From Trainer to Tamer: The Road to Temtem

Do you know that feeling? The feeling that something is to good to be true. Yet  maybe , it might be true. Like that feeling when they told you that you won a big price and have to come get it at the tv studio. Did you win a nice check? They certainly make it sound like you did but maybe you just won one of those posh looking toasters that looks like if that new xbox had a child with a car from the 50’s. Temtem is a new upcoming MMO that gives me these feelings. Am I a millionaire, getting everything I ever wanted? Or will it sit on my steam shelve without ever being used. It’s to soon to find out..but it’s the perfect time to dream.

What is Temtem?

So let’s begin with what Temtem actually is.The game is being described as A massively multiplayer creature collection adventure. In this adventure you take on the role of a customisable youth who catches magical creatures named Temtem. Then as their tamer it’s your duty to make them stronger as you travel across the six island of the airborne archipelago. On these islands you find many other tamers who are eager to battle you but your true challenge is to defeat eight champions of so called Dojo’s .As you can carry up to six Temtem at a time you battle your way up the ladder to fame and glory. Things aren’t as easy as they seem though! An Evil organisation named Clan Belsoto  looms in the shadows, no one knows who their leader is but they are most certainly up to no good. Lucikly there are around 141 (currently) Temtem to collect and you need them because temtem can have various typings like Neutral, Fire, Water, Electric and Digital and you have to use them to your advantage if you wish to be the very best…… wait a minute…. this is a pokémon MMO.

(Mind is Blown)


When you look at Temtem it’s not that hard to see the comparisons with the pokémon franchise. In fact it looks A LOT like pokémon. It looks like pokémon so much that there was a point where I felt Nintendo pull it off the internet. Now they have a Switch release planned.  That’s a good sign right? I have tried so much clones but they all felt so cheap, they all felt like they tried to be to different or to “korean” .. yes sorry that is a thing for me. This feels like pokémon, in fact it oozes so much pokémon atmosphere that I think it was a Ditto that started the kickstarter campaign for this and I absolutely mean this in a positive way. Whats better than one pokémon? Two Pokémon! What’s better than two pokémon? Pokémon and a game that is just different enough that it feels you are in a different world but your still doing that exact same thing you love. I love Hat in Time and that is very much a love letter to Mario Sunshine, I love Shovel Knight which is the child of megaman and ducktales. So  how could I possibly dislike a game that follows the style of my most beloved franchise? That’s right I can’t. Even if it’s a clone it’s DNA is still different enough to turn this into something different enough! I mean for one it’s an MMO experience. This is what soooooooo many people asked for. Well minus the 896 pokemon but with the 141 or so Temtem. Talk about one hell of a dexit.

Going Airborne

So why should we trade in Galar for the Airborne Archipelago? Does this game have anything to offer, that pokémon doesn’t? Well Crema , the company making Temtem hasn’t discovered my blog yet and hasn’t offered me a chance to play it yet.  I missed the kickstarter so I haven’t gotten access to early versions so I can’t really tell. Good girl that I am I have done some research though. It seems that Temtem tackles the biggest problem of the pokémon franchise of it being to easy and just be about slapping a stronger  move on your pokémon. Temtem battles are always two on two, and for any who played the two Pokémon Coliseum series games knows that two on two battles are very different. It’s harder already. Temtem will also have a nuzlocke mode, meaning you have the option to activate permadeath on your Temtem. That’s an extra challenge right there!

My research shows there are some modifier that can stack how effective moves are, in other ways then pokémon but the most and by me beloved idea is that moves do not have PP. A temtem has a stamina bar, each skill it learns  consumes that stamina bar. When the stamina is empty you can still use those moves but it will eat at your HP due to fatigue. This means a VERY big change. Now you have to balance out your strong and weak attacks. Defence is a good option now, choosing to wear a stronger opponent out with weak attacks can actually do something in your favor now. Add the constant double battles too it you are already tasked with a lot more resource management. The speed of your temtem also seems to play a more important part in the games. As I haven’t played the game myself I can’t really explain this but there seems a lot of tweaks and extra layers in the combat that seem to make it just a bit more challenging. That alone is a reason to pay this new game a visit.

Little Monsters, Little Things

Based on first looks this game has so much charm and potential. It’s a bit more cartoony and MMO’ish than Pokémon is. With extremely colourful locations with a bit more of a fantasy vbibe than pokémon I seriously think these two games can co-exist quite easily. Temtem distinguish themselves from pokémon because  they seem more like fantastical creatures. 

Where pokémon seem to resemble real life creatures, Temtem are more out there. Instead of a random bird we get a horned smiling thingy that hovers by flapping its lower leafs . Instead of a electric mouse, we ge a blue hopping helicopter head like thing with skinny legs. Oh we also have smiling maniacal blue guy. Their mascot is a Temtem called Pigpic he’s a flying pig that looks like he is covered in jam. He is adorable and had I known they gave away a pigpic plushie with a 60 dollar crowdfund of this game I would have happily spend that money. Unfortunately that time has passed so I will just have to capture it in the game and take it back to my house at Atoll Row! Yes that is right this game will feature player housing.  Decorate and make your own little home , like a secret base but better. This means our young tamer’s will probably be older than a 10 year old as well! So yay for that! Player housing as well as player customisation looks fairly expansive for an anime style MMO so far. and I saw a lot of pink options in there! Mean I will be a happy tamer. Unique little creatures, lots of customizables, already things to collect for my endgame and a whole lot of new friends in the making to play collectable creature games with. Temtem isn’t your run of the mill pokéclone. Crema clearly has love for the source material and it can be seen in everything. Veering away from the formula in what seems to be just the right places and adding some classics staples. Indeed they copy most of their example but it’s in the little things that makes this game so attractive.  I have no doubt this game will be good.
The only thing that worries me is that I check Crema’s kickstarter page they say the company consists out of five little monkeys! If monkeys can make this good of a game it will not be long before our world will turn into a madhouse! A MADHOUSE!!!!