The Bigger Give-Away Contest! (Pinkie’s Anniversary Finale)


Hello Island Guests, welcome to the already last anniversary post of my blog’s Anniversary Week. Today I have one more gift to give to you all and this one is a bit bigger than the one we had last Thursday. Today I am giving away .. a modern game! With loads of extra‘s!

I wanted to do something back for the community that has offered me such a nice platform and this great home for the past year! So last Thursday I gave away the game that is responsible for be becoming a geek! Ducktales Remastered of course because! If you think that sounds awesome and you still want to participate! Yes you can!  Click here to visit that post! But wait with that.. don’t go away yet! Because today I have a give away as well! Today I am giving away a code for the complete version of “The Elders Scroll Online including the latest DLC Greymoor” .. that’s right an MMO with all of it’s updates there for you to play!

Why ESO? Well.. that’s a secret. What is no secret is my love for fantasy and I love the Elder Scroll games.  While not a diehard fan who mods the heck out of it I truly love the games in their original forms, I have spend many hours in Tamriel in it’s purest form.. with a single Teddy Bear Mod! I see how many of you like MMOs or heck even Isekai you can Isekai yourself into a free MMO! Woot Woot! Anniversary Week! No this is not a cheap ploy to increase my viewers, although I would not mind. No this is mostly a give-away for the people who have discovered my blog. So instead of sharing, following and doing that whole raffle thing.. I am going to make you compete! The best answer wins! We are all bloggers here..mostly we can be a bit creative right?!

Today I am giving away the COMPLETE edition of Elders Scroll Online! This includes every DLC so far including the latest amazing one! Greymoor! Travel to Skyrim in a way you have never before! Travel In style…because this code I am offering does not only offer all expansion it also offers a lot of little extras!

This includes 5 pre-order rewards such as:
– 2 Crown Experience Scrolls
– Western Skyrim Treasure Maps
– A Nightfall Preview Crown Crate
– The Jarls Vanity and Crown Items
– The Pre-order exclusive Sacrificial Pocket Mammoth Pet!

But that is not all it also comes with a bunch of exclusive Rewards such as:
– The Holdbreaker Warhorse Mount
– The Exlusive Death Crypt Warden Death Hound Mount
– A Exlusive Death Hound Pet
– The Orb of Magnus
– A Skyrim Emote Pack
– The Exclusive Swordthane Outfit Style

Then of course there is the actual game which includes:
-The Elders Scroll Online Base Game
-The Morrowind Chapter Collectors Edition
-The Summerset Isle Chapter Collectors Edition
-The Elseweyr Chapter Collectors Edition
And of course the newest expansion Greymoore! Collects Edition (which includes those things I mentioned before)

I reserve the right to be wrong on the content but I think this pretty much should be everything you get! The code can be redeemed on the official ESO website so does not require Steam. It does however require 125GB of Free-Disk Space. Which prevents me for playing this myself for now! But I am working on that! Because I really want to join!

Well that is easy!
Firstly do follow this blog please! Also follow my twitter!  It will make it so much easier for me to contact you if you have won! For those who I can’t contact it will also help you keep track of when my post announcing the winners goes live! Only one person gets Elders Scroll Online and only one person gets Ducktales, though if you are the most creative.. or the only one participating you could win both! The best answers wins, regardless if they also win the other one! So everyone has a shot!

Secondly leave a like on this post! I know it doesn’t really help your chances , but I really  would appreciate it! I am really curious to how these posts will do!

Thirdly.. and this is the important part, so pay attention you have to help me!  Ever since November 3rd my tag line to this site has been “My Geeky Resort” ..but I would like something more Zippy ..something with a bit more a a kick! A bit of spunk or something totally Kawaii! Today I ask YOU .. what should Pinkie’s Paradise new Tagline be?!
Now whether we are going to use the other tagline or not we will see, I just wanted a contest question that is more interesting that.. “what character would you like to be in ESO’  this is my anniversary week so it is more flavoured towards that. The contest shall be measured on 4 criteria.
1>Is it a catchy tagline? Does it appeal to me?
2>Is It on brand for my blog
3>Will it look cute on my banner
4>Is it creative?

