Trainer Profile: Jason Voorhees

Halloween is coming little Watsons so during the month of October you will see us post content related to the matter.  We already have the case of Chibi’s mysterious disappearance and Professor Pinkie talking about a frosty ghost. Today I will make a profile for one of the most classic horror villains of all times! Jason Voorhees.

Trainer Class:  Hiker

Hikers in the pokémon game are commonly known for their burly physique and somewhat dimwitted nature. Always hiking across nature trails carrying pickaxes and preferring , ground rock and steel types. Jason Voorhees is an undead man roaming the earth literally and even in space at one point. His favorite spots are campsites and where there are campsites there are usually hiking trails. Camp Crystal lake is the perfect spot for a hiker.  While Jason could have been a youngster as well, as he died as a young boy.. that somehow grew up into a Jojo’s character the hiker analogy seems to work a lot better for this classic villain.

Jason dresses similar to a hiker in usually choosing something practical over fashionable, wearing dark leathery coats and jumpsuits. Both Jason and Hikers have a sympathetic nature… and yes this serial killer has a heart which is shown throughout his movies on several occasions but there are bigger things making him into the murdering menace we all know and love. Jason surprisingly has high moral standard, killing mostly because he hates the immoral behaviour of teenagers. That behaviour got him killed and now will get them killed. Hikers are simple folks, much like Jason’s still somewhat childlike mind. So I say they are a rather good fit.

Preferred Type: Steel

Jason  is a creative killer, who has used several items as weapons during his career, but his favorite method of killing is old fashioned weapons. His signature weapon his trusted machette of course the most well known weapon but he isn’t afraid to go out of the box. In Jason X we see him killing with liquid Nitrogen, in the original series we also see him killing with his brute strength, a spear, meat cleavers, corkscrews and even a party horn. This man loves to wield tools he does. The steel type also reflects how Jason functions himself. Jason excels in his physical attributes. His beastly strength only being overshadowed by his sturdiness. While it is hard to truly ‘kill’ him it even is hard to damage him. We see people trying to fight back not leaving a dent. He is almost an unstoppable object that only takes damage under the right circumstances. In the 8th installment of the series we even see a (somewhat) professional boxer going up against him and it doesn’t do ANYTHING to him. While in Pokémon steel is weak to fighting.. in real life I guess the analogy pretty much holds up. Extremely durable this man, a lover of sharp objects and strong. The steel type seems like a very good fit for him.

The Team

Signature Pokemon: Cubone

Cubone is a lonely pokemon. Jason started his horror career as a hermit. Both wear a mask and wield a weapon. I am sure you can see a resemblance already forming right?  Yet there is a lot more to go for on this one. In the first Friday the 13th movie , the series Jason is from the first killer wasn’t actually Jason at all. It was his mother, she was angry that her son drowned while camp councillors were having fun with another and decided to go on a vengeance spree.  Pamela Voorhees revenge scheme proved moderately successful. While raking up quite the bodycount the fact that she truly died kinda makes her endeavours somewhat void. However her demise gave rise to Jason. A lonely being who is sad for the death of his mother, wearing a mask and wielding a weapon.. makes the two even more similar. The proverbial nail to the coffin however comes in the fact on how they honour their mother. Both Cubone as well as Jason, treat their mothers severed head as some kind of token of their affection. While Jason builds as shrine for his mother’s head Cubone flat out wears the skull of his mother as a mask. I am sure Jason would have done the same if he had the possibility.. but since he is more swole than Kylo Ren it just would not look right.

Both Cubone and Jason are very well known for wearing their masks. Even though Jason’s mask did not come into play until the third installment of his franchise. Jason is also depicted as a deeply tormented character, whose rage stems from anger over his own and his mother’s death. Cubone and Jason have shown to be very territorial as well. While Jason did have his outings outside Crystal Lake, like Springwood, New York and outer space, he has shown a clear preference for his old stomping grounds of crystal lake. Near his mother.  In my post about the Cubone Theory that you can read here, I explain that the pokémon has shown some very territorial behaviour as well. 

Physical Wall:  Honedge

Jason isn’t really the type of person to do things with tact. Giving him a balanced team of a Physical Sweeper, A  Physical Wall, a special sweeper, a special wall and a legendary would not work for Jason. He is simply not the type to go for such a thing. Jason unlike Dio and Cell, doesn’t care about balanced battling and he just wants to use his raw strength.. preferably using tools and weapons he finds along the way. While I expected his team to consist out of nothing but Physical Sweepers surprisingly Honedge has a higher defensive stat than it’s offensive ones.  In a way it makes sense that this is his defensive pokémon because Jason surely would wield this Pokémon as a weapon and would serve as his final defences. Which still is a pretty terrifying thought.

