Chocolate Marshmallows Beans and Blood, Valentine’s Day in Asia

Hello Island Guests. At the time I am writing this and posting this , it is valentines day. The day of love. A perfect little day for such a loveable and loving little Weeb like me. Yet in the western day also a sad day. Pinkie tends to celebrate Valentine’s by herself.  I love the amounts of heart in the store though when I go on a little walk about so I still love the day. More so I love the days after.. in which heart shaped chocolate gets discounted. But did you weebs like me know that Valentines is a lot different in Japan? It’s not just about that one true love! It’s about all love! And I love it!

Gimme Chocolate!

(No valentine’s Ddy would be complete without this)

Valentine’s day in Japan is basically nothing like we know it. Where the western world puts the focus on the guys providing something nice for their girls most and foremost in Japan it’s the girls who have to cough  up the gifts. Valentines day in Japan is very much focussed on chocolate. So not a lot of heart plushies, no giving expensive gifts. You give chocolat. But not just to your lover. Valentine’s day is about giving chocolate to those who matter to you. In any sense of the word. This means your family gets chocolate, your boss gets chocolate and all your coworkers get chocolates for your classmates.. chocolates for everyone!

(It took me a while to find a picture that actually showed a Chocolat Rain)

The funniest part about this whole thing came to be due to a translation error. I guess the Japanese misunderstood the point.. kind off.. Even though the message is lost here as well. I know that my best friend Bean is giving her boyfriend like a 500 dollar gift.. (he would have been so fudged if he lived in Japan). Now in Japan this would be a REALLY stupid idea.. well or kinda smart.. but more on that later..  you are just supposed to choc it up! And of course there are rules! It’s japan after all!

You have to give everyone chocolat that is a rule.. but you can give them gradations of chocolates. There are levels of chocolateness which will tell a person how close you are to them. So let’s take a look at all the gifting types!

Cho-Giri Choco is the cheapest to give.. the most toxic to get. Giri stands for obligation and Cho.. I think in this context stands for being far away from the gift giver.  It’s the cheapest chocolat that you give to people.. not to exclude them. The thing you give to the female colleague who keeps showing your pictures of her cat, that woman who keeps hosting her Grey’s Anatomy watch along.. where no one ever shows or that blogger you kinda always just leave a like for but that you never really read because she is just to weird.  Cho-Giri is basically the chocolate for the Meg Griffin’s of society.

Shut Up! Have some Cho-Giri Choco

Giri Choco is the social obligation chocolat you don’t actually mind giving.. for example to the colleagues you like and of course something extra for your boss, your mother or your teacher.  Even if you don’t like your boss you do not give them the cheapest Giri.. because he will know! You give them something just a bit fancier because otherwise they will destroy you! Basically it’s a treat for anyone who is on the “wedding guest list” in the “we have to invite them” part of the list rather than the “I want them to be there” list.

Tomo Choco is a treat meant for friends and those who have a non romantic place in your heart. While it is still okay to buy them chocolate this has to be more luxurious than that of the obligated ones. There has to be some love into this gift. This means you have to write them a handwritten note, or spend a lot of time making, some cool gift wrapping and a real tomodachi would go through the effort to hand craft chocolat for their friends as well. Still Tomo Choco can still be pretty relaxed in some circles as long as it shows at least a bit of a personal touch to really showcase your affection.

Honmei Choco is the chocolate made for that special someone.  Traditionally Valentines Day in Japan was used as a way for shy girls to confess their love to boys by offering them a tribute of chocolates. Of course also that special someone you deeply care for also had to become included so somehow this ended up being the highest gradation of chocolat. Looks are very important for Honmei. When bought it has to at least look expensive and fancy and it has to show very much care. Yet in the more traditional interpretation you really have to make this one yourself. You have to put your love into it while making it .. and it is believed that if a boy likes your chocolates maybe you can get together.. but we will return to that subject in a bit. Let’s start looking at what the guys have to do in return first.

If you love Chocolate should you give Chocolate chocolate?

I love you three times over! The white day story!

One month after Valentines Day it’s the turn for boys to treat the girls. On the 14th of March Asia celebrates White Day. It started out as an invention of the marshmallow industry in an attempt to up their sales numbers like how the chocolate industry did. On this day guys return gifts to the girls who gifted them stuff. This started out with paying them back with marshmallows but as it turned out, girls did not enjoy marshmallows as much as they did chocolates. So the whole Giri thing got replaced by flowers, cookies and chocolates.. anything would do as long as the packaging at the very least was white. 

Now I am unsure if this is an invention of the marshmallow industry because that would seem rather unpractical.. but there is a rule of three for white day. At least for Honmei class gifts as far as I am aware, a boys gift has to at least cost three times as much as the gift the girl gives. See now how Bear.. the boyfriend of Bean would be in trouble if he had lived in Japan?!  He would have to spend more than I get in two month’s of income on a gift for her. On White Day the girls are treated by the boys. Restaurants are overbooked and basically all that stuff we get here on V-Day. There is a lot less focus on crafting and a lot more focus on commercialism. You have to make sure you spend more than your girlfriend.

(White day when your girlfriend gave you an expensive gift)

As far as I am aware White Day mostly seems about reciprocating gifts.  While Japanese Valentine’s Day is about confessing feelings, White Day is much more about reciprocating feelings. You do not ask people to celebrate the day with you.. you just return a favor….. how romantic. Though I do think it might be for the best.. otherwise Yaoi couples would end up in an endless loop of gifting. Guy 1 gives boyfriend a gift.. who has to gift back something three times as expensive.. than guy 1 has to get a gift that is three times as expensive as that other gift and so on!…Maybe they did think about this more than I thought .

This system kinda does make sense! But now I’ll never get expensive gifts!

A Day for the unloved: Black Day

South Korea even has a THIRD Holiday in the season and this one is called Black Day. I know South Korea isn’t japan so you all probably care a whole lot less but it is kinda cute and sad at the same time.  Black Day is unofficially celebrated on the 14th of April. Black day is for those who did not receive any gifts on Valentine’s Day or on White Day.  It brings people together to fairly cheap restaurants or places and everyone of these single people than eat Jajangmyeon together. This is Korean Dish filled with Chinese Noodles, Vegetables and Pork.. it all gets covered in a thick black bean sauce hence the name black day. From Chocolats to beans is quite a downgrade!

The dish does look good though!

There is something oddly charming to an event like Black Day. It allows singles together and support each other in their “loneliness” and maybe even acquainted with one another.. perhaps even planting some affection and love to harvest in the next season of love. From what i have seen though this is still mostly a guy thing! 

Still I will make sure that in two month I have some noodles with pork and black sauce! Ever since I learned of it .. I actually have made black sauce noodles every 14th of april that i am single. (Which basically was all of them..after learning of this holiday). I haven’t always used chinese noodles or pork though! No one notices anyway.  Now Black Day isn’t the only Black chapter in the book that is Japanese in 2011 some tweets began to circulate the internet… for a handful of girls in Japan.. Valentine’s is about BLACK MAGIC.

Uhm You can keep your Chocolates… Arigato Desu!

Now we all know that putting a little love in the dish makes it taste a lot better. Mothers home cooked food tastes better because she puts in her love for you when making your favorite pasta or your beloved sunday roast. We can almost taste that bit of personality she puts into it.. taste her essence… and to a select few girls in Japan Valentines day has a ……………similar connotation.  For the most part putting your love into a dish is good enough for the girls, yet in 2014 a message became very trending on Twitter. While blown out of proportions I unfortunately can pretty much confirm the legitimacy of using black magic in Valentine’s Day candy. Luckily only from second hand experience. A friend of mine (At the time) had some enchanted candies. (Not the really really bad kind fortunately)  The Black magic of Valentines believe that if you put something of yourself into the candy,(Homei only) it will help those who eat it fall in love with you.I do not mean this in a spiritual sense.. there are some Honmei out there in Japan each year that contain.. physical personal essence.

Now my friend was lucky and he found a hair in his chocolat. At first he thought it was an accident as if it just dropped in there by mistake. later he realised the girl was actually very superstitious and believed he would fall in love with her.  Unfortunately the 2014 tweet popularised putting other parts in as well. Pieces of skin, .. the type of hair that is less likely to land in the chocolat by accident but also stuff like tears or finger nails. Alas… that was also not what the 2014 tweet was about. They talked about how to add your blood to the chocolat.  Adding your blood to the chocolate made with love would make those who eat it fall for you almost certainly. Among all the types of blood one would be the most potent and that is the blood of a girl on her period… Now again I do know the reactions on the tweet were exaggerated but three people I know personally who lived in Japan have confirmed to me that it does in fact happen in rare cases.  The one guy targeted himself. A gal pal who studied there a little while before the tweet.. but after it’s popularisation in 2011 asked around on her school and some told her they would consider it had they been in love. Could still be a joke but she believed it. The third told a very convincing story to.. so if your girlfriend is on the Yandere side…. ?!

(She still lookins kinda cute)

While probably mostly an urban legend it’s not that weird to think that in a country where they sell second hand panties from vending machines (or used to before they got outlawed) stuff like this could be real to. Regardless Valentines is pretty different in asia than it is here in the west. There is positivity about it that all forms of love matter not just that one true love. It’s also about loving your friends family and everyone in your live as well. Even those you normally would show no love at all.. get a little token of affection. Which really charms me.  I tried to make chocolate for my friends one but in the end I ended up with a ruined bowl, some minor burns.. a very filthy kitchen counter and some broken chocolat unicorn parts that looked like they had been an accident ..prior to being broken. Still for those who are alone today.. think about the Japanese meaning of the day.. somewhere out there there must be someone you love.. in some way! Be it your friend, your senpai or your family! Hey your even reading my blog today.. so maybe you love me as a blogger too.. I am sure I love you as a blogger as well so in a way this is our day as well. If I could I would make you all Tomo Candy. Just to be safe though.. only eat pre packaged candies!

(A wholesome Summary)

Pinkie in Search of a Waifu (Part 3) Aoi Hana

It’s almost Valentine’s day and by the looks of it , I am going to be all by myself.  To prevent such an incident from happening next year , on this blog we have started the quest to find me a Waifu! In this episode we will look at the third of Fred’s four suggestions. After which I will need six more to start our Bachelorette series. Where we pit these girls against each other to earn the roses and find out who will be my waifu! So keep the suggestions coming.  Today we look at the anime Aoi Hana!
Who will get to live with me in my Bachelorette mansion?! 

This article contains spoilers for the entire series of Aoi Hana. That being said these spoilers are all fairly obvious outcomes of their respective story. As far as I am concerned none of these spoilers ruin the show due to the way the show tells its own story and how the inevitable the outcome of the show feels.

Sweet Blue Flower

What is it with Yuri series and the colour blue? Is blue some sort of symbol colour for gay girls that I am unaware about. I don’t think it’s much of a thing in the Netherlands and my Italian friend didn’t know about it either! Italians love blue so they should know! I really wonder though! Yet I can not let that distract me. Aoi Hana is a show about two childhood friends Akira and Fumi who reunited with each other once they start commuting to their new schools. Both join their respective schools drama club and their paths begin to cross more and more. Fumi is a lesbian woman and Akira is mostly oblivious to love.  We see them form relationships with others from friendly ones to romantic once as we explore what is is truly important in any relationship. This all is set on the background of their drama clubs performing the play Wuthering Heights which in its core is about a toxic relationship. So this is one of those heavy analogies shows!

(I really hate this shwo’s intro.. it has very little to do with the actual show)

The contenders for the Waifu list are limited to the main characters this time, as all four main characters show at the very least a hint of being into women. Most secondary girls or women are rarely given enough depth to see if they are into girls though after watching the entire 11 episode series I can fairly certainly say we got no other contenders. Having said that, my attention has slipped throughout the course of this show a few times so I might have missed a subtlety. 