You can put your answer in the comments of if those are not available to you , you can react to the tweet showcasing this post! Only one entry per person! Earliest reply counts!

Think of a Batter Tagline and WIN!

Fourth: You have until  Saturday the 25th of July 2020 at 12:00 PM GMT +1 to react!  Reactions after that are always appreciated but never rewarded with a chance to win a game!   By participating you do allow me to use your submitted Tagline on my blog should I so choose!  Only IF you win I would use your tagline though and who knows I might favour a super creative tagline over a fitting one!  I am not sure! So take a gamble and come up with a tagline!

Fifth and Finally:  A winner shall be announced in my Pinkie’s Saturday Anime Adventure 13 post. Right at the end near the real life update!  If I haven’t managed to contact you before that feel free to use the website contact form, twitter or even discord to reach out to me to claim your price. By all means I SHOULD have reached out to you before that though but with my current health.. I might need a bit of a reminder.. or maybe I was unable to contact you myself!  Do not reach out to ask if you have won BEFORE Pinkie’s Saturday Anime Adventure 13 has been posted! People who ask if they have won (when I have not reached out to them) are disqualified. Just doing this to keep my mailbox clean and everyone’s chances fair!  If you do not respond within a week of me contacting you.. the price shall move on to a new home as well. So don’t dwaddle time is ticking! Help me with a Tagline and take a deep dive into Tamriel!

And with that I’d like you all to fire up your brains and come up with a creative tagline for my Paradise! Have fun in competing and be reminded of the good old days when you had some control on your chances of winning! Participating with everyone else is half of the fun!
Should no one participate, I shall re-do this give away in a share and like raffle but I will also be sad! Don’t make Pinkie sad! Participate in this game! Thank you for spending time on the blog during the Anniversary Special and thank you for the final time thank you for sticking with me this year! Onto many more years!



I Am ACTUALLY One Year Old Now! The Happy Birthday Give-Away (Anniversary Day 4)


Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to my blog! But still mostly to me! Island Guests! I have done it! I have existed for a year now! *cue stock sound effect of children cheering*  On the 16th of July 2019 Pinkie first spoke to you.. Pinkie was created as a character.. though she did have an earlier rendition that doesn’t count! Since It’s my birthday, even though not my actualy birthday I am going to take it easy today and instead let you do the hard work! But for the one who does best I have a reward that means a very great deal to me!

Today I am giving away a copy of Ducktales Remastered for Steam!…Well.. except that I am not.. today I launch the competition to win this esteemed gift! I will actually be giving it away when we decide a winner on Sunday the 26th. (Revealed in the real life update of my Anime Adventures posts). I was thinking on what to use as a give-away and I decided on the game that changed my childhood! My geeky origins! If I was Peter Parker.. this would be the spider that bit me. If I was the Hulk this would be my Gamma rays.. If I was Batman I would be giving away my parents killer… uhm.. thank Arceus I am me right? I know it isn’t prestigious and it isn’t new nor a very expensive gift for me to give , but this is one very personal to me and that felt much more fitting as a birthday gift. Of course Sunday.. I will be giving away a somewhat bigger gift as well. I do hope the game will go to a loving home! This game will be handed to you as a Steam Key! So we don’t have to get all personal if you do not like that kind of stuff!

This is not a give-away I do to gain extra members so it’s not like that.. share on twitter , share on Instagram and FaceBook to earn extra entries and all! No! Pinkie is old so that means she comes from a time where prices are won by solving puzzles, creating an amazing catch phrase or writing something funny! So guess what! I am asking you to put your brains to work! Same will apply for Sunday! Except that one might actually see an impact here!
Now before I put you guys to work let me assure you I will not stalk my prize winners or rig this so one of my friends gets the price….because my friends don’t read my blog! Well King Coconut is a friend but I still treat him like your equal! Also I already gifted this to him..partially by accident..but heck I miss good old creativity contests so I thought I’d host one.

Well l have been very local by love for the classic NES Ducktales!  Of course since I don’t have a slew of regional NES systems available to me so I can’t EXACTLY give you the game that forged me! I can give you the next best thing in the form of the  2013 Remastered version! Check the trailer here!

