The Time We Almost won A PlayStation 4: The PS4 Hunt!

Hello again my sweet island guests! It’s catch up week!  So today I am posting something I wrote earlier! But I wasn’t fully satisfied with it! That way I can work ahead and can play around it. In this post I bring you back with me to revisit one of my geeky memories. A memory that takes me back six years. December 20th to be exact. It was the time I took part in a Playstation hunt.

What was the PlayStation Hunt

Let’s begin by explaining to you what the contest exactly was. This content was held in celebration of PlayStation’s 20the anniversary.  To win a PlayStation 4 anniversary edition you’d have to travel to one of ten cities across the Netherlands in a cosplay or at least outfit based on some PlayStation games. You could download an app that would send you to a location. With it you’d get a quiz question that you’d have to answer. If you find the guy or gal working for Playstation at that location and gave them the answer for the questions and you were indeed dressed in Sony PlayStation themed outfits.. you’d be the happy owner of a brand new silver anniversary Playstation 4! While me and my friends already had a Playstation two participating.. a guy and a girl did not! So for their sake, or maybe to gather some event money for the group! We took on this challenge.

What we did not know however was this contest wasn’t really done with approval of the city! Maybe some higher ups knew but the people on the streets did not know.. and it would be that fact as well as one of my friends making a very silly mistake that would cost us that PlayStation 4. We would have won .. in fact we would have won the very first one. Instead we nearly ended up cancelling the entire competition. My amazing friend Fatima Minusima of whom I talked before invited me to join with about one week to spare. Which was amazing. I wasn’t a strong runner but I loved doing geeky things with them! Back then I was just starting to know them and I did not live in the same town as them yet.  (Though 4 months later I would)  There was only one problem… We had to cosplay!  Outdoors…in December! Now this basically meant that any female character was out by default…unless I played that Anna woman from Tekken I guess.. but I did not have money for a fur coat! Nor could I make that outfit not look like I am .. something that is not a cosplayer. So to solve this.. I was going to have to get creative!

The Hunt for Cosplay

Luckily I do live in the best province in the Netherlands when it comes to getting cosplays.  Limburg and Noord Brabant are the two provinces that celebrate “Carneval” which is a variant of Mardi Gras but mixed with american halloween.. but a wider variety of costumes. Think actual Mardi Gras outfits mixed with te Village people and you got a good idea what wanders through our streets. In Limburg (not sure about Noord Brabant)  the season however already starts at the Eleventh of November, so costumes are fairly widely available for us. Even in my little home town. Of course I would not want to spend too much money on something like this because I already had a PlayStation! So I had a budget of .. what then was about 30 euro. Not an easy task. Yet our carneval store was also an army dump! In which you could get old military supplies for almost no money at all! What gave me my final idea was a big empty cardboard box sitting there next to army suits that has just been stocked.

I got myself a camo outfit I could wear a coat under or could at least wear normal clothes under,  so I would be nice and toasty even if it was cold during winter. I got myself a pirates eyepatch for two euros and a jar or brown face paint for about the same amount including an application sponge!  I found some gloves that looked just like the Big Boss outfit from Metal Gear Solid 3 and made a deal to get it all for 30 bucks. Those gloves weren’t priced yet and later they found out they cost so much more.. but well the owner of the store was a former classmate of mine so she did me a solid! I also could take the big cardboard box! I would be going there as Big Boss. I think that’s the character from Metal Gear Solid 3.. or was it actually Solid Snake.. I am never sure! I can’t tell them apart.  Regardless! Playstation enough!  So I was on my way. Fatima dressed up as Nathan Drake as well as her good friend Cherry. Fatima’s then boyfriend Joe came dressed as young Heihachi and the guy who did not have a playstation Ron came in a fox hound sweatshirt. Cherry had her boyfriend with her as well Dave. Dave wasn’t dressed up at all.. he was slightly Arab in look so I think he said he’d just say “I’m the Prince of Persia but it’s too cold here”  if he was asked. It wasn’t that cold that day though! The young Heihachi Joe wasn’t naked underneath his vest he wore a old Heihachi Tekken shirt.. but I am pretty sure it was just a shirt.. maybe he had a jacket he could throw off! Not sure,

The Hunt Begins!

We traveled to Maastricht together! For us to do that I have to travel about 20 minutes in the train by myself and also 20 minutes by bus. Then we still need 15 more minutes of joined travel. I expected lots of people to be dressed up and going to this hunt so I would expect the train ride not to be that awkward. I was wrong. Apparently most people came by car. We had one person too  many to drive so we opted out of that. Had we come by car.. we would have won that PlayStation. Or at least one of them. I was asked a few weird questions but luckily it was the weekend and it was carneval season. So it wasn’t all that bad. People did not dare to sit next to me though… which was nice because I saved spots for all my friends! Thank you people for not wanting to sit next to the weirdo with a huge box and a beard painted on her face really badly!

This but less male and on a budget!

I met up with my friends and luckily I could geek out now.. at their train station a few other geeks boarded the train as well and we hung out for a bit.  I at least got recognised as Snake/Boss so I was content. Coming off the train I came up with a plan de campagne.  We would split up in three teams of two to maximize our chance of winning. Each group would start on one of the three major squares in Maastricht and  would only run to an area that they can feasibly reach within 10 to 15 minutes. (Otherwise there would be bound to be a group there faster than you because people came with bikes and scooters and such). It would be best if we divided ourselves based on our speed. Instead the idea was opted for a girls and guys team. so we already were one chance down..but then Dave wanted to go with Cherry instead as he made their team faster. He was saying they could just abandon the slow person for a bit to win a PS4.. Since Cherry and Dave did not have a PS4 and Ron did not have on either.. the winning group would get first dibs. This resulted in the fact that  I ended up being the one that would constantly be abandoned by my group because I do not run that fast, due to my issues with my motor skills. I was a bit saddened by that  but we would make it work. I knew my way across town so I would be the map person, then Ron would use his internet to google the answer to questions and Joe would be the one to sprint to the goal and abandon us. So that way I would not be alone as much! It worked..except for the fact that Joe is REALLY bad with directions and never reads any signs! That last fact contributed to us losing the PS. 

The Hunt goes South

My hunch that the three squares would be involved in the hunt was on the nose, the square we were headed to, became an active search zone so immediately we knew we had a shot at this.  I don’t remember the question but I knew the password of the thing was Uncharted. It wasn’t a super easy question so it was not like .. “what game is lead by Nathan Drake”  kind of things.  When we arrived on the square the scooter squad was there already.. so I got in my box and snuck up to them.. I was slow so I just did a distraction! Which worked! I got compliments for the awesome idea of bringing my own sneaky box and they took some pictures.. literally of a cardboard box standing on the floor with a few feet sticking out…!
Sure go ahead! As my friends searched on we could not find the guy! Eventually my box disguise failed and the scooter squad  went to search as well! They had a Dante with them!  So while his friends weren’t a threat (as they had no PS gear on at all) Dante was still a risk! We had to find the Playstation guy first!

I realised that the guy did not seem to be on the pinged location when I suddenly realised that there is an underground parking space below this square. The entrance is just a bit further away.  So we ran into the parking garage to go down below.. I was so sure we would find the guy there. I told Joe who outran me that at the end of the   garage there was a stairs leading down to lower levels. If he could run there and search from the bottom up, me and Ron could cover the search from top to bottom. A solid plan! Yet Joe doesn’t listen to  listen to instructions very well and he does not read signs. So when he found a door downstairs at the MIDDLE of the hallway he was thinking! Oh man! I am so slick! Despite me knowing this garage. His judgment lapsed and he missed a major sign.

Unfortunately the emergency exit  sign!. Emergency exits are often foreseen of an alarm so people know there is an emergency causing people to use that door. It helps great against thieves as well. Some guards showed up and we told them what was going on. They told us if we could not present them to show our car or we would be kicked out. . We did not even have car keys to show . We got booted out and all cosplayers were banned from entering the garage. .. Well if a PlayStation representative was in that garage clearly they would not do that right?! Well after I tried to sneak in via the elevator and got a very rude security guy telling me I could not enter because dumb people like me would only get ourselves killed for something stupid as a video game. He also took a jab at my costume! So I puffed up my cheeks and stomped the floor and told him he stole 400 bucks from me! He told me to go find a real hobby! So I puffed my cheeks again! I asked him what sucked all the joy and fun out of him and left without finding out the answer.

A few minutes later the zone got cancelled no PlayStation was given away from no one managed to reach the guy..and he himself got trapped in the parking garage and actually failed to get a signal out.. so  his zone was just invalidated….even if I was smart enough to wait by the exit for him so I could see him pop up! Alas! Joe, now driven by frustration, was desperate to win the next one. We almost got this one after all.  Zone 2 was all the way across town.  About an half hour walk away. I told him we would never reach that in time because there are people on scooters and with cars as well. He ignored my advice and began running in the opposite direction. Fifteen minutes later we ended up  getting a message the new guy was found.

The first guy got reactivated and had a checkpoint very close to where he was first I knew exactly where he was! But we now were well over 15 minutes out after all we just ran until I was fully out of stamina.  Had we followed my advice and waited there..or even followed the ps guy I am sure we would have won still! But Joe’s Alpha moment made him command us to follow him. Now I was fatigued, Ron was a bit vexed with him and Joe was just frustrated. I was still having fun.. as I had no PS4 to lose. I do not care about winning. The other two seemed to be more driven than me though. Joe dashed off to reach the old location while we stayed behind. Ron knew nothing of directions in town so he stayed with the one person who did! Me!

