Top 5: Favorite Ghost Type Pokemon

Hello little subjects it is a fine day to be a princess/ I wish you could have experienced the same, but to let you bask in my radiance, it is time for another top five. Since it is the month of halloween, i figured it would be nice to do some spooky lists as well. So today I will list out my top five ghost pokémon for you.  Each Pokémon is allowed as long as their first or secondary typing is ghost. Only one pokémon per evolutionary line and for the future if a pokémon appears on this typing list as my favorite it will not feature on the favorite list of it’s secondary typing because that would get boring. Finally no fakemon or unreleased pokémon. So Polteageist .. unfortunately for you, you can’t make this list.

Ghost Type Number 5: Mismagius

This pokémon is known as the magical pokémon and it is nice to start this list of with a witch-like thing. Not only is it one of my all time favorites it fits the brief for this topic so well. It’s design is steller I can’t say anything bad about it, I just love it’s colouring, it’s little hat and the elegance to it’s design.  It really has this spectral quality that a lot of ghost types lack. If this list was purely on design this one might even have been on the top of the leaderboard save for one entry on this list. Yet even outside it’s design it has soooo many good things about it. Even now I feel like the number five spot is to low for it.. that’s much how I love it.  It is funny because I do not particularly am keen on Misdreavus. It’s cute but it never feels as much more than a “female” gastly. Mismagius just feels so much more connected and as its own thing. Like most ghost types most if it’s pokedex entries are misery and woe. It’s cries sound like it is chanting a spell. These chants are said to have the power to torment people with migraines and  hallucinations. However there is some cuteness in it’s lore as well. Because sometimes these chants can also create positive effects. Most notably it’s chants can make people fall in love. It means people actively seek it out at times. As I am almost a spinster and just lack a bunch of cats to complete that transformation , I think having a ghost pokémon that can bless people with love is kind of neat. It fits the witch theme again, oftenly they are bad but there can be some good ones too.  The last one I used I named Glynda, but it never gave me shoes. 

On a more technical level Mismagius has some more then solids stats allowing to to be a great speedy special sweeper and even a good special wall (defender) in the pokémon games.   It can hit like a truck.. but also take a truck to the face… well it can hit like Kamehameha and take one to the face would be more accurate. Having access to a lot of ghost, fairy and psychic moves gives it some great coverage as well plus it movesets is very in line with it’s theming which is always nice to see as well. It evolves from Misdreavus when a dusk-stone is applied to it, the item is not always THAT easy to get but this is definitely worth it. It’s cry is quite spooky.. sort off .. at least it has that ghostly quality too it.  The only thing I do like less about it is that it is a mono-ghost type. It could have real easily gotten either a psychic of fairy typing as well to convey that sense of magic it has, now it lacks STAB in it’s main offensive moves aside from ghost which is why it ended up in spot number five. While the additional typings would have potentially increased it weakness to dark, that type is predominantly physical anyway so it would take my little witch down anyway so I would have preferred it if it was just that tad more offensive. 

Ghost Type Number 4: Marshadow

Definitely the cutest ghost on this list is the fighting-ghost type Marshadow. It is so adorable to look at. You just want to hug it and never let go. Made of spooky grey shadows this little fellow lurks in hiding. It’s hair can flare up green when it enters it’s “zenith” mode which isn’t actually a mechanical thing it is just the name of his hair changing colour when it attacks.. most notable seen when it uses its gorgeous custom Z move, Soul Stealing Seven Star Strike. It is just such a cutie making it’s little punches like that.  It’s lore obviously is tied to shadows. Based on this name it’s hard to expect anything else. Marshadow has the ability to hide in your shadow where it mimics your or a pokémon’s movement until it learns it and eventually even becomes stronger than the pokémon it mimics. A little boxing shadows of sorts. The fact that they made it one of the few physical ghost types out there just reflects this so well. 

