Random Talks Again! The Random Topic Generator Part 2

On Wednesdays we always talk a little about me, blogging or things related to online mental health! Since I am super happy right now, I feel like an airy look in my life and mind! What better way to do that.. than random! So I found a new random topic generator on the internet and asked myself some questions! For those willing to partake I used , this random topic generator.. now let’s get started.

Most of my real life friends live here! There is Bean who is my bestie and Bear who is her boyfriend! Those are the people I hang out with the most and go out for spontaneous drinks and nights out! Then there is also my Dragon Ball Pal and the guy living in the same building as me! He plays D&D with us so that is always fun! Having a group to play D&D with would actually thus be my favorite thing… but Bean and Bear do other fun things with me as well. Bean and I go out for lunches and sometimes meet our loud friends as well! Who do not D&D unless it stands for Drink & Drink some more!  This Thursdays my D&D friend and me will finally see each other in person again, at least some of us well! So I am happy about that! I missed them so much!

Disclaimer: Not my Actual Table! I wish I had awesome stuff like that!

Having said that though my city is a pretty terrible place, there is a lot of crime , including murder, drug trade and of course violence and whole lot of intolerance which does not really match with a Kawaii Pink Girl like me! So I am looking to move away to greener pastures. Not that the pastures aren’t green here, the chemical plant I look at when I watch out my windows leaks chemicals so often  that not only the pastures are green.. they are fluorescent too! Cows don’t just say moo they say Kaijmoo. Cowzilla! Of course I am kidding here…..about the cows and the grass only is slightly glow in the dark. The chemical plant does have a lot of leaks of fires though so .. to better places in the future!

My backyard

That really depends! Would I know my life span?! Say if I know I have at least 10 to 20 years left I’d say yes! If it’s a gamble and I can drop dead right here and right now then my answer would be no. I do not believe that the key to happiness is longevity I believe the key to happiness is doing what you want to do. Being rich or famous would open a lot of doors and allow me to do a lot of stuff I can not do otherwise! If I was rich  I would probably eat so much great food, drink amazing wines, travel to the weirdest places that my lifespan would be reduced by ten years already. So it does sound like a sweet deal, I just don’t want to be rich and not be able to use it. That is a sin in my opinion. Sure people can donate to a cause they’d think I like but I could have a lot of fun with a lot of money! One of my dreams is to visit the pokémon café in Tokyo and to visit Japan in general. With my current income that is never going to happen at least not if my health doesn’t improve, I do not see a short term way of getting out of that.  So if I was guaranteed some years of life left to spend the money and have fun.. I’d do it.

The mileage on this image is insane!

We always say that life is the greatest good, but life just like money isn’t all that amazing if nothing happens with it. I have seen my grandfather waste away in an old folks home his dementia claiming the last memories of us. Covid set him free, but if I can prevent even one year of that I’ll happily die a little bit earlier.  Health care staff is constantly given less time with you and less and less people are wanting to train for it as the management keeps cutting away at the budgets to make everything work by the time I get old enough to be taken care for, there will just be a pit of sand with some cloth to keep the worst of the sun away and we will tended by a hunchback named Igor.. whom they have cloned from Florence Nightingale’s DNA. Just making it human enough not to give it human rights and wages. So yeah I will trade Igor in!  I think I can live more in a year without limitations than in 50 with normal limits. I can experience joy until the day I die and even if it’s sooner I’ll die with a big wide smile on my face. Still I would not waste it! So if I can drop dead right here right now I’d not choose the option because I do not want to hurt people! However if people know I died with a huge smirk on my face I think that is solace enough to risk that!

Now this is a weird question… I like it!  Saying I take you Rachel while you are  taking Emily as your lawfully wedded wife is probably a stupid thing to do on your wedding. F.R.I.E.N.D.S was such a wise show like that! Yet I do not think  that is what this question is about. I think it means more like stuff like “we should see other people” or “You are not of my preferred sex when it comes to engaging in the physical act of love’.   Maybe something like “Sweety did you make sure to turn the oven off when we left”  when your partner has trouble with that sort of thing.  There is plenty of jokes to make here with obvious ones like “sweety that dress makes you look fat’  or “Well guys she is wearing white but I can assure you…she’s now pure..whassssuuup!’ I mean lets be honest here there is a lot you should not say at the wedding. “That gift your parents gave us is horrible” ,  “Did you see Stephanie caught be bouquet? Like that’s ever going to happen.. unless she marries Ronald Mc-D am I right?’ Honey “I slept with a bridesmaid”.. ..”Oh Me Too”. You are getting comedy gold here everyone!

