Analyzing Anime: Suspension of Disbelief

Why do we like anime so much? Why do we need it over western media? We can find a drama  about a dying daughter both in anime as well as in Hollywood, we have Superman  where they have Goku. Genre wise except for maybe the fan service we don’t differ that much, yet if I had to choose never Western movies or shows or Never anime again I’d bow out the first one. Why can’t I consume local  stuff? I try to find my answer. To find that answer I must first understand what separates anime from Western Media for me in the first place. Where are they different?

Today I will address something I noticed when I was watching a Spider-man Cartoon passing on tv. Anime and Cartoons to me have a different line on how far they can push me before they break the suspension of disbelief. For some reason I can take a lot more weird stuff from anime than I could in cartoons?! I am not sure if I am the only one but this to me is a thing.
Let’s take a look at Spider-man for example. Spider-man is written very differently compared to most anime characters. While either side is heroic in a weird way at least to me western heroes and villains are described by their flaws. Spider-man  might not be the greatest examples.. but we know him as Peter Parker the somewhat geeky school kid that loves Mary Jane Watson (or Gwen Stacy). Batman..well that is Bruce Wayne.. he has no actual super powers he is just really smart. Superman is Clark Kent, he can fly and shoot lasers out of their eyes and fly but they are also weak to kryptonite.  He loves Lois Lane and when we root for Superman to be alright and be well we hope he finds his romance with his partner.

Now let’s compare our superhero shows with anime. Put them up against Luffy, Naruto and Goku.  What do all of these have in common?! They have no Alter Ego. Luffy doesn’t suddenly become Hank Mugiwara .. a dusty old liberian bloke, nor does he become “Rubberman” No the human and the super part are interconnected. Why does this matter? Well because we are less confronted with their limitations, we do not see them as human’s persé but more as the heroes. Which means I can take a lot more from those weirdo’s as those humans.  Good Example, the choice Spider-man has to make in the Sam Rami movie when facing the Goblin.. save the cable car or save Mary Jane. He saves both. That feels cheap, the villian would know how fast he is .. he faced him before. Make Spidey at least a bit flawed he is not a god.Yet would it be Naruto of Luffy or Goku to save all of them by some shenanigans I’d be fine with it. First of all there is not as much a dilemma for them because they are less human that whole appeal of torn between two worlds is not a thing, secondly breaking limits is much more a part of that media, rather then where Western Heroes are more focused of achieving within your limits. So anime would make me frown less in confusion.

Of course this does not only take place in Shonen shows this takes place in just about every genre. Let’s make a bold move and compare romantic super natural shows,  such as The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Medium and even less supernatural stuff like Grey’s Anatomy with the more outrageous Japanese romance genre of Harem shows.. just to make a point. When Elena Gilbert has to doubt between picking Stefan or Damon you could add Katherine in the mix to complicated things and Caroline to basically give Stefan his Harem but because it is western media your limitations are within being human.If you dehumanise them and make them want to partner up for very vampirish reasons or own fictional ones, the romance doesn’t work. What the hell are they doing we would ask.  Buffy’s romance are Angel Riley and Spike with Xander trying to fit in. While two are vampires, one a super soldier and one a loveable goofball in the end you can not make them to different. Everyone has to  have the same goals of planning to settle down, treat Buffy right, give her some peace. No one will join that romantic pursuit because they just think the other is cute, or heck for a misunderstanding.  If Sookie Stackhouse suddenly would be in a prearranged marriage with a demon would all think the writers have gone insane. Still.. vampire shoes are kinda like our variants of Harem aren’t they?!

Now.. let’s turn Buffy into an anime. Let’s place Angel, Riley Spike and Xander all in the same timeline. Riley instead of a plain super soldier is this ridiculous pretty boy who believes Buffy is the perfect woman and that their genetic offspring would be the most beautiful thing of all, thinking it’s his duty to create this beauty he pursues miss Summers. Spike doesn’t just fall hopelessly in love with her no instead he initially  does fall in love with her like in the orginal but this time when he asks for a soul he accidentally gets that of Buffies former boyfriend who died during the vampire attack in LA. Angel just wants to use her to lose a ancient gypsy that turns him into a woman during daytime, which he can break during a moment of pure happiness, so he just wants to bed her, but he actually begins to fall in love with her. Xander still stands no chance.. some things never change. Now as an anime I’d immediately see this working.. yet as a cartoon or life action show it would not.. why? Because they are anime characters.. they are on some other sort of level with other laws.. we can accept so much more from them.

