Sunny’s Yellow Submarine or The One That Got Away Part 2

It is time for another Sunny Story! Just a little while ago Sunny had a big adventure encountering a Kaiju on Paradise Island, but sometimes you need the proper tools! Now that Steam Punk Month has arrived Sunny and his inventive streak are bound to yield different results! Reason enough for a new and fun story set on Paradise. So fishermen and fishy friends.. let’s see how Sunny is doing!

For days now there have been mysterious clanking and clonking and sawing and buzzing and flaming noises drifting out of Sunny’s shed. No one has been invited by for an old movie watching night, or to play a new game. In fact, the boy has gotten quite secretive. Big, heavy boxes from Amazon and eBay have arrived and been spirited off into the shed to be opened. One day a big truck pulled up piled high with a wide variety of metal junk – bits, it looked like, of cars and boats, and who knows what all. They vanished into the shed, too. It must be much bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside! Perhaps there is a basement.

At long last, Sunny appeared, a bit begrimed and smudged with grease, but smiling. He walked himself down to the beach for a dip – clothes and all.Once he seemed to think he was clean enough, he walked back up and into one of the beach showers where he rinsed off the salt and the last of the grime. Looking a lot more like our beloved space cadet pool boy, he walked jauntily up to the inn and called everyone outside.

“Wait ‘till you see this!” he laughed, “Hey, hold my beer.” He added, laughing even more. This did not inspire confidence in those Americans present who know that “hey, hold my beer” is usually the prelude to a redneck about to do something spectacularly stupid and dangerous. 

Sunny reached into his shed and grabbed the pull handle of a little red wagon. As it emerged it’s burden became clear. Well, easier to see, but much harder to understand.

It looked rather like a fish. One of those weird deep sea fish with a lantern dangling over it’s head and a retractable lure in it’s … mouth? Huge eyes, or windows, revealed cameras mounted in the center of it’s head on a swivel so it spins from one window view to the next. On each side instead of fins retractable arms are mounted. On the left a great big claw ends one, on the right, a smaller claw ends the other. Towards the middle of the body, on each side there is a vertical screw – a sort of propeller like thing – and then towards the back on either side of what must be a rudder, but looks like a tail, there are something like jet engines. 

With enthusiasm approaching shiny eyed awe Sunny explains that the little sub, dubbed the Sunfish – is actually steam powered. The little jet like engines really are steam powered uh, jet like engines. A new invention with an old time source of energy. 

Steam is produced in a mini-boiler in the rear of the Sunfish, heated by a chemical reaction that also just happens to make oxygen for the sub, too. 

The vertical screws force the sub down into the water – as it has a positive buoyancy profile. This means, Sunny tells the manager reassuringly, that if anything goes wrong, the Sunfish will pop to the top of the water and float rather than sink. Very safe, he says, patting Pinkie gently on her shoulder. Nothing to worry about.

He shows you all how the “jaw” drops open to deploy the lure – a short pole with something that looks like a big, fat worm – or a spanish dancer if you like. The lantern dangling over the head is exactly that, a light to make the whole thing even more alluring – and easier to see in the dark waters below the sparkling waves. 

I’m sure everyone remembers the episode with the monster sea serpent? A typical deep sea fishing rig was no match for that great kaiju, but Sunny hasn’t been able to get the creature out of his mind. He would really like another good look at it. Not so much for fish fillets (he’s pretty sure they would be tough as tires), as for – you know – scientific research. 

Okay, curiosity.

Sunny picks up the handle of his little red wagon and tugs it creaking and groaning under the heavy looking submarine down the beach and out the dock. Tilting it at an angle he slides the Sunfish into the sea, where, by golly, it does float! Sunny gives a merry wave and climbs in through a hatch in the top. You can clearly see him as he settles into the pilots seat between the two huge eye like windows in the front of the Sunfish. With a sudden jerk the sub put-put-putts out into the bay where it proceeds to screw itself down in the water. 

You can see the top of the lantern mounting bobbing in and out of the waves as Sunny pilots the little sub around the inner bay just below the water. He pops up again, waves to let you know he’s just fine, and burbles back down.

This time, he sends the Sunfish off the ledge and over the vast depths that surround the island a few thousand feet offshore of it’s beautiful sparkly pink beaches. The blond tanned pool boy is ecstatic with his new toy and can’t stop grinning as he watches delightful little fish of every color, but especially pink, darting past the big windows of the Sunfish. He turns on the camera, so he can share the amazing scenery with everyone up above. He thought about looking for a camera that would share in real time, but that would mean he had to drag a cable around, and he likes the idea of the Sunfish being free to move up or down or wherever he wants to go without a tether to the upper world. 

Of course, there are pink squid, and octopi, and something that looks a lot like a Horsea, and is that a Mantine? Hoping he doesn’t run into a Gyarados – but a Relicanth would be cool – Sunny pilots the Sunfish down, down, down past the pink rocks and pink coral and pink starfish, and pink and black clownfish in their pink anemones. Down into the dark.

At last the Sunfish finds the soft, sandy bottom and Sunny is happy to see that it’s PINK sand down here, too. He makes sure the camera pans around so Pinkie can see that the island really is pink right from its roots to the flowery tree tops. He wishes he could turn the engines completely off and be quiet, but then the Sunfish would float to the top. Still, he tries to just stay in one place and look all around. His little lantern glows pale yellow in the dark.

