulled on me. I was like 7 maybe even just 6 so mobile phones weren’t a thing yet. The boys dad noticed all his friends were there and  and in the moment forgot about me. He only realised on his way home. He went back to the forest to find me but I wasn’t there anymore. Luckily this happend during a school holiday and knew Dad’s company was close to the forest. Keeping hidden in the forest line.. from bad people.. I walked across the edge of the forest way up to where my father worked. There I walked in an began crying like crazy. Weirdly not before!

I see dead people

Yes , I might just be crazy but I had a few experiences with the “macabre” that have been unexplainable. How did it happen?! Well it all started in my last serious relationship. A bit before Christmas 2012.  I recently passed out according to my ex and they called an ambulance. Other than that things were moving fine. We were moving in together in a new home near a graveyard. My ex told me they could sometimes see people and described a few. I never took it serious. Than one weekend while I was home alone I saw a man standing in my bathroom..vividly. A man with ginger hair and a beard, but a very weak jaw and some kind of work sweater.. like an old fashioned postal office worker.  (Like at least 10 years ago) I blinked and he was gone.

I did not think much of it .. probably got spooked by the dog walking around. However about a month later our front door got blocked some snow that fell of the roof,so we had to leave trough our little back exit onto the graveyard.  Due to ice patches I took a route I never took before going all the way around. There I encountered a grave ..that i never saw before featuring a picture of that same man I saw in the bathroom. After some investigation I got to hear that he used to be a postal worker that got in a fatal accident one of of the more dangerous corners in town.  Since having that experience I had other encounters. I’ve saw a woman about my age named Melanie in a AiRbnB we stayed in. I asked the owner upon checking out if they knew someone named like that.. it got awkward.

Now I do not use this thing neither do I play with an Ouija-Board or anything. On occasion I sense an energy , in rare I see a person and even more rarely I can hear them as well. Perhaps I absorbed the information somewhere subconsciously, perhaps there is actually stuff out there. No matter if they are real or not I did see dead people!

I am going to play a lot of Animal Crossing New Horizon

I always wanted to play this series but never really was able to! I either lacked the cash at the time or it was really hard to buy in my local stores. Okay I loaned the game briefly of a friend to confirm this is indeed a game for me but after checking out that it is indeed cute and fun and super creative.  I gave my friend the game back and thanked her for allowing me to check it out and went on to buy New Leaf.. which of course was sold out. I tried a few more stores but it just did not get sold in a lot of places.. and other were going bankrupt. So I missed my copy..later I tried to loan it again from my friend asking If I could start my own game.. but she had sold it.. since I gave it back to her so quickly she thought I disliked it too or I would have given it for free.

New Horizons will be the first time I can commit to this game with a fully functional console and me having plenty of time to sink into it. I am not sure yet if I want to play on the Southern of Northern Hemisphere.. but I am sure as heck that that new bear is gonna be on this Island of mine! You can be sure to read about my island adventures on my blog as well. Which makes for a nice bridge to the questions!

Fred’s Questions

What do you blog about besides anime? 

Well …. uhm.. I basically marked that as categories. For those who read my posts from outside the WordPress Reader. I tend to focus on games, movies, anime, pokemon and myself or my thoughts.  Apparently I now also about what I blog about. Love and positivity are themes I try to adhere too! So there is that.

Did he gather the infinity stones?

What Anime did you drop and then reluctantly pick up only to decide later that it was good?

I dropped Code Geass once after the third episode. After picking it back up again and getting halfway through the second season I still concluded it was not for me. I tried to pick up Lucky Star a few times but I just could not get into it. There are only two anime ever which I would say could apply. Elfen Lied I dropped after the second episode and upon revisiting it I had a fairly good time. It’s a good show, though nowadays it doesn’t really impress me as much anymore. The first time around I did not know what to do with the dramatic tonal shift between the first two episodes yet as I learned more about anime I got to appreciate that.

The only anime that I ever have absolutely loved after initially dropping it was Steins Gate. Those first few episodes aren’t all that good on themselves and only get a pay off in later episodes. My friends swore it would get good.. but they said the same thing about Geass. and I do not like it. Yet with this one I fell in love.  I cherished this show when things finally began to unfold properly and now this one remains in my top 10 favorites.