Never felt I like this .. broke my suspense of disbelief.. somehow

Now let’s delve into the territory of drama and turn Breaking Bad in both a cartoon and into an anime. Both have a much higher suspense of disbelief and just can push the reality out of the window.. for this experiment I would like to see where the suspense breaks for me when slowly adapting this to other forms of media. For this example I will use the Fly in the Lab episode , as it is pretty self contained. Both in Cartoons and anime you can turn the fly into something more menacing. In both cases it could lead to an experiment blowing in Walter’s face chatring it black or resulting in some comical effect. In both cases we can turn the fly into something more menacing.. like a spy droid for Gus.. he controls to mess with Walter to get his batch to fail to make sure he will die or something. However where cartoons can not change Walt and Jesse while anime can.  We can see Jesse put on a jetpack in a cartoon and chase the fly away.. him spying the fly with a magic eye  seems weird.  Walt can invent a device to swat it.. yet he should not be able to change too much himself . Him creating a type of meth that gives him super powers seem out of cartoons range.

In anime though you can push a lot further. Jesse saying ‘Yeah Byakugan Bitch’ before his eye turn all white and veiny I can actually imagine. Anime Walt throwing a  disc shaped object or attack with pinpoint accuracy at the fly could remind you off the Pizza power he displayed earlier so he just kept that in the back for his enemies. Holding back is a pacing thing that is much more common in anime as in western media. Testing out your opponent rarely happens in Western comics. In manga and anime it is a constant. Western Narrative is a lot more straightforward, what you see is what you get. Superman and Batman rarely train, nor does Spiderman.. on very rare occasions they get new tech but over all western media characters deal with what they have. In basically any anime you can add on old lady that kills a fly by throwing a chopstick. Even in the more serious ones or dramatic ones, Bloom Into You for example. If Yu was bothered by a fly while pondering what she should do I could totally see her kill it with some super human action. Like tossing a chopstick or a pocky with sniper accuracy. I’d not notice anything to off.. in a way anime caters more to how they are different.. we can relate to THEM rather than that they should relate to us.  They don’t have to be relatable we will find something relatable about them.

This section title asks a very good question?! Why would I think a show is better if it is less relatable.. or further away from us?  The answer is, it doesn’t feel wrong as often. For a Western show to be good, it has to colour strictly within the lines. We know that it is right because we can it is coloured in between the lines.. or in reality we can sense it. We can sense if Tony Stark or Bilbo Baggins are being stretched too thin. Give Bilbo a Power to turn green instead of invisible and I would ask.. what were they thinking. Let Kazuma from  Konosuba wake up green and I would go like… who cursed him now?! The difference.. with Konosuba I am still thinking within the show I am not taken out of the plot yet with LOTR I am thinking of writing. Another good example is that very first episode of Star Trek the Next Generation. Encounter at Farpoint , an interdimensional being plagues the ship. With trials, time travel shenanigans and weird space jellyfish.  I felt very conflicted about this setting.. how do they balance this out? Yet would it have been an anime i would have consumed it without a single question. Exact same scenario. Where I watched the Star Trek episode as an observer through a screen, I would have watched the anime in world.

I would not go as far to call anime the more immersive experience, but once anime has you sucked in.. it can stumble a lot more before it spits you back out. The medium has less limits and as such we believe the worlds despite some really odd choices.  It can hide mistakes. Not everything we see in anime happens as we see it. Take a magical girl transformation.. I do not know how it would like seeing it as a spectator but I know the world does not fade away. When Menacing appears in front of Jojo characters I know they are not really there but I know what they mean. Now imagine Dr Octopus talking to spider-man but to indicate he is lying we see red flags appearing all around him or danger sounds.. it would feel jarring.

Anime has more options at its disposal to convey a message be it through exaggeration, parallel imagery or even side jokes. It all keeps us in that world while with Batman we ask.. would he really be able to lift that.. in Comic 73 page 12 panel 5 he was unable to lift an item that would weigh about as much. In anime.. not so much.. we can nitpick sure.. but all in all we can accept a whole lot more which makes it much more pleasant to watch, nothing seems fake because trough 90% of the medium, anything can happen.

