Mimikyu: The Lonely Pokémon

Greetings again little monsters and welcome to another wonderful post about Pokémon. As an Owlet (a young OWL) as well as a person with a certain ideology, to me it’s important that one can be themselves. It’s hard enough for all of us, not to blatantly follow  what society tries to impose of us, but did you know there is a pokémon that perfectly mimics humanity in this aspect? That is right today we will be talking about the disguise pokemon Mimikyu.


Mimikyu is a ghost-fairy type pokémon. Being the only one of that typing already makes it look a bit lonely but also makes it quite unique and lovable. Now being primarily a ghost type oftenly results in the pokédex saying some messed up things about you. Drifloon the balloon pokémon tries to guide children away to steal their life , Phantump are children who got lost in the woods and died of starvation and the pokémon Yamask is a human spirit reincarnated as a pokémon but it is forced to carry a masked shaped liked the face of the person it once was for eternity just to name a few. This adorable looking ghost pokémon was not spared of a similar pokédex entry.  The pokémon we know as Mimikyu is a lie, the actual pokémon crafted a costume to interact with people and get some of the attention it wants to break it’s loneliness. It has good reason to do so as well. Mimikyu’s true form is said to be so horrible that anyone who looks at it suffers a terrible fate. In official Pokémon lore there once was a college student trying to become a pokémon professor who examined Mimikyu and managed to sneak a peek of what was underneath. Not only was he utterly unable to coherently tell what was underneath anymore, somehow he also got sick which led to him passing away. Which brings us to the sad realisation that Mimikyu is so scary to look at.. it will bring death to anything else or at least from the humans. This could have been fine if Mimikyu’s liked it that way.. but no they actual crave for some affection just like everyone else. So this pokémon is forced to hide itself if it’s ever to receive any love at all. That’s quite heartbreaking.


The Mimikyu of Alola found a solution though, when they saw how popular Pikachu was and how it’s trainer would hug it they decided to make a costume of that beloved pokémon. Creating a costume with a fake head to compensate for its own small size, using a piece of wood as it’s tail. Now that it looked like Pikachu it was actually able to interact with humans and other pokémon alike, but there still was a problem. Apparently Mimikyu’s crafting skills were so good that people actually began to see them as Pikachu. So even if it could receive hugs now it was being seen as something different. It received love that was not initially meant for it. The love it got was a lie… and Mimikyu was aware. While some may be sceptic and think.. you clearly see a difference, yes you see a difference but Mimikyu is scared of the light, it harms it even if it is really exposed to it. While the suit protects it from that.. it is still scared enough to only come out at night. In the dark the difference is already a lot harder to tell. In the dark even you and I may just see a Pikachu, and Jessie and James definitely have pulled off worse costumes so eyesight is debatable there anyway. Even though Mimikyu can be resentful to Pikachu for stealing all the love away, it has a deep love for it’s own costume. In fact the costume is so well done that everyone always attacks the fake head first, indicating once more people really see a Pikachu. They don’t stare at the real pair of eyes staring at the torso. Even if people realise it’s a Mimikyu they oftenly still stare into the wrong eyes.When the costume breaks a Mimikyu is filled with great sadness that it will keep feeling until it manages to repair  the disguise. It will not rest until it looks cute and huggable again. It will also get sad when people call it Pikachu, but he keeps doing it because it has to because otherwise it will get no love at all.

Mimikyu is me

To express its individuality  Mimikyu has developed quite a unique moveset. It’s one of very few ghosts who prefer to attack physically and also the majority of fairy types prefers special attacks. So while it’s not the only physical ghost, or the only physical fairy type ,, it certainly seems to go against the meta of it’s typings as if it was trying to be unique. In the game you will generally run a moveset that is something close to Sword Dance, Play Rough, Shadow Sneak and a fourth move up for grasps, Wood Hammer, Leech Life or Destiny Bond all have their benefits, though I prefer Wood Hammer myself because Leech Life only adds grass super effectiveness and Wood Hammer adds Water, Rock and Ground. It’s speed is not good enough to rely on destiny bond. Substitute is a possibility as well but is only good situationally. You’ll generally want to run it with maximum Attack and Speed EV’s but with a web team you could also run it as a bulky sweeper. Point is Mimikyu’s moveset is not something you see to often in it’s typings. Alongside Aegislash it’s the only ghost type that uses Sword Dance and aside from Slurpuff I can not think of a decent STAB play rough user like Mimikyu either. Mimikyu is a pure physical attacker, thats where its strength lies and that’s how it distinguishes itself from Pikachu and most of its ghostly peers.  The statpool of mimikyu in a way reflective of its physical attention. With a base attack stat of 90 it has quite a fair attack stat, with sword dance freely doubling it up due to the disguise ability , which makes Mimikyu invulnerable for a turn. It’s special attack is nothing great the golden standard of mediocrity a base stat of 50. Yet Mimikyu is so dedicated to its role to play Pikachu that it even learns thunderbolt.. a move that is non STAB and off stat for it. Yet he just wants to be loved.. so copies one of pikachu’s most popular attacks. Willing to sacrifice a bit more of himself.. just to find acceptance.

