That one time I used a Death Ray to Kill all my Friends: Pinkie Plays Pummel Party

Hear Ye , Hear Ye!  Princess Pinkie has returned with a gaming post!

Salutations my loyal subjects and sweet island guests.  This video game review might be the last normal one I play in a while. I got something new planned that I am really excited about! Something very random!  Yet today I want to talk to you about a very fun game I played with some friends. Mario Party! Except it’s not Mario Party. It IS ..but also it isn’t!  The game I am talking about is called Pummel Party!

A Rebuilt Game

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Pummel Party is created by a studio called Rebuilt Games who offer their fantastic game for just 13 euros on steam, so I ‘d estimate about $15 dollar or so.  In this game you play a coloured dude hidden in some sort of customisable morph suit! You play against 1 to 7 other guys dressed in a coloured Morphsuit and that’s it. How do you do that?!   Well you walk across a board game by rolling a ten sided dice, which can land you on all sorts of tiles that make the overworld react with you, you either get a currency, in this case keys, you can make a ghost steal other’s people’s keys…or rip them apart, and you can gather items or make random things in the world happen.. like the water level rising.  You all do this so you can reach a specific spot at a board where you can exchange your currency for a chalice!  The one who owns the most chalices at the end is the winner.  At the end of every round you play a minigame.. and at the end of the game you are awarded bonus  chalices that can totally change the game.. you must not just try to play for yourself but also hinder other players from winning …and …. wait… this is THE EXACT gameplay of Mario Party?!

Yes let’s get this thing out of the way first, this game is Mario Party without the nintendo license.  Instead of 20 (or 10)  coins you need 40 keys . Instead of a toad, there is just a chest you open.. instead of Boo, it’s the Grim Reaper, but nearly everything you can do in this game is just based on Mario Party. The way the map branches of in all sorts of routes, the way  you can earn currency trough minigames. Even the bonus stars are copied. If you like Mario Party as a concept but never had a Nintendo console, this is the game that emulates the sensation quite well!  Extremely well even.. during the game all my friends and me kept using super mario terms for words because we just felt this was Mario Party.. yet at the end I had to draw a conclusion. I liked Pummel Party more than I like Super Mario Party.. by a fair margin! At least compared to the newer Mario Parties. This game feels more like a modern take on Mario Party 1.

A party for everyone

Pummel Party – Gametrodon

To a lot of people, the Mario flavour is what makes Mario Party games so fun!  It’s great to play as Mario or Peach and humiliate your friends!  Pummel Party has no such sentiment, you play a blank character in some general stages. To many that will mean this game already is deemed inferior. Yet I like to argue that Mario Party has a bit of confusing flavouring. Suddenly Peach is as physically strong as Donkey Kong and Bowser, suddenly Mushrooms and Stars work very differently and while the characters are super iconic their motivations and story changed quite hard. That is not a problem, it is a perfectly fine solution ..but it DOES show that the “Mario” Part in the party is strictly a cosmetic one. There isn’t anything intrinsically Mario that makes the party better. It’s just Mario being there that makes it fun and easier to fall in love with characters or stages to those who love mario.  If for a moment we would strip all recognisable features away.. I think Pummel Party is the stronger of the two titles, because it knows it is a more generic game and caters to it.

Pummel Party needs an angle.. it needs to have it’s angle in gameplay, rather than esthetics and that it does. You see where in the more known series you can screw each other over a fair bit, this game takes that much further. You do not just steal coins from each other. You shoot each other in the face. Toss Nuclear Waste on others and can actually murder characters on the overworld map.. which resets them to a more disadvantageous position.  Even in the minigames, you do not just win currency; those who do well get rewarded with items to mess each other up a bit.  Another great idea is that turn order is based on how you performed in Minigames.  This makes it so that someone can dash for a chalice if they do well at Minigames, but also allows the later players to mess them up a lot more as they are oftenly in the more reactive slots. The items in Pummel Party are less “cryptic” .. A boxing Glove punches someone in the keister, while a disintegration death ray does exactly what it says on the box. My favourite item is the nuclear waste, which causes extreme swellings and damage over time.. but that same swelling prevents the affected player to use items.  Either way of battling you can enjoy it if your not a big Mario fan.