Sunny pulls the lever that will open the jaws and deploy the lure. It waves gently in the wind like a banner – here, here I am… 

It’s so quiet now. There’s no fish in sight and no coral or rocks to look at. Slowly, his eyes drift shut and Sunny dozes. 

A nudge wakes him up. It might have been a gentle nudge – if you were a great big sea serpent type kaiju – but it gives the Sunfish quite a bump. Sunny’s eyes fly open. Because, you know, he wasn’t sleeping. He finds himself nearly eyeball to eyeball with a pair of glowing yellow eyes. Another bump. A jerk. 

The kaiju has grabbed the lure. 

Sunny bangs the button to fire the jet engines and yanks the lever that twirls them around so they are thrusting in reverse. 

Of course, he’s gotten a bit fond of the old kaiju thing, and has only put a humane hook on the end of the lure.

Which is to say, the kaiju is not really hooked at all, but feels a bit of a tug on it’s lower lip just the same. It gives the Sunfish a head butt, which stuns both the kaiju and Sunny and causes the Sunfish to jerk back and start floating towards the top in a sort of less than controlled manner. Shaking his head the kaiju tosses the Sunfish from side to side, and Sunny inside bounces around like he was in a pool boy float in Kuro’s drink blender, binging and banging and bonging against the sides and windows and steam boiler inside. 

The next thing he sees is nothing but teeth, tongue, and blue-red gums as the kaiju tries to get a bigger bite of the Sunfish, not once, but three times. Sunny grabs the throttle and blasts the steam jets in reverse. The kaiju doesn’t like the burst of warm air past his face and lets go and the Sunfish darts like it’s namesake towards the surface. The kaiju in hot pursuit. 

Sunny gets the Sunfish whirled around, changes the thrust to all speed forward and takes off for the surface in the direction he thinks is towards the little bay. The kaiju probably doesn’t like the shallows and won’t follow. Right?

There’s no speedometer on the Sunfish, but however fast it is going, the kaiju can clearly go faster. It swims around the Sunfish, bumping and nuzzling the sides while Sunny clings to his seat and tries to remember what made this sound like a good idea?

Suddenly the Sunfish breaks the surface, popping out of the water like a cork and starts to steam towards the beach, the kaiju swimming easily alongside (The Sunfish is even slower on the surface) keeping one eye on Sunny. It appears the monster has finally made the connection between the pool boy in bright yellow with a  little bitty fishing rod, and the submariner in bright yellow bopping around inside the funny metal fish. 

The kaiju nudges the sub a few times. He seems to be wondering if maybe it ATE Sunny, and the little fellow may need rescuing. Sunny gets another good view of the inside of a sea serpent as the kaiju gives a few more experimental nibbles. For a beast with needle shaped teeth easily a foot long, it seems almost…gentle. 

Sunny slows the Sunfish to a stop and the kaiju stops beside him. It nudges the little sub again, rocking it gently. Sunny laughs. The kaiju nudges. Sunny laughs. The kaiju nudges and opens it’s mouth, making a sort of dolphin like chuckling noise and bobbing it’s head. Sunny waves. The kaiju bobs. 

Sunny thinks about it. He opens up the Sunfish’s “jaw” again and puts out the lure. The kaiju inspects it and looks back in at Sunny. 

To the horror of the guests waiting anxiously on the dock, Sunny pops the hatch and sticks his head, arms and shoulders out of the hatch. He’s holding a grilled cheese sandwich in one hand. The kaiju raises it’s head to be level with Sunny.

Sunny waves the sandwich a couple of times, like you would do to get a dogs attention. And tosses it towards the kaiju. Who opens his mouth and neatly catches it in midair. There follows a few minutes while the kaiju apparently moves the sandwich around it’s mouth, munching and tasting. Then a swallow. 

Blinking, the kaiju cocks his head as if thinking. Then he swims around the Sunfish and, I almost hesitate to tell you this but, he sticks the tip of his tail out of the water and…well..WAGS it. 

Sunny laughs. Waves. Ducks back into the sub, and appears – with another sandwich. He tosses this one, too. The sea serpent catches this one, then dives below showing off every inch of it’s 30 feet or more of scaly loops humping over the water before reappearing on the other side of the Sunfish. It makes several quick circles around the little sub, tossing spray, nodding it’s head and making that chuckling noise. Sunny shows empty hands and shrugs. He’s out of sandwiches. He wasn’t planning to be gone down there a week, you know. The serpent lowers his head to half in and half out of the water. And sighs. 

Sunny holds up one finger. “Wait!” he says. Diving back into the Sunfish he put-put-putts right up the beach, hops out, runs to his shed, and runs back with an armload of baloney, sliced cheese, and lettuce. 

Last anyone saw, Sunny was standing on the beach tossing various foodstuffs to his new best friend, who gulps down cheese and lettuce and baloney but spit the leftover BBQ fried chicken back. The cook has barred the kitchen door.

The Paradise Weekly Gazette 4: 30 November to 6 December

The first month of Steampunk Month has already come and went by! While the animini’s did not change, the look of our website outside the reader certainly did! Let’s look back on this week and see what sorts of stuff we did and of course what is up next!  We will also discuss with you what is happening around the blogosphere!  So strap in for a ride through all our posts as we bring you our fourth ever Paradise Weekly Gazette.