The Hunt for Drinks

Joe  doesn’t know the way in town though so he needed me, but he was a bit fed up with my poor condition, even though it’s medical not by pure choice. Bless him for trying so hard though. I know the shortcuts around town though. So when the fourth checkpoint came up we actually managed to make it to the location  right before   we got the signal the guy had been found we even saw him.. Just missed it again.. this time he was found by guys on bikes. When I say we, I meant Ron and me , Joe went the long way around arriving there very out of breath a bit later.  When the next  and second to last checkpoint spawned 30 minutes away we decided with a bunch of other cosplayers to go share a drink. We wouldn’t make that and even if we did we did not know the answer to the question. We could not even find it on google. Well the answer was on the internet but it was hidden in a 15 minute video or so.. not really practical. So we had some geeky fun with some other guys. Telling our story about how we blocked the other guys in the garage!. Apparently they were there as well and got chased out by guards as well they wondered who did that. We all realised that I should have just hidden in my box and then snuck past the guy!  It was a nice drink and fun moment. Joe could let his frustration go.

The final checkpoint spawned way uphill and we  and the other group started to travel together for a bit and honour would go to the fastest runner. So I was out!  However I was needed for my familiarity with the land so I had to sprint in the second wave . However the weather was turning around. It started to storm a bit making sprinting even harder.  That big cardboard box on my back was a big wind catcher so I  fell on the streets as I got hit by a good gust.  We all had a good laugh at how silly it looked to see Big Boss get done in by a gust of wind. As I lay down the new  people helped me up . .but not before yelling SNAKE?!  SNAKE?!!!! SNAAAAAKKKKKE!  Halfway to our destiny we got passed by the scooter squad. I told the group that at that spawn point the guy most likely was in this garden/ small park like thing. There was nowhere he could hide and there was no way we could outrun the scooter squad! We felt more like drinking and geeking out with our new friends. Doris the Cardboard box got dumped in an alleyway and at the Mcdonalds Restroom  I cleaned off my fake beard and took off my eyepatch! My eye hurt sooo much! Also running through a crowd without depth perception?!.. Not a great idea. I had several accidents. I wonder how Snake does it.  While I was cleaning up my friends called the girls and Dave. They had gotten lost all the time so never got close. Together with our new friends we went to a little Irish pub.

We had a good laugh and the story of Solid Snake being blown over by a gust of wind got spread along the table.. as well the girls and Dave running into a hoard of other Nathan Drakes. When Ron began describing all the times I got hurt during this trip, I shifted the story to the parking Garage to tell Fatima Minusima about her boyfriend’s failure, in a playful way.  We all agreed Joe had ruined the PS4 for Ron so we made him buy a round of drinks..for our traveled  group.. not the ones who joined.. we are still Dutch after all. He offered but they refused. Instead their leader guy named Gary  treated them to a round of drinks.  We shared a few PlayStation stories and joked  Ron would not get it..and just had some fun. Their team all had a PS4 but they really wanted the collectors edition.  After three drinks we parted ways from Gary and his gang and went home..I bought a nice coat so I could carry my cosplay with me (since it came with a nice big bag to carry it in and I switched stuff over)  and we went for Sushi afterwards… all in all, later I realised that with my new coat , which I still have as a warm rain coat,  and the sushi I spent 80 euro’s that day hunting for something I already had and wasn’t going to get anyway!  But I had a lot of fun!  Even if I felt slow and could not keep up, which can be painful to be confronted with,  there is something special about running around as a geek, meeting fellow geeks  and just having some fun! It was worth it because I could be me!  With people like me.. with friends! That in the end was what the hunt was really about…but Joe never gave Ron his PlayStation!

For Ron

The Bigger Give-Away Contest! (Pinkie’s Anniversary Finale)


Hello Island Guests, welcome to the already last anniversary post of my blog’s Anniversary Week. Today I have one more gift to give to you all and this one is a bit bigger than the one we had last Thursday. Today I am giving away .. a modern game! With loads of extra‘s!

I wanted to do something back for the community that has offered me such a nice platform and this great home for the past year! So last Thursday I gave away the game that is responsible for be becoming a geek! Ducktales Remastered of course because! If you think that sounds awesome and you still want to participate! Yes you can!  Click here to visit that post! But wait with that.. don’t go away yet! Because today I have a give away as well! Today I am giving away a code for the complete version of “The Elders Scroll Online including the latest DLC Greymoor” .. that’s right an MMO with all of it’s updates there for you to play!

Why ESO? Well.. that’s a secret. What is no secret is my love for fantasy and I love the Elder Scroll games.  While not a diehard fan who mods the heck out of it I truly love the games in their original forms, I have spend many hours in Tamriel in it’s purest form.. with a single Teddy Bear Mod! I see how many of you like MMOs or heck even Isekai you can Isekai yourself into a free MMO! Woot Woot! Anniversary Week! No this is not a cheap ploy to increase my viewers, although I would not mind. No this is mostly a give-away for the people who have discovered my blog. So instead of sharing, following and doing that whole raffle thing.. I am going to make you compete! The best answer wins! We are all bloggers here..mostly we can be a bit creative right?!

Today I am giving away the COMPLETE edition of Elders Scroll Online! This includes every DLC so far including the latest amazing one! Greymoor! Travel to Skyrim in a way you have never before! Travel In style…because this code I am offering does not only offer all expansion it also offers a lot of little extras!

This includes 5 pre-order rewards such as:
– 2 Crown Experience Scrolls
– Western Skyrim Treasure Maps
– A Nightfall Preview Crown Crate
– The Jarls Vanity and Crown Items
– The Pre-order exclusive Sacrificial Pocket Mammoth Pet!

But that is not all it also comes with a bunch of exclusive Rewards such as:
– The Holdbreaker Warhorse Mount
– The Exlusive Death Crypt Warden Death Hound Mount
– A Exlusive Death Hound Pet
– The Orb of Magnus
– A Skyrim Emote Pack
– The Exclusive Swordthane Outfit Style

Then of course there is the actual game which includes:
-The Elders Scroll Online Base Game
-The Morrowind Chapter Collectors Edition
-The Summerset Isle Chapter Collectors Edition
-The Elseweyr Chapter Collectors Edition
And of course the newest expansion Greymoore! Collects Edition (which includes those things I mentioned before)

I reserve the right to be wrong on the content but I think this pretty much should be everything you get! The code can be redeemed on the official ESO website so does not require Steam. It does however require 125GB of Free-Disk Space. Which prevents me for playing this myself for now! But I am working on that! Because I really want to join!

Well that is easy!
Firstly do follow this blog please! Also follow my twitter!  It will make it so much easier for me to contact you if you have won! For those who I can’t contact it will also help you keep track of when my post announcing the winners goes live! Only one person gets Elders Scroll Online and only one person gets Ducktales, though if you are the most creative.. or the only one participating you could win both! The best answers wins, regardless if they also win the other one! So everyone has a shot!

Secondly leave a like on this post! I know it doesn’t really help your chances , but I really  would appreciate it! I am really curious to how these posts will do!

Thirdly.. and this is the important part, so pay attention you have to help me!  Ever since November 3rd my tag line to this site has been “My Geeky Resort” ..but I would like something more Zippy ..something with a bit more a a kick! A bit of spunk or something totally Kawaii! Today I ask YOU .. what should Pinkie’s Paradise new Tagline be?!
Now whether we are going to use the other tagline or not we will see, I just wanted a contest question that is more interesting that.. “what character would you like to be in ESO’  this is my anniversary week so it is more flavoured towards that. The contest shall be measured on 4 criteria.
1>Is it a catchy tagline? Does it appeal to me?
2>Is It on brand for my blog
3>Will it look cute on my banner
4>Is it creative?

You can put your answer in the comments of if those are not available to you , you can react to the tweet showcasing this post! Only one entry per person! Earliest reply counts!

Think of a Batter Tagline and WIN!

Fourth: You have until  Saturday the 25th of July 2020 at 12:00 PM GMT +1 to react!  Reactions after that are always appreciated but never rewarded with a chance to win a game!   By participating you do allow me to use your submitted Tagline on my blog should I so choose!  Only IF you win I would use your tagline though and who knows I might favour a super creative tagline over a fitting one!  I am not sure! So take a gamble and come up with a tagline!

Fifth and Finally:  A winner shall be announced in my Pinkie’s Saturday Anime Adventure 13 post. Right at the end near the real life update!  If I haven’t managed to contact you before that feel free to use the website contact form, twitter or even discord to reach out to me to claim your price. By all means I SHOULD have reached out to you before that though but with my current health.. I might need a bit of a reminder.. or maybe I was unable to contact you myself!  Do not reach out to ask if you have won BEFORE Pinkie’s Saturday Anime Adventure 13 has been posted! People who ask if they have won (when I have not reached out to them) are disqualified. Just doing this to keep my mailbox clean and everyone’s chances fair!  If you do not respond within a week of me contacting you.. the price shall move on to a new home as well. So don’t dwaddle time is ticking! Help me with a Tagline and take a deep dive into Tamriel!

And with that I’d like you all to fire up your brains and come up with a creative tagline for my Paradise! Have fun in competing and be reminded of the good old days when you had some control on your chances of winning! Participating with everyone else is half of the fun!
Should no one participate, I shall re-do this give away in a share and like raffle but I will also be sad! Don’t make Pinkie sad! Participate in this game! Thank you for spending time on the blog during the Anniversary Special and thank you for the final time thank you for sticking with me this year! Onto many more years!



