Pink-Poké-News: Week 38

Finally there has been a week where  Pokémon has become newsworthy again. This means this reporter can finally earn her imaginary money again. It’s still no real money but at least it’s something! With that being said it is time for a new installment of Pink-Poké-News

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has shown a lot of interaction with the community lately, asking to see our shiny captures from last weeks Turtwig hunt, and as per this week asking them who their favorite new starter is. That’s right NEW starter. A bunch of Unova pokémon have been released into the wilds, with pokémon like Lillipup and Patrat (your respective rattata-likes) already coming in their shiny form as well. Like with Sinnoh not all generation V pokémon will be released at the same time, but it’s neat to see some new faces and see them pop up fairly regular, without being to spammingly present. The launch of the unova pokémon has been done fairly well and made the hunt a lot more fun again. A big improvement from the shadow pokémon duplicates.

It has also been announced that Flygon and it’s pre-evolutions Trapinch and Vibrava will be the subject of that weeks hunt. Like always will a fully evolved pokémon get a exclusive event move and lures will last three hours. Capture xp will also pay out threefold  , which is a bit lackluster given that we are high level already and would need to capture a billion trapinch to gain a level. As far as design is concerned both shin trapinch and vibrava are quite solid with trapinch becoming a alolan grimer green shade while vibrava goes to a fall like pallet of orange red and yellow. Shiny Flygon however looks quite horrible. Having it’s red outlining replaced with a bright cyan one.. but it’s red eyes and red details replaced by a mustardy yellow and it’s main body going just a shade darker it is not exactly pretty. Unlike some shinies we’ve seen it’s noticeable at least…but it’s not our favorite by far. Regular Flygon looks so much better, this one looks kinda like it’s cousin that still believes it lives in the 90’s. Luckily this week Shiny Yanma and Yanmega launched as well, though hard to get shiny Yanmega looks dropdead gorgeous.

Champion Ash

Around the time that this post goes live we will reach the conclusion of Sun and Moon series, with only a goodbye or so remaining in the last episode, depending on how they will pace this last stand off.  We saw Ash take the big trophy and win his first pokéleague. The last week the PPN crew had great fun watching this little news topic blow up way beyond its proportions. The news reached several “actual’ news sites, became a hot topic on twitter and inspired a wave of memes. The community lived up again, even those who only were there just to witness the first generation, which was quite beautiful to behold. Even if people grew out of Ash, he became a symbol people still rooted for after twenty two years of losing.. and dying. It was nice to see so many people fondly reminisce about a boy that has brought some great television into their life and was clearly an icon.  With how beloved he has proven to be, this would seem like the best send of the character could ever have so we do hope he retires but at the time of speaking it remains to be seen what happens. In this reporter’s post earlier this week we go into depth about the topic and talk about what we want to see in the future.

New Masters in Masters

Pokémon Masters is releasing micro events on a fairly regular basis keeping it nice and active with lots of people to interact with and new trainers to be done. The so called EX-battles which can be considered the games post game content are being regularly replaced and we have gotten three trainer highlight banners so far. We first started with Blue , the rival of Pokémon Red and Blue series, after which we moved to Olivia, the second Kahuna you’ll have to face off against in Pokémon Sun and Moon and their Ultra Counterparts.  This week it was time for Lyra, the female version protagonist of Pokémon Heartgold and Soulsilver. She is not to be mistaken for Kris, the protagonist of Pokémon Crystal, which is set in the original Gold and Silver universe. Kris IS on the banner however. Where Kris signature pokémon is Totodile, Lyra comes with Chikorita which is kind off a shame. We get Rosa , the five star grass protagonist of Black and White 2 as a freebie and Brendan the male protagonist from Ruby and Sapphire has his Treecko, which means we already have 3 grass type five stars and we maybe just have 10 five stars in total. If even. (Hard to tell with alternating banners) Which does seem kind of unbalanced. So while Lyra is cute as a button, I would recommend not going to deep moneywise into this banner because while she is nice to collect, I’d rather see some diversity in my teams.