The four main characters are Manjoume Fumi a first year who is socially a bit awkward. She is emotionally very frail and cries a lot and the most fully convinced lesbian in the series. Her best friend Okudaira Akira is about her counterpart. She is bubbly , tiny energetic and  a super positive entity that smiles with everything even her own failures… she is referred to Achan by Fumi. Their childhood tradition. Sugimoto Yasuko is the bisexual popular girl that every girl wants to be with (even the straight ones) the cool kid. She plays basketball and is tall and butch and thusly gets the male lead role in the school play. She has her heart set on Fumi..but keeps a secret in her heart as well. Finally we have Ikumi Kyouko who is Akira’s classmate and she is desperately and very one sidedly in love with Yasuko. She is an artist who joined the drama club to be close to Sugimoto Senpai but gets more than she bargained for when she finds out her new friend’s best friend is in a relationship with the woman she loves.

(Akira, Kyoko, Yasuko, Fumi)

Triangles Everywhere

I will admit I struggled with this anime a bit. It is not necessarily a bad show though. I really loved the story it had to tell. What I like less is the way it is set up. Take for example the main love story that is central in these 11 episodes. Yasuko and Fumi , it is a somewhat toxic relationship where Yasuko is very much depicted as a selfish person. This is shown throughout not one but two triangle relations around the talentful basketball player. First of all there is Kyouko who loves her while she is with Fumi. This sours the relation between Fumi and an extend. They aren’t mean to another but very tense still. It would have been an interesting dynamic if Sugimoto would not have one sidedly loved her male teacher, kinda using Fumi as a rebound. Throughout the show we also see Fumi notice her relation is not going that well and be more drawn to Akira…who in turn kinda, but not really, shows interest in Kyouko.Who is also desired by her fiancé in name only Kou. It all feels very convoluted for an 11 episode manga and in the end that does form a bit of an issue.

It doesn’t really help that the instigator of everyone’s misery, Sugimoto Yasuko is a fairly horrible person. She is super petty, often has temper tantrums, she is snobbish and selfish and a very VERY poor loser. Near the middle of the show the stage group performs Wuthering Heights, which is about the toxic love between Heathcliff and Catherine and the audience speaks their minds on how terrible Catherine is, she is an analogy for Sugimoto herself. Which brings me to another little gripe I had with this series. This analogy feels a bit hammered in. Wuthering Heights is a fairly well known novel by Emily Bronté and one would figure people who see the play either know the story or go there to support their family. 

Instead we see the crowd analyse the story so the anime and manga can make analogies… and that’s not the only times stuff like that happens. For some reason this only happens to Yasuro though. Like the show really wants to hammer in how terrible this person is. By the end of the show she sees the error of her ways ..but because she doesn’t get what she wants she then decides to bail on everyone and go study abroad. While doing this we see newspaper headlines on how the girl has pushed her basketball team to great heights how they need her and now she bails for petty reasons. We see her family acknowledge how petty she is and she mistreat Kyouko to a ridiculous extend. Even when the latter is trying to get closure she is shown to ignore the message that would give the other girl some closure finally. We get it! Sugimoto Yasuko is bad! She will not be my Waifu Pick.

Friendship is love too!

Because of how clearly toxic this relationship between Fumi and Yasuko is from the get go we are all waiting for her to end up with Kyouko or her Achan and the show is at it’s best when the old love is out of the picture. Luckily enough that is plenty of time still. The show really shines when it’s just Achan and Fumi.. or even the little summer camp with all their friends but Yasuko was adorable. Fumi begins to develop feelings for Akira who still has this weird non flirty but very connected kind of way. I really liked those feelings because they actually felt genuine. While Fumi clearly loved Yasuko the doom flag was raised from episode 2 so on a subconscious level I never really bought it. 

All the other girls are connected through friendship.. a friendship that deepens over the course of the series and the show does a really fine job of depicting how friendships can mean so much more than just to find your significant other. Fumi has friends, Sugimoto has not, one gets a fairly happy end, the other is miserable. Romance shows tend to .. hype up that significant other over anything in the whole wide world where nothing else matters anymore.. this show keeps its feet firm on the ground.

I might even go as far as to say this isn’t actually a romance show. It’s not about love.. in the romantic way.. it’s about unrequited love and false love more so than real one. It’s about how romantic love can be such a strong desire that sometimes we are just chasing ghosts. Kyouko is one of the strongest examples. Not only is she desperately in love, with sugimoto senpai,  she herself has a suitor who is desperately in love with her. Kou her fiancé in name only is often strung along for a ride that will only inflict pain on him. Even when he asks Akira to help him pick out a perfect give to please her, she immediately knows the gift is to perfect to be from him! They aren’t compatible which made me think that Kyouko and Akira just might be.Kyouko is being pictured as desperate though even if she tries to move on she simply can not  let alone with Kou. In the end we get a girl that has her charm but also still feels kind of mean spirited and also a bit toxic so our little painter will not be moving into the Bachelorette mansion with me!

A blooming flower

That leaves us with Achan and Fumi-Chan , by far the best characters in the entire series. Some of the best characters I have seen in a fair bit and while I do think they would fit nicely together the ending of she show keeps things fairly open. Which apparently is a huuuge issue for people all across the internet. To those people I really have to ask if they watched the same show as me. There are incredibly strong  implications that the two will get together, simply for being two non toxic people and Fumi realising how to cope with relationships in the end. She tells the only cure for unrequited love is moving on gracefully and to only have room in your heart for one love. While Fumi was obsessed and in love with her cousin at the end of the show she realises that wasn’t her first love at all, her first love was she could finally let her cousin go. Now she only has one love in her heart which is Achan. Should that love go unanswered she has the tools to move on gracefully. All the flags for a successful relation fall into place at that moment. Fumi will find her happy ending no matter what. We have seen hints that Akira might swing that way as well so it may just be a matter of time. 

That being said I can still use the vagueness of the ending to snatch Fumi as my Bachelorette contender. While I love Achan for her quirky behaviour the character is simply way to immature to me. I found her voice a bit annoying in all honesty even though I do like the quirkiness of it I think I would get annoyed with her fairly soon. While I am happy and cheerful minded like her, I do not have the huge amount of energy she has and would not be able to find my rest with her. She is a great and loyal friend who would be fun to hang out with Yet I would get that same energy around since she is Fumi’s best friend as well. The latter has shown she can perfectly live with Achan just being a friend.. as long as I managed to conquer Fumi myself though.

Fumi is the only person I really respect in this series, she has shown growth and has become more confident even if she is still the easily to cry loveable socially awkward girl she was at the beginning. Miss Manjoume has accepted who she is by the end of the show, something she very much struggles with in the beginning. She isn’t as afraid to tease and to have fun. She also isn’t afraid to defend herself even if it hurts others.  I could not be with someone who constantly diminishes themselves just in favor of others. 

It’s very annoying when something you love gets a bad review or if that restaurant you like and love to talk about gets called gross a few hours before you go eat there. If I love a person more than anything in the world and they keep devaluing themselves to below everything else.. it kind of feels like that love is being devalued as well. The person that I love more than anything in the world feels like they need to give up everything for others because they are not worth more… that would include they would give up me. I went through that once with an eternal good person.. and that just doesn’t work. You have to somewhat love yourself to be loved.

Fumi does this the best , she matters, what she wants matters. When we first see her she can barely pick anything from a menu.. or a club to join .. but in the end she asks for what she wants, she tells people her needs and lives by it and we see a much happier Fumi, who doesn’t just cry from sadness but for the first time we see her cry with happiness. Those type of tears are from a woman I could see myself being with! Those are the tears of a strong woman.

In the end I got to watch a very enjoyable show, that is slightly bogged down by the character of Sugimoto. There is just to much going on with her and things drag on to long in her romance. I hated the unnecessarily nude intro as it barely has anything to do with the show and skipped it every time. Yet there is still a quite enjoyable anime that stumbles for me around the fourth till seventh episode. Those could have been removed and put at the end to give us a stronger sense of closer for an even better show.  The art style with it’s fluffy looking backgrounds took some time to get used to but grew on me as charming. All in all a good anime to put on for valentines if you do not want something overly sweet. 

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Please suggest a show in the comments!

Making the Internet a Happier Place : The Super Happy Love Award

Each week on the Internet it’s something people are chasing with torches and pitchforks. Whether it is burning someone’s career for a horrible tweet of 10 years ago, or trying to ruin a game company for making the first actually bad game in their career. Nowadays we even want to corporately murder companies for not producing AS good of an anime or AS good of a game as their prequel ones.  In fact if they are not better and improved in EVERY single way and if it does not have EVERY similar feature the BEST of their genre have to offer, it means they are 0/10. If you like something that isn’t perfect you are an idiot as well. Well I say enough! I do not want to live in such a world and I am fighting back! For every skull shaped cloud of hate they will release, I will release a muffin topped with a cotton candy cloud with shimmer sprinkles of love! And I need your help! Enter The Super Happy Love Award

It’s time to heal the internet, for to long has our safe space been a feeding ground teaching us to be as negative as possible. With this blog tag we start making a vaccine! We show that passion can be genuine! We give love to those who deserve it and praise the ones that have done something important for us.  The ones we love , even when fictional, are oftenly only human after all. With this blog tag I want to spread love for all the fandoms and united fans in positivity again! No longer will we shake our heads and say “this isn’t the <insert fandom> that we used to know.. they destroyed our beloved. NO! We stand together and join forces and turn this into “Remember the time that <insert fandom> did this amazing thing! I LOVE IT!. How will we do it? With this blog tag? How does it work? Well here are the rules.

Happy Little Rules

This is a fairly simple blog-tag , even though it has a BIT more rules than most others. Why?! You will see… teehee!

  1. Thank the one who tagged you and if at all please tag the original post as well. This is my first blog tag and a bit of a passion project so I would like to see where it spreads! Oh and use Super-Happy-Love as a tag!
  2. Display the Super Happy Love Logo in your post Share the rules!
  3. Choose a minimum of 2 out of these 6 prompts to answer in this blog! More is always allowed! These six prompts are as follows!
    – Tell about a person you love, this can be a friend, partner but also a celebrity or even youtuber who means a lot to you. As long as they once took breath on this earthly realm you are allowed to  pick them… Tell us why you love them.
    Write something about a fandom or franchise you love. It can be your favorite game series or about just about anything that is bigger than just a single product! Tell us why you live this so much!
    Tell us something about a character that you love. Do you have a Waifu, a Husbando, maybe a mentor or someone who taught you a valuable lesson. Tell us why you love them.
    – Tell us something about a piece of music that you love. Does a anime intro mean a lot to you? Did you have a special memory to a pop song, like your first dance at your wedding? Maybe a piece of video game music? If you love it, you should tell us why!
    Show us why you love a piece of media so much! A Book, A Game, A Anime, A Movie maybe even a random piece of fan art, you are free to pick as long as you can show us why you love it.
    Write something about yourself that you love! For those who like a challenge, there is a hard mode in this blog prompt as well. Tell us why you love a certain aspect of yourself
  4. Put on your rose tinted glasses. For once you are allowed to gush about the things that you love without having to balance it out with negatives so that you seem objective. In fact your are actively encouraged not to bring negativity into this tag. So no “Nowadays.. <topic>  is poopoo but back in my days.. .it was great. Just say it was great! Love is blind after all!
  5. Tag 6 bloggers you love so they can take on this challenge as well.
  6. Everyone who comments something lovely about your post ALSO gets nominated. (Should they so choose)

Why does the number six appear so often? It’s the number of Venus, goddess of love.  So please try to respect the number of nominees if at all possible. Since I created this tag I shall answer all questions.

