Poké Wars: Blue Hope (Part 3)

Hey little monsters, it is time once again to move to a galaxy far far away. It is time for the third official installment of Poké Wars: Generation IV Blue Hope. In Part 2  which you can read here, Rioluke met up with Rotom W and 3 people by purchasing them from the Patrat sandcrawler with his uncle Unowen. Soon it turned out that Rotom Wash did not want to abandon it’s former mission and and took off in the night. The Riolu and the magneton chased him only to be attacked by sandshrew people. At the last moment the threesome was rescued by a man named Obi the Alakazam, formerly known as Obi the Kadabra. When it was revealed that Rotom W had plans for a secret weapon they had to deliver to a contact on Galaraan, Rioluke realised Overlord Metwo would send his forces to retrieve those plans. He rushed home only to find it in ruins! Check the end of this post for links to the other parts.

Chapter 7: It’s on Galaraan

Princess Rita sat in her cell for Arceus knows how long when two cloned pokémon came to get her. It was a Zubat and a Bulbasaur, the last one roped her with his vine whip. It hurt her quite a lot, she had endured a lot of torture to loosen her tongue and her body was quite frail and cut still.  There was this weird Pokémon that tortured her shaped like a lamp, it burned her with its ghostly fires while trying to look at her soul. It was quite horrible. She knew that if she that thing was praying on her soul and looking straight into it. She nearly told what she knew, she had to come up with a plan because surely she could not fool Dark Blader in this state. Rumors said he could read her aura with his dark powers. He would be able to spot deceit in her aura. She would have to pick something credible, something that would hurt her to mention. As a plan began to form in her head as a little of her soul died… at least Lampent would not get it now.

Princess Rita was led to a observatory in a huge space station. Helmed by some Drowzee as well as some cloned Toucannons who appeared to be the space stations gunners all gazed at her with a look of horror  in their eyes, like they had a good idea on what would come next. Smogon Tar Chin took the lead and broke the silence. ‘We will not ask again , where is the rebel gym!’ His tone was vicious and disrespectful clearly not respecting her status as royalty. It was his tone that gave Rita some resolve. She would not be talked to this way by the likes of him. ‘Aah  Smogon Tar Chin, I thought I smelled a poorly written reference from my cell but now that i am standing here I am still disappointed’ The Smogon set pokémon looked angry for a moment but then bit off with a smirk. ‘I would not have guessed you have a sassy nature “princess” you’d do well to be as talkative when the dark lord is asking you questions, you can’t keep pretending you have a quiet nature for long’ The Bisharp standing next to him looking menacing lifted his hands as the hypno clenched his throat.  ‘You should not put ideas of being quiet into the princess head, if I have to spend more power points to make her talk I will make sure you’ll both regret it’. As Dark Blader turned his head to Rita , she suddenly felt as if her mind was being probed, an unseen assailant noticing her superficial thoughts. ‘Indeed princess Rita this is not going to end well for you anyway’

Princess Rita was running out of time, she had too make up her mind. She knew her plan would cost millions of life, would she have the strength to push through with it? She would have to sacrifice millions so that billions could live. Would she be able to say the words? She had no room to give this any more thought for he would pick up on her conflict. She HAD to buy time, she could not let hope be snuffed out. She thought about her adoptive mother and father and about all those pokémon out there in the galaxy she never met.  Being on board of a weapon that allegedly was able to capture planets she knew very well what would happen next. Her pain would hopefully be enough to deceive Dark Blader. She took one deep breath and then uttered the words. ‘It’s on Galaraan, the rebel gym is on Galaraan’
Dark Blader looked at her menacingly, would it have been enough. ‘Set course for Galaraan’ he ushered. Rita shed a single tear not show her weakness to these two. She had just sacrificed her homeworld for but a glimmer of hope.

Chapter 8: Not the mons

Rioluke stood in distraught seeing his home ransacked, destroyed. His aunt and uncle gone. Surely they must have been send to Bill. He wept for their loss. Alakazam padded his shoulders and told him. ‘Rioluke, you are the son of a Pokéknight , you have to fight this pain, pain leads to suffering and suffering leads to the dark side of the aura. Rioluke was intrigued despite his grief ‘You are saying I could be a Poké Knight?’ Alakazam shook his head. ‘I am saying you may HAVE to become a Poké Knight in order for us to save the galaxy! Going against the overlord will be very hard otherwise.’ Anger still lingered in Rioluke but he could for some reason sense wisdom and truth in the words of the old man. He knew  somehow that their journey would become a long one, for a moment Rioluke sensed it’s destiny. ‘How do we get of this rock though? I don’t have money for a spaceship, even if I can fly one’ Rioluke said in his squeaky voice. The Alakazam could not help but chuckle ‘Of course you would, your father was a great pilot as well, we will go to Phenac City and find someone who can move us past the overlord’s blockades. There should be plenty of smugglers. Rioluke nodded, he stared at his home for one last time before mounting his landspeeder along with his three companions as they raced towards Phenac City together.

