Cha-La Bad!! Cha-La : Pissy Princess Pinkie Watches Super Friends

Hear Ye Hear Ye! Princess Pinkie has written a new anime post!

Greetings loyal subjects and guests!   Today I am feeling a bit … pissy!  You see I discovered a new anime that I heard was just like Dragon Ball, and I LOVE Dragon Ball. This one was a Korean Anime.. or how do we call that? If Manga in Korean is Manga is this Animwe then? Not sure! Either way… I watched Super Kid.. or Super Childe or whatever it is called in Korean. It’s …not very good… and the biggest issue. It’s JUST like Dragon Ball. Really much like Dragon Ball! Just done a bit worse! Okay that’s a lie.. it actually does it a lot worse. So join me as I found a product, so forgotten and uncared for that it has been watchable on Youtube for almost 4 years now!

Confusing but Familiar

Not cropped this is actually full Screen

The movie follows a group of powerful warriors named the Super Kids. So already the title of the movie is kinda off because it’s about Super Kids.. with an s at the end… not a Super Kid. Now only half of the Super Kids ARE actually KIDS because there are three grown man  and a rock monster in there.. who also looks kind of adult so of the super kids only 50% is actually a kid.  So this is a movie called Super Kid, because it follows the Super Kids.. and it’s not even a group of Kids.  That’s hell of confusing. To make it EVEN more confusing.. the main character LOOKS like a Kid and he might be THE Super Kid… but he is 199 years old!  My head already hurts!

Gokdari kinda looks familiar

The story starts with a dapper young girl/kid/i dunno named Joo Eun-Joo a scientist.. I mean Journalist working for a big company/news station. When she hears about a scoop .. the Super Kids, are fighting a villain named Cacaruse (I think)  she takes her fancy little flying UFO car to cross path with the Super Kids.. including the young boy Gokdari, their leader. Gokdari is a young fighter of an Alien race, with Spikey hair that changes shape if he is angry! His weapon is a magical staff that has the power to extend…. and contain evil within. So .. it’s not a total copy.. of a similar character. Gokdari wears an orange or Red Gi, with a symbol on the middle, and he can shoot blue energy beams.. as well as grow giant and feral almost like a berserking gorilla…but still looking like himself.

He sure is a Big Boy!

His best friend is called Big Boy, a bald monk boy who isnt as skilled as Gokdari but tries to hang out with him a lot. Then there is Samachi, a slug looking alien, who is green and has the power to extend his limbs very stretchy like..but it is the one character that actually sounds like a kid. Then there is Chao, the desert bandit who wields a large scimitar, who tries to be intimidating but ends up largely being ignored by the group.  Then there is Saint TeolTeol..credited as Grand Priest Tul Tul  who is a bald old man that is like the mentor of the team. A master of sorts. They also have a Pilot because..sometimes they can travel through space on their own but sometimes they can they fly in a giant mecha with golden eyebrows.  Not sure whats that doing in here.. but for a 1994 movie I can’t help but get a feeling I have seen these characters somewhere before?! Hmmm where could that be!


OC Please don’t steal

The movie ‘s first fight is against Cacaruse or whatever his name is! A space squid who fights alongside his pal Bazooka Joe, and no that is not a joke, the character is actually called Bazooka Joe! He wears shiny armor and a Jetpack and fires big yellow beams out of his bazooka. The group defeats these villains and we discover they aren’t actually heroes. They are Mercenaries. Gokdari won’t hand over the villains to the authorities until he is handed a cash reward. Having proven their worth the heroes are contacted by the police for an even bigger bounty.

Noot Noot Mofos!

The biggest criminal in the universe. Judowgi, a destroyer of planets who transforms! The strongest criminal in the universe. So of course half of the group gets left behind and Rockpile, The Slug Alien , Big Boy and Gokdari travel to the alien planet with the journalist girl on board as a stowaway. As they leave the sunglasses of the police officer shimmer we know he is evil. It turns out he is also an evil space alien wanting the Super Kids to kill his rival… and because he has a rival, an ally of Judowgi .. the blinking warrior named Maoi fights at his side. giving Judowgi teleporting powers… so  they have to travel back to fight this new threat after losing to Judowgi once.


The fight this guy who has the ability to change his arms into metal weapons.. but once he shown his real form.. he completely loses this ability! The heroes get overpowered.. but win the fight when they discover this villain is afraid of ants. They pull his tendrills and bully him with ends until he loses the will to live and break his spirit.. allowing him to be captured by the magical staff..which seemingly can always suck up enemies but for some reason Gokdari only uses it once enemies are I just assume that rule. They travel back through space again.. doing in minutes what originally took them 8 days and now that the rival is defeated.. the ally of Judogi sees the worth of the Super Kids as he beats up Judowgi and rips out the power source of Judowgi’s final form.. which doesn’t weaken him at all of course, but now causes the other form to be his stronger form. By working as a team the kids defeat the big bad and trap him in the staff. Then the group travels back to get their bounty which Gokdari donates to his old orphanage leaving the rest of the group in crippling debt and unpaid bills (not kidding).

Dragon Ball Zzzzzzzzzzz

This movie almost steals as much moves as Goku himself does!

This movie takes a lot of inspiration from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z and when I say a lot of inspiration I mean that it pretty much steals everything about it. While it shuffles some things up almost all elements are there. Blue Energy beams, multi forms, the Mafuba, Powerpole and to an extend even a Dragon Ball.. sure it doesn’t grant wishes but in this world there are orbs of infinite power that people took to be super strong.  The problem with this movie is it doesn’t do very much original things. And when I say not very much I mean… it doesnt do ANYTHING original.. well it does a few things differently.. but all those things , are wrong. For example they choose the “Ash Ketchum” way  of winning a lot of fights. 

Gokdari should team up with Bully McGuire

With the exception for the first fight.. all enemies are defeated by other forces. Like “Ants” or A celestial being intervening with the fight…. even in the first fight, Bazooka Joe gets defeated by his armor falling off  and that other thing loses to his teeth being knocked out!  Because this movie is aimed at kids… we never see a kill.. but we never see a  knockout either. All enemies just are punched until they cry..after which they are bullied more by Gokdari, not a great way to make us enjoy the main character. I am not kidding..every single villain cries before they are finished off, and Gokdari even fires an energy blast in the face of an innocent alien, just because they carried a prisoner .. while not knowing any context. It makes it quite hard to root for him. Which means I find myself uninvested.

No music! But this movie has magical orbs though! That’s original right?!

Now the worst crime this movie manages to pull off is having fight scenes …….without music! That’s right.. not a single not of music is played during any of the fights. Character often don’t even talk so it’s just swish, swoosh, thunk and grr rawwwrr… for minutes on end before characters say another line. I watched the English Dub.. and as you expect.. it’s no good!  When you look up this movie on IMDB you see it gets a 3.6 out of 10 and non of the voice actors have their picture on their imdb page. The good voice actors, such as the camera girl and Gokdari.. sound like bootleg Bulma and Goku.. imitating their english VA’s .. the bad voice acting is flat out annoying. The Piccolo clone thing, has this super squeaky voice that sounds like a carebear doing a Dragon Ball Z spoof.  Judowgi sounds like thatt growly voice a kid would give to their evil figurine.. but then a kid that smoked for 10.000 years.  The evil cop villain alien thing sounds like Janice from Friends.. or Fran Dresher, trying to voice StarScream from transformers. You know you are doing something wrong if I think squeaky voices aren’t cute! So basically this movie looks and sounds awful!

For Not so Super Kids

The Villain’s Final Form.. but also his weaker form..sometimes!

So , so far we have established this movie is confusing, unoriginal, poorly written, poorly animated and poorly voiced, on top of being poorly directed. So this movie is a bigger pile of stink than Unicorn DooDoo..which let me tell you, doesn’t smell of roses or cupcakes either. It doesn’t feel like a love letter to Dragon Ball either… it really feels like someone who doesn’t understand DragonBall… or anime tried to make money out of it.   It has everything kids think is cool right? So this gotta sell?!  They also planned for Super Kid to be a tv show but this movie did so poorly those plans were cancelled fast, and for good reason. There is no passion here… and even a bad product can be good if there is passion. Look at movies like “The Room” or one of those fan made Pokémon games I keep playing. That really lacked for me from this movie .. in everything.. . Even in Uwe Boll’s movies I see some passion…a passion for objectifying women , sure but still a passion. You can tell someone somewhere had fun!  Here.. I don’t think anyone had fun creating this.  I hope I am wrong.. but I can’t escape this feeling.. the fact that this movie has been on YouTube for three years without it being copyright stricken applifies this that no one cares.

Oh right she was there as well

It’s an inoffensive movie that doesn’t drop the ball as much as Uwe Boll did, but it also isn’t as fun to watch. Where the latter’s direction feels like the delusions of a madman here.. there really is nothing. Characters gain powers at random to suit their needs, Rockpile , while entertaining explodes like 20 times in this movie and thus is immortal.. having no consequences and that goes for the entire movie. Stuff just happens. A kid may not notice but even the action isn’t that satisfying.. the hits feel cushioned and soft and I don’t think anyone actually throws a punch in this movie.  So this movie is like a wet matchbook.  It is something that you can say you collected.. but it looks like a cheaper version of that one well known brand matchbook… and other than the collecting value it’s pretty darn useless… and kinda soggy! Maybe it’s fun for kids.. but if it is it certainly would not be for the smart kids.  Perhaps if your kid things your guinea pig or rabbit is a small dog, this might be entertaining.. but this movie certainly won’t entertain Super Kids. Or super many kids at that.

Normally I would ask.. have you seen Super Kid? But I am pretty sure no one has! So instead of sharing my Kofi down below (you can still support me on the side bar on my actual website) I will share with you.. the full Super Kid movie! Tell me how far you made it in before giving up in the comments and we can interact and be friends! First however I need to take a Supernap! Because Remember kids: Friendship is magic but dreaming is even more wonderful! Oyasumi

What if my Blog was a Pokémon Game? The Paradise Region is Born

Hear Ye Hear Ye, Princess Pinkie has Returned with a new Pokémon Post

My sweet loyal subjects, as you may know I love theorycrafting and coming up with my own concepts for movies and games! I already designed concepts for about two Pokémon games..but non of them were about me! Now that I am a princess , I think we should change that. Sure we have Alola as a tropical region! Yet there were no gyms! You were the first Pokémon Champion ever.. it did not feel like the big leagues! It felt.. like a vacation! Yet what if I were to make my blog and it’s backstory into a whole new Pokémon Region and Pokémon Game! What would we get?! Today I will answer that question for you!

The Map

First of all we will need a general design for our region .. and that can be tricky! Hoenn has too much water for many while yet other people do not really like the whole circle motion you follow in Unova and Kalos. However Game freak really does seem to love this type of movement as you do it in Galar and Alola as well.. although a bit more disguised and tiered.  Luckily Paradise has gotten a map recently that we can use to give both the game designers as well as the pokémon fans what they like. You see Paradise is a heart shaped island, with the resort entrance lying in the tip of the heart and other things being located on the beaches around it.   The heart of the island is set for the pool area, everything seems to flock a bit around that so for our journey we will make the pool area our Pokémon League.  Since we already had a Hawaiian theme.. let’s make this one Mediterranean mixed with cuban elements. Latin..tropical! So let’s call the final city we visit Piscina City.. It’s pools after all.

The official Paradise Map!

By taking elements from our island we can easily make elemental towns! The starting town would be called Registrase which is a rough translation of check in! All around the heart we have some elements that can be adapted. My castle can be translated into a fairytale town, along with a fairy type gym!  Kaiju lake could be a lake filled with mysteries.. which in Pokémon games.. means ghost types.  The Bar or the restaurant could be converted into a fire town, while the docks obviously are the place to go for water types!  While we would be following the shape of the heart  we sometimes can move land inward for some new adventures.. or even go out to see for some water based minigames, or to investigate some strange events with gym leaders or other characters. The gardens could be thick jungle.. boucy ball beach could feature a roadblock pokémon that you can avoid by navigating trough half submerged caves. Plenty is possible, but as an idea we will scale our island up 100 times or so and turn all of our existing elements into towns.

