Random Talks Again! The Random Topic Generator Part 2

On Wednesdays we always talk a little about me, blogging or things related to online mental health! Since I am super happy right now, I feel like an airy look in my life and mind! What better way to do that.. than random! So I found a new random topic generator on the internet and asked myself some questions! For those willing to partake I used , this random topic generator.. now let’s get started.

Most of my real life friends live here! There is Bean who is my bestie and Bear who is her boyfriend! Those are the people I hang out with the most and go out for spontaneous drinks and nights out! Then there is also my Dragon Ball Pal and the guy living in the same building as me! He plays D&D with us so that is always fun! Having a group to play D&D with would actually thus be my favorite thing… but Bean and Bear do other fun things with me as well. Bean and I go out for lunches and sometimes meet our loud friends as well! Who do not D&D unless it stands for Drink & Drink some more!  This Thursdays my D&D friend and me will finally see each other in person again, at least some of us well! So I am happy about that! I missed them so much!

Disclaimer: Not my Actual Table! I wish I had awesome stuff like that!

Having said that though my city is a pretty terrible place, there is a lot of crime , including murder, drug trade and of course violence and whole lot of intolerance which does not really match with a Kawaii Pink Girl like me! So I am looking to move away to greener pastures. Not that the pastures aren’t green here, the chemical plant I look at when I watch out my windows leaks chemicals so often  that not only the pastures are green.. they are fluorescent too! Cows don’t just say moo they say Kaijmoo. Cowzilla! Of course I am kidding here…..about the cows and the grass only is slightly glow in the dark. The chemical plant does have a lot of leaks of fires though so .. to better places in the future!

My backyard

That really depends! Would I know my life span?! Say if I know I have at least 10 to 20 years left I’d say yes! If it’s a gamble and I can drop dead right here and right now then my answer would be no. I do not believe that the key to happiness is longevity I believe the key to happiness is doing what you want to do. Being rich or famous would open a lot of doors and allow me to do a lot of stuff I can not do otherwise! If I was rich  I would probably eat so much great food, drink amazing wines, travel to the weirdest places that my lifespan would be reduced by ten years already. So it does sound like a sweet deal, I just don’t want to be rich and not be able to use it. That is a sin in my opinion. Sure people can donate to a cause they’d think I like but I could have a lot of fun with a lot of money! One of my dreams is to visit the pokémon café in Tokyo and to visit Japan in general. With my current income that is never going to happen at least not if my health doesn’t improve, I do not see a short term way of getting out of that.  So if I was guaranteed some years of life left to spend the money and have fun.. I’d do it.

The mileage on this image is insane!

We always say that life is the greatest good, but life just like money isn’t all that amazing if nothing happens with it. I have seen my grandfather waste away in an old folks home his dementia claiming the last memories of us. Covid set him free, but if I can prevent even one year of that I’ll happily die a little bit earlier.  Health care staff is constantly given less time with you and less and less people are wanting to train for it as the management keeps cutting away at the budgets to make everything work by the time I get old enough to be taken care for, there will just be a pit of sand with some cloth to keep the worst of the sun away and we will tended by a hunchback named Igor.. whom they have cloned from Florence Nightingale’s DNA. Just making it human enough not to give it human rights and wages. So yeah I will trade Igor in!  I think I can live more in a year without limitations than in 50 with normal limits. I can experience joy until the day I die and even if it’s sooner I’ll die with a big wide smile on my face. Still I would not waste it! So if I can drop dead right here right now I’d not choose the option because I do not want to hurt people! However if people know I died with a huge smirk on my face I think that is solace enough to risk that!

Now this is a weird question… I like it!  Saying I take you Rachel while you are  taking Emily as your lawfully wedded wife is probably a stupid thing to do on your wedding. F.R.I.E.N.D.S was such a wise show like that! Yet I do not think  that is what this question is about. I think it means more like stuff like “we should see other people” or “You are not of my preferred sex when it comes to engaging in the physical act of love’.   Maybe something like “Sweety did you make sure to turn the oven off when we left”  when your partner has trouble with that sort of thing.  There is plenty of jokes to make here with obvious ones like “sweety that dress makes you look fat’  or “Well guys she is wearing white but I can assure you…she’s now pure..whassssuuup!’ I mean lets be honest here there is a lot you should not say at the wedding. “That gift your parents gave us is horrible” ,  “Did you see Stephanie caught be bouquet? Like that’s ever going to happen.. unless she marries Ronald Mc-D am I right?’ Honey “I slept with a bridesmaid”.. ..”Oh Me Too”. You are getting comedy gold here everyone!