Tell us something about a person you love

There are so many people I love, but I guess this spot has got to go to my best friend. Let’s call her Bean. She will get why and she is a small sprout!  Bean and I have only met a little over two years ago but in this time she became incredibly important to me. I had a rough time when I met Bean. Struggling with my identity and my friends where moving away. She is a person I could very deeply connect with. While I have plenty of friends I can talk deeply with I have had little geek friends who could associate with my mindset. If I felt sad it was either.. let’s go to a big party a drink the pain away or let’s go to the sauna to relax. Bean and me go hunting pokemon together, we have a quick lunch and gossip, we watch pokémon movies together or a hilariously bad horror movie. With Bean I never have to pretend to be someone else or more mature, with Bean I can make jokes without having the fear that she would not understand. 

Before the age of Bean I went out drinking with normie friends and a female friend got a major burn on a friend. I shouted..ooooh you don’t need a burn heal you need a full restore. I found that so funny myself that I nearly peed myself. My friends however almost hurt themself in confusion. Bean is different though! Bean gets me, she would laugh at this stupid joke.. probably even harder than me as she adores little memes and has this delightfully silly sense of humor.  With Bean I can weeb out and yell Nani and Kawaii! She understands what those means and is more inclined to buy me the thing as a gift! If I yell Kawaii around my normal friends they think I bit my tongue! Bean also treats me to lunch a lot and I am very grateful for those! She is an amazing friend I can really connect with like no other!

Write something about a franchise you love

I doubt this will come as a surprise but I love Pokémon! I love everything about it.  Ever since those magical first steps on 6 december 1999 the games have never let me go.  Even before that the anime warmed my heart. I cried the entire day at the Bye Bye Butterfree episode and when it looked like Ash was giving up Pikachu I cried again. I was so proud when I beat the pokemon league in my first game , and I showed everyone my amazing Parasect and was amazed finding out they had a Golem. I have traveled across the lands searching far and wide and I thank game freak for everything they have done for me. Without them I would not have been the same.. or as strong of a person.

Pokémon made me more sociable, it showed me the power of a fanbase and how despite our differences we can be united through love. I swooned over a sylveon plush with people I do not know and we both ended up encouraging getting one. I met new people,  who accepted me, I played adventures I never thought I would. I was introduced to my love for trading card games trough this and I had my first mini LARP. On top of bucket list is visiting the pokémon café in Tokyo and have a Mew Fluffy Marshmallow Drink , as well as spending a lot of my money there on cute plates and adorable dishes. Maybe I will never have the money but at least it gave me a dream. Something to chase after. The franchise is the reason that I am part of this wonderful online community that is called WordPress! And now I can fight to make the internet a more happy place! With my pokémon buddies by my side!

Tell us something about a character that you love

There are plenty of characters I loved and I already talked about a fair amount of them. Since I do want to offer something new it’s time to talk about another fictional character that I absolutely adore. That character might seem like a very weird one to adore so much but she deserves every bit of my love and more. That character first appeared in the Lego Movie as part of Emmett’s crew and the oddball  Leader of cloud Cuckoo Land her unique and pink design immediately inspired me. She fights for positivity and smiles and does so in her completely unique way. Throughout the entire movie she has the most cartoony depiction, changing colours and even shapes based on her emotions and thusly appears to be very open. Her fight for positivity make her a perfect character as the one to be loved in this first Super Happy Love Award post.

Unikitty also has her own cartoon show simply named Unikitty in which we get more of the lovable cat unicorn to love.  We see a character that has her cheeks change based on what emotion she feels, never really hiding what you feel. We see a character that serves as an inspiration for anyone who isn’t standard. It is okay to be you, no matter what you are, no matter how different you are. We see other characters attempt this but none are as surreal as Unikitty. She loves parties, sparkly things, positivity , cute things and cheering people up. She dislikes her arch nemesis Master Frown, unfriendly individuals, negativity and candy corn! So .. while I have difficulty relating to most human characters I have no issue relating to this rainbow, colour changing unicorn cat thing made out of legos… I love it!

Tell us something about a piece of music you love

Now I could talk about Ducktales the moon theme again but I will not. I will talk about another piece of game music.  I am going to talk about A Hat in Time : New Adventure. This song came to me in a time I was suffering some gaming fatigue. Yet within minutes after playing Hat in Time, I felt that old magic I should feel as a gamer again. New Adventure to me signifies that feeling. So to me it’s a song about the magic of gaming. About finding your inner child and playing. We become Hat Kid.. a platform hero who also likes  to play around and have fun. This song is all about having fun.

The theme is also remixed into other tracks of the game, like You Are All Bad Guys phase 3, in a way it is hat kid’s theme without being named as such. It’s a song about the innocence and loving fun. For that reason I used this as the theme also as the personal theme for my Eldritch OC Luma. In a contemporary fantasy campaign my group has to raise an Eldritch Baby and keep her safe from the evil forces of R’lyeh since she is the only one who can destroy the breaches between Earth and the realm of chaos beyond time and space. I made new friends with this campaign and love writing it and hosting sessions every day. It is so much fun and I love role playing the character of Luma. Each time I get to play her theme a smile appears on my face and the worries of the day wash away.

Show us why you you love  a piece of media so much.

I could cheap out and write something about my favorite pokémon game but honestly I love so much of them I would not know where to start. Like I already told you I would one day love to own an original NES with a copy of Ducktales.. or even have a ducktales cartridge made as an art piece on my wall. Another game I have strong memories about like that is the Nintendo 64 version of smash.  I used to play this one with my little sister in a fairly unconventional way. We would play mostly with Kirby and and Pikachu.. her being Pikachu and me being the pink blob that Sakurai blessed us with. We would play tiny sketches. For example.. Pikachu is traveling to his vacation by Great Fox on the Sector Z stage. Kirby tries to engage in conversation and make a friend while Pikachu wants to be left alone. They end up fighting , Kirby still thinking this is play.

Each time we would play a new sort of sketch and come up with a new tiny adventure. Everytime we would get out of school we would start of with this like a little ritual. After that homework and if we finished it we would meet again in front of the tv. If we finished homework early we would play a few more matches before our shows would start. One of my favorite sketches we did was Mario and Luigi having a Moustache contest. Where they argue who had the more beautiful moustache. Loser had to shave of their moustache. It was all so silly but it was one of the closest memories I have with my sister. It was one of few things that fully could bring us together and often mom would come watch and bring us some crips, a nice little family moment all made possible through a video game.

Write something about yourself that you love

So this  is the hardest part to talk about but here we go. I love the little child in myself. For a thirty three year old I might not be the maturest woman of my age. I still love unicorns, I talk to imaginary creatures and I often pretend to be a princess. and I sometimes play with plushies for a bit. Last night I failed a picture Captcha because I had to select two specific pictures and I felt bad for the other picture that looked cuter so I clicked it as well. It deserved a click. If someone talks about harming a imaginary creature or talks bad about a cutie I still feel for it because maybe in some alternate reality those things can still hear us. Maybe we have not discovered yet that there are other forms of intelligence that we just not comprehend. So I even try to treat my plushies nice.. just in case.

Of course I can face reality and lose that magic to appear more as a coherent person. I could look at a game that I dislike and think it’s just a stupid piece of plastic. Yet  in my world maybe to some extend it has some feelings. Maybe a developer who worked really hard just wished with all their might that someone would love that thing they made and that by saying kind words I could make them a little bit happier as well. I mean I will always be honest, if you ask me for my opinion you will get MY opinion.. and not a lie fabricated to please you, but I also think there is no need to be unnecessarily harsh to things… because you never know! Maybe sometime it will come alive! Maybe to a certain extend  our mind set can influence the world if we are more positive. Maybe I am naive for liking something even if it’s not the best thing ever and that I just enjoy playing with it. Yet it is a thing that also allows me to love live and appreciate little things. By thinking just a bit like a kid, we can add some shine to things they do deserve but from adults rarely get.

Six Bloggers I love

Now it is time for the nominees. Here nominated six bloggers we love or we love to take on this challenge.  Some kind words for those bloggers are in order I think.

A girl and her anime:

She nominated me for my first blog tag, so I figured it would be fitting to nominate her for my first blog tag. 

Fred from A Natural:

Someone who made me more positive about myself and helped me find more love for myself. I think he deserves to spread the love around.

Irina from Drunken Anime Blog

Was there ever any doubt? I know she is really busy and doesn’t have a lot of spare time, but I feel that this blog tag is right up her alley!

Foovay’s Cauldron

Foovay has expressed very positive reactions to my aspirations to make this blog tag a thing so I really feel she deserves a nomination. 

Megan a Geeky Gal

I tag Megan a lot but that is because I really love her writing style, I have seen her take on many blog tags across the web. Might as well make her set complete with this new one!

K at the movies

Finally I nominated Kat from K at the movies. It is said that K can defeat me in combat but as the ancient old phrase goes. Make love .. not war!  This blog tag gets K a chance to live by that motto. 

And remember, if you are not tagged but you love my blog and leave a nice comment you ARE nominated! It’s in the rules!

Pinkie in Search of a Waifu (Part I): Liz and the Blue Bird

When I wrote my latest real neat blogger award, I confessed I did not have a waifu. Being a female identifying person with interests in girls, in a sexualy postive – asexual kinda way, I just never found someone that truly gelled with me. I had anime crushes but on girls out of reach, with them either being straight or taken. So I stated I was Waifu Single. Looking for a lesbian girl, who wasn’t overly lewd and someone who would have a hint of crazy or awkwardness about them. Fred from Au Natural told me he could find me a waifu and recommended me few anime. Since I dedicated my blog to love, I thought finding myself a Waifu could make a great special! So over the next few installments I will search Fred’s anime’s and potentially your suggestions as well for my 2d dream girl. I never expected to find a contender for my favorite anime movie however.

A story about about a story about a Story.

Liz and the Blue bird is produced by Kyoto Animation and is a very peculiar little thing. It is set in the universe of the light novel and anime universe of Sound Euphonium. Yet it doesn’t follow the main cast. Instead  on one of the background characters. Mizore. A extremely shy introverted oboe player. A small sub story in the light novel universe sort of speak. We follow her journey to prepare for a big music competition while she deals with her feelings for fellow band member Nozomi, who plays the flute. For the competition the band has selected a music rendition of the story of Liz and the Blue Bird. A fairly classical folktale about a lonely woman meeting this bright and beautiful girl and the two hit it off right away. It is immediately made clear that the story of Liz and Blue Girl is almost a mirror image of that of Nozomi and Mizore.  Nozomi is bright and bubbly and super cheerful, while Mizore is very much a loner. So if we consider Sound Euphonium the main story, I guess this is about a story in that universe but that story is totally build around a fictional story inside that store. Woosh! That’s some levels already. 

So let’s make this a bit more shallow. Let’s talk design of the four main girls. First we have Mizore, who looks like your typical japanese school girl, her hair a bit disheveled and frizzy, but she has beautiful eyes. Her movement is a bit awkward and she looks a bit like an unpolished gem! She has a pinkish eye colour and a cute whisper soft voice.  (I watched it in japanese) She is definitely something I could go with appearance wise. Nozomi looks a bit like a counterpart, her hair is much more defined and in a popular style, her eyes are a grey, that still somehow shine brighter than most of the coloured iris characters. Conveying how much strength there is in there. Her design is a bit generic but cute enough! Liz is my favorite character design of the lot. She has this distinct older feeling, which makes her a bit more romanceable for my age of double digits that is not 22 but lower than double that.  She has this mundane /average look I like. Like Mizore she doesn’t feel overly pretty but conveys sweetness and care. . Blue girl is a hyper energetic girl with a somewhat tomboyish short haircut and an overly long blue dress. Somehow that clothing style kinda annoyed me. It felt very unshapely and kinda unfitting as if it washed out her personality. I wouldn’t reject her for it but so far she is ranked last.

