Pinkie is bad at Crafting Yet she got nominated for the Craft Lover Award?!

You deserve this award, take a chance! With these words the Craft Lover Award opens in its logo! Now other than crafting dinner or creating scissor based injuries while trying to craft something.. only to give up after I bled all over the cosplay I tried to make.. or the pokémon thingy I tried to make out of papers, I am not sure I actually do deserve a reward by this name! I love crafted things… but my motor skills are really bad for crafting! I took a chance and accepted the reard anyway! However it came with a few rules.

Selina’s very own Blog tag!

Selina from  the blog “Craft Lover” or Selina’s Craft World created this tag and it is in concept very similar to the Sunshine Blog Award or the Real Neat Blog Award. So here are the basics! As written on Selina’s site!

  • Put the Craft Lover Award logo on the top of your post.
  • Thank the person that nominated you.
  • Answer their 10 questions.
  • Nominate up to 10 more people.
  • Ask them 10 more questions.
  • Comment on their posts to let them know they got nominated for the CRAFT LOVER AWARD!!

Like always I will not be telling people they have been nominated for the reward in any comments as I prefer comment sections to be topical myself I instead will link to specific posts so people get a pingback instead.

Thank you to Selina for nominating me among the first  six people to participate in this. She deviates from her own rule in a way I actually find really inspiring and engaging so I will follow her example. Instead of 10 named nominations I will do six the other four spots will go to people commenting on the blog! It is a nice sentiment to create some extra community engagement I think.. making blog tags a bit more proactive. Very smart on your end Selina.

This is a crafty Selina rather than a crafting one.. but close enough!

Selina’s website is about crafts and inspiration. In the times of the virus you can find a lot of inspirational quotes, healthy smoothie recipes, and she even tells you how to get your kids some fingering practice, using a cardboard pipe and a screwdriver. Now as a musical, slightly spastic grey sexual single woman without the money to break my NEET status, I doubt I will need that craft any time soon but her words of wisdom are always welcome! Check out her blog and enjoy one of the cutest most innocent bloggers I have seen around the web!

Selina’s Questions

What is your favorite animal and why?

Ducks! I love ducks. The way they waddle, the way they sound and even the way they emote. A duck can make a great pet and a great friend. There is this awkwardness to a duck, or maybe rather a lack of elegance in a duck I really like. I like non-elegant pets such as sharpei dogs or any dog with piglike qualities, pigs and ducks! Just everything about a duck I find amazing.

Like the way their little feet go pat pat on the ground, their easy to clean droppings and the fact that you get an aquatic, land based and avian pet all in one!  The ducks also have a great theme song for the moon… but that is another story. A certain Dr Cannard also told me being nice to ducks is also great for your health.. but he was kinda a quack.

Ducky Goodness!

Which post of Selina’s is my favorite?

Not my favorite type of question. I feel social pressure to pick something the writer is really proud of. Some post I write mean more to me than others and if people would favorite others I feel kinda sad for that other post.
Posts have feelings to! So I will just tell you about some posts I really like.. maybe my favorite, maybe another posts asks me and I can tell .. that THAT one is my actualy favorite.

I really like Selina’s most recent featured Quote Pablo Picasso once said “Everything you imagine is Real” though he probably said it in spanish.  As a Dungeon Master this already really sits well with me.. but it is also something I live my life by. What if my plushies can actually hear me?! I imagine a personality for them, is that me coming up with it or is it actually picking up something from a realm unknown to us.. Maybe in some place that personality is real.. so I always try to treat them right. Same goes for posts on the web! They might cry if I am to mean!

Last time I answered this question is her post on a snow globe!  Since then she added a crafted penguin to the mix as well that really looks interesting.. because it’s kinda like a duck!  Unfort in the time of the virus there is no way I am going out to get me some feathers! So it will have to wait. For just a bit.. but I will let my readers find these posts on her blog herself.. just so they can see the other fun content she makes.

Did not make this just googled! I want that tablecoth though

What is your favorite Book

Pinkie is not that much of a book reader anymore. Between other people’s blogs, an ocassional manga and every piece of media I consume I find books the most bothersome to keep up with. I have very little space to keep physical books, I do not have the cash for an E-Book and while I enjoy a good story I rather enjoy 20 from you all on WordPress , along with two anime series. I loved books but I rarely find the time for it now. My taste in books is in fantasy/adventure and mystery novels and there is a sense of fatigue that can sneak into those. Mystery Novels, like the Dan Brown books tend to show repetition and along with the time I spend on a book compared to the time of a movie I just prefer to spend it elsewhere.

If I had to name a book  by name though it would be Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  I think I finished the entire book in two days. It has great character development, plenty of interesting set pieces and challenges and of course a very dark, somewhat twist ending. The entire Harry Potter book series is close to my heart still and as it stands with my feelings on big reading projects nowadays it is likely to linger in that top spot.

Who is your favorite blogger (apart from yourself) and why?

Do any of my split personalities like Princess Pinkie and Chibi Pinkie count? No! Well I guess I am going to have to gush a bit more about how amazing Irina is then. When I first saw her blog name “I Drink and Watch Anime” I was thinking, “Oh that might be someone who doesn’t take things to seriously she might be interesting to follow” Since then I have been proven both right and wrong in the most wonderful way.  Irina is both insightful as airy.

Her content has a level of rambliness yet also of great care for the subject matter, Irina writes for herself and I can imagine her laughing at her own jokes and that just shows in her blog. I can only half imagine the amazing person that is behind it and it is to connect with people like her that I restarted blogging. There are plenty of other blogs I deeply admire but in all honest Irina’s blog somehow is a fair bit ahead on the competition for me, so when asked for my favorite I can not lie or be PC and talk about someone else. Not sure why but it just connects with me.