I did not want to close my eyes watching this show the second time around?!

What Anime had the wrong protagonist?

There are a fair few. I tend to care more about secondary characters in general. Vegeta, Gohan and Piccolo are all much better characters than Goku or at least  characters I route for more! I’d rather see Sword Art online be completely about Asuna rather than Kirito..a character whom I truly dislike. Bleach could have worked just as well if not better with Toshiro as a main character. Joey Wheeler having to learn the game from scratch could have been more interesting to follow as Yu-gi Muto. Main anime characters can get a bit of a flat development arc especially when they need to get, or are , powerfull.  So secondary characters that need to work harder get a better character arc. Joey Wheeler grew more as Yugi in terms of understanding the game and figuring out his role in everything. Vegeta grew into a loving father who had settled down who came to accept his limitations and move on, there was more to live for than just being strong.

Is there an anime that would actively get better by choosing a different main character… While not a bad anime I feel Mirai Nikki would have greatly benefited from having a less whiny protagonist as Yuki. Without spoiling to much I think following Yuno from her perspective.. in a similar way to School Live..again no spoilers if you don’t know.. would have created a much more compelling narrative. At first we just see a girl with a massive crush but slowly we take a peek under the hood.  The big reveal of this show felt “shoehorned in , with only the benefit of more Murmur” The twist ending could have felt less abrupt and been teased through some disjointed memories or some weird ponderings. It would also give Yuki a chance to be cooler than he actually was as we could look at him through Yuno’s eyes.
It would give this series a sense of dementia and insanity. If done well it could truely have made this a legendary show!…Very good still but to me it’s weakest point was easily Yuki.

Hey Yuuuuki! I got a gift for you! It’s shiny!.. For now!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Honestly I might be dead by then?! Even when not considering my current situation I have a weak heart so who knows?! strive to be the person I become not the person I want to be.
Let me explain what I mean, little Pinkie wanted to take over her dads company and be a graphic designer. Had I actively chosen to pursue that as a study I would …probably still be where I am know..but also out of luck. The businesses went Bankrupt. Wiser Pinkie wanted to be a lawyer but my more emotional side noticed I lacked the distance I needed to have to do this job well.  My heart became weaker and I had a mental breakdown over my own limitations compared to what is asked of “normal” people and how I was perceived and as a result I can’t work currently/ Had I plotted my course to strictly that would have felt as a failure.

Life’s too short to only stroll down a single path. Sure if we walk straight we are more effective and accepted by society which is also important to most. That’s what I tried to do with my life, before it all stopped including my heart. When I came back, I felt depressed and broken. You know that they say your life flashes before your eyes before you die?! It was kinda true?! When I woke up I felt overwhelmed with fear. What I saw wasn’t really my choices. What i had done before was still to be normal, to stick to society and while that is fine, it made me feel that I had never lived. Never lived for myself at least. So now I live without a plan. Pinkie does what Pinkie feels like and we will see where it gets me.

Looking into the future is like the yellow brick road! Sure if I follow it I can get to Oz that everone seems to love so..but if I wonder around I might find something no one has ever seen. If I travel to Oz people can say I succeeded in our goal and congratulate me.. or I could die on the road and people say I failed.When I wander around and live day by day people may think I am one of those losers that isnt travelling to Oz like normal people.. but should that day come that I do not wake up..no one can say I failed in what I set out to do.

Where am I? Probably somehwere at either side othe rainbow!

Who would win in a fight between Naruto and Luffy

Let’s begin to say that Naruto COULD win.. because so many of his battles have been fought on or near water. Luffy would be hit at one point by one of the many Shadow clones and drown. However Luffy would definitely win in a straight up arena match.  For Luffy hasn’t stopped growing yet. While Naruto has taken down.. kind of .. gods and had less major losses than Luffy did it feels that in a fight between wind and rubber the latter would win.

Naruto’s Chakra is also more a finite resource than Luffy’s Devil Fruit Powers. Luffy has endured more injuries and has his Haki too boost his defences up even more. So he can both take more injuries while also able to sustain less. Now that being said I am using kid Naruto as a model here. Adult Naruto became more cautious and might not burn out as soon.. but I am going to assume we pit these characters in their main form.
Kuma has abilities that work in a similar way as Naruto..using air and such. Since Luffy already took a loss to him, and took it seriously one would think he came up with counters for it , knowing how his fighting style is. Naruto never really had an opponent to similar to how Luffy works and would have a though time to overcome the straw hat’s superior range.

