What if my Blog was a Pokémon Game? The Paradise Region is Born

Hear Ye Hear Ye, Princess Pinkie has Returned with a new Pokémon Post

My sweet loyal subjects, as you may know I love theorycrafting and coming up with my own concepts for movies and games! I already designed concepts for about two Pokémon games..but non of them were about me! Now that I am a princess , I think we should change that. Sure we have Alola as a tropical region! Yet there were no gyms! You were the first Pokémon Champion ever.. it did not feel like the big leagues! It felt.. like a vacation! Yet what if I were to make my blog and it’s backstory into a whole new Pokémon Region and Pokémon Game! What would we get?! Today I will answer that question for you!

The Map

First of all we will need a general design for our region .. and that can be tricky! Hoenn has too much water for many while yet other people do not really like the whole circle motion you follow in Unova and Kalos. However Game freak really does seem to love this type of movement as you do it in Galar and Alola as well.. although a bit more disguised and tiered.  Luckily Paradise has gotten a map recently that we can use to give both the game designers as well as the pokémon fans what they like. You see Paradise is a heart shaped island, with the resort entrance lying in the tip of the heart and other things being located on the beaches around it.   The heart of the island is set for the pool area, everything seems to flock a bit around that so for our journey we will make the pool area our Pokémon League.  Since we already had a Hawaiian theme.. let’s make this one Mediterranean mixed with cuban elements. Latin..tropical! So let’s call the final city we visit Piscina City.. It’s pools after all.

The official Paradise Map!

By taking elements from our island we can easily make elemental towns! The starting town would be called Registrase which is a rough translation of check in! All around the heart we have some elements that can be adapted. My castle can be translated into a fairytale town, along with a fairy type gym!  Kaiju lake could be a lake filled with mysteries.. which in Pokémon games.. means ghost types.  The Bar or the restaurant could be converted into a fire town, while the docks obviously are the place to go for water types!  While we would be following the shape of the heart  we sometimes can move land inward for some new adventures.. or even go out to see for some water based minigames, or to investigate some strange events with gym leaders or other characters. The gardens could be thick jungle.. boucy ball beach could feature a roadblock pokémon that you can avoid by navigating trough half submerged caves. Plenty is possible, but as an idea we will scale our island up 100 times or so and turn all of our existing elements into towns.

A rough draft of how my Region would look in Pokémon Map style


Patchwork concept version of Patadeseo

Any good generation game has two box art legendaries and in this case it will be a Unicorn and a Duck legendary. A Fairy Fire type for the Unicorn, and a Water Dark Type for the duck! The Unicorn stands for Passion and the Duck will stand for Desire. We all know one can have a burning passion.. or a burning desire.. but in this case, that desire.. is when one pushes too deep. Let them be swallowed/consumed by desire.. let it be all around them with nothing else around.  Like a dark ocean.  The Unicorn we shall call Passiocornio and the duck will be called Patadeseo!  Both spanish portmanteaus of Passion Unicorn and Desire Duck respectively. Of course the duck would look really cool.  Plus words like Passion and Desire would fit really well in a tropical theme.  Of course to sell the games we need to avoid the word Desire so the games would be called Pokémon Passion and Pokemon Conviction.

Passiocornio recolour concept based on art by XiaoDarkCloud

Unlike other Pokémon legendaries who have been attributed to Pokémon life, we find out that Passiocornio and Patadeseo guide humanity, they have the ability to “speak”  through humans through a sort of voice in their head. It keeps the world of humanity going forward. It keeps humanity progressive, without these Pokémon humanity surely would lose the will to go on and become great pokémon masters!  So  you as the trainer will have to find a way to protect both these Pokémon from the evil team. Compared to other pokémon journeys that would have come before.. This journey would focus much more on what it means to be a trainer and dive into the human aspects of this world. Why do pokémon follow humans that closely, why do pokémon grow stronger when working with humans?!  Questions like these will be answered through the story with the legendaries as we really take a look at our part in this symbiosis. 

