Five Anime Guests I’d Invite for New Years Eve

So now what we have found out which Pokémon I’ll be bringing to our little New Years Party and which Bloggers will be joining me in hosting the party, I guess it is time to invite 5 Anime Guests I’d invite to the biggest and last event of the year. Like Pokémon and Bloggers, everyone would be invited but these five have a role to fufill. Well.. it won’t actually be five but you will see what I mean by that soon enough.

Guest Number 1 : Megumi Tadokoro : The Cook

A good party needs good food and one of the best chefs recently is Yukihira Soma from Shokugeki no Soma… so of course we won’t be inviting him.  Why not? Well because there is no drive for him to win, I am not paying for two chefs. For those who don’t know Soma he is the briljant young cook and protagonist of the Food Wars series.  He cooks food that is so delicious people will orgasmn and their clothes will explode. Now while Fred may actually enjoy that experience I am a bit more subtle and would not want to lose my favorite party dress. Besides that little titbit the opposite might also be true Soma really likes cooking disgusting food when he can, and a group of drunken people celebrating the coming of the new year just might be his perfect testing ground for those dishes. Next Soma is also quite cocky and he would be hard to manage at this party, he would probably make want HE wants to make rather than following my suggestions!

(It will be so gross you laugh? Hell No! We serve quality in Paradise.. get away Soma you scrub)

So it’s time to hire a chef that is better suited for the job. His long time buddy Megumi Tadokoro.  She has a much more handleable personality, she’s shy and kinda adorable and best of all she is specialised in fish. 
Now I know that fish is not everyone’s favorite snack in the world.. but we are all otakus here, so sushi and sashimi at the very least should go down well. Plus we live on a tropical island which means the freshest of fish anyway. It oftenly combines well with tropical fruits as well so clearly Megumi would be the better choice of the two.  I feel she would also be less repelled by the pink energy around my party.. speaking of which the next guest is actually a group which oozes pink atmosphere.

(Kaoiken Megmumi make my fish snacks tast 10x better)

Guest Number 2:  μ’s  : The Band

Mallow already said he would not want Jigglypuff singing all evening but I still need it to provide some entertainment and to play fun games with so I wont boot it off. However I will offer an actual band at my party because you got to have one.  My favorite one is the μ’s. This band is a musical idol group from the original Love Live series. If all songs in the world would be represented by a colour virtually everything in μ’s.  library of songs can be represented by the colour pink. Though I’d might give Snow Halation  silver. By now they should all have grown up a bit so they make nice party guests and people still like their songs. Be it from their classical song Start/Dash to one of my favorite No Brand Girls. They all come with a set of cute dances that are easiest to mimic but hard to master. Which will make sure  people will also have fun at the dancefloor, but also just watching the dance floor as chaos is bound to ensue. Of course their concert comes with a free master class in becoming an idol girl.. spoiler.. we will say Nico Nico Nee a lot!

(We will do this for an hour straight at the party! Fun!)

Of course there is one thing I particularly want to hire this band for, and that is to all sing together at midnight. I have already picked out the song. It’s the song that is called Aishiteru Banzai. a song that I think is perfect for New Years Eve. While two fan translation exists which differ pretty hard from each other it is at least a song that celebrates love but also moving forward. One translation of the song title would be Cheers for the Love, while the other one reads “I love you Hurray”. The latter version is mostly used for the solo version of the song, which also exists. But of course we are looking at the group version as we all will sing along.   “Cheers for Love” is of course already a message I can very much get behind. While I do not think a lover is very important to have I do think having love is so much more and is something everyone needs and deserves. So yes Cheers for Love.“Let’s move Forward, even if it’s painful , I am right here next to you” is yet another line from this song that is very inspiring. The new year will have some challenges ahead but together we can overcome them. “We have the courage not to give up so let’s enjoy the present” …Arceus damn it, this song is good. When the ball drops, just before the clock strikes 12 .. so that the last note ends when the ball drops we will sing about that great tomorrow and how we can overcome it with our love for each other and can shape a better future for ourselves by simply opening your heart to other people is a beautiful way to move into the new that’s what we will be doing. 