A story about music about a story

While I am not going to spoil this amazing story much like always the first five minutes are free game. Nozomi and Mizore are the top contenders for a solo in the competition where the flute represents the blue bird and  the Oboe represents Liz. Much to Nozomi’s dismay however the story ends “badly” where Liz eventually has to part ways with the Blue Girl. However she knows Mizore would never let her go, because she is simply unable to. Mizore realises this as well and has difficulty to relate to Liz. This leads her to not perform as well with her music as she possibly could. Since Mizore wants to go to music school however it is very important  that she performs well. So we get an interesting form of dilemma. Mizore needs to grow, but she is terrified that she will realise that she eventually has to let Nozomi , her only true friend go. The entire story seems to reflect this imagery through very small and silent scenes. We see the two staring through each others at windows oftenly for example. Either Nozomi spots Mizore being lonely or Mizore spots Nozomi having fun with her other friends and not being able to give Mizore the attention she seeks. During these scenes we don’t get any dialogue we just get subtle hints of Oboe and flute music, Which perfectly tell us the feelings of both parties involved. Very impressive.  Every so often one of the two reads from the story book of Liz and we move to the fairy tale world where Liz and the Blue Girl live. Drawing closer and closer to their inevitable goodbye (which is stated that’s how the story ends in the first minutes so this is not a spoiler).

That fairy tale world once more is beautifully orchestrated from beginning to end.  The music the girls have to play for the concert takes center stage in these scenes. Drawing ever closer to the third act. .. the dreaded part where the two part ways. However in this fairy tale world is also my biggest gripe with this movie. The backgrounds are done in this soft hand sketched story book style, while the characters are a much brighter anime style. The issue I have with these is that the characters are very much on a different layer, almost as if they are part of one of those pop up books. It’s very noticable and something I could not get into myself. While I love the esthetics of the world and most of the characters the way humans stick out of the shots at times kinda feels like a badly blurred green screen to me. It feels intentional but I found it to be kinda ugly looking, which was the only thing that kept me from being 100% invested in this beautiful tale.

Each time we exit the story book time will jump a bit forward in the real world and those notes of the next act draw closer to Mizore’s theme and that of Nozomi as well. Which give the movie a sort of tension.  Will we get a happy ending? Or will their story be to paralel and will we see the end of a friendship? It seems Mizore wants a more romantic relationship and the flutist seems to friendzone her, but if we have to believe the music there is many more layers. Blue girl and Nozomi are first being depicted as  fairly simple happy go lucky characters without many layers. Very free in the way they go about. Childish to an extend almost and while they do get a lot more depth towards the third act of the movie…such a coincidence… I’d put them both out of the running for my waifu competition. I’d have some issues with people who solve their problems by kind of smiling them away rather than dealing with them.

A story about Freedom, Setting Free and Freeing yourself by setting free.

The story of both the fairy tale world and the “real world’  ask a lot of questions of you. Is it okay to be happy if I am holding someone back from being their truest self? Can I even be happy when I know I am in the way of their truest potential. Does that feeling change when I realise that they desire only to be with me? This movie highlights important questions we have about our relationships but also shows us some answers. As a bit of a loner, but not to much I find myself easily transported into Liz her mindset.  I can socialize with people in town fairly okay, but when push comes to shove I can still feel a tad bit lonely. The way the movie depicts it in the first act, I could relate to it so , so much. The way Liz puts her own needs below that of Blue Girl..even if she is just making assumptions is a process I am working on with my psych a lot. I did it too. We sometimes feel we are bad for someone, thus we have to set them free, but are we REALLY doing them any favors?  This movie made me think a lot, and cry as well. Throughout music and visuals , we are told two stories, what is the right thing to do there? When do we set someone free? Are we really the person who needs to set someone free? Or do we ourselves need to be set free from those ideas? This movie makes you think in a fantastic and very real manner. These issues are real and never really “enlarged”. Sure.. I never had the magical encounter that Liz or Mizore had  but I can still feel for them. The ending also doesn’t go for the cheap route. It again invites for thought! Good for them! And such a great movie with so many relatable characters. This movie is truly one of the most touching and well directed and detailed anime films I have seen in recent times. There’s plenty of gems out there but rarely does one strike this close to the heart. This one a deadshot straight in the kokoro for me!

Now that we found out the show has relatable characters let’s find out how many characters are datable. Like I said Nozomi and Blue Girl are out. I like them fine as characters but  they aren’t a great match for me. Mizore and Liz are much more my thing, but how about availability? I mean I would not take someone away from their promised lover. Is Mizore a contender? Well I am not spoiling. You will just have to see if she will make my list. Liz however is a contender. We know she sets the Blue Girl free and remains alone. So my first waifu is 2d in a 2d world. Jeez… this feels like Dark Magician girl all over again. Can’t we do better?! Yes we actually can.  A minor character in the anime series as well as this movie is called Ririka Kenzaki, an Oboe player that does seem to display some romantic interest in Mizore but that might be me, She also seems socially awkward, and has the same low energy geeky humor as me. Her favorite colour is Dahlia Purple which is a good match with pink. Her second favorite colour Mimoso could be nice with Pink in spring and both more or less fit in my blog colour scheme. Ririka seems like she is just a bit crazy and devoted in a good way. Being 16 or so she is kinda young. Liz is compasionate and caring and like i said earlier I can relate a lot to her, she seems age appropriate and I do like her style of living ( as long as we’d get wifi) the animals may scare me at first but I’d love to a bread eating racoon. Mizore might be a bit timid for me, she would not do well among my friends I think. My gay best friend would eat her alive.

So lets do it like this let’s cast a vote on who is the best Waifu and they will move to the next round! If you think you know a better waifu for me suggest an anime (but please not the waifu itself) in the comments and I will investigate for another episode of Pinkie in Search of a Waifu! Jaa Ne Mina!

Hopes and Dreams: Pinkie’s Paradise in 2020

That’s right my island guests. Pinkie is doing on of THESE posts. I’m such a rebel for doing this in the second week of the new year right?! I’m doing my own thing with the trend! You thought you had the last New Year Update post?! But it was I PINKIE! *Evil Pink Laughs* Anyway mina, this is a little update on what I hope to achieve in 2020 and how I plan to get there.

Pinkie hope  to develop her voice further.

The year 2019 was the birth year of my blog so of course I still needed to find my stylish direction a bit. In fact I completely revised the vision of my blog! I started out to blog just about Pokémon but that was taking away some of the magic. I had to look at every single bit of news, I had to look super deep into some mechanics, it took away that sense of wonder that comes with the pokémon world for me. That “have you heard that you can only get Appletun by giving Applin a Sweet Apple?’   gossip among friends. As a blogger I had to look into it all! I would never be able to be surprised anymore and that wasn’t worth it for me. I wanted there to be some pokémon magic still. So I rebranded to paradise which is much more about myself and my love for geek media. It’s a place about taking care of yourself and finding your own happiness. This week I found another part of my voice and it is love. I want this blog to be about love for our fandoms, to actually love the things that we love.

(Let’s fangirl again)

My eyes were opened,  how nowadays we look for things to hate in games and anime and movies rather than to love them. We look for reasons not to buy them and go out of our way to demonise companies and people making the things that we love. We meddle in their private life and romantic life and boycott them for a bad break-up or infidelity. We look at the tweets some guy’s ancestor made a billion years ago and blame a movie they made for it. I want this blog to be a place that DOESN’T do that. I want this place to be about love. Why do I love Star Wars?  What makes me want to live in that galaxy far far away? I am a fan after all. Sure they made a few misfires for me recently but that doesn’t have to be the focus of my fandom!
Let me tell you what I LOVE about anime, instead of focussing on how female unfriendly it is. It makes me happy despite that it may do that and I wish my blog to reflect this sentiment. On Paradise I do not want to believe in factual good or factual bad! Those are always opinions and even if a single person loves something that thing has a right to exist. So my blog will focus on happy things, positive emotions and try to brighten up your day! It’s about why I love! Maybe people can draw inspiration from it and love their fandoms again as well. Maybe people will unite in hating me for choosing what I like, without having others influence that love. Regardless, somewhere people will be happy! So I will succeed! Lovu Lovu power!

Pinkie dreams about strengthening the community and collaborations.

I hope that in 2020 I can be more sociable. I want to develop my own Blog-Tag,  blogger award thingy that will be fun for everyone to do. I want to get to know more people in the blogging community. I have a few ideas on how to to this. A very personal blog tag could be one of them. I am also thinking about interviewing other bloggers as a sort of feature on my website, but this is something that will not be happening for a while at least.  I would really love to do a collaboration with bloggers, that seems like fun. So if anyone reading is interested in that sort of thing check the about page on how to contact me! There is a contact page, but that e-mail just gets flooded with all the blog posts I am not sure how I can fix that because I am not very good with those sort of things. I would love to create a discord or something to just have fun with people. I would love for people to band together and be positive again!I  am all for accepting people and being open to everyone and including everyone regardless of skin-colour sexual preference or identity and despite someone’s disabilities or whatever. I am a proud member of OWLS and I will contribute to that cause. Yet I also feel we should be positive again. Let’s not focus as much on why Jojo’s is unfriendly to women or why you are scum if like Fallout 76. We spend so much time on these things that I would like to create a force of positivity. I am not sure how I will do it yet! But hey at least there is an ambition. I have a weird Idea on how I would style it though. Let’s fighting Love!

Pinkie hopes to create new cocktails

On to a bit lighter matter for a bit. I plan to bring you all some “new” types of content in 2020.  Back when I started I loved to bring my fictional stories. “What if’s “ set in the Pokémon Universe,Retelling of Fairy Tales but with Pokémon, I even took a crack at Star Wars. While the content never really performed well on my site I just love writing stories. So stories are coming back.  The Write Tai (A pun on the Mai tai cocktail) will feature my own little blobs of fiction. While What If’s still will be a part of these, I will mostly try to focus on original stories. These will be mostly set in a D&D esque fantasy setting, using creatures and species from those realms. While those my not be fully original, we see them in plenty of other media in nearly the same shape way or form. It will give me a blueprint to work of and give people something they can relate too. Plus I can promote the wonderful hobby of D&D that way. Best of all using existing fantasy races gives me art to use as visual tools to my story since I am still not an artist nor can I afford one. Other than that I am considering something like the little interviews or something else that is community related but that one I haven’t figured out yet.  The first story post should come out soon and features one of my favorite OC”s I have ever created. So look forward to that.

Pinkie dreams about growing her blog

Of course we also got to set a growth goal. The next one obviously will be 200 followers.  I do expect to stagnate in growth for a bit as I basically only get WordPress Subscribers and virtually no email subscribers so I am not very ambitious in those terms. I hope to reach about 200’ish subscribers around my blog’s first anniversary.  When writing that out it kind of seems overly ambitious but number wise so far it could pan out. I have No idea what normal growth is for a blog but of course I still do hope to grow. I may look into monetising my blog for a minimal amount . Like a paypal donation or that Kofi thing to cover some basic costs like the website itself. I have no idea on how to handle this yet so please stick by me when I dabble a bit with that. I will not be begging for anything, I think it just might be fun to see if it does anything.  So if weird buttons show up in weird places, don’t click them to fast. I am a layman in these things and aren’t even sure that I should be doing this, but I guess the only way to find out is to experiment. I also plan to expand my skill sets a bit so maybe I will make some minor videos to support the blog or make a post a bit more fun, in case I have the time available to me. Yet in all these expansion thingies I will need your help my dear little island guests. If you like a video I make for example please like the video on youtube as well as the post. If you have any tips for me to grow or how to do a bit of the monetising thing without it being obnoxious let me know and if you have a great idea  of content, do make suggestions! I simply seek to develop myself and have more fun and I am looking for the means to do so.

Pinkie hopes to have fun

The most important lesson however I learned in 2019 is, that I mostly blog for myself. It’s is me who wants that community . to chat and swap thoughts with similarly minded people. It is me who loves to write stories and act a little crazy and it’s me who wants to restore the positivity in my life. While I love you all for following me and interacting with me there is just one person I absolutely require to like everything on my blog! That person is Pinkie. Plus potential co-hosts but those are not on my wish list until 2022. I wouldn’t mind them earlier, so hey if you do not want to make your own blog but you do want to write, if you want a chibi avatar named after a colour like Violetta, Rose or Grey you are welcome. I got of topic again.. such a surprise. My blog is made for my amusement and it will be a central theme in 2020 as well. So don’t expect me to do strict schedules or clean objective reviews, I am gonna have fun with it. When I make a sandwich I am gonna make one I like and when I like it as well I don’t make it look fancy just because my instagram followers would like it more. Then again I do not have instagram so perhaps that IS the way to make a sandwich.

