Hopes and Dreams: Pinkie’s Paradise in 2020

That’s right my island guests. Pinkie is doing on of THESE posts. I’m such a rebel for doing this in the second week of the new year right?! I’m doing my own thing with the trend! You thought you had the last New Year Update post?! But it was I PINKIE! *Evil Pink Laughs* Anyway mina, this is a little update on what I hope to achieve in 2020 and how I plan to get there.

Pinkie hope  to develop her voice further.

The year 2019 was the birth year of my blog so of course I still needed to find my stylish direction a bit. In fact I completely revised the vision of my blog! I started out to blog just about Pokémon but that was taking away some of the magic. I had to look at every single bit of news, I had to look super deep into some mechanics, it took away that sense of wonder that comes with the pokémon world for me. That “have you heard that you can only get Appletun by giving Applin a Sweet Apple?’   gossip among friends. As a blogger I had to look into it all! I would never be able to be surprised anymore and that wasn’t worth it for me. I wanted there to be some pokémon magic still. So I rebranded to paradise which is much more about myself and my love for geek media. It’s a place about taking care of yourself and finding your own happiness. This week I found another part of my voice and it is love. I want this blog to be about love for our fandoms, to actually love the things that we love.

(Let’s fangirl again)

My eyes were opened,  how nowadays we look for things to hate in games and anime and movies rather than to love them. We look for reasons not to buy them and go out of our way to demonise companies and people making the things that we love. We meddle in their private life and romantic life and boycott them for a bad break-up or infidelity. We look at the tweets some guy’s ancestor made a billion years ago and blame a movie they made for it. I want this blog to be a place that DOESN’T do that. I want this place to be about love. Why do I love Star Wars?  What makes me want to live in that galaxy far far away? I am a fan after all. Sure they made a few misfires for me recently but that doesn’t have to be the focus of my fandom!
Let me tell you what I LOVE about anime, instead of focussing on how female unfriendly it is. It makes me happy despite that it may do that and I wish my blog to reflect this sentiment. On Paradise I do not want to believe in factual good or factual bad! Those are always opinions and even if a single person loves something that thing has a right to exist. So my blog will focus on happy things, positive emotions and try to brighten up your day! It’s about why I love! Maybe people can draw inspiration from it and love their fandoms again as well. Maybe people will unite in hating me for choosing what I like, without having others influence that love. Regardless, somewhere people will be happy! So I will succeed! Lovu Lovu power!

Pinkie dreams about strengthening the community and collaborations.

I hope that in 2020 I can be more sociable. I want to develop my own Blog-Tag,  blogger award thingy that will be fun for everyone to do. I want to get to know more people in the blogging community. I have a few ideas on how to to this. A very personal blog tag could be one of them. I am also thinking about interviewing other bloggers as a sort of feature on my website, but this is something that will not be happening for a while at least.  I would really love to do a collaboration with bloggers, that seems like fun. So if anyone reading is interested in that sort of thing check the about page on how to contact me! There is a contact page, but that e-mail just gets flooded with all the blog posts I am not sure how I can fix that because I am not very good with those sort of things. I would love to create a discord or something to just have fun with people. I would love for people to band together and be positive again!I  am all for accepting people and being open to everyone and including everyone regardless of skin-colour sexual preference or identity and despite someone’s disabilities or whatever. I am a proud member of OWLS and I will contribute to that cause. Yet I also feel we should be positive again. Let’s not focus as much on why Jojo’s is unfriendly to women or why you are scum if like Fallout 76. We spend so much time on these things that I would like to create a force of positivity. I am not sure how I will do it yet! But hey at least there is an ambition. I have a weird Idea on how I would style it though. Let’s fighting Love!