A Honedge is born when a spirit attaches itself to the weapon, it will then drain the life force of its wielder, until every bit of life force of that user is absorbed. Now for narrative sake we will give this a bit of a scenario in the story of Jason. The spirit inhabiting his Honedge would of course be his murderous mother and since Jason has near infinite life force the two would be an ideal pairing. Even if it would be any other random spirit. The blade could consume the life energy of it’s victims while Jason can punish those who show immoral behaviour and lewd Gardevoir or even Flygon. The Steel Ghost type would match very well with Jason as well, as he is some kind of hybrid undead serial kiler with a bunch of weapons. It would not take long for these two to become best friends.

Physical Sweeper 1: Incineroar 

Jason has shown brutish strength throughout all of his movies. He has twisted heads 180 degrees in a single snap and he whacked a girl hiding in her sleeping bag against a tree with the utmost of ease and he has even torn of a limb or two.  The Pokémon that embodies Jason’s style of fighting best in that way .. in my opinion is the final evolution of Litten. Incineroar. The pokémon is currently mostly known as ‘that wrestling cat thing’ in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The Fire-Dark type looked to much like a fighting type again to many.  While yes, he is a professional fighter his methods are quite brutal compared to everything we have seen before. He has no style, he has no grace this cat has something else entirely. His signature move Darkest Lariat is easily a move I can see Jason use to one of his more creative kills. The intimidating style  and those red streaks on its black face even can be seen a bit in Jason’s classic mask.

The wrestling pokémon is according to its pokedex known for its violent disposition and I don’t think I need to explain where that matches up with Jason? The pokémon basicly does what it wants to do.. if it doesn’t want to listen to it’s owner it will follow its own devices.  Given that Jason doesn’t speak this actually is a boon to serial killer trainer. He could simply send this thing out, let it notice some teens doing very questionable things.. let the rage flow and enjoy the sight. It feels very akin to how Jason would use a pokémon too. Let the pokémon do the work.  In Friday the 13th 3d we see Jason crushing skulls and in the 8th one we see him uppercutting a guys head off. If we are honest to ourselves we surely can all see Incineroar do the same thing.

Physical Sweeper 2:  Trevenant

Horror is one of the genres that heavily relies on tropes.  Subconsciously we all think the forest is more scary than your local suburbia. There is a reason that Jason drowned at camp in a wooded area, and wasn’t just the victim of a drunk driver. Trees are scarier than buildings it’s just fact.  Trevenant is one of the scariest trees. Being a ghost grass type he should be scary. A phantump .. it’s pre-evolution is born when a little kid dies in the middle of the woods. While Jason drowned in a lake.. said lake was in the woods so hey.. close enough as far as static pokémon go. So similar like origins. Both Trevenant as well as Jason were once kids that died one way or another in a wooded area.  In the second movie we see Jason living as a hermit with a burlap sack over his face.. trying to keeps the woods clean from , teenagers that do not have horns on their head.. yet still the adjective for such a condition would apply to them. You’ll never guess what Trevenant does! ‘Awwww you guessed it’ Thats right it exact vengeance to those who defile his woods.

Now besides the fact that this tree is horrifically strong and loves to bludgeon people, much like our case study for this week. He is on his team though because he has a power Jason definitely can use. According to his Pokédex Trevenant has the ability to change and alter the forest trapping people in forever.  Of course this would allow Jason to isolate all his victims and pick them off at his leisure. No longer would anyone be able to outrun him in the forest nor would they be able to escape. He can even prevent the police or people like Tommy Jarvis from coming in. For those who don’t know Tommy Jarvis managed to kill Jason in the fourth installment , triggering his absence in the fifth movie. However this was disliked that much he was given regenerative powers in the sixth installment and returned. In the friday the 13th game, Tommy Jarvis is the only one who can kill Jason. So alongside regenerative powers.. controlling the woods would make Jason completely immortal and unstoppable.

Physical Sweeper 3:  Bisharp

A pokémon made out of sharp objects is of course a perfect weapon for Jason to use.  He has used cleavers and other sharp weapon on multiple occasions. A pokemon made out of blades  on basically every limb including the torso would give him plenty of room for creative kills. Think of ramming someone into Bisharps bladed chest, or using said pokemon to cut his opponents legs so they can not run anymore. Bisharp also learns the move guillotine.. a one turn knockout move. He is a pokemon that relies on a quick finish. Jason’s kills also are always brutal and swift. They are executioners of sorts. When you spot them there is a very high chance it will be the last thing you see.

