Starting Up: SMILE-Force

The Internet can be a dark place! With battles about what is wrong with our fandoms constantly being fought. Constantly we end up looking what is currently wrong with the world, other people or even the stuff we love. This made me find my voice and try to make the internet a more positive place! Some of my recent posts have done very well in terms of response proving that people like me are out there who would love to see the Internet as a more positive place! And since I had magical girls on the brain.. I came up with…..SMILE-Force.

WIP Logo will get better still!

What is SMILE-Force

About six months ago I joined up with the Otaku Warriors of Liberty and Self-respect. The OWLS as they call themselves. An internet based gathering of people who promote equality across the fandom. A message I still very much can get behind. However I noticed I still was unfulfilled. There was a thing I craved for on the internet even more so than equality. That need was positivity. So I decided to start my own little group thingy all by lonesome! A brand people can pick up and drop as they please.  The SMILE-Force. A name based on magical girl tropes. Now you might wonder.. since SMILE is written in all caps? Does it mean anything? Well yes and no! No as in.. I settled on the name Smile-Force BEFORE making it an acronym. It is meant to force or a group that brings happiness to people but the name is also based on forcing a smile. Not giving in to all the negativity and trying to keep the mood in a room light and nice. Lately I have been telling you all to keep smiling so it felt like a great fit.

A loving heart always smiles!

SMILE stands for Super Merry Incredible Loving Entertainers. Which symbolises the people I want to join me in my fight for positivity. I am searching for people who LOVE games, anime, movies even beyond like lifestyle in general. No matter what you do or how you do it, as long as you do it with a positive angle and desire to make the internet a brighter place. It is an acronym for those incredible people who dare to stand up and say, despite negative reviews or negative community reception I like these people, this game, this anime or even this fandom. It’s for the the people who can look at a failed product and smile.. not thinking how they are going to bring the company that made it down.. but instead think of all the great things said company had given before. No matter if people are youtubers, bloggers, podcasters or even twitter and instagram accounts. It is a force that is inclusive without bias as long as we keep smiling! Current member count 1.. so I know for sure I at least try to keep smiling.

Unlock your own Henshin trough the power of smiles!

What does SMILE-Force do?

This little ,none official, thing of mine is currently seeking members to take up the moniker of a positivity emissaries.   I of course take up the Badge of Positive Pink! What do I do? I try to keep promoting positivity across the web and create an actual happy place. Now WordPress is already pretty positive but if we band together we would be able to achieve so much more.
So what will we ask of members… nothing really! It’s all optional.. because positivity should always come from the heart and not from duty! A blog tour of one.. is kind of lame.. and since I will pick up this fight no matter if people join me or not I have chosen a different approach from the OWLS themed months. At any time, any member wants they can make a SMILE post. Celebrating Positivity about something. It can always be anything as long as it’s  bright, happy and positive. Something you want other people to be positive about or even where you are defending that is bad in the popular opinion. As far as we, can we try to promote each others SMILE posts and just help each other out..without going through huge amounts of work. Each month I will check who made a SMILE post and put all SMILE posts together as I check out who are our “Sunshine Stars”.. the chosen warriors who fought for positivity that month. Later on some other members might do the round up post if they so desire. So .. all in all it’s much more of a way to get your regular content fitting our message shouted out.. as something you need to do work for.

Our Sunshine Stars are not commited at all! But they Smile when they sleep! So that is good enough!

 As soon as I get members there will be a twitter chat or discord chat because.. that is what you do these days!  Participation in these is usually pretty low but the channel will mostly be focussed on helping each other be inspired.  Together we look at stuff that gets a negative reception.. for example that whole lawsuit and unrest in the voice acting scene surrounding dragon ball z, the release of that warcraft fail or that baby collecting game not being very awesome. We discuss of someone is willing to counter that negativity by for example writing a post on how good the Dragon Ball Dub is or by highlighting Kojima’s great masterpieces.. or glancing back on our beloved first experiences with the warcraft games. Again.. nothing mandatory.. we  just seek to help each other find some content and create lovely positive pieces that still have some relevance. Good for the internet, good for you.. good for SMILE Force. If I get people to join a discord I shall also add some fun games.