(Study it for new years dear guests we will all be singing this)
(A good example of the dances we will doing)
(One of my favorites..but dancing along makes me way too tired)

Guest Number 3: Kamina : The Dare Guy

My bartender, Irina, might try to hog this one, but each party has their Dare Guy… you know one of those guys that pushes others to move past their limits. To talk to that cute girl that is standing there by the punch bowl, to see if you dare to eat Megumi’s Fugu, to dance on a table and just let go of your inhibitions or to smash a radio through a tv set to check out if they could possibly gatai/combine. Kamina is the ideal guy for that and sure I know he can be a little hard to get to show up so… there’s always dragon ball’s we could just wish him to be here. I think there is a new years tradition somewhere that also involves wishing so if we believe we can get him there. Kamina would tell us to have faith in what we want as well so it will all work out. Of course he is a good hunk of man meat as well for the straight girls at my party, which with my luck is everyone but me due to my panda powers, but yeah even though I am a strictly female kinda girl..for Kamina I just might make a one time exception ..after all his dri….. let’s not go there. Kamina seems like a neat guy to have at a party, he likes his booze, he likes his little show and I can really seem him bring a party to live.

Riding a flock of boars, I did that on a dare once.. it did not end well)

He has all the qualities of a dare guy, pushing his pal Simon way past his limits and comfort zone. Even years after those initial lessons of the man, his protege follows that mantra and becomes something greater than even the universe. A bunch of socially awkward people together need a Kamina, who pushes us into that flirt with the cute person we see, who nudges us into joining a game we would otherwise be to shy to join..thinking we would be a bother if the rules have to be explained to us. He will get this party started and keep it going but he will also make you move forward, because with Kamina you can not stand still, you always have to strive to a greater tomorrow, so he is also good at pushing us to set our resolutions. Of course there’s a downside of having a dare guy at these parties as I might actually need to deploy Chansey to do some first aid, or people would throw seeds into my pool just to see if they can will an entire tree to life or something weird like that. At my party we celebrate the new year and look forward to it with positivity. Kamina is that force that will allow us to break the ceiling of our imagination. If you think 2020 is gonna suck.. he will show you that if you want it you can even do more than you might imagine.

Guest Number 4: Ram: The Cleaner

I had a few nominees for this one. Tohru from Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid just fell short, as well did Sebastian. While I wanted to give the straight and bi sexual girls some more man-candy I was going over things in my head and than I realised that Tohru, Sebastian and even sister Rem for that matter would most likely at least have someone to celebrate New Years with, while not every bond is explicit or ‘successful more than likely they at least have someone to wish a happy new year too. While Ram has her master m that bond is rather toxic due to the Oni Horn incident. ’ She hardly has anyone to celebrate with or whom she would care to celebrate with aside for Rem. That they will always stick together was disproven a long time ago as well so I feel like we need to take care of Ram.
Sebastian Tohru and Rem have a more ….dedicated… following but I think we all should welcome Ram and take her into our hearts. If i’d invite Rem she most likely be lewded right away by many vagrants and if you think Subaru should have chosen Rem.. you should not just be mad at him for going after Emilia.. you should also keep Rem available to him for when he comes to his senses. Tohru is a taken girl as well and don’t get me started on Sebastian. No! We will give Ram some love.

(She is like Rem..but pink..which is always better)

Ram is better at her job, because she is a lot more dedicated to it, instead of being dedicated to a man who is not worth her time. She is strong enough to also double as a bouncer at the party, though that I will mostly provide with my five invited game characters, should there be a big incident Ram could help. Slightly less prone to dying, I guess, than her sister she isn’t an impending sign of doom, which really helps people relax at the party. Ram is also a lot more on brand with me.. since she is pink it saves me from taillour making a pink butler or maid outfit for the others. She’s smart and somewhat sophisticated and as a maid can also double as a waitress should people be too lazy to walk to the bartender. Ram all in all is a perfect guest for my party, though she might be a bit stiff, that will go for the most of us.  My blog is about being yourself and getting some love for being yourself and who can feel Ram more loved than a couple of Weeaboo anime fans reading about a fictional party, with fictional characters in an fictional place! That’s right thats true love right there.

(It’s not like I am glad to be invited or anything BAKA!)