It’s fighting and ghost typing gives it coverage over so many typings it is hard to believe how strong this little fellow is. It is super effective against, dark, ghost, psychic, rock, ice ánd steel types.  This also means it is super effective against two of it’s four weaknesses giving it great weakness coverage as well, and that is just it’s Same Type Attack Bonus movepool. It’s general learnset includes coverage against ALL it’s weaknesses. Given how fast this little shadow is that is quite frightening. Marshadow even becomes borderline broken when we start to look at his signature attack. Spectral Thief,  is an attack that steals all your enemies buffs (like it removes them from your opponent) adds to its own (so all multiplier effects become Marshadows) BEFORE damage calculation. This means that Attack boostin is extremely dangerous and even kinda stupid against this little monster. It really is the strongest ghost type out there with a shot of being one of the strongest pokémon out there due to this attack. Of course since it has the mythical status it is near impossible to obtain unless you hack it in your game or get it through an even. This is what keeps it back on this list, I can’t have one!  Luckily it is playable on Pokémon Showdown and each time I get it in Random Battles I can’t help but to grin from ear to ear, which is not very princessy.

Ghost Type Number 3:  Chandelure

This one isn’t receiving much love in Pokémon community, it isn’t THAT good in battle because it dies so easily, it’s best moves require a bit of set up to make it work.. and it won’t live that set up, it has a LOT of weaknesses.  All true! Chandelure is weak to ghost, dark, ground, rock and water moves. Which means virtually anything in the online battling scene, except for maybe a Mega Venusaur or a a Klefki and other hazard setters. It doesn’t learn any moves by leveling up so you have to make sure you teach it all it’s moves on previous evolutions.  It’s move pool is fairly weak having only access to fire ghost and grass moves in terms of offence. This is not a great pokémon by any standards when it comes to battling. At least not in the mainline games. It actually is my favorite pokémon in Pokken Tournament, and even there it is deemed not very good because it is to slow and all. It was my favorite pokémon though during my first playthrough of pokémon Black, you like the ones you carry on your journey more because a bond forms. This shows the beauty of the game. Of course as the one that is factually right I just saw through these rough edges to see the true beauty beyond.

I adore this design, it’s one of the most beautiful pokémon ever. There is a trend to hate pokémon based on objects.. but  those people are wrong. If you want to see animals fight go to mexico or something. I like the diversity and sometimes objects work wonders for me to bring a sense of magic to the world. A ghostly chandelier that evolves from a simple candle is something I really like as a concept as well, especially when we consider it is basically a will o’wisp.   It’s cute as a candle and scary as chandelier it just works really well for me. Litwick is great, lampent is a nice in between and Chandelure is a great final evolution. There is a journey of kinds.. a literal evolution as it grows more ominous. I can actually imagine seeing a chandelier floating in front of you with its big yellow eyes being quite menacing. It’s shiny with normal orange flames might even be creepier.. it feels more hot and dangerous. It’s Gijinka is something I REALLY want to cosplay one day. I can’t put a hand on it why this is this pleasing to the eye for me but it is the atmosphere colour-use and the amount of contrast in this pokémon. It just hits the nail on the head.  The pokédex lore saying that it will burn away your spirit leaving behind an empty body just gives it that extra level of creepiness which makes this one of the actual ghost type pokémon I could see myself actually being afraid off.

Ghost Type Number 2: Mimikyu

I doubt this one is a surprise. I talked to Mimikyu a lot before and it’s lore makes it an easy pokémon to care for. It has gotten songs , it featured heavily into the anime it has some amazing lore and a sense of mystery to it.  Mimikyu again is one of the few physical attacking ghost types out there but is a lot more widely available then Marshadow, but not as powerful by far. It does has his own custom Z-move like Marshadow though so that is a thing.For more info about this Pokémon I will happily refer you to earlier post which you can find here. I talk about all the aspects of a pokémon I talk about here so it feels weird to redo it. So read all about it here.