The Evil Team

Man in Black | Anime-Planet
Team Mahan Grunt

Since I brought up the evil team just now I think that is a good next step to take in creating this world. This time the evil team would take the form of the FBI like people. “Agents” who feel the world is better off with them in control. With them policing over the world.  Events with them would be them selling Pokéballs with tracking chips to people, breaking into a tower to turn around the signal so they can use the radio to eavesdrop on people and potentially them wanting to shut down Pokémon Laboratories because they do not feel 10 year olds are ready to have Pokémon yet.  Yet outside these evil deeds, we also see them volunteer to find every missing kid or help out with other problems in the Pokémon world.. as long as they receive praise and status. I will call them team Mahan. Which basically is a reference to the “The Man”  which is often used for government instances. I feel like having a red white and blue colour scheme would get me in trouble.. so let’s say they wear all black and look a bit like the agents in the Matrix.

Mahan Boss Orwell

The Leader of the evil team is called Orwell and while having a legit reason to be the way he is he will be among the more evil villains in the series. Orwell’s son.. George once took of on his trainer journey much like the player before him. Orwell did not want him to go.. but there was this passion in the boys out and Orwell knew he could not stop him.  Yet on his journey George met an untimely end.. Orwell tried to warn humanity to abolish kid trainers or even children having Pokémon.. but no one would listen and that’s when he realised humanity was stupid! It could not take care of itself… he would have to protect them against themselves.  By Capturing both legendaries he can link everyone’s Passion and Conviction and complete .. the Hive Mind.. a machine he can use to pierce the subconscious of all humans, this way he can protect them from themselves and enslave mankind .. free from it’s whims. Such a theme will be chosen because it meshes well with what Paradise and me are about.. but it also ties in nicely in the exploration of humanity story that is this game.

The Starter and the Rivals

Sobble crying is pretty relatable for me... | Fandom
Sobble Cries because all the starter Elitism and hate

That is right I wrote rivals as a Plural, so this means we are going to have multiple rivals in my game! Symbolising the variety of content you can get on Paradise. However this game will not feature all rivals such as Sword and Shield or  Kalos or any other multiple rival game.. no this game will only have one of them, you will have two.. but who they are all depends on your starting choice.. where in lies the biggest difference from all Pokémon games. You see I do not think we need more pokémon persé. With a Biodiversity of over 920 species we don’t need THAT much more. I’d rather see some extra regional variants to make old pokémon more relevant again maybe with an evolution here or there but I do not think each generation needs 100 extra pokémon. In my opinion one of the most toxic things about new games coming out .. is the starters.  People are SOOOO ungrateful when it comes to new starters.. and we have taken that whole grass water fire thing far enough! People are never really happy anymore.. which is why I propose a radical change in how starters work.. I will make a more in depth post about that some other day…maybe!

luizvc's Custom Pokemon Type Symbols | Pokémon elements, Pokemon, Pokemon  logo
Pick what type of trainer you want to be!

My idea is that instead of just being asked what your preferred gender is, we also get a question about what your favourite typing is. From that question you will be assigned a pokémon of that type as a starter.. as long as it follows a few parameters, such as knowing an offensive move at level 5 and learning an additional one that gives a Same  Type Attack Bonus by level 15. You can get ANY Pokémon from that type in the game.  Which makes it a much bigger surprise and will make replaying your game feel more fresh. Your rivals would also change at least in my game.. they are bloggers based on your strength and weakness.  I’d pick fairy for example so my biggest Rival would be A guy everybody loves that uses steel type Pokémon and who is very friendly and loves doglike pokémon. 

