I Look Fancy! I DESTROY Karen! Overpriced Japanese Knick Knacks for Glamour and Glory!

Dear Guests, dear Subjects, todays royal decree is a challenge to the worst enemy of commerce!  The thing that managers have nightmares about! Today is a post on how to stick it up to …… Karen!  Karen for those who don’t know is a type of woman that complains about company policy in order to get financial again! This is often done in a very toxic way!  Your rules will be read through a double standard.. no matter how well you phrase them out. So finding better worded rules would not do. I would have to find a way to make her respect me…despite the rules. Thanks to briljant CEO Seto Kaiba I got an idea!

Screw the Rules: I have a $100 lip cream!

Conversations with Karen tend to be lengthy and loud. Big mouth movements are required.  So it will often be a painful experience if you go into this conversation with cracked lips!  So with the first product of JapanTrendsShop of today, we will make sure we never get a bleeding lip from yelling back at Karen. We also take our first step in shutting her up!  Just walk up to the counter or desk where she demanded you and take this lip cream out.. carefully applying it to your lips! She knows you are getting ready for an inevitable confrontation and she know it won’t be pretty… unlike your lips AND your lip Balm!

Ojamajo Doremi Pirika Pirilala Color Lip Creams

Presenting the Ojamajo Doremi Pirika Pirilala Color Lip Creams!  This product will cost you $91 or €80 and you will not get one but TWO amazingly visually impressive lip creams of about 12 centimeters per stick worth of lip moisturizing cream. The designs are based on the anime Magic Doremi and it is being marketed as Lip Cream for kids!… Despite the disclaimer saying it is for the ages of 15 and up! So… regardless it is perfect for my demographic!  People of ages 15 and up.. who are all still children at heart. The Peperuto Pollon is the pink one and it taste like strawberries due to strawberry extract. The Picotto Pollon is the red one.. and it tasted and smells like roses due to rose hip oil!  I did not even know roses had hips, but clearly they do! The more you know! 

The product is made in Japan and moisturizes your hips by a product called squalane.. which at least to me sounds very tasty!  Yet.. having perfectly balmed lips in front of Karen is only the first of two great effects! The second is that with your little magical girl wand you look super intimidating! Karen WILL think “Oh no! She just burned $100 dollar on two sticks of Lip Balm… if she has that much money to burn.. perhaps she doesn’t need my business!

The first battle is yours with this neat Knick Knack!

Screw the Rules:  I have a $1200 Pokémon Bag

Pokemon Longchamp Top Handle Bag XS

For this whole gag I am going to do we need to take a fair bit of stuff out of our bag and hand it over to Karen or wave it in her face, so we might as well include the handbag in our gag. Karen always thinks that she is the center of your universe. She is your goddess! You must respect her!  So by showing her you worship others that will hurt her case!  Obviously Karen is a fudging normie so you can’t put Madoka or Evangelion characters up and expect her to know who it is… but she probably will know Pikachu.. from that time her son wanted a pikachu cake and this apprentice patissier said they did not do Pikachu  cakes.. So by wearing an iconic character on your bag.. she knows.. she is not your god! Pikachu is!

The Pokémon Longchamp Top Handle Bag, can help you achieve this for the price of $1152 or €1031. The bag comes in three colours that all have nothing to do with Pikachu.. but that will help you combine it with your outfits rather easily! Red, Black and White! It is made by Longchamp which are a renowned french accessory maker… apparently!  It is also officially licensed Nintendo Merchandise! It is made with cool materials such as real leather and Black nickel!  It has a Zipper and a snap to put all your goodies away safely… well some of your goodies.. it’s an XS bag!  Having dimensions as small as 14x 17 by 10 centimeters. Which basically means fitting in two juice boxes. .will be a very tight fit! Paying so much money for that will definitely upset Karen though!… And the next item on our list will definitely fit!

You will definitely have Karen in the bag with this item! Though not this bag..it’s to tiny!