Of course the Pokémon that actually wears a costume should be on this halloween list. It only lacks the move Trick-Or-Treat to be the ultimate halloween pokémon. Of course there is Pumpkaboo which is cute.. but that is the only thing that one has going for it. Mimikyu is a solid to use as a pokémon, features a nice cute but somewhat creepy design as well. It has this unnerving quality while also invoking empathy and this duality seems to fit the pokémon greatly. Something you can easily bond with and that will be more than just a soldier on your team.

Ghost Type Number 1: Gengar

Do you know that moment when you feel a chill down your spine for no apparent reason, that means  a gengar is close. A sudden temperature drop while the moon is out, that is most likely a Gengar. It pretends to be a shadow, or sometimes merges with a shadow to cast curses on those who travel through the mountains. Gengar unlike most other pokémon doesn’t go in for the kill quickly they, they like to toy with their victims and revel in their victims fears. Like most ghost pokémon they  feed on the life force of random living targets. Gengar is called the Shadow Pokémon, but in a way conceptually he is much more the “fear” pokemon. It encompasses so much fears. That shiver down your spine, eyes staring at you from the dark, evil shadows, and malicious laughter. All those types of spooks gengar is accountable for. In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon it is even told that it can invade your house and lurk in the shadows your furniture and there are rumors and tales about Gengar visiting naughty children at night. Thus gengar is quite literally the Boogeyman , the monster under your bed and is very much related to primal fear. Gengar is a pokémon who knows it was once human (even if the theories say it’s a clefairy that got consumed by shadows) and because it wants traveling companions it keeps killing other humans in the hope one of them will become a Gengar for it to travel with. So this means Gengar is a serial killer, who kills without remorse, to fill its own agenda, at least when not caught. This is a universally scary concept, and regardless of how brave you are or how faint of heart , you will know one of the basic fears Gengar represents. It’s design also appeals to those primal fears with that insane smile and those deep red eyes, it’s warping body. 

Mega-Gengar was banned from the competitive battling format because it was to powerful, and even regular gengar is no slouch when it comes to dealing a massive amount of damage. Mega Gengar has a special attack stat off 170, which is STRONGEr than regular Mewtwo and it also gains the ability Shadow Tag, which means it’s targets can no longer escape from battle.With a base stat in speed of 130 it is fast as well. It being a ghost and poison type means it has same type attack bonus on moves like Shadow Ball Sludge Bomb and Venoshock (which  with the proper set up can be a killer) but Gengar also learns the most powerful Fairy-type and Dark type Special Attacks. It can use electric moves with ease and even the strongest fighting special move Focus Blast is in it’s learnset. This means Gengar can wreak havoc on any Pokémon it encounters, and you’ll never know what it’s set actually is. You can never truly prepare for it, you can bring something faster.. but perhaps they equip it with a choice scarf, you can try to use your ace against it to one-shot it but perhaps it brings destiny bond. In battle gengar is an enigma but a puzzle you have to solve or it will certainly mean doom for you and your team. A ghost type that is THIS scary on and off the battlefield certainly deserves the top spot.

Question to my Readers:

What is you favorite ghost type Pokémon?

So these are the five factually best ghosts, because I Princess Pinkie have ordained so.  On this day let it be known we finally have our objective answer. I know people on the internet can be mean and say that I should die for having this opinion, but if you wish me to death.. I will become a ghost and will come haunt you! And I am a ghost you definitely do not want.

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Pokémon Horror Story: Doll

Since it is the month of halloween, we will put Star Wars on hold for just a bit and dedicate our story of the week to something a bit more fitting. For all all fridays up and until November 1st, I will attempt to write a short Pokémon Horror story. Now this isn’t THAT hard to do so there is a twist. These stories all will revolve around actual Pokédex entries. Meaning I am only making a pokémon as scary as The Pokémon Company makes them. They feature actual pokémon behaviour and origin as stated per the pokedex. 