A great platformer with good controller support, voice acting from the original Ducktales Cast. A platforming adventure that takes you to many places in the world. Now including Duckburg and with a more exciting finale!  Help Scrooge McDuck , the richest duck in the world,  become even richer by hunting for 5 mystical treasures that includes CHEESE!
Jake Kaufman recomposed the  masterful tunes of the original into amazing works of art! I especially love his take on the Amazone theme. I normally share the Moon theme with you..but something tells me you might have heard it!  So here is the Amazone theme!

If your computer is old enough to survive today it should be able to run this game no problem! So there is a plus! If you like games like Shovel Knight or  Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.. this game is the facelifted grandmother of many of their mechanics!  Play as the best animal a world! The tame duck, and visit more exciting locations than you would in your average James Bond game. You’ll be able to finish this game in under three hours, but then there is still heaps to unlock dive into a pile of gold coins and unlockable artwork including that of the original series! Find out what has me so obsessed and participate! 

Step 0: Make sure you have Steam.. or you can’t play or even redeem this game! (The next one doesn’t require steam)

Step 1: Do subscribe to the blog and follow me on twitter if you can. This isn’t for me to gain numbers , though I would not mind of course, but so that I can contact you if you won! Either find your site, your twitter whatever I can do to notify you.

Step 2: Like this post! It will not do anything for your win chances but it will make me happy! It’s my birthday so I deserve to be happy! I see all those colourful little avatars down there who liked my posts as little gifts… speaking of gifts!!

Step 3: Wish me and my Blog a Happy Birthday and tell me what you would gift my blog’s anniversary! You can do  this either in the comments.or if you are unable to do so, respond to my tweet featuring this post! Note.. these should not be actual gift but fictional ones! So they don’t even need to be founded in reality! You can wish an wereduck disease upon me if you want or my very own baby dragon named Blip.. who rides a scooter!

I did not expect to find as much art for this as I did!

Your creation will be judged on 4 factors!
>Would this non existing gift actually make me happy? (Famine and a guy who does my taxes are bad answers)
>Is the gift creative and fun (A Unicorn or my favourite Pokémon coming to life are not very original answers)
>Is the Birthday wish itself creative? (Bonus points if you can make that orginal)
> A Secret Bonus factor (Because secrets are always exciting)
Real gift giving does NOT increase your chances! Not for this specific code anyway! You might coax me into giving you a copy as well if you are a billionare giving me a blank cheque.. I do not expect that to happen.. but just saying!

Step 4: Submit your Answer before the 23rd of July 2020! (Deadline is 22th of July 11:59 PM GMT+1) Only one submission per person, your earliest entry is the one that will count! No multi-account spamming either! If I find out or suspect that I’ll disqualify those submissions! Keep it fun and fair for everyone! Not that I’d think people would Multi-Account for Ducktales.. but at least this rule is in place for the next give-away!
The Anniversary Week Day 5 post will be a shopping list of gifts I’d give to myself and can be used as examples! Submissions before that post goes live can score bigger on originality though! So take a risk and get a chance to score big by answering early.. or get to know me better by reading the next post first, but start with a slightly lower modifier! The choice is yours! The game is on!

Step 5: I will contact the winner somewhere between the 23rd and the 26th of July! If I can’t contact you..because I have no means to do so your name will be announced in the post Pinkie’s Saturday Anime Adventure 13 .. right at the end! If you see your name use the contact form..or twitter to contact me! If people ask me if they have won before then they will be disqualified, it would give them an unfair advantage if they bring their answer to my attention and I really do not want to send mails to disappoint people when I do not need to!

Should no one participate in the competition I shall search for a good home for this price! But I’d be a bit sad! So if you know anyone who might like this game, make them aware of this contest. But don’t give yourself to much competition! Be smart!

And with that we are already done with today’s post!  Yay! So drop your Birthday wish and your gift idea in the comments or on twitter and win this beautiful and amazing platform game! Experience my first gaming memory, remade in HD and get to understand yours truly better.. and live out your fantasy to be the richest duck in the world!  Yay! Have fun guys and thanks for being with  me this year!