A rough draft of how my Region would look in Pokémon Map style


Patchwork concept version of Patadeseo

Any good generation game has two box art legendaries and in this case it will be a Unicorn and a Duck legendary. A Fairy Fire type for the Unicorn, and a Water Dark Type for the duck! The Unicorn stands for Passion and the Duck will stand for Desire. We all know one can have a burning passion.. or a burning desire.. but in this case, that desire.. is when one pushes too deep. Let them be swallowed/consumed by desire.. let it be all around them with nothing else around.  Like a dark ocean.  The Unicorn we shall call Passiocornio and the duck will be called Patadeseo!  Both spanish portmanteaus of Passion Unicorn and Desire Duck respectively. Of course the duck would look really cool.  Plus words like Passion and Desire would fit really well in a tropical theme.  Of course to sell the games we need to avoid the word Desire so the games would be called Pokémon Passion and Pokemon Conviction.

Passiocornio recolour concept based on art by XiaoDarkCloud

Unlike other Pokémon legendaries who have been attributed to Pokémon life, we find out that Passiocornio and Patadeseo guide humanity, they have the ability to “speak”  through humans through a sort of voice in their head. It keeps the world of humanity going forward. It keeps humanity progressive, without these Pokémon humanity surely would lose the will to go on and become great pokémon masters!  So  you as the trainer will have to find a way to protect both these Pokémon from the evil team. Compared to other pokémon journeys that would have come before.. This journey would focus much more on what it means to be a trainer and dive into the human aspects of this world. Why do pokémon follow humans that closely, why do pokémon grow stronger when working with humans?!  Questions like these will be answered through the story with the legendaries as we really take a look at our part in this symbiosis. 

The Evil Team

Man in Black | Anime-Planet
Team Mahan Grunt

Since I brought up the evil team just now I think that is a good next step to take in creating this world. This time the evil team would take the form of the FBI like people. “Agents” who feel the world is better off with them in control. With them policing over the world.  Events with them would be them selling Pokéballs with tracking chips to people, breaking into a tower to turn around the signal so they can use the radio to eavesdrop on people and potentially them wanting to shut down Pokémon Laboratories because they do not feel 10 year olds are ready to have Pokémon yet.  Yet outside these evil deeds, we also see them volunteer to find every missing kid or help out with other problems in the Pokémon world.. as long as they receive praise and status. I will call them team Mahan. Which basically is a reference to the “The Man”  which is often used for government instances. I feel like having a red white and blue colour scheme would get me in trouble.. so let’s say they wear all black and look a bit like the agents in the Matrix.

Mahan Boss Orwell

The Leader of the evil team is called Orwell and while having a legit reason to be the way he is he will be among the more evil villains in the series. Orwell’s son.. George once took of on his trainer journey much like the player before him. Orwell did not want him to go.. but there was this passion in the boys out and Orwell knew he could not stop him.  Yet on his journey George met an untimely end.. Orwell tried to warn humanity to abolish kid trainers or even children having Pokémon.. but no one would listen and that’s when he realised humanity was stupid! It could not take care of itself… he would have to protect them against themselves.  By Capturing both legendaries he can link everyone’s Passion and Conviction and complete .. the Hive Mind.. a machine he can use to pierce the subconscious of all humans, this way he can protect them from themselves and enslave mankind .. free from it’s whims. Such a theme will be chosen because it meshes well with what Paradise and me are about.. but it also ties in nicely in the exploration of humanity story that is this game.

The Starter and the Rivals

Sobble crying is pretty relatable for me... | Fandom
Sobble Cries because all the starter Elitism and hate

That is right I wrote rivals as a Plural, so this means we are going to have multiple rivals in my game! Symbolising the variety of content you can get on Paradise. However this game will not feature all rivals such as Sword and Shield or  Kalos or any other multiple rival game.. no this game will only have one of them, you will have two.. but who they are all depends on your starting choice.. where in lies the biggest difference from all Pokémon games. You see I do not think we need more pokémon persé. With a Biodiversity of over 920 species we don’t need THAT much more. I’d rather see some extra regional variants to make old pokémon more relevant again maybe with an evolution here or there but I do not think each generation needs 100 extra pokémon. In my opinion one of the most toxic things about new games coming out .. is the starters.  People are SOOOO ungrateful when it comes to new starters.. and we have taken that whole grass water fire thing far enough! People are never really happy anymore.. which is why I propose a radical change in how starters work.. I will make a more in depth post about that some other day…maybe!

luizvc's Custom Pokemon Type Symbols | Pokémon elements, Pokemon, Pokemon  logo
Pick what type of trainer you want to be!

My idea is that instead of just being asked what your preferred gender is, we also get a question about what your favourite typing is. From that question you will be assigned a pokémon of that type as a starter.. as long as it follows a few parameters, such as knowing an offensive move at level 5 and learning an additional one that gives a Same  Type Attack Bonus by level 15. You can get ANY Pokémon from that type in the game.  Which makes it a much bigger surprise and will make replaying your game feel more fresh. Your rivals would also change at least in my game.. they are bloggers based on your strength and weakness.  I’d pick fairy for example so my biggest Rival would be A guy everybody loves that uses steel type Pokémon and who is very friendly and loves doglike pokémon. 

Variable Rivals, this one might be the fire user

My weakness Rival would be this busy bee girl who specialises in fighting types but also carries a gardevoir as her magical girl. She lloves to lift weight and talk in length about her Pokémon on Radio Shows. Two very nice behavioured rivals, but say had you picked the Psychic type, one of your rivals would be the mysterious man with a one letter name  who would use dark types and act all mean.. even though it is just an act. He wears a tophat and talks with movie quotes a lot.  This would also impact the story at least in an illusion of choice kind of way. Where my steel rival with golden eyebrows  happily tags along you to defeat Team Mahan, a certain anime blogger for example has much less time..and is probably drunk.. so instead she rushes ahead.. only defeating half of the trainers.. leaving you with equally plenty experience to gather from these trainers…but the with your battles unfolding somewhat differently.

The League

The Fairy Type Gym Leader

The Paradise League would feature 8 gym leaders like normal, and they would be based on characters I have on my blog albeit less stolen. Instead of Nakiri Alice as my chef, we’d get a cook, that is also a chemist that loves cooking with his fire pokémon. His gym puzzle would involve gathering ingredients and applying some science to it to produce the correct dish. If you fail.. a clean up crew comes along.. they are annoyed that they have to work now and will attack and battle you. The fairy castle town will feature Chibi Pinkie as a Gymleader dressed like a jester! She wants you to give gifts to the Princess subjects.. they give you a small description of their desired gift..and if you give them the right one.. they WILL honor you with a battle. If you give them the wrong gift they get sad and Jester Pinkie will be angry and become more difficult in battle.  Other gyms would work in similar ways with gym puzzles involving a chore or event that is tied with Paradise actual location.

The Elite four is very simple!  It’s my writing Staff. Indigo would be a steel type user with Bisharp as his ace, Kuro would be a ghost type user with a Regional and better Dusknoir as their ace. Sunny would be a water type user and his ace would be a shiny Milotic that you see raise him from a Feebas earlier. The most ugly fish now turned beautiful is a great metaphor for Sunny.  Periwinkle would be a Dragon Type user.  Dragon’s symbolises his need to put obstacles in his own way by playing super shitty games! His team has a lot of Outrage users and he is an elite 4 leader with a twist. His Pokémon are of a higher level.. but they function like they don’t always obey him.. much like traded Pokémon of to high level.  Periwinkle’s Pokemon are so powerful he soldiered through.. but you need to take advantage of this by using paralysis and confusion tactics to fight him.. it’s not just sheer offence!   His signature Pokémon would be a Druddigon to symbolise this character best.

The Paradise Elite Four
Palm SIBERIA (Character) | aniSearch
Lovable Socially Awkward Professor Palm

The Professor of the Region is a part of this gym journey as well, she is a female professor called Professor Palm. She looks a bit like Palm from Hunter x Hunter as well and her gimmick is that she is massively socially awkward. She represents the geek in all of us, and while she can passionately talk about pokémon… each time she becomes aware she is doing it she freezes up!  She is the polar opposite of professor Sycamore and talks in a very stuttery wayl She is actually a woman of science and has that scientist nervousness! She isn’t a people person and is a bit awkward around children. She will be a fun addition to the Pokémon professor family! She truly is a scientist who dedicated her life to Pokémon. She will utterly be able to talk to the main character and then introduces us to the follower Pokémon mechanic after which she speaks to you trough your Pokémon. “Bulbasaur Tell Pinkie that this Pokédex can register all types of Pokémon” Kawaii!

The Champion

Can you beat the Paradise Champion?

At the end of your journey you would face the champion of Paradise and that would of course be yours truely! Throughout the journey you encounter me a few times. I’d  follow a princess theme!  So I’d be dressed regally like Iris and have mannerisms that hold in between Cynthia and Diantha.  An Amalgamation of the best elements of every female champion. I’d be the ruler of the island as well but this time we will show a person in power is actually not evil! I am sweet!  During the game I will use several teams but always carry my Sylveon with me.  I will  mention that I use several pokémon so all my friends can go out to play. When I support the main character I will carry a team of five pink pokémon, mentioning I have a sixth but people would go crazy if they knew I had it! Early in the game you can find me adopting a lost stuful! 

My champion team would fit a princess theme as well. I would have a Kantonian Rapidash to symbolise my unicorn. A Sirfetch’d would be my knight  and Bewear would be my teddy for tea parties.. speaking of tea parties , I’d have an Appletun and Polteageist to be the sweets and tea of a princess party. My final Pokémon would be my Ace Sylveon! I carry that everywhere I go. I know I said Rapidash isn’t in the Pokédex.. and it is not!  It is mine and mine alone! It will help simulate the bratty part of the princess. In My rematch team I use a hybrid of my pink team and princess team. Chansey with Toxic as a lead, Sylveon as an Ace, Bisharp instead of Sirfetch’d for coverage.the teapot would probably still make the team as well an Ariados would make the team for more toxic stalling options and finally I would have a Mew.. which we would give a new form, cause we gotta make some sales! And that  is how Paradise became a game!

The Champion and her first Pokémon League Team

And that is how I’d imagine Paradise as a Pokémon Region/Game. How would your blog look as a Pokémon Region?! What would your champion team be? Do you think my team fits me?! Let’s talk geeky, though I might be napping! Because remember! Friendship is Magic, but dreams are even more wonderful. Oyasumi!

If you want to help me fund this game.. ..but realise I am joking here and you just want to support me.. consider helping me out by buying me a cofee.. or as I like to call it .. A Royalty.. once again Oyasumi!

Top 5: Starter Pokémon

Dear little subjects, tuesdays mean we get to rank some stuff in the right way. That is right you get another fully factual correct list. That is right, I am princess Pinkie and I am right! Isn’t that right Iamwright, my dear shiny aipom jester? ‘Bi bi’!  See he agrees! Today we will look at the best starter pokémon. In this top five we will not only take battle prowess into account , their designs, evolutions, usability versatility and their appeal are all taken into consideration. While the strongest starters will be a thing on its own.. these are factual best starters… I princess Pinkie declare it.

Starter 5: Oshawott

Oshawott should not really be on this list  because I don’t care that much for the evolutions. Yet it is so freaking cute! It’s the most adorable Pokémon asides from maybe Cyndaquil. I had a blast watching the anime seasons of black and white because of Ash’s Oshawott. It had such a strong personality. While Ash had several strong personalities on his team before , Oshawott really made me smile.  Treecko was great, the original starter trio was classic but Oshawott for me stole every scene it was in. I hoped it would never evolve and lucky for me it never did. Oshawott’s journey was great, it was a pokémon Ash had that did not grow into a ridiculous powerhouse despite being unevolved. It was a klutz and it had to grow into a capable pokemon actually learning it moves. Thus as a viewer we actually bonded with it.