The Animinis

We had an okay week of Anime this week, with a really strong Digimon episode, a super charming Natsume and a new show which I .. kinda liked in the form of Revolutionary Girl Utena. Not exactly new I know.. but a lot of you seem to really enjoy me watching classics and I lack a lot of them and I am having a lot of fun with them! Two shows I really like have entered “drop” quality for me though so let’s hope they pick up again soon! Luckily both are nearly finished as well!

Digimon Episode 13: Garudamon of the Crimson Wings

Samurai Flamenco Episode 20: Boy from the Past

That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 19: Charybdis

Revolutionary Girl Utena Episode 1: The Rode Bride

Hikaru no Go Episode 24: Akira vs The Oza

Natsume Book of Friends Episode 4: Shigure and The Girl

Cowboy Bebop Episode 4: Gateway Shuffle

My favourite watch actually was Digimon, though Hikaru no Go came super close! I just liked the voice of Fanbeemon so much,  and the colours and everything in Digimon that it really struck a chord that I really needed this week! My least favourite view is probably Slime.. though Samurai Flamenco really annoyed me as well.. the last one mostly hurts because they had a really good ending already and this is kind of wrecking it!

Pinkie’s Other Post

Of course we also had to create some Steampunk posts .. after all it is Steampunk month! 
On monday it was still november though so I had to pay my respects to my Senpai first! After that we could move ahead full steam.. that pun sounded way to corny I am so sorry! Here is the other stuff I did this week!

I made Irina into a Pokémon.. and also determined what type of trainer she would be!

I determined how my life would be had we lived in a Steampunk society!

I watched a city attack a wall and get beaten by a usb drive plus a million things!

I gushed about how amazing my favourite Final Fantasy game is in a love letter!

I wrote this post! So if you want you can click here to go to this post!

Camp Coconut Updates

No Kofi donations this week for me so no stories to tell about the Coconuts either.. they might be hibernating and saving their money for christmas.. I have been playing around with the idea of creating a Patreon.. with a few fun tiers but I need better reward for lurking people who don’t like to socialise and Pokémon Battle.  So this is a work in progress. I might ask an audience with king Coconut to see what would be good tiers! Hail the Wise King Coconut!

You can sprout a Coconut based on you by supporting our Kofi once.. but supporting it regularly your Coconut will get into several adventures that will be mentioned here..and your Coconut might start to look a bit fancier.. though I still need to update the Shy Coconut’s art.. I have since chosen a design element I want to add!  However we might change things up a bit when Patreon comes around.. so keep following the news or assure yourself of a coconut!

Posts that Impressed Pinkie

Now that we move from November into December, a lot of posts are summaries of the past month.. I will not share those.. I want you to explore these blogs for yourself. I just wish to wet your appetites.

I always like to include one activating shout out! Where you can participate in something.. or where a blogger is being celebrated. This week Amelia is starting her A Girl and Her Anime Awards and while I have seen virtually nothing on her list to vote for and was to lazy to figure out if Digimon was a Summer of Fall Anime.. so I backed out of voting. I am an old lady after all I watch past stuff! But for all you seasonal watchers out there! Vote on her amazing list so we can find the best anime out there!  If I actually send you there .. vote for me for most influential blogger! That we all win…but mostly me! .. Uhm I mean Amelia!

Lyn really really enjoyed the Promised Neverland and he pretty much sold me on it as well! I already heard good things.. but this made me want to watch it more.. In fact I think I will replace Samurai Flamenco with it on my watch list whenever I am done with that. So I will probably pick this up soon! I do not  like his post .. as in press the button. That often but that is because I usually read his reviews after he tweets them out.. on my phone .. and I am not logged in on WordPress there! I am waaaay behind stuff so I don’t read episode summaries of shows I want to see.. but seeing people enjoy shows I don’t like.. also gives me pleasure!  Make sure to check out his reviews if you haven’t already!

Ospreyshire is such a good guy! He reviews movies and anime that tend to fly a bit under the radar so you might not have heard of him , I know my friends on the Scott-Jon Spencer front follow him but he always deserves more. I am a bit of a different kind of blogger but there is so much I can find in his posts I can respect.. but who better to explain what he is all about then the man himself. In this post he describes why he writes and it is amazing!

My blogging friend Joy is one of the most unique personalities you’ll ever see. She’s kind of like .. part Vulcan , part genius inventor, and a whole lot of programmer. Her ramblings on life are unique , spirited and playful! I do not consider myself a dumb person but when I read her quote Dante, when I see her tell her stories in her own way.. I feel dwarfed..and slightly attracted. I might be a Sapio-Romantic?  Who knows! Joy discusses the heavy team of our own mortality and its implications.. but she does so in a very Joy way. The topic is something I am  quite familiar with but her visions and her revelations at the end make for an interesting read for anyone. So do visit Joy .. and follow her blog.. she will be the president one day.. and remember a vote for Joy is a vote for love! So I assume a Like for Joy is like liking love as well!

