Pinkie Interviews Pinkie for her Birthday…except it’s the wrong interview!

Helly my Island guests it is my birthday today and I am turning 34.. or as I prefer to say it. Turning 21 for the 14th time.  It’s a special day for me! So I decided to make a post that goes live on my birthday! Obviously I will have to clean my house to receive some family as guests so I can’t do a whole lot of editing. Arceus forbid that my family sees some crummies. So I took inspiration from my random topic generator posts and decided to interview myself! I wanted stock celebrity interview questions.. but those are dang hard to find.. so this interview.. in the journalist sense.. is a job interview in format! Weird huh! Yay!

You are a new Addition to the Crayon Box, what colour would you be and why?!

For this  list I used 36 interview questions that are actually fun to answer. I hope I am reminded to put the link here!  This is the second question on this list and an obvious one for me to answer. I would be a #Ff89CD Crayon.  Pink is not a colour we often see in pens/pencils or crayons, it really is underrated. If we DO get it it happens to be a super hot pink colour or one of those skin colour things. But I want a nice piglike/soft pink! That is a niche and I would stand out..if I stand out I can sell myself.  When there is no one like me.. and I get appreciated I know it is because of me!  I am not the generic lightbulb .. I am that one weird thing that is super hard to get.  People will flock over me and I will be in control of my own uniqueness.

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?

I would be a duck! I like variation in my life. As a duck I can waddle through the park and eat some bread from lovely old people, I could bite  annoying little kids wearing slippers in the toe and I could just mosey about. I could also swim on the pond! Just float around bobbing for a fish or whatever I think is a fish!  When it gets cold I could just take flight and move to the south! With my fellow ducks!  I could still have a cartoony avatar in the style of Ducktales and I could  make adorable noises all day long.  Ducks are great! Even as a pet! I’d be white which means my owner could put pink clothes on me! Which is lovely! I like the combination of white and pink!  You really have to be mindful of what images you want to have and I think I can still be me as a duck!  Also I REALLY want to follow my old doctor for a week and constantly call him a quack! That would be super fun!

What is the last gift you have given to someone?

Since these are job interview questions I am going to be a bit bold here and say that the gift I gave was myself.  When we think of gifts we always think in terms of material goods, yet once one time is up you are not often reminded as “the girl who gave me that delicious bottle of wine” or “that guy who brought me flowers every week” . In the end what is oftenly more appreciated than that is the gesture itself. It’s the tiny things that matter. Inviting a friend over for coffee when you know they are having a bit of a rough time, sending a little message to check up on someone going through something important. In the end I truly hope that to people I matter more than the gifts I give them. That sounds like such a wimpy answer but while I am soon to get a few nice birthday gifts that will improve the quality of my life, over all I am more excited to see people again. Spend time together.   I hope I invoke that same sentiment and thus I think I am the true last gift I gave someone!

What was the last thing you watched on TV and why did you choose to watch it?

It was a movie called Seeking Justice. A movie in which Nic Cage’s wife gets raped and a mysterious stranger offers to settle the score for him.. seeing to it that the rapist gets justice. However he then finds himself entangled in a vigilante organisation that doesn’t  just clean up the streets but all watching eyes as well. He is tasked to murder a child-pornographer.. but it soon turns out things are not what they seem. Why did I watch it? Well because the episode of Ghost Hunters or Ghost Investigation.. or whatever  ..they are all the same show anyway..  was one I had already seen. Nic Cage’s acting is the second closest thing to otherworldly entities that I could see that night. I’ve seen lots of movies so at times it’s taking the scraps! That isn’t bad either, it is part of the world, you can’t always have it all. The movie wasn’t great by any means but with a bit of wine, some snacks and a cozy blanket it was a perfect night. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?

So.. this is where I’d blow the interview completely because I would make a lame joke. I would look at myself and say.. well if I grow.. beyond this.. I’d probably want to be skinnier again later on…. Then  I would probably spout the most liberal thing imaginable.  I would say… that  I do not believe in planning out once life.  Tomorrow you might be dead, over focussed ambition will only lead to deception. It is important to think about these things on as much of a Macro-Scale as possible. If I want to be a writer right now.. I do not aim to be a writer in ten years, I aim to have improved my writing skills. That way I know I will succeed and keep my options over. Perhaps writing isn’t for me anymore but I instead can use those skills to YouTube or to go into sales.  When you are heading towards a hard set goal, everything you need to do that isn’t in the straight line of that ..hurts.  If you have your eyes on the horizon but not on a fixed point you make just as much progress if not more but you drive yourself less crazy in doing so. So if there is one thing I want to be in the future.. it’s is to be  happy! 