While it’s evolutions are not the greatest I do think he is the most original starter of the Unova region. An otter that uses the scallop on its belly as a blade to attack with. Snivy and Tepig , the other Unova starters have a bit lackluster evolutions as well and are much more just a an arrogant snake and a jolly pig. All of the starters are semi competitively viable though, I encounter them a few times  in Pokémon Showdown , with Serperior being the best of the three. However no matter how powerful Oshawott’s rival is.. it is not that memorable. I bonded with Oshawott during my Unova journeys. So why Oshawott is not the best designed, nor the strongest but of it’s generation it is the most memorable. Since the generation had two games a bond was formed and it made Oshawott something that all the starters on this list have in common. He is unforgettable.

Starter  4: Charmander

Now this pick will make me a bit unpopular amongst the fanboys because in the eyes of the many Charmander is definitely the best starter. Yet the sheeple are wrong. I am right.. and it’s not even the best starter of its generation. Charmander is a great starter that definitely should be on this list , but over the years it’s popularity has diminished how great it is in my eyes. Charizard is REALLY overused. Especially when it comes to the pokémon TCG.  He is the Marilyn Monroe, the Jennifer Lawrence or Tom Hiddleston of its generation. Everyone is into it, which means we get more and more stuff with it featured stuffed down our throat. Each set in the trading card game gets a special charizard. Each line of of toys or gimmicks comes with the first fire starter. It makes loving it very easy and shows it it must be really well designed to earn such love.

Yet the big issue is that that love is a very biassed one. If you did not think Marilyn Monroe was sexy, something was off with you if you don’t like Loki from Avengers as a woman .. you must be a lesbian or insane. We get influenced to love these symbols and Charmander is the same. Do you love it because you really love it or do you love it because WE love it? Charmander gets cool features in new games because so many people love it, which makes it cooler. Emotionally it feels like that creates some distance between me and the pokémon. True love for a pokémon is shown when you have to defend it against those who hate it.  In sickness and in health. Charmander is so loved there is no real ‘in sickness’ So my love for it is there , it could never really deepen. It is competitively viable, well designed, has a cute depiction in the anime, even though the charizard not obeying skit gets old fast, it basically does everything right. It’s a ten out of 10 pokémon that falter I simply can’t love as much as the others because it is so easy to love.

Starter 3: Cyndaquil

The little fire mole from the second generation was my trust companion on most of my Johto journeys. It felt like a bit of an underdog, starting of very frail looking and growing up into the ferocious typhlosion. Of all the starters it feels like it goes through a journey along the trainer. A theme we don’t really ever see return which is a shame. The from zero to hero thing fits pokémon so well.  Once more it forms a bond. While Cyndaquil is mostly well liked it pales in comparison to popularity of pokémon like Greninja and Charizard. It has become a bit forgotten. There hasn’t been any Typhlosion pokémon cards in a good while, there are barely any toys of plushies themed around the mon circling around, it hasn’t really featured in a pokémon game in a long while and in the anime the second generation seems mostly forgotten as well. Which is an incredible shame.. but also a testminoy of this pokémons impact of me.  There is little for me to collect about the pokémon and aside from the main game, it basically has gone extinct. Cyndaquil however has enough charm and personality to linger in our minds..but you and it have to work a bit for that love.

Competitively Typhlosion is solid you can play it in a few different ways running it choice scarfed or choice specced to run either an Eruption or Lava Plume set. You can play around with it though, having a great move pool you can tinker this little starter into a killing machine of your own that truly feels like your own. Cyndaquil has the charm and power to stand its ground.  Doing something what non of the other fire starters really do… look weak and frail. It makes me want to protect it and raise it… and since that is the point of the games those are pretty good qualities for a starter pokémon.

Starter 2: Rowlett

The symbol of OWLS makes it appearance once again, this time on my favorite starters list. Rowlett is the grass and flying type starter of the Alola region, which has quite a strong story behind it. Growing from a pest to a legend but drawing closer to extinction, it has quite a deep message behind it , which I discuss in this earlier post,  what makes it a great starter is EVERYTHING. Again super adorable in the tv series, but also starting out so harmless to REALLY evolve. There is a journey there. Charmander ,while having a great evolution still, just goes from lizard to angrier lizard. Totodile goes from alligator, to bigger alligator. Rowlet evolves from somewhat dandy prey, to a hunter who learned to toss vanity aside. It has a story and journey.  It starts out as just a little ball and the cutscene where you first pick it up and look in its eyes is great. Having access to a unique z-move the Alola starters have something unique going for them. Sinister Arrow Raid is probably my favorite of the three. Sparkling Aria is nice too but Rowlett’s line definitely has the most unique feeling one.

Rowlett also feels more tied to hawaii (or Alola)  than the other two. I know the type of cat is very common there but the whole wrestler or opera singer thing just feel less pokémon to me compared to the hunter. Again its story is conveyed so much stronger. Rowlett has one of the cutest cries those little koo’s it makes makes me want to slap an Everstone on it and keep it that cute little ball forever. Much like how it stays in the Sun and Moon anime, where it is a delightful little orb of chaos and comedy. So charming! The Alola Pokémon  in the anime are all kinda charming but Rowlett is like Oshawott a show stealer. Rowlett however with it’s sleeping is more dependent on Ash making them feel more like a pair. Something you can project on your virtual Rowlett making bonds even stronger. In the series it goes through a series of emotions, it is a lot more stressed can be dumbfounded at it makes silly mistakes. As such it becomes much more relatable. Greninja was brave and lost a few battles.. but he always tried it’s hardest there wasn’t much to blame, so we end up with something that does feel much more like a battle pet. With Rowlett we can relate to both the trainer caring for it as well as the pokémon itself, which allows us to form a whole different kind of battle bond.

Starter 1: Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur has the unfair advantage of being my first starter, but it is also ..sort of the starter Gamefreak wanted you to start the adventure with.. it was basically the “easy mode, the difficulty where you begin’ for generation 1. Does that make it the best? No.. I played all the Kanto starters several times over, each one at least twice in the original game, then all of them once in Fire Red, plus all the times I traveled with some of them in Rom Hacks.  The last category I nearly always pick Bulbasaur though. Competitively viable both in regular as mega form (mostly mega though) it’s sheer bulk and versatility makes it stand out. Having by far the most unique design of the original three you do not just love a lizard, or a turtle with a squirrel tail (which later just disappears). Bulbasaur is a bullfrog with a seed on it’s back that slowly begins to blossom as it evolves. Once more telling a tale, albeit a much simpler one.. it is the flower that goes from seed to fully grown plant. Charmander and Squirtle respectively just grow bigger and more awesome.  I love all of them to but getting Bulbasaur to evolve feels so right. Rewarding in a way, it’s journey feeling more right.
The first two gyms are easy and the third gym can’t really hurt you either.  Then you begin to have a bit of a harder time around the mid way point facing Erica , Koga, Sabrina and Blaine. The last two being able to hit you super effectively and the Koga en Erica shrug off all your attacks. Finally you overcome your limits and are super effective against the final boss again, to show you are ready for the big leagues. A perfect metaphor for your journey as a trainer and a perfect narrative.

The anime has also shown us that it is loyal to a fault,choosing to not evolve because it wants to be who he is. Two values that are very important to me.  The episode that charmander evolves into charmeleon and becomes disobedient is one of my least favorite episodes. The bond between Ash and Charmander was ruined to adhere to a mechanic of the games. Sure he wasn’t charmanders original trainer so it can happen… but that little guy loved Ash.. they destroyed that love.  Bulbasaur chose not to evolve.. maybe even not to disobey Ash or at least to stay true to itself. Ash ended up saying goodbye to Squirtle .. saying goodbye to Charizard and yet Bulbasaur lingered, while not in his party he became a sort of leader of Ash’s left behind pokémon.. still loyal still itself. The greatest starter of them all.

Question to my readers

Who is your favorite starter?

Now that we factually have established the best starters it is time to lay down and get Iamwright to wave a palm leaf to me and feed me grapes Well or at least I am going to imagine doing that while thinking up a new top five for you next week. If you wanna help and make a suggestion feel free to do so in the comments. Untill I am right again my little loyal subjects.

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Review: Pokémon 2000 The Power of One

LIttle subjects, today we are reviewing the second pokémon feature movie.  Pokémon 2000: The Power of One. Coming out in 1999 the name is a bit cringybut hey it was a trend back then. Like Mewtwo Strikes Back this one came with a short movie in the form of Pikachu’s rescue adventure. But like all the other shorts I will review those separately Pokémon 2000 is one of the fan favorite movies . Which proves again you REALLY need me to form the right opinion. So here goes. Like last week we will discuss the plot, and while I try to keep it vague where possible many points I will make in this review directly involve the plot.

How Does It Look and Sound?

Luckily last week my servants decided this format for me to go with and speaking about the looks and sounds I can start with something positive at least. That is right this going to be a somewhat negative review later on but let’s not worry about why I am right that this movie isn’t good right now shall we? Let’s start by going over why I am  right that it looks fine.
While the artstyle hasn’t really improved and character details from far away are about as good as the first few episodes of Dragon Ball Super.. if you ever saw those weird thing people call memes,  there is a lot to love about the visual presentation of this movie. It was the time we added in computer effects to everything and for Pokémon it works out fairly well.
This movie’s legendary is Lugia , which lives in the darkest depths of the sea. Which looks quite amazing. Our villain is a man only known as ‘the collector’ we never get a name, he has a flying air base that also looks 90’s impressive. Aesthetically his base does not really seem to fit in the pokémon world though , especially when we compare it to mechanical constructs we saw before, from Jessie and James and others. This for some reason felt more like something like “Final Fantasy” to me but still a neat effect. 

What I absolutely love about this movie is the soundtrack. Where “Brother my “Brother” felt well thought out but very out of place in the first movie, music was an integral part of the story and such we do not got the “Disney” do-over but a much more anime like “mystery melody holding unknown power” effect.  This means there are no vocals except for the opening and end credits, which is how it should be in a pokémon movie. All the music felt like it was fitting for the world and the mysterious tune came back on multiple occasions making it feel meaningful. The song was always a part of the scene not something added onto it. Which potentially has something to do with the fact they could use all the music from the japanese version. However the end credits was “lugia’s theme”  with english Lyrics so even that was in line with the movie this time around. 

The movie features a lot more action and that means I have something else to evaluate and that is the sound effects in this movies as well as the effects.  Action is much more on the foreground this time and I think for the most part it is done very well. Lighting felt a bit thin compared to the series and it made Pikachu and Zapdos look relatively weak.  Normally Pikachu’s lighting bolts can fill your screen, this time it’s a thin yellow line which despite being a more accurate depiction does feel a tad lame. I rather see something go over the top than look to weak.  Mostly the ice felt powerful and the weather effects were quite nice. I was excited about the many storms in this movie. There are a few odd sound effect choices, though nothing quite as odd as the rips from Star Wars and Star Trek of last time. There are two effects though I could swear were from Looney Tunes or something. Those made me smile though so all in all quite a good job.

How does it Feel

Oh dear, this isn’t going to be pretty. Let’s begin with the positives again before I turn my sweet little subjects into a rowdy mob! The action scenes of this movie are fun and in beginning super creative. Unfortunately they repeat their most creative scene with a nearly identical scene and diminish from that a bit but at one point movie-exclusive character Melody has to navigate her boat towards Ash on fire island. The trouble is there is a storm out there.. and Ash is on the middle of the island. What we get is a scene where the girl uses the sails of the boat as well as it’s natural traction in some pieces to let it fly across the island.. with a wrong move potentially sending them off the side of a mountain. Great! The pokémon battles.. great… I think…I mean they are great to the eye but Pikachu holding his own against a lighting bolt from Zapdos feels wrong.