Apologies for the bad quality.. but this. gif served my point way to well not to use!.

A Theme Park Fit for Geeks: Pinkie visits The Efteling

Once upon a time there was this little pink blog that had a story to tell about a park that  is very close to her heart .Hello my sweet Island Guests, when writing this I have been away for the weekend.  After receiving some bad news in my family, I felt a bit down. My gay best friend took this to heart and treat me to a nice little weekend. One of the things he did for me was take me out to theme park The Efteling. A fairytale and local folklore theme park near Kaatsheuvel in the Netherlands. Why would I talk about this park? Well because I think it is one of the best theme parks you could visit as a geek.

Robot girls and talking Trash Cans

So what exactly is the Efteling? Well it all began in 1952 , when the town of Loon op Zand tried to attract tourists to the region to make them less dependant on their shoe industry income. What a horrible age 1952 must have been if shoes weren’t that popular that you needed to attract tourists! No pink pumps?! Anyway I will spare you the rest of the details.
The park started out a stroll around the forest where you can encounter certain fairytales, nowadays it’s one of the Netherlands biggest , popular and most technically impressive theme parks. What’s even more impressive  is that a lot of these still impressive animatronics stem from the 80’s and 90’s. Their animatronics are some of the best you have ever seen. Many put “It’s a small world to shame’. Not only can you still stroll through the forest to take a peek at your favorite fairy tales, like Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood or Hansel and Gretel, nowadays you can also visit one of the 5 (with the sixth reopening in spring this year) coasters, with many amazing dark rides, animatronic shows and classic rides stemming straight back from the 50’s. Like a steam powered carousel.  Most iconic though is the fairytale forest and the talking trash cans named Holle Bolle Gijs (roughly translating as Hungry Tubby Guy). These round rosy cheeked fellows are scattered throughout the park. If you feed them your trash they will suck it up like you just fed them something delicious and will thank you.

You are the Hero

‘Pinkie, that all sounds like stuff for little kids, why is it that fun for geeks?’ Well of course in general I have found that geeks oftenly enjoy the old fairy tales a lot longer than our “normal”  peers. So there is already the experience of seeing your favorite stories come to life right before your eyes, sure it might be catered to kids but there is just something magical about this theme park that resonates with my geek soul. The attention to detail, the way things are visually told to you. Regardless of language. You could visit the village of some people called the ‘laaf’ Laaf are a halfling like race, they are comparable to the hobbit. They live in somewhat hovel like homes and have their own customs and are little pranksters.  Already we can take a step within a little fantasy world. Even though the village of the Laaf isn’t as lively as it used to be, I would recommend paying it a visit if you are somewhat geeky. With just a bit of imagination , this is the Shire of the Netherlands. There’s also stuff to visit like the great Knights show. These aren’t just your standard knights. In brightly coloured armors and with an entire fantasy novel themed around them they can feel between a mix between Power Rangers, Fantasy and Knightly roleplay. Such a delight to see. 

What makes the efteling truly something special is in how many rides you a part of the story.  In the ride of Villa Volta for example we are a group of people (everyone riding is a participant) visiting a former bandit who swore his loyalty to satan. These bandits have existed in Dutch History and Folklore  and where known as the Bokkenrijders (Those who ride Goats) . Highwayman that were said to have demonic powers and who instead of horses rode Satan’s creature through the skies. In actuality they were all just regular highwaymen raiding churches but the goats sound cooler. History aside, in this ride you visit Hugo van den Loonsche Duynen.  A former bandit who desecrated a church and now is cursed with immortality .. but not just of any kind. Hugo can not find any kind of rest ever. Only if one with a pure heart enters his homestead and preys the curse away can Hugo finally find rest and redemption. As you sit in one of the pews, the room around you starts to spin, ever faster, up becomes down  forward becomes backward. But you are the one who has to help Hugo. In another ride you have to survive the legend of the flying Dutchman. In Joris and the Draak, a wooden coaster ride you and your band of fellow riders are a group of knights fighting a dragon, but there is also another group riding this coaster. Racing whoever finishes the coaster first is victorious. Still for a moment you are a group of knights! Racing in coasters is also incredibly fun and gives you the feeling of participating in some way shape or form. Symbolica , their newest darkride have you choose one of three routes through a fantasy castle. Through a context sensitive panel,   you can influence this ride, make this happen … or not happen, yet again you feel like a hero. A lot of the animatronics throughout the park as well as those trash can guys interact with you directly so somehow, more than in most theme parks you can feel like a hero! A sentiment I’d think many geeks would like.