(I rather eat food than photograph it)

This is basically my anti ambitious goal. Should I not be able to promote love, should the entire hate on me because I say I still love pokémon after they found out that one of the sound designers  sisters had a dog which she let out in other people’s yard and he knew about that and never reported it, than I can still do other things under the motto of me wanting to have fun! Yay! I have no crystal ball I can not see the future. Mine ball was plastic it can only see the present..but it won’t break if i drop it. While I have plans and ambitions, never will I let it get away of what truly matters. The joy of the blogging itself. The fun of the community of hearing your amazing stories as well as making mine. I want this blog to be about love! But for that to happen I have to love my blog! Since the heart is fickle anything can happen! But who knows maybe we can all be love ninja’s together.

(Let’s Fight for Love again)
(I will also try to fix my website address)

Five Anime Guests I’d Invite for New Years Eve

So now what we have found out which Pokémon I’ll be bringing to our little New Years Party and which Bloggers will be joining me in hosting the party, I guess it is time to invite 5 Anime Guests I’d invite to the biggest and last event of the year. Like Pokémon and Bloggers, everyone would be invited but these five have a role to fufill. Well.. it won’t actually be five but you will see what I mean by that soon enough.

Guest Number 1 : Megumi Tadokoro : The Cook

A good party needs good food and one of the best chefs recently is Yukihira Soma from Shokugeki no Soma… so of course we won’t be inviting him.  Why not? Well because there is no drive for him to win, I am not paying for two chefs. For those who don’t know Soma he is the briljant young cook and protagonist of the Food Wars series.  He cooks food that is so delicious people will orgasmn and their clothes will explode. Now while Fred may actually enjoy that experience I am a bit more subtle and would not want to lose my favorite party dress. Besides that little titbit the opposite might also be true Soma really likes cooking disgusting food when he can, and a group of drunken people celebrating the coming of the new year just might be his perfect testing ground for those dishes. Next Soma is also quite cocky and he would be hard to manage at this party, he would probably make want HE wants to make rather than following my suggestions!

(It will be so gross you laugh? Hell No! We serve quality in Paradise.. get away Soma you scrub)

So it’s time to hire a chef that is better suited for the job. His long time buddy Megumi Tadokoro.  She has a much more handleable personality, she’s shy and kinda adorable and best of all she is specialised in fish. 
Now I know that fish is not everyone’s favorite snack in the world.. but we are all otakus here, so sushi and sashimi at the very least should go down well. Plus we live on a tropical island which means the freshest of fish anyway. It oftenly combines well with tropical fruits as well so clearly Megumi would be the better choice of the two.  I feel she would also be less repelled by the pink energy around my party.. speaking of which the next guest is actually a group which oozes pink atmosphere.

(Kaoiken Megmumi make my fish snacks tast 10x better)

Guest Number 2:  μ’s  : The Band

Mallow already said he would not want Jigglypuff singing all evening but I still need it to provide some entertainment and to play fun games with so I wont boot it off. However I will offer an actual band at my party because you got to have one.  My favorite one is the μ’s. This band is a musical idol group from the original Love Live series. If all songs in the world would be represented by a colour virtually everything in μ’s.  library of songs can be represented by the colour pink. Though I’d might give Snow Halation  silver. By now they should all have grown up a bit so they make nice party guests and people still like their songs. Be it from their classical song Start/Dash to one of my favorite No Brand Girls. They all come with a set of cute dances that are easiest to mimic but hard to master. Which will make sure  people will also have fun at the dancefloor, but also just watching the dance floor as chaos is bound to ensue. Of course their concert comes with a free master class in becoming an idol girl.. spoiler.. we will say Nico Nico Nee a lot!

(We will do this for an hour straight at the party! Fun!)

Of course there is one thing I particularly want to hire this band for, and that is to all sing together at midnight. I have already picked out the song. It’s the song that is called Aishiteru Banzai. a song that I think is perfect for New Years Eve. While two fan translation exists which differ pretty hard from each other it is at least a song that celebrates love but also moving forward. One translation of the song title would be Cheers for the Love, while the other one reads “I love you Hurray”. The latter version is mostly used for the solo version of the song, which also exists. But of course we are looking at the group version as we all will sing along.   “Cheers for Love” is of course already a message I can very much get behind. While I do not think a lover is very important to have I do think having love is so much more and is something everyone needs and deserves. So yes Cheers for Love.“Let’s move Forward, even if it’s painful , I am right here next to you” is yet another line from this song that is very inspiring. The new year will have some challenges ahead but together we can overcome them. “We have the courage not to give up so let’s enjoy the present” …Arceus damn it, this song is good. When the ball drops, just before the clock strikes 12 .. so that the last note ends when the ball drops we will sing about that great tomorrow and how we can overcome it with our love for each other and can shape a better future for ourselves by simply opening your heart to other people is a beautiful way to move into the new that’s what we will be doing. 

(Study it for new years dear guests we will all be singing this)
(A good example of the dances we will doing)
(One of my favorites..but dancing along makes me way too tired)

Guest Number 3: Kamina : The Dare Guy

My bartender, Irina, might try to hog this one, but each party has their Dare Guy… you know one of those guys that pushes others to move past their limits. To talk to that cute girl that is standing there by the punch bowl, to see if you dare to eat Megumi’s Fugu, to dance on a table and just let go of your inhibitions or to smash a radio through a tv set to check out if they could possibly gatai/combine. Kamina is the ideal guy for that and sure I know he can be a little hard to get to show up so… there’s always dragon ball’s we could just wish him to be here. I think there is a new years tradition somewhere that also involves wishing so if we believe we can get him there. Kamina would tell us to have faith in what we want as well so it will all work out. Of course he is a good hunk of man meat as well for the straight girls at my party, which with my luck is everyone but me due to my panda powers, but yeah even though I am a strictly female kinda girl..for Kamina I just might make a one time exception ..after all his dri….. let’s not go there. Kamina seems like a neat guy to have at a party, he likes his booze, he likes his little show and I can really seem him bring a party to live.

Riding a flock of boars, I did that on a dare once.. it did not end well)

He has all the qualities of a dare guy, pushing his pal Simon way past his limits and comfort zone. Even years after those initial lessons of the man, his protege follows that mantra and becomes something greater than even the universe. A bunch of socially awkward people together need a Kamina, who pushes us into that flirt with the cute person we see, who nudges us into joining a game we would otherwise be to shy to join..thinking we would be a bother if the rules have to be explained to us. He will get this party started and keep it going but he will also make you move forward, because with Kamina you can not stand still, you always have to strive to a greater tomorrow, so he is also good at pushing us to set our resolutions. Of course there’s a downside of having a dare guy at these parties as I might actually need to deploy Chansey to do some first aid, or people would throw seeds into my pool just to see if they can will an entire tree to life or something weird like that. At my party we celebrate the new year and look forward to it with positivity. Kamina is that force that will allow us to break the ceiling of our imagination. If you think 2020 is gonna suck.. he will show you that if you want it you can even do more than you might imagine.

Guest Number 4: Ram: The Cleaner

I had a few nominees for this one. Tohru from Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid just fell short, as well did Sebastian. While I wanted to give the straight and bi sexual girls some more man-candy I was going over things in my head and than I realised that Tohru, Sebastian and even sister Rem for that matter would most likely at least have someone to celebrate New Years with, while not every bond is explicit or ‘successful more than likely they at least have someone to wish a happy new year too. While Ram has her master m that bond is rather toxic due to the Oni Horn incident. ’ She hardly has anyone to celebrate with or whom she would care to celebrate with aside for Rem. That they will always stick together was disproven a long time ago as well so I feel like we need to take care of Ram.
Sebastian Tohru and Rem have a more ….dedicated… following but I think we all should welcome Ram and take her into our hearts. If i’d invite Rem she most likely be lewded right away by many vagrants and if you think Subaru should have chosen Rem.. you should not just be mad at him for going after Emilia.. you should also keep Rem available to him for when he comes to his senses. Tohru is a taken girl as well and don’t get me started on Sebastian. No! We will give Ram some love.

(She is like Rem..but pink..which is always better)

Ram is better at her job, because she is a lot more dedicated to it, instead of being dedicated to a man who is not worth her time. She is strong enough to also double as a bouncer at the party, though that I will mostly provide with my five invited game characters, should there be a big incident Ram could help. Slightly less prone to dying, I guess, than her sister she isn’t an impending sign of doom, which really helps people relax at the party. Ram is also a lot more on brand with me.. since she is pink it saves me from taillour making a pink butler or maid outfit for the others. She’s smart and somewhat sophisticated and as a maid can also double as a waitress should people be too lazy to walk to the bartender. Ram all in all is a perfect guest for my party, though she might be a bit stiff, that will go for the most of us.  My blog is about being yourself and getting some love for being yourself and who can feel Ram more loved than a couple of Weeaboo anime fans reading about a fictional party, with fictional characters in an fictional place! That’s right thats true love right there.

(It’s not like I am glad to be invited or anything BAKA!)

Guest Number 5: Dark Magician Girl/Mana : The Kiss

That is right boys and girls this guest is for me! Everyone has to have someone to kiss or hug at midnight and I really tend to be alone at that moment the clock strikes twelve. So I should really look for a guest/date to bring. Ako Tamaki would have been my first pick, i’ll be honest. This girl from “And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?!” has captured my heart with the right level of insanity devotion and general cuteness. It doesn’t hurt that her online avatar wears a lot of pink as well. Unfortunately that attractive insanity and devotion is directed towards a specific person and a guy to boot. I am such a panda that I know how it well end if I invite a straight girl to be my date. Even if I really like Yandere girls.. and while Ako is not your typical Yandere she definitely is one, albeit a less homicidal one… darn the one non homicidal Yandere I like.. is straight … and “married”. Just my luck! So this year I am looking for someone I might actually be able to have stick with me for the entire night.


Enter Dark Magician girl! I love her bubbly personality and while her outfit might be a bit short and kinda skimpy.. I guess it’s fine on a tropical island. I love myself a magical girl  and she is an effect monster… so I am certain that she isn’t a trap either. Though since she is a summonable card opposed to an actual girl , I guess I could just go with Mana who turned into DMG at the end of the Zork Arc of Yu-gi-Oh.. but yeah the card is the actual personality I feel most comfortable being with so… solid vision from Arc V maybe? While I have no real insight in her preferences between boys and girls she does seem flirty to basically everyone which means I have a shot of her being flirty with me as well. She’s also loyal to the one who summons her  and inviting her to the party I think counts as a special summon. At worst she will just be a really fun party guest who can most certainly entertain people and make them feel happy. At best I might have finally have someone to kiss at New Years. Plus I will have the ultimate waifu.. thing. See even if she is real and becomes 3d, she still is 2d in a way as she is still summonable from a card. Meaning I get the best of two worlds. .. I think .. I am actually not really in the waifu scene but I think some say a waifu should be 2d. All I know is.. I gotta put three dark magicians in the graveyard so that kiss of Dark Magician Girl reaches maximum intensity! 

(I summon here and there is hearts already.. this meant to be!)

Tomorrow you can read the final post of this party , which game characters would I invite to the party. Should there be time than I might make an extra post on movie characters invited later this day so be sure to check the site out, better just subscribe if you haven’t already. Should you not be able to read tomorrow because you have to visit your grandma for new years , who lives in the darkest reaches of the world with no internet… I already wish you a happy new year.. I don’t know your grandma but happy new year to her too I guess. Tell her to move to civilisation.