Unfortunately that bridges me to what I actually feel about the movie. It would have been an excellent film.. if everything did not feel so wrong. The story is about this collector who wishes to capture Lugia and according to an ancient prophecy he has to bring together, Zapdos Articuno and Moltres first and then Lugia will show. Now so far that kind of sounds cool, the legendary birds deserve their moment in the spotlight and Lugia being tied to storms  and water it kind of makes sense. Yet the movie makes a cardinal sin in my opinion, it claims that the three birds live on their island and that capturing them destroys balance in nature letting it spiral towards destruction if they do not go back. Now while this adds a tension arc that this movie needs to motivate the characters it clashes hard with official lore of the three birds. If Red captured them and it would destroy the earth that would suck, also Ash has seen some of these before and will see them more after. Do not make a pokémon uncapturable.. that feels wrong to the very concept of the series!

 This isn’t where the problems end though, the collector doesn’t use pokéball technology to capture the birds.. he uses geometric shapes with some electricity between them. It looks more exciting and static fields could work.. but  why capture one in a circle, one in a square and another in a triangle? What are you trying to do here? GIve a bad rep to the playstation controller as it harms pokémon? It just made no sense. The Collectors Airship feels like it doesn’t belong in the world and neither does his technology, he does explain he is not a trainer so it makes sense he doesnt use pokébalss to an extend but come on.. just uses the statis circle than. The collector has a prophecy which basically states, when the titans of fire lightning and ice clash, lugia will appear, the world will soon turn to ash as it faces destruction. (It’s a bit longer than that bit its the gist of it) So we have a Collector that wants to complete his collection.. but he does know it will destroy the world… which means he is collecting it for nothing.. or he doesn’t believe the final part of the prophecy but sacredly believes in the first part. He just doesn’t make sense.  In nothing. Everything he adds to the pokémon world feels odd and off. 

Than there are the weird choices being made that aren’t exactly plot mistakes but just feel totally out there. Pikachu can only talk to zapdos by shooting lightning at him.. and Zapdos responds in kind.Yet Meowth can still interpret it like it is pokémon speech?! So why is this a thing? Somehow Pikachu and all Pokémon in the entire world know of the legendary bird mythos. Pikachu knows he is on fire island and Moltres should rule there not Zapdos. They claim in the movie this is because pokémon are in tune with nature and will always try to save it. Yet Zapdos Moltres and Articuno… 3 LEGENDARY POKÉMON , will battle each other and destroy nature to rule over all the islands.. aren’t they pokémon too? So should they not be in tune with nature as well? It all feels so nonsensical.

How is the Plot.

I sit here while I pinch the bridge of my nose while I think about the plot. The nonsensical world building is quite possibly not even the worst part of this.  Let’s take a look back at the collectors goal. His goal is to collect every rare pokémon and he has his eyes set on Lugia. Now catching a legendary is quite a goal..but he isn’t a trainer he just wants to collect everything, which is fine  and something new… but what is his motivation? He got a Mew Promo trading card game card.. and his desire to collect has gotten out of hand?! Yet the man has NO pokémon… zero. We never shown any captured pokémon besides the birds, nor trophies to show he has pokémon, nothing.. we don’t even see his card collection. So somehow.. he went from.. I have a Mew Promo Card to I must risk world destruction by capturing Lugia. His motivation get even worse when Ash … whom the collector allowed to roam free aboard his airship after he got dragged up their on accident,  frees the birds and he doesnt care at all. He just wants to collect Lugia. So quite literally the man makes a jump from Mew CARD to LUGIA! That’s a big leap there dude! For some reason no one notices the airbase ever either, the thing is a sky fortress without cloaking.. that shoots cannons to freeze or set ablaze their divine islands. Though I am willing to accept that last part.. because it’s a kids movie it doesn’t really look like they tried hard with the collector. At least the last one had a more or less rounded out plot.

Ash is on the boat of a woman named Maren, who loses control of the helm after a storm starts after the capture of the first legendary pokemon.  This makes them go off course and end up the central islands of the archipelago. Which just happens to host a MAJOR Pokémon related holiday specific to the Orange Region. Why get them there by force? There is no way Ash would have wanted to miss an occasion such as that one. They would go there anyway. So why add a pointless storm scene , there will be plenty of those later anyway. It would have saved time for other scenes but okay. The people of this island playfully name Ash chosen one to play a ceremonial role in their holiday, alongside a girl named Melody, who angers Misty when she flirts with Ash.  For one reason or another Pikachu begins action odd just after the storm as well.. but Ash doesn’t notice which is very unlike Ash. When Ash later that evening finds out his role is to travel to fire , ice and electrical island to claim three orbs for a fun little ceremony the next day he takes it extremely serious for no reason at all and departs right away in the middle of a new storm. After short boat in the storm scene he crashes on fire island. Misty Melody and Tracey, later go in pursuit because they worry about him after all. Tracey by the way has no role in this movie. He is there but I think he has less than five lines of dialogue aside from screaming. After another , moving a ship through the storm sequence.. with a great twist they find Ash and get captured by the Collector on accident.

They start of in a cage, even if they were captured by triangles but the collector lets them go and tells them his plan is to capture Lugia, after which our heroes disagree. He then is like.. well gonna do it anyway , zooming to a higher deck of his fortress while leaving everyone there with their pokemon. So for some reason the squares that captured them, separated them from Melodies boat, they unlike the bird got put in a cage, in an air base that has no staff whatsoever and after he knows they are opposed to him the collector just ignores them? Which allows them to free the birds. Is it arrogance? Is it that it didn’t matter that much?. The guy is being put out there as a chess player and a brilliant strategist.. this seemed pretty dumb though.  He truly only cares about capturing Lugia.. even after his airbase is shot and fully crashed. He still only wants to capture Lugia. Even though the villain now has NO way to even off the islands it lives near ANYWAY..That’s not collecting! Also how does your airbase still have power to use those smart traps after your computer went down? That is how those trap shapes worked right?

Next we get the dumbest scene.. Lugia shows up and talks to Ash , that he has to find the third elemental orb (he collected the second one because they crashed on lighting island when the air fortress went down) He has to hurry and Lugia wil come with him Ash now has to traverse a frozen see.. he does so by kitesurfing with charizard.. so we get another “ship in the storm’ action scene.. instead now the waves are replaced with attacks of the legendary birds. Pikachu and Charizard both manage to tie in attack with the legendary birds zapdos and moltres after which articuno creates an ice wall to block them off from that which can save nature.. something pokémon ALL try to help to achieve.Luckily Team rocket stole the back of a helicopter from where Delia Ketchum and Professor Oak crashed.. cause they had to go there too!?!  They take Ash along with the hovercraft.. to be heroes for once as they all (via a boat in the rough caves scene) succeed in finding the last stone. Once outside Lugia who tagged along all the way NOW tells Ash.. get on my back it’s faster! So we needed Delia and Samuel shoehorned into this location. We see the same scene TWICE but different vehicles and people and then we see a pikachu rivalling zapdos in power.. for no reason at all except that they want those scenes to be there.  Ash could have flown on Charizard.. he could have flown on Lugia.. but nah.. he kitesurfs on a piece of broken boat. Pointless, stupid and repetitive. While the action is fun for action sake from a narrative perspective this scene makes no sense at all.

The collector manages to use triangles to catch Lugia.. sort of.. but sort of not as it Aeroblasts his base into  even smaller pieces and now the technology falls apart. However there triangles apparently damaged it more than 3 attacks of legendary birds simultaneously or because he shot two Aeroblasts  he is so tired he faints. Ash falls along with him and presumably drowns but not really. He still is not breathing though so he is dead because Misty is forced to save him giving a heart massage.. but no mouth to mouth as he opens his eyes and stumbles forward to the temple to finish the fight.  The three orbs get unitted like they do each year but because people mistook the word Ash for ash in the prophecy nothing ever happened until now. The orbs turn into green water which alongside the melody melody plays heals the world. Ash being a chosen one is kind of nice I guess. Super lazy but nice and the plot twist that ash is Ash is kind of obvious from the get go. It makes the prophecy more stupid though.

Of course to add insult to injury they forget all about the collector. He seeing nature in all his beauty is seemingly getting a change of heart this change of heart is once more reinforced when he finds his Mew card, with this in his hand he claims he can start collecting all over again…. which was kind of the problem in the first place… but he is left too his own devices.
The movie ends with a second fourth wall breaking moment from Jessie and James which is actually quite cute but it can not save this disaster of a movie. 

What is the verdict.

While the movie is somewhat entertaining to watch, this one feels very dubious to me. The humor is cute, with some clever or just well timed jokes. There are a few puns that cause a chuckle and a few references that made me giggle. They even make a Mcdonalds reference in there. The action is good and the pacing of this movie is quite okay. However the plot is ridiculous, clashes hard with some of the classic lore, character motivations make zero sense at all. Melody begins as a rebel but has a 180 degrees turn within the first four minutes of meeting her , never having any growth while acting like she did in the end.  The collector is the most ill conceived, narrative piece of trubbish I saw in a long long while. Mew card. → Lugia.. that is his entire motivation and entire mind set, no emotion and in the end not even a resolve. Ash shows he has difficulty having the faith of the world rest upon his shoulders but this doesn’t lead anywhere either.  He just does it without much complaints. Team Rocket and Misty are the only characters that follow a natural arc. Misty is forced to deal with her feelings with Ash and while it doesn’t go more than skin deep she grows in realising what Ash means to her.. and Team Rocket honestly are the most sensible people around in this movie. When your comic relief characters are the best written thing you have in your movie .. there is something wrong. While fairly spectacular to see ..its sheer stupidity means it doesn’t have anything to tell at all. This one is just blowing smoke.

Question to my readers:

What movie did entertain you but annoy you as well?

Sweet little subjects, do not be disheartened by my lack of love for this movie.  It entertained me but it annoyed me as well hence my question above. The popcorn side of me saw this as an improvement to the somewhat dull Mewtwo movie, but where I can fit that one inside the world of Pokémon.. this one creates a world of its own that is to far of the path and logic from Pokémon as I know it. Even if it is a children’s movie the plot can still have some semblance of sense and they dropped the pokéball in that department.
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Pokémon Cosplay: Four Styles

Greetings little subjects , I have been called into action once more to talk to you about clothes. As a Princess I am sure to have the best opinion and taste on these matters. Today we will talk about the mundane entertainment known as cosplay. Something even I enjoy on occasion. While I could talk ages about MY cosplays as well, we will limited ourselves to strictly Pokémon Cosplay. All images  used are random examples avaialbe in public spaces. Feel free to look up who these people are to pay them tribute…after paying tribute to me. I only used generic terms to search for these images. I will never use a cosplay photograph to make fun of it.

Dressing up as a Pokémon

Pokémon Cosplay can happen in about four different ways. You either dress up as a pokémon, dress up as a trainer, dress up as a Gijinka, which is a human rendition of a pokémon and than there is those people who think outside of the box and put al smile on everyone’s faces with a completely original concept. I will tackle these one by one.

The most common cosplay you will see is people dressing up like a Pokémon, frankly spoken this category we can divide into a high effort and low effort group with the latter being ever so present at conventions. Now do not mistake my words little subjects, low effort cosplay is still loads better than no cosplay at all, your expectations should however be different. The low effort group is the one that wears pokémon onesies or kigurumis and sometimes paint their face. This is by far the most found type of pokémon cosplay at conventions. Because they are so common however, it is very unlikely people will want to take a picture with you if you dress in that way.  A lot of new cosplayers kind of feel like people will jump on any type of cosplayer to ask them for a photo, but this isn’t the case. Not even if you made your kigurumi yourself. People oftenly can not tell. Girls are a bit luckier in that matter but still it’s not a guarantee to success. If you want to be Pokémon Snapped, do not go basic, a rule which applies to basically every common cosplay, even high effort Harley Quinn’s oftenly go unsnapped because there are just so much of the. Onesies are quite partical though, you can put clothes with lots of storage space underneath or even store a small bag there, they are super easy to pack and great for example a final day where you will stop at a restaurant on the way back, just slip out of the onesie and reveal your outfit underneath, apply plenty of deodorant and if possible a quick wash and boom! Back to glam!
The perfect cosplay if you want to look like you belong on a con, without spending the money or effort on it. 

