Pinkie does Random Things: Playing Never Have I Ever – The Embarrassing Edition

As a Virtual YouTuber you will have to answer chat, many of these questions are kind of like blog tags! But I haven’t been nominated for those in a while! Or if I have I haven’t been getting notifications anymore! So when I need Random Questions to answer.. I go to Random Websites and let Random Websites Generate Random Topics for me! #CONTENT! Today we will play Never Have I Ever! As found Here

I got the options between: Adult (In which I probably would always answer I have Never)  Everyday (which felt a bit too soft), Illegal (which I will do next) Travel (you can request that one) and Work… but I am NEET ! However one tag fascinated me most! Embarrassing! This will be fun! Time for Random Generated Content!

Never Have I Ever: Eaten Bugs?

Chigau! Wrong!  I have eaten bugs on a few occasions. I am very convinced someone has to try and experience everything in their life… though with my luck I won’t jump out of planes and stuff or get cattle prodded or something.  I am extremely open minded about food!  The first time I ate  bugs I was at a wholesale store, they had  this “try our mealworms sign”  out and I was like.. Okay?! Mom looked at me like I had gotten insane but I took a little spoon of Mealworms.. they could have used a dash of salt.  They kind of taste like harder browner its of crisp/potato chips you find at the bottom of the bag. I bet they would taste nice with some chili flakes or maybe a caramel! It needed some love!  I have also eaten a scorpion like that.. it was actually kinda tasty! It had a bit of a shrimpy taste.. It also had a bit of a popcorny feel! It would be great with loads of butter!

I only once paid to eat bugs! It’s in this coffee place called Bagels and Beans. It had a mealworm bagel!  It had some Avocado and sundried tomatoes on it and a locust! I did not like the taste of the locust as much. The experience kind of reminded me of slightly burned walnut covered in that popcorn skin that gets everywhere. The mealworms with Avocado Tomato and a bit of spread was pretty nice though! It’s very emision friendly protein as well and I could see myself eating it again! It is really overpriced though to eat as a daily meal and  I don’t like the popcorn skin feeling afterwards too much. Maybe a thick butter sauce would fix that by coating them!  Who knows! It was a fine bagel though not my favorite.  The bug I want to still eat.. A Moreton Bay Bug! Yum!

Never Have I Ever: Fallen Down In Public

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Super Chigau! I’ve fallen down a LOT in public! Whether that was from me being knocked unconscious during gym class and plummeting to the earth, or just trippin on my own feet! That was before I got my virtual wings though!  I think I have done every kind of falling known to man, crashing, tripping, plummeting and diving.  I slammed down hard at the Doge Palace in Venice, I tumbled of a staircase in Notre Dame (and decided it would be wise not to climb up further)  and biked off a hill due to a sneeze.. and mild intoxication and fell into the fence of a petting zoo!  Much to the children’s entertainment! 

 My best known fall though was around the time of Mardi Gras, the southern provinces of the Netherlands celebrate “Carneval” then which is like Carnival.. but less slutty and with a lot of Halloween things added such as the Candy and the silly costumes. It’s a season though from the 11th of November until somewhere in Februari we have several parties and occasions. I was at one of these parties when one of our province’s biggest local artist was performing their music on stage.  They invited  people to dance in the background on the stage and I could go! 

It was a song called Druk Druk Druk (Which I will leave down below)  and we had to run around the stage like crazy!  Yay atmosphere! However I tripped on the music installation and flew a bit  landing face first on the middle of the stage just behind the two singers.  The music cutting out because I tripped on a cable and ripped it out.. well not the entire music but it sure as heck got a lot softer!  A few friends picked me up and carried me off stage. My glasses looked a bit dishevelled and my foot hurt but my pride was hurt even more when the group had to take a small intermission after that song to get the music fixed.  Then I saw the thing was being filmed for local televisions! Guess who never told THAT fact to her mom and dad! The first day I had to work after I was getting lunch in my break and the woman at the register asked me if I was the one that fell on stage in the other town!

Never Have I Ever : Scrolled too far on Someone else’s camera roll and saw a picture I REALLY wasn’t supposed to? 

I solemnly swear I have never done this! They mean nudy shots or something right?!  My friends both offline and online often refer to me as a Panda. Which means I don’t get laid.. but I am known for my actual ability to avoid sexual context. It’s like a super power or something! People can be watching a porn in a room and I walk in and I spill my drink on me and have to go to the bathroom before noticing porn was on!  And yes that actually happened. People tried to show me hentai drawings and I got a bug into my eyes!   One time the group decided to watch Hentai together, which I found a super weird thing to do, for “comedy” and I objected but lost the vote!  But their internet provider was doing maintenance at the time! I went home a bit earlier due to not feeling too great and the mindset of the evening being a bit to “vagrant” to me and as soon as I sent them a text I got home , their internet had come back. 