Five Presents I’d give myself for my Anniversary (Anniversary Day 5)

I have made these type of posts before where I show you a list of stuff I want to buy! Fun gadgets, cute plushies and much more this wonderful world has to offer. I have been wanting to make another wish list for quite some time now but I never could find a theme! …. well Blog Birthday gifts are as good a reason as any so I picked five gifts I’d gift myself.. themed after my blog! It might also help you yesterday’s give away/contest .

For those who haven’t noticed yet , I am a big fan of pink things , that are also bright and bubbly!

Sanrio’s Hello Kitty would make a good mascotte for me if I was not that scared by human girls who actually look like cats. You can blame a certain musical movie for that. So I guess I will stick to Bonbonribbon as my favourite Sanrio mascotte! However that last one doesn’t have this awesome pink  cereal dispenser!  Why do I need a cereal dispenser anyway? Why for my Pinkie’s  Saturday Anime Adventure posts of course! My  blog series where I watch anime as if they are saturday morning Cartoons! Sure it is nice to poor unicorn fruit loops from their box and see the actual unicorn.. but the box is red! This dispenser is PINK! And also slightly geeky! People could walk in my box of a house, see the pink dispenser filled with the soft coloured fruit flavoured loops and be like…. yep that fits her really well!

For some reason these things sell really well though! So I am currently unable to by one but since this weeks is all about hypothetical gifts anyway I’d stay it’s still a legit pick! If I ever have any spare money laying about I might actually get this one for “the memes”  but as it is right now I do not actually have space for it in my little apartment! In a slightly bigger house I totally intend to get this though! It’s cute , pink and so me!  It’s also very sold out everywhere so I will travel across the lands searching far and white. To pink my house and cute it up, to put cereal inside! A great gift and if I go through the effort of gift wrapping it which I suck at by the way, I bet it would look like a really impressive big box of  gift! Yay! Big gifts!

Those who have been following me for most of the year know about my love for plushies and something coming up on that front as well! But the heart always wants more! 

Among the Galar pokémon Alcremie turned out to be my absolute favourite, even blowing my expected favourite Galarian Ponyta out of the water. I just fell in love with Whippy my Alcreamie. It might be a contestant from one of my favourite pokémon ever at this point alongside Sylveon and Bulbasaur.. there is just one big difference. I do have a bulbasaur and Sylveon plushie but no Alcremie one! So that should change! While searching for it I stumbled upon this custom made life sized one! It looks so sweet I’d kinda wanna lick it.. but that is probably a bad idea!

Not only do plushies taste terrible this specific store is quite outside my price range as well!  A 7 inch Plushie could still go for about $95,- and the  life size Appletun.. which by the way is also amazing and I definitely want that as well goes for as much as $250 dollars US.  THat is like way way way…..(way)  outside my plushie Price-Range. While The Alcremie is not currently in stores I suspect it would cost around $150 dollars based  on its size!  A normal Alcreamie Plushie would run about $30 dollars and will most likely be the one I actually end up getting. Yet since this is a wishlist I thought I’d add the stupidly pricey one just because it is so much more fun to see! I do not think it’s overpriced either.. because clearly a lot of hours go into this one! I am just pointing out this  is something I am not currently able to do! I do believe in the power of dreaming however and if there are people with budget left and a desire to own Pokémon that are custom made for you! Reverse search the image and trough Deviant art you can find a webstore!

This next gift is based on some of the interactions with people i had as a blogger! And of course my general “image”

In my attempt to be a real world anime girl, there are a few items and experiences I need. One of these items is a Phone Strap! I once promised to give Irina one as she would give me one! Yet just like I never actually gave her one.. I doubt she is giving me one! She doesn’t even know where I live! However I have found the perfect phone strap for her! I would present that here! Check to the side! That is perfect for her isn’t it?! I am so good at looking up phone straps!. Perfection! I dare you to disagree! It works on so many levels!

I have found a few good options for myself but I finally encountered something that really spoke to me. I am not sure what it is from but when I saw this picture it just spoke to me. These are apparently called Star Hoppe Chans! It’s like a mascotte that became popular due to phone straps! So it is perfect. I considered getting a pokémon but all the other 893 is Pokémon would be sad they are not my phone strap! A unicorn would also be a cute phone strap but this slime with a lot of sparkly things ..just sings to me!  In my research for a cute phone strap I had like 12 options sitting for me and then I saw Hoppe Chan. It symbolises my randomness quite well! As a slime can change shape! The extra elements also seem to have little to do with the slime so we are a match made in heaven!

Now of course this would break one phone strap trope, the anime friends having matching phone straps. Irina’s strap and mine would not look alike! So I looked on but I stepped up my game these had to be a bit weirder.  Then I found the Hello Kitty Eco Hime Toilet Sound Blocker.  Which is like a Hello Kitty medal thing in pink or purple you plug in your phone or key strap or whatever and when you go to the toilet it drowns your own watering sounds by playing the sound of running water.  Think of all the social inconvenience we save with these $45 dollar a piece phone straps!  I mean I can almost buy 60 Hoppe Chan’s for that money and like 120 if I get like a Toilet Blocker for me and Rini-Senpai.. but yes.. having the ability to play water sounds while at a toilet sounds… barely useable. Like at a friends house I will just turn on their faucets..or in small bathrooms there usually is a sink! So the only place I could use it in like theme parks or stuff..where 20 other woman are making peeing sounds themselves. I would be like the most relax japanese woman ever if i went to live there. I might just play Pink Fluffy Unicorns to distract people if I really felt awkward but at least this gadget comes in pink!

I am quite obsessed with weirdness, like I would love to have things in my house and people constantly asking. What the heck is that.  When they point out at a brown like object next to my tv!

Then I an go  like ‘Oh that is my Shouting Vase, it contains my anger’ and then they would be like ‘Nani?’ as I would explain this to them.  A shouting vase is like a japanese invention that “absorbs” your screams..  Think of it like screaming into a pillow without hundred of dust mite thingies going inside your body! It your anger is like a pistol, this is your silencer. Then it also has the metaphorical meaning of now containing your anger!  Like it got Mafubaad (Evil containment evil sealing technique from Dragon Ball)  into a jar! That is lot better than having the anger float around your house! Many salty gamer should have this one! Playing a lot of retro games that are often quite hard a shouting vase can really come in handy for me.

That isn’t everything though!  Since I have started watching Uwe Boll movies I have found myself cursing the guy a lot! He really doesn’t make the greatest movies! Postal was one of the worst movies I ever saw and I really have a destructive review ready for that one. My experience could have definitely used a shouting jar. Social Media also frustrates me sometimes and I say some things that are not very nice about some people I think are not very nice either. I won’t tell you who they are but a certain author is at least among the many more! I try to censor my swears on my blog so I think my potty mouth should belong into pottery as well! With this gadget I can even seem more innocent and pink than I actually am so it is totally on brand! 

For my last gift I considered a full batman samurai armor to prove my weebness to the world.. but that would not fit plus at $6500 I would not even buy that with fictional dollars. My second options I considered was a hello Kitty Vacuum cleaner!  I really like this one but I could not find out anything about it’s dimensions! It might be for kids and my back is to bad for for such an endeavor also.. my vacuum is mostly hidden from people and I would like people to see the awesome gifts I have gotten.

  So instead I settled on candles! I love candles! But what I love more is messing with people’s heads!   The company that makes this cup noodle candle makes lots of candles that look like other stuff. So I would like to host a party and put a bowl of cup noodles on fire than Light it like a candle to see the people look surprised. There is also a Miso Soup Bowl one that looks quite amazing. Or like a bowl of nuts one! Yet this one is definitely the best.

It like has an actual cup noodle lid on them you can remove.. the packaging looks genuine and me and my friends love Samurai cup noodles or basicly any japanese noodle commercial noodles! They are amazing things! I really can’t wait to see their stupefied face and think this candle is like the coolest candle they ever saw! I’m vein like that I wish to give them that rabbit hole experience whenever I host something.  That’s just me!  Even movie watching nights usually have an element of surprise to them! I’d love to do a Action Bollywood Movie Day where we go to an indian place in the middle and where we play indian styled Batsu games with some spicy stuff as punishment! Other times I’d invite them to totally random night.. will we play a game? Will we watch an anime? Will we go out for drinks who knows the dice decides! So yes those candles really we enforce my weirdness! Yet with $19 dollars a money it feels like I am burning a 20 dollar bill.. just kinda slowly! I bet it would start NOT look like cup noodles really fast though.

And those are the gifts that I would give myself now you can use this knowledge to  find something you’d think is fitting for me and participate my <Anniversary Week 4>’s  Special Give-away! If you haven’t found out about that one yet click here to read all about it! 
Respectively all these gifts either depend my flavour as a blogger, my choice in content or events that have been going on on this blog so I think these are all neat gifts to give to myself? What do you think!  Don’t forget these are all hypothetical gifts only! I am not buying myself a 150 dollar plushie! What Hypothetical gift would you give me?! Post that in the comment of on the post by clicking on THIS link.. and maybe you win a gift from me instead!

I Am ACTUALLY One Year Old Now! The Happy Birthday Give-Away (Anniversary Day 4)


Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to my blog! But still mostly to me! Island Guests! I have done it! I have existed for a year now! *cue stock sound effect of children cheering*  On the 16th of July 2019 Pinkie first spoke to you.. Pinkie was created as a character.. though she did have an earlier rendition that doesn’t count! Since It’s my birthday, even though not my actualy birthday I am going to take it easy today and instead let you do the hard work! But for the one who does best I have a reward that means a very great deal to me!