Much like it’s more impressive high effort counterpart however, the Kigurumi has one big flaw. They are incredibly hot to wear. Especially if you wear clothes underneath (and usually with the quality of them .. you better do that) it feels like you are wearing a portable sauna.
While you can still walk through a Dealer Room, going to play DDR in it, in the middle of summer or going outside to hang with your friends, is not a healthy idea. So if you dress up as a Pokémon, make sure to stay hydrated. Lot’s of venues have poor air conditioning at least in certain parts of the Con. Full on body/mascotte  suits usually limit you to these rooms. Lobbies, outside areas and the big open spaces are usually a lot harder to cool, but if you wear a mascotte suit you’ll get plenty of attention. If you want to receive some love and get hugs.. this is your way to go. One thing to note is that you are completely and utterly unable to pull this one off by yourself.  You will need a buddy along if you want to walk across the convention or sometimes he even has to shout to you what others are saying, fake fur blocks a lot of sound and you are quite blind while walking, so this is a two person cosplay most of the time. If not it’s a very lonely one. 

Dressing up as a trainer

Common enough on the convention floor, this one draws little attention as well, at least for those who cosplay Ash, Misty , Jessie or James and even Red will not get you buckets of love. Fans will respond though and go Hey Ash, or Hey Misty so i’d say it’s slightly more interactive than a Onesie. Trainers and Pokémon alike will band together though for fun photo moments.

If you really want some love but still keep your outfit reasonably affordable with no crafting effort (or easy crafting) cosplay famous trainers like Giovanni, Sabrina or honestly even a good Brock might work.. we barely see he barely sees us. While Dragon Trainer Lance, may look super impressive and Blaine is a possible closet cosplay these read a lot harder. Misty and Ash you can pull of without a wig,Lance even with a wig kinda looks like he is a noble from Code Geass and Koga is a ninja… there will be plenty of ninja’s at the convention so it’s hard to tell. To make these clear you will have to use props like plushies, who can get a bit expensive on their own and are very easy to lose.

LT Surge is an easy cosplay.. but you’ll need a Raichu to be fully recognised. Maybe a set of pokéballs will do but most people see you when passing by, they might miss details such as Pokéballs. The clearer your costume is the best reactions you get… unless it’s not very inspirational like Ash or Misty of course. For the last ones go creative… dye your Ash costume grey and play Dead ash from the mewtwo movie or play Misty as a guy and let the girl play Ash. You won’t really get any fans when cosplaying as a trainer but these suits are practical , oftenly fit for most seasons (Misty is not very good for winter) and a fun way to meet other pokéfans. There is room for some appreciation as long as you make sure you have the right props to tell who you are. A lot of trainers look generic so you need context.. whether it be a ! sign or a slew of plushies! Do something to stand out or just have fun in your cosplay on your own! That’s great as well.


Humanising Pokémon is one of my favorite artforms, I build a D&D campaign based on Gijinkas once and it was great. It is also a very popular cosplay form of the franchise that is mostly seen on stage. These are the cosplayers that want to hone their craft, compete and look good. Of course there are also more casual versions but those still want to be complimented on their costume let’s be honest. While this usually gives you a LOT of love as a cosplayer, especially from the fans of the franchise there are a few risks here with these cosplays. As I am a total klutz myself , everytime I pick up a needle and threat a professor in my head tells my now is not the time and place to use this. So crafting cosplays is out for me.. I tried once.. ended up bleeding all over it, than I glued my pants to the table.. I cried all over it.. ruined a set of towels by accidently dyeing them and I gave up. Gijinka cosplay however is not easily bought.  Usually commissions or resales there is some risk in purchasing these. As much as I want to Cosplay a Sylveon Gijinka , I can not afford a proper commission even if I am a princess, my treasury is only filled with make-belief-money! Which does not pay for real life commissions, in my dream though I look adorable. Commissions easily run you in the several hundreds and the resales oftenly have very specific fitting. If you buy , try to pick something that is a size to big for you, worst case scenario .. it will look a bit to big on or you have to pay to have it slightly adjusted near you. With a bit of a brain .. like wearing a thicker under-shirt you can at least be sure you have not wasted money on something that doesn’t fit. Try to Gijinka only if you really have the money for it though.. or of course the ability to craft.

A second risk with the Gijinkas is the recognisability. Gen I is safe..everyone will recognise a human jigglypuff or Venusaur. Human Lucario or Human Darkrai though….tricky. While I personally really dig Darkrai it is a somewhat overlooked legendary. Gijinka Cresselia even more so. Pokémon is a massively loved franchise but a lot of that love is nostalgia. Take this into consideration when  you craft. Do you want to make an awesome costume, or do you want people to go like.. oh hey that is Ludicolo from the Pokémon series. If you want people to ‘get ‘ your Gijinka your options are limited or you have to make it very clear. While a Lumineon in human form sounds like it could be an awesome most pokéfans don’t even know the pokémon let alone recognising it when it transformed into a beautiful human being. Masquerain can look super royal but maybe 1% of con-goers will read it as that. 

So before you craft determine what you want to do. Do you want to impress people by your awesome crafting skills, or do you want to impress people by interpreting something they know and love and show how you turned it into something else.  Gijinka photos purchasable for fans have a bit more liberty of course as they can select them and get them in context.. but at a Con.. there is no context. At least go big when you try to craft something like this, make it something really special and unique , that way people will love you regardless. Unfortunately when it comes to this type of cosplay there is a bit of the rule , go big or go home. The subtle ones can get overlooked quite easily and while .. if you craft, you probably have a group to hang out with anyway that will validate you like always .. the less is more people tend to get lost in the sea of spectacular that is a con.


The best way to success however is to be completely original, think of something that hits the brief but is also one of a kind. These are the things you need to craft but it can be cheap yet still fun.  Five dollar cosplay Jinx, Brock with a frying pan or just wear a cardboard actual Pokeball and you are already being eyed by many. Dressing up like a pokémon card or dressing up IN pokémon cards are among your options here as well.  Of course this one is quite difficult to go into details about because originality comes from within you or a very rare idea. The more I push ideas the less original they become. It can be as cheap or expensive as you want. In fact.. the pitfall of this one I’d say is that you don’t need to sink more and more money into it for it to show the appreciation it gets. Usually these ideas are too out there to go on the stage so these are usually lobby cosplayers as I call them. They hang out receive a lot of love and vanish from your life  when they head out that front door. Some are original again the next year others you don’t really notice anymore. Yet they leave the most powerful memory on those whose life they touch. You will always remember that girl who was dressed as a pokeball that can unfold into a gardevoir ish dress. You will always remember the bloke that dressed like a Pikachu card or the guy who made a playable version of pokémon blue on his costume. with a controller and screen on his back. These are one in a life encounters and that is how they should stay. The guy can not really play a pokémon at the same convention again and the pokémon game people have played isn’t that impressive the second year around. Original cosplays have a very limited life span (at least in a small country like mine) yet in our minds that single weekend cosplay will live on forever…or at least until something does something even more awesome and unique.

Now while I have spoken about the “rules” of cosplay a lot but this is only based on mindset , too often i see a subject who gets disappointed because they had different expectations of how cosplay is viewed at a con. It is easy to get lost between the passion to cosplay and the goal you actually want to reach with it. There is nothing wrong with any of these cosplays as long as YOU want to wear them, but sometimes in our excitement we set ourselves up for disappointment .. or fainting from the heat. So you do you, but do ask yourself why you do you and cosplay accordingly!

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Top 5: Favorite Pink Pokémon

Dear little subjects, the Professor Pinkie and Pinkie Prime have been a bit heavy in terms of subjects the past two days. Detective Pinkie’s brain teaser hurted my brain as well. So in all my goodness I decided to present you with a top 5 that is nice and easy to follow. Something cheerful and happy, something quite important to all of us Pinkies. These are the best five pink, non shiny pokemon. The only rule here is, only one entry per evolution line. 

Pink Pokemon Number 5: Lurantis

Alola introduced us with quite a few new pink Pokémon and this one is the second best, though there was another contender. Tapu Lele just fell short of this list because the egg she moves in reminds me of Frieza to much… it’s a weird reason to mark a pokémon down upon but hey withLurantis I can’t really fault it’s design at all. Lurantis is a grass type pokémon that is actually fully a plant that likes to disguise itself as a bug, for reasons that are beyond me. given that in the pokémon world they got near identica type disadvantges. It’s partially pink in body with a  white lower half off it’s head. It’s “clothes” come in a warm pink. I love this design trough and trough. It has a geisha-like quality and the long sleeves that are also blades is something that resonates well with me. For some reason I am really into girls who hide their hands up their sleeves in a shy like way for some reason that is a bit ‘turn on’ to me. When I say turn on I mean it in a way like… oh I like that girl kinda way not in the thirsty.. i believe the term is.. kinda way? Like I’d wanna hug her and cuddle with long sleeved girls, my thoughts don’t go out exchanging bodily fluids or something. Yes I am weird but when I see a shy demeanour girl something makes me wanna take care of them..again.. not in the lets share a gummy cylinder shaped thing kinda way.  So Lurantis and it’s prevolution Fomantis are something I immediately want to take care off.

It’s among my favorite typings and it’s a physical fighter/sweeper which usually is a bit lacking in my team. Asides from slurpuff I cant really think of another pink physical pokémon…well there is Bruxish but she is so much better as a shiny. Lurantis despite her beauty comes across humble, kind and graceful and has this japanese quality I like really well. In combat I do like her a bit less because I keep forgetting how slow she is. She looks like something that could be pretty fast but her speed stat is really low. I keep losing her to being outsped because I can not wrap my head around it that she isn’t as perfect as I think she is. Still I love her to bits and with her own signature move Solar Blade she’s something I will always welcome in my team.

Pink Pokemon Number 4: Bewear

This one I do not particularly like to use in combat, nor is it’s design THAT great. This one I completely like because of it’s concept.. but  oh do I like this concept. Bewear is a teddy bear pokémon that is the evolution of the ultra cute Stufful who would be on my top five best pokémon cries list. Sooo cute… Squeeeeee……  Sorry I lost track of reality there for a moment.

We were talking about bewear which is one of the most dangerous species of pokémon in the Alola region. Wait , you ask, that pink fluffy teddy bear is the most dangerous pokémon in the region? Aren’t there like Eldritch beings, fire dragons, guardian gods and sharks in the region? Yes there are.. yet Bewear has claimed more victims than any other of them… that’s right it’s time for another MESSED UP POKËDEX ENTRY! Being based on a stuffed animal there is nothing a Bewear likes to do more than to hug. Alongside its Fluffy ability you think this one might be harmless, but unfortunately for all those who want to hug a Bewear (me included) .. such an encounter will be completely fatal. If you get hugged by a Bewear you’ll die a quite miserable death. A Bewear loves you a LOT but it also doesn’t know it’s own strength so when it gives you a tight hug.. the best hug… it ends up crushing the one it hugs to death.