Questions and nominees

The Nominees

Selina: Craft Lover
Al: Al’s Manga Blog
Kyrstallina: Daiya Manga
Merlin’s Musings
Kawaii Paper Pandas

The Questions

1.Take us back to your birth year! Select a movie, anime, tv series, cartoon or comic from that year that you have seen and liked.

2. Do you still have some childhood toys? If so what are they? If not.. do you have any toys or figurines?

3. What did you want to be when you where a kid?

4. What is your rarest collectible, figurine or otherwise treasured possession

5. (The Weird one) Make up a cartoon or anime series that feature at least five different bloggers! Who are the characters and what is the story?!

Now Remember Kids! Pinkie loves you all! Keep smiling and stay positive!
With two more tags are remaining including round two of my own Super Happy Love Award and another award with love in the title..which I am going to do my own thing with!? Will the next post be tommorow? Maybe.. or maybe I will be making an island then?! Find out tommorow!


Five Game Characters I’d Invite to New Years Eve

We are rounding it out, finishing the story of the biggest cross media New Years Eve party I’ve ever hosted. We’ve got a bit of everything , Including Pokémon, Bloggers Anime Characters and now we are up to video game characters. Like every other guestlist I have made, the five guests have to contribute something to the party. Not only because I am mean and lazy, I mean I am lazy but not THAT mean. It’s because I want to set an example that if we can all work together we can throw the most epic party on the fictional  planet where my fictional tropical resort is on. So let’s not waste any time and see which video game characters I’d invite.

Game Guest  1: Donkey Kong : The Bouncer

While everyone is welcome, you still got to have a bouncer, because you still have to have good intentions. When you come to paradise to troll, laugh at the weebs.. or in case you get to drunk and cause trouble you gotta go! Since I would lose a fistfight to a juice box, I really can’t manage this myself. My Pokémon have other things to do.. and one is an evil killer creature, the bloggers I doubt will do much good and I have only two anime characters that could fight..but they have other functions.  I don’t want some gun wielding nutjob like Max Payne or Master Chief to handle my security. I hold a strict no guns policy, unless the guns shoot bubbles. I could have invited Genzo Shibata from Kemono Michi in yesterday’s post but I am afraid of what he will do to my pokémon. I don’t want him to lewd Raticate or Jigglypuff and I don’t want to get suplexed for asking him to deal with someone dressed as a cat girl or something. So I had to make a carefully selected pick. So I of course ended up picking a gorilla what hides in barrels and has a no tolerance policy on piracy. The Kong formerly known as Donkey Jr… Donkey Kong. 

(Such a good bouncer, he even has a suit)

He’s finally here, bouncing for you, if you misbehave you’ll get bounced out too! If you make me cry he will give a slap! As we take you through this Monkey RAP! Huh! DK Donkey Kong! DK Donkey Kong is here! This ape has been a beloved video game hero ever since he tried to rescue his father in Donkey Kong Jr. In Donkey Kong Country he finally took the name of his father who moved on to become Cranky Kong. Thus this Kong never kidnapped Pauline, and thusly has a clean record. Important for a bouncer to have a good record. Punch Out for Wii shown he can fist fight, we see him able to grapple things, he shoots coconuts, which I do not count as a gun but as a gag weapon. He is musical so he can help the band of Jigglypuff and he is very good and hauling barrels. Which means that besides a bouncer I also got someone who can fetch the kegs of beer and barrels of wine. He is indigenous to the tropics so PETA will not bother me either with their silly little nags when it comes down animals in geekdom. And best of all I think Donkey Kong could give some of the best hugs..or crush my spine when doing it after which he would throw fecies at my corpse… he still is a gorilla after all.