We were exactly right… well 90% right. Sirfetch’D is real! Earlier we talked about a weird glitch appearing on the pokémon website. Like many people I theorised it was Sirfetch’D but I also made some diagrams to show me how I felt it would actually look like! And I was very right! Not only did we complete the correct pokédex sentence, we also managed to deduce how it would function. The only thing we had wrong was the suit of armor. Sirfetch’d is white in colour, so we will assume galarian farfetch’d  is as well. What we mistook for his armor was just his pristine white skin. A white knight rather than a knight in shiny armor. We are quite happy with the announcement made as the pokémon looks quite amazing. It is kind of weird why the pokémon is completely a fighting type.. but since it’s leek sword is so important it makes sense he can not fly with it and will not fly without it. Sirfetch’d ability will be steadfast which will boosts the speed stat everytime the pokémon gets flinched. Depending on the physical defence stat of this pokémon this could make him decent enough in the competitive scene as a speedy physical wall or sweeper.

It’s animations in camp look quite fun and overall we do think it’s a nice evolution for a pokémon who thoroughly deserved to have one. Yet be warned because Sirfetch’D is a pokémon Sword Exclusive. That means you will not be able to catch it if you purchase pokémon Shield, of course you can still trade it but if you want to get the duck nice and easy you’ll have to go with the Sword game. This most likely does mean that Pokémon Shield will have a Galarian evolution to call it’s own. Based on our sources, our bet will go out to Galarian Meowth and Galarian Persian. Let’s see if we will be right again.

Question to my Readers:

What do you think of Sirfetch’D

Pikachu is ready for fall

With the seasons changing it’s going to be fall for Pikachu soon, as it like me is a northern hemisphere creature. To celebrate this the Pokémon Centers across the world.. not sure if there are any on the southern half of the world, will have a new figure in their collection. The so called Surprise Fall Pikachu.

It’s not a great figure by any means. It’s readability is really poor and people I show this one too either see it as a Pikachu that got covered in a pumpkin, or a Pikachu under a pizza blanket and one friend thought it was Pikachu melting with the orange being it’s skin and blood mixing, yes I have some messed up friends. Another saw Pikachu covered in mustard and ketchup.. but non really saw Pikachu covered in leafs until they looked at the background for context. That’s a bad thing in my opinion While I do not mind people not knowing who Chibi Moon is and saying.. that’s a weird pose I do actually dislike them saying … Oh dear! What the F happened to Pikachu?! The figure is produced by Funko and features a little Pumpkaboo either, which makes that smashed pumpkin read even more credible. Pikachu also hit the news last week in a more literal away as he ‘hosted’ the ABC-News weather along side Ginger Zee. Apparently the weather segment was being sponsored by Pokémon Go in the wake of the Unova Pokémon release.  

While Ginger tells us a bit about Snivy being spotted in the forests we see a Pikachu standing in the studio with her. Afterwards Ginger shared a picture of her and Pikachu on her twitter stating ‘Pokémon are interested in meteorology as well’ to which the official pokémon twitter replied ‘Of course they do, the weather can have impact on attack effectiveness. With a new figure out to celebrate fall and the ability to predict the weather Pikachu sure is ready for the leaves to fall. Let’s hope that when the real one gets hit by a bunch of leafs it looks better than that figurine at least. Better than Ginger’s outfit too!

And that concludes today’s edition of Pink-Poké-News, with quite a few events happening it feels like this week has taken quite a while, it’s been a fun week though with a lot of pokémon news and new experiences for me to go trough.  Now it’s time for a well earned rest. Let’s see what the next week brings.

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again!

Pink Pokémon News Week 30

It’s sunday again, little monsters, currently I am having some fun with her friends at the Arcade and will dine on Sushi tonight…so this article is NOT live! Though we will not apologise for missing some breaking news that happened today. We have a live! Sort off… Now it’s time to cut to pinkest reporter… me! Let’s start  this week’s edition of PINK ….. POKE*…..NEWS! *

(Dear Read Imagine a nice tune for my news show, thanks!)