A teddy bear crushing people to death with hugs sounds more like an SCP item than like a pokémon. We are not dealing with exaggerated pokédex entries like .. ‘torkoal shell is as hot as the sun’  stuff either. If you play sun and moon there are warning signs all across the region that tell you not to get of the path because Bewear can come and kill you! They even made a symbol for that danger! Apparently it happens to a lot of people in the region. I love this concept so much for a bear pokémon. Ursaring was kinda dull and Beartic was boring as well, it’s great we finally got an interesting one. A killer “Barney” like pokemon that is an accidental murderer. It’s design is super unique to the fighting type and the moves it learns signify it’s raw strength which make it a fun pokémon to use. The anime.. of course mellowed this down a bit but played the pokémon right as well setting it up with team rocket for some great comedy. The name is once more a great find making it not only a very unique fighting type but also a very unique pink pokémon that isn’t overly cutesy throughout. I love this pokémon so much I could just hug it to death.

Pink Pokemon Number 3: Mew

Of course Mew has to be on the list even though I have considered Jigglypuff for a spot, that one does not appear because I did not want to make a top five containing to much generation I pokémon.  Jigglypuff got booted off this list for being kind of annoying at times. Though I do love that one to bits it never really does anything besides singing and drawing on faces in the anime and in the game it is even less significant. Mew however is a great pokémon. Learning every pokémon move in the games, being adorable in the mewtwo movie and being the creator of all non-legendary pokémon life are pretty amazing achievements. It has a higher base stat total than every other pokémon on this list and everyone who played the original red and blue has probably done some of the weird ‘trick  to summon a mew. Be it trading a level 125 pokémon with strength and cut so you can move to the truck, or following those weird step patterns around cerulean cave. Mew was my first mystery and though I never got a mew in the original generation.. just spending time with that mystery was great. When it was revealed in the movie to be pink childish and playful with an adorable cry in the movie I was sold on the thing.

My sister could have Mewtwo .. Mew was my jam. Horrible to obtain in Pokémon Go and locked behind a paywall in Pokémon Let’s Go the little psychic catlike creature has not been given enough love lately.
In Alola it has gotten it’s very own Z-move which does show me that the love for it is still out there as it should. This Pokémon can fulfill any role in your party and do it pretty well. Almost like a blank canvas you can draw upon what you like, it’s about as close as  ‘create your own pokémon ‘ as we’ll ever get. Since it’s pink and it can be everything it wants means there is always room for it on my team so we can play together.

Pink Pokemon Number 2: Chansey

This Pokémon has gotten me so many battle victories over my friends. Eviolite Chansey is such a beast. It will never die to any special attack except for maybe focus blast, if you give it the move Counter it can kill basically everything as long as it’s not hit super-effectively or by a set up pokémon and it only has one type weakness. I have my friends build teams just to counter my Chansey set.. talking about if like it’s some kind of boss monster. Because they are forced to bring fighting moves I can bring some ghost , psychic and fairy types along to alongside chansey easily sweep. By giving it the move Wish Chansey can heal not only itself but also its allies with one turn delay, Chansey is a toxic staller.. it poisons pokemon and heals and guards itself until they are dead. Alongside Umbreon , Chansey is the only bulky pokemon I like to play with.  It’s better than its evolution with the eviolite item and its somewhat competitively viable. Which is essence means it’s stronger than anything else on this list, even though number 4 and 5 could beat it one on one. However my liking for chansey goes further than it just being good in battle. It’s an icon as well, it featured in more episodes of the anime than anime pink pokémon.. and possibly in more episodes than any pokémon that is not pikachu. Being the first healer, Chansey always was something quite special and the way it is animated and emotes with it’s plumb egg like body is just something I find incredibly endearing.

Being smarter than most pokémon it has been shown being capable of reading human language, of actually studying human like procedure and even of having the most human like behaviour. When we go to the zoo, almost everyone likes monkeys because in a way they are quite human like and even if there are pokémon that physically resemble humans more.. the way  the egg pokémon interacts with their world reminds me of that same sentiment. I can watch to Chansey gifs for hours on end and still be entertained. 

Pink Pokemon Number 1: Sylveon

My favorite pokemon of all time of course had to be the number one. Sylveon is the poster child for my favorite typing, whose emblem is once again in my favorite colour.  With the most unique evolution mechanic that almost seems anime like and one of the most justified evolutions. It’s pretty , it has a pretty cry, is relevant in the anime and is diverse enough and can be run in the semi competitive scene. Sylveon is love, Sylveon is life. I can keep swooning  about so many aspects of it. It is a easily misunderstood pokémon as well. People always tease that it’s ribbons are made of flesh, but this is a lie. Never is it stated those ribbons are flesh. They ARE part of its body but not all pokémon are made of flesh or fully out of flesh. Steelix is for example rock that is coated with a metal alloy and Kartana is basically reinforced paper so I don’t think it would be that weird if the had a pokémon that was part cloth either. We had weird amalgamations before. So the ribbons are just ribbons! While I talked about the ability Pixilate in my post about Sylveon itself it also has the ability cute charm, which lets those who attack it, of opposite gender,  fall in love with it, rendering them potentially unable to attack.

While in the game this ability is not that good because it’s a three checkpoint RNG thing.. (you need to be physically attacked by a pokémon of another gender to have a CHANCE the effect may work… after which there is a chance it might stun) it does mean that Sylveon is pretty darn charming. Much like Mew on this list it can be both offensive as well as defensive and is a super versatile pokémon. Yet Sylveon has something of it’s own where Mew can literally be anything Sylveon favours certain movesets. Movesets that are really its own. So while you can run a defence mew you’d build it because it’s something that is lacking in your team or you can run mew with the same offensive moveset as Sylveon even. However in case of Mew you’ll do it as a placeholder as such.. you give it a set you happen to lack, while with Sylveon you build it more intentionally. You’ll use Lurantis because it’s super pretty, you’ll use Bewear because it has some great lore and is funny, you’ll use Mew because it’s versatile and Chansey because it is bukly as heck. Sylveon however you choose because it’s sylveon.. which makes its a pretty good contestant for the number 1 spot. 

Question to my Readers:

What is your favorite pink Pokémon?

Now that we finished a cute little list of pink Pokémon I hope you have recovered from the more heavy subjects of the last two days. I am sure when Chibi Pinkie will tell you about some of the ‘weird’  pokémon toys i gave her to play with you’ll be pretty amused as well.. you vagrants. Leave a like , do not forget to subscribe to this blog and pay tribute to your princess.

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Top 5: Most Expensive Pokémon Cards (On sale in 2019)

Good day loyal subjects!
Yugi Muto might be the king of games but I am the princess of Pokemon TCG..somehow that is better believe me. Noble as I am I do not participate in tournaments to give others a chance at the title as champion is a step down from princess anyway. Pokémon TCG is big business, in the Netherlands Yu-gi-oh packs are becoming increasingly rare while Pokémon is standing strong with new expansions just behind the horizon. When a trading card game is healthy, it does mean people actually like to trade cards giving value to these little sheets of paper. The five cards we will talk about today.. fetch quite a high price.

The Rules

Now there are many ways to do this top 5. I could rank based on rarity here and put up a list of cards that are most likely valuable and that are among the most desirable. Yet anyone who has ever seen a pawn show knows that with exceedingly rare items.. prices are all very relative. For example Yu-Gi-Oh has a card named TYLER THE GREAT WARRIOR a one of a kind item that was given to a young cancer patient way back in the day. There have been offers made that allegedly have 7 digits yet the card is not for sale. Maybe Tyler drew on the card when he was a kid, maybe he even lost it? Perhaps it’s still gem mint in a sealed case. Stuff like this would put the value of the card between 0 and 10 million or so and that’s a bit too wide of a range for me to operate on. After all I am a princess I am right! That’s my whole thing! So for this list we will only deal in hard cash. Cards that are out there WITH a price tag. Of course I could just put a common pikachu card out there for 12 million and take the top spot myself but I doubt they’d sell, maybe if I get more followers and become a pokémon icon, so if you haven’t yet.. please subscribe! For this post we will use cards that have been put on sale and either sold or are likely enough to be sold for a ‘fair’ price. Yet due to the nature of how this list is made.. someone might offer them a bit cheaper. 

(A Million Dollar Card..looks oddly familiar)

Number 5: Tamamushi University Magikarp Trophy Prize  (PSA 9)

Cards can be graded on their quality, the most common standard is the PSA. It stands for Professional Sports Authenticator and like the name suggest they are best known for authenticating and valuing sports cards. Yet they also grade nearly any trading card game, even those who can not be played in a sports like setting like amiibo cards and the likes. They grade a card from 1 to 10, 10 being gem mint fetching the highest prices.  In 2017 a PSA 10 version of this card sold at auction for about $2150, yet this PSA 9 is on sale for quite a bit more. The lesser quality PSA 9 is on sale for $48.978. That seems rather unrealistic right? Well the price of this magikarp has recently skyrocketed beyond belief. In 2018 the same PSA 10 card sold again but this time for $10.000 dollars. This year PSA 7’s of the card are selling already for $8000 and are selling out. There is a big gap in what people are willing to pay for a PSA 9 and a PSA 7. In general a PSA 7 in terms of more affordable cards sells for about as much maybe even a tad less than an ungraded one.  A PSA 10 can turn a 200 dollar card into a 1000 dollar one and the right PSA 9 can do the same. This particular card was handed out to a small group of Japanese school children who were selected to participate in a contest in Osaka. Only the winners of this contest (divided on several age groups themed around gym leaders) where awarded with this magikarp that knows the move dragon breath. The asking price for this card is bordering a bit on the iffy side of the spectrum..but hey magikarp has always been overpriced.

(I can’t help but feel that the price for this one is a bit fishy)

Number 4: Albino Zapdos

When there is a printing error on our card, the border is not neatly aligned or if it’s been cut sloppily cards loses value as quick as a Honey Boo Boo can make people lose faith in humanity. However if there is a misprint .. people totally go ham over these cards. One of the most famous mistakes are the so called Albino Pokémon. A type of misprint where one colour would not be printed. Quite oftenly just a detail this Zapdos had the ‘misfortune’ of being on a card where yellow ink did not find its way to the 6.4 by 8.9 cm piece of paper. When it became sealed in a pack the card that was only worth a few dollars otherwise suddenly became a $49.999,99 dollar card. It’s been marketed for that price for a long while and it’s commonly accepted that the card is worth that amount. Unfortunately recently the lucky german who pulled this card was forced to settle for a lot less. Ending up costing the new owner only $14.999,99 this would knock Albino Zapdos down a few spots.  Yet the $50.0000 zapdos was quite commonly accepted as the actual price and worth of the card.You can be the judge on that one.. but to keep it fair for the cards that have not received offers yet we shall list it under it’s commonly known asking price. It’s actually worth? That’s a bit of a grey area.

(I bet having to sell it for a third of the price was a bit shocking to the german)

Number 3: Shadowless 1st Edition Base Set Charizard Holo 1999 (PSA 10)

This is the most famous expensive pokémon card and most likely the least unique on on this list. This is basically something you could have owned as a kid.  Nostalgia for the card that was super popular back then has pumped up the value as a kid. Also as we were all kids who took that card everywhere the good quality ones have dropped of  the earth faster than basic human decency in Jersey Shore. This combination made this one of the most coveted cards out there. Every collector wants this one while most of the other cards are much more unique this one has a power over people. ‘Hey guy I got a albino zapdos card’ can still be met with a frown and a look like ‘dude what are you talking about’.. whilst if anyone says ‘Dude I got a holographic 1st Edition Charizard’  they will KNOW that is something impressive. I’ve seen lesser versions sell at auction in the $30.000 range. This australian man might be pushing his luck asking $68.725 dollars for it but recently the Charizard cards have all been picking up in price again. With about 15 views per hour..for a pokémon card that costs as much as more than decent car about 150 months of my rent this one still is likely to sell. The value of this card is quite stable as well so it might be a good investment if you have some cash to burn.