Variable Rivals, this one might be the fire user

My weakness Rival would be this busy bee girl who specialises in fighting types but also carries a gardevoir as her magical girl. She lloves to lift weight and talk in length about her Pokémon on Radio Shows. Two very nice behavioured rivals, but say had you picked the Psychic type, one of your rivals would be the mysterious man with a one letter name  who would use dark types and act all mean.. even though it is just an act. He wears a tophat and talks with movie quotes a lot.  This would also impact the story at least in an illusion of choice kind of way. Where my steel rival with golden eyebrows  happily tags along you to defeat Team Mahan, a certain anime blogger for example has much less time..and is probably drunk.. so instead she rushes ahead.. only defeating half of the trainers.. leaving you with equally plenty experience to gather from these trainers…but the with your battles unfolding somewhat differently.

The League

The Fairy Type Gym Leader

The Paradise League would feature 8 gym leaders like normal, and they would be based on characters I have on my blog albeit less stolen. Instead of Nakiri Alice as my chef, we’d get a cook, that is also a chemist that loves cooking with his fire pokémon. His gym puzzle would involve gathering ingredients and applying some science to it to produce the correct dish. If you fail.. a clean up crew comes along.. they are annoyed that they have to work now and will attack and battle you. The fairy castle town will feature Chibi Pinkie as a Gymleader dressed like a jester! She wants you to give gifts to the Princess subjects.. they give you a small description of their desired gift..and if you give them the right one.. they WILL honor you with a battle. If you give them the wrong gift they get sad and Jester Pinkie will be angry and become more difficult in battle.  Other gyms would work in similar ways with gym puzzles involving a chore or event that is tied with Paradise actual location.

The Elite four is very simple!  It’s my writing Staff. Indigo would be a steel type user with Bisharp as his ace, Kuro would be a ghost type user with a Regional and better Dusknoir as their ace. Sunny would be a water type user and his ace would be a shiny Milotic that you see raise him from a Feebas earlier. The most ugly fish now turned beautiful is a great metaphor for Sunny.  Periwinkle would be a Dragon Type user.  Dragon’s symbolises his need to put obstacles in his own way by playing super shitty games! His team has a lot of Outrage users and he is an elite 4 leader with a twist. His Pokémon are of a higher level.. but they function like they don’t always obey him.. much like traded Pokémon of to high level.  Periwinkle’s Pokemon are so powerful he soldiered through.. but you need to take advantage of this by using paralysis and confusion tactics to fight him.. it’s not just sheer offence!   His signature Pokémon would be a Druddigon to symbolise this character best.

The Paradise Elite Four
Palm SIBERIA (Character) | aniSearch
Lovable Socially Awkward Professor Palm

The Professor of the Region is a part of this gym journey as well, she is a female professor called Professor Palm. She looks a bit like Palm from Hunter x Hunter as well and her gimmick is that she is massively socially awkward. She represents the geek in all of us, and while she can passionately talk about pokémon… each time she becomes aware she is doing it she freezes up!  She is the polar opposite of professor Sycamore and talks in a very stuttery wayl She is actually a woman of science and has that scientist nervousness! She isn’t a people person and is a bit awkward around children. She will be a fun addition to the Pokémon professor family! She truly is a scientist who dedicated her life to Pokémon. She will utterly be able to talk to the main character and then introduces us to the follower Pokémon mechanic after which she speaks to you trough your Pokémon. “Bulbasaur Tell Pinkie that this Pokédex can register all types of Pokémon” Kawaii!

The Champion

Can you beat the Paradise Champion?

At the end of your journey you would face the champion of Paradise and that would of course be yours truely! Throughout the journey you encounter me a few times. I’d  follow a princess theme!  So I’d be dressed regally like Iris and have mannerisms that hold in between Cynthia and Diantha.  An Amalgamation of the best elements of every female champion. I’d be the ruler of the island as well but this time we will show a person in power is actually not evil! I am sweet!  During the game I will use several teams but always carry my Sylveon with me.  I will  mention that I use several pokémon so all my friends can go out to play. When I support the main character I will carry a team of five pink pokémon, mentioning I have a sixth but people would go crazy if they knew I had it! Early in the game you can find me adopting a lost stuful! 