But let’s assume real people are not cartoon characters  or roles of Sean William Scott or Katherine Heigl. Let’s assume we are all well spoken people with at least a semi functional brain. That would change everything. If there are things you can not say at your wedding then, you are marrying the wrong person. If your spouse to be or their family would ruin your day based on something you say, things are not  well in your family. If I am ever gonna get married I sure as heck do not want to say I do!  I also do not really want a wedding dress… well maybe a fake on that I can rip off for shock value to reveal a magical girl outfit underneath! I would stare at my partner and go take a pose! While I speech! “I am the pretty guardian of Love and Friendship in a Sailor Suit! Sailor Pinkie! In the name of Love I will marry you! I would like my partner to look shocked and then she’d take out a makeup mirror and yell Pretty Cure, Smile Charge! Ripping of her dress to reveal a magical girl outfit. Then we’d hold hands slide the ring on each others finger and yell ! Pink Thunder! Yellow Thunder! (or whatever her colour would be) Pretty Moon! Married To! And then each others name! Then a fake as a sort of fake beam effect it rains tiny plushies and ribbons, tossed by the bridesmaids onto the isle!  If someone expects me to be normal at my own wedding.. clearly they would not know me!

Oof thats a heavy one. Do I believe in God? The short answer is no, I do not believe in God, Allah, Yahweh , Lord Xenu, Eywa or the Flying Spaghetti monster. Even Todd Howard might be fake. On paper I am an atheist as I do not believe in a divine being. I think subconsciously a lot of people feel that way. If we look at sci-fi for example we often see that sci-fi writes dabbling in the concept of theology project other divine beings upon the galaxy. As if they should have another god. Yet god as a creator should be shared amongst the galaxy. As in.. in Star Trek they encounter “god” several times depending on times. A sentient being judging if I lived my life right is also a super depressing thought. I can only go to heaven or paradise if I put myself last? That’s not how things work! Who is a force to judge over my life while not having lived it? The fact that my live can be invalidated by a single opinion makes no sense to me.  Sure it’s an all knowing opinion yada yada yada except it’s not! I should live the way I want.. not an incorporeal flying buffalo head with a ginger wig and gag goggles or not a guy floating on a cloud going hmmm Soka!  If my friends have some awesome memories of me and will remember me with a smile.. I lived a good life! Because that is what I want to achieve!

The DnD eye guy and pink ninja woman are still there.. they would just cry which moots my point!

I however would not say I believe in nothing… no I believe in order and chaos. Balance, I’d almost call myself a Jedaii (a Force user before the Dark and Light side split). Things happen for a reason and that is not always quantifiable there is a bigger order, a bigger rulebook out there, it’s not a sentient rulebook and most certainly not a DM but it influences us all. Miracles like mothers finding strength beyond their limits to save their children the way everyone’s, the fact that all our upper and under arms have a 1.61803398875 difference ratio , the fact that bees are segregated in that exact same ratio, these are the proof to me that there is an order out there a force keeping everything together. Sometimes it gets a bit lost.. so it’s almost algorithmic like YouTube, a force that can adjust and a force that we can influence. Our thoughts , our postivity…our Karma as it were shape it bring some order in the chaos.. but it is mostly just a set of rules still. Beyond us to understand…again like the YouTube algorithm.

I believe that for me there is no god, but that balance can be controlled to an end. If you are happy and you exert it it’s more likely positive things happen to you. If you are in a negative mindset, bad things are more likely to happen to you. By believing you can do something without a doubt in your mind you can break your limits.. point and case the mother lifting a heavy object to save her baby again. Your belief must be absolute but this works for a god as well. If you believe in god..like believe without a shadow of a doubt god is real to you. If you believe god whispered you the right answer to the test.. then maybe you did. We can explain it with a chemical process in the brain trigger something or whatever ..but who cares. I hear my plushies talk to me.. it’s not something that can be measured but if they go Ganbatte, to cheer my on I still feel inspired.. that inspiration IS real. No matter if I deluded myself into doing it or I actually pick up sound waves from another realm, it doesn’t change the fact that I got inspired..by my plushies. Their motivating me is real. Much more than a concept of god for me ever could!

 Yet God is stronger because he is shared among so many people that it is even easier to pick something up! If your fate wavers others can help you steel your mind..strengthen those thoughts.. No one will tell me.. yes Pinkie your plushies really talk back. Our brains are super powerful, something can be so vividly imagined if we belief in it hard enough. Research shows that if we play a video game and get invested enough our brain treats it virtually the same as going on an actual adventure.. that makes that adventure real right? I think god would be the same .This to me also explains the existence of ghosts. A ghost is not a manifestation of a dead person but the memory of said person by a living person. They belief they remember and they think of them so much that it’s almost tangible to see.. like reading a really good book or an amazing description of food where you can basically taste it. So do I also believe people can see god! So I do believe in him? No .. but he is real… just not to me personally.

