Investigating the Creature of the Pink Island: Mystery Blogger Award 3

Why do people keep thinking I am mysterious? Perhaps they like those random stories I tell.. perhaps they still need to figure out how someone can be so pink! I am grateful to Fred for this nomination of course and for tag week we will also answer his questions.  Then I ask five questions to new people! So they can pass on the tag themselves. Check out Au Natural though! There is a lot of anime and a lot of talk about nudity! If that didn’t make you curious , there is actual a lot of insightful articles from one of the kindest people here around the blogosphere! Definitely worth the follow! First let me press CTRL V so we can get this thing going.

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    Okoto Enigma’s Blog created this post…but still hasn’t moved on from the same lamp if you checked my previous entries!

Three random things about me

I was abandoned in a forest.

During a children’s birthday party of  my across the street neighbours son of my age we went out to the local forest to play games. His cousin  and the girl living next door to him ..also our age was sick and could not come. Other than us there were mostly boys most of them I knew through the absent girl.  So I wasn’t feeling that included…At one point we decided to play hide and seek and I found a great hiding spot .. no one would find me there! Unfortunately no one was even looking for me…

It had been quite for a while when I got impatient and I found the group to be completely gone. It was a prank the boys pulled on me. I was like 7 maybe even just 6 so mobile phones weren’t a thing yet. The boys dad noticed all his friends were there and  and in the moment forgot about me. He only realised on his way home. He went back to the forest to find me but I wasn’t there anymore. Luckily this happend during a school holiday and knew Dad’s company was close to the forest. Keeping hidden in the forest line.. from bad people.. I walked across the edge of the forest way up to where my father worked. There I walked in an began crying like crazy. Weirdly not before!

I see dead people

Yes , I might just be crazy but I had a few experiences with the “macabre” that have been unexplainable. How did it happen?! Well it all started in my last serious relationship. A bit before Christmas 2012.  I recently passed out according to my ex and they called an ambulance. Other than that things were moving fine. We were moving in together in a new home near a graveyard. My ex told me they could sometimes see people and described a few. I never took it serious. Than one weekend while I was home alone I saw a man standing in my bathroom..vividly. A man with ginger hair and a beard, but a very weak jaw and some kind of work sweater.. like an old fashioned postal office worker.  (Like at least 10 years ago) I blinked and he was gone.

I did not think much of it .. probably got spooked by the dog walking around. However about a month later our front door got blocked some snow that fell of the roof,so we had to leave trough our little back exit onto the graveyard.  Due to ice patches I took a route I never took before going all the way around. There I encountered a grave ..that i never saw before featuring a picture of that same man I saw in the bathroom. After some investigation I got to hear that he used to be a postal worker that got in a fatal accident one of of the more dangerous corners in town.  Since having that experience I had other encounters. I’ve saw a woman about my age named Melanie in a AiRbnB we stayed in. I asked the owner upon checking out if they knew someone named like that.. it got awkward.

Now I do not use this thing neither do I play with an Ouija-Board or anything. On occasion I sense an energy , in rare I see a person and even more rarely I can hear them as well. Perhaps I absorbed the information somewhere subconsciously, perhaps there is actually stuff out there. No matter if they are real or not I did see dead people!

I am going to play a lot of Animal Crossing New Horizon

I always wanted to play this series but never really was able to! I either lacked the cash at the time or it was really hard to buy in my local stores. Okay I loaned the game briefly of a friend to confirm this is indeed a game for me but after checking out that it is indeed cute and fun and super creative.  I gave my friend the game back and thanked her for allowing me to check it out and went on to buy New Leaf.. which of course was sold out. I tried a few more stores but it just did not get sold in a lot of places.. and other were going bankrupt. So I missed my copy..later I tried to loan it again from my friend asking If I could start my own game.. but she had sold it.. since I gave it back to her so quickly she thought I disliked it too or I would have given it for free.

New Horizons will be the first time I can commit to this game with a fully functional console and me having plenty of time to sink into it. I am not sure yet if I want to play on the Southern of Northern Hemisphere.. but I am sure as heck that that new bear is gonna be on this Island of mine! You can be sure to read about my island adventures on my blog as well. Which makes for a nice bridge to the questions!