Being A Sunshine Star is FUN! Just look at the smile on this guy!

How is SMILE-Force themed?

If you had not noticed yet by my terminology and the logo.. or me simply stating it earlier. SMILE-Force is magical girl themed. In a post talking about my hopes and dreams for 2020 I figured I would give it a Ninja theme.. based on south park’s Good Time with Weapons Episode. Yet I realised that this did not fit for a number of reasons. South Park is a show that mostly ridicules obsessions and holds shows us a mirror of what we have become. It is reflective in nature. SMILE-Force is not about that. It is simply about joy, regardless if it is politically correct, hated by the media or if you have an (un)healthy obsession with a particular anime or game. SMILE-Force is a reactive initiative if anything. Ninja’s furthermore tend not to be seen and that again is kind of against brand. SMILE-Force is about having your own opinion, (focussing on the positive ones of course) and showing your positive feelings towards the world despite the toxicity out there. So all in all, we got an idea that is very open and present. Very positive focussing on elements such as friendship, love and nostalgia yet it is also about fighting of negativity.. as such the Magical Girl/Boy  style came to mind.

What I see whenever I close my eyes!

The fictional backstory about SMILE-Force goes as follows.(Yes I made this up for fun) Almost each year on earth around the 12th of August a celestial event called the Perseids takes place. About each minute.. somewhere  a shooting star can be seen. Some of these meteors crash on earth only leaving behind a stone made of pure positivity. Keeping a warm tinted shine these stones are called the Sunshine Stones and they allow certain online entertainers with a big and warm heart to transform into Magical Warriors now as the Sunshine Stars. These Merry folks are drawn together to form a band of positivity unlike the world has ever seen. SMILE-Force. This group will soon be needed because from the depths of the wonderful internet the forces of negativity have risen again. Creating a world where one can no longer be happy and has to search fault in everything. Forming monsters on the internet.. influencers who make us want to destroy that which we love by changing the public in monsters that feast on negativity. These monsters and their spawn are called Nancies. It is up to smile force to fight the Nancy army and make the internet Smile once again. Because without smiles the magic of that place ..and thus the entire world.. will soon be lost.

Don’t become a Nancy! They are evil!

How can you join SMILE-Force? 

Do you want to dare yourself to be more positive at times, are you looking for a fun place to hang out and socialise with awesome people.. who are practically forced to think positively about you as well.. because of who we are?  Do you want to be unapologetically be positive about things..and blame it on me for putting you in my cult? Do you write lots of positive stuff and think.. sure I will display that logo thingy somewhere? Free shout out. Do you want people to smile more?! Well those are all good reasons to join! I do not have cookies, I do not pay..but I also do not ask a lot of you, just be positive once in a while and get a cool little shoutout. Will that change in the future? Probably not.. .  if anything I will add a “choose your commitment level” on top. Like how most Magical Girls can only transform once but some can use a fanny pack to grow wings and become even more powerful. No required amount of posts needed a year.. just be positive somewhere..sometime. Oh and display the logo somewhere that would be neat.

Again.. it is a work in progress! But for now it is this!

Signing up for Smile Force is as simple as sending me a Private Message throughout whatever way is most convenient for you. Because I want you to do it smiling!

So a private message on twitter can be send by visiting my wonderfully pink twitter 

Or send me an email at

Please note : Do Not use my contact form! Due to all the blogs I follow, some which post 12 posts per day … I simply can’t maintain that one I do not know how to reroute the contact form to another email address.  I am trying to fix this but I do not know how. So for now the message will be lost if you use the form.. so please use the methods I provided in this post! Or ask me in again in the comments.

This is how my WordPress registration email looks like!