Who do you look up to and why?

No one, this might seem sad but I feel that I have to find my own way. By creating idols I really want to be as I will do things that are not me. I feel very strongly about this sentiment ever since I was in a dire situation with my health. I wanted to be me. I bowed out the OWLS legacy post because I did not want to promote, following in someone else their footsteps! There are better people out there than me sure, smarter and even in positions I covet. Yet they aren’t me. There are some great and inspirational people in the world, but just because Bono helps the kids in Africa doesn’t mean we should. Just because all those YouTubers totally and really play Raid Shadow Legends, …. really.. they do?! 

Everybody lies is a quote from M.D.  Gregory House that I firmly believe in. We all pretend to be altruistic and noble but in reality we all do what feels right to us.  Who knows I might really want to help the children in africa.. If I struggle to pay my bills, I can’t help there either. Not being able to help , or aspiring to be a Hollywood actress I look up to , I set myself up for disappointment. So the person I want to be is me! Recently I have really started to look down on Gwyneth Paltrow though so there is that.

I really REALLY dislike her and these endavours! The show is terrible too!

When did you start blogging

I made some attempts before but Pinkie’s Paradise/Pokemon is the first thing that really took off. The blog started on the 16th of June 2019 but I started writing for it three days prior. It was a Thursday if I remember correctly.  Playstation Network and Fortnite had major issues that day! Which cause quite a ruckus. On this day the Pokémon Company also made it possible for mariages in Japan to include Pikachu’s to get married alongside you (not even joking here)

I really want to see the Pikachu tails to see if they did this right!

Wby did you start blogging

Around the time I started blogging my best friend was moving away, the other friends of the group are quite Hikikomori so I feared I would be left alone. I wanted to talk about stuff with a passion again, have fun with pokemon and anime stuff and find some amazing people to befriend so I would not feel as alone! I also am filled with so many stories and ideas that now I finally could let out! I wanted to do that on youtube at first..but my voice is to weak.. and the friend who would have helped was the one that moved away! This was my little place on the internet I can host myself.

Do you like blogging, If so why?!

No, I am actually being held against my will by a one eyed man named Osmandiyas, he has put a device around my heart called the imagination engine, in which he harvest the power of my creativity to power up his giant combiner robot named Stavros. If Stavros gets enough power it will take my brain and use it as the AI..which I guess isn’t A then. If I refuse the imagination engine however will crush my heart and I will only be able to produce lame memes.. and strive for Tiktok Stardom..send help.

Just kidding I do enjoy my blogging endavours just fine.. why? Because I can be the truest me I can be.. I can put my thoughts into code.. which shows letters to anyone who reads. Regardless how my health will fare, both mental as physical there will always be a place where I left a legacy.. where my thoughts are mine and mine alone. Unaltered by pressure or conformismn.. this is me.. and I enjoy being me…
(Osmandiyas made me say that…still send help!)

How are you feeling today?

At the moment of writing this my heart is being a bit troublesome , so I am going to need to lay down for a bit after I finish this. I also have a nagging headache and I am thinking I might get a discharge a bit later if things keep up. I slept poorly and kinda overate on lunch. Someone in my flat is playing their music very loud and it isn’t very good music and along with my headache that adds some annoyance to the mix.

I am however entertained while writing this post with a strangely explainable sense of euphoria, no I did not take any herbs or chems , somewhere deep inside I feel very happy and pink. Even though I kinda feel like some digimon poo otherwise. Having some fun talks on discord with some friends so all in all 6/10. Ask me in the comments how I feel when you read this though! I might be 10/10 then!

Did you help your family today?

No, I did not. I live by myself a fair while away from my family. I do not have a driver’s license and I have weak I am to scared to visit them with public transport. My dad and I are on fairly cold terms with each others, with him this year not even having shown up on my birthday, nor letting himself be heard at christmas.

My only grandparents left, live even further away with grandpa not recognising me due to stage 4 dementia, grandma always being a bit wary around me due to my quick to flip over health. Mom and my sister are on fairly good terms but in lockdown all we do is call a bit, as we all are a bit loners by nature we phone about once a week. Sometimes twice, sometimes we skip a week.. so all I can help them with is staying healthy and staying me.. the person they love.. but I don’t count that one. Not a big family person! So here is the Whooves family!

Nominees and Questions

The Nominees

Like I said before I will follow Selina’s system of 6 people being hard nominated and the other 4 being those who want to comment. Both as an experiment and to make these tags a bit more engaging! Here we go first my nominations.

-Because I talked about her anyway, and since she is doing more quick tags due to all the time pressure let’s nominate Irina! Maybe if we all tag her and she gets a few easy posts she can actualy finish Kingdom Hearts.

Since I basicly have seem them do every tag and I want them to keep up with the full set of all tags out there.
A Geeky Gal
The Otaku Author

Since their names popped up in my head first when thinking of more people!


  1. What do you think about the new WordPress editor?! Pinkie has a lot of troubles with the new block editor how about you guys?
  2. If you were to describe yourself as a candy or cake (something sweet at least) what would you be?
  3. If you were to describe yourself as something mechanical what device would you be?
  4. What is your greatest weakness when it comes to blogging?
  5. Say you switch bodies with an anime (or other fiction source ) character, in which character would we never notice you switched places? (IOW pick an anime character that is like you , or you could easily pretend to be)
  6. What is a YouTube Channel you watch regularly?
  7. What does your latest whats-app message say.. out of context. (If personal info skip to the next unless you want to share)
  8. At what time in the day do you generally write your blogs
  9. Have you ever written for your blog while drunk?
  10. What do you see in this inkblobby thing?
I shall comment on your post with what I saw!