To me god is just.. that thing!

By the time I am writing this, which is about a week and a half-ish from when this is going to be posted, I learned the word portmanteau from Irina, I had no idea but it sounds pretty. I guess I have created a few in my blogging history as well. I also learned that this topic generator was less amazing as the one before! This one asked some really basic questions! The religion one I made a post off before but it is so long ago I could revisit it. I tried to find another but the next one and i am generated was “do you believe in the afterlife” and then “do you believe in ghosts”.. clearly the order ..or Karma wanted me to explain my answer on that question so I guess Karma must think I am right ..which makes little sense because then it would be sentient and my entire thing goes to waste but still.The biggest lesson I learned though  is that sometimes a small gesture is good enough to forgive a major thing. 

I saw my friend Lauren this week who has treated me a bit poorly in the past. She treated me a bit how Fumi gets treated by Yasuko in Sweet Blue Flower. She wants to be normal so bad that she kinda “prayed the gay away”  on herself. She stopped our relation because it would not be white picket fences and 1.5 children.After that she hooked up with a male friend of mine, a closet geek, better job also likes to keep up the pretense of being your average guy. I kept the friendship with her alive as I hoped she would one day realise there is more in the world than being mundane. She increasingly drifted towards adhering to the standard and constantly critisised me for finding my own way..usually behind my back though which I had to hear from others. I kept the friendship up though because I really cared for her However fairly recently we had a major fight. Another friend asked us if we could delay a meal for 15 minutes so they could join and she refused stating that “6 o clock is the normal time”  It’s the time she eats at home and if she eats 15 minutes later she’ll have to go to sleep 15 minutes late as well.. cause of her schedule.. normal people don’t eat at 6:15 they eat at 6 so, so should we. A friend who can’t even spare 15 minutes for a friend is not a good friend at all so I timed her out for a bit.. quite mad with everything festering up. 

Yet she came in here with a smile and a bar of chocolate she gifted me and she just said in the most sincere way that she really missed me.  Suddenly everything else did not matter.. and I had missed her as well. I almost hugged her! But Distancing rules so no hugging. Still I felt lighter as a cloud after that, sure we are drifting apart because I am becoming stronger in me being unique and she deeply beliefs she will be happy from being the perfectly average woman and if that makes her happy she should pursue it. I am not sure we can be friends forever, I might become something that holds her back in being as normal as she wants to be.. and I am not going to give up myself so she can be normal..because she would not do so for me either…and that is fine.  For now I know I have a friend, whom I love. The friendship isn’t as easy as others, it’s not perfect but it is something I missed and something I will enjoy sharing with her for as long as we are capable.  Grudges are stupid and as long as you gain something from a friendship and not from a grudge.. even the littlest hand reach can be enough to rekindle a bond. I’ll just hate the anime character instead!

Now that was long enough , I am hope you learned something new about me! Next time I will try to look for a bit more of a whimsical topic generator! Yet this was something on its own accord?!Anyway! I got some chocolate to eat! Sayonoodles! That is a portmanteau  of Sayonara and Toodles!

<In two weeks my Blog will turn 1 so on the Wednesday of my Blogs Birthday..and Pinkie’s Birthday in a sense..I will be holding a Q&A so feel free to leave me some Q&A Questions in the comments or poke me on twitter!> Sayonoodles once more!

More Sunshine More Pinkie: Sunshine Blogger Award 3

I had a few blog awards piling up so I thought we should do another TAG-Week. With the possibility of me going into a new Picrew avatar ..but using the Chibi to tell about my past, I really felt like answering questions about me. Being super personal with you guys always makes me happy and I have been feeling a bit down in the dumpsters lately. Feeling like I did not really matter.  Doing personal posts always help, especially when people comment as well. So for the next few posts you will see me clearing my backlog of nominations. Some I will do in the classic way.. others I will give my own spin on! I will also send out my own Blog Tag out in the world once again just because I can! Today we will tackle a Sunshine Blog Award!

I really wanted to photoshop those sunflowers pink but it took to much effort!

Five Steps to Sunshine

This post comes with a certain few rules just like any other:

-List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo.
– Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blogging sites.
-Answer their questions.
-Nominate up to 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions.
-Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog posts.

The last step I wiill not be doing, I shall offer links to all the nominees and make those links go to a specific post. This way they will be notified! I really want to keep my comments relevant to people’s post rather than use it to promote my tag post.  With that Step 1 is done though so it’s time to move to step 2.