Pummel Party - New Items, Translations, Minigames, Cosmetics and more -  Steam News

The same thing happens with the minigames of this game. The first Mario Party and maybe the second one, were simple enough. Bounce each other platforms, hit stuff with a hammer to get as many coins as possible! Yet as Mario Party moved on, these minigames became less user friendly. Mario Party 10 brought it back to normal a bit, but a lot of their minigames tend to feel gimmicky.   “Where do you detect the most rumble, water a flower in the distance, using balloons and stuff.  It’s all okay and simple enough to understand but some games tend to really farfetched. Pummel Party goes for a much simpler approach in 90% of their minigames.  Play a game of “King of the Hill” , play a short  round of a third person competitive shooter,  play a short bit of air combat game  and play 3 rounds of  It feels much more as if you are playing actual video games that have been scaled down, rather than play gimmicks with a mechanic to beat it fast. As a result most games feel much more instinctive with a bigger focus on direct competition which increases their fun.

Hushed Game

Pummel Party - New Map, New Minigames, Workshop Teaser plus more - Steam  News

One thing where Mario Party has Pummel Party beat is at it’s sound design.  Pummel Party has a very quiet feel to it. There is no loud background music and there is not really any memorable music in the games. It all is very far away. Even when you pick up keys on the maps you don’t hear clingely sounds or something very satisfying. You do hear each other’s bones cracking and the weapons firing as you go around, but other than that it’s a bit boring in the audio department…. then again I think this is a good thing as well. You will play this online with friends, perhaps stream  the game or whatever people do these days. The music is so silent it will never get copyright claimed, if it would even do so at all! The game even partnered with Twitch, having some Twitch inspired costumes and even a stage based on Twitch!  It was perfectly mixed to hear my friends on my headset while still knowing what is going on in the game! Yet the sound design does reveal a secondary flaw compared to Mario Party.

Top 30 Pummel Party GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat

While you CAN technically play this game by yourself against AI , it is not very fun to do so. The AI is a lot more competent than it’s Nintendo counterpart but because everything is so quite, when no one is talking to you, the game is quite boring. It just does not feel satisfying to use that disintegration laser on an undeserving AI, while it feels hilarious on an undeserving player, just so you can get an achievement out of it! Mario Party has things talking to you, a more upbeat soundtrack and other things that can really make a game, this game unfortunately can’t do the same! No story mode, no mini game island, no single player content at all. It really is made to play with your friends!  The game has a chat feature so even if you are shy to talk, you can communicate, which is an option I very much appreciate, even even if just chatting the game is pretty fun.. but the motivations to use the cool items are much more personal  So playing this by yourself is pretty much a no go.

Pummel Party - Pummel Awards, Minigames, Rulesets, Game Statistics &  More - Steam News

The game isn’t too ambitious with it’s unlocks either, you can unlock some cloaks for your character but that’s about it! The game does seem to receive some updates every now and again so that is a plus, but again in it’s design it just feels a tad bit tinier than the well known franchise. Maybe it’s a tad more humble?!  The game doesn’t have that many stages, though still more than the most recent Mario Party and one of the stages has a random layout so in terms of repeatability this game will go far!  As long as you have friends to enjoy this game with! 

Koop Pummel Party Steam

The game also has a slightly higher pace than the title I mentioned many times already!  There is less dialogue due to it’s quiet nature and every dialogue pops up faster and is handled with a single button press. We don’t get shouty pop ups for every turn, we do not have two random characters making bets on who is going to win and there is no huge stage exposition! The game kind of expects you to know how this game works from just looking at it.. or by experimenting and reading descriptions and for that I do really love it again. It has a much better pacing and drops silly things like having a minigame on the last turn, as earning keys no longer matters; it can simply be cut!  It does a great job!