Pixies and Sugar

The entire park has a very distinct old timey feeling throughout. There are hardly are modern buildings through the park. Most of it feels like you are travel through very medieval worlds. The origins of the park are also kept intact, giving you an insight in classic dutch culture. A little island holds a bit of a classic middle eastern village which is home of one of my favorite dark rides. The Fata Morgana. In this ride you travel on a little boat trough an arabian town, following the path of a powerful sorcerer.  Tigers, Camels and Crocodiles are alternate with seedy town filled with even shadier figures and even some mythical figures. My favorite dark ride however is a ride called the Droomvlucht (Dreamflight) we visit pixies and trolls as they dance around. We visit castles build on stars and other planets. We see a perfect world without strive. Pixies, trolls and whatever the green things are interacting together. Loving the animals of the forest. It’s a perfect little utopia there no one forgets to have fun. A really important lesson for us all to keep in mind. The Efteling also really caters to being super dutch, old/classic dutch to be exact. From the name and design of nearly all the stores and restaurants trough what you can find there, that old timey dutch feeling is woven throughout with just enough magic to surprise you every time. From classic stroopwafels to other famous dutch candies you can get it all here. There is something sweet for everyone. Maybe it’s a elf on a unicorn that does it for you, like me! Perhaps it’s one of the many dutch treats you want to try.

Princes and Princesses 

This theme park commits to everything it does, it does everything well. Being one  of the only theme parks in the entire Netherlands where you can get some solid food and have a meal that has character. You can spend an entire day here, and be completely content with the food on offer, as long as you are willing to pay theme park prices of course.  If you like shows there is quite a few for you two visit. From life action jousting to an animatronic ghost show, that despite being 32 years old still looks impressive. If you do not like rides this still a nice place to visit, despite the fairly high admission cost. The coasters are all their own unique thing and all feel like their own distinct thrill ride. A wooden coaster, a dark coaster, a classic coaster, a coaster with holograms water effects and more,  a hanging coaster with a a complete vertical drop 0/90 degrees.. I don’t know how to explain it so here is a capital /I …Like that! That’s a steep drop. The dark rides all vary a lot as well and add a great assortiment of mellow and swing rides to the mix and the Efteling is a theme park that is very suited for any kind of amusement park goer. That this park had to ban cosplaying already says something how popular it is among the geek community. (Mostly because of the large amount of disney characters showing up causing cues in inconvenient places and general saftey stuff) In this park you can walk trough a magical fantasy world, reminiscent of D&D, lord of the rings and those classic fairytales it is based on. It’s a park where you can be the hero or just stuff your face with sweets while sitting in little swan boats and old classic cars.
If you are a tourist in the Netherlands and geeky, this theme park is sure to please you. No matter if you want to be a hero or a lazy stroller, either way this park will offer you so much that you will feel like a prince or a princess. And as we know those always live happily ever after.

Review: Pokémon Heroes-Latias and Latios

*snif* Hey there little subjects *sniffle* it’s a Monday-Movie post again *snif*  and today we will be discussing the 5th pokémon movie. *Snif* This one is a fan favorite praised for the genuine feels *sob* and as you might be able to tell this movie hit me as well *sniffle*. Like always , I watched the original uncensored cut with English Dub and no shorts. Like in the fourth movie I will keep this post, relatively spoiler free. The movie was released in 2002 in Japan and got a limited 2003 western release.  While the movie was received very poorly with only a 16% score on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie is among the highest ranked movies by pokémon fans. Possibly even THE best on average.