My champion team would fit a princess theme as well. I would have a Kantonian Rapidash to symbolise my unicorn. A Sirfetch’d would be my knight  and Bewear would be my teddy for tea parties.. speaking of tea parties , I’d have an Appletun and Polteageist to be the sweets and tea of a princess party. My final Pokémon would be my Ace Sylveon! I carry that everywhere I go. I know I said Rapidash isn’t in the Pokédex.. and it is not!  It is mine and mine alone! It will help simulate the bratty part of the princess. In My rematch team I use a hybrid of my pink team and princess team. Chansey with Toxic as a lead, Sylveon as an Ace, Bisharp instead of Sirfetch’d for coverage.the teapot would probably still make the team as well an Ariados would make the team for more toxic stalling options and finally I would have a Mew.. which we would give a new form, cause we gotta make some sales! And that  is how Paradise became a game!

The Champion and her first Pokémon League Team

And that is how I’d imagine Paradise as a Pokémon Region/Game. How would your blog look as a Pokémon Region?! What would your champion team be? Do you think my team fits me?! Let’s talk geeky, though I might be napping! Because remember! Friendship is Magic, but dreams are even more wonderful. Oyasumi!

If you want to help me fund this game.. ..but realise I am joking here and you just want to support me.. consider helping me out by buying me a cofee.. or as I like to call it .. A Royalty.. once again Oyasumi!

Five Bloggers I’d Invite to New Years Eve

Hey there my island guests, it’s almost time of the biggest party of the year as well as the last. Yesterday we gathered my pokémon team and today we invite… you guys. The bloggers of around wordpress. Now of course you are allowed to have fun at the party and dance all night and you know all that jazz but for the purpose of this blog I will assign five people a role at my party. Everyone is welcome but these people I feel like could help make the party feel extra neat. So hop on in and take a peek at my guest list.

Guest Number 1: Megan “A Geeky Gal”:  THE DECORATOR

Since I have started blogging about half a year ago there are a few blogs which I have looked up to in inspiration. Megan’s is one of them. Combining her youtube and her blog makes it a bit of a special thing for me to follow. I had inspirations to start a youtube channel myself , however given my colourful style and usually fairly child friendly content I would never be able to build a platform to socialise with people because of that who COPPA thing.  So I gave that up. Megan managed to find her way and her market to do so. She is much more of a homey geek than me. Gaming with a husband on the couch, putting a geeky outfit on the dog and film it sleeping on the couch. I’d just have the couch and nothing exciting is going over there.. except for sometimes maybe some crummies of the cookies I ate while gaming or watching stuff.

(Not my actual Couch, still about as exciting as the real deal)

Megan her blog and Youtube channel feature a neat balance of what it means to be both human and geek. The down to earth tone makes it a treat to read and watch her content. Why I am really inviting her though is because of her special videos! No nothing dirty, she decorates her house for the season and finds bargains all across her area for the neatest little ornaments and knicknacks. I am not a very good decorator, well in truth I am fairly solid at it but I can over exaggerate, and I think some people at the party would like it if at least one of the decorations isn’t pink. So I would hire this geeky gal to create a nice atmosphere. She would even be allowed to bring her dog and husband, the dog can play nicely with the pokémon I brought along and the husband can help put up the decorations at the higher places and enjoy the open bar. Speaking of bars……

(For those wondering how those pompoms are held up… a flock of Pidgey

Guest Number 2” Irina “I drink and watch anime”: THE Bartender

I mean with a blog name like that and your  anime watching being dedicated to drinking cocktails alongside of it, who else could I have chosen as a bartender. With the exception of my friend Jilly ,  my only real life friend who reads my blog , occasionally #sadness, I think virtually everyone reading this post will know Irina . Besides obviously being a great bartender, albeit a socially awkward one, she is also an amazing blogger that continues to be an inspiration to me. I once discovered her on one of my older blogs before but back than I had no one following me, and no friends actually reading my things so that quickly vanished as I left WordPress behind me. When I returned it did not take me long to find her again. Her voice, (in a writing sense) is so unique and personal. We do not get anime reviews where we judge by regular standards, we are taken through the show through the eyes of Irina, her rational and irrational feelings on a show. As well as a new cocktail to play a drinking game with.