Pinkie Away from Keyboard

I have had my ups and downs this week and the down is mostly been in my energy levels. I do have this a lot but the weather shifting to being super cold is flooring me and making my energy levels next to non existent. That also means I have done next to no exciting stuff! I am playing Dishonored for a Steampunk Review later this month.. and I am having an .. okay time with that so far. Not exactly my game .. but the setting is a lot of fun! I have also been feeling the call to return to Pokémon Shield again, do some shiny hunting and complete the dlc!  But that will probably be something for a bit later. I really want to get my shiny Wooloo though! It will be fun to let Whippy the Allcreamie get a Giantamax form as well.   Just so many games to play.

Other than that I have had a good talk with my psych.. he did a good job but it did not help my fatigue. I had a good but heavy talk and that took me out of wednesday and a migraine crippled me a bit on thursday which reduced my ability to work ahead. Mind you working ahead does mean writing four posts per day so that might be asking a bit much on days like those but yes unless I find lots of energy today I might not be able to make that guest post for Irina’s blog I tried to make this week! Oh well I will find a way to make everything work.

On Saturday the 5th of December the Dutch and the Belgian people celebrate a tradition called Sinterklaas. It’s about a Saint Nick that comes bearing gifts! The modern western Santa is a mix between our Sinterklaas and the British Father Christmas. Though both outdate the tradition of Santa. Saint Nicolas will stuff your shoes with a present if you have been good.. or a bunch of twigs for corporal punishment if you were bad.. though of course concerned moms abolished those twigs called “de roe” a few years ago. Nowadays more of the tradition is being scrutinized.. for just enough reasons but the country is going made and being divided. So to celebrate the tradition this year I am going to visit my mom, we exchange gifts and share a meal together.  No large gifts we will do that around christmas.. but just a nice little gesture. I will go out to do so right after scheduling this post so I can’t tell you what my gift just yet .. but if I am fit enough .. I might update this..probably not though.

Next wednesday I am going to Amsterdam for two days, spend some time in a hotel and do some important stuff while I am there as well, health stuff, but also take my time and enjoy a change of setting for a night. I might not be able to travel back so just making  so booked a place to stay just in case and will make the next day an enjoyable one. We are going to eat some Tapas at the hotel, with some drinks at the hotel bar.. a friend is coming along to drive me and for support. And we will go to the Vondelpark or zoo depending the next day to relax a bit! Depending on how crowded the city is!


Depending on my energy levels I might skip a daytime post or two so I can relieve my workload a bit  and work ahead a bit more.. if I am good with energy however, I do plan to bring you my interpretation of a Pokémon Steampunk Game. I want to talk about a Steampunk anime movie, and watch another Steampunk movie as well! I also managed to beat the super hard game Steel Empire for Americans.. but Empire of Steel for us Europeans so you can expect a review for that to drop soon as well!

Regardless of my energy levels the animini’s will at least keep coming! So that is seven posts of anime already! … As long as I don’t get murdered in Amsterdam at least! Who knows! Regardless on what happens I plan to make the next week a great one! And I hope you will do so to! Let me know how your week has been in the comments and onto the next! 2021 is drawing closer!

STAFF Introduction: Indigo the Head of Security

He-he-here we go! He’s finally here! To write stuff for you! If you check this page! You can join us too!  Put your hands together! I want you to clap! As he’s introduced.. with this cool rap! Huh! Indi! INDIGO! Indi! Indigo is here!

One Hell of A Security Guy

Points for you if you got what that intro is based on! Clearly I am in a cheerful mood today and that is with good reason! I get to announce that my long time friend now going by the name of Indigo has joined the fray! I have known him for longer than I blog and as per today he will be on the fictional Payroll of the fictional Paradise, receiving fictional income for his fictional position as my head of security!  I think you know what his task is! That’s right he is trying to save you from fictional treats.. like pickpockets and pirates. He will do this by creating some amazing characters in his original stories that will walk around on Paradise  keeping you safe.. but he is also quite skilled in playing some video games and telling  you about them! It will keep you distracted but also that nasty pickpocket! How neat huh! If I put up to much party lights, he is also skilled enough in the electrical work so that we don’t all die in a blaze of fire and colourful glass so but yeah mostly he is just here to write his own things.  I bet he can tell you amazing tales set in the Fallout or Warhammer 40K Universe. 

Indigo is a fresh face on WordPress, with their only experience so far leaving likes and a few comments! So his content style will be a surprise to us all! We can expect some game reviews and fan fiction from him. I suspect we will mostly see character driven stories about warriors wielding  swords and armors. With an edgy grimdark twist. He’s probably also the guy who will keep me in check! “Pinkie have you read that comment yet?” ‘Don’t forget to reply to that person who @dded you on Twitter” If you are angry and mean.. I will also send him after you! If you think I am ignoring you.. you can send him after me! Perfect balance.
He is a  hard working confidant sort of speak who has his own.

I know for sure he is combining the  world of my tabletop and videogames to tell you an unique “what if story”  Yet he also talked about not one but two game reviews!  He mostly plays  shooting games.. but also the deeper rpgs and Soulsbornes! Sometimes even stuff  in between… as long as he gets to kill. I made him play Ducktales though! For breakfast he rips and tears into Deathclaws and in the afternoon he does scientific research how much fatboy mini nukes it takes to kill a demon. His knowledge of weaponry is also impressive so if you like to discuss Alucard’s guns.. our security officer will be here for you! You can recognise him by his unique look. Donning his Indigo outfit with pink belts!  Because when we play or work together, he always does something with pink! Such a good guy! That coat is a tad edgy though!