(While the other cards come and go 1st Edition Charizard will always be hot)

Number 2: Trophy Kangaskhan Parent & Child Tournament 1998 Pokemon Promo Card Japan (PSA 10)

Can you imagine sending little Buta to school in japan, he picks up a magazine and comes back all excited saying if you enter a pokémon tournament together you can win some neat prices. So you decide to enter, letting little brother Bosu participate alongside his mother as well. Bosu and mom are out of the competition quite fast. You never had high hopes for that kid anyway. You and Buta make your way down the ladder but end up eliminated after a few wins. Hey you still did well enough to receive a price. A Kangaskhan card… neat.  It has a symbol that it’s special but hey.. it’s just a piece of card so Buta can keep it. Now 21 years later you are reminiscing those memories sipping your green tea while checking ebay to see if you can buy that card again. Buta .. being a kid lost it.. but now that they have moved out you want it as a memory. You see the only copy currently on sale is in the hand of the British and it’s being sold for $98,126.85. You curse as you realise now Bosu has to become your favorite kid. I am sure this must have happened to at least one japanese father. Who could have expected that the little card you won by playing card game with your son would grow out to be one of the most sought out pokémon cards ever. Not even part of one of the most prestigious tournaments and more just a fun promotion. The design and story around this card has made it amongst the most valuable of them all.

(Paying 100k for a card is far from normal)

(PSA 9)

Psyduck in a hammock, along with a igglybuff and smoochum. In the background a Executor is riding a boat. This card was only handed to winners of a tournament and no visitor version was ever handed out. Since there were two age classes back then.. this card by all means should exist twice only. The seller on Ebay prides himself on having the highest rated of those two copies. There will never be a PSA 10..he holds the highest rarity of one of the most rare cards in existence in Pokémon. So what is that worth? NO ONE ELSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD OWNS THIS PSA 9 CARD!!! Says the add. While about as subtle as a 90’s comedy or action movie it does hold true.  So if you ever want to spend half a million dollars, that’s right this card costs $500.000, on a Psyduck in a hammock.. this is your only option. At least unlike the Kangaskhan and the Magikarp you can get bragging rights with this one! This one at least belongs to the champion of a semi-prestigious tournament rather than just a fun event. So hey that’s worth 400k right? I mean not for me, I am already prestigious enough so I will not let my staff bring out a bid on this one. If you want to donate it to me though.. I would be fairly appreciative. I’ll even get you your own hammock.. and a real duck to go with it.

(This is the only card on the list that has free shipping)

Now that we wrapped up this post please do not take the attempt to donate the card to Princess Pinkie seriously of course unless you are a billionaire who’s all like ‘Oh that sounds like fun’ in which case you can go right ahead. What is your most expensive Pokémon Card.. or even other collectable! Let us know in the comments and if you are new don’t forget to follow this blog for more Pokémon content ..most days!

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Top 5: Floral Pokemon

Hey little monsters, I am back! Well sort off! Thursday we have to say our final goodbyes to grandpa and friday the cremation will take place so we might see a missed blog. What blogs I get too before the goodbye I would like to dedicate  in his memory. Back when I was the age of an actual Pokémon Trainer (10) grandpa had this beautiful garden. It was a boomerang shaped garden with the greenest and softest lawn I ever saw and beautiful flower beds. All around the boomerang shaped edge (north side) there was a seven feet earthen soundwall he planted sturdy but beautiful plants on. Dead in the middle, for a large part of my life but changed near the end of them living their,  there was a big waterfall made in the middle of that hill leading up to a body of water where I played with my toys or read some of the amazing books they had hidden in their old timey attic. So today’s topic is in honour of that garden.
Princess Pinkie’s top 5 Floral Pokémon!

Floral Pokémon Number 5: Cherrim

Subjects… first a disclaimer, this isn’t my top five grass Pokémon, this is my top five of flowery pokémon. They fit in the garden theme better and they would be something grandpa would have liked over some of my other picks. He hated owls and leapfrogs so it wouldn’t feel right. This means we aren’t limited to a single type either… but since we are talking about flowers… 80% will be.  My first pick would be Cherrim. The evolution of the pokémon Cherubi is one of my favorite floral Pokémon mostly because it resembles me a lot.

While Cherubi is like the cutest cherry you’ll ever see, not including any strippers you might meet going by that name, Cherrim is a much more complex beasty. It has two forms, it’s overcast form in which it hides it entire body behind some large purplish bell shaped flower petals and its sunshine form. Once the sun comes out Cherrim transforms into a happy little dancing pink creature that wields the power of fire.. sort’s still a regular grass type but it has access to fire. If being pink wasn’t enough for me to identify with it , I am also one who hides her true happy but geeky and childish self from the real world a bit. At conventions and when blogging I put up Sunny Day and can transform into my Sunshine Form. You can see how Cherrim is to finally be itself throughout it’s design and that is a strong concept. The versatility in it’s color scheme is also quite amazing. Starting out as a red orb.. it becomes a purple flower to move into pink blossom with a yellow happy little sunshine face.

It’s a flower fit for a queen…or a princess and Cherrim is definitely something I still want to run on my team on playthrough of a fangame or something special. Speaking about cherries… remember when I told you about that waterfall? There used to be a tree there in my youngest days. One day I would ask what sort of tree it was.. and grandpa tricked me into believing it was a cherry tree. He wanted me to eat some fruit.. and I was very picky he told me it was a very special cherry tree and he just plucked the fruit, while giving me a bowl of cherries. A few visits later when I was nagging to grandma about getting come candy (they had a LOT of candy in a cupboard I found out about) when grandpa came in and this time the tree had given other fruit. Instead of giving me candy he gave me an apple. I was amazed by it and gladly ate the least I assumed…magic apple. He never told me what tree it actually always remained the magic cherry tree. When I knew better, but the tree had to be cut down (it was sick and a risk to the garden or something) and I felt blue  he came in with a big chocolate bar.. telling me i’d never believe what the tree dropped for me right before the end. So a transforming cherry seemed a nice fit on this list.

Floral Pokemon Number 4: Sunkern and Sunflora

Sometimes a princess can fall in love with a pauper and that I did, a few years AFTER Pokémon Gold and Silver actually released. Sunkern is a little seed pokémon that transforms into the jolly sunflower pokémon Sunflora when exposed to a sunstone. Both quite basic in design they aren’t all that special at first sight. Yet Sunkern is actually quite well known in the Pokémon Community. It is known as the weakest pokémon ever, and this is factually true. Sunkern has the lowest stat total of any of all the 920+ monster. Now for balancing reasons you might think that Sunflora must be a beast then? Raising the weakest Pokémon to get the strongest? Nope! Sunflora is the weakest evolution final evolution ever.

This is exactly what endeared me so to it.  When in my early tens playing this game I just saw an average looking pokémon that would not fit on my team, I tried it because I liked Sunkern.. but I could not use it so it ended up in my box without thinking much more of it. Years later when I found out it was so weak I became endeared to it again. Rooting for the underdog and all, but it also became a good metaphor of Pokémon to me.

You start out with a little sprout and need to give it love to make it great. In Sunflora’s case you need a LOT of love to accomplish that.  People oftenly look down on Pokémon and how “weak” it is. ‘Oooh turn based combat is so 1990’s…’ ‘Oooh they use crappy textures the game should look like breath of the wind’. Pokémon is like sunkern and sunflora itself.  Yes there are better functioning games out there, better designed and better looking. Even now that Pokémon has evolved it still falls behind the pack when it comes down to graphics and maybe even gameplay. Like a Sunkern , it will never be NEEDED on your team. You don’t have to have played a Pokémon game to be a gamer, you use  sunkern and play pokémon because you love it. A lot of trainers in the game tell you a true pokémon trainer doesnt just use the strongest pokémon but use the pokémon they want to use and Sunflora has been designed with this very idea in mind, and who can resist that smile.

Floral Pokémon Number 3: Budew Roselia and Roserade.

Probably the most generic top 5 pick you’ll find on this list is the rose Pokémon. Roselia being my absolute favorite of the evolutionary line, but cheers to the baby pokémon budew for all the misery it put me through to train it up.  Budew is a little sprout that can finally blossom into a Rosellia if you befriend it enough and level it up during daylight. To evolve Roselia into Roserade you need to find a Shiny Stone.. one of the rarer stones to find in the Pokémon world. Which encapsulates the idea of growing your own flowers perfectly well.

I can not do it! In dutch we say those who are good with plants have green fingers..well that must mean mine are black with death. I am so bad with plants I even managed to kill plastic ones. I once won some hyacinth with a lottery and decided those would be my babies.. I gave them love and attention plenty of water.. and they grew! So fast! So fast that their heads became too heavy for their stems and they snapped and died. Luckily Pokémon gave me a  evolution-line where I could not mess up (Although Budew fainted a lot) . The difficulty to raise it reminds me of an actual plant so for some weird reason Roselia is the pokémon I identify most as a grass type because it reminds me of how difficult it is.

Roses where grandpa’s favorite gardening project for a very long time, during a time we used to visit them a lot so I saw the process he had to get trough. They had their own little fertilizer and he clipped acces leafs so it would not have to work to feed all those leafs. I was not allowed to play around them. My my little pony ball was banned from entering the rose area and whenever I asked to help with the roses my attention was diverted elsewhere… which in hindsight was good because of my touch of death. It is funny, while giving someone roses is seen as something very romantic , every time we see people depicted taking care of them, they are slightly toxic grumpy folks and this cartoony stereotype I found out to be at least semi true. Which makes it funny that roselia is a grass and poison type to me.  When the designers made Roselia they could have focussed on the romantic aspect of roses, maybe nowadays making it a grass fairy type. Yet instead we got the reflection on how it is to raise the flower, so I have to wonder. Did the designer have a grandpa like mine?

Floral Pokémon Number 2: Floette

A pokemon that is not a grass type? For Shame! Why put it in this list Pinkie? ‘The pokémon technically isn’t even the flower it just holds it’! That is Princess Pinkie to you!  Even though I know Floette is holding a flower it’s never found without how spoink would not make sense without his pearl Floette would not make sense without it’s flower so it is on this list.
Unlike the previous two entries on my list the other two forms are not included. Though cute and fine they aren’t as iconic and symbolic as Floette to me. Flabébé  is the name of the base form and using a Shiny Stone Floette can evolve into florges. Whose “hip’ design I find somewhat disagreeable making Floette a single entry. Floette is just a cute twin tailed fairy like creature clutching tight to one of five possible coloured flowers. Technically six but one is quite obtainable through normal means. 

Being A fairy type Floette can withstand the foe of any dragon. Having quite good special defences (for a mid tier pokémon) and passable special offence it can measure up to quite a few pokémon on this list even more so if you allow it to evolve. This isn’t a list of battle prowess however because Roselia and Roserade would certainly kick their ass. Floette is the ultimate gardner Pokémon.  Often sought out by royalty to landscape their castle gardens.  Which means it’s a perfect one for a princess like me. It is also kind hearted, it protects flowers dearly and wishes to see them grow and bloom. Flabébé it’s prevolution seeks a flower to call it’s own to draw power from, while Florges the evolution recovers its stamina by basking in the plants energy. Floette follows a different path. It bestows the plants with its own energy to  make them grow. Putting in their soul if it were to protect their own flower beds. This is what every true gardner at heart does and what I saw my grandpa do. Even when his body ached he would try to be there for his dear plants…until he got to old and passed it onto a gardner and after grandma passing away moving away so he did not have to worry about those things anymore. Everyone with a passion for their garden can relate to Floette in some way at least. Having their favorite flower and clutching onto them tightly.

Yet Floette ‘s story goes even deeper.  Floette plays a crucial role in the story of Pokémon X & Y teaching us a lesson about accepting death.
In ancient times Kalos was ruled by a king named AZ. His Floette fought in this war which lead to it passing away. Heart broken by his loss AZ created ‘The Ultimate Weapon’ in order to bring Floette back. That process cost the life of so many soldiers and Pokémon of each site that when Floette finally got back it was devastated at the price that was payed to ensure it’s return that it could not accept AZ anymore and it left him. It left AZ to suffer near eternally ever he waited hundreds of years to be reunited with his Pokémon and his attempt nearly led to the extinction of all life because others would abuse the weapon. It teaches us that sometimes letting go and keeping a memory can be better. Like a flower all life is made to bloom and wither in the end. Without the withering we would not be able to appreciate the bloom so there is always a price to pay. So even if we have to sometimes say goodbye and it can hurt like mad, without it.. life would lose it’s dazzling gleam.