I genuinely believe that this game is in many ways better than it’s bigger more famous inspiration. It feels more accessible and more for gamers, at the same time making it something I truly could get on board with. It cuts the clutter and doesn’t beat around the bush as much and honestly I really do like dressing up as a Pink Morphsuit Ragdoll with a unicorn hat and a rainbow cape more than dressing as an iconic character.  It is hard to explain the feeling but because the drop of famous characters you can punish each other in more satisfying ways, you can be more build and visual and it results in more satisfying minigames. Mario can’t be cut in half with a lightsaber but a pummel buddy can! It triggers these primal instincts and I just end up feeling more satisfied with this one! I really love a game of Pummel Party!

Have you played Pummel Party?! What did you think about the game? Have you always wanted to shoot a death beam of doom at your friends? Let me know in the comments and if you want me to find more party game gems like these please consider supporting my Kofi! Kofi for content! Stay Random!

14 Reasons Why: Anime is Better When Watching Alone

So 13 reasons why, is a bit of a glum show! So I decided to make it a bit happier! I will use it’s title in a bit of a different way! Life can be depressing and sad! We do not always get what we want.. but there are always more reasons to be positive than to be sad! That’s why this column is called 14 reasons why! In this first installment we will discuss why Covid preventing you to watch anime with your friends isn’t the end of the world. In fact there are many reasons why to think why watching anime by yourself might even be better.

<Disclaimer> This post is not meant to illustrate why anime by yourself is FACTUALLY better, than watching anime with friends, many of the reasons are done for fun and just meant to spread a lighthearted positivity with a dash of humor to see the best from a certain angle. It is not meant to convince you to stop hanging out with your friends. Nor will all reasons be all that serious! <End of Disclaimer>

First Reason Why: You get all the Snacks!

For those who ever hosted an anime evening for friends , you all know there is always that one guy! The Snacker.. the one who puts the whole bowl of crips on his lap and doesn’t pass it around to anyone unless they ask. Meanwhile you don’t really want to interrupt the anime for something silly as a handful of crips and the way he is shoveling those snacks down.. you might want to think twice before putting your hand in there. But fear not! When your alone.. YOU can put that bowl on your lap! In fact you get all the control! Would you rather have crips or M&M’s , how much do you want! Maybe you want some vegetables or even pig out with a pizza for your own! It is all possible and no one will judge when you watch like that alone.

Second Reason Why: It’s your party and you can cry if you want to!

So watching anime with friends can be great! it’s fun to see them again and socialise. Yet there is one thing that is usually not done among friends! That is crying . Yet it is one of the most powerful emotions we have. I personally like it when an anime makes me cry! It feels good to get those boos and hoos out of my system. However.. when watching with friends , it’s super awkward! You don’t want to be the only one to cry over a death. People tend to really patronise you! Awww Poor Pinkie come here for a hug! It’s okay! .. YUCK! It even gets worse when you are the only person in the room who doesn’t cry over Ushio’s death. People can get mean then!  “You are dead inside, why aren’t you crying?” It’s super awkward. But there is a solution! Do you know what it is?! That’s right!  By watching alone you don’t get those pity hugs or people telling you you are emotionally out of whack! You can give in to your sincere emotions. You experience a scene the way you want to! That is a very great good!

Third Reason Why:  You can Haha Hard

In a similar way, this also applies to comedy. I watched prison school with my friends…or well I tried to.. one of them is immature as heck and with the least bit of innuendo and poop and fart humor he laughs his ass off. Most of my friends really prefer sexual humor and I don’t like that. I laugh at clever puns, cute Dojiko moments or at silly music, face expression situations that convey how awkward a situation is. That means me and my friends do not laugh at the same things or at the same time. During Prison School I barely heard anything of the anime because two guys were rolling around on the floor laughing. It was annoying. I am glad they were enjoying themselves but I felt left out.. and kinda pitied them for liking THAT kind of humor. I mean to each their own and all but in my world they just shown they are more related to apes. I laughed a lot during Konosuba or heck even Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.. and those same guys shushed me! Excuse me?! You can ruin my anime watch but when I laugh I need to shut up?!  If your sense of humor is in the minority, you are better off watching comedy alone! Speaking of Shushing!