How I met Indigo

To introduce you a bit more to this man I shall tell you the story of how we met. In fact I have talked about some elements he brings to the table. I met Indigo trough Star Wars roleplay.. like four or so years ago. I was playing a Sith woman named Sy’ra  who felt like friendship is magic and the path to Power in the Sith.. starting out as a rival for a Zabraki love, soon Sy’ra won over his character Lelianne because of her sly and cunning ways. Which later blossomed into a nice and warm friendship between the two characters. My character formed a house of her own which resulted in a private Skype-group for friends and family members. Indigo was in that chat!  As time passed we bonded and enjoyed playing a lot. His characters a Mandalorian clan leader named Kraleth became my security officer and his daughter Lelianne, became Sy’ra bodyguard.. and they even had a short romance.. but Lelianne saw herself to much as a tool. Living only for Sy’ra. My Sith taught Lelianne to love herself for those who can’t love themselves and see themselves as items only can never be truly loved either.   It was a lesson Indigo also had to learn still. Indigo is a bit of an anime edgelord. The type that will sacrifice themselves to safe you.. even if the treat is a flew splashes of rain… because dying for someone is cool!  This mentality brought Indigo in trouble  a few times as a roleplayer. This selfless trait is a great thing for a security officer to have though! And he has experience with the job! Nothing will phase him anymore!

Indigo is a fair bit younger than me as well.It’s not like I could be his mom (there is only one person in my online tabletop, which by the way is not the D&D that stopped, that’s young enough to be my son). He might be able to tell me what G-Fuel is.. even though I never hear him talk about it.. and those who drink?! (it’s a drink right?) usually talk about it so I am unsure.   I bet he would love the Vinland Saga anime as he really likes dark and Military themes in stories. So I think that will tell you a bit what type of stories we can expect. I always tease him for the sheer amounts of edge he has in him. His coffee cups have bullets and skulls on them and he listens to so much metal that if you have a magnet on you it will stick to his ears… if there aren’t people with lots of piercings around or a living suit of armor of course. He’s the type of guy who drinks their coffee black just because it looks cooler in front of the others, but that also means there is more cream and sugar left for me!

For little over a year now I have made a tabletop game on mondays, that is basically an anime tabletop.. people can create their character and from all known media they have to fight against treats from other worlds.. like Hol Horse  from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures or Dracula from the Castlevania games but also 4 world leaders and their Eldritch Horseman.. they employ to summon a big Eldritch evil upon this world.  During their journey the group can encounter characters from all across anime. For example they are working with Krul Tepes from Owari no Seraph and they have a rivalry with Perona from One Piece.. who works for Elon Musk to use her Horro Horro fruit to change the little Eldritch baby the has into a ultimate weapon to stop the greater evil.. at the cost of a few cities. Indigo here plays the seventh courier from Fallout New Vegas.. a fictional character that was supposed to be there as well..but ended up Isekaid..into our world.  As this game requires very much communication to build your character (as you can literally build whatever you want)  Indigo and I started to talk more and more and our friendship became tighter. 

When he asked to stream a few games in our Discord group I noticed how he would lack the platform there to show the games he is interested in.  Regardless how much I love Indigo.. Warhammer stuff is completely wasted on me and the one that is interested.. is only so when it’s convenient to them! So that’s why I thought! Maybe writing in a place like mine could let him tell those stories to a bit wider of an audience. Also based on some follower names I score surprisingly well  with those with edgy nicknames… so maybe you will like his style as well. His different palette compared to  mine when it comes to stories and games can make us cover such a wide arrangement of stuff. I feel he can compliment me very well! I will still be the best Pinkie.. but Indigo will provide the contrast to make my pink look even brighter.  Indigo hasn’t blogged before and is fairly new to WordPress so I want you all to give him a warm welcome! To Indigo, you will have to socialise a bit.. so use the WordPress reader to find yourself some Warhammer, or Soulsborne blogs, take a peek at the people welcoming you and be an awesome tomodachi for the amazing people in the community! A security guy can be scary but make sure to let them know you are secretly just a big cuddly bear . 

Even More STAFF to come?!

I could tell you plenty of stories about Indigo but instead I rather direct you to his Twitter, and ask you to wait and see what their posts will bring. Indigo is from Finland so like me he is a non native English speaker. I assume that means like me they are schooled in UK english so expect to see his top five FAVOURITE guns in video games and not his top five FAVORITE 40k Races, but I might be wrong here!  For those who think we spell Colour wrong I got good news! The third person that applied to write on this place is American! So we will be evenly distributed then.  I am still looking for a Canadian and an Australian to join so I can get all English variants gathered!