Crafting some Love for a Craft Lover 

I was nominated for this post by Selina, a wonderful person who runs the blog Craft Lover. She has an adorable blogger that started out somewhere around september in 2018 but since January this year her blogging has truly been unleashed. Filled with fun and joyful crafting tips..which make me wish I had a blender. Selina seems a bit younger than my usual followers and not as into anime as my normal followers so I am really happy she decided to give me a follow and take a peek at my posts anyway! Check out her blogs for some  some really manageable crafting tips that really is available to most people and don’t require owning 20 types of scissors and ribbons!. Given she studies french at school, she might be under aged so instead of a cocktail you can click on this cute little smoothie she takes about on her blog.


What is your favorite color?


Not many people know this, just kidding, but it is actually pink. Back in my early 20’s my muscle condition worsened at it began to affect my heart and I had to spend a lot of time in the hospitals. I kind of felt like a labrat .. in poor health, that visited several hospitals and several doctors. Seeing so many faces, I kinda felt faceless myself.. unsure if I would actually overcome this or not I feared dying as if I was a number.  Trough wearing Pink though I got a sense of identity. People began calling me Pinkie.. or Pink one .. or whatever dutch variation came along. It gave me an identity that stuck with me. Before the whole ordeal orange was my favorite colour but pink made me who I am today.

Pinkie as a Picrew Avatar!

What is your Harry Potter House?

I am a Hufflepuff. according to Pottermore but a Ravenclaw in core values. I feel like a hufflepuff but I am not that hard of a worker. I got the friendly and kind hearted spirit of a Hufflepuff and I prefer their common room, but I am also one who is guided by wit and creativity. I probably could fit in both and would be asked to be sorted in Hufflepuff in the end, though I’d probably mostly hang with people from Ravenclaw.

Describe your Home!

I live in a 22 square meter studio in a 12 story high flat.  Ilive on the seventh floor. I have a too small kitchen that is oftenly cluttered. I have blue carpet on my floor and blue walls (which I want to paint pink but I might move out sooner rather than later) . Parallel to my kitchen is my bed, that usually has pink Lines on it. It is a jack sized two person bed. And there is a Kallax Cabinet from Ikea function as my night stand and main method of storing. It’s filled with plushies (mostly pokemon) pop figures and some other pariphanilia. This includes a american football from when I cosplayed as Tommy Wiseau. A small cherry wooden cabinet next to the ikea cabinet (which is  like a white frame of 16 white cubes) separates the living area. My living area is super pink! It has three couches all covered in pink blankets. A coffee table is in the middle with a blank blanket with pink roses on them.One couch has grey pillows, another one has a pinkish gloss brown ones and the final one holds some pink plushies sitting on them. 

There is a big pink chair next to my 40 inch tv that I sit on when I dm in dungeons and dragons, it has it’s own side table filled with pink knicknacks on it that I alternate. There is a few cabinets near that hold my games, board games, and my D&D stuff as well as my administrator and a single drawer filled with little toys and “junk” that signify memories of my life.  My modem is on a pink cardboard box just so I can add more pink in my house. There is a pink Umbrella on my tv wall and I have several paintings and posters on my wall , themed with Japanese prints, the promo poster for my original blog that made me a weeb and some other personal art. I have a walk in closet like thing.. that is way to cluttered due to my shelves there collapsing on themselves. I need a friend to come over and fix it.. but due to Corona he can’t come for a while.. so that little room is a mess of pink clothes!

My Adorable rug.. mine is a bit yankier though!

Do you like Math?

It’s has been about 10 years since I last took a math class and I was never very good at it. To me there are two types of math.  There is math for math’s sake. Like a bunch of formulas that proof that some arbitrary rule is correct.. the X=Y+7Z/Pi kind of stuff. Eewww. Math is not an art nor is it a science as long as it has no practical use.  Back in lawschool I asked on teacher .. “If I understand this correctly, I can’t see any use on how this formula could be used for practical purposes” he said I was correct but it was just a rule that was proven. That really sucks. As a DnD player and DM however i do use probability math a fair bit, I can apply that one and that is something I don’t particularly mind. i am not having any fun with it unless I am playing Freddi Fish though.. and that is math that is a about 20.000 leagues below my level.

How is a Starfish a fish… when it’s not actually a fish?!

