The Gears that Drive this Blog and This Blogger + Zombies: Sunshine Blogger Award 11

Joyous meeting you here today my dear Island Guests, while it is Steampunk month, I kind of ran out of steam a bit myself last week. Migraines , big energy dips and the likes, so I sometimes turned in early or could not focus on a movie or game enough to build up enough stock! Luckily YumDeku was a pal and tagged me in my eleventh SunShine Blogger award. Maybe I forgot or did not notice a few nominations as I am such a scatterbrain as well.. but well.. while it might not be Steampunk.. I decided to make the questions for you guys Steampunk themed so hey still doing it.

Those introduction things

Anyone who reads these knows I haven’t been keeping up with the tagging rules.  I have no idea who is interested in taking on more of these so I do no longer use tag-chains. Instead my rules when I do this tag are as follows.  I do display the logo and say thanks to those who nominated me. I do answer and ask 11 questions.. but I do not Nominate 11 people.  No!
Instead all that support my Kofi or any other form of Donation tools I might have in the future, will all get nominated automatically, and then for those interested in taking on my questions you are free to do so! Just ask me one of my OWN questions in the comments.. and I will answer it there.. and bam you are nominated. That way I will nominate 11 people.. IF 11 people are interested. I call it Sunshine Evolution! I love you all, but I have no idea who still wants to do these.. or answer my very specific and odd questions!  So this is the better way!

So here is a copy-pasteable thing of my version of the rules! Let’s call it the Sunshine Blogger 10+ Nominations Ruleset!

1. Put the Sunshine Blogger Award logo somewhere in this post
2. Thank the one who Nominated You
3. Answer their Eleven Questions
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5. The first 11 who put one of your questions in the commands get nominated to take on the tag themselves.

It’s almost the same! So.. with that said I of course would like to thank YumDeku for the nomination! They did a pretty awesome previous version of the tag before.. and they also did quite a “mechanical”  question list themself. Themed around how my blog works!  I figured a little peek under the hood fits enough in a steampunk theme to use as a catch up post, right?!   Regardless, check out their third nomination and the rest of their amazing blog if you haven’t already! Now let’s answer some questions.

Yummie Questions!

How do you manage or schedule in blogging every day?

So I am not a very healthy person, I have weak muscles which can at times even cause me some heart trouble.  Besides that I also had a major burn-out due to finally breaking free from that cycle.. of unemployment and poor income.. just to get stabbed in the back .. from two sides.. which is kinda weird.  For some weird reason I can NOT handle being around dominant and pompous energies at ALL.. I freeze up and can even reach near fainting levels of panic.  A combination of both the mental and physical stuff has left me with deep fatigue spells and.. to make it easier I have somatic stress disorder.. which means that if I worry.. I project it physically and experience pain, stiffness or even sickness. The stiffness along with the weak muscles can pretty much leave me frozen.. so no work for me. 

Me on a stressy bad Motor skill day!

This also means that my blogging is subjected to that same me. It does help me relax and keep stress down quite a bit.. but I am subjected to stuff like.. “how is my heart” .. “how is my energy” .. so in a way I blog when I feel like it.  I do try to at least keep myself from falling behind a lot so at least knock out one days worth of blogging per day.. but I aim for more if I can.  As long as I have fun!  It does mean sometimes a blogging day can be from 12 to 3, or sometimes I am blogging the entire day with all sorts of interruptions.  Blogging bends to my other needs though I rarely bend my other needs towards blogging. Sometimes it feels like a freemium game. I only have so many energy.. and I kind of put that energy to what I feel is most important or whatI feel like most! Chaos Energy at it’s finest!

Pinkie + Chaos Energy Equals Mystery

What is one thing you wish people knew about your blog?

There isn’t a lot that I am not open about, I share a lot.. even from my back office experience. .. Did you know that I need to renew my domain for example?!  Honestly though, if there is anything people would like to know they can just ask and I will answer. There is nothing people can’t ask!