If you want to write but don’t want to maintain your own blog or if my blog covers topics you can’t put on your own website feel free to apply under STAFF wanted.  As long as you do not expect to be paid and as long as you respect everyone like I ask everyone to respect you things are totally going to be fine and you will always be good enough! I went through this phase myself.. where I felt like the lesser writer. Maybe I am the lesser writer to most.. but Indigo as well as Crow and Fred helped me remind me that no one writes like me.. Somewhere there is a guy.. in my case like Indigo.. who will like that style and the same goes for you! I wish for Paradise to be a platform for all of you who want to share your thoughts in a more low key way!  We are a holiday resort!  Ambition is for when you get back to real life! This is all about fun! So if you want to share stuff you feel you can not  share elsewhere.. feel free to apply even if your not Canadian or Australian! We will make you feel welcome.. and with that please everyone leave a comment to welcome Indigo! I want him to feel right at home!

As for my own words to Indigo! There is little to say I have not said yet in our chats! I am so happy for everything you did for this blog, for me so be able to offer you this platform for your thoughts makes me really happy. I know we have vastly different opinions on media but that is what makes this work so much I think! I have every bit of faith in you! I have seen your voice in Roleplaying and your writing and I know this is something unique to you. With a dash of Warhammer, a Dash of Hellsing but also a healthy does of old warrior values and an appreciation of tech I am 1000% sure you will add something new to this blog! You might have to check if there are blogs around in your posse using WordPress reader but I also think quite a few people around really will be interested in your voice so never be afraid to let it shine! Be yourself.. no matter how much flack for being to edgy I give you for it! It’s all in good spirit! Friends teasing each other and all! You are a dear friend and probably my most supportive least when it comes down to this hobby! So I am super thrilled to have you! Welcome to the team!  Welcome to Paradise! Also could you please look into that Yellow looking fellow. I was walking in the lobby today when I faceplante… I mean gracefully landed after tripping on a yellow bucket. He had a mob with him as well but he was just staring outside smirking at some daffodils….weird.

Indigo has no Kofi page to support yet! However if he ever does decide on doing this a banner to support him will show up on his own posts! All writers have their individual Kofi Pages, though Pinkie’s one is also used to maintain the website. Keep an eye out for ways to support Indigo and for now just make him feel welcome! Time for me to melt some more! And see you all very soon!

A Year of Blogging: Pinkie’s Journey So Far (Anniversary Week Day 1)

A Goody Goody Goody! It’s my Blogs Anniversary week! And well since I am basically an avatar of my actual self I guess in a way It’s Pinkie’s Birthday-Week  as well! So Island Guests this week will be special and filled with celebration activities. Why a week?! Well because I am a bit crazy and I have LOTS of things in store for you!  This week of fun our regular schedule of activities will be on hold for a week! Which is nice because at my party I am probably going to end up drunk or hungover! I might be one but in Paradise age doesn’t matter at the bar! Today we shall start with a look back at my journey so far.

On the day this post goes live it is exactly one year ago that I started working on my blog! I started making my assets, drafting up articles , making folders and cute-ing up my laptop! As well as neatly make folders for just about everything! Something that I actually managed to keep up to this day.  The blog actually came based on a failed desire to YouTube. My own voice isn’t good enough to put under a video and a friend who wanted to voice act it for me backed down from the project in the very last moment. Mainly because we also lacked a good place to record and it was sooo clunky!  So while listening to remade version of Pokémon Red and Blue’s Route 24 Theme I began writing my first blog post. It was titled My Wonderful world of Pokémon. In it I created a way to ambitious blog plan , one that I would be unable to keep up with for very long. Blogging daily about Pokémon would proof harder than it seemed at the time. The first post went live on the 16th of July 2019 and to this day scored 4 likes and 5 comments! Two of those comments were me! Of the five posts only two ever got likes or comments. Which was fine back then because I was completely obsessed with views and this was the first blog I ever had that actually got views! It felt like an awesome welcome!

My first hilarious  fail that resulted from a delusion I had made myself was my post about The Most Hated Pokémon Simisear! I talked about it and how I actually liked it and how it deserved some love! I asked people to share the love for the little simian creature that usually got treated poorly  but it did not happen!  Pinkie had created some false expectations for herself and now she got her little pokémon friend hurt because of it! It got 1 like so at least it wasn’t all for nothing.. but that is when I realised you had to really work a bit in this community to get anywhere! Somehow before that I believed people would flock to this kind of stuff just by sharing the opinion!  It was the post that made me reach out more..because Simisear and the likes deserved love!

Up until the 29th of July there was not a lot of progress but when I wrote a piece about Mewtwo The Pokémon that can Defeat God. My first deeper peace in the Pokémon World that was catered a bit more to the casual knowledgeable fans. It got six likes an absolute record at the time..but I also met Ospreyshire! I reacted to his post on the Lion King Live action movie as back then I was already trying to find movie bloggers and Ospreyshire I found through that. Before that it was Mallow and Anime Fan Fiction who interacted with me.. so now I was beginning for form some semblance of a group of people to interact with.

Not that long after I would meet people like Raistlin and Karandi with Raist being such a great and friendly supporter of the blog! He really helped me push through hard times!   Around the beginning of august we can see my visual style beginning to shift to the tones I have now.. of course back then I could still fairly easily change a block background colour and select make pink streaks.. which now is a much more finicky process. The pun based review system came into play but back then it was with Eevolutions! This happened around august fifth when I switched to a WordPress paid plan so I felt I had to step up my game. 