What inspires you?!

Irina Senpai obviously!   Probably Lita and Naja as well… Scott too although in a slightly different way…. but in all seriousness I do think inspiration can be gotten from just about anything as long as you keep an open mind. Calling back to the previous questions, if I would aspire to be a writer, perhaps I have to be inspired by Tolkien or George R. R. Martin, whose writing isn’t even that good.  Yet without a hard set vision of the future I could also get the inspiration from the next Anne Geddes,  who might put some flowers in  a typewriter.   If you are not inspired you might be apathetic I do not have to act on all inspiration, but even the most random person on the street may teach me something.

One might be able to teach me how to greet you in Armenian, another may be able to teach me how to recognise some bird calls while yet another can tell me how to break into a house. Depending on what future me wants I can find inspiration in any or none of these. However, it is really hard to find a nice picture too so I will just tell you where I won’t find inspiration and that is in religion. I am happy people can find support into their beliefs but I find it so that is we try to find shared answers to the big questions in our life they often fit less. So if you ever find me inside a church it is because of the fact that I do on occasion enjoy Gospel music. I will not be inspired but I will be amused.

If you woke up and had 2000 unread emails and could only answer 300 of them how would you choose how to answer them?

rpggame, rpgdice, Dice, gamingdice

I’d use a random number generator. Because I am going to assume this also means I can only read 300. If not instead of reading them all I would just read and answer half.  Is there a risk I miss something very important that way sure, if I do it by random number generator even more so. Yet importance is only in the eye of the beholder. A person asking.. hey I am feeling a bit blue, could you maybe send a cute cat picture might need that cat picture much more than Raistlin needs his answer if he can join my STAFF. We measure ourselves to common ideas so much that often we lose our way with those.  Yes it seems more important to answer your mother but who knows a stranger might be in mortal peril and just clicked on the first link on his dying phone to send for help from anyone really! While in reality it might not be so extreme .. appreciation is a subjective good. 

As long as you don’t leave everything to the final email someone will remind you of the really important stuff. That “reputation” you keep by never being late with a reply to colleagues is neat.. for you but is it for that friend who just got divorced asking if they can over to netflix and maybe a comfort hug?!  The same thing goes for things like charities, if I spend my money on Green Peace I can not spend it on Amnesty.. I can prioritise what I want but I am also aware that Amnesty still thinks I am cheap if I choose Greenpeace over them.. so if I decide by sheer randomness. I never chose against anybody and that is pleasant way to live.

House of Random - 209 Magazine

Estimate how many windows there are in New York

There are 8,336,817 people living in New York. I give an estimate of roughly twelve windows per person exisisting. A new York place in New York I’d Roughly estimated from childhood to have four windows, plus one window for their working space. This is shared with many people so hence the low average.   Two windows on average for their car.. but also those of taxis, busses and subways.  Four for all the commercial buildings a citizen uses.  Given that those are shared amongst many people but oftenly have sooo many windows I’d say this is fair. .  Then there is one window per new york citizen that is static.. between people. The window in a bus stop, the windows of a train station, between you and the person selling your ticket, the cinema guy, the drive through person. Then you add the Ctiziens of new York once more plus 50/75% if you count Microsoft Windows. Yet I do not! Thus this leads me to believe there are about 100,041,804 windows in New York.

Who would win in a fight between Spider-man and Batman?

It depends on how this fight unfolds, if Batman gets preptime and can research Spiderman before their fight starts he has a fair shot at the win. In a spontaneous fight.. with both having no idea of each other’s abilities Spider-man will win.  Depending on the version of Spiderman the match will be a close call or a beatdown.   An unprepared Batman has to analyse first and will endure blows in the first part of the match. Spider-man however can rely on his Spider-Sense and can keep his stamina up. 