‘Shut Up Pinkie”

Fourth Reason Why: No need to play the Shushing game

When watching anime as a group not everyone is as invested in the same things as others all the time. It results in what I call the shushing game. Some people there wanted to watch anime with friends..because they wanted to watch WITH friends. Meaning there is a social aspect to it. Others want to watch anime with friends.. to not watch anime alone and maybe have a brief recap near the end. So there are people trying to talk, and people trying to watch anime in quite almost always. Sure like in a movie theater you can whisper to the one sitting next to you but if you watch with a bit of a larger group.. like I did.. It’s always a bit of a hassle to make sure you sit next to a person who shares your level of social requirement. If you want some company and sit next to the quiet are gonna get shushed! If you really like the anime you are watching today and watch it in focus and sit down next to a person who keeps asking about your day.. you are going to shush them!  By the end of the night you will have picked up more social modifiers than your average TellTale Game! Pinkie will remember that alright! Next time she will bring her axe! Don’t shush or get shushed! Just watch alone! It offers much more stability in your friendships!

Fifth Reason Why: You don’t miss anything

So when you are watching with friends there are two ways a view can happen. First, if you need a drink, a smoke or need to use the toilets your friends keep watching. Depending on when nature calls you might miss important moments, funny jokes or important set up!  Asking you what just happened either gets you shushed or people tell you. “You missed something, it was AWESOME’  after which they proceeded to clue you in with the vaguest nonsensical description you ever heard.  No one ever tells you… so This person turns out to be a bad guy! They either forget the name and use a vague description, they give you only a half hint like.. someone was revealed to be a bad guy..or they just describe how big cow letters are.. BETRAYER appeared in a purplish hue and that is why the windows are broken.. cause when they slammed down it broke the windows.. not mentioning who the traitor is. If you watch an anime you haven’t seen before you better watch it  alone because then you can take breaks whenever you want and won’t miss a thing.

Sixth Reason Why : No Lengthy Breaks

The second way a view can happen is that you watch with a group of three or so people! Each time one of you goes away the series is paused. While this seems more sociable and you won’t actually miss any sweet sweet anime content.. it actually is horrible! Like watching an American Football match. Between each episode a peabreak is scheduled and if you have a smoker in your group or warm snacks to be served the time between each episode can be more than the actual time an episode lasts. Yes it’s nice to socialise in these breaks..but if you really just wanted to sit down on the couch and relax with an anime.. this is like the Freemium  version of that! That’s right, having friends can make watching Anime feel Freemium! Pay all friends to remove all ads and gameplay interruptions and go home! Now you can watch at your leisure and you control the pace.. as a true VIP. How awesome is that! And  you know what.. if you want to socialise with your friends between episodes.. you can call them on the phone or reach them on discord and actually tell them about something they HAVEN’T just seen! Awesome! Which leads us to the next reason!

Seventh Reason Why:  It’s hard to talk about anime you just saw together.

‘Dude… have you seen Kabaneri and the Iron Fortress?’ is a question you might love to ask your friends ‘Yeah Gal we are watching it together right now’  is the response you get if you watch anime with friends. It’s fun to talk about anime.. but if you are constantly watching with others.. what is there to talk about. You can speculate what happens next or what that power means… you can talk about the colours used but there is always a guy who doesn’t want to know your thoughts in what happens next.. because if it turns out you are right.. it’s spoilers.
So if that one is available to you or not as a topic is a bit of a gamble. Yet it is incredibly hard to talk about something you both just saw.. you already need to ANALYSE it to make it a topic. Did you see Naruto’s new technique? Well yeah are watching with you.. so you need to add.. that was pretty cool right? ..Risking your friend disagreeing.. or just saying Yeah..and you do the Bill and Ted Air Guitar together..Or you analyse where the power may come from or what it might mean..but sometimes you just want to turn your brain of and watch an anime. If your friend suddenly drops an analogy on you.. you have to play that game..just to talk!