I made a post called Norse Mythology in Pokémon  which back then I was really proud of. I think that was the second and maybe last or second to last post I participated in the Jon’s Creator Showcase with. To this day I really do like that post.. but it was the post that made me hear all my other posts cries just because  in that one I tried to be a bit more intellectual. It got a lukewarm reception on twitter as well and people massively ignored it when it finally went up in the showcase and that’s when I decided making my other posts cry by favouring another post above them would not be something I’d do to often anymore! This is my own fault for imagining my posts crying of course and I had fun making it, I just gave myself false expectations again! I had some nice talks about it still and I made myself learn something! So it’s all good! Just not fully what I expected!

On August 18th I participated in my first ever blog award. I was nominated by Amelia and the post got 16! Likes and it had quite a few comments as well. Here I began interacting more with Megan as well! It made my blog grow very hard and while I was super happy it also made me realise something even more.. all the posts that got a lot of likes either had to do with a very basic level of pokémon, something beyond pokémon or stuff like this..The first seeds of Paradise had been planted! I loved hearing all you guys and seeing you like my post!

On 2 September I wrote a post about the god of Pokémon Arceus and how it is based in the ancient mythos of alchemy! A very deep post.. and it preformed rather poorly! Maybe I entered it in the JCS still.. but I think I was beginning to get dissatisfied with my blog and what I wanted to get out of it. I really love the post .. I just realised I did not have the platform for it all that well. Like people were interested.. but I did not get the energy I wanted from it.. I wanted I got some excellent replies and I adored them but some of these posts took me 12 hours a day to make! I knew there was more to get than what I was getting. I loved so much more!

For the next two months I dabbled a bit with content trying all sorts of things. Including making a Trainer Profiles for anime character.. which all performed rather well. Back then my average post counted in at about 9-10 ish likes. When my next blog tag award and first Owls post not about Pokémon got almost double that I knew it was time to expand! I had been struggling to keep up and sometimes the amount of research that went into a single Pokémon Post was insane. To a point where I became to resent the franchise a bit and that I did not want! So I took a step back and opened my world.

After holding several polls, too which a surprising number of people told me to quit blogging entirely, lots of thinking and quite few Photoshop hours I decided to rebrand and branche out to Geekdom in general! It was a lot easier on the mind, my life was not going as well as I would have liked and I just needed to have less stress from blogging and topic selections.
On November Third I bought my site became Pinkie’s Paradise.. though still under the old web handle.  Views were immediately up, interaction skyrocketed and this led to my “bantering” phase with Irina. Where she would frequently comment on my blog. I had previously done so on hers but now that my side became more accessible that bounced back as well. I got more contact with Joy of GeekGirlJoy as well and Lita to.  I began enjoying blogging more, which reflected in my more whimsical and mostly lighthearted picking of topics.I also went a lot more personal, for example starting with five geeky things you did not know about me. I got a LOT of tags in that time but in just two weeks after restarting, I had a complete mental breakdown.

The trigger was my father saying he did not have time to celebrate my birthday. At all.. that he would see me at an office christmas party of my uncles company… which he then also bailed on. I haven’t seen him for Christmas or my Birthday I felt abandoned. All around me things crumbled. One friend fed of my negativity as he had a big case of hero syndrome and wanted to cheer me up by taking me to do fun things.. which drained all my money away another moved away, my bestie Bean threatened to move away as house hunting could take them far away. From the 19th of November until the 11th of December .. I vanished. Also in a personal sense.. I just stopped functioning.

Crawling out from my lowest I had been that year, my return to blogging was amazing. My I’m Back Post announcing my return had racked up 32 likes!  My highest number ever!  It also really marked the beginning of my pleasant interactions with Fred.  Blogging become more fun and healing to slightly became more and more about me. Which resulted in some crazy fun experiments such as my New Years Party Blogs Where I’d invite Five Bloggers, Five Anime Characters, Five Game Characters and Five Movie Characters. I had more and more fun as I wrote and felt more free to write whatever I wanted.

I still had a bit of trouble adapting to the internet culture feeling like I had to fit myself in. I wanted to be the voice of happiness and cheer in a very dark and grim world. So on February first I posted the Super Happy Love Award. A post that is all about positivity on the internet. While I do still try to adhere to that message.. I have since adjusted a bit.. I want to be positive but I also want to be sincere! So while I do look for positives when I see non I will say so as well. More and more I learned to adjust.. to not care as much as what others think.. before it was eating me alive.  That demon is still on my shoulder and it’s always whispering. I can ignore it a bit but it constantly tells me people hate me and just act nice because it’s the right thing to do! 

I am/was scared to death that Irina and Scott actually hate me or that people in OWLS actually want me gone. Something as simple as my comment being the one that does not get a reply or a bit of a short answer when I ask a question can still make me lose my marbles a bit.. but nowadays I have it more under control… most of the time. Hey at least I never claimed sanity! But Like I said that little demon on my shoulder is always there, to make something meaningless into a maze of panicky questions and ponderings.