But let’s assume real people are not cartoon characters  or roles of Sean William Scott or Katherine Heigl. Let’s assume we are all well spoken people with at least a semi functional brain. That would change everything. If there are things you can not say at your wedding then, you are marrying the wrong person. If your spouse to be or their family would ruin your day based on something you say, things are not  well in your family. If I am ever gonna get married I sure as heck do not want to say I do!  I also do not really want a wedding dress… well maybe a fake on that I can rip off for shock value to reveal a magical girl outfit underneath! I would stare at my partner and go take a pose! While I speech! “I am the pretty guardian of Love and Friendship in a Sailor Suit! Sailor Pinkie! In the name of Love I will marry you! I would like my partner to look shocked and then she’d take out a makeup mirror and yell Pretty Cure, Smile Charge! Ripping of her dress to reveal a magical girl outfit. Then we’d hold hands slide the ring on each others finger and yell ! Pink Thunder! Yellow Thunder! (or whatever her colour would be) Pretty Moon! Married To! And then each others name! Then a fake as a sort of fake beam effect it rains tiny plushies and ribbons, tossed by the bridesmaids onto the isle!  If someone expects me to be normal at my own wedding.. clearly they would not know me!

Oof thats a heavy one. Do I believe in God? The short answer is no, I do not believe in God, Allah, Yahweh , Lord Xenu, Eywa or the Flying Spaghetti monster. Even Todd Howard might be fake. On paper I am an atheist as I do not believe in a divine being. I think subconsciously a lot of people feel that way. If we look at sci-fi for example we often see that sci-fi writes dabbling in the concept of theology project other divine beings upon the galaxy. As if they should have another god. Yet god as a creator should be shared amongst the galaxy. As in.. in Star Trek they encounter “god” several times depending on times. A sentient being judging if I lived my life right is also a super depressing thought. I can only go to heaven or paradise if I put myself last? That’s not how things work! Who is a force to judge over my life while not having lived it? The fact that my live can be invalidated by a single opinion makes no sense to me.  Sure it’s an all knowing opinion yada yada yada except it’s not! I should live the way I want.. not an incorporeal flying buffalo head with a ginger wig and gag goggles or not a guy floating on a cloud going hmmm Soka!  If my friends have some awesome memories of me and will remember me with a smile.. I lived a good life! Because that is what I want to achieve!

The DnD eye guy and pink ninja woman are still there.. they would just cry which moots my point!

I however would not say I believe in nothing… no I believe in order and chaos. Balance, I’d almost call myself a Jedaii (a Force user before the Dark and Light side split). Things happen for a reason and that is not always quantifiable there is a bigger order, a bigger rulebook out there, it’s not a sentient rulebook and most certainly not a DM but it influences us all. Miracles like mothers finding strength beyond their limits to save their children the way everyone’s, the fact that all our upper and under arms have a 1.61803398875 difference ratio , the fact that bees are segregated in that exact same ratio, these are the proof to me that there is an order out there a force keeping everything together. Sometimes it gets a bit lost.. so it’s almost algorithmic like YouTube, a force that can adjust and a force that we can influence. Our thoughts , our postivity…our Karma as it were shape it bring some order in the chaos.. but it is mostly just a set of rules still. Beyond us to understand…again like the YouTube algorithm.

I believe that for me there is no god, but that balance can be controlled to an end. If you are happy and you exert it it’s more likely positive things happen to you. If you are in a negative mindset, bad things are more likely to happen to you. By believing you can do something without a doubt in your mind you can break your limits.. point and case the mother lifting a heavy object to save her baby again. Your belief must be absolute but this works for a god as well. If you believe in god..like believe without a shadow of a doubt god is real to you. If you believe god whispered you the right answer to the test.. then maybe you did. We can explain it with a chemical process in the brain trigger something or whatever ..but who cares. I hear my plushies talk to me.. it’s not something that can be measured but if they go Ganbatte, to cheer my on I still feel inspired.. that inspiration IS real. No matter if I deluded myself into doing it or I actually pick up sound waves from another realm, it doesn’t change the fact that I got inspired..by my plushies. Their motivating me is real. Much more than a concept of god for me ever could!

 Yet God is stronger because he is shared among so many people that it is even easier to pick something up! If your fate wavers others can help you steel your mind..strengthen those thoughts.. No one will tell me.. yes Pinkie your plushies really talk back. Our brains are super powerful, something can be so vividly imagined if we belief in it hard enough. Research shows that if we play a video game and get invested enough our brain treats it virtually the same as going on an actual adventure.. that makes that adventure real right? I think god would be the same .This to me also explains the existence of ghosts. A ghost is not a manifestation of a dead person but the memory of said person by a living person. They belief they remember and they think of them so much that it’s almost tangible to see.. like reading a really good book or an amazing description of food where you can basically taste it. So do I also believe people can see god! So I do believe in him? No .. but he is real… just not to me personally.