Today I am giving away a copy of Ducktales Remastered for Steam!…Well.. except that I am not.. today I launch the competition to win this esteemed gift! I will actually be giving it away when we decide a winner on Sunday the 26th. (Revealed in the real life update of my Anime Adventures posts). I was thinking on what to use as a give-away and I decided on the game that changed my childhood! My geeky origins! If I was Peter Parker.. this would be the spider that bit me. If I was the Hulk this would be my Gamma rays.. If I was Batman I would be giving away my parents killer… uhm.. thank Arceus I am me right? I know it isn’t prestigious and it isn’t new nor a very expensive gift for me to give , but this is one very personal to me and that felt much more fitting as a birthday gift. Of course Sunday.. I will be giving away a somewhat bigger gift as well. I do hope the game will go to a loving home! This game will be handed to you as a Steam Key! So we don’t have to get all personal if you do not like that kind of stuff!

This is not a give-away I do to gain extra members so it’s not like that.. share on twitter , share on Instagram and FaceBook to earn extra entries and all! No! Pinkie is old so that means she comes from a time where prices are won by solving puzzles, creating an amazing catch phrase or writing something funny! So guess what! I am asking you to put your brains to work! Same will apply for Sunday! Except that one might actually see an impact here!
Now before I put you guys to work let me assure you I will not stalk my prize winners or rig this so one of my friends gets the price….because my friends don’t read my blog! Well King Coconut is a friend but I still treat him like your equal! Also I already gifted this to him..partially by accident..but heck I miss good old creativity contests so I thought I’d host one.

Well l have been very local by love for the classic NES Ducktales!  Of course since I don’t have a slew of regional NES systems available to me so I can’t EXACTLY give you the game that forged me! I can give you the next best thing in the form of the  2013 Remastered version! Check the trailer here!

A great platformer with good controller support, voice acting from the original Ducktales Cast. A platforming adventure that takes you to many places in the world. Now including Duckburg and with a more exciting finale!  Help Scrooge McDuck , the richest duck in the world,  become even richer by hunting for 5 mystical treasures that includes CHEESE!
Jake Kaufman recomposed the  masterful tunes of the original into amazing works of art! I especially love his take on the Amazone theme. I normally share the Moon theme with you..but something tells me you might have heard it!  So here is the Amazone theme!

If your computer is old enough to survive today it should be able to run this game no problem! So there is a plus! If you like games like Shovel Knight or  Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.. this game is the facelifted grandmother of many of their mechanics!  Play as the best animal a world! The tame duck, and visit more exciting locations than you would in your average James Bond game. You’ll be able to finish this game in under three hours, but then there is still heaps to unlock dive into a pile of gold coins and unlockable artwork including that of the original series! Find out what has me so obsessed and participate! 

Step 0: Make sure you have Steam.. or you can’t play or even redeem this game! (The next one doesn’t require steam)

Step 1: Do subscribe to the blog and follow me on twitter if you can. This isn’t for me to gain numbers , though I would not mind of course, but so that I can contact you if you won! Either find your site, your twitter whatever I can do to notify you.

Step 2: Like this post! It will not do anything for your win chances but it will make me happy! It’s my birthday so I deserve to be happy! I see all those colourful little avatars down there who liked my posts as little gifts… speaking of gifts!!

Step 3: Wish me and my Blog a Happy Birthday and tell me what you would gift my blog’s anniversary! You can do  this either in the comments.or if you are unable to do so, respond to my tweet featuring this post! Note.. these should not be actual gift but fictional ones! So they don’t even need to be founded in reality! You can wish an wereduck disease upon me if you want or my very own baby dragon named Blip.. who rides a scooter!

I did not expect to find as much art for this as I did!

Your creation will be judged on 4 factors!
>Would this non existing gift actually make me happy? (Famine and a guy who does my taxes are bad answers)
>Is the gift creative and fun (A Unicorn or my favourite Pokémon coming to life are not very original answers)
>Is the Birthday wish itself creative? (Bonus points if you can make that orginal)
> A Secret Bonus factor (Because secrets are always exciting)
Real gift giving does NOT increase your chances! Not for this specific code anyway! You might coax me into giving you a copy as well if you are a billionare giving me a blank cheque.. I do not expect that to happen.. but just saying!

Step 4: Submit your Answer before the 23rd of July 2020! (Deadline is 22th of July 11:59 PM GMT+1) Only one submission per person, your earliest entry is the one that will count! No multi-account spamming either! If I find out or suspect that I’ll disqualify those submissions! Keep it fun and fair for everyone! Not that I’d think people would Multi-Account for Ducktales.. but at least this rule is in place for the next give-away!
The Anniversary Week Day 5 post will be a shopping list of gifts I’d give to myself and can be used as examples! Submissions before that post goes live can score bigger on originality though! So take a risk and get a chance to score big by answering early.. or get to know me better by reading the next post first, but start with a slightly lower modifier! The choice is yours! The game is on!

Step 5: I will contact the winner somewhere between the 23rd and the 26th of July! If I can’t contact you..because I have no means to do so your name will be announced in the post Pinkie’s Saturday Anime Adventure 13 .. right at the end! If you see your name use the contact form..or twitter to contact me! If people ask me if they have won before then they will be disqualified, it would give them an unfair advantage if they bring their answer to my attention and I really do not want to send mails to disappoint people when I do not need to!

Should no one participate in the competition I shall search for a good home for this price! But I’d be a bit sad! So if you know anyone who might like this game, make them aware of this contest. But don’t give yourself to much competition! Be smart!

And with that we are already done with today’s post!  Yay! So drop your Birthday wish and your gift idea in the comments or on twitter and win this beautiful and amazing platform game! Experience my first gaming memory, remade in HD and get to understand yours truly better.. and live out your fantasy to be the richest duck in the world!  Yay! Have fun guys and thanks for being with  me this year!

Pinkie’s Birthday Q&A Part 2 (Anniversary Week Day 3)

Hello again Island Guests and welcome to the second part of my anniversary  Q&A. Check out the first part if you haven’t right here or read if after the questions of today! There is no particular order and I scrambled them  the order to be a mix of blogging , personal or  silly questions so you can ready them in any order you want! Most of these are Celestial Sparkles Questions now..but she just asked a really nice mix of balanced questions!  Only the other intro makes more sense if you read it first! With that being said back to your questions. 

Celestial Sparkles Asked

How did you get into anime?

Pinkie Answered:

I wrote a post about that here which tells you my origin story exactly.  The short version, I tried to be a normie for quite a while in my life until people began to bully and shun me despite my efforts to be normal. Due to people quiting my project group and leaving me without their work I got drafted in another college-work-group and those guys happend to be big anime lovers who talked about nothing else and made a business plan centered about it.  I had to learn what it was and it just re-fueled the geek inside me. While I was already fully being shunned I just embraced it this time and ran with it, even got a internship in it and then I was unleashed.. for the deeper story once more you can click here.
Celestial Sparkles Also asked to name 5 things I liked about the 90’s of which I made an even longer post, you can find that post here !

Lita Kino Asked

If you ran your own blog camp what would it look like?

Pinkie Answered:

Is that like a camp to teach people blogging or a camp for bloggers to hang out with each other? I strongly believe people should find their own voice and that is only reached by making mistakes and experimentation so an educational camp would be more less completely focused on finding yourself.  Where in the morning I’ll make you write something about a topic none of you feel comfortable with.. like the alchemy allegories of Pokémon or describing yourself as a fruit monkey including an outfit made of a protein.Then in the afternoon a free writing assignment. Comparing the piece you wrote in the morning and afternoon should have a clear winner! If you read this blog most likely you are a hobby blogger, I’d focus a plan on setting aside ambition as that can easily stifle creativity and makes you unable to discover your voice. Having ambition is fine but it should not be a starting point! First find yourself as a writer, find your voice and style and only then tweak it to appeal more widely. It’s like how a voice actor has to discover what they can do. You find your sound first then can learn to adapt and modify..if you just pretend to be Mark Hamill’s Joker while you can’t actually pull it off you’ll damage your vocal cords and be uit of the business. Writing to me is like that too! Let’s have fun and support each other, so maybe some team building exercises would be part of the course as well.

My real camp would not be educational at all though. It would just be people in a hotel..because.. in the woods we’d have very bad wifi…or at least a camp with wifi. We share breakfast and write a post together like all our laptops in the same hall. Maybe even for each others blogs to like get that team spirit going and for the rest of the day I’d think up silly games that represents us as bloggers. You know like physical games.

Stuff like giant Scrabble where two teams play scrabble but the tiles are made out of big foam mats like the stuff they make pool noodles off..  big enough so two people have to carry it.  You really have to work as a team to make some words. Or maybe Thesaurus Hangman.  Where you ask for a letter and make a word.. but only can answer it with a synonym. Let’s also not forget  the WordPress Block Editor game.. where you try to rebuild a sample of for example a castle with your own old school wooden playing blocks!  But since it’s WordPress one Block is Super Oily.. the other is super glued to another so you can only place it when you placed some other. One block is not an actual block but a  piece of paper.. so you have to find the block that doesn’t below and tape the shape to it.  Which reflects our struggles of dealing with WordPress.

Amazing prices can be won with Spam post bingo . You get a bingo card with 9 objects on it. Like Sneakers, A Slot Machine, A pot of pills and of course money. A random blogger is summoned forth to open their site and check their spam folder..whatever the top post is trying to make you buy or sign up to.. is a hit on your bingo card. And these are just a few of the amazing games I will set up for you all at camp Pinkie… there also will be booze and pink cupcakes…someone please make the cupcakes.