What I do want people to know is that I am still looking for STAFF .. which mostly means that I am open for any geeky writer who is to shy for the whole social thing to do their blog, or for who wants  to write on an actual domain but can’t afford it.  The more the merrier. I do want to make it feel like a Paradise where people just write for their hobby and because it’s fun!  If you have a story  to tell.. or a review  you feel is not good enough for a blog.. it’s all good enough for Paradise.  Paradise isn’t about perfect writing or deeply analysing stuff. It’s about having fun with our geeky fandoms.  If you want to gush about how hot Natsu  from Fairy Tail is but you feel you have nowhere to share it..or can not make it eloquent for people to enjoy it.. Paradise is the place for you. I just want to have fun, meet fun people and show my love for  fandoms and other things I hold dear! That is the idea of Paradise and always will be! If you want to know more.. press the link right here or click the staff image.

Another thing I want people to know.. is that my site looks a lot prettier when you visit it as a website than in Reader. I do a lot of video stuff which does not show up in the reader.  I don’t make the videos but I share what I love. Like this song that I may have shared once or twice!

Or a little look in my head:

How big would you like your blog to be 5 years from now?

There are two answers for this, my dream is for it to be big. More a R&R platform filled with content and several bloggers in the community working together, just to have fun and share their hobbies. Like a cross franchise Amino as it were. Just a large gathering of geeks having fun.Ideally I would like to make a little bit of money with it by then as well.  I would like Paradise to play a role in the community, like how now I Drink and Watch Anime, Jon Spencer Reviews and Lita’ Kino’s Anime Corner are like.  A familiarity feeling would be nice.. almost like a special everlasting con. With it’s own Discord, some events, game nights.. stuff like that.  A bit of an actual online resort. More bungalows! More pools and more content bars to talk with each other!

However I also believe that is not something I should aim for as an ambition! I should not expect it to be that.. because if it doesn’t turn out to be that, I will be disappointed perhaps even lose my motivation because things are not going as I expected. So in a way.. I expect.. nothing. If I strive for my blog simply to remain existing in 5 years all I gain is extra. Every follower is not a step towards a goal.. it is a treasure to enjoy, something that makes me richer.. rather than something that brings me closer to my goal. I want to see my followers as a luxury. If I only had one pair of sneakers.. I’d look at them and I’d say.. “well I NEED those to get around” .. but when I don’t need them.. I can just get happy for that pair of pink pumps I really like.. not because I need them.. just because they are there. I don’t want to need followers.. I want them to be something I can cherish for who they are! So I expect.. my blog in five years.. to still exist.. and that’s it.

I don’t feel so good

What inspired you to blog?

What inspires me to blog is different from what inspired me to blog! Over the year and almost a half now that I have been blogging,  I have learned to let go some of my dreams .. for now.  When I first started to blog I just had this need to tell stories.. to put my stranger thoughts on paper.. because I had no geek friends. I had no way to share with how awesome that Episode of FullMetal Alchemist was.. how great the soundtrack to Sonic Adventure 2 is..   I had friends but that was a side of me I had to hide.. I was tired of hiding it so I put it out on the internet for everyone to see. 

How else was I supposed to show off my Chao to people?

No one read it.. because back than anime was still way more niche and ani-blogging was kind of in its infancy. Let alone in dutch! So  I boldly applied two one of two dutch anime blogs that existed at the time. Like “real” ones..  from there.. I met  a dear friend .. who introduced me to my group of geek friends and I could not be happier.  That blog died though.. and I got a professional job blogging and doing social media, which wasn’t nearly as fun. The company had no real content direction and one day I had to mimic the style of popular gaming magazines, the other day I had to be classy.  It completely cramped my writing style and soon enough I got tossed to the curb.  I tried creating a few blogs on my own.. but I never found a style that stuck.. haunted by the bullying my boss did there. He would make all sorts of fake accounts and be super vicious about my typos. He would even involve his boss in the fun.. just to see me turn pale and quite at my desk… just soldiering on.  I could not let go of those voices. 

My psychologist however was what inspired me to return to blogging.  I felt people hated me.. for my shortcomings .. my poverty made some people treat me to a pizza and I felt sick for making them spend 5 bucks on me. Then he asked me.. do you think they have an issue with forking over the 5 bucks to help a friend? Do you give nothing in return.. He asked me if I ever asked a friend if it bothered them that I was limited. I did and they said no! “You listen to my troubles.. you show up smiling every time I host something and I want people around.. that is worth that money 10x over for me” ..   People choose what you are worth to them.. if you are not, why would they stick around anyway?! Do they matter if they do not accept you for who you are? Because you can’t be fake your entire life…   This talk made me think and realised.. that’s right! I do matter.. let’s meet people who like my uncomprimised self.. and that idea.. started this blog.. (thought it should have been a youtube.. my voice was to weak etc) 

The very first image ever on my blog

Bloggers that inspire you the most?

