These are some of my favourite games: Pinkie’s Top 5 Video Game Genres

Greetings once again dear island guests! I tried to have another game finished the week I am writing this, but unfortunately , Pokemon Rejuvenation ate all my gaming time! So instead I decided to dedicate a post on an idea of what type of gamer I am! With my top 5 of game types I like to play! I will use categories in the broadest sense of the word, since I like variation! Per category I will specify how much I like certain sub-genres. Each category will also feature a game I really want to play!

Honorable Mention: Party Games

I love playing games with friends, but since it is more of a social experience than a gaming experience I shall keep this down to an honorable mention. I will include the Lego games into this format because they are hilarious and super casual to play with friends! I have plenty of these games and recently tried playing the Harry Potter ones, which weren’t nearly as good as the Pirates one, my absolute favourite or the Marvel one.. which I think is a tad to big.

My favourite Party Game is Use Your Words, a game I discovered through YouTuber BrentalFloss. It is best compared with Cards against Humanity. Make a funny subtitle for a movie clip, make a newspaper headline or complete the sentence in a funny way. However all the answers are filled in by connecting to the game using  your phone. No standard answers just your wit! This does mean however that you can have as clean of a game you want or as insensitive as you can get! You decide what is funny thus avoiding it’s rivals greatest weakness! It’s cleaner and funnier! The game I really want to get in this genre is Overcooked 2! That is great fun to play in a group!

Favourite Genre #5 Point and Click Games

Ever since I was a wee little Pinkie, I had an obsession with the Point and Click Genre. The first one I ever completed was Simon the Sorcerer, but I also played a lot Myst with my parents. All of us had notebooks and explored different worlds and we would compare hints together. It did not take me long to find other games. I adored the Monkey Island Games, I played both Discworld adventures, loving Discworld Noir’s atmosphere! Grim Fandango is one of my favourite games of all times.

I have a lot less love for the hidden object subgenre yet I always raced mom in these! That was still kind of fun! The stories are usually cringily generic but there are actually a few good ones as well… unfortunately the titles are generic as well so I can’t remember those. Another subgenre is the whole telltale games thing! I deeply enjoy those, but nothing beats the charm of Simon hurling at the Swamp Creatures Piece de Resistance.. his swamp stew. In this genre I have been planning to pick up the game Deponia.  I played the demo once and loved it.. but back then the game costed way more than I could afford! Now however I will probably pick it up soon.

Favourite Game Genre #4  Horror Games

I am a big horror fan,  from games like Little Nightmares, to the Resident Evil games. From Spooky Jumpscare Mansion to Layers of Fear. I consume these games on a regular basis! I loved the Evil Within and my favourite Horror Experience was Alien Isolation in VR! I dont have a VR headset so I can never complete that.. but it was the coolest thing! My actual favourite Horror Game is Dead Space, the first one, there is just something to space horror that works for me. Lust for Darkness was my biggest letdown.. not even sure how I got that one.

Another game that seemed super cool but I could not get into was Darkwood. Top down survival horror is not my thing, nor is the whole, master these boss paterns gameplay of Soulsborne games. Rembering attack paterns in modern games is a big no no for me, I want to be emersed, so it sucks to focus on mechanical parts! This is also why I dislike MMO’s gameplay in general. However even though these things are not for me, I can still have some fun with them. Horror games I really want to play are Evil Within 2 and Soma…and Alien Isolation on a VR headset..but that is a bit out of range right now 

Favourite Game Genre #3 Turn Based RPG’s

Taking the third spot is what I think most of you would think its my favourite genre, but no! I do count Pokémon in this genre, and sure collectable creature games is my favourite subgenre. Pokémon Gold being my absolute favourite, yet this genre also comes with a lot of tedious qualities! The gaming high during the great moments may be highest but this genre also comes with a lot more lows. For every great story beat there is a clunky crafting system, for every amazing boss there is a grind! It’s all worth it but it takes more effort. The Tales of series is among my favorites in RPG’s having overtaken Final Fantasy by a fair amount.. the latter peeked at part 6. My favourite RPG however is Chrono Trigger..aside from Pokemon Gold.

I hate the modern final Fantasies, Part XV was horrible for me, pretty, yet it had nothing to do with the series for me anymore. I want to play the VII remake but only once the full story is out and I already hate the counter combat system. Final Fantasy XIII is flat-out one of my worst hated games ever! Don’t get me wrong I think Lightning is an amazing character but the gameplay I found absolutely atrocious. Luckily games like Tales and Dragon Quest don’t try to innovate  what I fell in love with. I still need to play Tales of Beseria so that is on my wishlist! However Mallow also warmed me up for Nexomon Extinction so even more to add to my wishlist. Though I never use my Steam Wishlist! I remember what I want .. I just miss out on sales.

Favourite Genre #2 Adventure Games

Darksiders and the Legend of Zelda games are the best examples of this genre to me. Yet my absolute , without a doubt , favourite of the Genre was Beyond Good and Evil. The later Jak and Daxter games also veered a bit into this genre and away from platforming. Another game in the genre I hold very dear is Omikron: The Nomad Soul. There is something about roaming a world freely, experiencing aspects of the world, talking to people, getting items taking quest and the likes. While arguably more and RPG Fable still hit that feeling for me while Skyrim doesn’t.

There is something about having several layers of gameplay that captures me. I love just to go fishing in Ocarina of Time, go to a fighting tournament in Omikron or take pictures as Jade. Getting the good bee in Link to the past feels like an achievement and finally getting bombs in the Wind Waker and going back to your old home to check that mysterious spot feels so good!  I love exploring in this way and it offers something more whimsical and variaring than action rpg’s. Games I have my eye out in this genre are Link’s awakening on the Switch but even more so Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy on Steam.

My Favourite Genre: Platform Games

Platforming was my first love and it will forever be my favourite game genre! Even if I can’t rank high in Mario 35 and even if I don’t like the insane difficulty of Super Mario Maker. I love platform games. Ducktales was my first, Donkey Kong Country was the first game I was super proud of beating.. and it’s amazing. Never do I have so much fun as with a platformer. It is one of the few genres where I really like Indie games.  I slighty prefer 2D platformers over 3D ones but with games like shovel knight and the sublime “The Messenger”. Can you really blame me? I slight get more thrills from getting from A to B rather then finding all collectables.

That being said I adore 3d platformers as well. Yooka Laylee is so good! Super Mario Sunshine brings sunshine to my life..but my absolute favourite, A Hat in Time! That game is so good it even kicks Banjo Kazooie’s sitting-meat for me! When I play a platformer I blossom. I am not to keen on Kaizo platformers though and I do prefer games without long jump strings, my slight spasms make games like Celeste and Ori and the Blind Forest nearly unplayable for me. I can control the spasmsn or at least predict them enough to hold on a small platform or ledge, but when you have to execute a two minute string of jumps I am bound to misclick, twitch or spasmn just a bit at least once so I prefer trickier single jumps over longer jump challenges. Eagle Island the game is something I want to play but I really really REALLY have my heart set on Yooka-Laylee and the impossible lair! It’s a spiritual successor to Donkey Kong after all!

When The Dog Bites, When the bee stings, when I am feeling sad! I just play some of my favourites games…and I won’t feel bad! Tell me what type of games you love in the comments and do remember, these are just my opinions, if I don’t like your favourite game.. it’s just my opinion.. I just quoted Julie Andrews to close off a post about games! Clearly my judgment isn’t all that!