Celestial Sparkles asked

Write A list of books you’ll like to read this year

Pinkie Answered:

Okay here goes are you ready?  ……

That is all!  I am not a big book reader anymore, I like blogs and sometimes I pick up a manga and heck I might even pick up a book but I am not someone who plans this. I do like browsing cute bookstores like Livraria Lello in Porto
Portugal and sometimes a book tells me it wants go go home with me and then I do take it and read it. Yet it is all impulse! So no lists! I don’t even have an order for my video game movies I just pick something at whim.

King Coconut The Holy Mailman asked

What game would you like to review but currently can’t get your hands on?

Pinkie Answered:

I bet you’d be really upset if my only answer was Boonga Boonga!  That definitely IS one of them though. I have a thing for weird games, horror games cute games and retro games.  Boonga Boonga defiantly is the first. It’s a arcade game where you spank people, like the tax collector or your mother in law.  Not that i am really into spanking I’d just really love to review that game. Under that same banner I’d love to review Pepsiman and Cho Aniki for PS-One.. but I don’t have a PS-One let alone know if those games are region locked! So there are some games I really like to review but can’t.

A little more attainable are Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX  and Link’s Awakening on Switch. I’d love to review those two but they are a bit expensive since they are in essence just remakes, I love how they look but they are quite pricey for what they are .. I’m afraid I’d score them poorly just for their price-tag. So for that reason I am waiting for them to go on sale.  In the Steam Department there is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot that is in a same vein as those earlier two. I am sure it will be a pretty amazing game but not worth the bucks! Also not sure if my Laptop Would run it.  This also goes for a couple of horror games like Plague: Tale of Innocence, Song of Horror and mostly Call of Cthulhu. There is not THAT much I want on Steam and having my money locked into Steam usually sucks and I end up buying something I don’t really care for so I am weary to buy these.

Celestial Sparkles also asked

What is your favourite Music Track and Band

Pinkie Answered:

I am not very big on music let alone bands.. I like video game music and instrumental stuff but true good music for me is not the music on it’s own amazing music to me is something that amplifies another experience. Like the Ducktales  Moon theme being the song of my childhood, due to me beating that game and that stage being my Magnum Opus of gaming back then!   Another good example of a music piece I love is This Is Me, from the Greatest Showman. While on its own its own it is impressive and resonates with me being LBGT+  as well as my general outtake on live to just be me.. it resonates as strongly with me as it does because it’s one of the last good memories I have with my father before he began to pull away and condemn his former family. Yet it is also a song that makes me realise that is okay, I would not want to change just so my father would like me more.. this is who I am I tried often enough in the past to change it so if he can’t deal with that.. to bad This is Me.

This also applies to smaller memories for examples one of my favourite tracks ever is Kyrary Pamyu Pamyu’s  Harajuku Iyahoi. The first time I listend to it/saw it was when a important friend moved away ..after she left a good friend at the alter  because she fell in love with another guy. I still cared for her.. and I talked to her.. she  never expected it to happen but she realised while she could make my friend happy she would not be if she stayed. I was afraid I would lose her in my life but one day she invited us to her new house and we had a fun night with pizza, talking and watching music.. when this music began to play I knew we would still be friends for some reason. I met her through writing and she sent me to my first con for her blog,where Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Ponponpon was the big thing..meanwhile she realised  I was sociable and she invited me over.. so that song to me became like a symbol of us becoming friends and Harajuku Iyahoi of us staying friends. And well there is also the amazing video!

Scott Asked

I know that you’re new to anime, what other types of media (besides bad movies) do you watch?

Pinkie Answered:

Well new is a big word, I have just seen significantly less than most of you. I’ve been watching anime for maybe 8 to 10 years but do to having a less supportive platform a good chuck of it I did not clock THAT many flight hours. I watch a lot of other stuff, like adult cartoons! I am madly in love with Hazbin Hotel but also stuff like Futurama.  Would you believe it I also watch some good movies! I am actually quite a big movie buff. I am a big fan of horror which mostly means bad movies but there are a few gems out there.  I also am a big fan of movies like Catch Me if You Can. I watch a lot of movies, some horrible .. like that Lion King Remake.. or Cats..or Troll 2 and Rubber, some good, I don’t like war movies though or most time piece movies.  I also love Sentai Shows and used to like those supernatural shows like Buffy IZombie , Charmed, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Winnona Earp stuff like that.. just not recently. I have fallen a bit out of love with the 45 minute/ 60 minute episode format shows. I need that time to watch 3,5 hour tabletop games on Youtube!

I follow a handful of Pokétubers on YouTube and Twitch and I really love card openings or Dragon Ball Gatcha Videos. I totally Adore the analysis videos of Totally Not Mark on Dragon Ball and One Piece and I like to watch Kizuna Ai play video games as well ProJared who really plays ot my sense of nostalgia, despite all the accusations and all. Masoko X’s story telling really inspires me ..but besides those I don’t follow a lot of other YouTubers.. There is Chris Stuckmann I watch for movie reviews, I do like the Completionist as well. I HATE those extremely shouty YouTubers like Pewdiepie, Filthy Frank or those who speak in memes or laugh at their own jokes all the time. I want to see a person. The only one who can scream is Ai-Chan because she is adorable.

Celestial Sparkle asked

What is your best Childhood Memory

Pinkie Answered:

One memory I have I am particularly fond of is playing Nintendo 64 with my baby sister. We would play smash where I’d pick Kirby and she’d pick Pikachu ..facing of on the Star Fox ship not sure how the stage was called on N64 cause it’s in space and not on the planet the stage is named for.  We would play some skitch usually travel related.. Kirby would be traveling on the same ship as Pikachu and be a annoyingly talkative passenger, wanting to make Friends.. Pikachu meanwhile just came from a long hard pokébattle so he is super annoyed when a pink baby asks him .. they eventually get in a fight and face of.. We wrote a lot of versions of that story and act it out as if they were action figures. We’d play for hours the journey taking them to other stages as they fought on!  It all had a bit of a slapsticky feel but it was amazing! It was just great fun and it was the one game I could win my sister would not smack me for winning.So that’s a plus!

That Random Editor asked

What Challenges do You face as a Blogger?

Pinkie Answered:

Mostly the romanticised image of being a content creator. We all see Guy X get an amazing amount of likes, health communities with everyone having their own Subreddit these days, the whole going viral idea. It makes the world of blogging seem much larger than it actually is. It’s easy to see a big blogger and think “I can do that” because the numbers we get on WordPress pale in comparison to things that are so common to us like Instagram, Twitter and even YouTube.  Because we so oftenly see influencers gain a million followers it’s easy to classify numbers like 1000 as small. It creates a titled view of the world by exposure of sorts. Being a creator means people following you .. so people liking you right? I am cool now?!
Yet then you notice.. another creator like you having 10x the likes.. and suddenly you feel super unliked!

Keeping your blog being about you despite these expectations is one of the hardest things I had to face. Stuff like measuring likes, ..because we see it on YouTube, gathering as many followers as we can because we do it on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram can warp blogging into something that it’s not. It is just so easy to fall for this because without effort we can know exactly how big everyone’s page is. WordPress, Twitter, YouTube.. they all display the number of followers and likes.. easy for the world to see and compare .. and for someone who had to fight to be noticed most of their lives.. that can be a bit of a curse. I’ts great that I have 300+ people following me but that other blog might grow faster..or that one blog with less followers gets more likes, it is easy to feed insecurities in this system. Then there is the marketing content! The following syndrome Exposure to so many articles on HOW to write a blog.. who structurally tell you not to be to personal.. not to tell your real opinion but a bit of a watered down version.. word counts etc.. it all is there for us to get lost in. Then we can also easily end up as copies of those we aspire to be. There is only one people wanting to imitate that style will oftenly just come of as a “lesser version” I will not be a professional and with that comes a different set of rules, but this is a set of rules that is written nowhere, no one tells you how to be yourself how to make blogging fun for you.. that you have to discover and it’s easy to get disheartened before then..because all around you .. you see signals to be different.

Tsubaki Kuro asked

What would you call a great day?

Pinkie Answered:

If I expect a day to be a certain way ahead of time it can only be disappointing or living up to my expectations now can it?! If I can get through the day without needing my pacemaker it’s already a good day! Achieving some of the things that stumble on my path definitely help. My life is kinda like one of those clicker mobile games.. you know you tab on computer and a timer goes down as your character writes her blog and when she is done a lot of collectables spawn which you swipe over to collect. It’s quite easy to beat a level with one star.. and that means i progress which already is great! If I expect to get three stars the game suddenly becomes a lot more frustrating.

Just take a look out on the internet, expectations are what is souring our world big time. We expect the newest Pokémon to look like Breath of the Wild and when it’s not it sucks! A great day could be anything!  Sometimes all it needs is a great piece of chocolat another day I win a unicorn at the fair. So as long as I have HP left that’s all I ask of a day.

Mallow Asked

Have you thought about doing a YouTube or A podcast and who would you guest be?

Pinkie Answered:

I don’t voice very well, I twitch a lot so a wired headset is trouble, I don’t have a strong voice either so it’s really taxing to speak long so a podcast is out. Even when I DM I am fairly soft spoken, which works in real life but not really for recording. YouTube I tried to do with a friend with me being a writer and editor and they being my  voice talent but that was a mess.  Maybe in the further future I will try again.. but well it’s really hard to do my style without getting a COPPA-Law issue..cause you know I am all about pink and unicorns! While I am not a blog for kids, or would be a YouTube for kids with my style.. I think it’s really easy to get flagged!