To me god is just.. that thing!

By the time I am writing this, which is about a week and a half-ish from when this is going to be posted, I learned the word portmanteau from Irina, I had no idea but it sounds pretty. I guess I have created a few in my blogging history as well. I also learned that this topic generator was less amazing as the one before! This one asked some really basic questions! The religion one I made a post off before but it is so long ago I could revisit it. I tried to find another but the next one and i am generated was “do you believe in the afterlife” and then “do you believe in ghosts”.. clearly the order ..or Karma wanted me to explain my answer on that question so I guess Karma must think I am right ..which makes little sense because then it would be sentient and my entire thing goes to waste but still.The biggest lesson I learned though  is that sometimes a small gesture is good enough to forgive a major thing. 

I saw my friend Lauren this week who has treated me a bit poorly in the past. She treated me a bit how Fumi gets treated by Yasuko in Sweet Blue Flower. She wants to be normal so bad that she kinda “prayed the gay away”  on herself. She stopped our relation because it would not be white picket fences and 1.5 children.After that she hooked up with a male friend of mine, a closet geek, better job also likes to keep up the pretense of being your average guy. I kept the friendship with her alive as I hoped she would one day realise there is more in the world than being mundane. She increasingly drifted towards adhering to the standard and constantly critisised me for finding my own way..usually behind my back though which I had to hear from others. I kept the friendship up though because I really cared for her However fairly recently we had a major fight. Another friend asked us if we could delay a meal for 15 minutes so they could join and she refused stating that “6 o clock is the normal time”  It’s the time she eats at home and if she eats 15 minutes later she’ll have to go to sleep 15 minutes late as well.. cause of her schedule.. normal people don’t eat at 6:15 they eat at 6 so, so should we. A friend who can’t even spare 15 minutes for a friend is not a good friend at all so I timed her out for a bit.. quite mad with everything festering up. 

Yet she came in here with a smile and a bar of chocolate she gifted me and she just said in the most sincere way that she really missed me.  Suddenly everything else did not matter.. and I had missed her as well. I almost hugged her! But Distancing rules so no hugging. Still I felt lighter as a cloud after that, sure we are drifting apart because I am becoming stronger in me being unique and she deeply beliefs she will be happy from being the perfectly average woman and if that makes her happy she should pursue it. I am not sure we can be friends forever, I might become something that holds her back in being as normal as she wants to be.. and I am not going to give up myself so she can be normal..because she would not do so for me either…and that is fine.  For now I know I have a friend, whom I love. The friendship isn’t as easy as others, it’s not perfect but it is something I missed and something I will enjoy sharing with her for as long as we are capable.  Grudges are stupid and as long as you gain something from a friendship and not from a grudge.. even the littlest hand reach can be enough to rekindle a bond. I’ll just hate the anime character instead!

Now that was long enough , I am hope you learned something new about me! Next time I will try to look for a bit more of a whimsical topic generator! Yet this was something on its own accord?!Anyway! I got some chocolate to eat! Sayonoodles! That is a portmanteau  of Sayonara and Toodles!

<In two weeks my Blog will turn 1 so on the Wednesday of my Blogs Birthday..and Pinkie’s Birthday in a sense..I will be holding a Q&A so feel free to leave me some Q&A Questions in the comments or poke me on twitter!> Sayonoodles once more!

Pinkie Watches Through the Grapevine: Kyousougiga

Frasier Crane told us “I am listening” which is a nice and relaxing message to hear. That someone is there to hear what is on your mind. Well since I would like you all to know I am reading.  I will most likely have seen less anime shows than most of you lovely ani-bloggers so I decided to let you inspire me! Like how other bloggers do their weekly shoutout post, I want to acknowledge you all as well. So I will watch (short)  anime series I heard from through the grapevine. Series whose name I have never heard before but someone gives an amazing review about. A while ago Irina Senpai recommandent Kyousougiga to me and that post really captured me.. I really wanted to see that show but did it live up to what Irina said?

Trough the looking Glass

Kyousougiga has 10 main episodes, but also feature an episode 0 , 5.5 and 10.5. That last episode basically is a summary of the story in which they explain what actually happened.This perfectly highlights how odd this world is. Explanation is offered for those who need it.. because they thought people might need it. Episode 5.5 explains some of the imagery, because it is based on actual Japanese temples and each window, at those temples tell a tale. That same tale is applicable in this series and tells a tale of the scenes as well. Seeing a scene with a dialogue between husband and wife (sort of )  where one is looking through the window that allows them to see into the future and the other sitting at a window that lets them only see a delusion telegraphs clues those with insider knowledge in how far apart this family already is from each other. Giving the story an even more inevitable turn. Yet at first you do not know.. you wonder what that weird conversation was about and only five episodes later , in the optional one, you suddenly begin to connect some dots.