The most blatant one was that I somehow completely zoned out in a van while a guy was being .. stimulated by his girlfriend next to me!   I was quite drunk after a party and was just looking at some footage I took of the party and trying to play Angry Birds (it was a while ago yes) I was very frustrated I could not play Angry Birds dead drunk.. but I only found out that happened right next to me a whole year later! I did not sleep in the same room as them but apparently they  slept next to a guy and just moved a closet in between him and them so they could hump as well.. he  could still hear them though and then they looked at me and said that I had seen stuff.. and I have not seen a thing.. they told me that was strange since they weren’t subtle!  So your phone is safe with me! It might explode if I get near one of those photos but it will never show me your naughty pics!

Never Have I Ever:  Been Carried Out of a Bar

Questionable, I have never been thrown out of a bar, nor have I passed out in one. I have been to a bar where people needed to assist me outside because I got so drunk. Once on by birthday , none of my friends would make time for me , one of them preferred to go to a party that was thrown by a friend’s sisters, best friend. That was more important than my Birthday, another said he did not want to come because he just not felt like it! They all cancelled at the last minute and cancelled petty! So only one friend and his cousin showed.. It felt like a pity party and I bought booze for everyone and I drank it all out of feeling miserable that I had been blown off!  I got so drunk people put funny hats on me and posed for pictures. Imagine “Weekend at Bernie’s”.. but drunk me! I do have an autopilot so if you tell me to go home , I neatly go sit in your car ..but I may have needed a bit of guidance!  Also got pneumonia for sitting in the outside area of the club so much! 

Only once WOULD I have ever been kicked out of a bar.  This girl thought I made out with her boyfriend and attacked me.. I could have been reasonable but she knocked the drink out of my hand and grabbed and wrinkled my outfit! I headbutted her in the face!  She stumbled outside and told me to come at her there.. security was surely coming to kick us out. She was challenging me  and indeed security was approaching… I walked to the bar and grabbed a half empty bottle of drink someone left. Security asked me if I was fighting this girl and I denied it saying I was drinking here for a while showing my half empty bottle. They checked if I was raging or drunk and I was neither , I was polite with them and  told them  I would leave if they had to be sure.. I would understand but if I could please tell my friends about the misunderstanding because I would not be able to go home otherwise. I then told them she mistook me for someone else earlier as well.. so the one who fought probably looked like me. They said it was okay and they believed me .. I never caused trouble and if people bother me I can always come to them… not much later they threw out a girl that looked like me a fair bit. For some reason she was super angry and aggressive as well.

Never Have I Ever : Thrown up in a Roller Coaster

I have never actually thrown up in a Roller Coaster. I have thrown up in a fair bit of public places though. I have been prone to spells of travel sickness, on busses and even more so boats.  I have also thrown up in one of these spinny theme park rides which sorts of counts I guess?!  I don’t handle spinning all that well. One time we got to a theme park and it was quite deserted.. Me and my friend always visit theme parks in the off -season on weekdays to get a quiet experience.  Wanting to go on a spinny ride . I  agreed, hoping it would not last too long.. it was one of those older rides.. so not one that is on a timer but one that can be stopped and manipulated like the ones at the fair. … then the guy in the cabin got a phone call. The ride lasted on and on!  Luckily my friend rode in another spinny thing as me!   I knew what time it was so I cleared out my backpack of stuff.. and got a new backpack in the gift store a bit later. 

The one time that got me into trouble though is when I actually faked vomiting.  We were going to a theme park we visited a lot and we were on this Log Ride/ Water Coaster like thing and we always had a competition on who could make the silliest action photo. I brought one of those squeeze yoghurt things.. some orange juice and some M&M’s.  Just before the action photo I put it all in my mouth mixed it up and spit it out at the camera. The result was a thickish yellowish fluid with some green and  brown chunks (yes I sorted them for believability )  the result.. was convincing enough! The people did not really appreciate the joke though! I am still looking for a way to fake rainbow vomit! 

This was fun!  Not all that embarrassing though! I might do this one again! Good Content!
Have you done any of these?! Tell me your story in the comments!  You have my gratitude!Well that’s me done! See you next time! Moth out!