After little over an half hour speeder ride they began noticing a growing presence of clone pokémon.  Luke could have sworn he saw a cloned squirtle riding on a huge Salazzle, which is a big lizard but Alakazam swore there was nothing there. Rotom just bleeped at the discussion. 3-people translated this as. ‘Rotom W says  that there have been several incidents of this occurring across the galaxy. People of younger generations seem to perceive the galaxy somewhat differently at times, often more lively and special, while the older generations see the galaxy more barren but often more vicious and raw. Yet he absolutely assures you that those people young people see in the background will never really interact  much with the world.’ Alakazam and Rioluke still bickered for a bit who was seeing the world right but eventually they were approached by two cloned pokémon. Citizens two of your passengers seem to meet a general description of non organics wanted by Overlord Mewtwo, prepare to be searched. Alakazam smiled at them and showed him a spoon, waving it across the man’s face. ‘I would hate to waste your time officer, these are not the pokémon you are looking for’. The cloned pokemon shook his head confused for a bit. ‘That’s right, these are not the pokémon we are looking for! Move along citizens, glory to the overlord.’  The pale squirtle tapped the vehicle signalling Rioluke could drive into town. Which he did staring at Alakazam in awe. ‘How did you do that?’ 

Rioluke moved to town seeing all shorts of shady Pokémon. While plenty of law patrolled outside the town, as little seemed to dwell within. The most odd pokémon staring at him and his landspeeder.  At least selling the vehicle off would not be very difficult, this should be able to pay for a flight from one of these shady folks. A shady penguin pokémon seemed very interested in particular. Alakazam noticed as well and told Rioluke.  You just go inside that cantina and I shall sell the landspeeder, it might be best if you don’t .. know what they will pay for it’. Rioluke nodded, he would most likely not like the price his beloved landspeeder would be sold off for. Alakazam might squeeze out a few poké more with that mind stuff off his anyway. The non organics were tasked with making sure no one should steal the speeder, they could zap their attackers into paralysis.  Rioluke walked into the cantina alone, where a catchy tune was playing being played by a group of elgyem.

Chapter 9: Who shot first?

The cantina was even seedier on the inside then the outside. As soon as Rioluke walked inside he was immediately the   subject of some scrutinous looks. The little fighting pokémon was looking for someone looking like a pilot when he accidentally bumped into a Walrein.. a big Walrus Pokémon that seemed  to be accompanied by a Pignite. The Walrein began barking at our hero in a language he did not understand. ‘I-I am sorry for bumping into you mister but I do not understand what you are saying’ The pig pokemon looked at him and snickered. ‘He says he doesn’t like you’. This made Rioluke quite sad, he just wanted to make new friends, he was still a baby pokemon after all who had no one in this world. And now this Walrein did not like him already.  The pig saw him looking sad and let out a greasy sounding snicker again. ‘Hehehehe and I don’t like you either’ Rioluke began to cry a bit by the bullying. ‘I.. I am sorry.. you don’t like me’. Rioluke turned to the bar and ordered some Blue Blue Milk when the pig grabbed him. ‘I got a death sentence on twelve systems so be warned’ he said threateningly. ‘I .. I will be carefull, sorry you don’t like me mister’ the fox like kid says now fighting his tears more and more’. The pig motioned to the walrus to move in closer when that one was being struck by a large blue beam. Solid about one an armlength in size, eerily humming. The walrus began to colour red and was promptly send to the pc. ‘You killed my friend’ the pig yelled in panic. ‘Well you were threatening to kill my associate and all our weapons kill on first hit.. otherwise I would have just sliced a fin off.’ 