If I can’t do it the way I want it I am not going to do it. As for a guest all of you would be welcome of course. To me your are as important as voice actors or animators or YouTubers. We are all just people trying to keep that hobby alive and maybe earn a buck or two with it if possible at all. Though I would squee if I can get Matthew Mercer on my show.. or Laura Bailey or Sam Riegel. Basically anyone of the Critical Role cast.. Not because they are gods but because I really want to thank them what they did for me. Speaking of which.. thank all of you for reading again!

Celestial Sparkles asked

Choose a Word for this year and explain why!

Pinkie Answered:

I am going to answer this for my year of blogging and not for 2020 because I feel you mean my year of blogging. I’d choose Metamorphosis as word. Not only does it resonate with the Sentai culture I rediscovered this year, it also describes my blogging journey very well. From a small blog with two visitors to one where I get like a solid 100 views per day.  I also changed from A wanna be YouTuber who settled for a blog to someone who rediscovered her passion for blogging and who now is genuinely having fun with what she does. I changed from writing for an audience I thought that was out there.. to writing for an audience I think I had to writing for me. Like from caterpillar to pupa to butterfly.  From fleeing from reality I moved onto making this blog a part of my reality. From escape to healing. It had multiple incarnations to reflect that and now after on year I am quite content with what it has become! Like as if it has grown up! Yay! This was such a good final question! Thanks Celestial!

And just like that! My questions are done!
If I forgot your Question.. I probably made a Twitter mistake ! Feel free to ask about it in the comments! Tomorrow is the actual anniversary date of my first post! Rather than do something insightful I decide to give a little gift away! Another one will be on Sunday!
What you can win on both days will be a secret for now..but Tomorrow’s gift will be a rather personal one.. while Sunday we conclude with a bigger one! I am already excited!
See you then!

Pinkie’s Birthday Q&A Part 1 (Anniversary Week Day 2)

*Insert Party Horn Sound Effect Here*  Dear Island Guests! It’s my Blogs Anniversary week! And since most of you know me as my avatar, I guess It’s Pinkie’s Birthday as well… PARTAY!..  Why week and not day?!  Well It took me a few days to build this blog so I am unsure about it’s actual birthday.. plus everyone does a day! I am weird.. so I do a week! I plan to be the mad-hatter the geeky  blogging community you know! Anyway apparently a Q&A is a thing to do for your b-day! So here it is!  Let’s get on with the questions! There were a lot more than I expected so now there are two posts!

Nabe-Chan asked

How did you come up with your blog’s theme? That’s some Amazing dedication to create custom images for each blog post you do!

Pinkie Answered:

 Alliteration is key! While this blog originally started out as Pinkie’s Pokemon I needed something new that also had a P in it’s name that oozed positivity. As I really wanted my blog to be a haven where everyone can come and relax! Apparently another blogger who was named Pinky also known as Pink-Chan and not Pinkie (we are not the same person) had a website named Pinky’s Palace and I actually started a blog once named Pinkie’s Palace.. but I forgot the login for that! So I could not delete that and use my unicorn princess theme I used for that one. So Pinkie’s Paradise it became! The Multifaceted Ocelot Coconut helped me brainstorm.  A holiday is a place where you can relax no matter where you come from or what you do .. so it worked!

That being said , yes the custom images do take a fair bit of my time but since I am sick at home, unable to work I got enough time on my hands to manage this. I have a lot of fun making these images.  Plenty Images I make small tweaks too people don’t see or references only a single person but hey most of the time I think they are pretty neat for someone who cuts everything out with the mouse on her couch or a touchpad! I would love to work neater but I lack the set up to be accurate enough. I might not be the strongest writer in this place but this way I feel I can really put my own stamp and branding on a post regardless. So there is that.

Irina-Senpai Asked

Do you have a 2020 Blog Goal?

Pinkie Answered:

I originally aimed to have 300 followers by the end of the year, I felt like 300 followers in two years would be great. I already did that. I wanted to reach 300 posts at least (like write every other day back from when 2020 started)  and I am like 9 posts or so away from that, so unless my hand gets chopped off and I have to learn how to work with a prosthetic that will be done by next week.  There is one goal that I want to reach and that is an average like rate of around 20 posts.  Lots of people who follow me are marketing blogs so with the 20 likes I could measure like a “loyalty”  thing.. but honestly I am close to that either so wether i am making it or not I am actually already quite satisfied with where I have come. 

I mostly just want to have fun with my blog, I could readjust my blog goals but I think I would rather watch and see how much I move past my expectations.. that feels more rewarding than maybe scaling my desired number of followers up to 500! I won now! Why would I risk losing. I might want to do a collab this year, but I am shy to ask people..but one might be in the works even just need to work out some ideas. I would love to find a co-writer at one point.. just for a sense of community but that is actually more a 2021 goal to be fair.  So no real goals anymore, wishes sure.. dreams always but I had my goals! So I will take the W , and just leave it at that.

Mallow Asked

Would You eat a Raw Chili?

Pinkie Answered:

Well maybe not a Ghost pepper or a California Reaper but anything up until 100,000 Scoville I’d eat without a bet or a dare. For a drink or two I’d move up to 325.000 Scoville (A Madame Jeanette.. which I love with Peanut Butter) I’d be willing to go up to about a Chocolate Habanero which looks delicious and measures up to about 577,000 scoville. I bet that will speed up my metabolism real nicely and ruin my appetite! But I’d need a fair bet to be convinced into doing that!

Tsubuaki Kuro asked

What is Your Favourite Food?

Pinkie Answered: 

Probably Sushi, specifically I am super addicted to Spicy Tuna Maki and Salmon or Tuna Rainbow Rolls. In fairness there are foods I liked better like some food I had in a two star restaurant. Like lacquered eel with sea bass marinated with a Yanthé (which is a local Yoghurt culture)  creme asian herbs apple, chives, soy and some other ingredients, I had Foie Gras and Caviar.. which are all really nice but exclusive! My favourite food is something I should be able to indulge in whenever I want and for my Spicy Tuna Maki I just need to cross my street.

Takuto Asked

What’s one thing you’d like to  do to branch out further in the future?

Pinkie Answered:

I would love to get some people on my team for example. Like I am all over the place in terms of content but I would love to work with a guy or a gal who’d make additional content for the blog.. for example one who writes about games, one about movies etc. I’d assign them all all a handle based on a colour like me.. so like Violetta, Noir,  Weiss,  Verde, Azura, Crimson.. stuff like that. The more the merrier! As my health is is right now I can not voice.. which really hampers my options a bit in anything that is non-written content.  So my expansion would be more in the community direction.

If I had some “Paradise Staff” I’d maybe open a Discord, where people can play Pokémon Showdown against the staff or heck Mario Party for all I care.. or Cards Against Humanity, though I fell out of love with that one,  I prefer game Use Your Words nowadays it can be a much cleaner and whittier kind of fun..Scribbleio is fun as well.. with custom words of course. You know.. something more in the togetherness term of things.. but far future stuff for now!
I’d also like to do stuff like Jeopardy but again.. I’d need a team and for that I need to grow.. so we are probably talking years here!

Megan Marie Asked

If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would you go?

Pinkie Answered

While the universe is a vast place, I think I’d be bored out of my mind if I’d go to the planet Laligurans (yes that is an actual planet name) I’d get pretty lonely if I traveled to Cruinlagh (also an actual planet) so if there was any place I could go, I’d go to the Pokémon Café in Tokyo to enjoy a Mew’s Fluffy Marshmallow Drink or a Gengar’s Berry drink as well as indulge in the food! I mean I could clearly go anywhere in the galaxy so clearly I have the cash! So Tokyo would be unsafe and I’d try every dish in the Pokémon café just so I could order every type of pokémon dishware!  I’d probably be very happy settling in there as well. I feel I could really crawl out of my shell there and just go on a Harajuku tour and make friends!  Obviously I’d visit the pokémon center as well . I can squeeze in some Akihabara and .. since traveling to  these planets would take a LOOONG time I bet there is time to go to the Tokyo Kawaii Monster Café and Sanrio Puroland as well.

Onsens and Izakaya would also be visited. Probably a few suitcase vendors to to carry all the figurines I would buy. A shinto temple, the pokémon café again, Tokyo Disneyland, Pokémon Café again… that red eiffel tower thing.. of course after climbing I need lunch… I’d want to visit that big gundam and the Hibiki (whiskey) distillery for good measure.

This also answered Celestial Sparkles Question:  Name A Few Placed You’d visit in Japan

Tsubaki Kuro also asked

What is your favourite Anime?

Pinkie Answered:

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, the way I experienced that.. with friends and the energy in a room was unforgettable to me, this is my jam anyway but to me it was much more than an anime it was an actual experience! An experience I will never forget.

Pix and Lita  Asked

What Have you enjoyed most about blogging over the last year? (What was the best thing about blogging for you)

Pinkie Answered

I really love the community I have found and people to interact with! However I was not prepared on how finite it is! People vanish, contacts get lost and I had a bit of trouble knowing what to expect. It took me a while but I have now found my place I think.. I love making contacts to this day! I am beginning to know a few of you and beginning to chat more and more with people as well! It’s not fully where I want it yet but it is super close to being my favourite thing still! There is one thing  that I actually enjoyed more than you guys!  I know that must mean I really love it right? 