Pinkie’s Pokemon reaches its first milestone.
Seven  days after the founding off this Blog, Pinkie , that would be me, successfully managed to reach her first goal of 10 subscribers. Her first milestone on route to become a real blogger. At the moment of writing even managing to snare a grand total of 15! This reporter would like to congratulate herself on achieving this milestone and ask her the question ‘How did you succeed at this daring goal’ to which I would answer ‘I did not do it myself, it is thanks to the amazing WordPress community I discovered that I have been able to gain  these followers, and I would like to thank them all for making this achievement possiblé’. ‘Thank you for your comment Pinkie!’ Now this reporter is left with a big question. What will happen for Pinkie’s Pokemon in the future! Solo writer Pinkie answered herself and said that if she was able to reach 25 subscribers before the 16th of August, she will move the blog towards a paid plan. She claims her main reasons of doing so are because she doesn’t want her readers to deal with the ugly domain and wordpress advertisements. This reporter believes that claim is a little Farfetch’d.  To find out her true intentions, of if the wordpress gods are reading this, all that is needed is 10 more subs.

Ralts to be next Community Day capture.
A big week for Pokémon Go  this week, with Straw Hat Pikachu appearing, as well as other things we will report about in a little.  One of the most pleasing news leaks from Go was that on the next community day, to be held at the first saturday of August, will feature the Psychic Fairy type Ralts. Though a bit of a bland shiny, only replacing the spring coloured hair with a much more winter coloured variation, this is great news for those who lack it’s two evolutions still. In case of this reporter, she still lacks both, because Ralts would never show up for her.  Needing to catch a grand total of 53 Ralts to at least obtain the evolution, if not using pinaps, the prognoses that a shiny will be obtained is very good. Like always the event will last three hours and lures used will last the entire event. No double XP this time however, it’s time go get out your incubators because hatching speed happens to up to 400% it’s normal rating.
Guess we won’t be making an omelette , this community day. 

Shiny Ralts can’t wait to meet it’s new trainer!

Pokemon Duel is coming to an end.
After Halloween, the well rated though somewhat convoluted pokémon board game app, Pokemon Duel will be (mostly) unplayable. The announcement was met with quite some negativity, people feeling duped that a game they sank money into was being pulled on such short notice. Gamefreaks cold reaction to the fact has made people weary when it comes to investing money in their mobile games. With a lot of changes happening on that front, one begs to wonder how this  announcement will affect the success of Pokémon Masters. Yet the game vanishing did not seem to make any massive splash in the bigger Pokémon community. Many of it’s 10 million downloaders have quit the game , due to a big power shift towards pay to win.  Pokémon Duel already was cancelled in the Netherlands before.
The country had decided to ban, illegal and unbalanced lootboxing system under the banner of illegal gambling Though the game was pulled of the market prior to it’s investigation, the reader is free to draw their own conclusion. Many seem to think that the Pokémon Company fell for free-to-play greed and when it failed , they cared little for their loyal supporters. Those planning to invest in Pokémon Masters be warned. We will conclude on the opinion of the reporter on the matter. It’s a shame to see a game go, especially if you have put a lot of money in it.  Yet every online game has a lifespan, some longer than others, this has never been any different. World of Warcraft will die someday too. Anything you invest money into will eventually fade away. So just have some common sense and don’t invest life savings in a single game. Have fun with a game… but keep some common sense. There is nothing wrong with investing a few bucks, but if you do, don’t think it entitles you to anything. Invest in a game because you want to reward the developers for giving you something you like, and by sharing you appreciation you get a little something back. Think of freemium games like a dog, when it’s a good boy you can buy it some dog treats, if you give it a treat.. the dog gives some love back. But when it gets rabies, and has to be put down you don’t go back to the pound you got it from, nagging at those people that you spend 12.000 dollars on dog treats.
You say good bye old boy and pull the trigger, thinking of the amazing time you had together, which should have been worth your treat money.  Don’t buy 30 years worth of treats just because you’ll get 15 minutes of fame or something.

Disclaimer: Pinkie does not condone animal violance, this is merely a refference, I do not shoot dogs!