(Donkey Kong says he would never do that stuff I said last)

Game Guest 2: Tommy Vercetti : The Designated Driver

While on paradise anyone can have a beach bungalow for the night free of charge, I get that a few people will have to leave early. New years day they visit their family and all of that stuff so I will take care of transportation from and to the island for you.  While Donkey Kong has shown he is capable of driving in the mario kart games I did not think it was a great idea to let an ape pilot a plane or an aquatic vehicle. I mean his cousin Diddy can do that but I am still hoping that Diddy Kong Racing will return one day so I will not be stealing the hatted simian’s time. Big brain tactics going on over here. So rather than give this job to some cutesy little animal I gave the function to Vice City’s greatest narcissist criminal, Tommy Vercetti. I mean the guy has experience with playing taxi for people so he should be perfectly be able to do it. He comes already dressed for a tropical paradise either and he is a master of any vehicle, without gathering skill points or licenses for it. Whether you come by car, boat , plane or even tank Tommy can take care of it. He even might bring a little pick me up for those who are into such things. I am not personally, those things would kill my weak heart and such, but I also do not take a very negative stance against it. To each their own poison and all. So you do you and if Tommy can’t make a sale on the island, we can do a hidden package run all together the next day that sounds like a hoot and a half.

(That suit isn’t that well tailoured I think, I’ll get him a pink suit)

Tommy is used to deal with difficult people, long before he kills them all he helps them with some trivial task like getting them home after a party or the likes, so as long as you are not a big criminal kingpin…or a sex worker…. you will most likely be completely safe when using Tommy as your designated drivers. Just when you review him.. don’t give him five stars.. the military will show up and the party will be a mess. Never give a GTA character 5 stars, it’s a death sentence to them.  Tommy however will take care of you in retro style. The tunes he plays on his radio on the way back keep that party Buzz Buzz going for just a bit longer. How I am sure that he won’t drink an drive? Well Tommy usually only gets wasted when the cops show up or a rival gang tries to take him out, and there are no police or evil gangs on my island. So weirdly Tommy would not get wasted. Tommy can also blend in at the resort very well. He can play a mean round of golf, though Pinkie’s Paradise only has a putt putt course.  He likes investing money into booming business so we might even get an investor of this blog, and even if he is a money hungry criminal.. he isn’t as  money hungry as our next guest.

(Tommy isn’t much of a dancer, so he will stand out from the crowd when you want to go home)

Game Guest  3: Tom Nook:  The financer

Parties like these cost money and that is a resource I do not have. Nearly every wealthy character in gaming is an insane evil soulless  bastard. Handsome Jack will not treat my guests very well nor would Albert Wesker. Ken Masters would probably steal Dark Magician girl from me so he is out as well..he’s kind of a douche anyway.  So let’s look at the more child friendly consoles and series of games. Lara Croft simply wouldn’t be into parties plus I would not know which one of the renitions I would have to invite. Mario should have a lot of coin but whenever he gets hundred bucks he just gains more life essence.. so I doubt he will have over 100 dollars on his account. Which brings me to the most greedy bastard of all. Tom Nook! While he would finance such a triviality as a party without us paying him massive interest this time we will flip the tables around. Amongst all of us we will have laboured many hours for mister Nook, it is time he did something for us in return. If he wants us to buy stuff from him in that new game coming early next year than he better show he is as committed to us as we are to him. You gotta spend a few bells to make more bells. I bet making a raccoon give me money is something PETA will disagree with me on, so I guess I will give Tom Nook a chance to earn some money while financing my party. 

(At least Tom Nook is pleased by my style if he likes Kyary he will like me as well)

So as I told you everyone has a bungalow in Paradise. I guess Tom Nook can sell you all customisations sets for your bungalow should you desire to customise it. Your bungalows will be expandable and if you want to rent a hammock to lie on the beach at New Years Day.. you better bring some cash to pay Tom Nook. He will also rent out the putt putt golf course, for of course a nominal fee, boats, fishing rods and one of those speedboat banana things… new year’s day beach events will all be hosted by Tom. I will be in bed with a hangover anyway so I am honestly not all that bothered.  My bungalow is pink already so I doubt there is aa customisation set I want from and….. OH MY GOD UNICORN WALLPAPER….
Luckily I am immune to Tom Nook’s *cough* charm,  because even after this party is over I still won’t have any money. As soon as I have some though I will spend it on the new Animal Crossing Game of course.