Chapter 1: Growing pains

Tyler was super excited ,even though it was raining outside. The next day the now ten year old ,grass coloured haired, boy would get his starter Pokémon and he would finally become a Pokémon Trainer.  He would be the greatest master of them all. Earlier that day he had cleaned out all his toys, he was a big boy now. He all stored it neatly into a box, just in case he ever wants to play with them again or donate them to a fan. the really bad ones he threw  away, he would not want his future fans to get trash He was ready to finally grow up , he would not need toys when he had pokémon! Suddenly a knock on the door threw him out of his headspace. His father entered the room holding a raggedy doll with a zipper in its mouth. ‘Hey son, I saw you threw this one know it used to be your mother’s favorite plushie right?’ Tyler sighed and stomped the floor. ‘I am to old for plushies dad, mom isn’t around to see it anyway.. Look it’s all worn and swe cant even sell it or donate it or anything. It’s worthless. Besides I do not need a doll to remind mom?! I always got her in my heart’ Tyler would smile to his dad as he presses his hands on his heart. It had been a rough two years for them since Tyler’s mother had passed during their vacation. Tyler shook his head trying to shake the horrible memory of seeing her dead like that. ‘I know you are all grown up son, but sometimes it’s nice to keep something like a physical memory , a memento they call it’. Tyler sighed and took the doll back. “Fiiiine” He put the doll on his desk and hugged his father. ‘Now go to bed, you don’t want to oversleep and be stuck with an overrated mascotte pokémon tomorrow now would you? ‘ Tyler smiled and said ‘I will just pack my notes and then head straight to bed. ‘I love you son, see you tomorrow’ The two said their goodbyes for the night as Tyler went to his desk to pick up the notes. He cursed as he saw the rained up doll released some water which had made his notes runny. ‘Thats it’ Tyler said annoyed as he opened the window ‘I told dad you were nothing but trash’ Tyler threw out the doll as it landed in a filthy puddle.  Satisfied Tyler would head to bed… tomorrow he would finally grow up.

Chapter 2: Rat attack

The next day it was drizzeling yet again. Tyler rushed out of the house. He had said his goodbyes to his dad, which clearly left the father distraught, but every boy had to go through this one day. So Tyler just rushed out to make it easier for the both of them. He would soon choose Charmander that one was the coolest! He smiled happily as a sound suddenly made him turn around.. it sounded like a footstep in a puddle very close by. As he turned around no one was there. A muddy puddle seemed to be have been disrupted recently though, it must have been a pidgey. Tyler kicked the empty puddle and laughed. ‘That’s for s startling me’  He then began to run to the professor. For some reason Tyler could not help but feeling watched though. It made him somewhat nervous and he began to run even faster. Eventually he reached the laboratory of professor Stump where he would finally get his new friend. After a lot of boring administrative stuff and a talk with a forgetale professor he finally was handed his charmander. ‘Charmander show me what you can do use flamethrower!’ Tyler said. Professor Stump who was a bronzed old man with a powerful jaw and a long beard chuckled. ‘Charmander isn’t ready to learn those kind of moves yet .. right now he can only use Scratch and Leer, you will have to train him up to learn some other moves’ Tyler nodded , it didn’t matter, he just wanted to start his journey. He thanked the professor and wanted to rush out when suddenly he heard a scream. ‘What was that?!’  He ran towards the source of the ruckus, his charmander at the ready, only to find out it was professor’s Stump’s wife. She was standing on a chair swatting at a Rattata with a brooms. “Eeeeeek it’s a rat’. Tyler and the professor laughed at the antics. ‘Why don’t you try to battle it Tyler it will help you train that pokémon of yours’. After a short battle of scratches and tackles, the young boy and his fireless fire lizard were victorious over the rat. Feeling good Tyler left the professor’s home just to hear a rumble of thunder in the distance. He grinned, a famous trainer he took inspiration from also left on the day of a thunderstorm, this was a good omen and so he set his first steps towards greatness..or so he thought.