Do I have any demands for you? Not really! I strongly prefer you are over 18 (not a requirement but I want to be able to have a normal mature talk with members). You should really have a positive voice on the internet, (Websites like Gloomy Drawings of me and my goth single mother… might not fit the brand)  and you just need to have an open mind.
Just becaue we love something doesn’t mean others have to. SMILE-Force knows and respects that. There will be true positivity no toxic positivity.  (So no “Shield Hero” is the greatest and everyone who disagrees should die” “positivity”) If you can do that there is nothing stopping you so sign up today and make the internet smile again!

Poké Wars: Blue Hope (Part 2)

Hello again little monsters it is time to go back to the world of Poké Wars, in the first part we saw two mechanical pokémon escape from Princess Rita’s ship the Vikavolt, after it was assaulted by Mewtwo’s evil forces led by Dark Blader. With the stolen plans for a secret weapon called the MAS STAR Rotom W kept talking about a secret mission but the magneton 3-people did not want to hear any of it so they separate ways. Only to get captured by mysterious creatures. As fate would have it a young Riolu named Rioluke Skypuncher is in need for some magnets and a washer right in that moment as he and his uncle Unowen travel to a Patrat Sandcrawler. To read up on that part of the story you can click here to go to part 1. If you need a brush up on who the characters were again check out part 0!

Chapter 4: For the last time

A Drowzee was approaching the large Bisharp standing in the conference room of the houndoom shaped Doom Cruiser. ‘Lord Blader, we have scoured every inch of the Vikavolt  and there are no traces of the stolen plans whatsoever’. The Drowzee gulps as he can sense the metallic man emitting a dark Aura. ‘Did anyone get away admiral’ Dark Blader says in the most cold of tones. ‘No my lord, one escape pod launched but we detected no life signs on board it seems like that woman made a mis………’  Before Drowzee can finish his sentence he grabs his throat as it seems to close up by an exterior force. ‘You have disappointed me for the last time admiral, clearly those plans must have been on that escape pod’. Using the move Throat Chop from a distance Dark Blder finishes of the poor drowzee who falls to the ground lifeless. He addresses the Hypno with the tar on his chin. ‘Smogon Tar Chin, you better do something about the failure of your subordinate or the next one who will fall shall be you’.   The hypno clenches his throat as he feels the aura dancing around it. ‘I will send the clone troopers right away Lord Blader.’

Meanwhile Rioluke and his uncle had arrived at the Patrat sandcrawler. It had been a bit of a hike with the speeder bike out of commision but it had given the pair a chance to have a good heart to heart. The Riolu’s unown uncle had told the boy he really could be replaced in just two good seasons. The two bonded a bit over how fast Rioluke had grown and how uncle Unowen would miss the boy he always had considered as his son. While the mood between the two was still a bit tense they both knew they loved each other. Now they had traveled far towards Outskirts Stand, which was in the middle of the Sea of Sand to not only fix their broken relationship but also Rioluke’s landspeeder but also replace Aunt Natu’s  washing machine. The Patrat were displaying various goods. Unowen immidiatly spotted a washing machine that looked great to him. Waking closer to expect it he was already negotiating the price. Patrat were unable to produce normal speech but with nods within a few moments Unowen had bought himself a new washing machine. Meanwhile the riolu was looking for a new suspension system but the only thing of the sorts was a shiny Magneton. ‘How much for the shiny?’ he asked. The Patrat showed 3 fingers. ‘Three hundred poké?’