Bisharp according to his pokédex is also a hunter who relishes in finishing off it’s prey. The bladed pokémon hunts using a group of his pre-evolutions to weaken and tire his opponent before finishing it off. No matter what pokédex entry you read, it always makes a mention of Bisharps murderous intentions. So pairing it up with an actual serial killer seems like a pretty good team up. Now do not get me wrong I do not condone violence in any way. I mean with people stressing about the new Joker movie , I have to make the distinction. As a detective I am a servant of the law. Do not actually kill.. we are just saying, there would be a synergy between a pokémon with murderous attention and a pokemon with the same. That is not the same as glorifying it. So back to the subject at hand. I would love to see a movie where Jason uses a Bisharp to murder some politically correct teenagers there is just so much room for creativity if these two combine forces.  Heads are gonna roll! If it’s mine for suggesting this or heads on silver screen we will just have to wait and see.

Physical Sweeper 4: Kangaskhan

Jason’s origins are very deeply rooted with his mother. He worships her and she was the one who started the killing cycle. So it seems we can not leave the mother pokémon out of this list either. Especially when they emphasis Jason’s fighting style again. Pamela Voorhees is a mother who lost her sanity when she lost her baby, Kangaskhan is said to have zero forgiveness for those who harm her baby and hunt her down.  Pretty accurate and a great additional teammate. This would be the pokémon Jason leads off with in battle. Most likely equipped with a Mega Stone, so mother and son pokemon can fight together. Very much a punching pokémon this kangaroo once more reflect Jason’s strength yet again. Its normal typing reflecting his humble origins as well. Jason once was JUST that kid protected by his mother, but it went horribly wrong and ended up in the destruction of dozens of lives.
Somewhere inside Jason there is also still parts of that son left. Unlike for example Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers there is SOME good in Jason… not a lot, but what Jason does he does not only do out of revenge, there is some sort of morality inside him even if twisted.

Jason would lead this pokémon to symbolise the mother was the first killer in the series, as soon as the pokémon would go down it would trigger a deep rage inside him which would allow him to use his other pokémon better. Again Jason does not talk so his way of using pokémon would require some set up. Mega evolution could be activated without using actual words. This would allow the mini roo to be attacked to incite the mother’s rage , if that one goes down Jason and his pokémon could wreak havoc on those the trainers that defeated his mother. This would be the proxy mother and reagent to his violence. The pokémon would be his trigger. It would set up the stage. Jason only battles on Friday the 13th and since he is a sucky battler, the mother would go down every time.. inspiring a new horror sequel where Jason goes on murdering trainers around camp Crystal lake. 

Legendary: Ho-Oh

This one was tricky, while most likely not used by Jason the phoenix has a lot in common with the man nonetheless. Jason , unlike Michael, Jason is canonically dead. Unlike Freddy he actually came back. Resurrection is a big theme for Jason so the phoenix as his legendary makes a lot of sense. There is another one that would fit the brief.. but that one fits in with ALL  of the horror villains so I want to avoid using it when I can. Next week though I will most likely not be able to get around using the other one. Ho-Oh’s hidden ability is regenerator .. which of course applies to Jason as well.. whom at least after part VI has been granted these powers. It was sort of retconned in so it feels a bit cheap but a power is a power. Of course we can safely say that Ho-Oh’s rainbow analogies have NOTHING to do with Jason.

So to make it fit in our little narrative we will write a fanfictiony event. When Pamela Voorhees was slain at Camp Crystal Lake, Ho-Oh was watching, being somewhat of a sap for sad stories it made one fatal mistakes it misunderstood and thought the current generation of camp counselors killed Jason, the mother was so passionate and Ho-Oh decided to revive Jason. Just like happened to the three dogs who became Suicune Raikou and Entei.. Jason came back changed, but inside him an unquenchable rage. Using his strength and  rage Jason somehow managed to capture Ho-Oh now functioning as his power source.. bringin him back over and over again. As each horror villian has a weakness.. taking the power of resurrection away from Jason could very well be the way to actually kill him for good. Jason can control the woods, has a soul stealing weapon on him.. and when he hunts you he is not hunting alone? So how do you stop him do you ask? Well that I’ll leave up to you little Watsons that I will leave up to you.

Question too my Readers:

How would YOU stop Jason?

Now that we have competed this case I think it is time for somes scones and tea.  Next time we will look at yet another classical horror villian very likely even one who Jason has already met! With that little hint I will leave you for now.

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again!