Chapter 3:  Red Eyes

The rain and thunder did not seem to bother Tyler. He wanted to reach the neighbouring city tonight so he could call his dad and make him proud. He used to visit Peachburg with his mother when he was young. They would go to the petting zoo where he could pet the Miltank and the Deerling of farmer Tom. He might visit that park while he was there , just for old time sake. ‘Tyler!’  The boy turned his head around to the side of the road where he heard his name but nothing was there. He could have sworn he heard a voice.. something familiar, not very clear, almost like a whisper. He couldn’t really recall where he heard the voice though. He looked again but nothing was there. Another rumble of thunder in the distance urged him to continue walking. About twenty minutes later he passed by a thin wooded area, a small forest, on tyler’s left side. For some reason it felt .. bad to him, it was not a good place. ‘Tyler!’  He heard the voice again, this time he thought he recognised the voice, but could not make a clear connection. It sounded like his mother… yet not really… very twisted more high pitched. As if she was doing a voice, but he could not remember where it was from. It came from the woods, when he stared at the direction he thought he saw two red eyes. Though it could not have been more than a meter high. ‘Tyler’ the voice called out was definitely coming from the woods while clearly it sounded a lot like his mother, like a forgotten memory calling to him. He looked at the woods and remembered how his mother looked like when he foundher on that island, on their vacation. Her spine twisted… her eyes empty.  He never would hear her voice again.. yet hear it was…but it felt bad … devious….evil…. ‘Tyler!’ the voice again called out to him as the red eyes began to move towards him. Panicked Tyler began to run, his backpack snagged a tree but he was so scared he decided to leave it behind as he ran! He sprinted as fast as he could, whatever was speaking in his mother’s voice, that was not her. Whatever it was he knew it was chasing him. He slipped on the the dirt road he was walking, muddied by all the rain. His knee hit a rock as a sharp pain shot through Tyler. As he crawled up .. he felt as if evil was crawling up his back.. he began to run again, knowing the beast hunting him was drawing closer . What was even scarier was whatever it was… it made no footsteps at all. It was only when he reached the outskirts of Peachburg that he dared to look back.  There wasn’t anything there. Yet he was pretty sure he wasn’t imagining things. He then rushed into town as dusk began to set in.

Chapter 4: Curses

Tyler was swearing as he was walking around. His map was in his backpack, so now he did not know where the pokémon center was. He had roamed around for a while but could not find it. He could probably find that petting zoo though. He could ask farmer Tom for directions. Farmer Tom once told him about his starter pokémon. Nuggets the torchic. He might be able to give Tyler some tips to learn some fire moves, maybe even have a TM  for him. With reinvigorated spirit Tyler began to move through the town heading towards the petting zoo. By now it began to properly get dark, but he knew a shortcut. His mother used to park his car around where he was now. They could cut a long walk trough an alleyway. Since it was still raining , that would also keep him a bit out of the rain and save him about 10 minutes of walking a blessing with his painful knee. When he entered the relatively dry path he began to notice how soaked he had gotten. His knee began to sting even more now the adrenaline began to wear off. He would have to look at that once he got inside somewhere. His attention was drawn by a garbage can falling over. He got startled., as he saw a Galarian Zigzagoon search the metal bin for some food. He chuckled a bit in relief as he turned his gaze back forward.  His breath seized.. right in front of him was a pair of red eyes. He could now also make out what those eyes belonged to as a memory began to flash in front of Tyler’s eyes. 