I feel like a broken record here.. but Irina clearly is my biggest blogging inspiration.  I do appreciate so many of you out there.. but there is a charm about Irina’s blog that just really grabs me.  I see Irina being Irina.  She isn’t trying to create a masterpiece of writing, no super scholarly analogies.. She is talking about something she clearly holds very dear in a very passionate way. There is no rival to her.. in terms of that feeling.

 I also admire Lita a lot,  she is such a community beast, having her discord, doing her podcast, joining here and there on other peoples blogs! There is just sooo much she does for the community. She’s also in the council of OWLS  or has been for a long time. Scott is a guy much in the same vein.. he does not have his own discord as far as I am aware.. but he is in every chat and he is a pretty active guy.. doing those interviews he does on his blog also shows he is trying to keep the community together. A lot of others of you do amazing things as well.. but these are the three that inspire me most! I really need a proper Scott avatar if I keep doing these tags!

If you never had started blogging, how different do you think your life would be?

I honestly probably would be dead.  Because I started blogging I found my geeky friends,  because I loved my geeky friends so much I moved to the town they used to live in and because of that I was super close to a hospital that one day I had my big brush with death.  Had I lived in my old town.. I would have been off pretty badly. I probably would have lived in a town that is pretty far from a hospital.. or would have gone totally depressed from hiding my true self forever and not have the strength to bounce back.   Without blogging I would not have discovered cons and community and I would be alone. and I can not imagine me being able to cope with that for as long as I had these friends and amazing people like behind me now.

If you could have something named after you (real or fictional) what would it be?

I would love that little finger on your hand to be called after me.. or my little Pony .. lucky for me .. both are called Pinky or Pinkie.. so the mission is complete. Yet no, my answer is a bit sappier than that. I would love to have a proverb named after me. Like “Pulling a Pinkie”, which could be used for “gather in a crowd of people and getting them excited and engaged by simply being yourself”  That is REALLY hard to make an image so my answer will be .. a Planet.. because Planet Pinkie sounds like a great new home! Let’s change Uranus so the lame jokes end! A clock would have been better for Steampunk month though!

What’s your zombie apocalypse plan?

First I’d create a huge suit off all plushies and other soft material to work as my armor.. Zombies can’t touch me if I am a big plushy ball rolling around. Then all I have to do is call Geek Girl Joy and she will send a squad to rescue me! Because she promised she would!
In case she would meet her demise.. or she forgets to give me her phone number, plushie ball me would just  build a hovel inside my ever growing plushie ball where I drag food into and I ‘d end up making beautiful Katamari  out of plushies traveling the world..with a lot of plush friends!

If the story of your blog was turned into an anime, which anime character would you like to be cast as you?

Adult Yuki Takeya from School Live would be my pick! I think she would do very well with directions like “imagine your on a pink fluffy cloud playing with Unicorns.. even though you know you want to be set you kind of push the bad away and try to make it fun”  I gave up on trying to create a better world in some ways.. but instead I just try to make my world better. I shut out bad energies and welcome in the positives. The more people I can share my world with the better.. but if you do not fit , I also will not doubt to cut you out!  Pragmatic happiness might not be as beautiful as idealistic happiness.. but it is much more achievable. I make my own world! Yuki.. embodies that idea well.

What’s your favourite anime, manga or gaming quote?

I have a few but only one of them is a Pokémon quote and given how I started I think it is only fair to pick that one. This quote is by Grimsley the Dark-Type Elite Four member. As much as I appreciate Agatha’s quote about Pokémon not needing to be strong ones but your favourite ones.. Grimley’s quote hits much of the same notes in a more powerful metaphor.

 It’s more important to master the cards you’re holding than to complain about the ones your opponent was dealt.

Grimsley: Pokémon Black and White

Make due with what you got! Don’t compare yourself to others.. just work with what you have.  If you can not lift as much bricks as Tommy does.. just carry bricks twice.. or ask for a friend to help.. don’t be bummed out if someone works more effectively then you.  I am weak, I am clumsy.. yet I have the power to unite a bunch of friends very willing to help me.  My friend Joe.. is a lot more handy.. he is a lot stronger…he can do a lot of things himself that I can’t .. but if we would move at the same time.. I get settled three times as fast.. I might not have the strength and the tech card.. but I have the friendship card.