Screw the Rules: I have 50 Cake Toppers

By now Karen’s ego is really beginning to hurt.. and this is where you launch your true offensive, you see Karen’s goals are twofold! First of all she wants to inflate her own importance!  Because no one gives her compliments so she wants to be a queen in a store.. and secondly she loves free stuff. Decent human beings get gifts  from friends.. but Karen is not a decent human being! She is just frustration embodied in an average looking woman!  And I am being generous to Karen’s looks here!  Regardless of how hard you dominate.. Karen will not leave untill she gets a small victory..usually in the form of free stuff! So we will give her a laxative infused cupcake!  Because.. if you Karen me.. you ain’t gonna get your micro victory.. they will all be mine! So if I give you stuff.. it is to make you hurt more! Plus this ties in nicely with the next product Teehee!

For €40 or $45 you can get four  cute Mario and Luigi Cake toppers as well as an amazing warp pipe to serve them in!   I can not deduce if they can be placed in the oven.. so from the looks of them I would not…  but they probably can! They make 5cm cup cakes.. so you know Karen isn’t getting a whole lot of cupcakes!  Plus she needs to give the cake skewer and the cup back to you!  Which already is a thing Karen won’t like! These cupcake toppers are fairly overpriced and once more show Karen.. you have actual heroes! They are called Mario and Luigi and this is a super cute way to eat cupcakes when Karen is gone.. just make the cupcakes without the laxative!  JapanTrendShop really wishes to make clear that the cupcakes you see in the picture are not included in the actually officially nintendo licensed product… and I am kind of glad… though I guess a cupcake that stale could have worked as a laxative as well?!

Karen will feel pretty shitty when you confront her with these amazingly cute cake items!

Screw the Rules: I have $125 Toilet Paper

Luxury Toilet Paper Gold Gift Set

It is time to fully mute Karen, you see handing back the cupcake cup and the topper was only to keep her in your office or at the desk so you can finish her off completely!  In this final step we will destroy her pride, intimidate her father and even do some classic blame shifting. You see when she asks you if you can use the bathroom you will point her to  the staff bathroom, under supervision so she can’t steal.. she will object at first but the laxative will soon convince her otherwise. As she agrees you send an employee with her to the staff bathroom where she will find this special toilet paper set from Japan. It is a gift set.. but well you can buy this gift for yourself and to break Karen’s spirit. 

With the fire down below burning properly she will see the gold leaf gift box these 8 rolls of toilet paper come in. She can see the craftsmanship of handmade and unique wrapping around every roll , as she has to break one open!  She is about to break into a 15 dollar roll of toilet paper while a staff member outsides can hear her do it!   She opens a roll to find the amazing unique designs .. one unique for every roll out there!   Each sheat of double or triple toilet paper of a material is so soft that it feels like a baby’s skin.  She thinks it might be extra thick so inspect it.. but no.. it is 2 or 3  sheets thick just.. you can get thicker in grocery stores.. it’s not scented for luxury either.. so it’s just the rest. No hiding behind a scent Karen.. you are washing away 5 dollars worth of toilet paper just from a single shit, and still she hears her stomach growling. She is starting to feel guilty and your victory is complete!

Broken Karen emerges from the toilet.. she just stumbles outside the store!  For a manager who can afford all this without any regrets she knows she is nothing!  She knows you do not care about the rules, you have money!  She knows she is not the center of your universe.. but all this weird japanese stuff is!   She will just come into your store or resort to do what she needs without complaint.. she has learned her lesson and is Karen no more.. now she is Kara.. that’s a superhero name right? She googled it?! Perhaps you will like her better now!

Karen’s spirit really will be flushed after she sees you burn money on this!

No more beans!

Karen has been defeated.. but your blood pressure is kind of spiking! While defeating Karen this way is fun, usually dialogue with one of her kind  makes you wish you had a spiky baseball bat instead that you could just swing into your face!  You need to unwind!  An average stress ball costs you about 50 cents.. that is so cheap I don’t even need to to  a price correction.  But for about 48 times more money you get this anti stress thing that looks like a coffee grinder. It is super tiny so it can’t grind any actual beans but according to Japan it will make you relaxed and I found the commercial at the end fairly funny because I don’t get why half of that commercial is there.. or why this product needs a commercial!  Gori Gori  though!  Check out the commercial down below! 