Fred’s Questions

What do you blog about besides anime? 

Well …. uhm.. I basically marked that as categories. For those who read my posts from outside the WordPress Reader. I tend to focus on games, movies, anime, pokemon and myself or my thoughts.  Apparently I now also about what I blog about. Love and positivity are themes I try to adhere too! So there is that.

Did he gather the infinity stones?

What Anime did you drop and then reluctantly pick up only to decide later that it was good?

I dropped Code Geass once after the third episode. After picking it back up again and getting halfway through the second season I still concluded it was not for me. I tried to pick up Lucky Star a few times but I just could not get into it. There are only two anime ever which I would say could apply. Elfen Lied I dropped after the second episode and upon revisiting it I had a fairly good time. It’s a good show, though nowadays it doesn’t really impress me as much anymore. The first time around I did not know what to do with the dramatic tonal shift between the first two episodes yet as I learned more about anime I got to appreciate that.

The only anime that I ever have absolutely loved after initially dropping it was Steins Gate. Those first few episodes aren’t all that good on themselves and only get a pay off in later episodes. My friends swore it would get good.. but they said the same thing about Geass. and I do not like it. Yet with this one I fell in love.  I cherished this show when things finally began to unfold properly and now this one remains in my top 10 favorites.

I did not want to close my eyes watching this show the second time around?!

What Anime had the wrong protagonist?

There are a fair few. I tend to care more about secondary characters in general. Vegeta, Gohan and Piccolo are all much better characters than Goku or at least  characters I route for more! I’d rather see Sword Art online be completely about Asuna rather than Kirito..a character whom I truly dislike. Bleach could have worked just as well if not better with Toshiro as a main character. Joey Wheeler having to learn the game from scratch could have been more interesting to follow as Yu-gi Muto. Main anime characters can get a bit of a flat development arc especially when they need to get, or are , powerfull.  So secondary characters that need to work harder get a better character arc. Joey Wheeler grew more as Yugi in terms of understanding the game and figuring out his role in everything. Vegeta grew into a loving father who had settled down who came to accept his limitations and move on, there was more to live for than just being strong.

Is there an anime that would actively get better by choosing a different main character… While not a bad anime I feel Mirai Nikki would have greatly benefited from having a less whiny protagonist as Yuki. Without spoiling to much I think following Yuno from her perspective.. in a similar way to School Live..again no spoilers if you don’t know.. would have created a much more compelling narrative. At first we just see a girl with a massive crush but slowly we take a peek under the hood.  The big reveal of this show felt “shoehorned in , with only the benefit of more Murmur” The twist ending could have felt less abrupt and been teased through some disjointed memories or some weird ponderings. It would also give Yuki a chance to be cooler than he actually was as we could look at him through Yuno’s eyes.
It would give this series a sense of dementia and insanity. If done well it could truely have made this a legendary show!…Very good still but to me it’s weakest point was easily Yuki.

Hey Yuuuuki! I got a gift for you! It’s shiny!.. For now!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Honestly I might be dead by then?! Even when not considering my current situation I have a weak heart so who knows?! strive to be the person I become not the person I want to be.
Let me explain what I mean, little Pinkie wanted to take over her dads company and be a graphic designer. Had I actively chosen to pursue that as a study I would …probably still be where I am know..but also out of luck. The businesses went Bankrupt. Wiser Pinkie wanted to be a lawyer but my more emotional side noticed I lacked the distance I needed to have to do this job well.  My heart became weaker and I had a mental breakdown over my own limitations compared to what is asked of “normal” people and how I was perceived and as a result I can’t work currently/ Had I plotted my course to strictly that would have felt as a failure.

Life’s too short to only stroll down a single path. Sure if we walk straight we are more effective and accepted by society which is also important to most. That’s what I tried to do with my life, before it all stopped including my heart. When I came back, I felt depressed and broken. You know that they say your life flashes before your eyes before you die?! It was kinda true?! When I woke up I felt overwhelmed with fear. What I saw wasn’t really my choices. What i had done before was still to be normal, to stick to society and while that is fine, it made me feel that I had never lived. Never lived for myself at least. So now I live without a plan. Pinkie does what Pinkie feels like and we will see where it gets me.