(Sigh.. I should have expected as much)

Game Guest 4: King Knight: The Tabletop Guy 

I love myself a good competition on New Years Eve but Smash would exclude my friend Jilly, the only person in the world who doesn’t like Super Smash Bros so I’d feel said for her to host a big competition like that.  Gaming against each other can also get very insociable , but there is one type of gaming that never does. Tabletop gaming is always neat and cosey. Whether you play a card game, a storytelling game or a co-op adventure you always talk. To save some room at the party, the big board games like Dead of Winter or Fury of Dracula will not be played. To much stuff going on and when drinks spill people will cry. So we opted for a card battling game. Squall is way to emo and a buzzkill to be fun at a party so out with him and Triple Triad. Yugi and Kaiba cheat in their own game, plus the banlist changes about every hour so duel monsters is not viable as well, besides from that I don’t want anyone summoning something that can destroy my Dark Magician girl of my anime character post. Magic doesn’t really have great video game avatars plus it can be a tad elitist and that is not allowed at my party. Gwent is only played by people who love to rip other people to shreds.. so there is only one option left. We shall play Joustus! Since I don’t want to see a big apple fish dancing all the time we also only have one option on who to invite. King Knight.

(If he spins like that on the dancefloor I bet he will make a girl very happy.. and sick)

King Knight is the protagonist in the newest Shovel Knight expansion and it is great. The man has such great flavoring in all of his powers as well as his persona and sense of humor. This make King Knight a perfect party guest. Sure he will think he is superior but the guy is hurting inside and just needs a good cry. Fred might be able to help him, if you read my Bloggers invited post you’ll get that. He is not a great fighter and not that insanely evil… he is just a boy who believes he is a king that’s kinda cute. I am really good at Joustus as well so I could make some serious money at the tables. Maybe even enough to buy that unicorn wallpaper from Tom Nook…dag nabbit!. Joustus is a grid based card games where arrows can indicate movement, you use this to slide pieces around to claim as many “winning” tiles as you possibly can before the board is filled up. However some cards can block being pushed and have special effects and more of that jazz… it actually kinda feels like jousting with all that pushing. King Knight  is forced into the tutorial so he can explain you the finer details, but be warned he cheats. Luckily I don’t have blue fish guys in chests where he buys his cheats from.

(It’s time to J-J-J-J-J-Joustus)

Game Guest  5: Ratchet and Clank :  The Tech Guys

Yes yes I know that’s two characters but they just might as well be one plus it’s my blog so I rule that it counts. With a gaming court, a movie theatre  a fully equipped cocktail bar, a karaoke stage, and a band podium among other facilities there, is a lot of technology to handle. I know nothing of stage lighting and when I blow a fuse in my house I need assistance to realise what happened. So we need tech guys and who is better than Ratchett and Clank. No one really. Though I did consider that grandma from Watch Dogs 3 as well. Ratchett and Clank I’d say would be a lot quicker to respond can have access to difficult to reach spaces and when the party is over they most likely would happily take most of the scrap metal and stuff that is in my way to build weapons from as long as they dont build weapons on the island.  Both are huggable in their own way though I do prefer clank. His solo game I found to be rather enjoyable and I do not like Rachet’s character as much as I do like Clank. Still enough for a good hug though. So yay for cuddly tech support.

(I have no funny comment for this picture so you make one)

What puts Ratchet and Clank a nodge above the other candidates for tech support is their immense creativity. You see Mario is a plumber that can probably fix some leakage or pipes going to the Koopa Kingdom but only if he has the right parts. Being from Brooklyn (yes I am using that one)  he will never have the part that I need and has to wait for the store to open again on January second.I can’t use that sort of behaviour. Ratchet and Clank get the job done .. parts or no parts. If my band’s pyrotechnics do not work THEY will make some for me, if MasterMixMovies projector goes down, they will build me a new one or fix the old one. I can not think of any character that is as flexible as them except for maybe Macgyver but he got badly remade. We can somewhat say the same about this duo, being that their last games haven’t been THAT good, but hey that just means I can employ them cheaper, so Tom Nook is also happy because he is paying their bills.

(It’s fixing time!)

And with this we are all done with the party guest , which means it’s actually time to PARTAY! So everyone who joined me in this adventure, thank you so much for sticking trough untill the end and Happy New Year. Twenty Twenty will be our double digits of hapiness and love! Stay awesome, stay pink, untill we read again, Pinkie is blasting off again! Greetings from Pinkie’s Paradise and Happy Happy New Year.. may the force be with you.

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