The fighting type pokemon looked sad the price seemingly to steep for him when the magneton suddenly spoke. ‘I beg your pardon young man but we must say that 300 poké for us is quite a steal, we speak all pokémon languages, posses levivate and are schooled in both etiquette and diplomacy.’  Rioluke sighed. ‘I just need you to fix my Landspeeder’ to which the golden hued cluster of magnets replied. ‘I do possess the potential to let something magnet rise as well , so I can assure you I am well fit for the ask as well as many others. ‘It’s fine luke my son..’ the unown said. I will cover that for you.  The rioluke beckoned the magnet over as the Patrat came closer to strike the deal. While pushing the washing machine across the sand suddenly unownen noticed something. ‘Hey Patrat.. are you trying to trick us? This washing machine has a C for it’s energy label! What are you trying to pull of here?’ The patrats squeeled disgruntedly. ‘No i am not buying something that can cause even more heat on this planet.. so off with it .. I want an economic model.’  The letter O pokemon was bouncing up and down upset and angered. ‘Master now that I am in your services may I suggest purchasing that orange washing machine over there?’ It is possessed by an electric ghost so it will never consume power and will only run out if it faints.. a quick revive and it is good to go again. The washing machines traded places and Unowen was happy that this washing machine could actually levitate across the desert himself. On the way back the old sigil and the young dog had a conversation…for the last time. 

Chapter 5: Off on a secret mission

Early the next morning Rioluke was woken up by 3-people who sounded upset. I am so sorry master.. please do not scrap us… I told him I vouched for him and he could absolutely not do this ..but he kept going on about some secret mission! I really tried to stop him.’  Rioluke rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and asked ‘What are you talking about’ The trio of magnets in panic replied. ‘Rotom W of course master ,he took of on his mission about an hour ago’  Rioluke shot up in his bed. ‘No no no.. if my aunt doesn’t have her washing machine we can not wash the Miltank ‘s cuddle quilt! If they aren’t happy they wont give enough Blue Blue Milk and I am stuck here for another season. We gotta find him what else do you know’
The Rioluke quickly got up and began gathering some supplies. ‘Well master he kept going on about some man called Obi the Kadabra. He wants to go seek him as the princess ordered’  Rioluke turned around quickly ‘A princess?’The magneton nodded ‘Yes she was captured aboard the starship we were on.. she kept whispering stuff to the washing machine said she had something for him to hand to this Kadabra person.’  Rioluke replied while fetching a stick like weapon ‘Could this Kadabra have evolved into an Alakazam?’ The magnets bobbed in the air as if trying to give a shrug. ‘I do not know master , they do share the same evolutionary line so it would indeed be possible, however the criteria for an Alakzam are quite strict.’ His master however was barely listening and preparing his landspeeder. ‘Magneton use Magnet Rise to make my speeder fly again’ Rioluke would speed away from home to find the droid heading towards the territory where Alakazam was rumored to dwell , hoping he could find the washing machine before something bad happend to it. Luke new very well what dwelled in that area! Sandshrew People!

Rotom Wash was merrily bleeping as he was on his way to Kadabra’s last known location.  He would complete his secret mission and get a kiss from the beautiful princess for being a hero!  The washing machine looked around the cliff walls he was traversing remembering the first time he was captured.. that would not happen to him again. Listening closes he could hear the sounds of something what seemed like a donkey that mated with a seal in the distance far far away, no traps on top of the cliffs either. He was almost there.. just a twenty minute walk west.  Somewhere in the hills close to Phenac City and Pyrite Town. That was where he would earn his medal. The Seal-Donkey sounds came closer as Rotom W analysed that chances of his success. Anything living out here would mostly likely use ground type moves, he was immune to those, he should be safe. Suddenly he noticed some yelling though! ‘W it is us?! Rioluke and 3-people, please wait’. Rotom was unable to outspeed the landspeeder anyway so he decided to obey orders for now allowing our protagonist and the nervous little sidekick to catch up to him. ‘Why  did you run away little guy? Why didn’t you tell me about your mission’ Rioluke would look at the washing machine in a dissapointed manner. ‘That is right Master Rioluke was worried sick about you.. not me I do not care much i you die.. but he is our new master we should at least do our best… Master Rioluke , I am sure, has enough of your antics’ Rioluke turned around and said. ‘No I am going to help him! If the princess needs our help it must be worth our time’  Magneton ‘s eyes turned smug! ‘See , W , we are going back home exactly as I……whhhhaaaaat?’ The magnets looked at the fighting type baffled. ‘Oh come one 3-people it will be an adventure it will be the most fun we will have on this planet for two seasons , besides what is the worst that can happen.’ Haven not even spoken those words fully yet Rioluke heard the Seal Donkey sounds from very up close.. as one of the Sandshrew people hit him with a ferocious tackle..knocking Rioluke to a ledge below. 

