Top 5: Pokémon I Forget Exist

Now I bet this is a list very little people are waiting for! The top five Pokémon I keep forgetting are a thing! So I bet for most of you this will be a list of “these are pokémon?” But I have been recently been replaying Pokémon Reborn and hunting for shinies. Thus I encounter many pokémon and since the game kind of starts handing you Never Used tier pokémon at the start, I encounter a lot of these. There are a few rules in this list such as one entry per evolution line.. because obviously if I forgot one stage exists I barely know the other as well.

Forgotten Pokémon Number 5: Buizel

This is the strangest case of a pokémon I keep forgetting about.  Each time I see the sea weasel pokémon or it’s evolution it barely registers with me. Even though I really like the design of a weasel with flotation devices. I recently caught a shiny one in Pokémon Reborn and I was like… oh yeah that’s a pokemon!. When it was first released in Pokémon go (and that’s not even that long ago) I had the same experience. There is something so forgettable to me about this pokémon that It faded away in relevance within months. Which isn’t even the weirdest thing.

Buizel and it’s evolution Floatzel formed a important part of my playthrough of Pokémon  Pearl. It was of my core squad members. I know it was there… but that is all I can remember about it.  I know I started with Piplup that I nicknamed Scottie Pippin, I also had a Shinx/Luxio/Luxray that I named Star Boy. Even though I already had a water pokémon I know Floatzel came with me… but I can’t remember what it did, where I caught it, what I nicknamed it. It definitely existed but still I have no memories of it. I actively used it and was charmed by it’s design so much I kept it even with type redundancy.. yet in my mind there is nothing.

This  is very uncharacteristic for me. I know what table at which restaurant I sat in 27 years ago, I knew what I ordered and where it was on the menu… and yet a Pokémon that I carried with me for an entire game… I think…. is one of the pokémon that keeps slipping my mind. Even the Floatzel I have in Reborn I like forgot the next day! Oh right I have a Floatzel now?!

Forgotten Pokémon Number 4: Chingling

Another Pokémon that Reborn remembered me it existed. I think the shiny one in reborn is the first one I ever bought catching. It’s evolution Chimecho outdated it but I didn’t even know that. I  have ONE memory of Chimecho and that is seeing it in the anime going Chim-Chow.. and I was like.. that’s how you say it?! And it’s not! It’s pronounced as Chime and Echo strung together… so why do I remember this?! I can’t even find the episode anymore?! It’s baby form.. even more forgettable. It’s one of those breed with incense things and since Gen IV was a loaned game to me.. I never got into finding them all.

Chingling is a bell with a ribbon and a psychic type. It’s only known feat to me is that it appears on both this list and the next pokémon top five I have planned. It’s pokédex entries are bland and even when evolved it knows little good combat moves. I have known zero people who used Chingling or Chimecho and I have watched Pokémon Free for all Roulettes for years now (where people battle with randomly rolled pokémon)  and I don’t think I ever saw a chingling or Chimecho there. I can recognise it when a picture is shown to me, but it one of the ones that fils me with the greatest doubt.

Forgotten Pokemon Number 3: The Spiky Eared Pichu

Now it might be a bit unfair to put a special event pokémon on here…but  I know all the other ones!? In fact if a pokémon is more unique and rare should we not be able to remember it more?! It’s even an event in my favorite pokémon game! So I would count among those mystical pokémon or movie releases and the likes but I know all of those. For this list I was scrolling true a list of all the types to make sure there aren’t pokémon I forget.. you know kinda needed for this type of list. When I passed this one I knew it had to be included.

I know all the cosplay forms of Pikachu, I know all it’s cap forms and in general I am fairly up to date with  the line but to hear there is a special form.. was new to me… though I remember knowing it before. Like when I saw “Spikey Haired Pikachu” I was like “THats a thing?” then when I read how you are supposed to take the Pikachu Coloured Pichu (which I do remember.. although vaguely.. on account of lame it’s name is) to Ilex shrine I was like… wait I do know this! I also remember that Pichu..except I don’t.

The Spikey Eared Pichu can not be traded outside Heart Gold Games (not sure if that is fixed now or not) It can not evolve and so it’s not really anything you can do anything with. It isn’t even that special looking. It just has three little spikes and can only be female.  I often wonder why all those special pikachu forms exist , however when I am confronted with this Pichu.. I only wonder.. did It really exist?