Floral Pokemon Number 1:  Bellsprout, Weepinbell Victreebel

By now it should come to no surprise that I pick one of the ugliest flowers in the pokéverse as my favorite flower. I love my underdogs. Bellsprout arguably is one of the most simple pokémon designs that is just a stone thrown away from being a stick figure. It’s evolutionWeepinbell quite dopey looking and victreebel being full on weird.

Unlike all the others there are no deep stories why I like these pokemon so much. My grandfather did not have any carnivorous plants in his yard, nor did he particularly like yellow flowers. We did not bond over me sharing stories about either. There’s only one pokémon my grandpa ever knew by name.. and that might become a blog post itself and it wasn’t any of these.  This line I just love ..just because. I don’t particularly use it very often nor do I have great tales about DingDong the Bellsprout and how I used it in one of my adventures. Yet every time I see a Bellsprout I feel happy. Everytime I hear Weepinbell say it’s name I have this goofy grin that makes the pokemon seem less derpy than me. When James obtained Victreebel in the anime their interaction became something I totally loved and applauded at like a small child. Bellsprouts magnificent performance in the pokémon league or even when Weepinbell is shown during the pokémon rap it was always a little burst of happiness.

I love it when other people use it in nuzlockes or let’s plays, I love it when it showed up in a pokéball in Super Smash Bros and I can’t exactly tell you why. Maybe that’s why my bond with it is so strong, I don’t need anything to like it I just do and always will. Sometimes when I play Pokémon Let’s go I just take a bellsprout out and let it walk next to me …just to see bellsprout walking.. and I can turn on a game just for a brief burst of that. I giggle and turn the game off again and move onto something else.  Battlewise it’s stats are nice enough but nowhere near spectacular.

It’s definitely usable even in some of the harder fangames but it’s not a pokémon that you’ll see in competitive. Aside from bellsprout itself it doesn’t have great shinies either. It’s a pokemon where objectively there is nothing to love about it, yet i love everything about it instead. In fact it’s kinda like a flower, you can’t REALLY use it, you do not gain a direct benefit from having it, it tastes a lot worse than it smells and smells way less strong than people make you believe and usually scary bugs go near it. Yet when we look at them sitting in the grass, being taken into our home or even if we just see a painting of picture of it we can’t help but feel content.

There you have it readers my top five floral pokémon. I hope you had a good read even if backdrop is on account of something sad. I must say I felt happy doing these posts and getting some stuff out. What is your favorite flower Pokémon?  What’s your favorite flower? Or anything else you want to share with me? Let me know in the comments and I will get back to you!
I am not weird, just very pink!
Until we read again.

Top 5: Rookie Trainer Mistakes

-Disclaimer: Princess Pinkie is a persona made for entertainment purposes, any feelings she holds towards other people do not reflect my true feelings-

Well now that this website it’s finally fit for a princess it is about time someone with taste took over these top 5’s. I am Princess Pinkie and in the banner you see my court jester. Iamwright is a shiny aipom. In Princess Pinkie’s Picks, I rank , rate evaluated and berate. A woman of my tastes deserves to be number this job. As my first job I will look at the plebeians and their silly mistakes. It feels me with joy that I am able to tell you how wrong you are, I might even make you a slightly better trainer! Not as great as me of course… but it is nice to help you poor lost souls

Mistake Number 5: Getting a full team early game

Though not applicable to a few fan games like the excellent Pokémon Reborn in the original series you might not wanna catch them all straight from the start. So many poor dumb souls started Gen 1 with Charmander, then caught Pidgey and Rattata, added a Nidoran to their team as well, just to pick up a bug in Viridian forest. Of course you want to level them all equally and when you reach the first gym you notice that guy is super high level. Squinty Mc Squint face whoops your ParASS and you are back at Joy’s place, the pokémon center. Though not impossible it makes for a tedious game of grinding. Especially when you are still learning the ropes it can make the game feel way less fluent that it needs to be. This goes for basically every generation of games. Though it can be great fun to make a team of early game Pokémon, they do need a little more love and understanding so it’s best not to fill up on Pokémon to early.  Trying to complete your pokédex as you go by training everything you find up right away can be disheartening and to be honest a bit dull. It won’t even result into good pokémon due to how effort values work. Training against random pokémon results in random stat boosts, which is not the greatest thing in the world. For a normal playthrough of a new game I tend to start out with a team of two for the first gym and store the rest of what I caught. Then for each following gym I add a new team member. Of course I am a princess and therefore also a brilliant mind but I can tell you that by leveling this way you are in for a nice ride, where things are neither hard nor ridiculously easy. It means you actually can grow to appreciate your team members and be much more invested in getting their movesets right.You don’t have that many others to fallback on yet you also do not have to grind for hours. A nice variation for the earlier games is not picking adding an actual teammate after the second gym but adding a hm slave instead. Which brings me to my next subject.

Mistake Number 4: HM Crippled Team members.

Did you pick the water starter in each region?  Well at least up to Alola. Chances are you are the scum that made the mistake I am talking about next. Ruining perfectly good pokémon with HM’s. The abbreviation stands for Hidden Machine and these are pokémon to not only use a move inside battle, they can use it to interact with the world as well.  Cutting down trees, illuminating dark caves , moving rocks and cruising around on the ocean are but some of the possibilities. However here is a thing you might not know… quite a few of these moves are completely outclassed by regular moves. Surf is good in double battles but blown out of the water by Hydro Pump, Cut is truly horrible as a move and Strength while passable can’t hold a candle to a maxed out Return or Frustration. Though dropping accuracy isn’t a bad idea.. flash is not the ideal way to go. You can’t overwrite HM’s. So if your Blastoise suddenly learns Hydro Cannon while knowing Surf, Flash, Waterfall and Strength you can not get that sweet sweet move. Your Pokémon , thanks to your lack of insight is now doomed to a life of mediocrity. Of course you can totally reverse it, all you have to do is visit the move deleter to delete a HM, then if you want it to relearn a move it just wanted to learn you will have to go catch a luvdisc which usually only appears on a single route in the game. Then it has a 50% chance to hold an item called a heart scale, which you will have to trade in to relearn a single move. Those who managed to slap to many hidden machines onto their pokémon in the first generation were really far from home, with no move deleter in the entire game those pokemon were forever ruined.For this very reason the concept of a HM-Slave was introduced. This is a pokémon you take along just so it can learn the weaker machines so that those moves don’t hinder your team. Bidoof is by reputation the perfect slave.So when you distribute the moves that allow you to progress to the world try to stay clear of teaching your main team to many of can really bring down your battle capabilities. Hidden Machines, named Secret Machines have been a necessary evil throughout generations 1 till 6 that have luckily since have vanished for better alternatives. So for those playing the newer games, you can’t make that mistake anymore. Wait if we in the west used the terminology used in Japan.. would that have meant Bidoof was the perfect SM-slave?

Mistake Number 3: Capturing something stupid with your masterball

The Masterball is the holy grail of the pokemon world, a ball fit for a princess like me. A sleek purple design with some pink dots give it an air of finesse and refinement. Had those colours been inverted it might as well have a P on it instead of an M because it would have been totally made for Pinkie.  Yet some of you do not appreciate it’s true power! This capturing tool, has the power of being able to catch any pokémon without fail. That means you should really reserve it for that legendary like mewtwo or zy-…. ‘omg it’s a PIKACHU’ *throws masterball*. I saw my sister make this mistake, to this day i still shiver at the weak mindedness and the buffoonery that shares the same blood with your highness Princess Pinkie! I however hold no doubt that if my kin is able to make this mistake you as my reader can and no doubt will have as well. How many Mewtwo’s or Arceus will have gotten away because people are unable to read or grasp a simple concept is unknown. As a flawless being and never having made this mistake myself I will never understand your struggles, but know that I do pity you. To give myself an extra challenge I have taken on legendaries without this wonderful item as well, it can be an arduous endeavor if you do not fully know how capturing works. Should you not capture changes are only increased or decreased based on a pokémom being in red, yellow or green health.. alongside the question if they are statussed or not one might go over zealous and accidentally faint the legendary, which let’s face it.. basically equals flat out killing it off. So use that grey matter before using your masterball.

Mistake Number 2: Giving your rival a dumb name.

Even as a kid, I wasn’t that infantile. One of my biggest pet peeves when watching let’s the inadolencent names people tend to give their rival. Though it seems like fun at first it can really ruin the tension of the later rival battles if DOUCHE suddenly shows up to challenge you. For those who just smiled at the idea.. imagine me staring disapprovingly at you. Your rival is really important in these games. He or she contributes to your story and development as a trainer. How cool is it to be challenged by Champion Gary ‘Mother Playing-Together’ Oak. Your Rival and someone you gained respect for along the way. Now imagine that same battle for the title but against ‘IC WIENER’ It lacks the same emotion, it can make your journey seem so much more flat and since it’s oftenly one of the last battles of the main game… it can really end on a low. Imagine that battle against Wally at the end of Victory Road at ORAS, that epic theme beginning to play,, you know you have helped Wally capture his first pokémon.. you are his senpai,,who is stronger the master or the student .. the clash of the ages! You see him posing, for the first time with a confident look on his face.
Then your text prompt appears ‘Asthma Boy’ wants to battle. All the tension and build up .. all the development gone.. because you tried to be funny! The first time you battle you might find it funny, good for you but poor humanity if you still like the joke at your second encounter. At one point there WILL come a moment where you regret what you did to your game.  You know there is no way back..and your rival is now forever ruined.. something eats and your heart as you enjoy the game less. Who is the douche now?!

Mistake number 1:  Not knowing what a glitched pokemon is.

We have all tried it… even I am guilty of this one..I figured my game would obey it’s princess!. We talked to the old man in Viridian city then flew to the cinnabar islands  and surfed along the east coast to encounter the fabled Missingno! Maybe you even egg-glitched Celebi into existence. You could encounter Deccamark in Hoenn. Pokémon games are so filled with glitches it can feel like Todd Howard made them.  It’s fun to play around with them, however while encountering a glitched Pokémon, there is one important rule you need to adhere to. Do NOT capture it. These Pokémons ruin and corrupt your game into a broken mess. I indeed have captured the scrapped-data pokémon from generation. I even evolved it into a Kangaskhan knowing wing attack and water fun by giving it a rare candy! I valiantly used it to try Mew’s truck to no avail. Suddenly my box system began to loop infinitely. My game would crash or friends in my box would vanish.  Catching a glitched pokemon is a very bad idea. It breaks your game and can ruin everything you have come to know and love.
This mistake makes it to the number one spot because it’s easy to do and can actually break your game where the others will just kill your enjoyment.

However I did not name this mistake ‘catching a glitched pokemon’ but making it about not being able to identify that one. The reason for that is because some people reset their game when a pokemon is not the right colour.  They think their game is glitched turn of their system and erase that extreme rare shiny they encounter off the face of the pokemon world. These people….Some people who want shinies have never encountered one in their lives.  The resetters, somehow so a perfectly working pokémon, a nice sparkly effect and still think… well that’s bad lets reset. That’s not how these games work.. it can not randomly hueshift! Arceus who art in heavens have mercy on them. Even krill has more active brain cells. Resetting a shiny on accident happens, especially if you are soft resetting a lot and get into that flow, it is a possibility Thinking a shiny is a glitch .. almost feels like tossing away a lottery tickets worth a thousand bucks..just because you did not win the million. 

How many of these mistakes did you make when you just started? Do you have another Pokémon mistake? Let me know in the comments!
Remember I am not weird! Just really pink!
Until we read again!