These struggles I have can really be seen in my blog posts in the period COVID-19 first reared its ugly head and we had to stay at home. Am I a Bad Person or Pinkie in Love the Legitimacy of Online Bonds are good examples that highlight my fear of that time. Having weak lungs, the virus was quite scary to me and I desperately struggled to fight it off. .. withdrawing myself fairly extremely and ending up with a very fragile mind..which just fed the demon! In a way the bond with you were all I had.. along some other online friends, so each time that devil whispered I was actually hated and just accepted for the sake of being nice.. my world broke a bit.  In this time Foovay was here for me a lot as well as Fred as my anxiety pushed me away from the Ani-community core a bit. I fled Jon’s chat because I could not deal with some people being very condemning of other people live styles in that chat or on twitter. (Not the main man himself though)  I did not blog for OWLS for a while because I felt unworthy and a few topics were against my personal beliefs. It was a lot of blogging from fear. The crush I developed on a blogger was in my way as well making me more uncertain. A pain that would last until the 6th of May..when I made the I Dislike that I Like Likes post, in which told about me being fed up with all the measuring.

The day I managed to finally move past likes is also the day.I managed to move past that crush too. It marked the day that I basically rebooted as a Blogger opposed to as a blog. This blog is my journey and you are just here to join me on the right if you so choose! That is the mentality I needed to have. I am too quirky to go pro!  Those delusions of Grandeur came from the YouTube dream. I noticed my crush person was the same.. just a fantasy! I never had a crush on the actual person..just on something I formed in my head. I mean I knew it was from the get go.. but it was like a soap bubble , mesmerising enough to keep me looking. After awakening I began to focus on friendships and some have really picked up since then. I began to feel more validated. I began to see that my community I wanted was not something I could gain by running behind the pack. People would know I was not sincere a bit fake or at least trying to hard. I wanted to do the stuff I like to do again regardless of the number game. So I brought back my stories more and more!  So What If Raditz Turned Good became my new What If Story even if that type of content performed horribly before.  I wanted to make it.. that is all that matters.

It still does preform but I have fun with it.. and that was my new onlook. Pinkie’s Saturday Anime Adventure I could really easily split up in five episode reviews I post each day, would probably help my views out a lot.. but I like doing it like this it’s fun. That became more important. The first time I began blogging I immediately stumbled on a life time friend picking writing up again I expected a repeat of that golden moment that sense of community I got before, it wasn’t realistic! I love all of you guys that support this blog, but I put up false expectations and as soon as those were challenged my demon was there. I really had fun before! I truly did but whenever someone would not like a post f they normally do.. or I saw a log in from their country I got scared it was the end because my community would walk away now. As I am now.. I would keep writing even if I lost all of you! That might sound cruel but it’s kinda relaxing. You should follow me because you want to and I am now more capable to give that space. Because I am taking that space for myself as well in the form of making stuff I want to make!

 Even though I kinda got a new blog crush..ish thing as I found the real me it now all felt differently. Previously I HAD to be liked by the important people in the community. Having Lita, Jon, Scott or Irina or the likes frown upon me, was like god disapproving of my actions. It felt the worst! Then I realised.. I don’t even believe in god. These people are amazing indeed and if they like me that is nice.. but if they don’t that doesn’t take away from the person I am! Maybe one day I can be to a young blogger what they are to me, they are not obligated to acknowledge me! Stop thinking like that Pinkie. At this point I think you can also see a shift in the tone of my blog.. though I am not as afraid to be negative about stuff I do not like anymore.. more fun returns to my blog as well. Games I really wanted to play like, replaying Ducktales or playing games like Ninja Baseball Bat Man  become more my thing. Rather than searching a game I thought you’d like to see me play I began playing what i wanted. My geeky lifestyle posts shift in tones to things like The Power of Me: My Voice on MY Blog or My personal rules for Blogging. I am no longer questioning who I am.. I know and I announce it!
Which is a great change! I also had some very great people behind me! Who I now appreciate more than ever!

It took me almost a year for my blogging ambitions to completely die. Until May I always blogged to achieve something and maybe have fun with it as I do so. Now the ambition has been killed and it’s more like, I am blogging as a hobby and as a way to vent and experience things and if it gets me anywhere and allows me to make new friends .. that is a great boon. It allowed me to form more genuine bonds and also plenty of fun but more casual bonds. Blogging is now something I often would play a game or even sometimes as to watch an anime. I just like getting creative or getting my opinion out there.

Doing all video game movies is a blast so far even though I am seeing some seriously bad movies.. it’s just the experience, I get to share it with my discord pals, I get to share it with you and that despite my negative grades makes it an effort well worth it. Blogging is like a soy sauce that can even make bad sushi taste okay because it just makes your experience that much richer. I love to step out of my comfort zone and just write whatever is in my mind. Without it I would not have created Tamago Tomodachi..which to date is my best liked piece of original writing. That doesn’t mean however that What Bad Luck! I got Reborn Into a New Life and Now I  Am a Side Character  is any less fun for me to write either! I love hiding OWLS members in those stories or other bloggers, or heck even elements from my real life.  I like how I have become as a blogger, I am my own thing! I am Pinkie and this is my paradise!

Despite the tone this blog may have I had an amazing year! I grew so much and learned a lot along the way. I just know that if my journey continues like it did now I will be a hell of a lot stronger than I was before! Everyone I would like to sincerely thank you for sticking by with me for a year! You really helped me become much happier than I was one year ago!
Big shout outs to Mallow and Fanfiction Anime World who have been with me since the beginning! You guys are amazing!
Stay tuned for some special events to come this week!