Inuyama is such a good boy , the show explains that he is a dog!

Irina did not dare to describe the plot thinking she could not do it justice. She was completely true about that.. but to make my point on the series I shall try to explain it anyway. A black rabbit  with red eyes by the name of Koto drawn alive by the priest Myoue falls in love with the young priest and makes a wish upon a Bodhisattva to lend her a human body.
They start a family when the priest brings home a boy. Two siblings are drawn into life by the father as well. A Demoness named Yase and a super asian looking kid named Kurama. When their family gets threatened by a mysterious force the priest paints a world for his family to live in safely. A totally utopian world in which nothing stays damaged, and no one ever dies. All seems well, humans , monsters and cardboard blippy things all live in peace together. Ruled over by Lady Koto and Myoue Senior. Yet since Lady Koto only loaned her body she has to return it.. and her husband decides to go back wit her leaving their children behind to lead the world behind the looking glass.

Nothing like nice familyt walks trough the void between worlds.

This drives a wedge between the three siblings who all want their parents back for other reasons..but none of them are able to exit this new world to search for them.  For years they live in disharmony with each other.. when suddenly a girl with a huge hammer shows up. Her red eyes just like those of their parents, she even bears the name Koto and was following a black rabbit with red eyes?! Could this mysterious girl be the key to reunite the three siblings with their parents or will she drive them even further apart and destroy the family? If that plot seems weird to you already.. be prepared my island guest because we have only taken our first few steps into madness.

Those blinkies remind me of Kill la Kill

It works

Now I have very similar tastes in anime as Irina but I watch far less, she is more patient than I am and can watch a show with more focus. So I would say her recommendations have a 50% chance to land but if they land.. they really strike home. Kyousougiga struck gold for me. I absolutely love this show. So much that it is close to being a top-10’er for me. This series is the perfect chaos. In essence it’s about reconnecting with family, accepting changes and letting go of the past. It’s also about duty versus the heart. Will you do what you want to do, or will you do what you must? Neither is necessarily good. These are fairly heavy themes that mostly play inside the mind of characters. How do you translate this into an anime?

I love this style so much! Fangirling each time things go trippy

Kyousougiga decides to tell this tall trough reality shattering hammers, A Mecha Buddha called Bishamaru that is controlled with a PSP.. Uhm excuse me I mean PZP, rampaging tea sipping demons, a priest with an odd relationship with an 8 year old girl and stick figures whose coloured ball head is so heavy they all slump over. Oh and did I tell you that the giant Robot has his own TV show? Oh and the world sometimes expands when people tell they don’t need items anymore so it just floats off elsewhere. I would have never thought to tell a family drama like that.. but it works. This show has some strong things to tell about what love really is and how it should really works, It tells us something about what is a blessing to you.. could be a curse to others through rather extreme plot twists, and on the spot flipping moralities.. yet it works. This family is so twisted and out of whack and unbalanced in disfavor to the world.. yet that is what makes it work. The anime uses extremes to retell a tales as old as time in a very unique way.. yet that perfectly encapsulates what it means to be loved and what it means to be family. After all to most people, family is their entire world.

Aww don’t hurt it’s feelings! Just whack it with your hammer!

Exorbitant Sparseness

This show I would describe as a minimalistic plethora of stimuli. There isn’t a single scene where  there is “rest” during dialogue we see a world rebuilding effect.. or spinning ornate shapes. Each building has a crowd going about their daily business. Each screen is moving , changing colour or changing artstyle all the time. It’s almost as if we are watching an Escher painting. Yet there is a simplicity to it all. Civilians that have no dialogue or interesting action are depicted as brightly coloured “plastic” standee with some vectors on them as if you could “insert character here”  If they need more animation to their movement they become stick figures with heads to heavy for their bodies so they slump over.. representing people who are stuck in a rut. Except for some mafia like chronies that are as generic as Rita’s and Lord Zed’s Putties in Power rangers, we never really see people who are unimportant to the story. To be animated into this show you have to have an action or a line of dialogue. The rest is just “clutter” weirdly these plastic cut outs.. give you that exact same feeling as seeing normal faceless people walk.. but now they stand out a bit more.It’s an odd sensation where plenty of stuff is happening but rarely does an animation feel wasted.

All the beautiful people! Yes these coloured shapes are people!