How does it Look and Sound

Let’s begin on a positive note and say that viewing deeply captivated me…. for the most part.  Where this movie really is a let down is in terms of visuals and sound design. The animation quality is incredibly inconsistent with some amazing visuals , mostly in the second half of the movie up to extremely lackluster animation with shots lingering on people waving while not having a face. Like in the earlier movies there has been a lot of computer animation, this time it is mostly free roaming through the streets of Alto-Mare , the city where this movie is set. Unfortunately these roamings , while looking somewhat compelling have no “animation” to them, it is just a gliding camera. Which works for when Latias or Latios is gliding through the street, but not when Ash is running or ‘wakeboarding’.  The Macguffin of this movie the Alto-Mare-Defence-Device is animated nicely and feels like genuine ancient technology even though it looks a bit to CGI’s I still have to take into account this movie is 17 years old. I could say that drawing a face in the distance has become easier over time with technology as well, but there is no reason to linger on shots where you cant even animate a face. Pick your battles and all that stuff. The Pokémon themselves are animated very nicely, even those who looked a bit “off’ from their regular renditions worked because they were corrupted and the thick outline on their bodies may have twisted their dimensions a bit, it really helped convey a menacing aura. The bad , alas , outweighs the good animation at least in quantity, which actively made me think, why isn’t the rest of the movie animated like this, more than once.

Soundwise it is a bit of a mixed bag for me. The opening scene begins with an animation, something you expect to see in a Zelda game, with crude depictions of history. In the japanese version , movie antagonists Annie and Oakley narrate this scene. In the dub they remain silent. We find out they are breaking into a museum so I actually find the american version more clever. HOWEVER , the music isn’t even mixed up  , its very soft background music that is meant to be talked over, now I barely hear anything and the movie starts of with a colossal miss. Right after that Annie and Oakley have to flee from the museum and they use all sort of spy-gadgets to escape while very James Bond’esque music plays. This nails who Annie and Oakley are so dead on, even in terms of character. Great sound design. We see the theme of Pokémon Master Quest being used during the opening credits, which feels lazy but right after that we see a tense moment where Ash runs down the streets with a girl and it plays the ‘tense moment’ music from the anime series with just a SLIGHT rework in there and that feels great. For some reason they replaced Latios dubtrack with that of Latias and that is where things really start to get annoying. When Latios and Latias are in danger together a cacophony of shrill shrikes play about every three to four seconds, and this goes on for 15 minutes. It kinda sounds like this:

How does it Feel

Now this may sound overly negative but I actually think this movie is pretty good. For a 70 minute movie it is pretty well paced and while not every scene works out,  I think it at least nails it in terms of pokémon mythos..aside from the pokemon containing hula hoops and slime traps and all that stuff. I mean I do get why Team Rocket uses nets, but Latios and Latias aren’t owned pokémon so why not just use some variation of a pokéball. (Not the evil ball that is just to edgy and non sensical). You could imagine paralyse balls, or even forcefield balls that even if the pokémon manages to break out of the ball is still contained.. why does it have to be Hula hoops?! Other than that I have very little complaints on the general feeling of the movie, though I do think Lorenzo looks immensely weird and as if he doesnt belong in the pokémon world. He looks more like he is Mr Clean’s jolly , slightly drug abusing uncle. 

The movie really makes an effort so makes us get to know Latias and too lesser extend Latios.  Latias is a people pokémon who loves to play and scenes are crafted to convey these qualities, when things happen to her, good or bad , we can already tell what kind of emotion she would feel because we actually get to know her. Latios we get to know less, but this helps sell the events that are to come in the movie as well. He seems like the much more clear headed, intelligent one of the two, with Latias being the compassionate. We see and feel the synergy between them.  This movie has VERY little action, at least in the term of pokémon battling. We get people defending themselves from Pokémon rather than your mandatory straight up battles. These battles are always a means to an end and feel sensical. Annie and Oakley are solid villains, who through the dub now belong to Team Rocket but in the orginal are a force by themselves. Either way works, I believe their technology is the same as that of Team Rocket and it gives Jessie and James more reason to chase them than just ruining ice-cream.  The two females try to obtain the “Soul Dew” and use it to control the Defence Device and hand the power to Giovanni. Since Alto-Mare , is based on Italy and Venice, that just makes so much more sense. They aren’t just evil for evil’s sake, nor are they especially powerful. They are petty and want a prettier world tricking themselves into thinking they are style icons and even they learn a few lessons throughout the movie.

Latias is basically the main protagonist , even outclassing Ash, he just happens to catch the spotlight again, although this time for slightly different reasons. Which may or may not be morally wrong.  Brock and Misty are basically throw-away characters again, which is a shame because this would be Misty’s last outing with Ash in terms of movies at least. Team Rocket once more strictly provides comedy but they are used in a way less intrusive manner, and the running joke they had throughout the movie actually made me chuckle.. it felt almost clever, if you know how things normally proceed. Yet even this I will not spoil. 