Peter Parker also has great analytical abilities so while Batman would eventually pull ahead in terms of knowledge, the added mobility Spider-man has with his own mind will make it hard for Batman to compete.  If we take Sam Rami spiderman for example his web is near infinite, while Batman’s gadgets are very finite. Spider-man can just stall outl Batman. Once he tossed his last Batarang he has very little counter options.  Miles Morales  Spiderman even has some crippeling abilities that Batman has no counter for in case he does not bring the correct tools.  Like the bio-electricity punches.Almost all Spider-man-men have been people of great minds, including Otto Ocatvius so Batman’s biggest advantage against his normal foes gets partially negated here.  

However a prepared Batman..matches up to Superman and even has beaten Superman twice or and there is now way Spiderman  except for Cosmic Spiderman can be put in that league. He has tools for every type of enemy and can prepare for this in a relatively short time.. so if the fight is staged he will ALWAYS win. However in a random encounter .. assuming he has no knowledge of Spider-man as he does not exist in his universe, he will almost always lose. Realistically only standing a chance against Venom Suit Spiderman as he can easily defeat him with a single gadget. 

A penguin walks through the door right now! He is wearing a Sombrero, what would he say and what is he doing here?

Oh my Arceus.. that is not a regular penguin! That is El Hermano Pingüino Loco! He is here because I paid him to kill that last interviewer that would not hire me! I got really salty! He told me his job was not done in the end.. Please RUN RUN AWAY!.RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!.. He gets weaker if you Hopscotch! Please Hop away I will hold him off for now!  I will use my ultimate technique! KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA………

I would get that job!  If you think I would be rejected for the job interview that I used as my celebrity interview then please support making a small donation to my Kofi! It will give you the job of Coconut! If you just pretended to have read my blog and have no idea if I would have gotten the job or not you can also consider supporting my Kofi as a birthday gift! I’ll take comments as well though! Happy Birthday to me and Happy Happy to you! I hope you have a great one!

I Am ACTUALLY One Year Old Now! The Happy Birthday Give-Away (Anniversary Day 4)


Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to my blog! But still mostly to me! Island Guests! I have done it! I have existed for a year now! *cue stock sound effect of children cheering*  On the 16th of July 2019 Pinkie first spoke to you.. Pinkie was created as a character.. though she did have an earlier rendition that doesn’t count! Since It’s my birthday, even though not my actualy birthday I am going to take it easy today and instead let you do the hard work! But for the one who does best I have a reward that means a very great deal to me!

Today I am giving away a copy of Ducktales Remastered for Steam!…Well.. except that I am not.. today I launch the competition to win this esteemed gift! I will actually be giving it away when we decide a winner on Sunday the 26th. (Revealed in the real life update of my Anime Adventures posts). I was thinking on what to use as a give-away and I decided on the game that changed my childhood! My geeky origins! If I was Peter Parker.. this would be the spider that bit me. If I was the Hulk this would be my Gamma rays.. If I was Batman I would be giving away my parents killer… uhm.. thank Arceus I am me right? I know it isn’t prestigious and it isn’t new nor a very expensive gift for me to give , but this is one very personal to me and that felt much more fitting as a birthday gift. Of course Sunday.. I will be giving away a somewhat bigger gift as well. I do hope the game will go to a loving home! This game will be handed to you as a Steam Key! So we don’t have to get all personal if you do not like that kind of stuff!

This is not a give-away I do to gain extra members so it’s not like that.. share on twitter , share on Instagram and FaceBook to earn extra entries and all! No! Pinkie is old so that means she comes from a time where prices are won by solving puzzles, creating an amazing catch phrase or writing something funny! So guess what! I am asking you to put your brains to work! Same will apply for Sunday! Except that one might actually see an impact here!
Now before I put you guys to work let me assure you I will not stalk my prize winners or rig this so one of my friends gets the price….because my friends don’t read my blog! Well King Coconut is a friend but I still treat him like your equal! Also I already gifted this to him..partially by accident..but heck I miss good old creativity contests so I thought I’d host one.

Well l have been very local by love for the classic NES Ducktales!  Of course since I don’t have a slew of regional NES systems available to me so I can’t EXACTLY give you the game that forged me! I can give you the next best thing in the form of the  2013 Remastered version! Check the trailer here!