The council of three room is another good example for this. While it seems filled with junk. .like spinning moons, twinkly stars and odd geometric shapes it is a perfect analogy for the family that recides in these chambers.  To the world they pretend to be a happy little family that rules in perfect harmony.. thus the room looks pretty as fudge! Yet it also feels cluttered.. there is always something happening.. something distracting. That is a match with how their actual communication goes. A lot is lost in translation.. each has their own agenda.  One of them thinks highly of himself and he is literally put on a higher pedestal. The one with the lowest self esteem gets a super tiny platform to represent him.. he also shows the least amount of effort. There are a few ways we can deal with loss.. deal with the painful memories with the past. Each sibling represents another way of dealing with it. Kurama the oldest brother.. who flies on a saké saucer by the way, tries to move on.. leave it all behind him in a cold manner. Never dealing with anything ..just moving on. Yasé the middle sister who is a size shifting demon girl that loves the colour pink.. collects monsters and loves nothing more than tea parties with her friends. (jeesz  I wonder who my favorite character is ) However Yase can not let go of the past.. she clings to it..all she wishes is for everything to go back the way it once was. Myoe Junior the youngest and most normal of the three wants to give up. His goal is to die..to relief himself of his burdens .. he just wants to quit. 

Throughout the show this stays extremely consistent. Myoue gets extremely depressed or bogged down by the little things. If he can’t get the one drink he wanted.. his second choice is disgusting. Nearly every setback we see Myoue have is met with self hate. Yase can’t deal with change, so misses her childhood plushie, she dislikes it when her world changes and her story arcs involve her losing control over the loss of a teacup that was her favorite.  Kurama is the most intelligent one and places himself above the other two… he moves on but can not see at all how his two siblings are in pain. The tree are incompatible.. so the room is shrouded in darkness.. with clutter scattered throughout. It makes no sense it’s disjointed. Yet  everything is just simple shapes.. because it does not matter what it actually is.. it’s there to pass on a message so it’s just a shape.. in a colour.. that’s enough.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The real Chousougiga is a drawing made inspired by the real priest Myoue in which we can see animals like frogs, bunnies and monkeys interact with one another. Having fun with each other. Despite being different.  They dance together and sing together and in the real Chousougiga lies a big part of the intention of Kyousougiga. Love transcends everything, it transcends species, it transcends logic, it overcomes pain it is stronger than Duty. In this weird dysfunctional family no one is the same race. Like not a member of this family shares a species with another. Yase and Kurama are both drawings but one a demon and one a buddha. No one is the same species after that. Koto is not the same race as Lady Koto, Myoe might have his father’s DNA but is not the same type of being is his father Myoe. Inari is but a rose called by another name yet non in the family share his race. Yet there is true love among all these fantastical creatures. Yase  loves her monsters, Kurama cares about his things and Myoe has love for several people who are not like him either. To depict how far this goes and how much imagery is to this show.. each sibling has more or less their own little graphic style. Myoe moves through a town with faceless people , but has very fluid animations. Kurama employs a team that does have a generic face.. but their animation is very wooden and almost stop motion like. Yase’s beloved are her monsters who are much simpler drawings with a much more childish design and art style to reflect her more childish nature.

Through all the episodes of this show I was mesmerised by the hotchpotch of style and tone. From shouting Shounen like boys to a more dramatic tone. The show manages to get away with balancing joke moments and light hearted comedy with dark scenes like suicide attempts  trough chapter cards that show between scenes. Each episode is build around one character and we balance between their past and present to explain their behaviour in the present through memories of the past. A simple transition that prepares us for a shift in tone. Because each episode is balanced between past and present .. things never become to much. The over the top present is balanced out with the more somber past, both in visuals as well as i narative.  It keeps the show digestible while also highlighting the importance of the past. Yet it also shows how the past is perceived differently by people. What Kurama sees as a great step to seeing their mother again, might be one of Yase’s saddest memories. What Myoe senior remembers as a beautiful moment, Myoe junior might see as a burden.. a curse that was place upon him. We need the big picture to understand them and the show doesn’t shy away from letting us see all the angles. I feel like I got to know all these characters, even the minor ones because everyone with a face is given attention. Everyone has a role in their world. Like the artwork the show is based on each element has its place in the story or it’s not there. 