One Last Hug

Having a unique typing, a fairly unique moveset  a unique ability and a rather unique story is however not enough for Mimikyu, it also as a unique Z move. While most people just see a funny animation, I see something a bit deeper. A Z-move is activated when the trainer strikes a Z-pose after a watch. Mimikyuim-Z replaces the move Play Rough one time with a suped up version unique to this pokémon. It’s called Let’s Snuggle Forever or as the Japanese call it Snuggly Friend Time. While using this move we see Mimikyu swell up, using as the anime states it, hot hair to expand its costume to envelop it’s target while punching it with its shadowy claw from the inside.At least that is what is suggested. Now this may seem harsh but lets not forget if Mimikyu did not beat the living Krabby out of them they might see his actual body and die of the curse.  Yet we can’t really tell what’s inside..maybe they just see Mimikyu’s true form and take big damage from it. However there is also a beautiful moment in it. For a trainer to use this move means they have to equip the pokémon with the Mimikyuim-Z crystal therefore knowing it is a Mimikyu and not a Pikachu. Again your Pokédex and moveset would explain it… but at the moment you use this Z move, Mimikyu acknowledges the command while the trainer looks at its actual eyes. Mimikyu briefly flicks it’s disguise to it’s broken form allowing a moment where the truest form of Mimikyu one can ever see and it’s trainer interact with each other and recognise each other. Here it finds a true friend and completes its journey of recognition. It has finally find someone to snuggle forever.

True Self

Now who or what is Mimikyu really? We will never truly know we do know it is tiny. While Pikachu is about 1’04 in feet or 40,6 centimeters, the Pokédex classifies Mimikyu’s seize about half of it. A regular Pikachu weighs in at about 6,5 kilograms or 13 pounds  while Mimikyu weighs just under 10 times less than that a 1.5 pounds or 700 grams. This includes its disguise. Which contains a wooden tail and the wood that is most likely on the inside to keep the head sticking up. Since , counting the ears, Mimikyu’s lower body hiding space is about a third of its total length it means it can fit in a 7 by 7 by 7 centimeter cube with now trouble equaling a 2.7 x 2.7 by 2.7 volume.  Yet it is also capable of extending that length greatly as it’s claw can stretch and even claw at legendaries.

However it’s true form has to fit inside the mimikyu costume because a guy looked underneath and saw it’s true (thusly not compressed form) .So whatever it is .. something horrible that is about the size of a scoop of ice cream. Something we will never truly know, something that for always be loved as something it is not. It is really sad and something I wish upon nobody. So for anyone out there who is out there having difficulty showing the world your true self, because you don’t like the “right’ gender or don’t feel the right gender or whatever you feel , that you believe you can’t share with the world, please don’t become a Mimikyu. Pretending to be straight so your parents will love you doesn’t really mean that it’s real. Pretending you are Cisgender so your friends will remain your friends, only means they weren’t even friends to begin with.. if they would not. It is great that you consider the feelings of others and that makes you a better person but if you love anyone they deserve to know the real you.

Mimikyu tries but will never truly get what it is after. Do not let that happen to yourself and your truest identity. Yes Mimikyu is one of the most beloved Gen 7 pokémon and has enough fans..there is even plenty of art of Mimikyu finally getting the hugs it so desired..and about 90% of them draw it wrong.. in such a way that the actual life form is not getting hugged at all. Don’t be like this pokémon..be you!

Now that you all know Mimikyu a little better , we come can love it a bit more. While it may be a lesson to be you should not hide yourself it doesn’t mean we should ignore those who can’t fully be themselves yet. Like how Mimikyu’s Z-move shows the bond with it’s trainer we can achieve the same with our friends. Show them we would accept them.. no matter whats underneath their disguise and together we can unleash our Z-move to clear all obstacles.

Question to my readers:

If you had a Z-Move what would it be called?

Mine would be called Friendship is magic and would be of the psychic type! I will tell you more on THAT subject somewhere in the future!I thank you all for reading, if you haven’t already please follow this blog and leave a like!

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