Meanwhile at a table in the back the pair was being watched by a hoodlum scarfty and his ursaring pal. While distracted by the death of the Walrein though  they did not notice a little bug pokémon crawling onto a chair at their table when it readied it’s blaster under the table it coughed. It was a little orange yellow bug worm with a cute pink nose  and a horn on its head. It was the most infamous weedle in entire Phenac city. In a very nasal tone it began to address the scrafty. ‘Shaun Yolo, how nice we finally see face to face once more.. Halva really wants his money now’ The scrafty sat back in the couch he was sitting on putting his feet on the table. ‘Ah Weedo, they let anybody in these days’ the hoodlum would say while pointing at the weedle but also pointing out Rioluke with his eyes. ‘Halva has put a bounty on you Shaun, and I think I will collect after all that stunt you pulled on me on Unovellia cost me a lot of money.’ The weedle  moved his capture gun under the table unlocking it with a click.’ The bear pokémon next to Shaun roared. ‘Easy Bakka, it’s not like i’m in danger or anything’ the scrafty said while crossing his feed on the table and putting his hands in his neck. Weedo laughed ‘I would not be so sure about th…’  before he finish the sentence he was shot by a capture blast coming from a blaster Scrafty had hidden behind the couch. The little weedle faded away in red light while his blaster fell on the floor. Shaun did not really notice it anymore his mind was working overtime. “Darn it if Halva the Zygarde has put a bounty on me I have to get out of here. Yet my ship  is locked away by those clone pokémon. Then he looked closer to the old man who just extinguished his capture saber after slaying the Walrein. Then he looked at the sniffling riolu and smirked. These suckers might be his way out. He beckoned over the Rioluke ‘Hey Kid, you look lost , how about we have a little chat’. Rioluke looked at Alakazam as he looked a bit worried. No twisting realities for each generation this time. ‘Should we even meet with him’ the young man asked Obi ‘ he clearly shot first!’

Question to my readers:

What is your favorite Star Wars species/race ?

So we conclude yet another chapter of this story! In the next part we will see daring escapes, dogfights, epic captures  and celestial body confusion! Make sure to follow my blog to not miss an exciting new episode of Poké Wars: Blue hope!

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Poké Wars: Blue Hope (Part 0)

A long time ago in the Netherlands far far away from most of you, I came up with the idea to do a pokémon inspired Star Wars retelling. But everything changed when the fire nation attacked…. Okay that one is not true .. there was just a bit of a difficult period in which producing content was difficult but now it’s almost time to write my Magnum Opus of ‘spoofs.  This time though I decided to add in a part 0.
Here I will discuss the main characters and briefly give you some heads up on the pokémon they are based on. Rather than spamming a name I can refer to them by species on occasion then, to reduce word spam. Also I do not have to make a single episode where I explain every character. During the stories any non major characters will also be revealed trough similar ‘pokédex Entries’. I’ll try to add these characters to part 0. Since New was quite a story, Blue Hope will take several weeks to complete.

Now let’s talk characters.

The Heroes

Rioluke Skypuncher

Luke Skywalker eat your heart out because here we have Rioluke Skypuncher the riolu. Riolu is a Pokémon introduced to us in Generation IV in the Sinnoh Region. Quite oftenly classified as one of the baby pokémon.  Being a pure fighting type Riolu at first doesn’t seem to have a Luke with our favorite desert dweller. Yet both Riolu and it’s evolution Lucario (I bet you can see the potential in that one) are sensitive to a hidden energy in the pokémon world called Aura. While Riolu has not mastered the Aura yet it can still to an extend communicate through ripples of Aura and can use it to improve it senses. It is stated that Riolu posses great strength stamina and endurance which allow it to go on long journeys which make this pokémon a pretty perfect fit. Rioluke Skypuncher lives with his uncle unownen and aunt natu on a shiny miltank farm on the planet Tat-Orre.  A name based on the desertous Orre Region in Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon Gale of Darkness XD. (That is not an emote but a title). Orre is pronouced like Oreo without the O..at least in my world.

While all his friends are signing up to be a part of the rebellion he has to stay on the planet to harvest the BlueBlue milk (Miltanks give Moomoo milk and Blue Milk is a Star wars thing so since the Miltank are shiny they give this type of milk here as shinies are alternatively coloured pokémon.) Bored with his life he spends most of his days trying to shoot Womp-Rattata with his landspeeder. But recently his magnetic suspension system broke. Poor Rioluke knows little what he’ll be in for.  
The title Blue Hope is a refference to Riolu’s skin colour and the orginal title Blue Harvest.