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Serendipity: A lesson in choosing you!

Being the Panda I am, I was never too much into romantic movies. A lot of them are about sex, lust or relationships. I do not care about that kind of stuff at all. I also do not really like the dramatic ones where one is dying, dead or tore apart from their lover through other means. So stuff like the notebook, the lakehouse or currently more relevant, the Holiday have never been my jam. Yet there is one romantic movie that makes me swoon and smile and be all giddy wondering when things like this will happen to me. That movie is Serendipity , a movie from 2001 featuring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale with more minor roles for Jeremy Piven and Molly Shannon. What makes this romance heavy movie so different? It’s all in the message.

Two Horrible People

On one faithfull night in New York Sara Thomas and Jonathan Trager meet in a department store, trying to buy the same set of gloves while doing christmas shopping for their partners.  When trying to decide which of them gets the gloves they share a deeper connection and end up having a wonderful evening together. Jonathan lets Sara keep the gloves and she treats him to coffee, from their on out it is clear that these two fall head over heels for each other. Yet they both have relationships so it would not seem meant for them to be together? Or do they, that night they keep encountering each other and falling under each others spell more and more. With one final test they try to see if they should be together by picking a random floor on a 50 floor hotel.  Sara is a big believer into these sort of ideas. While both pick the same floor, a kid getting in the elevator dressed like the devil ruins Johnathan’s shot at this woman and the two are forced to go back to their old lives. Only a book with her phone number, or a dollar with his phone number can bring them back together again. Yet as the years pass by, nothing seems to happen.

Years later both of them get ready to tie the respective knots with their partners, yet both want to give it one more shot to find that mysterious encounter of many years ago, will destiny bring them together or will they wise up and let go of this wild little idea of romance? At first glance this is a very generic plot and in some ways it kind of is. Yet there is a monumental difference between this and basically all other romantic movies. These are the bad guys we are following. Normally we see a girl being neglected by her boyfriend and she finds out she deserves better during the movie.  We see a guy who is being kept on a too short leash by his gal, realising near the end that he has his own rights as well, he doesn’t just have to live for her. The partners of Jonathan and Sara are actually pretty great people. Kate Beckinsale being slightly worse off due to her boyfriend being very busy with a weird flute album. Yet both the flutist and Jonathan’s fiancé show very much love and devotion towards their significant other. The main characters just can’t full reciprocate that love. They are the horrible people we would hate in any other movie, They lie to their partners on a whim and they both plan to be unfaithful or at least put their obsession for each other to an end so they can finally move on. During this movie they are both shown to be very selfish and inconsiderate to the feelings of others because that passion they have deep inside … and I love it.

Never Settle

This movie teaches an all important lesson that people in this day and age have oh so forgotten. The first person you need to make happy .. is yourself.  These days we get obsessed by doing the right thing, by being politically correct and by being the nice person we often end up selling ourselves short. We play pretend that nothing is wrong not to hurt others feelings, while experiencing misery ourselves.  Jonathan and Sara .. as well as this movie in general are a message that you should never settle. A partner should never be the one that is good enough. A partner should always want to be the one, you want to be with more than anything else. The key about a successful relationship is that you have to look out for yourself first. Priority 1 is to make sure, your partner makes you happy, not making your partner happy. While of course you also need to treat your partner well, they can’t tell if they actually make you happy, nor can you completely see if you make them happy so stick with the facts first and do not sell yourself short. If you are not happy with your partner you can never make them truly happy, because if they love you.. that is their desire. 
Serendipity gets this right and while the connection between Beckinsale and Cusack really sparkles and you can actually really feel this is really a movie about them realising their own happiness comes first. 

While this movie is at times overly sweet and the love between our two leads seems larger than live, it doesn’t detract from the message. The movie is not so much about the search for that person.. it’s a search for that moment of true happiness that both of them got to experience true happiness. This is also reflected in the way the dialogues are written. Sara admits to her friend Halley she barely even remembers Jonathan or what they did. She can only remember that sensation. She can’t even remember his looks that well. Meanwhile Cusack’s character frantically searches for something and he doesn’t even really knows what exactly he wants from Sara. It reflects that they aren’t really looking for each other, but looking for that feeling the other gave them. It’s something you can’t put into words something unexplainable.. something larger than life. The movie handles this well that in a way it even overwrites it’s own “plot holes”.

Whims of Fate

Sara is initially being depicted as very superstitious if Jonathan and her are not at the same place at the same time, it’s not meant to be. Johnathan is much more pragmatic and tries to bend fate to his hand. Throughout the movie we see many, many instances of Serendipity each scene showing that they SHOULD be together. Like how they pick the same level on the elevator in the movies intro.  This kind of stuff keeps happening throughout the movie implying that Beckinsale and Cusack are meant to be together each action they take brings them closer to each other or evento each others location, however the actions of others keep stopping them. A mascotte tilts over and Sara picks it up..being seconds late to meet Jonathan misses meeting Sara because of a store clerk gives him a hard time it all can feel a bit cringeworthy at times. One might even argue that actually faith is telling them that it is not meant to be.  So while I absolutely adore this movie, I can see that at times it can really miss the Serendipity mark. Which is it are they meant to be together or not. What should I feel as the viewer? There is no clear answer, you are thrown for a loop and it’s not all perfectly clear what happens when. As a result some scenes can feel a bit inconsequential. The status quo doesn’t really change from beginning to end so it can feel a bit light on plot. While accepting fate as a force wby they SHOULD be together though, both characters seem to ignore it when told they should NOT.

Yet that again to me is the beauty of this movie, there isn’t a chain of beautiful hollywood memories. This movie is all about that one moment and two people’s obsession by it. Breaking their own rules, in favor of each other. We do not get super unlikely chains of events that drive these two apart. No .. it is as simple as having other social obligations, making a little excuse to bail out on something, little misunderstandings. Johnathan does not interact with people willy nilly and neither does Sara. They mostly just share their concerns with their best friends, who do their best to advice them. While Cusack and Beckinsale clearly out-act their respective best friends, it still feels very human. To me, no matter how unlikely the situation would be resembles a true love story the most I have ever seen in a Hollywood movie. These are normal people who realise their other partner is not good enough for them. Not because those people they are with are bad guys.. no.. they simply do not love them enough.  Something they needed a magical moment for to realise. Trying to stay with their partner after that .. made sense as well, it’s human nature to rather have something than nothing after all. We can not control what we feel, we just get pushed into situations that makes us feel, that is what makes us human and that what makes this a darn enjoyable movie.

A fortunate accident
I was about 15 when I first saw the trailer to this movie, at that point in my life, I should not have really liked this , considering who I was back then. Yet I did, the trailer already captured me. I had no one to see it in theater with me though so I never did. Then I forgot the title and could never find it in the video store. Years later, in late 2008 or something. I was sick one day, mom would rent me a bunch of movies. I knew about the Firefly movie so I asked mom to rent me Serenity, that Firefly movie. I was really sick so I could barely speak, so all she heard was Seren. My mom being the good egg that she is, rented both Serenity and Serendipity because she did not know which one I meant. She did not look at what they were about. Maybe it was the high fever that made me dream away with this movie, maybe it was that I actually watch Serendipity trough serendipity but I loved the heck out of it.

To this day I think this one has the healthiest image of love, even if the characters might be some of the more toxic lovers you see in these. Love is not about putting your partner on a pedestal and conquering or being conquered by that person. Love is not going from friends with benefits to more.  Love is about finding that magical feeling of happiness inside you.. that feeling of perfect bliss. Then you dedicate yourself to be with the person that makes you feel that way. These persons can give you, and in essence are the most beautiful gift you can have. True happiness.It’s not about finding who’s  right for you nor about being the right person. It’s about finding that magic of true happiness and keeping that magic alive and about how sometimes you are going to have to be the baddy to find it. Serendipity nails that feeling for me. From beginning to end. While it’s not a highflyer.. this just feels so right.

Mimikyu: The Lonely Pokémon

Greetings again little monsters and welcome to another wonderful post about Pokémon. As an Owlet (a young OWL) as well as a person with a certain ideology, to me it’s important that one can be themselves. It’s hard enough for all of us, not to blatantly follow  what society tries to impose of us, but did you know there is a pokémon that perfectly mimics humanity in this aspect? That is right today we will be talking about the disguise pokemon Mimikyu.


Mimikyu is a ghost-fairy type pokémon. Being the only one of that typing already makes it look a bit lonely but also makes it quite unique and lovable. Now being primarily a ghost type oftenly results in the pokédex saying some messed up things about you. Drifloon the balloon pokémon tries to guide children away to steal their life , Phantump are children who got lost in the woods and died of starvation and the pokémon Yamask is a human spirit reincarnated as a pokémon but it is forced to carry a masked shaped liked the face of the person it once was for eternity just to name a few. This adorable looking ghost pokémon was not spared of a similar pokédex entry.  The pokémon we know as Mimikyu is a lie, the actual pokémon crafted a costume to interact with people and get some of the attention it wants to break it’s loneliness. It has good reason to do so as well. Mimikyu’s true form is said to be so horrible that anyone who looks at it suffers a terrible fate. In official Pokémon lore there once was a college student trying to become a pokémon professor who examined Mimikyu and managed to sneak a peek of what was underneath. Not only was he utterly unable to coherently tell what was underneath anymore, somehow he also got sick which led to him passing away. Which brings us to the sad realisation that Mimikyu is so scary to look at.. it will bring death to anything else or at least from the humans. This could have been fine if Mimikyu’s liked it that way.. but no they actual crave for some affection just like everyone else. So this pokémon is forced to hide itself if it’s ever to receive any love at all. That’s quite heartbreaking.


The Mimikyu of Alola found a solution though, when they saw how popular Pikachu was and how it’s trainer would hug it they decided to make a costume of that beloved pokémon. Creating a costume with a fake head to compensate for its own small size, using a piece of wood as it’s tail. Now that it looked like Pikachu it was actually able to interact with humans and other pokémon alike, but there still was a problem. Apparently Mimikyu’s crafting skills were so good that people actually began to see them as Pikachu. So even if it could receive hugs now it was being seen as something different. It received love that was not initially meant for it. The love it got was a lie… and Mimikyu was aware. While some may be sceptic and think.. you clearly see a difference, yes you see a difference but Mimikyu is scared of the light, it harms it even if it is really exposed to it. While the suit protects it from that.. it is still scared enough to only come out at night. In the dark the difference is already a lot harder to tell. In the dark even you and I may just see a Pikachu, and Jessie and James definitely have pulled off worse costumes so eyesight is debatable there anyway. Even though Mimikyu can be resentful to Pikachu for stealing all the love away, it has a deep love for it’s own costume. In fact the costume is so well done that everyone always attacks the fake head first, indicating once more people really see a Pikachu. They don’t stare at the real pair of eyes staring at the torso. Even if people realise it’s a Mimikyu they oftenly still stare into the wrong eyes.When the costume breaks a Mimikyu is filled with great sadness that it will keep feeling until it manages to repair  the disguise. It will not rest until it looks cute and huggable again. It will also get sad when people call it Pikachu, but he keeps doing it because it has to because otherwise it will get no love at all.