(Yase is Childish and deludes herself with the past.. so her style reflects that)

From talks filled with exposure (plot explanation)  that show how long they last by it simply being characters walking from right to left on the screen as if a loading bar, to the way a rosary curls up like a strand of DNA to symbolise a deeper meaning of exchanging an item.. to explain what the magic really does. This anime is super well crafted, very imaginative and it had a very powerful message. It shows us the strength and extend of love.. but also the smokescreen we can put up with it. How we can delude ourselves with it or how it clashes with what is right for everyone.  It has an amazing story to tell..yet it is also one we all really know by heart.. Love conquers all..or so we think. Love is all or nothing situation we have to keep fighting for. We have to accept the feelings of others important to us because we may not always see eye to eye. Love can change over time but to keep that love alive sometimes we have to accept change. Sometimes we move further away from each other, sometimes we have to share the ones we love with people we do not like. Yet by clinging to the past .. we only end up ending loving something that is no longer there.This show paints a beautiful surreal picture, like the original Chousougiga did so many years ago. While it changed and got way more extreme over time the message is still the same.

(Such a weird little family.. but one that gave me a beatuiful show!)

Love has the ability  transcend every boundary we set for ourselves. It is something we all want and need. Yet if we do it wrong.. it can destroy us as well. I love this show in all it’s weirdness. It clearly is not for everyone, but for those who think a family themed surreal roller coaster ride that is filled to the brim with Japanese lore and Alice in Wonderland vibes sound like a sweet idea this is definatly your anime.

Kyousougiga was a blast from beginning to end and thats why I rate this anime:

So what Other anime must I watch?

I will keep checking everyone’s blogs to find out about the anime you really like . Finding a common ground or discussion point always makes for great conversation, so if you want me to talk about a show you think I will like! Write a comment, tweet me a bloglink or write me! Love is best when it’s shared!

Love you all



Arceus: The Pokémon God

Greetings young trainers, Professor Pinkie  here , after a two week Hiatus I am finally back to teach you a bit about pokémon again. Today we will talk about religion in the pokémon world.. and the single deity everyone in this world worships. The Alpha and the Omega of the Pokémon world Lord Arceus. 

The Omnipotent

Good day dear sir/madam/person do you have a minute to talk about our lord and saviour Arceus?  There really is a lot to talk about. Introduced in the fourth generation of Pokémon as a mythical Pokémon. At first it seemed like a bit of a generic pokémon that tied in heavily with the so called creation trio. The creation trio were the Pokémon Palkia , representing space, Dialga representing time and Giratina representing chaos or antimatter. These represented pokemon Pearl, Diamond and Platinum respectively. Yet we found out there was a pokémon above them Arceus, the creator of Sinnoh. In retrospect it became clear that people .. rightfully so were worshipping this pokémon. Yet it wasn’t that strange to find out that a Pokémon was responsible for the creation. Yet on a closer look, this had a much larger impact than people initially had thought.  In subsequent games it was revealed that people in Johto also worshipped Arceus and in ancient times Arceus also created the island of Ransei.

Ransei was a region shaped entirely like Arceus itself and housed 17 kingdoms of samurai warlords including the great Nobunaga. If Arceus was worshipped throughout the world and it could even create islands in it’s own image.. perhaps he was more than JUST the creator of Sinnoh It does make sense that the being that created time and space created everything. The theme of being all-powerful is quite interwoven with Arceus from the get go. Arceus depending on how it’s depicted either is said to have every type (it’s depicted in it’s own movie as such)  being able to switch types (the anime) or being every possible type depending on a held item (the video games). An argument is easily made to disqualify the view of the games due to technical and balancing limitations. After all, Omni Type Arceus would have seven immunities and would only really be weak to rock type moves, which aren’t THAT present  in the battling scene. Most mythical pokémon are only released after a movie about them triggers an event or the event promotes the movie so it is a safe bet to take the movie’s depiction as their intended vision of the actual character. Reinforcing the belief of an almighty pokemon. The games , though bound by balance try to confirm this in their own way by giving Arceus the highest base stat total (let’s compare it to a dragon ball power level)  at 720. Respectively Mewtwo .. the runner up has only 680. Though the latter can overpower god with his mega evolution and moveset. Arceus is also the only pokémon that can learn the move Judgement. Now that seems like some divine intervention to me. In the anime it’s shown watching from above in dangerous situations when it needs to .. wielding several typings.. to intervene if it has to.. choosing an advantageous type. 


Now Giratina might be a pokémon that is older than Arceus itself but things get a little vague. Cynthia and a nameless hiker that can be found exploring Sinnoh on multiple occasions are our biggest source of exposition on our one true god. Pokémon at least answers the question what came first the chicken or the egg. Answer THE EGG.  At first the wonderful world of Pokémon was nothing but pure and primal Chaos… which may or may not be Giratina already existing, when suddenly an egg appeared in the midst of it. When the egg tumbled from the vortex it gave rise to the original one. Since Arceus here is referred as the original one it would seem like it is the first pokémon yet chaos already existed so it’s somewhat unclear.  To create Order.. from itself Arceus created two beings.. (though unnamed in this story they refer to Palkia and Dialga) as time began to flow and space began to expand (Palka represents space and Dialga is the pokemon of time).