Looking into the future is like the yellow brick road! Sure if I follow it I can get to Oz that everone seems to love so..but if I wonder around I might find something no one has ever seen. If I travel to Oz people can say I succeeded in our goal and congratulate me.. or I could die on the road and people say I failed.When I wander around and live day by day people may think I am one of those losers that isnt travelling to Oz like normal people.. but should that day come that I do not wake one can say I failed in what I set out to do.

Where am I? Probably somehwere at either side othe rainbow!

Who would win in a fight between Naruto and Luffy

Let’s begin to say that Naruto COULD win.. because so many of his battles have been fought on or near water. Luffy would be hit at one point by one of the many Shadow clones and drown. However Luffy would definitely win in a straight up arena match.  For Luffy hasn’t stopped growing yet. While Naruto has taken down.. kind of .. gods and had less major losses than Luffy did it feels that in a fight between wind and rubber the latter would win.

Naruto’s Chakra is also more a finite resource than Luffy’s Devil Fruit Powers. Luffy has endured more injuries and has his Haki too boost his defences up even more. So he can both take more injuries while also able to sustain less. Now that being said I am using kid Naruto as a model here. Adult Naruto became more cautious and might not burn out as soon.. but I am going to assume we pit these characters in their main form.
Kuma has abilities that work in a similar way as Naruto..using air and such. Since Luffy already took a loss to him, and took it seriously one would think he came up with counters for it , knowing how his fighting style is. Naruto never really had an opponent to similar to how Luffy works and would have a though time to overcome the straw hat’s superior range.

Questions and nominees

The Nominees

Selina: Craft Lover
Al: Al’s Manga Blog
Kyrstallina: Daiya Manga
Merlin’s Musings
Kawaii Paper Pandas

The Questions

1.Take us back to your birth year! Select a movie, anime, tv series, cartoon or comic from that year that you have seen and liked.

2. Do you still have some childhood toys? If so what are they? If not.. do you have any toys or figurines?

3. What did you want to be when you where a kid?

4. What is your rarest collectible, figurine or otherwise treasured possession

5. (The Weird one) Make up a cartoon or anime series that feature at least five different bloggers! Who are the characters and what is the story?!

Now Remember Kids! Pinkie loves you all! Keep smiling and stay positive!
With two more tags are remaining including round two of my own Super Happy Love Award and another award with love in the title..which I am going to do my own thing with!? Will the next post be tommorow? Maybe.. or maybe I will be making an island then?! Find out tommorow!


The Mystery Blogger: The Curious Case of Pinkie

A man in a hat showed up! He told me I was mysterious and I should answer some questions! He wasn’t just a man in a Hat.. he was a Matt in the Hat. Speaking about Mysterious! Because his avatar has no hat! Nor does it seem to be in one! So how am I the mysterious one here?! Well either way I did feel like telling some random stuff about myself and I have a party to go to today so I decided to ramble a bit about myself and take up my second mystery blogger award. Thanks to Matt for the nomination and check out his blog.

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    Okoto Enigma hasn’t ben active since last I blogged. The  last blog is still that same lamp. It’s a pretty lamp but I think it would be cuter! (Done)
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Three Random Stories About myself

I got attacked by Geese

Last time I told you how I was disliked by cats and wasps so this time I will tell you I was attacked by Geese.It happend when I visited my great aunt Els in a Monastery. She is a nun and in our childhood had a flat close by the sea where we would spend our summer holidays with her.  So when she moved to a monastery back in our local province we of course had to check out her new place… Including the garden. It was a nice summer day, like the ones we used to spend with her so I wore open shoes. They monastery had a few animals for then nuns to take care of including three big geese that more or less free roamed the garden. .