Relaxation from Karen is only $28’s away…

I probably would get stressed from holding such a tiny thing! Might as well grind real coffee.. but I have servants for that!  Aaahhh now that’s an idea that makes me relaxed. In fact.. I might go take a princessy nap right now!  Enjoy your stay in Paradise my loyal subjects! Oyasumi!
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Pinkie Plays: Final Fantasy VI: Return of the Dark Sorcerer (Part 1) Professor Oak is a Bad Guy?!

Greetings my little lights! During Steampunk Month I wrote a love letter to Final Fantasy VI , the best Final Fantasy game ever. As a potential future VTuber (once I find someone that can rig my glorious mothness for me) and already one of the first VBloggers,I feel I need a “thing” in gaming. There aren’t that many moth games to play. But a moth kinda sounds like Mod?! So maybe modded games? I like Retro games more than Skyrim +  so then they are called Romhacks!… Uhm… yeah! Let’s try that out a Final Fantasy VI Romhack!

Kefka is back.. but his hair is GREEEEEEEN! *Kefka Laugh*

Return of the Dark Sorcerer is a Final Fantasy Romhack by Gi Nattak and a team of proficient ROM-hackers. Not a sequel or prequel.. but more so very different take on the orginal.. though it is mentioned that a dark sorcerer has been defeated a thousand years ago. Yet the story seems very similar to the events of the original game… but also very different. It is a chaotic bland of pop culture references ..mostly of JRPG’s!  I normally would tell you about how I am playing this game.. but this game had the options to display an extended intro. I chose to do so!  We immediately see the Romhacker, the spriter and another guy talk to us about making the game and making some Chrono Trigger jokes.. they travelled to the End of time and got themselves locked up.. without an Epoch to get out!  My lips curl into a smile as I see a lot of love going around already… then we start the story.

Biggs and Wedge are sitting in a bar drinking , when they get ordered to report to Kefka, this mad Sorcerer works for Emperor Gestahl. Kefka wants  to test his new asset! A young woman with high magic potential.. a sorceress as they call her. Kefka sealed her will away through the use of a  Slave crown. Biggs and Wedge  rush over to Kefka, playing with some of the experiments.. We see many Espers in tubes, and Wedge gives them some sympathy while Biggs plays around with some strange things. Causing a little event before Kefka shows up.. he complains that his lead Scientist, Professor Oak is late.  There is a resemblance to be seen with the Pokémon Professor but I kind of shrug it off as just a name drop of sorts for now!  Back to Kefka .. he tells he wants the woman to destroy the town of Fraust…. Fraust?! Aren’t you going to Narshe?!

The Camera cuts out and we see Tifa Lockheart is spying on them from the other room! She hides from Biggs and Wedge and then a bit later tries to confront the Purple hair sorcerers in the pink dress, telling her she will get her out of here. Tifa gets overwhelmed by the magic power of the girl though.. who then hops into a mecha created by professor oak. Tifa tries to get out herself.. but she has head trauma. Kefka catches up to her and beats her in a fight.. aas Tifa gets taken away to be executed we see the main character board the Mechitech armor.. we get the opening credits but instead of Terra’s theme (omen version)  we get “The Final Countdown” by Europe. We know this one will be weird.. yet it also all feels.. kind of solid.. It’s a joke.. but it’s not taken lightly!