Suddenly he realised why that voice sounded like his mother so much, he recollected the memory he could not drag out earlier. The voice…belonged to that doll he threw out yesterday, at least the voice his mother would give it when they played together when he was small. He would have his Teddiursa doll and his mother would have her weird doll. Tyler really liked playing with them together when he was young. Then one day his mother got a job and could not be around as much. As a gift she gave Tyler her doll so he could play his favorite game by himself. A gift of abandonment, just like his mother left him. Suddenly he lost his fear as a deep anger of unprocessed grief took over and he shouted to the doll. ‘You stupid doll.. I want Mom back… not you! I miss her… you can never fill that void NEVER, I keep her in my heart..not in whatever you are with that zipper mouth! Mom gave you to me because she wanted to leave.. i never liked you’ The doll looked at him.. hovering a bit higher now as it’s zipper mouth twisted upwards into a grin… dark energy began to gather around it chasing its shape.  It’s once grey and patched body now turned into a mixture of dark cloth floating around it’s head. the two horns formed together into one big tip. The eyes stared at him as the closed zipper mouth turned into a cruel malicious smile. ‘You.. are a pokémon’ Tyler realised as he got out his charmander. ‘Charmander… attack it with scratch’ Tyler yelled. The starter pokémon did it’s utmost but all the scratches seemed to pass trough the spectral opponent. As Tyler lost his pokédex he could not consult it..but he knew whatever this was must be a ghost type pokémon. Maybe he could catch it. As he grabbed his pokéball he saw the doll take out a long iron nail. Tyler moved his arm backwards ready to throw the pokéball as the doll slammed the nail through his own body making a nauseating sound.

Tyler cursed Arceus as he wanted to move the pokéball towards the pokémon, he realised he could not. His body was frozen, his body was cursed. As the doll came in closer and closer fear got a hold of Tyler again. He wanted to speak, he wanted to apologise.. but his body was made numb by the curse. Even if he could run, he knew with his knee and the heavy clothes he would not be fast enough to outrun this pokemon in front of him. He tried to fight to curse, tried to break free but each moment the doll pokemon came closer Tyler was even more crippled by his own fear. Charmander was trying to scratch the pokémon in vain as it did nothing.  The doll now hovered in front front of Tyler’s face’s zipper mouth smiling deviously it’s red eyes piercing his soul. The doll took out another nail and placed it on Tylers forehead. Tyler knew he had to think of something right away or he would have to think of something. “Charmander use scratch on my leg’ he yelled., gathering all the bravery he could just to speak. Maybe that could make him fall over away from the nail or snap out of the curse. ‘Charmander scratch my throat’ .. Tyler’s voice sounded once again. Yet he did not say that. As Charmander clawed his legs he indeed fell down, realising that Tyler, in the past also gave his voice to he doll , he always used his own voice for it..imagining it was his mother’s twisted voice. Thus the doll could use Tyler’s voice as its own.   As Tyler hit floor, he felt charmanders claw rip open his throat. Bleeding in an alley he could not even speak anymore as he knew it was all over. The doll climbed on his body holding the nail again..placing it against Tyler’s forehead. Then it was all over. Tyler wasn’t afraid anymore, he did not miss his mother anymore and he no longer felt any pride that he was growing up. It was all gone.

Tyler’s father would have waited all night for Tyler’s phone call that he had arrived in Peachburg. It was only around the early afternoon of the next day that he got a phone call from officer Jenny.  She told him they had found his son’s body,leaving out that they found it ‘discarded.. face first in a dirty puddle.

This concludes the story of Banette,  the vengeful doll pokémon. The fact that they hunt those who discard them and conjure powerful curses by slamming nails trough their body are entirely ideas of the Pokémon company. So if you have a plushie you no longer want.. remember they have feelings too! Treat your plushies well and dont throw them out! Donate them to another family if you must… but never throw them out.. otherwise you might be the one Banette comes after next.

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Froslass : The Yuki Onna

Dear Nintendo, I know you you did it first and better, but basing pokémon on yokai makes me think about that imitation with the time telling and the orange cat. What should I feel? I really like this pokemon but I do not want people to think I am into that other series! I WATCHed it once.. but  I really like you so much more! I am devout to Nintendo, Game Freak and the Pokémon Company so please forgive me when I say. These creatures based on yokai are awesome! I only mean it for you! Also hey their are sort of monsters or spirits at least so it ties in nicely with Halloween.