In the end life is not like a game of Poker.. it’s more like a game of Yu-gi-oh .. or Pokemon TCG.. while I may hold weaker cards I can play them smarter. In Pokémon I have come up with a strategy where my common cards.. can one shot everything.. no matter how good my opponent is.. Cards that do not seem good on their own! I loved them though and I made something out of them. The truth about life is.. it is unfair. Grass IS always greener on the other side.  Yet if you can’t have the greenest grass.. make it blue.. make it the shortest grass.. make it the longest grass.. there is always something!  Whatever you have.. whatever you offer it always offers something to someone..that is the strength of the cards you hold.. the importance of your life is not measured in how you scale up to others.. but what you can mean for others and yourself.

What is your favourite anime series right now?

As in.. what is the favourite series I am following right now?  Probably Hikaru no Go.. Maybe Bebop! I know it isn’t modern.. I am not following much Modern stuff though I am really enjoying the new Digimon series. My favourite anime right now.. has been stable for quite a long time and that is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, but anime like Flip Flappers and Kyousogiga came pretty close. I really love those shows.  I can gush about most of them.. and in fact.. I did .. so use the search function on my website to find stuff about those if you are interested in the full story!  I am always happy if someone might suggest a new favourite for me so if you feel compelled to leave suggestions feel free to do so!

Her hair colour was to dark for me to edit to Pink!

My Steampunk Questions

Now time for me to ask some questions and because the theme of my blog this month is Steampunk.. so will the questions be themed like that. Most of them will be in the form of a dilemma.

  1. Would you rather be: A. An Aviator, B. A Spy or C. An Tinkerer and why would you choose that?! (Skills would come with the class choice)
  2. Would You Rather live A: In Steampunk London, B: A Sky City or C: A Junkyard town.. and why?!
  3. What would your sidekick be:  A: Steampunk Robot, B: A pet with a metal leg augmentation C: Short Round (from Indiana Jones) but Steampunkified? Why would you choose this
  4. How would you make your money in this world A: Treasure Hunting, B:  Stealing from the oppressive Government, C: Working for the oppressive government.  Explain your choice!
  5. What is your favourite type of steam:  A: Steam coming from the Onsen B: Steam like in a turkish Steambath, C: That stuff James Watts used to power his machines or D: That Steam you buy games on! Why is it your favourite?
  6. Would you rather live A: In a world ruled by magic B: In a rule ruled by technology C: A World ruled by Money or D: A world ruled by strength
  7. If you could invent any gadget what would it do and how would it look like?!
  8. What is your favourite SteamPunk product
  9. What would be your SteamPunk vehicle
  10.  What would be your SteamPunk weapon?
  11.  Where do you think all that steam in Steampunk comes from.. that sounds like an unreasonable amount of coals.. this must be some dark plot?! Explain that dark plot!

If you want to participate, ask me one of my own questions in the comments and you will earn a nomination! Each question can only be asked once.. but if you are a Kofisupporter/Coconut you are nominated FOR free!.. Well actually for money.. but you already paid.. for other reasons so.. for free?! For Freemium?!  Let me know the correct expression ..for free.. in the comments or comment …for free.. on my Kofi wall!

It’s over 9000! The true power of Dragon Ball!

A lot of people see Dragon Ball (Z mostly) as that show that is about shouting people, with changing hair colors and three minutes that go on forever and ever.  Where the main character sounds like a kid (I am a sub girl) fighting evermore increasingly stupid powerful enemies. Yet this show really isn’t all about power levels and transformations. These are but means to convey the true message that is inside this truely amazing series.  Here’s a Kamehameha of love to the face!

(Pink Kamehameha Equals Love Kamehameha)

A Journey to the West

When Toriyama started the Dragon Ball series , we faced a completely different beast than we did today. In fact the original series that was very loosely based on Journey to the West and mostly Son Wukong in most places only came to the west after it’s sequel became such a success. The original series felt much more contained, never larger than life. It was just about a kid wanting to be the strongest martial artist or find his grandfather’s relic just to find out it was connected to something bigger.  It was more lighthearted and the pacing was so much slower. A lot more credible as well. Yet while everyone seems to agree that Dragon Ball Z was a completely different type of beast there is so much they have in common as well. As do all subsequent shows… even GT. In their core all the adventures of Goku and his friends are about a journey and their biggest enemy they face is never the villain of the arc, the worst villain in Dragon Ball is always the heroes themselves.