Yet it’s mostly her essays and her pondering about the world of anime that draws my attention. A sharp and witty mind that doesn’t take herself to serious and can tell a story that has been told a billion times and make it new and exciting again. Perfect qualities for a bartender as in that functio she will have to hear about all the broken hearts and misery of the island guests and offer them the right drink to forget. My new year’s resolution is to be more like Irina..yet also less like her since I do not want to copy her, but find my unique voice and portray it as well as she does. I better stock up on the absinth though, I got a feeling she might want to get my guests all liquored up fast, so she can talk to one of the anime guests I am inviting tomorrow. Since we are talking about green fairies right now I got a perfect bridge to my third guest.

(Now this is starting to look like a party)

Guest Number 3: Lita Kino “Anime Corner””:  THE Party Planner

Our little green fairy of the OWLS is such a busy bee. Doing a bit of everything. Formerly on youtube, still blogging still podcasting as well as being fairly active in keeping us OWLS together. She would be someone I need at my party to balance out my own chaos. While I can multitask I do get distracted a lot. Oftenly I end up reading everyone’s posts and forget to press the like button because you inspired me to search for something, to check out an anime or to go find this other awesome blogger. With this many balls up in the air , I am sure Lita is a lot more structured than I am, or else it will at least be very amusing for the party. Lita as a blogger and Podcaster? Is that a word or is their some slang term for it like Pod-God or Cast-Kid? I don’t know..but she would most likely.. all the more reason why she would function as a great planner.  I discovered her somewhat later on trough my joining of OWLS but I saw a very positive and passionate blogger and… uhm … .. but I saw a very positive and passionate content creator (nailed it) that definitely Identifies enough with Sailor Jupiter to be called a green fairy..justifying my bridge earlier.

(With all the absinthe at the party Lita can make some male guest so drunk to create her own Yaoi)

Lita has that aura of , that nice convention friend vibe to her. Appearing less antisocial than most of us would be. Lita would be the one that would cover Irina at the bar if she freaks out.. or is drunk by her own cocktails.
Reliability and support would be qualities I’d give Lita and her blog. There is this sensation of casualness in her content that appeals to me. She hasn’t seen all of Hero Academia, hasn’t read the entire sailor moon manga, but that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy or is not a fan. It’s a sentiment I can very much relate too. Which makes her a blogger whose content I really enjoy reading. 

(My parties come with a lot of paperwork and big plans)

Guest Number 4: MasterMixMovies  : Entertainment

I do not really follow anyone who is capable of providing music.. but yesterday’s post showed we have Jigglypuff for that and I will see if I hire/anime or game character for it as well.  Not particularly moved by music anyway, I always prefer to have something fun to watch on in the background of a new years party. It has to be something you can talk through, yet can still provide a few good laughs or subject for conversation. If any blogger can help me find the perfect movie for that it would be MasterMixMovies , which I from here on out will call M3 because otherwise it would get very lengthy. This blogger has fairly similar tastes in movies as myself, so at least if they pick a movie I can enjoy myself. Which is also important as it is my party after all.  In brief but true posts he captures the spirit of a movie in just a few words. A skill I do NOT possess at all. With a hint of sarcasm in his tone and a refreshing bluntness that is more than just shouting that a movie sucks his reviews do manage to present a smile on my face as I see old classics pass by. Since I failed to watch Big Trouble in Little China at christmas this time, perhaps that can be a feature this year on our new years watch, but I would still have to ask M3.