A friend’s favorite

Welcome back my little aides to another installment of Professor Pinkie’s Pokédex. Today we shall discuss the Ice-Ghost type Pokemon Froslass. Froslass is the pokémon of my dear friend Angel. As a result I have come to identify her with such a pokémon. Both are very girly, and she is a northern european. Which means I’ll always imagine her living in a snowy area, quite frail as well I oftenly keep one my team to name it after her… and then I teach it destiny bond so I can sacrifice it to take down hard to kill pokemon. Of course I would not ever do this to Angel *shifty eyes*. Anyway.. Froslass is the evolution of Snorunt, who looks kind of like a shivering Dorito, it is actually a little black oval creature wearing a warm parka like triangle. These creatures are oftenly Jolly and happy folk who are very social and love to interact with other Snorunt and sometimes come to visit human homes to have fun as well.

By using a Dawn Stone on a female Snorunt you can evolve it to Froslass. A ‘slightly less’ sociable creature.  That’s right since when it evolves Snorunt changes from a pure Ice-Type to an Ice-Ghost type.. and everything with the ghost typing has to be twisted in some way! Yet more on that later. Froslass is a cute looking pokemon that is very reflective of its only possible gender. It looks elegant and feminine, yet portrays a coldness quite well. When you look at her you just know she isn’t just a sweetheart. There is a hint of danger around her. She wears a stunning white garb reminiscent of a kimono, tied together with a bright red obi (a belt for a kimono oftenly with an ornamental bow or pillow like at the back) The kimono moves over her head like a cowl only revealing some holes for the eyes, mouth forehead and horns, which are two stumpy ice crystals. Behind the holes in the cowl we see a deep purple body  and a cold yellow eye with frosty blue iris starting at us. Her hair is in the same colour bending behind her hat into the shape of the cowl. This is by far my favorite ice type design pokémon and I can see why Angel likes it.. but is it any good?

Dead ghost

The short answer is no, she isn’t very good. Basically every fully evolved ghost type has a higher base stat total than this one. With a base total of 480 she isnt that much behind the pack, but  having no bad stats means she also doesn’t have really excellent ones. There are better ghost when it comes to defense and there are better ghosts for offence as well. With only her speed being in the ‘good tier’ her special offence and physical offence are tied do mean she can swap roles to suit your needs though. Decent enough in everything to function  there is however little room for her in the metagame. There is one main boon to having a froslass on your team though. She has a great speed stat , outspeeding even most legendaries as well as many many other pokémon. This means unlike most ghost , who can be on the sluggish side she is a great swap in to quickly finish something already damaged off. After which you try to safely swap her out or you use Destiny Bond.  Destiny Bond is a move from the second generation of pokemon games. A pokémon that has cast the move upon another pokémon, will make that pokémon faint .. if that pokémon knocks out the caster, a revenge kill of sorts.

In an official match, should the last two pokémon go down together due to destiny bond, the trainer using the revenge move wins. This mechanic makes Froslass worth carrying because she can easily be sacrificed for a Pokémon you otherwise would be unable to take down.Unfortunately usually it means sending this pokémon to it’s death (or fainting at least). Othermoves you can run would be high attack power attacks of it’s typings, like Shadow Ball and Ice Beam.  Perhaps a boosting move like Calm Mind if they dont have something super effective out against you, but Destiny Bond is kind of a must have! A gimmicky pokémon whose theme seems her inspiration. This one likes revenge.

It’s not Ikea!

While it evolves out of female Snorunt and a Dawn Stone,  pokedex entries for this pokémon state that it once was a woman. A woman who was left alone all in the cold, usually  on a snowy mountain top or so. When she passed away she became a froslass. Her pokedex entry is kind of messed up. It’s first ever pokedex entry in Pokémon diamond stated that it’s breath has a temperature of -60 degrees Fahrenheit.. which would be around -51 in Celsius. It uses this breath to freeze it’s opponents. What we see as its body is actually just a hollow shell. So this ghost chose to animate a frozen shell , this shell is shaped into a cute little feminine entity to fulfill its greater desires.