No no I don’t mean Goku Black or other evil counterparts, even though there are a lot. Dragon Ball in it’s very concept is a show about facing and breaking your limits. From the first world tournament , well .. (or the 21st world tournament if you prefer) up until and even beyond the Tournament of Power, virtually none of the enemies are defeated by simply a straight up fight the real obstacle to overcome is themselves. It’s about a journey of transcendence, to rise above oneself and break your limits. According to Toriyama that journey to surpass yourself  just happens to involve a lot of shouting and occasionally changing hairstyles. I wish I could change hairstyles by breaking my limits. I am just not sure about turning british for it though, but maybe that just happens to Sean Schemmel.

(The name is Goku Black Mate I’m like a Narky Goku, You Cheeky Bastard)

Snake Way

Toriyama goes through great length to teach us what it means to break your own limits, it’s a long and arduous journey which is reflected throughout the entire series, but  which is most apparent in Dragon Ball Z. When we look at series like Naruto or Bleach for example, training can be somewhat fun and Ichigo managed Bankai in an extremely short time, Naruto can use shadow clones to learn moves faster, and later even spontaneously learns them. While Goku is a savant that can do a Kamehameha in one attempt it never is truly enough. Where Ichigo can learn the final Getsuga while travelling, Goku has to travel Snake Way just to get a chance of training. It’s a long and boring journey that is very uneventful and does not result in direct pay off.  We also see this happen during the cell games when Goku and Gohan focus on staying inside their super saiyan forms. First of all, the series establishes that they can not get a result over night, they have to train for at least a year to rise above themselves, and even then it wasn’t enough. Both Goku and Gohan had to let go of their kind heartedness to do what must be done. Resulting in Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 respectively. Sometimes what holds you back.. is you and the only way to break free of it is experiencing pain and loss…well that or a tingly feeling in your back.

This theme that power doesn’t come easy is continued throughout the series. When Gohan is meditating on the planet of the Kai’s or when Goku in GT is forced to accept the being he truly is by reclaiming his tail, a part of him he put away/ learned to ignore a long time ago. Power never comes easy in this universe and almost always feels earned.  Sure the Zenkai boosts are convenient, (a saiyan gets stronger when he suffers massive injuries but recovers) through the use of senzu beans and health pods but it’s still a heavy price to pay. Characters suffer defeat oftenly many times before they come out victorious. Even Goku had his fair chair of losses or times that he got downed. Yet the best message that dragon ball sends is that his power should never be gotten through cheating.  Plenty of villains have wished, and sometimes even obtained immortality (mostly in the movies though) yet even with the earth in constant danger never has a z-fighter wished for more power. It would be so easy to simply wish for the strength needed to defeat earth and it would most likely not beyond Shenron’s limits yet it barely even got considered throughout the series. That is because this show teaches you to deal with your own problems. Dealing with them may be tedious, it may be a drag and it will not come easy but everyone can do it. No matter where you come from (Namekian, Saiyan, Android and in GT  and OG even humans) all can break their limits and achieve new heights. 

Keep Fighting

We dutch have a saying that is called Huisje Boompje Beestje, (Little House, Little Tree, Little Creature) which signifies what we all strive for. Some call it the american dream others talk about that white picket fence. It’s the common happiness, that everyone thinks is the ultimate goal. Get a job and a house, get married, reproduce and possibly get a pet. For many that shared happiness is enough! Toriyama says NO! It is not enough. Everyone has to chase their own dream, not just that shared one. From early in the series we see Goku as an amazingly talented kid that gets offered the option at the common dream. We see it when he meets Chi-chi we see it at how he performs in tournaments and gets a fair bit of price money. In Dragon Ball Z and later it becomes really apparent. Yes it is a meme to call Goku a bad father and maybe he is, but that is because he doesn’t just settle for being a father. He can’t stop dreaming about being stronger just because he had Gohan and now has to give everything up for that. No! Dragon Ball shows it is okay to have wishes of your own, after all had Goku followed the common dream, earth would have been destroyed many times over.  Sure it also would have been in danger a lot less but it wouldn’t have stopped the Saiyans from coming and destroying us. Cell would have still awoken in time because Gero was already wronged by kid Goku. Toriyama tells us to fight for our dreams and to get strong enough to seize that. We should not let common sense or setteling get in the way between us and our dreams!
We should push ourselves to our full hearts content.