How is the Plot

While it is a lot more straightforward than Spell of the Unown, which is currently the best Pokémon movie in terms of quality (even though I rated movie 1 higher..due to sentiment.. which is a thing in my rating system) I really enjoyed the story of this movie.  It lacks some finesse and polish and basically  is the whole “Pokémon gets captured, Ash has to go save it .. or else’  kind of thing, there still is a bit more too it. It has some themes and morals in it. It shows us how sometimes your desires, no matter how pure and well intended can have consequences, it also shows that , that same desire can corrupt if you do not take others into account. We learn that power and greed can get to our head, but also how being too carefree can lead us into trouble. The movie doesn’t follow the same fairy-tale story telling the tv series does where everything will be fine and dandy in the end. Mistakes are made which will lead to lasting consequences for many characters in the movie.

The plot flows fairly well with little weird leaps in motivations.  Everyone reacts like how they should react, down to little details that just fit. The first incident leads to an unexpected friendship, but that friendship leads nicely to into the next incident. There is a natural flow where things happen for a reason, even the final encounter which consists out of multiple layers has rhyme and reason to it. ‘There is some sort of ‘this isn’t even my final form’ shenanigans where a seemingly solved encounter escalates but that is because of some character arcs that are not completed yet. The incident makes sense and there is a purpose to it all. Cleverly Ash this time is almost disconnected from the plot, making it about the new pokémon giving them the room to actually tell their story without making him some sort of chosen one.  He gets involved but it is clearly something bigger than him the device and the ancient prophecy is not on his scale. He simply is there because of who he is as a person which catches Latias attention. It helps humble him a bit more and this time he really is humbled. At a certain point Pikachu , fights Latios but where he could normally hold of a legendary pokémon, this time they decide to do it right and make sure Ash and his pokémon feel outclassed. His tears don’t resurrect, he doesn’t become smarter than he actually is, he is just a guy that makes a friend and this friendship sets in motion bigger events.

After Spell of the Unown , this is the only movie which nail the motivations of their characters and that doesn’t hyperinflate their meaning. In the third Movie Ash had a real goal, in this one he is just Ash, not a chosen one for his incredible skill or stricken by some incredible twist of fate. Latias takes a liking too Ash for seeing his character and why it does seems somewhat unlikely on how they encounter each other, it still seems like a hell of a lot better than a Celebi randomly jumping a certain amount in time, arriving at exactly that spot where Ash would be in time. The location of Alto-Mare (or basicly venice) is used cleverly as well which amplifies this story. The Da vinci like machinery makes sense in the setting wherein it is placed giving it all some credibility and the soul of a legendary pokémon working as a powersource for such an incredible machine works , because we have seen before what power the spirit of a pokémon can have. So all in all this movie  weaves a web of things we have seen before, sure, but it manages to connect the treads with enough credibility to enjoy this ride. It results in a meaningful but emotional ending that plays on emotions we have, that have been carefully placed by the plot and scene layout. 

What is the Verdict

Pokémon Heroes- Latias and Latios is not my favorite pokémon movie, but  it takes a good second place, as long as we take of the nostalgia goggles and look at their stand alone experience. It is a cleverly written movie, that manages to play into the viewers feelings.  It then is also so smart to USE those feelings to lift this movie to another level. That being said, not every scene lands. GIven how useless Brock and Misty are, scenes with them in it become a bit throwaway, the animation really brings down a few decent scenes as well. Not being able to read emotions of faces or them even completely missing an impact because you cringe to hard behind your screen. The dub tracks for the legendaries is a hard on the ears. Regretfully the best animated scene is one of the scenes with Brock and Misty alone where they send their pokémon to help Ash. It puts a blemish on what could have been the most amazing pokémon movie and I can pardon these flaws. I can not love this unconditionally, yet it kept invested in a positive way. So I have to conclude that this movie is quite cool.

Question to my Readers:

What is your favorite Misty memory?

And so we have reviewed 5 out of 23 movies. We have reached the end of the Misty movies and now enter the era of May and ………. Max *hurling sounds*. So be a good little subject and tell me your favorite memory you have of Misty.  She was the first Tsundere I knew. What is your favorite pokémon movie? Time for me to go, I have a Latias to catch now!

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again.