Mimikyu is me

To express its individuality  Mimikyu has developed quite a unique moveset. It’s one of very few ghosts who prefer to attack physically and also the majority of fairy types prefers special attacks. So while it’s not the only physical ghost, or the only physical fairy type ,, it certainly seems to go against the meta of it’s typings as if it was trying to be unique. In the game you will generally run a moveset that is something close to Sword Dance, Play Rough, Shadow Sneak and a fourth move up for grasps, Wood Hammer, Leech Life or Destiny Bond all have their benefits, though I prefer Wood Hammer myself because Leech Life only adds grass super effectiveness and Wood Hammer adds Water, Rock and Ground. It’s speed is not good enough to rely on destiny bond. Substitute is a possibility as well but is only good situationally. You’ll generally want to run it with maximum Attack and Speed EV’s but with a web team you could also run it as a bulky sweeper. Point is Mimikyu’s moveset is not something you see to often in it’s typings. Alongside Aegislash it’s the only ghost type that uses Sword Dance and aside from Slurpuff I can not think of a decent STAB play rough user like Mimikyu either. Mimikyu is a pure physical attacker, thats where its strength lies and that’s how it distinguishes itself from Pikachu and most of its ghostly peers.  The statpool of mimikyu in a way reflective of its physical attention. With a base attack stat of 90 it has quite a fair attack stat, with sword dance freely doubling it up due to the disguise ability , which makes Mimikyu invulnerable for a turn. It’s special attack is nothing great the golden standard of mediocrity a base stat of 50. Yet Mimikyu is so dedicated to its role to play Pikachu that it even learns thunderbolt.. a move that is non STAB and off stat for it. Yet he just wants to be loved.. so copies one of pikachu’s most popular attacks. Willing to sacrifice a bit more of himself.. just to find acceptance.

One Last Hug

Having a unique typing, a fairly unique moveset  a unique ability and a rather unique story is however not enough for Mimikyu, it also as a unique Z move. While most people just see a funny animation, I see something a bit deeper. A Z-move is activated when the trainer strikes a Z-pose after a watch. Mimikyuim-Z replaces the move Play Rough one time with a suped up version unique to this pokémon. It’s called Let’s Snuggle Forever or as the Japanese call it Snuggly Friend Time. While using this move we see Mimikyu swell up, using as the anime states it, hot hair to expand its costume to envelop it’s target while punching it with its shadowy claw from the inside.At least that is what is suggested. Now this may seem harsh but lets not forget if Mimikyu did not beat the living Krabby out of them they might see his actual body and die of the curse.  Yet we can’t really tell what’s inside..maybe they just see Mimikyu’s true form and take big damage from it. However there is also a beautiful moment in it. For a trainer to use this move means they have to equip the pokémon with the Mimikyuim-Z crystal therefore knowing it is a Mimikyu and not a Pikachu. Again your Pokédex and moveset would explain it… but at the moment you use this Z move, Mimikyu acknowledges the command while the trainer looks at its actual eyes. Mimikyu briefly flicks it’s disguise to it’s broken form allowing a moment where the truest form of Mimikyu one can ever see and it’s trainer interact with each other and recognise each other. Here it finds a true friend and completes its journey of recognition. It has finally find someone to snuggle forever.

True Self

Now who or what is Mimikyu really? We will never truly know we do know it is tiny. While Pikachu is about 1’04 in feet or 40,6 centimeters, the Pokédex classifies Mimikyu’s seize about half of it. A regular Pikachu weighs in at about 6,5 kilograms or 13 pounds  while Mimikyu weighs just under 10 times less than that a 1.5 pounds or 700 grams. This includes its disguise. Which contains a wooden tail and the wood that is most likely on the inside to keep the head sticking up. Since , counting the ears, Mimikyu’s lower body hiding space is about a third of its total length it means it can fit in a 7 by 7 by 7 centimeter cube with now trouble equaling a 2.7 x 2.7 by 2.7 volume.  Yet it is also capable of extending that length greatly as it’s claw can stretch and even claw at legendaries.

However it’s true form has to fit inside the mimikyu costume because a guy looked underneath and saw it’s true (thusly not compressed form) .So whatever it is .. something horrible that is about the size of a scoop of ice cream. Something we will never truly know, something that for always be loved as something it is not. It is really sad and something I wish upon nobody. So for anyone out there who is out there having difficulty showing the world your true self, because you don’t like the “right’ gender or don’t feel the right gender or whatever you feel , that you believe you can’t share with the world, please don’t become a Mimikyu. Pretending to be straight so your parents will love you doesn’t really mean that it’s real. Pretending you are Cisgender so your friends will remain your friends, only means they weren’t even friends to begin with.. if they would not. It is great that you consider the feelings of others and that makes you a better person but if you love anyone they deserve to know the real you.

Mimikyu tries but will never truly get what it is after. Do not let that happen to yourself and your truest identity. Yes Mimikyu is one of the most beloved Gen 7 pokémon and has enough fans..there is even plenty of art of Mimikyu finally getting the hugs it so desired..and about 90% of them draw it wrong.. in such a way that the actual life form is not getting hugged at all. Don’t be like this poké you!

Now that you all know Mimikyu a little better , we come can love it a bit more. While it may be a lesson to be you should not hide yourself it doesn’t mean we should ignore those who can’t fully be themselves yet. Like how Mimikyu’s Z-move shows the bond with it’s trainer we can achieve the same with our friends. Show them we would accept them.. no matter whats underneath their disguise and together we can unleash our Z-move to clear all obstacles.

Question to my readers:

If you had a Z-Move what would it be called?

Mine would be called Friendship is magic and would be of the psychic type! I will tell you more on THAT subject somewhere in the future!I thank you all for reading, if you haven’t already please follow this blog and leave a like!

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again!


Loving Ambition. OWLS September 2019 Blog Tour

Hey there little monsters, today it’s time for another sunday special. This time it’s the Owl Blog Tour! For those who don’t know who the OWLS are. It’s an acronym for the Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-respect. A band of people promoting acceptance no matter your skin colour, gender, capabilities sexuality or beliefs. Having quite a couple of links with them myself I recently joined up and this is my first blog tour I write for them. The subject of septembers tour is going to be lovers… something I am very much not. I am so panda that I barely even know anymore what the word means. Hence I am not looking at any proper couple.. but the hints of romance between a couple of ten year olds.

Unbroken Bonds

While there never was really an official relation between Ash and his companions  I think they have been shipped aplenty. In two cases there even was some clear cut romantic subplots.  In the Pokémon anime, both Misty and Serena definitely could have been lovers of Ash. No matter who watches the Pokémon anime , they see that Ash and Misty were supposed to end up together and even more so with Serena. What changed them from potential lovers into star crossed lovers in one foul swoop? It wasn’t really their age, after all in the anime Ash, Misty and Serena act much closer akin to 16 year olds rather than a 10 year old. By every romantic movie or book ever written they SHOULD have their happy ever after together. They formed bonds together due to the wide variety of experiences they have seen of each other. They have seen each others good and bad sides and they support each other regardless of it. It’s not the friend zone either because throughout the series clearly there are hints of both sides liking each other. In fact Misty was my first experience with a Tsundere if I ever saw one.

Serena’s crush on Ash is established from the get go the first episode clearly going into a romantic subplot. So how can couples who are this compatible and do take an interest in one another not end up together? This is something I have oftenly asked myself, I have been in Serena’s and Misty’s shoes more than once.. I have met my Ash(ley)  and saw my romance fall through even after we admitted we liked each other.. and being able to talk like we have known each other for ages. Yet there is a force that tore me and my Ashley apart.. and it’s the same force that tears away Ash from Misty and Serena and that force is ambition.

Unified Minds

In society there are so many mantras what we have to do in life. Some incredibly dated some newly tacked on. People are brainwashed hard into believing that they want  to be a doctor living in their house with a white picket fence, a loving wife and their 2.5 children. Everyone HAS to get a job right away, everyone HAS to aspire to be larger than life and we live life to be ‘normal’ or recognised by others.. rather than accepting who we are. Ash falls in that same pitfall as many and as a result is missing out on beautiful things life could offer. Ash is determined to win a pokémon league.. to be recognised by his peers to be special without being ‘special’ .. he follows the standard boys dream. He is quite passionate about it, which in turn makes him more appealing to the girls… who also follow the standard doctrine. ‘Well that is an ambitious guy.. that one is a catch.. it will lead to that white picket fence.’ Little do they know they fall in love not with each other.. but the ability to follow that standard dream that everyone in the world seems to follow. Yet because Ash is ambitious he becomes unable to settle until he can live up that dream and that standard set by society. Success, partner, home and children is basically what it comes down too. Nearly everyone strives for that package in some shape way or form.. it’s the blueprint of a life at least.  While in our world success is somewhat flexible term, just get above average income and you are deemed successful, the standard in the Pokéworld is a lot higher. You HAVE to be the very best .. like no one ever was.

This gives Ash an unfulfillable ambition, an everlasting itch which blinds him to the next step in his journey. Because in his own eyes he is not successful yet he can not move onto the step to find a lover. Meanwhile because Misty and Serena also strive for the same thing Ash ambitions makes him a lot more attractive to them.. creating quite a toxic situation. We all crave for some stability which ambition creates and thus we end up thinking a doctor is more attractive than a plumber. A Pokemon champion is more attractive than the guy who does not travel anymore. In truth.. and I do believe this is also the reason why we have so many divorces , a great many of us aren’t looking for the perfect partner for us, we are looking for that person who can give us that standarly perfect life and quite often those two do not have to align. We oftenly delude ourselves in needing something we do not need. In a way a great many of us are Ash. We do not need to be a Pokémon Champion.. nor do we need to date one. Generations of brainwashing tells our subconscious we do though. So all our minds are set on solving that perfect little puzzle.. yet you might not even fit in it.

Hidden Fates

So because of protagonist syndrome Ash will de doomed to fail in settling down with the girl of his dreams. In my eyes a part that would have fitted Serena perfectly because she had a crush on Ash from the get go. Misty arguably fell for Ash because of his determination and ambition so he should he settle for her there is a risk of losing that attraction. Serena liked how he helped her and  the ‘motionless’ or core part of his personality. What I mean by that is that we can fall in love with a person based on they react or how they intrinsically are. Ash IS ambitious because he has unfilled desires and dreams but they way he makes sacrifices to protect others (by saying goodbye to some of pokémon friends) just happen because. No matter if he is the champion and a billionaire or as he is now.. Ash will always help those in need.

Yet his ambition has a limit, dreams can be fulfilled. His ambition will grow or weaken as he develops while the helpfulness is a constant. Per example I am a very careful person right now, I used to be happy go lucky but the situation requires me to take more things into account as I had more things on my plate. Would Ashley have fallen in love with me because she liked happy go lucky me.. we might be at odds now. Part of our personality is in flux, it changes as we grow and if those are the traits we happen to fall in love with, we risk falling out of love as well. Misty fell in love with Ash because of the passion he displayed, his inner fire. Serena fell in love with his kindness and his sense of justice.

Both valid reasons but in case of the latter a much more stable base.  Yet that fire is a much more potent aphrodisiac. A drive, zeal and passion are quite a bit sexier in the eye of the public and once more a reason why ambition is a dangerous thing to fall for.  If you swoon over ambition it may be your fate to stand by the sidelines because their success comes first.. like what happend with Misty and Serena . If you do manage to snag someone with ambition it might be your fate to see the love fade away when that drive fades. After all at one point the ambitions will have their success, partner house and children.. how ambitious they remain after that remains to be seen. Those who truly fall in love with each others true core.. are way more often fated to remain together. Serena fitted this role very well but Ash was just to ambitious. He moved away to Alola to be the very best and he inspired Serena to go to Hoenn so she can measure up to him. Ambition is great birth control.

Team Up

While we promise to be their for our lovers in sickness and in health we only select them in health while in truth is we are oftenly only selected in health. Serena and Misty won’t ask Ash to stay with them because it would break the status quo.. they would take away his success. Misty could not ask that of him because she would ask him to give up what made him a potential lover for her. Serena could not ask that of him because she fell in love with that core and she knew that Ash would sacrifice his goals for her if she asked. On his turn Ash would never go for either of the girls because his step one has not been completed and he will not be happy without fulfilling that ambition, become the everlasting traveler making him unreachable to both shippable girls.