Pokémon Master Pre-registry is now open
With the dead of an old pokémon mobile game, so begin the contractions of a new one. Pre-registry for pokemon masters is now life. Android and IOS users in America can  already sign up for Pokémon Masters. Unfortunately the Pink Pokemon News staff, does not live in America, nor has it the technological aptitude to fake it. While I understand it is perfectly possible, recent troubles with my mobile device have prevented me from looking into this matter further.  Pokémon Masters is a 3v3 tactical battling game with a story mode featuring a legacy based story, where the protagonist teams up and faces off against legendary characters of the past and their signature pokémon. The signature Pokémon can be altered by wearing so called Sygna Suits, allowing for more tactical depth. Recently the Pokemon Masters twitter page has began to reveal more pairings, however none of these were particularly surprising. Their most recent tweet involved the introduction of Barry and his signature Piplup.

Luckily I have 3 persona’s and counting! So I am ready for Pokémon Masters!

Team Rocket in Pokémon Go
This week marked Team Rockets arrival in Pokémon go, as well as the coming of shadow Pokémon.  Pokéstops now can be seen with a black taint on them, if these are spinned the player is forced in a Pokémon battle with a team rocket grunt and it’s 3 shadow pokemon, after which the player will get the chance to capture one of these. Shadow Pokémon look cool with red eyes and a purple flaming aura, but have no charged move, instead they all know frustration.  By spending stardust the player can purify them after which they get a CP boost, a unique charged move and a silvery aura. Along with this update came a few new shinies, including sneasel, koffing and ekans. This expansion is a step in the wrong direction for Pokémon Go, rather than allowing us to catch more Pokemon from the Sinnoh region we are forced to collect alternative variants of Pokémon we already have, twice.  This expansion seems to have been designed to solely cater towards players expanding their box space, because they want those cool looking pokemon. Would we have been given at least some new sinnoh mon’s being released the reporter would have been fine with this, but right now it feels like the game is not about catching them all… but on twisting them all so you have to have two. A dark day for Pokémon Go indeed..because it really does feel like Team Rocket took over. 

Prepare for Trouble, Make your boxspace double!

Pikachu elected 4th most popular from unreliable source.
Nintendo Dream readers have voted Pikachu to be the 4th most popular character from a game on a Nintendo system, note that this is Pikachu the Super Smash Bros character, not the entire species. Though it is nice that Pikachu is just shy of beloved heroes like Link and Mario, Kirby having more votes then the 3 combined already raises a few eyebrows.
However if we investigate the list further we can see a few oddities Taking the number 5 spot is the dog girl Isabelle, hard to believe but she is quite OP in Super Smash which is still quite popular, even more so among Sakurai fans  (creator of Kirby and big smash boss guy). The Number 7 spot goes to Meta Knight, number 8 is Yoshi and number 9 is luigi. Though Meta Knight is a bit odd again, he is a smash char, he is kinda cool, and he ‘s once more a Sakurai thing so I can get it. Number six though, makes this reporter question this source completely, number 10 makes things even more idiotic. The number 10 spot goes to Sans… from Undertale. Okay I get that he is popular, but the fact that he beats all nintendo chars on their homeground?  He’s a better hero then Jigglypuff, Samus or Fox for Nintendo?
No neither one of these takes the number six spot… because the number six spot goes to non other then…………………….Waddle Dee.
Waddle Dee, is a more popular character , then Jigglypuff, Incineroar, Ash Greninja, Lucario, Mewtwo Charizard and any other significant iconic Pokémon. Waddle Dee even is MORE a Nintendo than Red or “Pokémon Trainer” himself. Waddle Dee apparently is a more iconic and beloved character than Sans from undertale as well. Why? We would like to congratulate Pikachu on his fourth place, but honestly in a list like this, objectivity seems to be far away. So we are not sure if it means anything.
To all Waddle Dee fans out there, don’t get me wrong, it’s super cute and voting it the best henchman character I might even agree on. It’s a great character, I just do not think it has any place on this list.
UPDATE: We have tried to contact Pikachu, turns out Pikachu fell in love with Waddle Dee and is unavailable for comment.

*Nani is a Weeaboo for WTF

And that concludes this weeks episode of the Pink-Poké-News my sweet little monsters.
I’m out enjoying my day in the wild! I hope you’ll have a nice day too. Did any of these news-flashes surprise you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Stay Pink

Pink-Poké-News Week 29

Welcome back my little monsters, on my Weekend Weeklies mostly on PPN (Pink-Poke-News)  we will discuss what happened that week in the wonderful world of Pokémon , as well as well as me sharing some thought on matters of that week.