Guest Number 5: Dark Magician Girl/Mana : The Kiss

That is right boys and girls this guest is for me! Everyone has to have someone to kiss or hug at midnight and I really tend to be alone at that moment the clock strikes twelve. So I should really look for a guest/date to bring. Ako Tamaki would have been my first pick, i’ll be honest. This girl from “And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?!” has captured my heart with the right level of insanity devotion and general cuteness. It doesn’t hurt that her online avatar wears a lot of pink as well. Unfortunately that attractive insanity and devotion is directed towards a specific person and a guy to boot. I am such a panda that I know how it well end if I invite a straight girl to be my date. Even if I really like Yandere girls.. and while Ako is not your typical Yandere she definitely is one, albeit a less homicidal one… darn the one non homicidal Yandere I like.. is straight … and “married”. Just my luck! So this year I am looking for someone I might actually be able to have stick with me for the entire night.


Enter Dark Magician girl! I love her bubbly personality and while her outfit might be a bit short and kinda skimpy.. I guess it’s fine on a tropical island. I love myself a magical girl  and she is an effect monster… so I am certain that she isn’t a trap either. Though since she is a summonable card opposed to an actual girl , I guess I could just go with Mana who turned into DMG at the end of the Zork Arc of Yu-gi-Oh.. but yeah the card is the actual personality I feel most comfortable being with so… solid vision from Arc V maybe? While I have no real insight in her preferences between boys and girls she does seem flirty to basically everyone which means I have a shot of her being flirty with me as well. She’s also loyal to the one who summons her  and inviting her to the party I think counts as a special summon. At worst she will just be a really fun party guest who can most certainly entertain people and make them feel happy. At best I might have finally have someone to kiss at New Years. Plus I will have the ultimate waifu.. thing. See even if she is real and becomes 3d, she still is 2d in a way as she is still summonable from a card. Meaning I get the best of two worlds. .. I think .. I am actually not really in the waifu scene but I think some say a waifu should be 2d. All I know is.. I gotta put three dark magicians in the graveyard so that kiss of Dark Magician Girl reaches maximum intensity! 

(I summon here and there is hearts already.. this meant to be!)

Tomorrow you can read the final post of this party , which game characters would I invite to the party. Should there be time than I might make an extra post on movie characters invited later this day so be sure to check the site out, better just subscribe if you haven’t already. Should you not be able to read tomorrow because you have to visit your grandma for new years , who lives in the darkest reaches of the world with no internet… I already wish you a happy new year.. I don’t know your grandma but happy new year to her too I guess. Tell her to move to civilisation.

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Five Bloggers I’d Invite to New Years Eve

Hey there my island guests, it’s almost time of the biggest party of the year as well as the last. Yesterday we gathered my pokémon team and today we invite… you guys. The bloggers of around wordpress. Now of course you are allowed to have fun at the party and dance all night and you know all that jazz but for the purpose of this blog I will assign five people a role at my party. Everyone is welcome but these people I feel like could help make the party feel extra neat. So hop on in and take a peek at my guest list.

Guest Number 1: Megan “A Geeky Gal”:  THE DECORATOR

Since I have started blogging about half a year ago there are a few blogs which I have looked up to in inspiration. Megan’s is one of them. Combining her youtube and her blog makes it a bit of a special thing for me to follow. I had inspirations to start a youtube channel myself , however given my colourful style and usually fairly child friendly content I would never be able to build a platform to socialise with people because of that who COPPA thing.  So I gave that up. Megan managed to find her way and her market to do so. She is much more of a homey geek than me. Gaming with a husband on the couch, putting a geeky outfit on the dog and film it sleeping on the couch. I’d just have the couch and nothing exciting is going over there.. except for sometimes maybe some crummies of the cookies I ate while gaming or watching stuff.