That thing honestly is my life. When I started blogging friends were moving away, dad was ignoring me because his new girlfriend wants him to be with his new family not with his old,  I wasn’t feeling too physically or mentally healthy  (still that is a thing but hey I improved). I needed people around me and my life was being led.  Now I lead my life! My blogging allows me to explore movies , anime and games I would have not otherwise..because I felt eager to experience stuff because I loved writing about it so much! My hobby boosting other hobbies. I felt burned out on games and anime before and blogging has given me a new outtake! I can talk about them with people again. My real life friends really have different tastes than me and some that did not move away really do not like talking a lot. My taste is a bit brighter than theirs so I never could really talk about what I liked and only discuss things like Goblin Slayer.. which I don’t like. Blogging put the joy of experiencing content back!

Celestial Sparkles Asked

Tell us A little something about yourself as a cat?

Pinkie Answered:

Hmm I am more of a dog person but I will try. I’d probably be one of those really awkward cats that like sticks to furniture and gets stuck on there. You know like one of those sticky toy people you throw at your window and who then slowly fall down. That would be me as a cat basically. I’d not be a very hunty cat.. though I wouldn’t like to be petted all the time either.. gotta have me time. I’d probably be a picky eater as well. Like dry mix is not something that would agree with me very well. Like as a human I have trouble with bread. Despite needing some alone time I still would want some affection as well and I’d come and sit with  you when you watch movies. I’d totally leave you alone when your behind your pc though I know how annoying that is!  I’d also hog my toys! My playtime not yours.. you do not take my mouse away from me!

This also answers Tsubaki’s Questions : Dogs or Cats… the real answer is Duck by the way!

Tsubaki Kuro also asked

Who is Your Husbando or Waifu?

Pinkie answered:

 Ciel Phantomhive would be my Husbando. He would not need affection, I just get some money , he gets people off his back for not being married and I will not blow all his cash like an insane shopaholic. I’d offer conversation and companionship when he needs it and I would be totally okay with him crossdressing all the time. A marriage of convenience since I am not into guys!

My search for a Waifu ended in failure, I had a few candidates and realistically Sayaka Saeki  from Bloom into you would be an ideal partner for me to settle down with, I like how she is strong and convinced in her ways and I respect her a lot more than the two main characters. She is super pretty as well . There is a tranquility in her eyes I find mesmerizing. Like she looks like the type who can except my demi-sexual nature and would be content with just curling up to me with her book! While I shout at my Switch playing Mario Party or Shiny hunting in Pokémon…perhaps not Mario Party I would definitely hit Sayaka in the head..she’d take it though.. he is a bit used to getting flung around.. i’d feel bad though! Perhaps I should just download Yu-Gi-Oh on there! 

Winst0lf Portal Asked

Do you ever get hit with writer’s block? If so, how do you get through it?

Pinkie Answered:

Not really no! I do on occasion get stuck on a topic but my blog has 6 main pillars: Movies, Games, My Life, Pokémon, Fiction and Anime. If I hit a bump with one of them I just move on to the next topic usually in the afternoon and in the evening I either watch/play or do something about the topic I had failed earlier so I get inspired to write for it the next day.  I try to stay away from high flying content nowadays so no more Alchemy Allegories in Pokémon or  an Analogy of the line-work in this anime and what it could mean.  I write about my experience sometimes there is some depth in it.. sometimes it’s  trashing a bad movie to the ground. 

Fiction is the saving grace for me.. there is always something I can write about that, always some random fantasy. Pokémon Top 5’s are also super easy to do…for about 6 more weeks.. then we will begin need to do something new.. though I might even take people through the entire National Dex one evolution line at a time if I have too. I do not really pose standards to my work anymore, I am a hobby blogger I write because I like writing. Like a kid playing a piano I just wanna have fun. If others have fun with that post as well.. great..if not..I had fun still. When a work doesn’t have to be good the pressure is a lot lower and the chance of blocking is much much lower. I do believe that true art is created on accident and not on purpose.  It might never happen.. but doesn’t matter .. had fun!.

Celestial Sparkles asked

Describe your Unicorns Special Magic

Pinkie Answered:

Well okay so I have 8 unicorns, divided in four pairings.
My oldest unicorns are Yuni and Cohn.  Yuni is a pink somewhat proud unicorn with a bit of arrogance she is very smart. She has the power to give me other thoughts and give me advice.   Cohn is a derpy green male unicorn.. whose stupidity and silliness always make me smile. It has the power to take bad memories away if I hug it hard!

Then we have my tiny triplets. Tiny , Hoaws and Fwen.
They are my dream triplets.. their white skin is shared across the three. But then we have a pink hoof and maned one.. that would be Fwen.. the same but in purple is Hoaws and Tiny has blue details.   Tiny helps me keeps bad dreams away, Hoaws helps me fall asleep soundly and Fwen is good for having pleasant dreams.

Then we have the luck duo. Wan-Hoan and Monospyke Wan is a soft pink with a rainbow main and Spyke is a very vaguely purple but almost white with the same rainbow motive and purple elements. Wan takes away bad luck and Spyke gives good luck! I mostly use Wan since I am not that active but I love them both!

The Final one is Scabbers the Budget Unicorn.. I got him for like 90 cents! He has scales and can change colour from purple to silver.. his magic power is that he is super cool to hug even in warm weather!

Phew.. big question! I am not out of questions yet so I think I will spread this Q&A over two days!  Come back tomorrow for the second part! Sayonoodles! That is Portmanteau of Sayonara and Toodles! Thursday I will do something nice as well! Sunday too! You know the entire week will be great! Stay tuned for that!

A Year of Blogging: Pinkie’s Journey So Far (Anniversary Week Day 1)

A Goody Goody Goody! It’s my Blogs Anniversary week! And well since I am basically an avatar of my actual self I guess in a way It’s Pinkie’s Birthday-Week  as well! So Island Guests this week will be special and filled with celebration activities. Why a week?! Well because I am a bit crazy and I have LOTS of things in store for you!  This week of fun our regular schedule of activities will be on hold for a week! Which is nice because at my party I am probably going to end up drunk or hungover! I might be one but in Paradise age doesn’t matter at the bar! Today we shall start with a look back at my journey so far.

On the day this post goes live it is exactly one year ago that I started working on my blog! I started making my assets, drafting up articles , making folders and cute-ing up my laptop! As well as neatly make folders for just about everything! Something that I actually managed to keep up to this day.  The blog actually came based on a failed desire to YouTube. My own voice isn’t good enough to put under a video and a friend who wanted to voice act it for me backed down from the project in the very last moment. Mainly because we also lacked a good place to record and it was sooo clunky!  So while listening to remade version of Pokémon Red and Blue’s Route 24 Theme I began writing my first blog post. It was titled My Wonderful world of Pokémon. In it I created a way to ambitious blog plan , one that I would be unable to keep up with for very long. Blogging daily about Pokémon would proof harder than it seemed at the time. The first post went live on the 16th of July 2019 and to this day scored 4 likes and 5 comments! Two of those comments were me! Of the five posts only two ever got likes or comments. Which was fine back then because I was completely obsessed with views and this was the first blog I ever had that actually got views! It felt like an awesome welcome!

My first hilarious  fail that resulted from a delusion I had made myself was my post about The Most Hated Pokémon Simisear! I talked about it and how I actually liked it and how it deserved some love! I asked people to share the love for the little simian creature that usually got treated poorly  but it did not happen!  Pinkie had created some false expectations for herself and now she got her little pokémon friend hurt because of it! It got 1 like so at least it wasn’t all for nothing.. but that is when I realised you had to really work a bit in this community to get anywhere! Somehow before that I believed people would flock to this kind of stuff just by sharing the opinion!  It was the post that made me reach out more..because Simisear and the likes deserved love!

Up until the 29th of July there was not a lot of progress but when I wrote a piece about Mewtwo The Pokémon that can Defeat God. My first deeper peace in the Pokémon World that was catered a bit more to the casual knowledgeable fans. It got six likes an absolute record at the time..but I also met Ospreyshire! I reacted to his post on the Lion King Live action movie as back then I was already trying to find movie bloggers and Ospreyshire I found through that. Before that it was Mallow and Anime Fan Fiction who interacted with me.. so now I was beginning for form some semblance of a group of people to interact with.

Not that long after I would meet people like Raistlin and Karandi with Raist being such a great and friendly supporter of the blog! He really helped me push through hard times!   Around the beginning of august we can see my visual style beginning to shift to the tones I have now.. of course back then I could still fairly easily change a block background colour and select make pink streaks.. which now is a much more finicky process. The pun based review system came into play but back then it was with Eevolutions! This happened around august fifth when I switched to a WordPress paid plan so I felt I had to step up my game. 

I made a post called Norse Mythology in Pokémon  which back then I was really proud of. I think that was the second and maybe last or second to last post I participated in the Jon’s Creator Showcase with. To this day I really do like that post.. but it was the post that made me hear all my other posts cries just because  in that one I tried to be a bit more intellectual. It got a lukewarm reception on twitter as well and people massively ignored it when it finally went up in the showcase and that’s when I decided making my other posts cry by favouring another post above them would not be something I’d do to often anymore! This is my own fault for imagining my posts crying of course and I had fun making it, I just gave myself false expectations again! I had some nice talks about it still and I made myself learn something! So it’s all good! Just not fully what I expected!

On August 18th I participated in my first ever blog award. I was nominated by Amelia and the post got 16! Likes and it had quite a few comments as well. Here I began interacting more with Megan as well! It made my blog grow very hard and while I was super happy it also made me realise something even more.. all the posts that got a lot of likes either had to do with a very basic level of pokémon, something beyond pokémon or stuff like this..The first seeds of Paradise had been planted! I loved hearing all you guys and seeing you like my post!