(Palkia Giritina and Dialga)

Later Arceus created 3 living things.. that wished for it and so spirits came to be. These three living things would be identified as the lake guardians Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie.

Even though the story the hiker tells us ends there as it states that Arceus went to sleep after creating the Lake Trio iit is pretty commonly accepted, if not confirmed, that Arceus also created Mew (who created all non legendary pokémon) as well as other creation pokémon like Groudon and Kyogre and Rayquaza (who created land and water and air). Arceus is believed to have created all legendary (and mystical) pokémon or at least created the legendary every pokemon can be traced back to Arceus… with the exception of Ultra Beasts which are like the eldritch beings of the pokémon world. Cases can be made for Time, Space Chaos and Spirit creating the rest yet the limited typing of the 5 Arceus factually created makes people more inclined to think Arceus had a bigger hand in this. 

Theorycrafting is more Detective Pinkie’s thing.. so we will not delve to much further into who created what. I simply wished to highlight two fairly common streams of belief.  Now the mythos of Arceus seems very similar to the shinto religion. Arceus is said to have created everything at the location of the spear pillar. In Shinto religion there is a god named Amenominakanushi, whose name is much too to type again, was the first god that came into existence by itself. The name roughly translates to something like divine ancestral deity that is the originating heart of the universe. So yeah… I am nicknaming it First-First. So when First-First plopped into existence he created Izanagi and Izanami.. a brother and sister who ‘loved each very much’.  Aside from playing with her brothers spear..Izanami actually had another spear, which the two used to stir the chaotic sees to create the many islands of Japan though this required some more incest and pillar building for some reason. I guess it’s wincest after all. She ended up dying and becoming an evil deity after though ..so unsure. 

While there are definitely some similarities with Shinto religion arceus connection to theology goes a lot deeper. If the player in the fourth gen Pokémon games has an Arceus on their team the man reveals he is actually a philosophy major who is researching the creation story.  On several locations he gives you the type changing plate items as well as some insight to Arceus story. At one point he says “When that spirit came to be, there followed awareness about the world. Within the Newborn spirit, time and space were intertwined as one, People and Pokémon where but the same presence’ Unlike Shintoism Arceus seems to have a lot more in common with a monotheistic views. There are a lot of hints towards christianity and judaism in their lore and symbolism. For example the Judaistic principle of Kabbalah has a symbol known as the Kaphtziel. 

Some people of faith wore this symbol as a tribute to Cassiel, the angel of Saturn. Saturn the planet as you know is known by its rings. Arceus currently typing is depicted by it’s ring. Even more so followers of arceus carry their own symbol that looks A LOT like that symbol the Kabbalah used. Too much to be purely incidental. 

Yet this is not the only symbol that is used to identify Arceus with. There is also a circle inside a triangle that is seen in the Pillar.

 Cynthia has her visions on how these symbols symbolize Arceus and the creation trio.. as well as the roles the lake guardians play in the story, and of course she is not incorrect. The gear symbols refer to space and time.. which was later reestablished in the pokémon mystery dungeon games. Leaving the third one to be giratina represented by the triangular symbol.

Yet once more this symbol is eerily similar to a thing tied to yet another religion. Christianity! The symbol is a spot on match for the Shield of trinity. Depicting the holy trinity of father son and holy ghost with god sitting in the middle. Though it might be inverted it still is pretty  much spot on. I would be willing to believe it was a coincidence if but one religion shared some symbology, but three separate cases of religion? That seems a bit unlikely.. but you can judge for yourself. 

Alchemy and Philosophy.

Pokémon HEAVILY relies on a few alchemic concepts throughout their mythos and Arceus is no different. Let’s begin with kicking in a open door it’s golden ring. Arceus literally has the ability to turn his circle gold. Now.. Arceus ring..  is a circular shape with crosses on it. This has nothing to do with christianity but everything with alchemy. Ladies gentleman and other readers let me introduce you to the alchemical symbol for lead.

Pretty right, though it might not be directly linkable to Arceus ring.. their shape is kind of similar. Now before you crucify me for overreaching here.. because the symbol is not THAT similar.. Lead in alchemy is considered as the original metal.. the first into existence.. like Arceus. Still reaching for straws? Well remember that jewish symbol that looked a lot like Arceus religious symbol? The Kaphtziel.. that represents Saturn.. and guess what planet in alchemy is connected to lead in alchemy? That is right Saturn!