(Not my actual Couch, still about as exciting as the real deal)

Megan her blog and Youtube channel feature a neat balance of what it means to be both human and geek. The down to earth tone makes it a treat to read and watch her content. Why I am really inviting her though is because of her special videos! No nothing dirty, she decorates her house for the season and finds bargains all across her area for the neatest little ornaments and knicknacks. I am not a very good decorator, well in truth I am fairly solid at it but I can over exaggerate, and I think some people at the party would like it if at least one of the decorations isn’t pink. So I would hire this geeky gal to create a nice atmosphere. She would even be allowed to bring her dog and husband, the dog can play nicely with the pokémon I brought along and the husband can help put up the decorations at the higher places and enjoy the open bar. Speaking of bars……

(For those wondering how those pompoms are held up… a flock of Pidgey

Guest Number 2” Irina “I drink and watch anime”: THE Bartender

I mean with a blog name like that and your  anime watching being dedicated to drinking cocktails alongside of it, who else could I have chosen as a bartender. With the exception of my friend Jilly ,  my only real life friend who reads my blog , occasionally #sadness, I think virtually everyone reading this post will know Irina . Besides obviously being a great bartender, albeit a socially awkward one, she is also an amazing blogger that continues to be an inspiration to me. I once discovered her on one of my older blogs before but back than I had no one following me, and no friends actually reading my things so that quickly vanished as I left WordPress behind me. When I returned it did not take me long to find her again. Her voice, (in a writing sense) is so unique and personal. We do not get anime reviews where we judge by regular standards, we are taken through the show through the eyes of Irina, her rational and irrational feelings on a show. As well as a new cocktail to play a drinking game with.

Yet it’s mostly her essays and her pondering about the world of anime that draws my attention. A sharp and witty mind that doesn’t take herself to serious and can tell a story that has been told a billion times and make it new and exciting again. Perfect qualities for a bartender as in that functio she will have to hear about all the broken hearts and misery of the island guests and offer them the right drink to forget. My new year’s resolution is to be more like Irina..yet also less like her since I do not want to copy her, but find my unique voice and portray it as well as she does. I better stock up on the absinth though, I got a feeling she might want to get my guests all liquored up fast, so she can talk to one of the anime guests I am inviting tomorrow. Since we are talking about green fairies right now I got a perfect bridge to my third guest.

(Now this is starting to look like a party)

Guest Number 3: Lita Kino “Anime Corner””:  THE Party Planner

Our little green fairy of the OWLS is such a busy bee. Doing a bit of everything. Formerly on youtube, still blogging still podcasting as well as being fairly active in keeping us OWLS together. She would be someone I need at my party to balance out my own chaos. While I can multitask I do get distracted a lot. Oftenly I end up reading everyone’s posts and forget to press the like button because you inspired me to search for something, to check out an anime or to go find this other awesome blogger. With this many balls up in the air , I am sure Lita is a lot more structured than I am, or else it will at least be very amusing for the party. Lita as a blogger and Podcaster? Is that a word or is their some slang term for it like Pod-God or Cast-Kid? I don’t know..but she would most likely.. all the more reason why she would function as a great planner.  I discovered her somewhat later on trough my joining of OWLS but I saw a very positive and passionate blogger and… uhm … .. but I saw a very positive and passionate content creator (nailed it) that definitely Identifies enough with Sailor Jupiter to be called a green fairy..justifying my bridge earlier.

(With all the absinthe at the party Lita can make some male guest so drunk to create her own Yaoi)

Lita has that aura of , that nice convention friend vibe to her. Appearing less antisocial than most of us would be. Lita would be the one that would cover Irina at the bar if she freaks out.. or is drunk by her own cocktails.
Reliability and support would be qualities I’d give Lita and her blog. There is this sensation of casualness in her content that appeals to me. She hasn’t seen all of Hero Academia, hasn’t read the entire sailor moon manga, but that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy or is not a fan. It’s a sentiment I can very much relate too. Which makes her a blogger whose content I really enjoy reading. 

(My parties come with a lot of paperwork and big plans)

Guest Number 4: MasterMixMovies  : Entertainment

I do not really follow anyone who is capable of providing music.. but yesterday’s post showed we have Jigglypuff for that and I will see if I hire/anime or game character for it as well.  Not particularly moved by music anyway, I always prefer to have something fun to watch on in the background of a new years party. It has to be something you can talk through, yet can still provide a few good laughs or subject for conversation. If any blogger can help me find the perfect movie for that it would be MasterMixMovies , which I from here on out will call M3 because otherwise it would get very lengthy. This blogger has fairly similar tastes in movies as myself, so at least if they pick a movie I can enjoy myself. Which is also important as it is my party after all.  In brief but true posts he captures the spirit of a movie in just a few words. A skill I do NOT possess at all. With a hint of sarcasm in his tone and a refreshing bluntness that is more than just shouting that a movie sucks his reviews do manage to present a smile on my face as I see old classics pass by. Since I failed to watch Big Trouble in Little China at christmas this time, perhaps that can be a feature this year on our new years watch, but I would still have to ask M3.