Good entertainment can make or break a party and while I will serve up some bitchin board games myself there are always those who want to stay a bit passive and just enjoy themselves with a fun movie and a hearty talk. Plus everyone stuffing their face with delicious treats (need to add a chef to my guestlist somewhere)  of course. Less redundant and showboaty then Nostalgia Critic, way more objective then CinemaSins, M3 will take us to both the present and the past of movie history, mostly past though and will strike down the blemishes on our childhood with furious anger and only give credit to the movies who deserve it. Perfect to manage our entertainment of the evening and he can build the perfect bridge between my geeky/anime friends and the more normal once with his choice of movies. …. as long as that bridge is pink.

Guest Number 5: Fred “Au Natural” The Confidant

I will be honest and say I do not visit the Au Natural blog as often as I should, I can not get him to show up in my wordpress Reader and due to the nature of our interactions I usually don’t begin to read his comment right away after he comments on my site. He has no avatar so I gave him one. Satoshi iIshiki from Shokugeki no Soma.. because… reasons…. Fred still has made a big impression on me. His insight in mental self care and the way he tackles life itself is a very inspirational thing to me. You see I would hoist him up in a big Teddy Bear costume and let him cheer up everyone at my party with big bear hugs, but something tells me deep down he would not really like to be stuffed in a bear suit. So let’s give him the role of the confidant. At parties there is always someone who goes through an emotional rough patch. Last year sucked big time for me.. so this year there is a fairly large chance that I will be the one that breaks down. The advise that Fred has given me and the way he talks about  these things give him this trustworthy quality. Also a member of OWLS (As is Irina by the way) he knows about the struggle and importance of being yourself.

(Go Go OWL Rangers, we don’t have zords, help us get zords)

With new year’s you tend to reflect on the past and go over things and it can leave us all in an awkward position. It’s nice to have a listening ear around who hears us all and understands is in a calm and neutral way. I am usually pretty good at this myself, but like I said this year I kinda expect to break down and even if I don’t I’ll be so hammered from Irina’s cocktails that my advice would be as understandable as a monologue of Sylvester Stallone who got stung by a bee in the mouth. I know a great deal of the bloggers here, have some demons to face and sometimes all we need is some words of Wisdom. I have some, but sometimes I fail to see them because life gets in the way, Fred has them as well and even has them written down on his site accessible with just the click of a button! Pretty neat.

(Kind and wise words make Pinkie a happy girl)

The 117: The Inspiration

Of course everyone following me would also be invited to the fictional party on Pinkie’s Paradise. In your own way you all contributed to my blog still being here, whether it is your loyal support and constant consistent likes like Mallow and Lyn or you positive comments  like Anime and Fanfiction and Raist. Maybe it’s your own blog I like following like so many of you. Each view, each like and each comment has helped me find a home. A home that I have begun to lose after my best friend in real life moved away. In 2019 I have felt more disconnected from the world than I ever have before, to a point where I barely could Identify.. not only with my gender or my persona  but with my entire humanity. As Told By Carly gave me kind words on a super dark day, while one of Karandi her reviews really made me excited about an anime again.

So while these five have a spotlight today I would like to thank everyone for this past half year. I’ve reached my goal of 100 posts, I surpassed my goal of 100 likes and I even have gotten to over 1000 likes, and this blog I didn’t even like any of my own posts! So that is saying something.  I might be someone who will forget to press the like button, I might fail to retweet something but in your own way all together made 2019 way less shitty than it would have been without this blog. I hope 2020 will be my first full year with all of you guys and that I can continue to grow as a website (hopefully with the proper address) but also to be like the bloggers I look up too. To keep the community alive and like the OWLS strive for, create a place to be ourselves. Thank you all!

Come back tomorrow to see which anime characters I will invite to the party and should you be unable to do so, I wish you a happy new year.  Note that I could not name everyone in the 115 list by name. These are simply a handful of people who left an early or recent impression. You matter as well.