Forgotten Pokémon Number 2: Deerling

Now I am fairly alone on this but I do not mind if Pokémon are depicted as objects. People really hate Vanilluxe and Klefki  and I really like them myself. I think it is cute that monsters can also take on the shape of objects and it helps distinguish them. What I dislike more is pokémon that are “just a <blank>” with the exception of Wooloo.. man do I love Wooloo. But you know the kind.. pictures of animals and you wonder.. am I looking at a pokémon or at an actual animal. Examples are Finneon, Sentret, Herdier, Pidove and Deerling. 

Now Deerling can be Pink and Green but also a orange or brown depending on what season you catch it in. If you get a fall or winter deerling it’s kinda like Bambi with a Ribbon. It is the only pokémon I keep forgetting it’s typing off.. and it has a unique typing! Why did fire hit me super effectively?! Oh wait it is a grass type. Unless you catch the green spring form.. it doesn’t feel like a grass type and if I use the green form.. I keep forgetting it’s a normal type.

There is something so aggressively forgettable about this pokémon to me that I can’t even  remember it while I use it. While Sawsbuck makes an occasional appearance in Pokémon Showdown I keep thinking it’s like an alternate evolution for Skiddo for some reason (probably because  they use the green one). The fact that I forget one of the pokémon that can be pink is speaking volumes on how forgettable this is to me. Me not remembering a pink pokémon?! There aren’t even that many deer pokémon, with other than them just Stantler being there and Xerneas of course. It’s moveset is very similar to Gogoats and it arguably might be better because it gets a boost on Normal Attacks so it deserves some love. Unfortunatly by the time that I post this I probably will already have forgotten it.

Forgotten Pokémon Number 1: Glameow

In the entire pokémon library there is only one pokémon  whose name I keep forgetting. Whose existence is only know to me because I casually like the evolution..thinking it is the evolution to Purrloin. A Pokémon I very much loved until it began to stand up straight.  Glameow evolves into Purugly, which sounds like it could come from the third loveliest cat pokémon in the game. With some slight recolouring I think the evolution would be better than Liepard as well. Glameow however.. means nothing to me. 

It’like a diva cat with a springy tail. The springy tail have seen on spoink already, the diva behaviour works better on Snivy, Misdreavus even Kirlia and Gardevoir to an extent.  It feels a bit like the Gen IV’s rendition Spearow to Pidgey.. this feels like edgier counterpart to Bidoof. At least bidoof became a meme. I love my bidoof pokemon cards. I am not even sure if Glameow cards exist. It doesn’t help that they made it grey. I even tried to imagine it’s design after looking at it and I still remember it wrong. I remember it with make up in the face and facing the other way around.. so my retention span for this pokemon is less than 15 minutes.

Maybe it is because I am not a cat person, I really like using Normal types.. so that can’t be it! This is the only pokemon whose name I keep forgetting. I keep forgetting what generation it is from and I know nothing about it’s moveset. It’s pokedex entry tells us how it plans to hook it’s claws in it’s trainers nose if it isn’t fed.. but it hides these fantasies so it’s a meanie bo beanie as well! It’s also described that when it is happy it purrs. So even the pokédex doesn’t really know anything about it! It literally just does stuff a normal cat can! Oh it also stares at an enemy before clawing at it… just like a cat and it’s prey again.Which is kind of a relief.. I haven’t been mean to a pokémon.. just to a cat..but less real.

Honorable Mentions

Finneon and Lumineon are pokémon people easily forget but I really like them. Mostly for their cries because state wise they are quite forgettable indeed. I do love both their designs though and I feel like they are a welcome addition to the plentiful fish pokémon the game has.  Clamperl is another pokémon that is quite forgettable due to it only existing under water on diving spots, and the strange methods to evolve it.

Yet Clamperl with Shell Smash a move it legally learns has the potential to have one of the highest attack stats possible in the game, which makes it memorable at least. Gorebyss wears Ariels Bra and it has slightly become a meme for that and Huntail.. is an okay-ish pokémon! THat honestly could have made this list but he is something I just don’t actively remember than something I forget.

What are some pokémon you keep forgetting?! Did you remember the pokémon on my personal list?  I have a feeling lots of people will mention Audino..but I have a weak spot for that one. Let me know in the comments!
Audino might feature in the next top 5 next to chingling.. so maybe you can already take a guess what we will be talking about next time?! Impress me!