Pinkie hopes to create new cocktails

On to a bit lighter matter for a bit. I plan to bring you all some “new” types of content in 2020.  Back when I started I loved to bring my fictional stories. “What if’s “ set in the Pokémon Universe,Retelling of Fairy Tales but with Pokémon, I even took a crack at Star Wars. While the content never really performed well on my site I just love writing stories. So stories are coming back.  The Write Tai (A pun on the Mai tai cocktail) will feature my own little blobs of fiction. While What If’s still will be a part of these, I will mostly try to focus on original stories. These will be mostly set in a D&D esque fantasy setting, using creatures and species from those realms. While those my not be fully original, we see them in plenty of other media in nearly the same shape way or form. It will give me a blueprint to work of and give people something they can relate too. Plus I can promote the wonderful hobby of D&D that way. Best of all using existing fantasy races gives me art to use as visual tools to my story since I am still not an artist nor can I afford one. Other than that I am considering something like the little interviews or something else that is community related but that one I haven’t figured out yet.  The first story post should come out soon and features one of my favorite OC”s I have ever created. So look forward to that.

Pinkie dreams about growing her blog

Of course we also got to set a growth goal. The next one obviously will be 200 followers.  I do expect to stagnate in growth for a bit as I basically only get WordPress Subscribers and virtually no email subscribers so I am not very ambitious in those terms. I hope to reach about 200’ish subscribers around my blog’s first anniversary.  When writing that out it kind of seems overly ambitious but number wise so far it could pan out. I have No idea what normal growth is for a blog but of course I still do hope to grow. I may look into monetising my blog for a minimal amount . Like a paypal donation or that Kofi thing to cover some basic costs like the website itself. I have no idea on how to handle this yet so please stick by me when I dabble a bit with that. I will not be begging for anything, I think it just might be fun to see if it does anything.  So if weird buttons show up in weird places, don’t click them to fast. I am a layman in these things and aren’t even sure that I should be doing this, but I guess the only way to find out is to experiment. I also plan to expand my skill sets a bit so maybe I will make some minor videos to support the blog or make a post a bit more fun, in case I have the time available to me. Yet in all these expansion thingies I will need your help my dear little island guests. If you like a video I make for example please like the video on youtube as well as the post. If you have any tips for me to grow or how to do a bit of the monetising thing without it being obnoxious let me know and if you have a great idea  of content, do make suggestions! I simply seek to develop myself and have more fun and I am looking for the means to do so.

Pinkie hopes to have fun

The most important lesson however I learned in 2019 is, that I mostly blog for myself. It’s is me who wants that community . to chat and swap thoughts with similarly minded people. It is me who loves to write stories and act a little crazy and it’s me who wants to restore the positivity in my life. While I love you all for following me and interacting with me there is just one person I absolutely require to like everything on my blog! That person is Pinkie. Plus potential co-hosts but those are not on my wish list until 2022. I wouldn’t mind them earlier, so hey if you do not want to make your own blog but you do want to write, if you want a chibi avatar named after a colour like Violetta, Rose or Grey you are welcome. I got of topic again.. such a surprise. My blog is made for my amusement and it will be a central theme in 2020 as well. So don’t expect me to do strict schedules or clean objective reviews, I am gonna have fun with it. When I make a sandwich I am gonna make one I like and when I like it as well I don’t make it look fancy just because my instagram followers would like it more. Then again I do not have instagram so perhaps that IS the way to make a sandwich.

(I rather eat food than photograph it)

This is basically my anti ambitious goal. Should I not be able to promote love, should the entire hate on me because I say I still love pokémon after they found out that one of the sound designers  sisters had a dog which she let out in other people’s yard and he knew about that and never reported it, than I can still do other things under the motto of me wanting to have fun! Yay! I have no crystal ball I can not see the future. Mine ball was plastic it can only see the present..but it won’t break if i drop it. While I have plans and ambitions, never will I let it get away of what truly matters. The joy of the blogging itself. The fun of the community of hearing your amazing stories as well as making mine. I want this blog to be about love! But for that to happen I have to love my blog! Since the heart is fickle anything can happen! But who knows maybe we can all be love ninja’s together.

(Let’s Fight for Love again)
(I will also try to fix my website address)