Who is your favorite blogger besides yourself

I guess I would have to say that would have to be Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime.  Or Rini-Senpai as I call her. While there are plenty of bloggers out there that are much greater at this than me, Senpai definitely being one of them , it’s her style and choices of topic that win me over to her. I love her mindset and feel that If I had know her in real life we might actually hang out! Delusions aside , the voice in her blogging and the personality in her posts are real. While she doesn’t always make as much sense as some other bloggers that personal twist is what draws me into her posts so much.It is hard to explain but at some level I really understand her and her motivations. As if we used to be friends but now basically have grown apart and reading each others posts. I can read her posts and smile “that is so Rini-senpai”.. which is weird and probably gave me some weird ass Yandere points now. (A Yandere is basically Overly Attached Girlfriend the meme.. but more crazy)

Dogs or Cats? Why?!

Dogs definitely win. Tiny dogs and oinking dogs over big and barking dogs though.  Cats are a bit hit or miss for me. Due to my condition I tend to twitch a lot and spasms a bit. Dogs have shown to be really loving and caring around me.. as if protecting me from me or taking care of me while cats can freak out from a twitch or spasm and claw me up a bit.  I like that I can walk a dog, take it to the forest to play. Dogs understand me very well and I understand them. Something I can’t really say about cats. I also don’t like how cats mostly just look like reskins of another, while dogs definitely have different models! So team dog! I’d even prefer a dog girl over a cat one!

Charlie is my Dog-nephew, he can come over sometimes!

What is your dream job?

I am currently unfit for work due to my health and mental health condition so this one is a bit tricky. I would love to write for a living but I am not good enough for that. I have a trouble reading back on my own text because of how my memory works. I remember everything very specifically. So when I read something back that has typo’s in it.. in my memory I hear my own words and voice and see it whouthout the typos.. so I would need an editor. I would love to blog professionally, visiting conventions, expos and events to share positivity and happiness across the internet. Yet I feel I am unable to do this myself without having a collab partner. Being a hostess and manager of a tropical island resort for geeks also seems like something I would like to do.. if we don’t need to worry about realism. Realistically I am not sure , it is hard with the physical limitations of me to think of something perhaps just manage a game or geek  store or something.

My Favorite Post of Selina of Craft Lover

christmas xmas snowman snowglobe

I love to learn something about the people around here so when we are from different blogospheres those posts will always sit well with me. There is something beautiful about getting to know another person that never gets old.  But of course that is not all that Selina is she is a crafter so let’s take a look at my favorite craft. That would be how to make a snowglobe. I never thought about glycerine to make it this easy but this seems like a fun way thing to do with some of the figures I have that can not shine! I might actually make one. Though.. hot gluing my figurine does leave a bit f a bad taste in my mouth.. due to that hot gluing an anime figurine can mean something that is not very crafty.. but very loving though.

What is your Favorite Fruit?

Peaches or Cherries would probably be tied on a first place. When it comes down to flavors I love everything cherry flavored. I adore cherry juice, my favorite candies are cherry flavored. Malibu Cherry might be my favorite mix drink and also regular cherries can make me one happy Pinkie. I really love peaches as well though. Biting in a plumb peach  just fills me with joy. I taste sunshine and happiness when I taste a peach. Raspberries are also great but I want I always want to pair those with chocolate.

What is your favorite vegetable

Definitely spinach. It’s so good. I use them for salads, I use it as a side dish. I use it to make pasta sauce or soups. I use it for filling stuff like peppers or chicken rolls.  I like it fresh or frozen. Even my favorite smoothie has spinach (and apple) in it. In fact I am gonna have some spinach tonight! Yay spinach! Also it’s such a fun word. In dutch it doesn’t really sound like a dutch word. In English it doesn’t sound like an English word. The German word sounds like they took it from Italy and the french word…yeah that one is super french! The Japanese word sounds kind of Spanish!


Questions! This time it’s personal!

Normally I fill these with anime or geek themed questions but since we have been doing this tag for a while now I thought to change the subject a bit to a more personal style! Today look at the Sunshine that is the blogger and not the blog!

-Are there any bloggers you consider as actual friends?
-Are you in a relationship? And how does that affect you blogging?
-Can you cook? What is your favorite dish to make?
-What is the next milestone you have in mind for your blog? What do you want to reach?
-Do you have any pets?
-Do you have any other creative outlets other than blogging?
-Name something you’d really like to talk about, that doesn’t really fit your blog…and feel free to talk about it.
-Do your real life friends and family follow your blog? Mine don’t .. do you think that is weird?
-Do you have any non geeky hobbies?
-Describe the room you are writing this blog from!
-Free space, feel free to promote, post pictures, link to other blogs or go wild! Show us you on a plate… but not a real plate.

People I want to know more about!

-Anime and Fan Service
-Iridium Eye
-Anime as a Cup of Tea