This brings me back to Ashley.. my one that got away (who is not actually named Ashley by the way) who moved away because there was a better career waiting for her seeming totally convinced when she told me that a proper career comes first. Not long after my best friend moved away because he had to put a career ahead of his friendships. I mean we still are friends but I am the type that would rather settle for a bit of a lesser job and live closer to my friends.. rather than a high paid job but barely any time to see or go to my friends. Misty was looking for a lover to start a future with because of ambition that future could never really start not even during their second journey together.. not even now that they hang out during their semi third. Serena for the biggest part was just glad she could spend time with Ash.. yet ambition made them go their separate ways. I am like Serena and I  feel the world is wrong. We seek someone to be happy with in the future to build up to be that standard family you see in stock photos.

(Stock Footage Family.. I do not know these people…. this scares me)

Ambition is required for that in a way. I want someone to be happy with right now so that I can be me..not this boring bourgeois version of me that does well in the eyes of society. I don’t want a white picket fence! I’d risk being a means to an end. I do not need.. and you do not need someone that wants you for their picture perfect. We should stop wanting a lover for the future and start wanting a lover for the now. That might sound wrong but if I am happy with my lover now and live in the moment, that happiness is always pure. It’s not because I want to have children someday (I don’t )  it’s not because I want a bigger house (I do want that) it’s because of that moment! Each moment that follows is just as pure as I do it as me.. not ‘a good citizen. Ash and companions highlight this for me. There is so much  potential happiness going to waste because they imagine more of the future.. and because of that pesky ambition. He keeps his eye on the future and is blinded for the now, like many of us when it comes to lovers. People get cast aside for reasons like ‘My parents would not like them’ ‘I do not need the extra baggage’ or those who stop talking to you when they find out your sick.. no matter how perfect you are in terms of compatibility doesn’t matter if you delay their dream.. the dream is often more important than the one to fulfill the dream with. Ash dream was to become a pokémon master and those he travels with too complete it are secondary. Ash journey has been long and so much potential happiness got wasted, while in actuality all he needed to say to Misty or Serena are the words I someday hope to hear from a girl.
“I Choose You’

This concludes my first OWLS post. It might seem like I am bitter, but I am not really. I just question the concept people have of lovers. I am perfectly happy without one as well. Because I do not strive for that perfect little future don’t have the ambition. For all I know I might drop dead before I ever get there so I try to strive for something much more controllable. Happiness in the now and happiness as my truest self. Only by doing that one day I might be a good lover myself.

For more ,probably less cynical talk, about lovers why don’t you try Shay’s thought it’s up since the 14th! All you have to do for some of their content is clicking right here! From the 16th on Auri will have something special for you on this link.  If you are like me, super impatient, here you can visit them at their home page right here for a quick follow or reading what they are all about.

Now if you haven’t clicked of here yet do leave a comment. Applications for lovers may or may not be taken seriously depending on how much wine I had by the time I am reading your comment.

Question to my Readers

Which Ash & Companion do you ship?

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How to: Beat A Team of Legendaries with a Magikarp

Hey big people reader folks. Chibi Pinki here! This week is all about having fun. Our regular schedule is thrown out the window and now the Pinkie that has something fun  to tell for the day will write their thing. I encountered a super cute song yesterday while i was playing with my Mime Jr. It talks a little about magikarp.. and since mondays are supposed to highlight a single pokémon we still kinda meet the brief… but differently. 

The Subject

Name: Magikarp
Original Name (Japan) : Koiking
National Dex Number: 129

Base Stat Total: 200
Battle Tier: Never Used

Combat Role: Physical Sweeper
Best know for: Splashing…but nothing happens

Magikarp is a cute little koi fish that was known as the useless pokémon in generation I. You could fish it up with the first rod you got and only knew one move! However you would soon find out that while using Splash nothing happened. With the old rod you would catch it at level 5 and for 10 levels it would not have any offensive moves. After that it would only get tackle, a very weak physical move with one of the lowest base powers. It’s base attack stat , which powers up the tackle is only at 10 to this day putting it in the absolute bottom in terms of strength. To this day he still holds that honour along with a few other pokémon.But off all the pokémon with a physical attack of 10.. magikarp has the lowest base stat total (power level). Nearly every stat for magikarp is bad.. it’s defence is close to okay and it’s speed is fair. On paper it is useless in every sense of the word until it evolves in the mighty gyarados. 

It’s still cute though right?! I mean.. I still like it.. and so did the world. Poor Magikarp has been memed a lot , but it’s also gotten a lot of love. It’s gotten it’s own game , has been featured in some pokémon stadium minigames and to this day there is always a trainer somewhere in the pokémon games that uses a full team of magikarp. Game Freak must have loved Magikarp as well because nowadays the red koi can ‘oneshot’ every legendary in the game…in fact he can even take down a whole team of them if you set it up right.

The Inspiration

I don’t think the lady in the video has sung this song all that pretty but she has a pretty good point. Magikarp is a lovely pokémon because of how iconic it is to the franchise. Yet so much is unknown about this Pokémon. Did you for example know there is a gender difference visible between male and female magikarp? The males have gold tendrils and the females have white ones. See now I made it even MORE special. Because of how great and useless it is Game Freak even decided to make it’s shiny gold. Quite like caterpie the weakest bug pokémon in generation I. For the longest while that golden bug was also able to oneshot everything, but these days it needs a bit more luck to take down Ultra Necrozma and the likes… Magikarp however can still take that beasty down. One can wonder, is the game balanced in such a way that magikarp could? Is it something they take into account?… Well no.. unfortunately it has trouble taking down steel types so Palkia , Registeel and perhaps Solgaleo are safe from it’s wrath. Magikarp can easily beat Mewtwo though.. So is the song wrong? Does magikarp have some hidden super saiyan like ability or something? …. Not really.. to sweep Magikarp needs the powers of love and friendship!

The Shopping List

What do you need to make this possible in online battles?  A stupid amount of luck and a enemy team that has no hazard removal. Tricky..but in fairness those who use all legendary teams are usually twelve year old boys/your average fortnite player trying to show of the size of their trouser ekans. Magikarp can’t take down these enemies all by himself though..but in the set up he is the only one that has to actually attack. The rest is just there to help magikarp shine. To pull this off though there is a lot of things you need, and not all of these are easy to comeby.

By far the easiest is thing you need is a Skarmory. It needs to know the moves stealth rock and spikes and has to have the ability sturdy. You’d be smart to teach it some speed IV’s and EV”s as well. The way to train these up vary to much in each game for me to discuss how to do that. It will require some time though.

Then you need a speedy bug that knows sticky web, either equip it with a choice scarf (an item that boosts speed but locks you into a single move) or a focus sash (easier to get) to ensure it can use the move. Araquanid is a good choice in recent games , but any bug will do. Shiny Ariados is my favorite because it’s pink! Just find a spider you like.

You could add a pokémon that sets up toxic spikes as well..but this is unreliable, yet since you are allowed to use a team of six why would you not? In our set up would would have a spot left. Anything that can learn toxic spikes will do. I recommend a Fortress for survivability but you could also show off and run a mega beedrill for example. This one really doesn’t matter that much it’s just a cherry on top.  

The most important pokémon you need besides Magikarp is a Smeargle. The painter pokémon this one you need to give some speed ev’s and equip with with a focus sash. It needs the moves spore, belly drum baton pass and substitute. It would be best off with a timid or jolly nature. Since this one is so crucial to our team, you’ll want to run it twice. Give them an Iapapa  berry to hold.. but make sure the nature is either Timid or Jolly. A Hasty nature will ruin your run.. because the berry would confuse it in the match!

Now finally our magikarp! Since it’s a legendary killer would would like it to be shiny which of course is not required..but hey.. the set up isn’t easy anyway and you’ll need to hatch quite a few smeargle so why not shiny hunt a bit while doing it.  I prefer to use lonely natured one but a naughty one can also work. Using a Hasty or Naive one allows it to easier outspeed things at the cost of damage which could also be helpful. It needs full EV’s in both Attack and Speed as well as IV’s of course so be prepared to suffer while making this team.

I recommend trying this team on Pokémon Showdown rather than the actual game for convenience and speed. Magikarp needs to know the move Flail, which now it can learn, but he only gets splash tackle bounce and flail nowadays anyway. Flail however is going to be your bread and butter. Equip it with a Focus Sash and we are good to go.

The Spiel

Lead of with your webbing Bug and use sticky webs. Stickywebs reduce the speed of your opponents incoming pokémon  to 65% of the original value, which is crucial to Magikarp being faster than them. If they are removed for any reason.. you lose the game. However legendaries tend not to get access to hazard removal so for the sake of this  mock game.. we are good. Watch as your bug gets crushed by the legendary might. Should it survive a turn.. just make sure it has a non damaging move.. let it know string shot thats a good addition.

Next skarmory comes in…Stealth rocks are must! They break sturdy (some pokémon can not be oneshot) unlike spikes for example who don’t hit flying types. It also invalidates the enemies use of items like focus sashes. You need that for Magikarp to sweep. If an enemy holds on with 1 hp.. you will lose the run. So stealth rocks go first.  Should skarmory live just set up more entry hazards with spikes to make magikarp job a bit easier. I know it would detract from the oneshot feeling a bit.. but in some cases these sweeps are damage rolls (damage is partially determined by rng) and spikes can help you reduce the odds at a bad luck fail.

Your toxic spiker goes in next if you decide to use one, again this one is just here for RNG manipulation. You stack the deck in your favor with these, which is kinda cool right?! You could also run a third Smeargle to ensure you get the actual trick off, just know that if one Smeargle pulls it off the other two become useless. So just do what you think is best. With the forretress you could still win the game if magikarp would get killed with toxic stalling or exploding on a last enemy or such.. so he’s my choice. You can choose to let them go down or swap in a sacrificial smeargle depending on the odds.. the magikarp spiel has better odds of success if you let the spiker go down first.

Next comes in the Smeargle… this is the one who will ascend magikarp to levels of godliness. Use spore to send the enemy to sleep… if the enemy is a grass are in a pretty bad position.. but use substitute instead and hope the enemy doesn’t break your little fake buddy right away. When the enemy is (hopefully) asleep use the move Belly Drum. This move quadruples damage output.  If the enemy is still asleep set up a substitute otherwise use Baton Pass to swap into Magikarp. Should you manage to set up a substitute use Baton Pass to go into magikarp anyway. Hard Swapping into Magikarp will not work as the stat boost will not carry over. Baton Pass allows stat buffs to be passed on to the pokémon coming in so it’s crucial.

Now it’s time for Magikarp to obliterate. In this stage a few scenarios can happen. What is important is to find out of Magikarp is faster than your opponent. This is most likely the case if your enemy has made a switch while fighting or if the enemy uses a really slow base speed pokémon.. you probably outspeed it. If this is the case you just keep splashing around unti your enemy manages to hit you once and your focus sash keeps Magikarp at 1hp. After that you just keep happily flailing about and watch as one after another legendary will fall.  If your enemy is still the one that opened the game just start flailing from the get go. This should ensure a victory over  nearly every legendary with just one attack. 

The Message

So the pokémon that has the weakest stats in offence of all pokémon, the one that could not do ANYTHING for quite a while has just taken down an entire team of legendaries. Gods or pinnacles of science alike. With a lot of hard work, some help of your friends and just the right amount of luck even you can  take down mountains. In real life you also might not have the right stats for the job but never give up hope. Your friends can raise you to new levels and at times you can get a lucky break. When life knocks you down just crawl back up and show it the skin of your teeth. The impossible is often way more possible than we initially would have thought. Just add love and never fight your battles alone.

Now you know how to take on legends with a low tier Pokémon.  Shout out to Pimpnite’s youtube channel , I used his video’s to provide some screengrabs of the battling as I don’t have proper means to capture my own screens myself.  Check out his youtube channel for some great how to’s on pokémon battles. Our sets are a bit different in some choices but they function the same. In fact I adapted my core to mimic his latest.. my smeargle did not have substitute first.. but his set was better. You teach me and I teach you Pokémon.. yet again. Did you know Magikarp could take down legendaries? Let me know in the comments.

This Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again!
XO Pinkie