Trolling with a bludgeoning Angel

Welcome again island guests. As anime fans I am sure you oftenly get questions about you hobbies. These people asking questions can ask you various questions some more sincere than others. “If I were to try anime, what would you recommend” is most likely one of the ones everyone has heard by now. A Shounen or a Ghibli movie are you most standard go toes in such cases. However, there are also people who ask questions like ‘Anime, isn’t that the weird japanese cartoons where everyone tries to fuck little girls and they do that stupid magical girl stuff?’ The stereotypist tries to have fun at our accounts. Even if you explain them there are many subgenres they and there are plenty of different stories they do not listen or forget and next time you bring it up again,  they talk about tentacles or japanese weirdness again. One of my friends kept doing this so when he asked to watch anime with me , as I had no money to go out, I showed him Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro Chan.


For you that don’t know this show is about the misadventures of Sakura Kusakabe a thirteen year old boy who at the age of thirty three would develop the technology in which women do not age past the age of 12, so he can create a Pedophile’s World. Unbeknownst to him however this technology also makes these little women immortal, which pisses of god. So god sends the bludgeoning angel Dokuro-Chan to kill  Sakura. Dokuro who looks like a twelve year old girl gets feelings for Sakura and instead tries to keep him busy enough so he is unable to invent that technology 20 years in the future. This often results in situations where she uses her angelic strength to kill Sakura to teach him a lesson on how to behave, after which she brings him back using the spell Pipiru-piru-piru-pipiru-pi.

These kills are always very bloody and nearly always involve decapitating him, tearing his face off or causing other fatal wounds with her mace Excalibolg. She also turns one of his classmates into a monkey, which no one seems to mind and barely even notice.  Another angel is send to finish Dokuro’s original mission named Sabato. Now Dokuro has to both save Sakura from death, while murdering him over and over again to teach him some manners and prevent him from turning into a pervert. The protection part of course is done by oftenly stealing Sabato’s halo, which obviously gives her cray diarrhea. I am such a good friend, if my friend wants to watch anime and he only thinks weird magic and sex with little girls is anime, I oblige. Sometimes I wish I could marry myself, I am so helpful and clever and if you mess with my hobbies, I mess with you back. Teehee.

Please! Don’t glare at me like that.

Dokuro-chan is one of those 10 minute per episode anime, that since its original run have since come bundled on various sites and media. Episodes can be disjointed from just walking around to school to going on a field trip. You can watch the entire series in less time than t would take you to finish a random marvel movie, with a lot more dead and blood and at times better jokes. However this show is completely bonkers. The opening song along has some very clear SM themes and considering they are sung by a “twelve year old”  girl that will already show you how far away from reality ths show stands. Characters all have hugely inflated persona’s without having much depth, but I at least think they are all hilarious. Think of it like if South Park only consisted out of Eric Cartman’s and Randy Marches and throw in a bit of Rick from Rick and Morty as well and let them interact with each other. It’s about that level of odd. If you step on my hobby, I’ll lock you in my living room and beat you silly with the silliness you expect I am into. Of course I took into account that my friend might request the show to be turned off, so I invited some of my anime friends to join us as well. The more the merrier, my friend agreed and said to go for it. Yet now he could not ask me to turn it off , because with a few drinks my other friends were really into this fun little show.

During the first few episodes you could see my bigoted friendstruggling, afraid that I’d kick him out of my life if he left early or that my friends would hang him if he would ask to watch an easier show. While in reality I learned that this friend asked for anime because he wanted to gossip about my hobby to another girl whom he had plans with the next day, I still love my friend and trough teasing a bit back.. that’s just how I show my love. 

Bloodstained-All-Over Dokuro Chan

About three episodes in I began to notice a change n my friend though. He gotten over the initial weirdness and began to appreciate how different it is to the media your “standard Normie”  usually consumes. You can watch South Park, Family Guy or Rick and Morty and those shows are not THAT different from each other. Sure the latter is a bit more out there and caters to the abnomal a bit more already but it’s still very dependent on pop-cultural references and catering to the same vices, being drugs booze and lust like most of our comedy. Dokuro-chan is REALLY out there on the absurdity scale were even common logic doesn’t always need to apply which results into something unpredictable and seemingly random. My friend began to appreciate seeing things he never saw before, of having a sense of being completely gobsmacked. I feel, like wester media is made from the imagination of the target audience, we treat our audience as dumb and they need to GET IT , because god forbid you show doesn’t gets a negative review. Anime and Manga I feel myself are made much more with the content creator in mind. They think it is fun, they like their joke and you do not NEED to get it, but credit to you if you do then you can share the love. This is what I love about anime it doesn’t feel stale as it isn’t bogged down by expectations and that is what my friend kind of figured out as well.

I might have punched him in the face with an anime that’s definitely NOT for starters and toyed with him for not showing me seriously it actually had results. When we neared the end of the story and the whole Pedophle story neared full circle he was genuinely laughing at the discovery and liked that it wasn’t stated directly but he kinda had to discover it on it’s own through the weirdness. Of course he got the theme song stuck in his head and final episode , we sang it all together…. to get it out of our head and because we had a substantial amount of alcohol already…because it’s that type of anime, it’s one you throw on when a party is getting a bit stale and you want to energise people with laughter and just have some silly no brain fun. Each kill, each splatter of blood and nearly each action is just meant for comedy sake. It is exactly what the “non-believers’ think anime is but more. I might have kind of stabbed my friend in the back by setting him up like this, but at least I did not leave him in the cold and showed him the fun of weird.  That’s just how I show my love.


When the show was over we talked a bit and for the first time he kinda listened that there were other types of shows but that he kinda made us ridiculous by thinking all anime was this. So I just showed him HOW ridiculous things can get. Realising fully well that not everything  could be THIS zany he made that connection or something. As he is a big slasher/horror buff we ended up watching a few episodes of Higurashi as well. He asked me if there were any horror anime on netflix and I told him that if any slasher like anime would ever make it to Netflix it would probably be Future Diary/ Mirai Nikki which he would say he would definitely watch then. He could even see the appeal of the weird. Anime has the reputation of being weird, perverted and infantile and while Dokuro is exactly what a Muggle-Weeb (or is it Weeb-Muggle?) thinks we watch it still has something to say. When you watch CSI, or NCIS o Criminal Minds or whatever show, we do not hear the voice of the writer. We hear the voice of the test audience. That’s why we see so many similar episodes across the shows…because people like “the crime committed in the sky” or the “man who got murdered without a weapon’ so that’s what they put in.

While anime also relies on tropes, these tropes are engines that drive the plot..rather than the plot itself.  We like magical girls so we get a lot of those shows, how those shows unfold however can go any way. This gives anime and manga a much stronger voice than your average western show. Dokuro REALLY makes this clear. Why it is never briljant, never THAT clever and not well written at all , Dokuro s very much Dokuro. It’s it’s own thing. Compare it to a roller coaster. Most of them have loopings and corkscrews and run really smooth. Dokuro is a coaster with some many elements of her own in it, you might very well dislike. Instead of rapid descents it like has a staircase.. instead of loopings it has a seesaw and instead of an acton photo somewhere you get like a party hat. Disjointed but unique. So whenever your real life friends keep making fun of your love for anime force them to watch Dokuro with you (and make sure they cant leave) .. they might die a little inside at first but trough Dokuro’s spell they will come back to live again… either more open minded…or just punished for talking bad about you beloved anime.