One came closer and me , the duck lover,  thought it was adorable. Until I heard a honk and felt a very sharp pain. The Geese had bit my tiny toe. I reacted to the pain and apparently sort of kicked the goose! Which prompted it’s siblings to join the attack on me. I had wandered off from my great aunt and sister a bit because I love awkward water birds so it took them a while to notice. I did not win that fight the geese did! I somehow ended up on the floor with my 70 year old great-aunt the Nun coming to my rescue. 

I get extreme seasickness.

As a kid  already got sick on a boat easy but as I grew older it grew worse and worse. Now I don’t even need to be on a boat to be seasick. Any floatation device will do! In fact I do not even need to be on the sea anymore to be seasick. Back before my dad’s company bankrupted we had a house with a pool and I used to float around on that with an air mattress or one of those big tubes. However when I turned 21 ish..  and would visit floating for over 10 minutes on that pool already made me sick as a dog. The worst case however was definatly in Lloret Del Mar, a popular vacation resort for those who want to get drunk or layed. I was not interested in the latter but the first sounded neat back then.

I had another floatee and felt tired from the night before so I went out to sea as it was super hot. Put on sunscreen factor a billion  and rapped my foot around some area rope so I would not float off. I dozed off for about fifteen minutes waking up.. feeling so bad I wanted to die. I was so sick and everything spun around that I just tossed myself of the mattress desperately trying not to foul the ocean water. I managed! Yet I was looking so pale and terrible people called rescue workers towards me. I managed to find way to my blanket.. dug a big hole… and right as the rescue workers showed up I filled that hole. It took me 3 hours before I was able to move again, and barely avoided getting an ambulance called on me. Fun day at the beach! .. Oh and just so you know.. by now it’s even so bad I don’t even need a floation device to get seasick. If I just float around in unruly water.. I get sick.

I ate my friend’s homework!

Back in middle school I used to hang around this annoying little man named Johan, who was a bit of a narcissist. I did not have any female friends because of my gamer hobbies and weird and awkward motions and he was a band geek. One who prided himself on his intellect.. even though I totally outdid him without trying much to his dismay.He had better grades than me for sure but he studies hours on end to be the top of the class. I was second best  and at some courses even the best without even trying.
One day Johan was sick and we got geography homework he did not make… because that was one of the subjects I was better in than him no matter how hard he tried. It was an issue that he had not done the homework because of how sick rules worked for us. it was homwork given during his sick days so since he felt better since that morning the homework was excused. Still had to answer a question and he could just read my answer. I made a rare mistake and the teacher told him the answer was wrong. This was during the third period of 7 we had that day.

Johan told me I made him look like a fool.. a clown, this is what I get for coasting .. his reputation had been damaged now he gave such a stupid answer. He told me I shamed him so bad he needed to see if he even could hang out with me anymore. He kept talking trash untill the 7th period. I told him I was sorry for the 1000th time and told him we are in school to learn. If we never made a mistake what was the point of even learning. It was an honest mistake and I was sorry. the 7th period was math class , Johan’s strenght and something he really liked. So he actually did his homework for that.. but teacher was running late.
He showed it to me and told me this is what perfect homework looks like when it’s not made by a braindead idiot who made a fool out of me he said. I was done with it. He kept saying this is GOOD homework.. not some sloppy scribbles like yours.  

Very calmly I asked if I could see the answer to question 3 as he had a different outcome. As he wanted to proof how right he is he handed me his homework. I ripped out the pages put them in my mouth and ate them.It was a bit troublesome to eat but b sheer force of will it went down. I told him “Yum! That  was GOOD homework indeed” .. the teacher entered the room and his finger shot up. I wondered if he was really going to do it… and yes as soon as he was allowed to speak he said “Teacher Pinkie ate my Homework” the entire class laughed so hard and he got so red. Teacher asked me .. while tearing up with laughter if this was true.. and I admitted it. Teacher laughed I explained the situation but send me to the principal anyway. Which was the geography teacher (he had a twin function)  I told him what I did and he told me “Good job.. he was being such an asshole to you about that wrong answer” . He handed me some lines another student already wrote and told me that I had to hand that to him in class 2 days from now so that it seemed that I was punished.. but as I was a big pushover back than he was glad I stepped up to Johan! Another teacher even gave me a candybar when he heard the story. Johan was not very well loved by the teachers so this act was super amusing to them!