Princess Rita

Princess Leia has been replaced by the much cuter Gothorita also known as Princess Rita hails from the planet of Galaraan. Galar is the region where Pokémon Sword and Shield will be set. If you wonder how to pronounce it imagine how Hermione Granger would say it and you’ll probably get very close. Now to address the elephant in the room, did I select Gothorita to play Leia for her hair buns? I most certainly did! I thought of selecting the pokémon Slurpuff for it (though we will see that one make its appearance if this star wars spoof does well)  but Gothorita felt more elegant. This pokémon also is more likely to have the spunk that Leia has in the original movies compared to the whipped Dream Pokémon.

Gothorita is said to draw her power from the stars which will help Rita find strength as well when she most needs it. Gothorita creates friends for herself by hypnotising children and playing with them at night. While this has nothing to do with our story and Rita will not go this route in our story I thought it was an interesting bit of trivia for you to know. Like the Pokémon thought Rita and Leia can be quite manipulative and make people do something they would not have done otherwise.

Shaun YOLO

No one knows Shaun’s real name but he is a scrafty, so his name is probably close to that. It is said that Shaun was fleeing his home world of Unovellia (a combination of the american inspired Unova region and Corellia, han Solo’s home planet) and he picked the very unpokémon like name Shaun. When the custom officer asked him if he was sure he said YOLO. This all was tied in to everything important to his character happening to him on a single adventure but that is a prequel story we will only tell as soon as we have finished all the prequels and actually start on the sequels. Scrafty is the Hoodlum Pokémon and he’s very american, which makes him a very good fit for the role of Han Solo.

He has Moxie and can intimidate his enemies. It’s pokedex entry in the games state that it may be rude, it will take very good care of his friends it’s family and it’s turf. Shaun’s turf is his beloved spaceship the Millennial Mantine. A lot of people think this ship is worthless and slow and not as potent as ships of the generation before it he manages to do amazing things with this ship. It’s his baby and he will never leave it behind. However a deal he has made with Halva the Zygarde is risking his beloved ship if he can not pay up soon.

Obi the Alakazam

That’s right we aren’t even trying with this one! Formerly known as Obi the Kadabra was a PokéKnight serving the Pokécouncil and the Galactic MONarchy until Councillor Mewtwo got elected to be the new MONarch and ended democracy. When Kadabra traded in his old life for a new one, unbeknownst to  the rebels he evolved into a Alakazam. Alakazam is one of the four Gen I trade evolutions, the name change fits a certain minor element in the story but most of all we just needed an old man that can teach Rioluke the ways of the force. Alakazam is unable to forget anything he ever learned or knew. Having an IQ of over 5000 he will always have the intellectual highground.

While he was still a Kadabra he was the PokéMaster of  a young boy named Pawnianakin Skypuncher, the father of Rioluke but he claims that his student was killed by the loyal henchman of Galactic Overlord Mewtwo. Like any Alakazam Obi’s senses and abilities are increased exponentially when he closes his eyes. While his old body may be frail his mind is still extremely capable. 

The Villians

Galactic Overlord Mewtwo

Pale and Veiny, desiring absolute power, Mewtwo and Sheev Palpatine are basically the same person already depending on your chosen rendition. Both harbouring a big hate for a certain group inside civilisation and both well spoken, elegant and arguably the most powerful creature out there. (We do take extended universe into account and not just the disney cannon.. in fact if Rise of the Skywalker is going to be half as bad as the Last Jedi was there is going to be some heavy Retcons in those should i ever retell them). Since I talked about Mewtwo extensively I will just relink you that post though.  Galactic Overlord Mewtwo rose to power after from the shadows he managed to instigate several wars. Pretending to be all for the MONarchy he was elected their ruler in an attempt to end all these wars, at this time he suspended all democracy and became a fierce dictator. The PokéMaster Tapu Bulu tried to stop him but Pawnianakin interfered.. leading to the results we see today.

Mewtwo plans to use his new space station the MAS STAR  to capture all the rebels and send them to someone’s pc. In Pokémon when you have six or more pokémon on your team when you capture another they are sent to someone’s pc where you can later withdraw them.. but until then they don’t really live or exist they just are energy stored inside energy.In other words if you are ‘send to the pc’ you are kind of dead in this universe. Both Lightsabers as blasters are actually capture beams in this story, since pokémon cant handle pokeballs (as it would suck themselves up)  so they use beams to attack each other. 