(I totallly wanna buy this )

Now I will come back to the links with Alchemy in a bit, but saturn returns once more in the mythos about our divine pokémon and to explain that we will have to delve into some greek philosophy first. Alchemy is part of what is called Western Esoteric Tradition a collective name for many doctrines which also include Astrology and Kabbalah for example. Like pokémon all come from Arceus every doctrine in the WET share roots in the Neoplatonic Philosophy works of Plotinus.  This philosopher described The One in his work as someone consisting of three aspects. The divine mind which was the impulse for creation, the physical reality in which matter and multiplicity exists and the Soul World or Anima Mundi which is quite complex but basically can be described as the force that actual makes things happen.

(Anima Mundi depiction)

Now returning to our dear hiker’s story.. the chaos was Arceus impulse to create the world. The creation of space can easily be tied to the physical reality, and though  the Anima Mundi is way more complex than anything in the pokémon world it is basically the engine that makes things happen.. much like time. Now when we remember the hikers words ‘When the new born spirit came to this world time and space were intertwined as one.  People and Pokémon where but the same presence. This does seem to be applicable to Arceus and Plotinus ideas. With the new born spirit resembling the principles of the divine mind very closely and the intertwined existence being a manifestation of both the anima munda as the physical reality.  Now this concept has been utilized in both Alchemy as well as the Kabbalah by their Tree of Life. A upside down tree.

(Seems like Thanos would like this tree as well)

Paracelsus (whose name sounds like a battery)  was a alchemist in medieval times who also used this tree. The roots on the higher level represent gods coming into existence from nothing.. quite like Arceus. Then in the second phase , whose details I shall spare this tree begins to emanate a light that is slowly moving down the tree.. the life energy leaking into the material realm. Granting it souls.. to make it go round.. making things move as it were.The lower level is just plainly the physical level. But Paracelsus described a plain of existence that as it were is a border between the physical reality and the astral plane. A level of the astral plane that was so dense it can basically manifest in the Malkuth.. or the physical plane. He called this form of existence ARCHEUS. Now Arceus is a pokémon.. it materially exists..sort off not always.. it can cross between those layers. So the intangible pokémon only exists to us.. when it’s in the ‘Acheus’. Now.. since battery-bloke was an alchemist things seem to come together quite nicely yet earlier I told you that before returning to alchemy teachings I still had to tell about a link with saturn right?  Well.. the Archeus in a fair few translations or subsidiary works is referred to as the path of Saturn. With so many references to Arceus ring.. we could deduce and hypothesise that the pokémon we know as the god is not goat or quilin like animal in the middle at all. Arceus the Pokémon.. might very well be the ring.. and that what we know was it’s true body might just be how it can manifest in the Archeus. For those who do not know, this is a Quilin vairant. Usualy more dragon like this one came closest to our god.

Now I  could go on and talk about the Azoth of Philosophers, the alchemic alphabet and their link to Unown script or the teachings about alchemical shapes, the principles of the lake guardians and Arceus impact on the human spirit and link that to Plotinus and other beliefs but let’s save that for another time, as it would involve a plethora of other pokémon I would need to explain as well, to fully finish Arceus tale. I would rather close off with some rather convincing proof that Arceus is indeed tied to alchemy.  In Pokémon Heartgold and Soulsilver you can also encounter the Alpha Pokémon. This time you find him on YET another symbol since linked to it.. this one is vastly more complex.

Many people use this one to figure out which pokémon created which in the pokémon universe. Plopping in Pokémon at all the little dots. Though I have seen many convincing variations of this idea there is something else this picture very much resembles. Those who ever watched fullmetal alchemist might already have an idea what I am talking about. Arceus new symbol looks very close to a transmutation circle.. an insanely complex one but a alchemy circle nonetheless.

Now what not a lot of people know is that the outer circle is required for ritual but the shapes inside  tell you how complex the transmutation is.  The triangle is the simplest form and provides mind matter and energy… space replacing matter, time replacing energy and the determination to end chaos replacing mind in arceus case.  The triangle is outside the circle though symbolising they are infinite power Arceus has.. basically being its own philosopher’s stone, the interior patterns consists fully out of circles so iit is my belief that what we say in Pokémon HG/SS is Arceus transmutation circle for all existence The only circle fit for a god. Oh and Shiny Arceus is gold as well.. if you need more links!

So you see my eager little knowledge students, no matter what religion you follow, from christianity to judaism . From astrology believers too pseudo scientists, much like in the games there seems to be a type of Arceus for you. Explaining a god feels really good after this professor was forced to be absent for two weeks. Would you like to hear more about pokémon connected to alchemy?  Do you have suggestions for my next post? Do you want to pat me on the hat for all this research i’ve done? Let me know in the comments and remember!

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