Familiar Yet Different

When then pick up the gameplay where the normal game would also begin.. do note that we are about 15 minutes in already…maybe 10 but I had a bit of trouble starting the game.  We get the familiar Siege of Narshe… which is now the Siege of Fraust. Upon first glance everything seems familiar but I notice I can already Scan my opponent, I have poison attacks and shield abilities. The Fraust guards are basically the same enemies as in the normal game, their outfit colour is a bit swapped and the action gage moves a tad faster.. kind of as if everyone has Haste on them naturally. It is a change I like.. it makes the combat a bit snappier. Spells have different names though, there isn’t just Fire 1 , Ice 1 and Thunder 1.. no I have named attacks, like Ice Spear, Fireball and Spark as well as Scan and Cure. What I like less is that Biggs is already at yellow health..I picked the easiest difficulty and  I am playing the first enemies.. I should not be struggling yet.. but the fight is a lot closer than I would like.  As we climb the icey slopes towards the cave where the Esper of Fraust should be I suddenly get attacked by an army of Prinnies or an army of Prinny.. not sure what the multiple of that is. It’s the penguins from Disgaea!  They have immunities. Oh no.. it’s gonna be one of those rom-hacks!

I do not mind adding difficulty but with Final Fantasy that usually involves more grinding so I am immediately alert.. will this be insanely difficult? I am not sure yet.. I defeat the army of Prinny and make my way towards the first save point. These devices are a staple in every final fantasy game..for a good while and this one has a manager of kinds. Instead of the game giving me a tutorial it is Mr Meseeks from Rick and Morty. Inside the cave all the enemies have been replaced. Those wrench throwing dudes are now  swarms of eyeballs, and the rat monsters are now.. more normal rats. When we reach the first boss fight I am curious to see if we still get the electric slug.. but no .. we get a fire ant.. which does the exact same thing as the slug did…except a lot harsher!  He is fairly easily conquered though but I do need to cast heal a lot! The strange girl is dedicated to healing. Instead of going into combat with the Esper in it’s frozen form Wedge accidentally thaws it out and we have a big boss fight yet again, this time involving stacks of poison damage that the creature can reflect so barriers have to be put up… it is the same story….but it is also not!

Breaking my Limits

Eventually the Esper breaks free and dissolves Biggs and Wedge in an ocean of light, they tell each other how they feel as if they are burning up from the inside. The Esper frees Not-Terra of her slave crown and after she gets rescued by an old man we discover her name is Aurora.. or anything I want to call her but I think naming Final Fantasy characters is a sin. As I explore caverns with her the difficulty relents a bit, with her magic she can oneshot pretty much everything…provided I don’t hit into an immunity. I look for treasures and discover a buckler..but also realise she has no weapon. Spells are the ONLY thing I can use to defend myself with… I would later discover she can wield swords like Terra can.. BUT she doesn’t have one.. which makes a lot of sense given she had a giant mecha before and then just passed out.

I quickly discover that this is not the only change made. I encounter a few items called Tabs which boost specific stats. Stamina and Might for example.The stats also look a bit more complicated..yet make a lot of sense!  The game so far walks a fine line between offering more clarity and making the game more “intuitive”  but also more complex. What I HATE though is that all items have been renamed. A Phoenix Down is called a Recharger. I even have a Soft.. but it’s not called Soft.. I just read it can undo petrifying effects.  I really dislike this.. I can’t find the correct item.. also why do I have a cure for Toad this early in the game?! Am I seriously going to encounter that already?! I have a few healing items for most status already.  Then I fall through the ground and my character passes out. She has a flashback of sorts.. and Oak is introduced as Samuel Oak.. and he gives the actual Oak speech! Guess my hero is a villian now….Time to be introduced to the one that shall replace Locke… HOLY F it’s Cloud!

Cloud Strife shows up at the old man’s house telling he is a Mercenary and he gets hired to save Aurora.. He asks for a high Gil Reward which he is refused. The rest of his dialogue is just “….” !  They got it right!  Moments later we skip to the moment where Locke would Rescue Terra and fight alongside with the Moogles to fight the army of Narshe.    This time it’s Prinnies that show up.. and according to Cloud, moogles hate Prinnies. Fully expecting Cloud to play like Locke.. I was expecting him to steal for some weird Reason.. but no.. he Actually swipes his Buster Sword around and he plays like Cyan, but instead of Bushido he has his Limit Breaks.. Right now he has unlocked Braver and Climhazzard. He can also insta kill as if he is Odin or something! While “Fighting” plays I move my Moogle Squads into tactical positions to guard Aurora and that’s when I see it!  Cloud is a party…..with Kupac!