Dark Blader

Darth Vader is replaced by Bisharp the Dark and Steel type pokémon seemed to be a great fit for the man permanently clad in a form of armor. It’s pre-evolution Pawniard and Bisharp share the ability inner focus with Riolu which we will use in explaining “The Aura” . The pre-evolution Pawniard also has the ability defiant which is an important trait for it to have in our mythos. Bisharp and Lucario share an egg group, which again is quite important to our narrative.. because we all know what will happen if I ever make it to the final part of The Overlord Psy Strikes back.  So it’s defiant, edgy, armoured a Dark type.. that all fits Darth like a glov- uhm ..mechanical hand. Now this guy is made up entirely out of blades which means we can give him a sound a like name that is actually pretty legit. Dark Blader. While Corviknight might have been an aesthetically better fitting pokémon it would give us a lot of trouble in the process. Bird Pokémon aren’t really great to use in situations like these.

Bisharp has red armor though, like the lightsabers of the bad guys. Did you know that the reason why all Sith Lightsabers are red is that they are artificial crystals? Unlike the Jedi who find a crystal to bond with, they make on using Alchemy. Why? Because these artificial crystals have a slight chance to short out non alchemical crystals. Bisharp takes pride in his blades being the best of the best as well. Bisharp can take down a target even a friend without changing it’s facial expression. Dark Blader is going to need this ability in the story to come…although he does have a type advantage already.

The Supporters

Bear Bakka

Instead of a wookie, we just have a very hairy and angry bear right here. Unfortunately for Chewie this time he his name sake is not chewing tobacco. This time he is named for his apparent lack of intelligence. While proven very capable to those who make an effort in getting to know the Wookie at first glance, Chewie does seem like your standard D&D barbarian.. a bit slow.

Since most of my readers are weeaboos or at least otaku i figured the description many star wars haters have given chewbacca .. stupid bear would fit but like any good Tsundere we do it secretly affectionate. Hence the name Bear Bakka. Ursaring goes stronger if he is angry thanks to his ability guts, he grunts and shouts a lot and he has brown fur. No real deep reasons here. Same can be said for most of the supporters though, as their backstory isn’t as relevant anyway and their impact on the narrative and personal growth is a lot less compared to our heroes.

Rotom W (Rotom Double U)

R2D2 will be replaced by a washing machine. Why? Well let’s talk about Rotom a bit first. Rotom originally is a ghost electric type pokémon introduced in generation 4. Soon however we find out it can posses all sorts of appliances to create mischief. Including a lawn mower, a stove, a fan, a fridge and finally the washing machine. Rotom Wash and Rotom Heat come about as close as we get to a pokémon like R2 that still fits in the mechanical theme.

It has some or R2’s blue elements and has the right amount of ‘clunk’ It can zap his targets just like R2 and it’s kind mischievous. Now why would Princess Rita put her secret plans in a washing machine? Well .. hiding plans in a droid seems fairly obvious compared to hiding them in a washing machine. I would check all the droids memories if I was an evil henchman but I would never think of checking inside the laundry. So there you go.. I am a bad henchman.


C-3P0  has been the one who has been mutated the most of the sake of this story. Yet nothing really changes. I needed a golden hued pokémon that I can break into pieces without it being too harmful to it, that can be deemed mechanical. Phew.. that’s a bit of a difficult task. A certain legendary might have fit the brief quite well but I really doubt I can put C-3PO on that level. So i chose to go with Magneton. For those who don’t know, Magneton is a pokémon consisting out of 3 magnemites stuck together. While their main colour is silver their shiny variant is goldenish (though this oftenly isn’t really shown on the anime art.

Magneton is one of the few pokémon that know screech which I find fitting for C-3PO and since it’s mechanical and consists out several very much identifiable parts it’s a pretty good fit. The fact that it’s made out of 3 seperate pokémon.. sort off.. but not really but still make it easy for others to refer to the droid replacement as 3people. C3PO being mostly referred to as 3P0 thusly is as close as we can get. The protocol droid was my encounter with the Mandela effect, I vividly remember him being solidly gold while in actuality he has one silver lower leg. So this brings me to the question I have for my reader!

Question for my Readers:

Do you think I should make one of the eyes silver to refer the leg, or do you like me remember C3PO’s to be entirely golden?

Now before I round up this post I shall present you with a little treat. Next week will start our story… but this week I will already give you that with which we start all star wars movies!

That’s it for this post, arigato for reading again! Let me know your answer to my question in the comments and may the aura be with you!
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