Eight Reason Why: You can Enrich your friends

Now.. imagine you watching Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress by yourself.. and for some reason you think it’s pretty sweet. Now you phone up a friend and say.. “Dude…have you seen Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress?”  it goes silent a bit on the other side of the phone and then ‘No I haven’t Sis.. tell me all about it’  so you can rave about what you saw for the next couple of minutes your friend genuinely being interested in what you have to say as it seems quite cool to him. The next day you meet for lunch and he says. “Oh I watched that show you watched as well sweet” You fistbump and do the Bill and Ted air guitar thing again..but now you had an actual interesting conversation about it. With all those philosophical debates available to you AS WELL cause you made your friend watch it! And even better YOU made your friend watch something awesome!  YOU made THEIR lives better by the power of your words! Now who would not like to enrich their friends by informing them of something you saw first!….Also you can be like the trendsetter of the group and become a Guru! Upgrade!
So conversation wise.. it’s MUCH better to watch it alone!

Ninth Reason Why: You can call it quits whenever you want

I only ever watched the first episode of Megalo Box, my friends would rather watch something like Goblin Slayer or Darling in the Franxx ,however I really wanted to watch Megalo Box some more! Yet the group decided.. this is not for us let’s move on and fawn over a 2d girl instead. I never got back to Megalo Box after that as one other guy wanted to see more and we promised to host an anime night for that one.. but since so many people did not like it .. it just never happened. Each time we would host .. others tacked in  and pulled the plug on Megalo again.We ended up watching the Tengen Toppa movies which is sweet…but I saw that like three times now?!  Sometimes people really want to keep watching something you really dislike as well. For example Goblin Slayer for me! I asked politely if we could not watch something else as I really hated it..but my plees were ignored. At home however I can decide myself when I call it quits!  If I want to drop something after an episode I can.. If I want to binge an entire season in one night I can! I do not have to worry about other people’s bedtimes.. I do not have to wonder if they are still enjoying themselves! I am in control! 

Tenth Reason Why:  No Dubbers versus Subbers

So me and my friend Jay-Ron went to see the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie in 4d. A friend really wanted to come along , but he had one stipulation. I want to see the movie in English. Meanwhile I watched the entirety of Super  in Japanese so I did not really want to back up from the voices I knew. Just as much as he did not want to move from the ones he did. My friend Jay-Ron was with me.. we both prefer the sub. I prefer the Japanese Goku interpretation compared to Sean Schemmel’s one and I really prefer Japanese Broly. (For non voice actor related reasons). The other friend got super salty at us for wanting to go see the sub version..while we ALSO grew up with the english version.He avoided us for about two weeks feeling left out. There is always a guy who wants to watch a Dub in Sub group or a girl who might be a sub purist in a group of dub loving people. This debate has been done to death.. and can be avoided by watching alone!

Eleventh Reason Why: You can be Silly

So whenever I see the Kobayshi intro..or was it the end credit scene.. I think it was the intro!? I get the feeling I should T-Pose and Spin around.  When I see the Assassination Classroom opening I want to put up my first in the air and jump around..then put on a better anime. At a friend’s place however, I can’t just do that! Their downstairs neighbours light might come off the wall, and he’d have to take responsibility or my female friend’s cat sees me spasming there and decides to attack me. People might think I am insane  for holding up my hands to lend Goku power for the Genkidama  and if I want to hide under a Blanket from a scary scene.. I should be able too. Sure with the right group of friends you still can do that..but there are so many modifiers. You have to have been friends for so and so long, you have to make sure it’s not that one night someone brings his new girlfriend or boyfriend or it’s a viewing at their parents house! So many rules.. you know where they are not! in your room when you are alone!

I unfort can not edit in a Pinkie here!