On 2 September I wrote a post about the god of Pokémon Arceus and how it is based in the ancient mythos of alchemy! A very deep post.. and it preformed rather poorly! Maybe I entered it in the JCS still.. but I think I was beginning to get dissatisfied with my blog and what I wanted to get out of it. I really love the post .. I just realised I did not have the platform for it all that well. Like people were interested.. but I did not get the energy I wanted from it.. I wanted I got some excellent replies and I adored them but some of these posts took me 12 hours a day to make! I knew there was more to get than what I was getting. I loved so much more!

For the next two months I dabbled a bit with content trying all sorts of things. Including making a Trainer Profiles for anime character.. which all performed rather well. Back then my average post counted in at about 9-10 ish likes. When my next blog tag award and first Owls post not about Pokémon got almost double that I knew it was time to expand! I had been struggling to keep up and sometimes the amount of research that went into a single Pokémon Post was insane. To a point where I became to resent the franchise a bit and that I did not want! So I took a step back and opened my world.

After holding several polls, too which a surprising number of people told me to quit blogging entirely, lots of thinking and quite few Photoshop hours I decided to rebrand and branche out to Geekdom in general! It was a lot easier on the mind, my life was not going as well as I would have liked and I just needed to have less stress from blogging and topic selections.
On November Third I bought my site became Pinkie’s Paradise.. though still under the old web handle.  Views were immediately up, interaction skyrocketed and this led to my “bantering” phase with Irina. Where she would frequently comment on my blog. I had previously done so on hers but now that my side became more accessible that bounced back as well. I got more contact with Joy of GeekGirlJoy as well and Lita to.  I began enjoying blogging more, which reflected in my more whimsical and mostly lighthearted picking of topics.I also went a lot more personal, for example starting with five geeky things you did not know about me. I got a LOT of tags in that time but in just two weeks after restarting, I had a complete mental breakdown.

The trigger was my father saying he did not have time to celebrate my birthday. At all.. that he would see me at an office christmas party of my uncles company… which he then also bailed on. I haven’t seen him for Christmas or my Birthday I felt abandoned. All around me things crumbled. One friend fed of my negativity as he had a big case of hero syndrome and wanted to cheer me up by taking me to do fun things.. which drained all my money away another moved away, my bestie Bean threatened to move away as house hunting could take them far away. From the 19th of November until the 11th of December .. I vanished. Also in a personal sense.. I just stopped functioning.

Crawling out from my lowest I had been that year, my return to blogging was amazing. My I’m Back Post announcing my return had racked up 32 likes!  My highest number ever!  It also really marked the beginning of my pleasant interactions with Fred.  Blogging become more fun and healing to slightly became more and more about me. Which resulted in some crazy fun experiments such as my New Years Party Blogs Where I’d invite Five Bloggers, Five Anime Characters, Five Game Characters and Five Movie Characters. I had more and more fun as I wrote and felt more free to write whatever I wanted.

I still had a bit of trouble adapting to the internet culture feeling like I had to fit myself in. I wanted to be the voice of happiness and cheer in a very dark and grim world. So on February first I posted the Super Happy Love Award. A post that is all about positivity on the internet. While I do still try to adhere to that message.. I have since adjusted a bit.. I want to be positive but I also want to be sincere! So while I do look for positives when I see non I will say so as well. More and more I learned to adjust.. to not care as much as what others think.. before it was eating me alive.  That demon is still on my shoulder and it’s always whispering. I can ignore it a bit but it constantly tells me people hate me and just act nice because it’s the right thing to do! 

I am/was scared to death that Irina and Scott actually hate me or that people in OWLS actually want me gone. Something as simple as my comment being the one that does not get a reply or a bit of a short answer when I ask a question can still make me lose my marbles a bit.. but nowadays I have it more under control… most of the time. Hey at least I never claimed sanity! But Like I said that little demon on my shoulder is always there, to make something meaningless into a maze of panicky questions and ponderings.

These struggles I have can really be seen in my blog posts in the period COVID-19 first reared its ugly head and we had to stay at home. Am I a Bad Person or Pinkie in Love the Legitimacy of Online Bonds are good examples that highlight my fear of that time. Having weak lungs, the virus was quite scary to me and I desperately struggled to fight it off. .. withdrawing myself fairly extremely and ending up with a very fragile mind..which just fed the demon! In a way the bond with you were all I had.. along some other online friends, so each time that devil whispered I was actually hated and just accepted for the sake of being nice.. my world broke a bit.  In this time Foovay was here for me a lot as well as Fred as my anxiety pushed me away from the Ani-community core a bit. I fled Jon’s chat because I could not deal with some people being very condemning of other people live styles in that chat or on twitter. (Not the main man himself though)  I did not blog for OWLS for a while because I felt unworthy and a few topics were against my personal beliefs. It was a lot of blogging from fear. The crush I developed on a blogger was in my way as well making me more uncertain. A pain that would last until the 6th of May..when I made the I Dislike that I Like Likes post, in which told about me being fed up with all the measuring.

The day I managed to finally move past likes is also the day.I managed to move past that crush too. It marked the day that I basically rebooted as a Blogger opposed to as a blog. This blog is my journey and you are just here to join me on the right if you so choose! That is the mentality I needed to have. I am too quirky to go pro!  Those delusions of Grandeur came from the YouTube dream. I noticed my crush person was the same.. just a fantasy! I never had a crush on the actual person..just on something I formed in my head. I mean I knew it was from the get go.. but it was like a soap bubble , mesmerising enough to keep me looking. After awakening I began to focus on friendships and some have really picked up since then. I began to feel more validated. I began to see that my community I wanted was not something I could gain by running behind the pack. People would know I was not sincere a bit fake or at least trying to hard. I wanted to do the stuff I like to do again regardless of the number game. So I brought back my stories more and more!  So What If Raditz Turned Good became my new What If Story even if that type of content performed horribly before.  I wanted to make it.. that is all that matters.

It still does preform but I have fun with it.. and that was my new onlook. Pinkie’s Saturday Anime Adventure I could really easily split up in five episode reviews I post each day, would probably help my views out a lot.. but I like doing it like this it’s fun. That became more important. The first time I began blogging I immediately stumbled on a life time friend picking writing up again I expected a repeat of that golden moment that sense of community I got before, it wasn’t realistic! I love all of you guys that support this blog, but I put up false expectations and as soon as those were challenged my demon was there. I really had fun before! I truly did but whenever someone would not like a post f they normally do.. or I saw a log in from their country I got scared it was the end because my community would walk away now. As I am now.. I would keep writing even if I lost all of you! That might sound cruel but it’s kinda relaxing. You should follow me because you want to and I am now more capable to give that space. Because I am taking that space for myself as well in the form of making stuff I want to make!

 Even though I kinda got a new blog crush..ish thing as I found the real me it now all felt differently. Previously I HAD to be liked by the important people in the community. Having Lita, Jon, Scott or Irina or the likes frown upon me, was like god disapproving of my actions. It felt the worst! Then I realised.. I don’t even believe in god. These people are amazing indeed and if they like me that is nice.. but if they don’t that doesn’t take away from the person I am! Maybe one day I can be to a young blogger what they are to me, they are not obligated to acknowledge me! Stop thinking like that Pinkie. At this point I think you can also see a shift in the tone of my blog.. though I am not as afraid to be negative about stuff I do not like anymore.. more fun returns to my blog as well. Games I really wanted to play like, replaying Ducktales or playing games like Ninja Baseball Bat Man  become more my thing. Rather than searching a game I thought you’d like to see me play I began playing what i wanted. My geeky lifestyle posts shift in tones to things like The Power of Me: My Voice on MY Blog or My personal rules for Blogging. I am no longer questioning who I am.. I know and I announce it!
Which is a great change! I also had some very great people behind me! Who I now appreciate more than ever!

It took me almost a year for my blogging ambitions to completely die. Until May I always blogged to achieve something and maybe have fun with it as I do so. Now the ambition has been killed and it’s more like, I am blogging as a hobby and as a way to vent and experience things and if it gets me anywhere and allows me to make new friends .. that is a great boon. It allowed me to form more genuine bonds and also plenty of fun but more casual bonds. Blogging is now something I often would play a game or even sometimes as to watch an anime. I just like getting creative or getting my opinion out there.

Doing all video game movies is a blast so far even though I am seeing some seriously bad movies.. it’s just the experience, I get to share it with my discord pals, I get to share it with you and that despite my negative grades makes it an effort well worth it. Blogging is like a soy sauce that can even make bad sushi taste okay because it just makes your experience that much richer. I love to step out of my comfort zone and just write whatever is in my mind. Without it I would not have created Tamago Tomodachi..which to date is my best liked piece of original writing. That doesn’t mean however that What Bad Luck! I got Reborn Into a New Life and Now I  Am a Side Character  is any less fun for me to write either! I love hiding OWLS members in those stories or other bloggers, or heck even elements from my real life.  I like how I have become as a blogger, I am my own thing! I am Pinkie and this is my paradise!

Despite the tone this blog may have I had an amazing year! I grew so much and learned a lot along the way. I just know that if my journey continues like it did now I will be a hell of a lot stronger than I was before! Everyone I would like to sincerely thank you for sticking by with me for a year! You really helped me become much happier than I was one year ago!
Big shout outs to Mallow and Fanfiction Anime World who have been with me since the beginning! You guys are amazing!
Stay tuned for some special events to come this week!