A great platformer with good controller support, voice acting from the original Ducktales Cast. A platforming adventure that takes you to many places in the world. Now including Duckburg and with a more exciting finale!  Help Scrooge McDuck , the richest duck in the world,  become even richer by hunting for 5 mystical treasures that includes CHEESE!
Jake Kaufman recomposed the  masterful tunes of the original into amazing works of art! I especially love his take on the Amazone theme. I normally share the Moon theme with you..but something tells me you might have heard it!  So here is the Amazone theme!

If your computer is old enough to survive today it should be able to run this game no problem! So there is a plus! If you like games like Shovel Knight or  Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.. this game is the facelifted grandmother of many of their mechanics!  Play as the best animal a world! The tame duck, and visit more exciting locations than you would in your average James Bond game. You’ll be able to finish this game in under three hours, but then there is still heaps to unlock dive into a pile of gold coins and unlockable artwork including that of the original series! Find out what has me so obsessed and participate! 

Step 0: Make sure you have Steam.. or you can’t play or even redeem this game! (The next one doesn’t require steam)

Step 1: Do subscribe to the blog and follow me on twitter if you can. This isn’t for me to gain numbers , though I would not mind of course, but so that I can contact you if you won! Either find your site, your twitter whatever I can do to notify you.

Step 2: Like this post! It will not do anything for your win chances but it will make me happy! It’s my birthday so I deserve to be happy! I see all those colourful little avatars down there who liked my posts as little gifts… speaking of gifts!!

Step 3: Wish me and my Blog a Happy Birthday and tell me what you would gift my blog’s anniversary! You can do  this either in the comments.or if you are unable to do so, respond to my tweet featuring this post! Note.. these should not be actual gift but fictional ones! So they don’t even need to be founded in reality! You can wish an wereduck disease upon me if you want or my very own baby dragon named Blip.. who rides a scooter!

I did not expect to find as much art for this as I did!

Your creation will be judged on 4 factors!
>Would this non existing gift actually make me happy? (Famine and a guy who does my taxes are bad answers)
>Is the gift creative and fun (A Unicorn or my favourite Pokémon coming to life are not very original answers)
>Is the Birthday wish itself creative? (Bonus points if you can make that orginal)
> A Secret Bonus factor (Because secrets are always exciting)
Real gift giving does NOT increase your chances! Not for this specific code anyway! You might coax me into giving you a copy as well if you are a billionare giving me a blank cheque.. I do not expect that to happen.. but just saying!

Step 4: Submit your Answer before the 23rd of July 2020! (Deadline is 22th of July 11:59 PM GMT+1) Only one submission per person, your earliest entry is the one that will count! No multi-account spamming either! If I find out or suspect that I’ll disqualify those submissions! Keep it fun and fair for everyone! Not that I’d think people would Multi-Account for Ducktales.. but at least this rule is in place for the next give-away!
The Anniversary Week Day 5 post will be a shopping list of gifts I’d give to myself and can be used as examples! Submissions before that post goes live can score bigger on originality though! So take a risk and get a chance to score big by answering early.. or get to know me better by reading the next post first, but start with a slightly lower modifier! The choice is yours! The game is on!

Step 5: I will contact the winner somewhere between the 23rd and the 26th of July! If I can’t contact you..because I have no means to do so your name will be announced in the post Pinkie’s Saturday Anime Adventure 13 .. right at the end! If you see your name use the contact form..or twitter to contact me! If people ask me if they have won before then they will be disqualified, it would give them an unfair advantage if they bring their answer to my attention and I really do not want to send mails to disappoint people when I do not need to!

Should no one participate in the competition I shall search for a good home for this price! But I’d be a bit sad! So if you know anyone who might like this game, make them aware of this contest. But don’t give yourself to much competition! Be smart!

And with that we are already done with today’s post!  Yay! So drop your Birthday wish and your gift idea in the comments or on twitter and win this beautiful and amazing platform game! Experience my first gaming memory, remade in HD and get to understand yours truly better.. and live out your fantasy to be the richest duck in the world!  Yay! Have fun guys and thanks for being with  me this year!

Pinkie’s Birthday Q&A Part 1 (Anniversary Week Day 2)

*Insert Party Horn Sound Effect Here*  Dear Island Guests! It’s my Blogs Anniversary week! And since most of you know me as my avatar, I guess It’s Pinkie’s Birthday as well… PARTAY!..  Why week and not day?!  Well It took me a few days to build this blog so I am unsure about it’s actual birthday.. plus everyone does a day! I am weird.. so I do a week! I plan to be the mad-hatter the geeky  blogging community you know! Anyway apparently a Q&A is a thing to do for your b-day! So here it is!  Let’s get on with the questions! There were a lot more than I expected so now there are two posts!