It’s Kupac Mofo!

Kupac is a moogle wearing a Purple Bandana and a Smug smile with what seems whiskers.. or some War paint, belonging to the thief Arche-type. There are a few other strange Moogles as well.. such as Stoney the stoner Moogle…. or Mogwai.. who looks like he is a Gremlins reference.  Each Moogle Party has a thief.. one of them being called Mugsy!  Mondo is the cool Moogle wearing sunglasses.. and every single portrait looks unique.. if not a bit trolley!  It gets better when Mog’s ,the main moogle’s, party is engaged . He has two dances!   Cavern Strut which drops a big rock on his foes.. and Air Guitar which summons terrible storms to hit his foes! That is right! Mog is very DPS focussed! Kupac and Cloud make their way to the boss , as Fight On begins playing. Kupac steals an ancient helmet out of the prinny keeper! Cloud turns dogs into several servings of Hotdogs with his Limit ability.. it is so much faster than Cyan’s  gauge.  I really love Kupac.. but as soon as he came.. he went.

Cloud has defeated the boss and Aurora is saved, the Moogles bail. As Cloud takes the girl he tells about a nearby castle.  On their way outside they encounter Neko the cat merchant who sells Aurora a wand.. that has a 3% chance to cast Silence on whomever it hits! Cloud I decide to let keep his Buster’s Sword. I know the castle is close by so I skimp out on potions!  As the unlikely pair of Not-Terra and Cloud flee Fraust we are engaged by some very familiar looking slimes! Cloud kills them.. even if one of them may have been “a good slime” Aurora casts spells like mad since the city is close anyw…..it’s going to be a lot further now isn’t it?

I travel across the , how much larger, desert and fight so many enemies that Aurora completely runs out of spells ..twice. Mostly fighting weird spiders and scorpions that inflict poison damage.  Her second stack of spells is almost entirely spent on keeping Cloud healthy…I do not grind yet, but I do level up a few times to gather spell points as I go along. I wonder how Edgar will play and what he will be. According to Cloud he is a great Alchemist.  Will he play like Celes, absorbing magic in a potion?! Will he actually work like Edgar.. but gadgets being replaced with offensive potions?! Maybe he is like Sabin where the direction combo corresponds with a special potion?!  I sure hope he isn’t like Gau!  In fact I really hope there is no real Gau in this game at all! As I am about to move into the castle I save my game… and we will meet the King in the next episode of this playthrough! I might not play this game all the way through but for now.. I am intrigued enough to keep this going for a bit!

All Episodes in this Series So Far

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Anime Over Explained: Pinkie Tries to Make Sense of Anime

Hey Island Guests, did you know anime could be weird? I know! Surprising right?! Most things anime characters do we can justify trough weird explanations , divine powers , a demon hiding inside a character, an altered world or just plain old aliens. So to an extend we can still believe Soda Can’s fighting each other to proof which can is the strongest… yet there are some things in anime we should not look to far into. Today we will be doing exactly that last thing?! Why? Because it seemed like fun.

The Toast Run

Ah yes, grabbing a slice of toast and covering it with jam, then shoving it into your mouth and eat it as you run. If this happened in real life our streets would be littered with jam covered bread because so many of us arrive late at things. I bet there would be plenty of ants too with all the jam on the sidewalks.  First of all when you bite on toast like that eventually it will get soggy and break off. Why not just hold the toast as you run?! I mean sure you need your arms to sling your backpack on… but after that they just keep running with the toast in the mouth. Technically I guess they are less wind resistant this way?  But not really! Instead of holding it “vertically” allowing the toast to be a windblade it is hold horizontally.. as a windshield.. catching a lot of wind..slowing  you down.