What those desires are being made clear her pokedex entry from Pokemon Platinum.  This time the word opponent of foe has been replaced by prey! Slightly reducing her coldness to -58 degrees Fahrenheit. The term prey is used because it doesn’t just use it in battle anymore. She freezes her victims shit and relocates them.. collecting them in it’s den. Later Pokédex entries specify this a bit more clearly. It looks for both Pokémon AND humans to display, picking everyone they think would make a nice decoration. It preys on people hiking the mountain trails and collects the pokémon and people to make their home as stylish as possible. Now since we are dealing with anime and game logic there is several ways to freeze someone. Pokémon  can recover from being frozen and people are perfectly fine after defrosting. In case of Froslass not so much. Someone really thought the pokedex entry of Froslass wasn’t dark enough and in Pokémon Moon it was stated her favorite food is the souls of men. In pokémon Ultra Sun, they somewhat retconned what she collected and says she only chooses handsome man to be her victims, while the Ultra Moon pokédex entry has her going out in blizzards to collect people from their villages. I’d rather have furniture but that is just me. One thing is for sure, if she devours souls I doubt this is a freeze status you’ll just shrug off.

With skin as white as snow

The inspiration for this amazing pokémon dates back too as early as the Muromachi period of ancient japan. This period dated from the mid 1300’s up to the the mid 1500’s. (Around from 1336 to 1573) where the poet Sōgi made a reference of one. It is likely stories have even been told longer than that.  The Yuki-Onna has an abundant number of variations and forms. From and old lady in a white kimono, to a fully naked young lady. Young ladies with white Kimonos however their most described form. With their skin so unnaturally white it blends in with the snow and the white Kimono. Ravenlike hair.. which lets be honest is nothing special in Japan and blue lips.  We immediately see some design similarities between the general image of the Yuki-Onna and Froslass. Also the snow-lady’s origin story appears to be mostly considered the same. It is fairly common belief that the Yuki-Onna was once a woman who fell in the snow of the mountains. There the snow can be deep and trap you inside making sure you meet a frosty demise. Imagine quicksand but with snow. In the Aomori prefecture , which lies at the utmost northern part of Japan’s ‘main’ island  , we find the most commonly known story, know as the Shigama-Onna. This tells us about a Yuki Onna who is hugging a child on a snowy mountain, she would ask passerby’s to hug the child as well. In doing so the child would increase in weight.. each hug bringing it closer to sinking into the snow and death by freezing, dragging the unfortunatly soul who hugged it last with it into the afterlife. To refuse the ghostly lady would result in her throwing you off the mountainside. 

There are many others stories , most of them quite gruesome and yet somehow Game Freak has seem to have chosen a mix of the most gruesome stories. In the Iwate area it is believed that the Yuki-Onna uses her looks to steal the vitality of her victims, while in the Niigata prefecture specifically  mentions her freezing people to death with her breath. This same variation would feast on children’s livers and rip them out of their still living bodies. In other myths they tell how on nights of blizzards Yuki Onna would rattle the door and if you opened it would certainly spell doom for you or like in most myths your children. Yuki-Onna have also been described gathering many children and ‘putting them’ into a field. Which seems to be the inspiration for the collection part of the myth. However for some reason all mentions of children have not made it to the pokédex.  Now don’t get me wrong I do get why you can’t describe Froslass ripping the liver out of young trainers, that might be too scary and describing them as child killers might make players fear it, but Drifloon was said to drag children to the afterlife in the pokédex so it doesn’t feel completely consistent. 

Now we hope that in future generations Froslass gets an evolution to make her a bit more viable than a speedy sweeper and sacrificial pawn. In one myth a man took a Yuki-Onna in during the night of a blizzard and he treated her well. He most likely given her hot tea (which is a recurring theme in her myth that seems to end stories favorably) took care of her and shown her kindness. When the man woke up the next day he found out the woman had turned into gold.  It could be interesting to see Froslass shed her ice typing and become a steel-ghost type trough leveling up with friendship and it would grant a ghost type line a somewhat happier pokédex entry. I certainly would like to see it. I wish I could say the same for a Yuki-Onna in my life, even though I would treat her with kindness it would never work out between us… she likes children to much.

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