Nabe-Chan asked

How did you come up with your blog’s theme? That’s some Amazing dedication to create custom images for each blog post you do!

Pinkie Answered:

 Alliteration is key! While this blog originally started out as Pinkie’s Pokemon I needed something new that also had a P in it’s name that oozed positivity. As I really wanted my blog to be a haven where everyone can come and relax! Apparently another blogger who was named Pinky also known as Pink-Chan and not Pinkie (we are not the same person) had a website named Pinky’s Palace and I actually started a blog once named Pinkie’s Palace.. but I forgot the login for that! So I could not delete that and use my unicorn princess theme I used for that one. So Pinkie’s Paradise it became! The Multifaceted Ocelot Coconut helped me brainstorm.  A holiday is a place where you can relax no matter where you come from or what you do .. so it worked!

That being said , yes the custom images do take a fair bit of my time but since I am sick at home, unable to work I got enough time on my hands to manage this. I have a lot of fun making these images.  Plenty Images I make small tweaks too people don’t see or references only a single person but hey most of the time I think they are pretty neat for someone who cuts everything out with the mouse on her couch or a touchpad! I would love to work neater but I lack the set up to be accurate enough. I might not be the strongest writer in this place but this way I feel I can really put my own stamp and branding on a post regardless. So there is that.

Irina-Senpai Asked

Do you have a 2020 Blog Goal?

Pinkie Answered:

I originally aimed to have 300 followers by the end of the year, I felt like 300 followers in two years would be great. I already did that. I wanted to reach 300 posts at least (like write every other day back from when 2020 started)  and I am like 9 posts or so away from that, so unless my hand gets chopped off and I have to learn how to work with a prosthetic that will be done by next week.  There is one goal that I want to reach and that is an average like rate of around 20 posts.  Lots of people who follow me are marketing blogs so with the 20 likes I could measure like a “loyalty”  thing.. but honestly I am close to that either so wether i am making it or not I am actually already quite satisfied with where I have come. 

I mostly just want to have fun with my blog, I could readjust my blog goals but I think I would rather watch and see how much I move past my expectations.. that feels more rewarding than maybe scaling my desired number of followers up to 500! I won now! Why would I risk losing. I might want to do a collab this year, but I am shy to ask people..but one might be in the works even just need to work out some ideas. I would love to find a co-writer at one point.. just for a sense of community but that is actually more a 2021 goal to be fair.  So no real goals anymore, wishes sure.. dreams always but I had my goals! So I will take the W , and just leave it at that.

Mallow Asked

Would You eat a Raw Chili?

Pinkie Answered:

Well maybe not a Ghost pepper or a California Reaper but anything up until 100,000 Scoville I’d eat without a bet or a dare. For a drink or two I’d move up to 325.000 Scoville (A Madame Jeanette.. which I love with Peanut Butter) I’d be willing to go up to about a Chocolate Habanero which looks delicious and measures up to about 577,000 scoville. I bet that will speed up my metabolism real nicely and ruin my appetite! But I’d need a fair bet to be convinced into doing that!

Tsubuaki Kuro asked

What is Your Favourite Food?

Pinkie Answered: 

Probably Sushi, specifically I am super addicted to Spicy Tuna Maki and Salmon or Tuna Rainbow Rolls. In fairness there are foods I liked better like some food I had in a two star restaurant. Like lacquered eel with sea bass marinated with a Yanthé (which is a local Yoghurt culture)  creme asian herbs apple, chives, soy and some other ingredients, I had Foie Gras and Caviar.. which are all really nice but exclusive! My favourite food is something I should be able to indulge in whenever I want and for my Spicy Tuna Maki I just need to cross my street.

Takuto Asked

What’s one thing you’d like to  do to branch out further in the future?

Pinkie Answered:

I would love to get some people on my team for example. Like I am all over the place in terms of content but I would love to work with a guy or a gal who’d make additional content for the blog.. for example one who writes about games, one about movies etc. I’d assign them all all a handle based on a colour like me.. so like Violetta, Noir,  Weiss,  Verde, Azura, Crimson.. stuff like that. The more the merrier! As my health is is right now I can not voice.. which really hampers my options a bit in anything that is non-written content.  So my expansion would be more in the community direction.