Pokémon Community Day of July Mudkip
Pokémon Go, becoming increasingly stale to myself, is holding their community day this week. In just a few hours we will be able to hunt shiny mudkip, trivialising the once rare species once more, Niantic continues it’s trend of force feeding shinies and devaluing them further for trade. That said Mudkip is a nice shiny it’s purple colour really works well with the muddy being..whatever it may be as some weird tadpole , frog thing hybrid.
The Rocket expansion dropped this week as well, alongside concepts like shadow Pokémon.. this reporter really wished they would just add in more Pokémon and cycle them out just a bit more. We are here to catch pocket monsters after all. I like walking and hunting for Pokémon a lot, I do not even mind raids and gym battles that much but as we draw closer to completing our Pokédexes, Niantic would rather bring us new features to capture old Pokémon yet again. If I wanted to battle Team Rocket I would play a full on title, and for shadow Pokémon , the gamecube…or emulators offer much better alternatives. Maybe it is time for this reporter to bow out of Team Mystic, and try to become a master.

Pokémon Master News: The Poryphone, Co-op and Sygna Suits.
A new trailer and info dropped on Pokémon Masters, and I must say, it looks absolutely stunning. Although a lot of people have been giving Nintendo flack for focussing on phones rather then their mainline games I really like the concept of Pokémon Masters, and for fans it’s just an opportunity to play more Pokémon, I know I have been negative on P-Go just now.. but that is not because it’s a bad game, I like it’s core concept , this reporter dislikes it currently because it’s becoming lackluster in it’s core in favor of added features. Think of it like Pokémon Snap getting updates, but instead of new Pokémon to photograph or new stages to travel on, we get snapchat filters or mini games added to it. However Pokémon Masters is looking pretty darn good, offering a new battle format and bringing Pokémon the legacy game it very much deserved. It’s a 3 vs 3 legacy battling game where you collect legendary trainers and their signature Pokémon from throughout all generations, to win Gym Badges to compete in the Pokémon Masters League. Every trailer so far looks absolutely stunning, though in the last one a lot of assets from the old one have been  reused. The latest updates reveals , two maybe three new things.
The most minor one will be the Porygon-phone .. which might double as a Pokédex. A cute device shaped like our virtual pal. Why we did not get Rotom Phone? Unclear maybe this one is not sentient and just a phone case. Reporter Pinkie will find out for you this summer. Next it was announced that the game will feature a Co-Op function where you and two of your friends…maybe me if you’ll let me batte along… can fight NPC”s and challenge the game together. A mode that can be some great fun if you ask me and can bring some extra dynamics to the whole 3 on 3 system. Hopefully not everyone will use a Pikachu though. Yours truly has yet to hear about PvP possibilties but is dying to find out.
The last announcement on the game are so called Sygna Suits, these are alternative skins, with a VERY special effect. It changes  your allies signature Pokémon. For example regular brock uses an Onix, while Sygna Brock uses a Tyranitar. Both still have their eyes closed. How Brock knows he is wearing a different outfit is currently unknown, but hey at least he is finally using a decent Pokémon.
So far Masters looks promising , however the lack of a launch date makes me fear there might be a lot of patchwork left to do, which takes indefinite time, but we will have to see and find out.

Where is Impidimp
Finally a small pondering. During E3 2019 we got to play with two new Pokémon, Yamper, the normal electric good dog, and Impidimp the pink little devil, that is the amazing fairy dark type. Since E3 , Yamper and its ability Ball Fetch, which is sooooo adorable and clever,  has been officially announced and features on the Pokémon website. Yet of Impidimp there isn’t any trace. Alongside Yamper, Rolycoly and Duraludon have been announcement, which raises the question: Where is Impidimp? Have you seen the little devil? If so contact us at 555-(that means a phone number is fake)IMPIDIMP, or leave a like and tips in the comments. 

Good Luck with your Shiny Hunt, let us know how many you caught. Will you play Pokémon Masters? Where do you think Impidimp is? Be sure to tune in next week for some more Pink-Poke-News, but most of all stay pink.
Until we read again.