Chapter 6: But that would lead them……..

The first thing Rioluke saw was not one but at least three Sandshrew people on the cliffs he fell off from, two more near their totem-gogoats. This was looking bad. They would definitely crush him to death or use those defunct home made capture beams to surely send him to the pc.. or even in the glitch. Crawling back to his feet their ferocious war cry bosomed fear even into the likes of the magneton and the rotom wash. With the sandshrew being electric types both of them would miss their best offensive moves.If they would be smacked to the ground by them.. their electric typing would make them super vulnerable to ground type attacks as well. ‘Leave them alone’ Riolu would yell, one of the Sandshrew balled up and hit him again. A super annoying alert begin to fill Riolu’s head, he was close to fainting, this could not be the end! A sand attack from a third sandshrew prevented him from counter attacking blinding his sights. His fist hitting only the sky , very true to his namesake. His world was dark, awaiting the final blow in utter blindness he suddenly began hearing some ghostly noises. Was this the sound of the pokémon in the box? Were these the sounds of what they came to call “Bill?’ Suddenly he felt a small whack against his forehead.. nothing that hurt him enough to faint.. just a tab by what felt like a small egg like object.  ‘Foolish Boy, you should not have come here this unprepared’ Alakazam whacked the riolu with his spoon once more. Rioluke who began to regain his sight a bit just saw a yellow shape in front of him. ‘What are you even doing here boy?’ the man like pokémon grumpily asked. ‘My Washing Machine is looking for someone named Obi the Kadabra, we are visiting Alakzam to see if they are related. The princess needs Obi the Kadabra’. The Alakazam sighed. “Get that sand out of your eyes and follow me, we have a lot to talk about’

Alakazam took Rioluke and the mechanical pokémon back to his home where he revealed to them that indeed he was once Obi the Kadabra, general in the army of the Galatic Monarchy  and Poké Knight of the Poké Order. He even confessed to having known Rioluke’s father.  ‘You knew my father?’ Rioluke’s ears twitched as he heard that. ‘Yes , much like me he was a brave poké knight, strong with Aura, he was supposed to bring balance too the aura until  Dark Blader meant his end. ‘My father was killed by Dark Blader?’ Riolu looked upset, having been told his parents had died this was still a harsh fact to deal with. ‘Luke I sense you are strong in the aura like him, perhaps you can even be a Poké Knight one day. However lets focus on the task at hand, you said this washing machine had a message for me?’ On this cue Rotom W opened a little drawer normally meant for suds to go in the machine revealing a tiny USB device.  The mustachioed psychic pokémon took it out. A I see it is hidden in the Technical Machine for Focus Blast.. this princess is a smart one. The Pokémon placed the device against his head as by magic t seemed to resonate with him. He looked quite serious. Rioluke, this little washing machine holds the plans for a weapon of great power, A weapon that can capture entire planets.’ Rioluke looked shocked. ‘Entire planets…that is terrible, we must get this in the ands of the rebels then. The overlord can not be allowed to build this weapon.. and if he does the rebels should know how to destroy it. Where do we need to bring this? I am coming along! … but wait… … the overlord, he must want these plans back … if they knew these pokémon landed on this planet.. than the trail would lead them back………. home’!’

Question to my Readers:

What is your favorite scene from A New Hope? 

And that is where we will be leaving things for this week.  Next week we will meet our third and final main character for this story. Rioluke will face some nasty surprises and Rita will also be popping by. Lots of Poké Wars for you to enjoy still to go! The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again!