If I had some “Paradise Staff” I’d maybe open a Discord, where people can play Pokémon Showdown against the staff or heck Mario Party for all I care.. or Cards Against Humanity, though I fell out of love with that one,  I prefer game Use Your Words nowadays it can be a much cleaner and whittier kind of fun..Scribbleio is fun as well.. with custom words of course. You know.. something more in the togetherness term of things.. but far future stuff for now!
I’d also like to do stuff like Jeopardy but again.. I’d need a team and for that I need to grow.. so we are probably talking years here!

Megan Marie Asked

If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would you go?

Pinkie Answered

While the universe is a vast place, I think I’d be bored out of my mind if I’d go to the planet Laligurans (yes that is an actual planet name) I’d get pretty lonely if I traveled to Cruinlagh (also an actual planet) so if there was any place I could go, I’d go to the Pokémon Café in Tokyo to enjoy a Mew’s Fluffy Marshmallow Drink or a Gengar’s Berry drink as well as indulge in the food! I mean I could clearly go anywhere in the galaxy so clearly I have the cash! So Tokyo would be unsafe and I’d try every dish in the Pokémon café just so I could order every type of pokémon dishware!  I’d probably be very happy settling in there as well. I feel I could really crawl out of my shell there and just go on a Harajuku tour and make friends!  Obviously I’d visit the pokémon center as well . I can squeeze in some Akihabara and .. since traveling to  these planets would take a LOOONG time I bet there is time to go to the Tokyo Kawaii Monster Café and Sanrio Puroland as well.

Onsens and Izakaya would also be visited. Probably a few suitcase vendors to to carry all the figurines I would buy. A shinto temple, the pokémon café again, Tokyo Disneyland, Pokémon Café again… that red eiffel tower thing.. of course after climbing I need lunch… I’d want to visit that big gundam and the Hibiki (whiskey) distillery for good measure.

This also answered Celestial Sparkles Question:  Name A Few Placed You’d visit in Japan

Tsubaki Kuro also asked

What is your favourite Anime?

Pinkie Answered:

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, the way I experienced that.. with friends and the energy in a room was unforgettable to me, this is my jam anyway but to me it was much more than an anime it was an actual experience! An experience I will never forget.

Pix and Lita  Asked

What Have you enjoyed most about blogging over the last year? (What was the best thing about blogging for you)

Pinkie Answered

I really love the community I have found and people to interact with! However I was not prepared on how finite it is! People vanish, contacts get lost and I had a bit of trouble knowing what to expect. It took me a while but I have now found my place I think.. I love making contacts to this day! I am beginning to know a few of you and beginning to chat more and more with people as well! It’s not fully where I want it yet but it is super close to being my favourite thing still! There is one thing  that I actually enjoyed more than you guys!  I know that must mean I really love it right? 

That thing honestly is my life. When I started blogging friends were moving away, dad was ignoring me because his new girlfriend wants him to be with his new family not with his old,  I wasn’t feeling too physically or mentally healthy  (still that is a thing but hey I improved). I needed people around me and my life was being led.  Now I lead my life! My blogging allows me to explore movies , anime and games I would have not otherwise..because I felt eager to experience stuff because I loved writing about it so much! My hobby boosting other hobbies. I felt burned out on games and anime before and blogging has given me a new outtake! I can talk about them with people again. My real life friends really have different tastes than me and some that did not move away really do not like talking a lot. My taste is a bit brighter than theirs so I never could really talk about what I liked and only discuss things like Goblin Slayer.. which I don’t like. Blogging put the joy of experiencing content back!

Celestial Sparkles Asked

Tell us A little something about yourself as a cat?

Pinkie Answered:

Hmm I am more of a dog person but I will try. I’d probably be one of those really awkward cats that like sticks to furniture and gets stuck on there. You know like one of those sticky toy people you throw at your window and who then slowly fall down. That would be me as a cat basically. I’d not be a very hunty cat.. though I wouldn’t like to be petted all the time either.. gotta have me time. I’d probably be a picky eater as well. Like dry mix is not something that would agree with me very well. Like as a human I have trouble with bread. Despite needing some alone time I still would want some affection as well and I’d come and sit with  you when you watch movies. I’d totally leave you alone when your behind your pc though I know how annoying that is!  I’d also hog my toys! My playtime not yours.. you do not take my mouse away from me!