I’d make a good dog!

The Questions

Now I told you some pretty long stories there but that is because I can be very brief with Matt’s questions as those don’t require a lot of explanation!

What is your favorite Anime Opening Song?

Don’t give me a Funny look for this one but it is Jason Paige’s Gotta Catch’m all. To be honest I think this goes for a lot of people who just pick something cooler. I could claim Sorario Days fron Tengen Toppa is my favorite one. Some might say Guren no Yumiya but take a step in the karaoke room at a convention and it will show you the truth. When those classic tunes start playing.. everyone sings along. If there are 50 people in the room .. 50 people sing it. If there  are 300, 300 people will sing it. That song is not just an anime opening .. it is the sound of our childhood!

What Anime had a great impact on your Life

When we talk about the greatest impact that once again would have go to pokémon. And After that the standard Shonen: Dragonball Z , Naruto, Sailor Moon,  Bleach, One Piece. These six made me fall in love with anime and made me do more. Without them Tengen Toppa could not have influenced my life, without them I would not have seen Angel Beats or School Days and I honestly think this goes for most of us. I am sure I can spin an interesting tale on why Kamina influenced my life or how Fruits Basket changed my vision on something but without these starters … that nowadays we kind of scoff at as stuf for rookies, I would not have had  the benefits of Kamina’s teachings. I would not have cried as much with Angel Beats or I would not have learned about that bond of friendship that is such a important theme in so many anime. While plenty of other anime had a bigger direct impact these oh so boring answers have contributed to all those other lessons.

If you could spend a whole day with an anime character who would it be and what would you do.

That depends on the rules.. if they bring what defines them I would pick a pokémon trainer that is bad to their pokémon…murder them and well then I get to keep the pokémon. Giving them a good life and only wasting a side character that doesn’t even exist in our world.. thus it is not murder! I could of course go with a friendlier answer but I would never spend a day with an anime character I love. Having to see them become real for a day just to lose them forever after that would probably mean I’d choose a character that has some utility to me rather than something emotionally wholesome.

I’d pick a wealthy anime character like Lucia Heartfilia, Lala Satalin Deviluke or Alice Nakiri and have them shop with me and fix my wealth problems a bit. Glamp up my flat a little. Perhaps throw in a beauty treatment in as well as we get a whole day! Someone I like but do not love so that if the day ends I am not heartbroken but I do have some eternal reminders.

What is the first Manga You ever read

Is this a zombie, volume one! When I wrote for a dutch manga blog one of my fellow writes named Floris and I were walking across the dealer room floor when I asked him what a great Manga was to start my adventure with. He told me about the series and I was not disappointed.  It was whacky and bubbly and just fun with plenty of insanity and to this day it’s one of the very few physical manga I own, due to how hard they are to get here. Good memories though!

What is your least favorite anime genre

I am not really deterred by an anime genre. It is more themes that I am turned off by. I really dislike militaristic and political themes as well as fighting over silly stuff like honour and pride. I do not mind someone taking up arms to defend their family..but those who just follow the way of the warrior get no respect from me and can’t keep my attention.
Hence I really dislike stuff like Vinland Saga and other historic anime. So I would say that is my least favorite genre. Mecha anime often have these themes as well but  there is stuff like that Zoids tournament thing and that somewhat bigoted stereotype gundam world tournament thing which I do not mind at all. Retellings of Nobunaga’s story or viking stuff however escape the political and military stuff so rarely that it would be my least favorite. Not sure of Historic Military stuff is a genre though.
Being pretty asexual (actually greysexual) hentai doesnt do anything for me either which technically is an anime genre? As such I do not care much for Rosey Cheek anime either.

And that is another blog tag done, I will not nominate anyone just yet because a second part will follow somewhere in the coming week and since this tag has been going around very fast I will only nominate once to avoid any redundancy.
To be continued then! Remember I love you all, keep smiling and Stay Positive