Exhibit 1

Let’s also not forget that you should not run for a while after eating, you might explode or something! Holding the toast in your mouth means you fully have to breath through your nose and will running way more exhausting reducing the chance of you ever making it in time drastically. A yoghurt breaker would make a lot more sense as your item of choice. Now of course yoghurt isn’t as popular in Japan but neither is toast. In fact they rarely have breakfast with bread right? So why do they all suddenly have bread on the shelf? I bet it is kinda stale and that’s why they have to toast it, but why would they all have red jam.. doesn’t anyone ever put peanut butter on it or apricot jam? The ultimate run food I would say is a banana. It kinda curves like a sword and we so loads of anime characters be super fast with swords.  Also it could provide some fan service for those who want it and it’s so much healthier… and faster.

Purrfect fruit for running

So here is my biggest gripe with this trope. It’s toast!  Usually a character finds out they overslept and that they are late and they rush out of the house with a piece of toast in their mouth.. how did that bread get toasted? Do they toast it the night before?  Just in case they are late? Or will they actually wait for the toaster to produce their crisped up slice of bread. Neither make sense, people don’t assume they are going to be late, even though they always are and usually characters are SO late there really is no room for toast making. The only way I can imagine this making sense is if they sell individually wrapped toast slices in Japan.. like as in how Oreos are packaged they have jam toast sandwiches. That kind of sounds gross and we never see them buy such things when doing grocery shopping. Please explain in the comments if you DO understand what is going on because I can not wrap my head around this.

I need this now!

Anime Boobs

Being as innocent and grey-sexual as I am I was always puzzled by the drawn boobs and their appeal to people. Surrogates I guess? Yet girls are really weird about their boobs in Japan.. it is a subject that they discuss regularly. Why? If I known a girl for three years now I would never say stuff like “Oh I forgot how big Senpai’s boobs are” Most anime girls who fawn over each others “rack” have known each other for a long time. So that makes no sense to me?! Did any of you girl readers do that in high school?  I mean maybe once I could get, not that I find it particularly interesting (and I am into women) but sure I can believe Cup-Envy would be a thing.

I spent to much time on these things again.

For some reasons these fleshly assets are the talk of the town in anime. I think I talked more about tits (the bird)  than I talked about tits (the boobs)  simply on account that there is more to tell about. Yet what really doesn’t make sense to me is the scaling of these things. Like you think Power Scaling in Dragon Ball is off.. man the size girls attribute to their chest is way worse. I have seen Keijo characters with boobs so huge, that when these characters are grandma they will   look like quadrupeds,  which they call C cups. If a woman has a D-cup there is not a single shirt in the entire country of japan that fits them anymore and if they ever would have an E-Cup Luke Skywalker would mistake them for moons, only to be corrected by Obi Wan.

These two fit together nicely! Kinda like a pair ..of …something?!

So here is the weird thing, clearly those cup sizes they know are all wrong. What they call a C is definitely not that.. so how in a country/world so obsessed by boobs they size them wrong?! How are there so many big chested characters, but no shirts or bras to support them. Clearly they are unaware of the problems large chested women can endure dooming all young teen girls to chronic back problems later in their life. Except for a few rare occasions mother characters also never have big  chests.. so where is the genetic sense in this?! Do all anime girls inherit chest size from their fathers family trees? Clearly they lack the science and it seems very weird that in worlds like this.. no one would study them.

Oh they do that too..not so great scientists then!

Naming Your Attacks

Now this is a trope that to a certain level I CAN understand. People do name their rifle as well. Just if I take out my gun and kill an assailant I do not yell out “Go Popcorn shoot them dead”  Obviously because they know what I would be doing but also because it would be very distracting to my focus. What is even weirder that the trope in its current form isn’t even an anime thing. It’s a Street Fighter II thing. While Goku and Kenshiro did name their finishing moves, it mainly was used on a finisher or at least big attack. They don’t yell ki blast.  Yet nowadays every attack has a name. Just look at Naruto.  If someone yelled Sexy No Jutsu in my ear.. I’d probably realise it was a trick!  It was Tiger Uppercut, Sonic Boom and Tatsumaki Sempukyaku that set the standard for this. Yes yes.. I know I left the most popular two of the franchise out,  but you can point them out in the comments if you can!