Good entertainment can make or break a party and while I will serve up some bitchin board games myself there are always those who want to stay a bit passive and just enjoy themselves with a fun movie and a hearty talk. Plus everyone stuffing their face with delicious treats (need to add a chef to my guestlist somewhere)  of course. Less redundant and showboaty then Nostalgia Critic, way more objective then CinemaSins, M3 will take us to both the present and the past of movie history, mostly past though and will strike down the blemishes on our childhood with furious anger and only give credit to the movies who deserve it. Perfect to manage our entertainment of the evening and he can build the perfect bridge between my geeky/anime friends and the more normal once with his choice of movies. …. as long as that bridge is pink.

Guest Number 5: Fred “Au Natural” The Confidant

I will be honest and say I do not visit the Au Natural blog as often as I should, I can not get him to show up in my wordpress Reader and due to the nature of our interactions I usually don’t begin to read his comment right away after he comments on my site. He has no avatar so I gave him one. Satoshi iIshiki from Shokugeki no Soma.. because… reasons…. Fred still has made a big impression on me. His insight in mental self care and the way he tackles life itself is a very inspirational thing to me. You see I would hoist him up in a big Teddy Bear costume and let him cheer up everyone at my party with big bear hugs, but something tells me deep down he would not really like to be stuffed in a bear suit. So let’s give him the role of the confidant. At parties there is always someone who goes through an emotional rough patch. Last year sucked big time for me.. so this year there is a fairly large chance that I will be the one that breaks down. The advise that Fred has given me and the way he talks about  these things give him this trustworthy quality. Also a member of OWLS (As is Irina by the way) he knows about the struggle and importance of being yourself.

(Go Go OWL Rangers, we don’t have zords, help us get zords)

With new year’s you tend to reflect on the past and go over things and it can leave us all in an awkward position. It’s nice to have a listening ear around who hears us all and understands is in a calm and neutral way. I am usually pretty good at this myself, but like I said this year I kinda expect to break down and even if I don’t I’ll be so hammered from Irina’s cocktails that my advice would be as understandable as a monologue of Sylvester Stallone who got stung by a bee in the mouth. I know a great deal of the bloggers here, have some demons to face and sometimes all we need is some words of Wisdom. I have some, but sometimes I fail to see them because life gets in the way, Fred has them as well and even has them written down on his site accessible with just the click of a button! Pretty neat.

(Kind and wise words make Pinkie a happy girl)

The 117: The Inspiration

Of course everyone following me would also be invited to the fictional party on Pinkie’s Paradise. In your own way you all contributed to my blog still being here, whether it is your loyal support and constant consistent likes like Mallow and Lyn or you positive comments  like Anime and Fanfiction and Raist. Maybe it’s your own blog I like following like so many of you. Each view, each like and each comment has helped me find a home. A home that I have begun to lose after my best friend in real life moved away. In 2019 I have felt more disconnected from the world than I ever have before, to a point where I barely could Identify.. not only with my gender or my persona  but with my entire humanity. As Told By Carly gave me kind words on a super dark day, while one of Karandi her reviews really made me excited about an anime again.

So while these five have a spotlight today I would like to thank everyone for this past half year. I’ve reached my goal of 100 posts, I surpassed my goal of 100 likes and I even have gotten to over 1000 likes, and this blog I didn’t even like any of my own posts! So that is saying something.  I might be someone who will forget to press the like button, I might fail to retweet something but in your own way all together made 2019 way less shitty than it would have been without this blog. I hope 2020 will be my first full year with all of you guys and that I can continue to grow as a website (hopefully with the proper address) but also to be like the bloggers I look up too. To keep the community alive and like the OWLS strive for, create a place to be ourselves. Thank you all!

Come back tomorrow to see which anime characters I will invite to the party and should you be unable to do so, I wish you a happy new year.  Note that I could not name everyone in the 115 list by name. These are simply a handful of people who left an early or recent impression. You matter as well.