Twelfth Reason Why: You can pause to make screencaps for your blog

The vast majority of people reading my blog are actually bloggers themselves. I have zero friends I have met in real life who read this one.. well maybe one on occasion but most of them laugh at me having a blog! Which means if I have an anime viewing party I can’t really be engaged with using the anime that I am watching now for my blog! If I make notes people will poke me and ask me what I am doing. If I think a scene is amazing and I wiggle the mouse to see a timestamp so I can screencap it later I get booed.  Yet we never know when we strike upon gold! I can’t make a screencap and my blog might suffer for it because I can’t recreate it myself.. or worse..because we are doing it with a group we are watching a Netflix anime. So while it’s easy to combine our passion with our hobby it is hard to combine you friends with that hobby! If you watch anime by yourself though.. you can repeat a scene over and over again until you have that perfect screenshot!  Your online friends will surely like it! And there’s like 100’s of those compared to your handful of real life friends! …So you are better off watching by yourself! Unlike your friends we have never seen it before so that screenshot might mean a lot!

Thirteenth Reason Why: You can make yourself comfy

When you are with friends one general expects a group of people huddled together on a small couch looking at a screen. Perhaps one guys Mullet is in your way, perhaps he put his smelly feet on the table. Then there’s this one guy who stole the crips bowl.. you are trapped in between and there is no way out, you lean a bit forward to see a bit more but it is no use.  The scene gets more tense and Mr Mullet leans forward as least his feet are of the table for now!  When you watch anime with friends.. generally you can’t take up a really comfy position on the couch. I love to wrap myself in a pink blanket with a laptop on my leg and a bowl of treats besides me and dream of the wonderful worlds. I can lay down on the couch, or take the laptop to my bed, I can build a pillow and plush pile and watch from that.  When I am with friends I have to share my couch.. or due to my cramped living space.. usually their couch and I just can’t reach the same level of comfort! If you are like me and you want  your comfy Cocoon! It is better to watch alone! Crying in a cocoon is also much nicer!

Fourteenth Reason Why: You can pick the anime yourself

If you EVER watched anime with friends ..without determining what anime to watch beforehand you know my pain. We are a fairly large group consisting of about seven people.
One guy always and exclusively wants to watch shows about big burly knights that fight for loyalty and honour. The type of shows I already hate. Another guy constantly wants to watch fanservice shows that preferably are explicitly sexual because that is funny. One of my best friends can’t even stomach those. I prefer weird and colourful shows like Kyousougiga, Flip Flappers or more game based anime like Saki, Beyblade or whatever.  No one hates those in particular.. but it’s something you need to be in a mood for.. and with seven people there always is someone not in the mood for it. So we debate hours on what we watch. Vetoes flying left and right, people leaving saltily because their anime did not get picked. I never had a fun time selecting anime with friends.  I am always the one who has to settle as two people just refuse to not have their pick be the one to go for.

One time we got to a point where we all put seven anine names in a box and we ‘d just raffle one. My pickiest friend wanted to veto a few picks or he would not facilitated him they installed veto rounds. We’d have to vote and downvote and whatever.. so I bailed. It took them three weeks to set up a single anime night. I stayed home.. not the way I want to watch anime.  They raffled something from what was left from the box and had a horrible night.. they all said so! I had my own anime night.. I saw exactly what I wanted to see and had a blast! So.. proof right there! Of the people that watched alone 100% had fun.. the other group of 5 all rated their experience at 60% or below. So .. watching alone is at least 40% more fun! Hard science there. Also it’s so much more stress free! Live long and watch anime alone! Since there are more than 150 anime’s out there! I listen to the advice of a wise immortal boy! ‘Anime……

The gif is part of my losing line!

So you see! If you ever feel alone and nobody wants to watch anime with you, think of these fourteen reasons why watching alone is awesome! I could do this type of list for watching anime together as well, so again I am not opposed to it at ALL. I am just showing some positives of being by yourself! In times like this and of social seclusion let’s look at the positives! Now I am gonna go snack and roll up in a blanket! Cause I am all by myself! Screengrab gallore!