So now we have an anime trope that isn’t even really an anime trope. For full disclosure this trope to me does not apply to magic. Some spells need verbal components I get that I am talking techniques that would not actually require it. Like anything in Naruto really, or Goku’s Kamehameha. The first time he uses this technique in the sub he doesn’t yell out the attack he just grunts to gather energy and releases it with a Haaaa. Showing verbal is in fact not needed.  Frieza’s Emperor’s death beam also proves you do not need to shout attacks. Even if shouting a technique name is needed.. why not name it Poq or Wuv that would be a LOT faster and you would be unbeatable. Sure it doesn’t have the ring to it that Makankōsappō has to it but you’d be dead before you could kankosappo  so I wouldn’t even know your attacks have cooler names. Poq is OP!

Then again Maybe Staz is right.. though he kinda proved my point

Speaking of names, what’s up with those. Galick Gun?! It’s literally named after Garlic? Why!Garlick already was a thing in Dragon Ball. Why name your attack after some legendary surfing dude? Blue Kill Thing.. or Pink Death Ray are way more descriptive.  Luckily Piccolo did it right naming his attack Demon’s Penetrating Killing Light Gun. That was pretty descriptive. Stil would be defeated by my Poq attack though. Naruto fares a bit better. Rasengan means something like Spiraling Sphere and Chidori also had a naming story for it’s sound and such. Since these attacks have to be delivered to their opponent.. they would probably be prepared for your attack anyway, especially if they can read seals but I’d imagine “I’m gonna blow your head off” would be more satisfying to say then Spiral Sage Sphere.

My gun Popcorn! Shoot them dead! (I do not actually have a gun)

Being Popular for Weird reasons

A very common trait in anime can be , being popular for very weird reasons. As if the writers have some deep trauma they have to compensate and make their old club cool. In an anime about Go , they make Shogi a popular game?!  Really playing Shogi makes you cool?! This trope is often placed on the Student Council President as well. While I will admit some charisma is needed for the part these are usually the biggest overachievers in school, at least the ones that dare to open their mouth. Have you ever found that guy who does extra work for school credit cool?! Obviously their ambition can be attractive but how would a sixteen year old schoolgirl be into an uptight boy who loves rules and regulations?! One I can get ..but usually the entire school flocks out for these type of fellows.

If this was anime he’d be sexy!

Harem anime often do this even worse. Yuki Rito is good example. While this may sound bitter, nice people finish last in love. While you can KEEP a girl or boy by being nice to them, realistically that is NOT the way to get them. You have to be bold , cheeky or fun.  Being nice is not a realistic hook, it CAN happen but not on the scale it happens in anime. Yuki is a former soccer player that now helps with the creation of Manga and he is very good and horticulture. That should NOT get you a Harem at least it would not in this world.

If this image was anime..it would be sexy!

Anime Schoolgirl seem hardwired to  fall hard for positive traits. Jotaro is the delinquent and Kakyoin is the more studious boy and the latter would be more popular in the anime. In our world Jojo would be swimming in girls. Funnily enough Naruto is the one series that deals with this quite well again. Sakura falls for the bad apple and keeps doing so despite Naruto’s effort.. the geeky girl goes for him. Still most anime girls seem to be so goody good  that they all want someone extremely respectable. That might be a cultural thing yet still to me it is weird and somewhat surreal.

In this case I’d say anime makes more sense then reality though because obviously it is way easier to see a future with a respectable person than with Fonzie. I would have so become a band geek if it had gotten me a girl! But alas! Perhaps if I turn Tsundere I will have more luck in this world! They are popular in both worlds.. even though being mistreated would not seem sexy to me.  But with that said! Subscribe and like if you haven’t already! You BAKA! Oh yeah.. I am gonna hook up tonight!

If I was Anime.. I would be sexy!