This also answers Tsubaki’s Questions : Dogs or Cats… the real answer is Duck by the way!

Tsubaki Kuro also asked

Who is Your Husbando or Waifu?

Pinkie answered:

 Ciel Phantomhive would be my Husbando. He would not need affection, I just get some money , he gets people off his back for not being married and I will not blow all his cash like an insane shopaholic. I’d offer conversation and companionship when he needs it and I would be totally okay with him crossdressing all the time. A marriage of convenience since I am not into guys!

My search for a Waifu ended in failure, I had a few candidates and realistically Sayaka Saeki  from Bloom into you would be an ideal partner for me to settle down with, I like how she is strong and convinced in her ways and I respect her a lot more than the two main characters. She is super pretty as well . There is a tranquility in her eyes I find mesmerizing. Like she looks like the type who can except my demi-sexual nature and would be content with just curling up to me with her book! While I shout at my Switch playing Mario Party or Shiny hunting in Pokémon…perhaps not Mario Party I would definitely hit Sayaka in the head..she’d take it though.. he is a bit used to getting flung around.. i’d feel bad though! Perhaps I should just download Yu-Gi-Oh on there! 

Winst0lf Portal Asked

Do you ever get hit with writer’s block? If so, how do you get through it?

Pinkie Answered:

Not really no! I do on occasion get stuck on a topic but my blog has 6 main pillars: Movies, Games, My Life, Pokémon, Fiction and Anime. If I hit a bump with one of them I just move on to the next topic usually in the afternoon and in the evening I either watch/play or do something about the topic I had failed earlier so I get inspired to write for it the next day.  I try to stay away from high flying content nowadays so no more Alchemy Allegories in Pokémon or  an Analogy of the line-work in this anime and what it could mean.  I write about my experience sometimes there is some depth in it.. sometimes it’s  trashing a bad movie to the ground. 

Fiction is the saving grace for me.. there is always something I can write about that, always some random fantasy. Pokémon Top 5’s are also super easy to do…for about 6 more weeks.. then we will begin need to do something new.. though I might even take people through the entire National Dex one evolution line at a time if I have too. I do not really pose standards to my work anymore, I am a hobby blogger I write because I like writing. Like a kid playing a piano I just wanna have fun. If others have fun with that post as well.. great..if not..I had fun still. When a work doesn’t have to be good the pressure is a lot lower and the chance of blocking is much much lower. I do believe that true art is created on accident and not on purpose.  It might never happen.. but doesn’t matter .. had fun!.

Celestial Sparkles asked

Describe your Unicorns Special Magic

Pinkie Answered:

Well okay so I have 8 unicorns, divided in four pairings.
My oldest unicorns are Yuni and Cohn.  Yuni is a pink somewhat proud unicorn with a bit of arrogance she is very smart. She has the power to give me other thoughts and give me advice.   Cohn is a derpy green male unicorn.. whose stupidity and silliness always make me smile. It has the power to take bad memories away if I hug it hard!

Then we have my tiny triplets. Tiny , Hoaws and Fwen.
They are my dream triplets.. their white skin is shared across the three. But then we have a pink hoof and maned one.. that would be Fwen.. the same but in purple is Hoaws and Tiny has blue details.   Tiny helps me keeps bad dreams away, Hoaws helps me fall asleep soundly and Fwen is good for having pleasant dreams.

Then we have the luck duo. Wan-Hoan and Monospyke Wan is a soft pink with a rainbow main and Spyke is a very vaguely purple but almost white with the same rainbow motive and purple elements. Wan takes away bad luck and Spyke gives good luck! I mostly use Wan since I am not that active but I love them both!

The Final one is Scabbers the Budget Unicorn.. I got him for like 90 cents! He has scales and can change colour from purple to silver.. his magic power is that he is super cool to hug even in warm weather!

Phew.. big question! I am not out of questions yet so I think I will spread this Q&A over two days!  Come back tomorrow for the second part! Sayonoodles! That is Portmanteau of Sayonara and Toodles! Thursday I will do something nice as well! Sunday too! You know the entire week will be great! Stay tuned for that!