Yet the mangaka also tells us that even if we get our dream, we gotta keep dreaming even bigger. By chasing our desire, we keep moving, we stay on our journey. If I manage to get healthy enough to get an income again, I should strive for a job I would like better still. If I find the job I would like to do for the rest of my life or get filthy rich through sheer luck , I can make sure I spend that money in ways to make me happy. If I bought everything I want I should desire more. Because it’s that ambition to get something that I can not have at this time that I am pushed to strive for that I become a better version of myself. In a much more invisible way , I transform. I am not sure if Goku turning arian  was the best way to convey this message but in a way Toriyama chased his own happiness when he made Super Saiyan. The design stems from his wish not to spend as much time colouring in Goku’s hair. He wanted to be quicker and he made that happen by pushing his story to the next level. Goku is more than a saiyan, more than a hero he is unlimited potential embodied. He is a perfect symbol of what we should strive for. We should always be chasing our own dreams, we should not be bound by the white picket fence because it’s better for our children or pet.
If it is your dream to make others happy than chase that dream, if it’s your dream to have children than go find your significant other, but never stop dreaming. When you have children, you can still learn to play the piano,you could finally build the model planes you wanted or even pick up crochet or whatever. Whatever you do, make sure you have something to face, something to fight for. This is why Goku keeps wanting to fight stronger opponents, but also why he keeps most of his enemies alive and befriends them. When there is no strife in your life, no conflict, you can be perfectly content, but you have way less possibility to grow. You can choose to stay away from that friend who doesn’t like your new boyfriend or girlfriend because they do not matter for your picket white fence goal. You wouldn’t really miss the negativity. Yet you would rob yourself of a chance to lead a fuller live. Balancing that friend and your love may be hard but it will make stronger socially, it might make you better in terms of time management it might make you a better friend, who fights for those dear to them.  This series tells us to keep fighting no matter what!

Erase the Universe

There is a saying that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all which is true. Yet suddenly when we have that love, all forward motion seems to stop. It seems that is better to give up dreaming and growing than to have lost a love. You have to turn down that promotion so your daughter can stay with her friends,  you have to stay close to your family even if you would be happier elsewhere. There is something very twisted about that logic to me. For love should be about happiness. If it is your desire is to be the best blogger in the world and I mean if i’s truly your desire than your loved one should never ask you to give this up. We should encourage each other to grow but that grow will come with risks.  Again this risk is always depicted in Dragon Ball. When reaching Super Saiyan for the first time Goku almost lost himself. His marriage is under constant pressure from all the time he spends training. Many people call the relation with Goku and his family unhealthy yet at the same time Chi-Chi allows her man so much she does in fact accept that he is like that. She might not be happy about it but life isn’t a fairy tale. There’s always things about the other you do not like. Like how Goku doesn’t like how Chi-Chi can get obsessed with careers and money but still allows her to have these desires and dreams and at least somewhat tries to support her in that. Goku is always in motion as should we be. Yet when you are walking or running towards your new dream, there is always the risking of being tripped over.  The further we get along in our development, the bigger steps we have to take.. which increases the chance of tripping.  

(Sometimes we bite of more than we can chew..but at least we get icecubes for our drinks)

When Goku fought Frieza he nearly lost himself, when facing Cell he risked the bond with his son, and the entire earth on a chance, and when he had no strong opponents left to fight he hired Hit to kill him (in which hit succeeded) only to risk the entire universe just for a chance to fight someone even stronger.  When chasing our dreams first we might just upset our parents with our next dream we may upset our love and in the next phase Arceus forbid we may even upset our offspring. Who knows if we push ourselves far enough we might even disappoint everyone. Yet if I learned anything about your dreams and own happiness is that it is always worth the risk. If you are a transgender, wanting to transition, keep fighting! Don’t settle for the next best thing .. by just dressing up on sundays. If you are gay, don’t keep that side hidden. Take the risk losing over it, fight your fights. Goku never stopped and neither should we. Only by fighting for what we truly want and keep that up we can become bigger than ourselves. There is a Super Saiyan inside all of us even if  the world outside may not always recognise it. If you fight for what you want and keep growing, even if it takes you longer than you’d hope or isn’t as pleasant as you want, one day you will see that golden warrior in the mirror.